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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"now on newscenter 5" emily: breaking overnight, an suv, pulled from a restaurant it hit with deadly force. what one witness says the driver never did. randy: also breaking, new results in overnight on the their impact on hillary clinton and donald trump' s rivals. emily: the t driver blamed for a runaway train admits to mistakes, but won' t take all the blame. only on 5: the error he says, was out of his hands. on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: also on the eye this morning, a woman stranded outside in a tornado, survives. how she hunkered down, even while exposed to the elements. it'
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m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. if you' re going out the door, get ready. it is great. cindy: where in this weather until 10:00 this morning. we start out wet. rain will not be with us all day. with light rain across the boston area. we are seeing some pockets of downpours here. there are more often the west. that is going up to new hampshire. we are in this rain for a while. look at the temperatures. while you are sleeping, air. 49 in lawrence. we have southerly wind at 30
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cape cod to the south dakota code we could see damaging wind gust. the back edge of the rain is down towards new york city. it is this line that we will be tracking this morning. that back edge reaches boston between 9:00 and 10:00 a.m. the sun is out this afternoon. mild with the rain this morning. lower 50' s by noon time. look at the temperatures falling into the middle 30' s. strong westerly wind bringing in cold air. you want to dress for wind chills in the teens and 20' s. we have take puddles out there. rain is coming down. olessa: no we take a live look at the
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let' s go to the map and check out travel times. as you go south, ruth three in the expressway 20-25 into boston. north of town, 93 south takes the volume down to wilmington. trains and buses are on schedule. it randy: video overnight shows an suv pulled from the scene of a deadly restaurant crash. this morning we are hearing chilling witness accounts of how this all unfolded. emily: the eyeopener' s frank holland is in newton right now with the overnight developments. frank: look behind me. you can see the gaping hole that has been boarded up. investigators say it started with an this suv slammed into the restaurant. take a look at this.
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the driver of another card tells us the out-of-control vehicle never stopped or slowed down. one woman who went to help described the durant fake and violent scene. >> it sounded like a bomb going off. people were screaming. there were hurt. we were pulling rubble and debris off of people. frank: this morning, it is not clear what caused the crash. injuries to three others are being called serious. we still do not know the names of two people who were killed. we do know there are customers of this restaurant. we' ll bring you new updates as soon as we get them. live this morning, frank holland. emily: breaking overnight, it a 13-year-old boy is fighting for
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it happened on quinaquinset avenue just before 8:30 last night. we' re told the driver did stay at the scene. the victim was taken to cape cod hospital. we' ll bring you more as we get it. breaking election results in overnight showing big wins for two candidates. hillary clinton taking contests in alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas and virginia. donald trump adding alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont and virginia to his win column. but that is not the full story this morning. the eye' s erika tarantal is tracking developments as they come in. erica: hillary clinton and you said it. donald trump are waking up the big winners this morning. but this race is far from over. for starters, ted cruz notched three big wins in texas, oklahoma, and alaska. marco rubio also nabbed his first win of the campaign season in minnesota so he' s unlikely to call it quits. on the democratic side, the math is on hillary clinton' s side despite bernie sanders' four wins. 865 delegates were at stake on
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hillary clinton is expected to grab at least of them getting 441 her nearly halfway to her nomination goal. as the final votes came in clinton took direct aim at trump while the gop frontrunner took a more subdued tone. >> i would love to see the republican party and everybody get together and unified. when we unified, there is nobody that can beat us. >> trying to divide america between us and them is wrong. we will not let it work. erica bernie sanders made it : clear he' s not giving up. he' s expected to visit michigan and maine today. the fight clearly goes on. emily? emily: it sure does. massachusetts playing a big role in the super tuesday fallout. and this morning we have a better idea of why. the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is live in boston with that part of the story. kelly: well if you went to the , polls this probably won' t surprise you. turnout was heavy and on track to be record-setting.
