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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  July 27, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> questions about the drowing of a little boy at a city-run day program. >> the end of the he and much-needed rainfall in the forecast. >> little boy, big heart. his mission to help kids with his birthday money. 5 at 7:00. jc: the director of a boston community center is now on leave after a little roy drowning. good evening. i'm jc monahan. ben:at carson beach yesterday afternoon his body was found after hours of searching. newscenter 5's david bienick is live at city hall with the latest on the investigation. >> speaking late today here at
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death. but for the thousands of other kids in similar city programs he promised to get to the bottom of what went wrong. >> 24 hours after search crews pulled the body of kyzr willis, boston mayor marty walsh announced he was taking action. mayor walsh said the city was placing on paid administration leave the director of the curley community center in south boston taking part yesterday in a drop-in daycare center. watching them were 28 counselors, plus supervisors and lifeguards. >> there are unanswered questions. reporter: the mayor said the city will be launching a protocol review of all 36 community centers. he said because these are drop-in programs, attendance on any given day can fluctuate. exactly how little kyzr slipped
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there is no video camera surveillance of the area. a lifeguard last spotted him at about 2:15 and about 30 minutes later, police were notified that he was missing. >> we had a lot of little kids telling us different things. it was hard to sort out what happened. we have tried our hardest. reporter: earlier, the mayor and the police commissioner went to the willis' family home in dorchester. he said they are devastated and that the city is offering counselors to help them cope. jc: thank you -- ben: thank you for that. you saw the heatwave continue. officially not the case. anchor: much of the area was over 90. most of us are going to be over 90. it is dry, really dry.
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front late tomorrow, tomorrow night. the heat will be broken. much needed moisture is needed. let me give you an idea of how it will play out. friday is our best chance of getting rain. where will it set up? we will have to see as we get closer to it. you see one more time the rain that comes through, you can expect heavy rain to be possible. i want you to know the track is uncertain. we could still be farther south and then maybe it would be a fake out. the potential is there on
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trump grabbing the spotlight from the democrats. ben: the gop nominee told russian leaders he hopes they find hillary clinton's deleted emails, essentially inviting them into the american presidential selection process. the clinton campaign accused trump of inviting a foreign county to commit espionage. political observers say this and -- >> you would see some beauties there. let's see. ben: the clinton accused trump of inviting a foreign county to commit espionage. political observers say this and the hacking of dnc emails show clinton is the far more disciplined candidate going into the general election. >> she is careful. she is a pro. trump is a work in progress, undisciplined. it worked in the primary. reporter: donald trump called president obama the most ignorant president in our history. president obama will be one of
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jc: meantime, senator elizabeth warren is pushing back against donald trump. let's get to newscenter 5's ed harding, live in philadelphia. >> she talked about donald trump , she continues to talk about trump today. they spoke about trump calling elizabeth warren pocahontas. proven he is a thin-skinned racist. this is a fact. come on. look at what he has said about mexicans, muslims.
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she used the term thin-skinned. is that a light? quite she is going to torment donald trump as she has throughout the campaign. that will get under donald trump skin. reporter: let's talk about these e-mails. trumps invites them to find the 30,000 e-mails. what is this? reporter: that is what donald trump tried many people think the russians are financing his businesses. reporter: he said he would way into the audit to be complete. >> donald trump is now the republican nominee and receiving national security briefings. it may be a joke but it is not funny and you cannot for around with national security like that. he did this in 2012 asking
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reporter: hillary has been in the room. he will mention that tonight and use the name trump. reporter: it's a bit of a victory lap to lay the foundation and make the case. this is why hillary clinton needs to follow me. we are doing well but we have to finish the job. reporter: tim kaine will speak tonight. what can he do tonight to help flex some conversation? reporter: he will highlight his progressive track record of getting things done taking on in our rain. that is what hillary clinton thought when she picked him. >> we will recap at 11:00.
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look for special coverage from the convention through tomorrow night. prime time beginning at 10:00. it is followed by newscenter 5 :00 at 11:00. jc: a heavy police presence, the situation has shut down in mashpee. the situation has shut down a section of route 28. police have been on the scene for hours. reporter: cars go down here. let's give you some robot. police responding to the solutions incorporated that the bases located at noon today.
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he is armed with numerous weapons. they have been trying to assuage the situation. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. the situation is threat to public safety. anchor: the plane crash two weekends ago in westwood was fatal. the ntsb says the passenger in the plane had fatal injuries. the small plane went down in the woods as it was trying to land at norwood airport earlier this month. the pilot was also seriously injured. this black lives matter banner
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mayor joe curtatone says it's possible to support minority residents and the police. he says city hall also features a banner supporting slain police officers in louisiana and texas. somerville's police union plans to protest the black lives banner tomorrow night. the als ice bucket challenge is making a difference. anchor: coming up on newscenter 5 at 7 the research breakthrough at u-mass medical center funded in part by the challenge. anchor: it is developing in the middle of the country. anchor: the charles river getting its latest grade from the epa. the new assessment of just how clean the water is and how often
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attackini wonder...medicare, they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down.
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jc: you are looking at the takedown of an armed robbery suspect suspect in holliston. police say david bombard held up the superette onhi street at gunpoint. but the owner fought back and chased him into the street. that's when police took over. they cornered bombard nearby but he didn't go easily. bombard is charged with resisting arrest and two counts of assault of a police officer. he's held on $50,000 bail. ben: remember those buckets of ice water? a major breakthrough in the fight against als thanks in-part to the ice bucket challenge. researchers have discovered a gene they say contributes to the disease.
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raised more than 100 million dollars for the als association. and much of that money went to the research efforts at u-mass medical center. >> if we know what pathways are being altered, we can think about how we can fix those pathways through therapeutic treatment. that is the goal. ben: frates tweeted a short time ago calling this discovery ain't done yet. jc: a new report card indicates that dirty water isn't so bad anymore. the epa gave the charles river a b-plus for water quality for the past year. water quality improved slightly over 2014. the epa says the charles met standards for boating 95% of the time, and swimming 69% of the time. that's good news for the charles river conservancy, which is studying the feasibility of a permament swimming area in the
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of three it is ok to go swimming. jc: when it rains, it there is so much runoff. right now it could be quite clean. anchor: eventually, friday could be the day. i know your lawns are saying i'm thirsty. this could happen friday. not a lot for all of us. in the meantime, 87. many 9s far of being 90 or higher but tomorrow it is going to be 12. this is what goes into the books . this heat wave for boston. it disappears in the northeast part of the sky.
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guys are mostly clear around the area. this is a cold front. that will put an end to the heat. that is going to make it approach tomorrow night and that could be a thunderstorm to the north and west. the bigger rain area is down here. nice temperatures will drop to 70. 15 miles per hour, that is where we are cooled down. it is still 90 now. 70's on the cape and the islands. some more specifics, look how hot it is again. low-to-mid 90's. pretty much off the land, areas
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of the south shore. another great beach day. keep an eye to the sky. threatening clouds could be moving in. 90 degrees. this is the rain area i'm talking about. notice this is a heavy rain. in it. most of us could miss it. here is another look. friday, that's the best day i've seen. one of our computer models showing 1-3 inches of rain. connecticut and rhode island, 2-3 inches of rain.
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model we don't really get that much. it could be farther to the south. as we do get the thrust of the system, we have localized street flooding with torrential downpours. we just have to watch it. downpours possible friday. more wet weather possible later sunday into monday. it lookse away. later on tonight, more on that. anchor: bill belichick could have been the perfect actor on the tv show and the movie -dragnet just the facts m'am . questions about brady dominated his first media session of the season. brady will be the starter when he returns, jimmy garrapolo will get considerable work to prepare himself for the first four games
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the decision has been made. it has been its own version of litigation, appeal, appeal dependent on litigation. it's been in the same place for a year and a half basically. there is a definition to it now. we will move forward based on the definition. reporter: tomorrow is the first practice. address the media until he returns. there will be 10,000 fans screaming and yelling. jc: that might be the most words i've heard belichick string together in one time. anchor: he looks very rested. jc: he is ready to go. a new type of medical glue is helping a four-legged patient. next at 7:00, the health issue the special glue was able to treat in little papi that 3
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ben: doctors who usually treat people are being credited with a breakthrough that saved a dog. jc: this is a new type of
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little papi had a mouth disease, which caused a painful opening to form in his mouth. that hole got infected and made him sick. three surgeries failed to fix it. his doctor at the mspca called brigham and women's for help. doctors there developed a glue that filled that hole. >> to get the treatment, it has been worth it. jc: the glue gives papi's cells papi's owner says the treatment worked so well, papi has the energy of a puppy again. ben: cute guy. jc: he loves the red sox. hence the name. ben: five for good is next with a young patient giving back to the hospital that cared for him. jc: new at 11 - president obama takes the stage.
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>> the fight for good comes from
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demars, is giving back to the hospital that treated him for burns when he was just $10-months old. for the past 5 years he has donated hundreds of dollars of his own birthday money to shriners childrens hospital in hopes of helping the kids. he first began giving back to the hospital when he was just 5-years-old by donating his toys. the young philanthropist says his work isn't done just yet. >> how long do you plan on doing it for? a few years? forever? >> the hospital finds his generosity meaningful. in some ways they think it is greater than the big donations they get.
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>> we get some help. it's another hot day. the change comes friday. both cool temperatures and the likelihood of a storm. jc: chronicle is next.
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>> this is chronicle. >> the pool. it can get crazy. >> >> we have almost one a year drownings. >> tonight, finding them. >> this is for us. >> this is my property. swimming holes.


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