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hillary clinton a narrow victory over bernie sanders. the vermont senator had been banking on strong support from college-age voters but that fell short. but the secretary of state says the real force driving many voters to the polls was donald trump. who nabbed nearly 50% of the vote in yesterday' s primary. exit polls show voters who considered themselves moderate, somewhat conservative and very conservative all backed trump by wide margins here. he also got big numbers from people who described themselves as angry or unhappy with the government. and consider this, half of all gop voters who consider themselves independent went for trump. people who are unaffiliated with a party make up more than 53% of registered voters in massachusetts. we should get final turnout numbers later today. live from the parker house, wcvb newscenter five. emily: thank you. bill clinton'
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bedford polls creates a stir. some voters asking if it was legal for him to be shaking hands there during voting. it' s illegal to campaign within 150 feet of a polling center. but a spokesman for the massachusetts secretary of state says it was legal and simply being at the polls is not considered campaigning. the spokesman says clinton' s event did not stop anyone from voting, and poll workers were told ahead of time. for in-depth results from across the country on super tuesday, and other election coverage you can download the free wcvb mobile app. randy: this morning we are learning about a legal scramble just days before the start of the boston marathon bombing trial. the herald reports, lawyers for dzhokhar tsarnaev tried to have the forewoman of the jury kicked off the panel. the reasons for that fight remain sealed. and they were not granted by the judge. federal prosecutors opposed the motion. only on five this morning. we' re hearing from the red line operator, blamed for this runaway train in december. the eyeopener'
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in braintree this morning with the new details in the case. doug david vasquez responding to : a final report just released that gives new details on what went wrong. here is the deal. the report blames vasquez for the mishap that caused the train to leave braintree station without an operator. it traveled 5 1/2 miles. vasquez, who lost his job over the incident, says he left the train to flip an emergency switch, because the signals weren' t working. the report claims he tied a microphone cord around the train' s throttle, and failed to engage a break. >> it seems counterintuitive. >> of course it is. >> a lot of things happen that day. doug: the t now requires a second set of eyes when signal problems force employees to bypass safety systems. the agency is also considering
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board, and adding cameras. live at the braintree t station. randy: thank you. there' s a new battle to legalize recreational marijuana in new hampshire. turns out a majority of voters like the idea. the new hampshire house killed a bill earlier this month that would have made marijuana legal for personal use. but a random poll conducted by our sister-station, wmur, shows that 62% of adults support legalization for people over 21. police say with the opioid epidemic on the rise marijuana could lead to worse drugs. medical marijuana has been legal in new hampshire since july 2013, but approved dispensaries have yet to open. emily: the fbi admitting to a mistake in a terror investigation. that move led to a scuffle with apple. a woman finds herself outside during a tornado. how she survived 140 mile per hour winds. emily: sliding, down the side of a skyscraper. the price-tag for a thrill,
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erika: breaking overnight, the suv involved in a deadly crash in newton is now out of the restaurant it hit. the vehicle slammed into sweet tomatoes on washington street, killing two people and hurting 7 others, including the driver. police are still trying to crash. cindy? cindy: it is a wet start. morning. temperatures drop. ll go, and our next chance for light snow, ahead. take a look at the radar. pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" pso capital one built something new - caf\s. pwhere you can unwind with free
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>> that' s miss richardson' s first grade class and mrs. caulfield' s third grade class at cedar elementary. >> good morning. >> happy birthday. randy: ok. that' s miss richardson' s first grade class and mrs. caulfield' s third grade class at cedar elementary. oh, the places they' ll go. today schools across the state will be celebrating dr. seuss' birthday by reading their favorite books. emily: they are great.
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just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. cindy: mother nature has a way to mess up their commute. emily: i can :00 this morning it is gone. cindy: bad timing with the morning commute. live rain at the moment. you will see get heavier. that is often -- off to the west. you can see west of the city, we have moderate rain. we have a lull with some lighter showers. another line of heavy downpours stretch of the connecticut river valley. that line is going to be in the worcester area by 8:00 this morning. notice how it shifts into boston morning. with.
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temperatures are warm out the door. boston down to plymouth and down towards the cape. we have lower 40' s now up in orange. we have had the strong southerly wind through the overnight hours. we bring up the warmth. we get gus at 20-30 miles per hour. we will see some stronger wind advisory up at cape cod through 9:00. southerly winds are head of the cold front. behind the front, the wind shifts to the west. look at how cold it is behind the front. teens and 20' s. once rain and by late morning. look at the temperatures. mid 40' s here.
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actual lows in the teens and 20' s. with high pressure in control. temperatures come up to 30 degrees. we have a few inches of snow from thursday night and the day on friday. not a huge deal. let' s get back out to the roads. we have lots of delays here. olessa: you can see all of the
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have a half hour from braintree at a boston. 49528. 93 south we have them out of miss sailing. passing by 128 in the pond. randy: commitment 2016. where calling some take victories. emily: we breaking down what it all means. marion marsh and patrick griffin join us once again. good morning. was surprise you but these results? pat: what surprised me is that we are in a bar this morning. i have a republican hangover. donald trump did very well. he was expected to do well. senator ted cruz and senator marco rubio are there are one
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it pains me to say this. not many surprises. contest. emily: a surprising moments for you? >> i think that hillary clinton when in massachusetts she was a sight to-one. that was the one state out of five that bernie sanders it really wanted to win. massachusetts was the best state for donald trump. it shows you the roadmap of how he could win the white house and become the president. he cleaned up here. he almost got 50%. 141%. he is a real threat. randy: let' s get some predictions from both of you. what next headline can we expect
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predictions. >> close contest. whether or not, we will get to march 15, i am not sure what is left. marco rubio is behind. it is hard to be his momentum clinton. two very polarizing forces. it will be a barn burner. >> i agree. this nomination process is over on the republican side. it is. it will be trump versus clinton in the fall. emily: insight is always so good. thank you so much. randy: the head of the fbi admits the agency made a mistake while trying to unlock the iphone of the san bernardino attacker.
6:21 am
director said the agency believed that if they reset the shooter' s icloud password, they would gain access to his phone. instead, the change locked them out. apple is refusing to create a program that unlocks the phone, citing privacy concerns of all iphone users. emily: your economy headlines this wednesday, asian shares jump today after a boost on wall street, thanks to signs of strength in the u.s. economy. the dow gained 348 points yesterday to close at 16,865. right now, stock futures are lower. randy: a louisiana woman is truly lucky to be alive after being stuck outside during a tornado. take a look at this surveillance video you can see the woman run up to locked doors then debris starts to fly. kyra johnson made her fed-ex delivery to this hardware store when the tornado picked up.
6:22 am
tornado until it was right over her. nearby soda machine just as the building started to cave in. office. even easier. and a south carolina teacher resigns after a student steals from her. why the school blames the teacher for the embarrassment that followed. more breaking news this morning. overnight election results, and that' s not just good news for hillary clinton and donald trump. a full super tuesday wrap, ahead
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emily: it is a wet start. cindy: you can see heavy rain coming through the overnight. t gone up to the boston area. we light showers with heavy rain morning. we will have rain out there for look at the temperatures out there. lower 50'
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we will see temperatures fall by the end of the day. we have a wind chill make it feel colder than that. we have light snow on friday. more in the extended forecast just ahead. emily: time for wednesday i poppers. olessa: what if you only have your laptop with you? not a problem. we have the selfie stick. you can put your entire computer on the stick. you can check vacations. this is extra part of an art project. perhaps, they are poking some fun in society. this is not for the faint of heart. that' s a proposal for a slide on a skyscraper in los angeles. the owner of the 72-story u.s. bank tower wants to put the fully-enclosed slide 1,000 feet above the ground. nothing but glass between you
6:27 am
ll cost you eight dollars it' ll take you from floor 70 to 69. cindy: i will always take the stairs of her that thing. emily: that is saying a lot. olessa: thank you. randy: you did not get this it one. looks silly, but it has an important purpose. the vest that does much more than dress up pets. and we continue to follow breaking news on the restaurant crash in newton. the suv has been removed from the building after crashing into it, killing two people. frank holland is live at the scene with what witnesses saw,
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emily: breaking overnight. the suv that slammed into a restaurant. randy: breaking details on the fall from super tuesday. the new numbers from super tuesday that could play a bigger role. emily: a local business and making it even easier. on the eye. >> you' re are watching wcvb. boston' s new leader. this is newscenter 5 heard. randy: traffic is moving well.
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wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. emily: i' m here with cindy and olessa. this rain will be moving out. cindy: we have seen some downpours overnight. clearly, we are not done just yet. we have heavier downpours on the western part of the state. that is the back age. we have a few hours left to go with the rain. boston through 9:00 this morning. you' ll notice by 10:00, we' re
6:32 am
clouds will break with sunshine through the afternoon. it is warm this morning. low 50' s and upper 40' s. the wind is quite strong out of the south. we are gusting 20-30 miles per hour. winter advisory with stronger when guest potential. by this afternoon, the wind shifts to the west. 50' s this morning. they go all the way down into the 30' s by the days and. stronger wind will make you feel like it is in the teens and 20' s. we have colder wind chill' s here by the afternoon. let' s get to the wet roads. olessa: we are not too bad. you have some delays off of 93 somerville. was go to the map. south of town, where right along 495 by route 140.
6:33 am
expressways 30 minutes braintree into boston. pike looks good. then, delays on 93 south. that was all the way through somerville. trains and buses on schedule. randy: breaking overnight. an suv pulled out of the restaurant after slamming into the building with deadly results. right now two people are dead and several others injured. emily: the eyeopener' s frank holland is on the scene following breaking developments in the investigation. frank: you look behind me that , suv now out of the sweet tomatoes restaurant here on washington street. but the investigation into how this happened is just beginning. this is video we shot overnight. it gives you a good look at the extent of the damage. it' s landed to the restaurant at a high rate of speed.
6:34 am
some of them are bloody and not moving. >> from what i understand is that the car pushed the counter into the oven. frank: the driver of the suv was one of the people injured and taken to the hospital. so, we still don' t know why the crash happened. we' ll bring you new information as we get it. live this morning, wcvb newscenter five. >> what a super tuesday. emily: breaking details in overnight as the race for the white house moves on. hillary clinton and donald trump notching big wins. randy: the eye' s erika tarantal is tracking new results in overnight. erika: those results coming from alaska. ted cruz gets the win there adding to big wins in texas and oklahoma. and marco rubio picked up his first win taking minnesota. but no question, the big victor this morning is donald trump.
6:35 am
georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, vermont and virginia to his win column. here in the bay state he got nearly 50% of the gop vote. on the democratic side hillary clinton taking contests in alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas and virginia. she' s now nearly halfway to the delegate total she needs to secure the nomination. but bernie sanders isn' t slowing down. after wins in four states he' s headed for maine and michigan today. emily? emily: ok. thank you. for in-depth results from across and other election coverage you can download the free wcvb mobile app. new this morning, a south end church is set to become a condo complex. the herald reports a developer filed plans with the boston redevelopment authority to convert the church of the immaculate conception into studios and 1 to 3 bedroom units. at the request of the catholic archdiocese, the church will be deconsecrated and all religious
6:36 am
s been closed since 2007. expect to see more technology on the roads later this year as mass-dot starts to roll out its new all-electronic tolling system. overhead gantries are already being built on the mass pike. they will support the open tolling system that' s set to replace toll takers and booths. toll rates may change in places because they' ll be at different locations than the booths some closer, some further apart. the system is set to go live by the end of the year. emily billions of dollars worth : of cancer drugs, wasted every year. randy: why the medication is simply tossed out. and eating healthy, at work. the local business making it easier to resist temptation. emily: recapping one of our breaking stories this morning, the suv that hit a newton restaurant, killing two people, is now out of the building. the investigation into what went wrong continues. frank will have an update from
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olessa: you can see the southbound side going to the bottom of the screen.
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we are lots of volume and wet roads. cindy: i do. we have the router quite active. heavy rain in the western part of the state. this is all coming through. plan for rain at times is some embedded downpours. 10:00 this morning. thereafter the rain shuts off. temperatures fall. we go through the day. colder air is in place. where of light snow as the storm passes by on friday. will likely raise -- grace through the eyes with quite a few inches of snow. it is lighter to the north and west. otherwise, colder and other said -- whether settling to the weekend. emily: and help this morning, could healthy choices make you more productive? one company says yes. >> from yogurt to cheer bars and from string cheese, this is not your average a vending machine. >> no artificial flavors or colors. >> no trans fat.
6:41 am
david starr cofounded berkshire natural in 2009 after he had trouble finding healthy snack of his were his kids. his company services 12 businesses in the boston area making deliveries and filling machines like these several times a week. >> at foundation medicine, it has kind of become the building. >> it' s kind of become this funny thing where people will actually come over to this building for the snacks 10:23:57 -- >> it is money well spent. >> it sounds silly. little perks like this that we can offer that make a difference. >> the machines can be installed in a business at no cost. the company decides if it will pay for snacks or employees will. and by the way, one of the best sellers, the dried mangoes. very delicious. randy: sounds good. updates ahead on breaking news overnight. the late-night primary results,
6:42 am
and a tragic crash in newton. the unsettlng moments before an suv clammed into a restaurant. plus, ivy league football teams are implementing a new rule. the decision that could have a ripple effect across the sport. >> the 10:00 news on metv boston. the people you know and reporting you trust.
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emily: the eye-opener team ready for with your news to go. we' re tracking breaking news in newton and breaking details on the super tuesday voting results. randy: we are dealing with heavy rain. just in time for the morning commute. this was the scene in newton just a short time ago. and it is the same in many places at this hour. cindy: that is sticking around for a few more hours. we are going with off and on light rain. from time to time, by 10:00 this morning, some of the rain is gone. you can see it is heavy off to the west. i' m looking at the intensity of the rain. a few raindrops off to the north shore. back towards 495 come we get a steady rain.
6:46 am
this will be working its way over the next few hours. western towards manchester. by 9:00 this morning, we' re down along 95. between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. once you get 10:00 a.m., you' ll notice things quiet down. they have rain from the system. 53 and lawrence. limit in the lower 50' s down to the cape. this is not what you need to dress for. temperatures are going to change dramatically. have a southerly wind that is quite gusty. winds will shift to the west this afternoon. these westerly winds over get colder air. even though we are in the 50' s this morning, sun comes down
6:47 am
wind chill kobe in the teens and 20' s. overnight lows tonight down in the teens and 20' s. we' re prepared for thursday. light snow on friday. a few inches along the cape and islands. but go to the wet roads. a less so: we are watching a few accidents. first, a live look where we check out the rest of your trip in town. expect delays there. then, we have the median there. your trip on the expressway is 30 to 35 minutes. 495 to 128. 93 south. the volume does pick up near wilmington. all the way down to the 11 connector. emily: thank you. breaking overnight after a deadly crash in newton. randy: the eye'
6:48 am
is on the scene where a car plowed right into a restaurant. frank: that crash left a gaping hole on the side of sweet tomatoes restaurant. the clean up just beginning and so is the investigation. you can really see how bad the damage is, in this overnight video. investigators say an suv blew through an intersection, hit another car and then slammed right into this popular newton eatery. two customers were killed, three others seriously injured. the driver one of the people hospitalized. so we still don' t know why this deadly crash happened. we' ll bring you new information as soon as we get it. live this morning, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: also breaking overnight, a 13-year-old boy is fighting for his life after being hit by a car in mashpee. it happened on quinaquinset avenue just before 8:30 last night. we'
6:49 am
at the scene. the victim was taken to cape cod hospital. we' ll bring you more as we get it. more breaking news, new super tuesday results coming in overnight. republican ted cruz declared the winner of the caucuses in alaska. but the big winners donald trump and hillary clinton with 7 states a piece. both now focused on eachother and not rivals in their own parties. >> i may unifier. >> instead of building walls, we will break down barriers. emily: the fight is far from over. ted cruz won 3 states total marco rubio also clinching his first victory. bernie sanders won 4 states and there are. plenty of nominating contest still ahead. >> turnout was record-setting. massachusetts gave hillary clinton a narrow victory over bernie sanders. the real force driving voters to the poll was donald trump.
6:50 am
half of gop voters considered itself independent went for trump. people unaffiliated with the party makeup massachusetts. we could get the final turnout numbers later on this morning. reporting live from boston, wcvb newscenter 5. >> only on five, the red line operator blamed for leaving his train at the braintree station and letting it go for miles is talking about the final report on the incident. >> that is a whole different situation. >> the break was not engaged. >> i cannot talk about that. doug despite what david vazquez : told our john atwater the investigation found he left the train with a microphone cord wrapped around a throttle. he lost his job over the december incident. the internal safety report, also claiming vazquez had previously been cited for safety violations
6:51 am
live in braintree, newscenter 5. randy: an elite special operations team has captured a key isis operative. defense officials tell the new york times the capture is a major blow to the islamic militant group. the special ops group arrived in iraq a few weeks ago. they are the first combat group on the ground since the end of the war in 2011. emily: these bellingham brothers are held on $100,000 bail accused of stealing from the home of a man who lay dead inside. police say steven and mark landry stole t-vs, prescriptions, and check books from edward gibson' s home. they' re accused of writing themselves checks totaling between 7000-8000 dollars. they were turned in by their landlord, after allegedly trying to pay rent with gibson' s checks. randy: health officials in new hampshire confirm the state' s first case of the zika virus. the state says a woman contracted the virus after having sexual contact with a man, who recently traveled to a country where the zika virus is spreading. the woman is not pregnant and has now fully recovered.
6:52 am
considered a health threat. emily: a new study says $3 billion worth of cancer drugs will be wasted in the u.s. this year. s because those drugs are distributed in vials that usually contain more medicine than most patients need. even though it' s perfectly good. the finding comes as the federal government and much of the health care system try to reduce waste and overall medical spending. randy: comedian bill cosby' sex-assault case out of the state' s supreme court put off a preliminary hearing, while the appeals court considers whether or not to throw out the case. cosby is accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university worker in 2004. that case is separate from cosby' s defamation case in massachusetts. emily: a south carolina teacher
6:53 am
still her phone was shoes out of the classroom and sent the pictures around. the school district says she' s at fault because she left her phone unlocked. arthur resigned before a disciplinary hearing, and filed a report with the town. randy: yankees closer aroldis chapman is suspended over domestic violence accusations. chapman will miss 30-regular season games, following an incident with his girlfriend in october. the pitcher says he did not hurt her but admits he behaved irresponsibly. chapman is the first player to be suspended from the regular season under the league' s new domestic violence policy. emily: a much-needed win for the bruins at home. it was a scoreless first period last night against the calgary flames. the bs get on the board first. , in the second. but the key play came late in the third. tied 1-a-piece patrice bergeron lifts the bs with a power play goal. 2-1 the final. a major decision in college football. ivy league coaches agree to ban
6:54 am
it' s the most aggressive move concerns about brain trauma in sports. research shows limiting contact at practices reduces the number of concussions. other programs, from the youth level to the pros. randy: dog owners in wisconsin are taking a unique approach to protect their pets amid a series of coyote attacks. they' ve created so-called anti-coyote vests. the vests are equipped with plastic spikes that protect the dog' s body and neck. as you can see, the dog can move just fine. vets still say keeping a close eye on your pet is the best protection. emily: good idea. randy: interesting look. cindy: cute and fashionable and useful. emily: that is right. cindy: good morning. a live look at the pike. it is eastbound across the top
6:55 am
east. we are off 24. that is northbound by route 125. expressways 30-35. as you travel north of town come with some delays on 93 south. it will stay heavy to the 11 connector. we need the rain gear. olessa: it is a gloomy start. we will see blue skies this afternoon. it is 52 out there. you want to have warm weather gear here by the end of the day. we have a southerly wind. it is gusting over 20. unless the rain goes through, wind will shift to the west. we dropped into the 30' s and albany.
6:56 am
you can see that once you get out towards wister, the rain is heavy. this band of heavy rain continues to affect you. you' ll notice by 9:00 it is over boston. it is heading towards the cape. by 10:00 this morning, most of the rain is over. once the rain ends, the skies will brighten. once we get beyond the lunchtime into the afternoon comes the sun will be out. stop and it will feel like the teens and 20' s. make sure you dress for it. tomorrow is a cold dry day. we will be watching a storm system to herself. thursday night into friday. it will track just close enough. you may be clipped by little snow from this heard it is
6:57 am
a few inches are possible here. south shore off the islands will keep you posted. we have a cold weekend in the 30' s. look at next week. we have another pattern change coming. we' ll be back to 60 here on tuesday. emily: thank you. thank you for watching.
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton in command. winning big on super tuesday. >> we're just having a celebration. >> the gop front-runner raquets up victories in seven states. ted cruz takes three looking to stop the billionaire from making history. >> that would be a disaster for republicans. >> and marco rubio promises to fight to the end. >> the presidency of the united states will never be held by a con artist. >> hillary clinton also a big winner setting her sights on trump. >> this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top. >> the two front-runners now on a collision course as the fight for president takes a dramatic


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