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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  July 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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now on "newscenter 5 weekend eyeopener." >> a home in swampscott bursts into flames. why investigators say the fire was no accident. the suspect facing charges this morning. sera: at least 16 people killed in a fiery, hot air balloon crash. the questions and what witnesses are saying about how the tragedy unfolded. assault in hingham. the sketch investigators hope will lead to an arrest. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. >> breaking overnight, a new hampshire store is making someone a whole lot richer. the winning ticket for last night's $487 million powerball jackpot was sold at the hannaford's in raymond.
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no word yet on who had the lucky ticket. but you know raymond, new hampshire, is bustling. everyone is talking. good morning. i'm sera congi. doug is off. antoinette: and i'm antoinette antonio. we want to check in with mike wankum for a look at the forecast. the north. you are not seeing much down south. showers are waning a little bit. i don't expect to see much through the afternoon. around newberry port, we are seeing showers. there were some downpours for a bit. those have let up. nothing terribly heavy. not much going on further south.
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out to the west moving this way. through the afternoon, by lunchtime we are winding down to hit or miss showers across the area. most of us will not get anything. some of us might get the occasional shower. we will be staying gray all day and on the cool side. temperatures will not change much. late today, there may be showers west that will work eastward overnight. the hours, the temperature in boston, almost nothing. we will talk about the threat of rain in a few moments. sera: thank you. breaking overnight in roxbury, boston police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened on nazing street near franklin park. police are interviewing witnesses to the incident. no word on any arrests. antoinette: more breaking news out of boston this morning. a police cruiser crashed into a building early this morning on harrison avenue at northampton street. it's not clear if that officer had any serious injuries.
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right now, arson is being blamed for this raging fire in swampscott. the suspect is due in court tomorrow. that home was heavily damaged. the eyeopener's juli mcdonald explains what made this fire so suspicious. >> i was taking a nap and heard a huge explosion. reporter: neighbors thought it was a gas explosion saturday evening. flames shot out the windows. smoke could be seen departments were called in for backup. >> the garage doors buckled outward like there was an explosion. i saw flames inside and smoke out of the back of the building. reporter: because of how quickly the flames tore through the house, firefighters became suspicious. when the fire was put out, the arson investigation began. police arrested the homeowner. >> a bright day. a lot of people out and around.
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what the commotion was, the fire was heavily involved in the garage area. that is what makes it a suspicious fire for us, the rapid spread. reporter: thankfully, no one was hurt. as word spread of the arson charge, neighbors shook their heads for the real victims, his family. >> the fire happened in a home where young teenagers are living. no one was home. all of their memories, all the stuff that makes your life when you are a kid. that is sa reporter: one firefighter was taken to the hospital to be treated for heat exhaustion. he is expected to be ok police told us he will be arraigned on monday. >> a new clue in the investigation into who sexually assaulted an elderly hingham woman inside her home. this is a composite sketch of the attacker. investigators think he's about 65 years old with gray hair and brown eyes. police say he attacked the elderly victim and took off
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antoinette: right now, the search for answers after a tragedy in texas. at least 16 people dead after a hot air balloon crash, making it the deadliest such crash ever in the united states. the eyeopener's diane cho is tracking the mishap starting the disaster. >> first, i heard a sound. then a big ball of fire. reporter: witnesses looked on in a hot air balloon crashed with 16 on board. >> a big ball of flames. reporter: officials confirmed everyone on board is dead. they say it crashed into high-voltage power lines and caught fire in a field about 30 miles south of austin, texas. >> fully engulfed in flames. reporter: investigators with the
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safety board are trying to piece together what went wrong before the tragedy. >> to the families, we offer our thoughts and prayers for the loss. this will be a typical site for us to work through. reporter: officials have not released the victims' names at this time. officials will spend the next of of a scattering evidence at the scene. >> a man has drowned while paddle boarding on everett lake in weare, new hampshire. this happened in clough state park. a woman was rushed to the hospital. investigators say she went under, and the man went in after her and then drowned. the woman was pulled from the water by a nashua dive team. authorities say the two were not wearing life jackets. new video of a rescue by the state police. these infrared images were taken from the air wing helicopter as crews found two lost hikers on wednesday. this was at the mount tom state reservation in holyoke.
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the state medical examiner now says meningitis caused the death of a toddler in worcester. that's according to a report in "the telegram." gigi brown was found dead in her crib last fall. her family has said dcf expressed concern about the safety of the apartment where she lived with her mother on wellington street. police were called to that same apartment months after gigi's death for reports of a lethargic 15-month-old boy. donations. the organization says it has only about a five-day supply for hospitals and blood banks. they need all types of blood and are offering donors $5 amazon gift cards as a thank you. there will be blood drives throughout august for anyone who can help. some great news from a new england revolution player. charlie davies says he fought and beat cancer. we caught up with him last month, when his preemie twin boys went home from the hospital. yesterday, the team put out a
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diagnosed with liposarcoma this spring. he received treatment and is in remission. davies himself tweeted, "cancer was something i never expected. but having beaten it, i'm that much stronger for it. pumped to be back with the squad." good news for the family. sera: dozens of postal employees are recovering after getting sick on the job in chicago. the mechanical problem that triggered the illnesses and set off an emergency response. we are hearing from those massactt heroes credited with rescuing a woman stranded in her car for days. their actions saving her life. mike: rain is falling in parts of the area right now. >> monday morning on newscenter 5 a eyeopener, farmers markets are a staple of summer. >> there can be risks, the advice to keep in mind. >> and a chance of showers can start the week but we'll see a big difference on monday at 4:30
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>> it was a nightmare. >> an elderly woman trapped in her car for two days, rescued by four massachusetts national guardsmen. those soldiers were training in life. antoinette: and now they're being called heroes here at home. newscenter 5's david bienick spoke with the soldiers at their base in brockton. >> handshakes from their commanding officer for the soldiers who were training in new jersey this week when two of them decided to turn down a back road. >> how often is is a road somebody travels down? >> i have never seen something
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so surprised when they came across this, a cadillac stuck in the mud with all doors open. >> at first, it was extremely suspicious. reporter: not knowing if it might be a trap, the soldiers called out and slowly moved in. >> when i got closer, i could see there was one elderly person in the backseat to >> the 87-year-old and her cat had taken a wrong turn two days earlier. herself and that, and only rain water to drink, she had become dehydrated, started to hallucinate, and was barely breathing. they went to get the medics. the first thing they did when they got back to the car was hand her a bottle of water and turn on the air conditioner. >> she told us she screamed and did whatever she could to get attention. since no one was around, she was
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>> i came to an there were these men. it was the best thing that ever happened. we have so much to be grateful to them for. i am convinced if they have not found me, i would not be here today. reporter: her cat ran off but she is ok. the guardsmen feel proud and lucky they turned down that road and found her in time. >> it makes me happy because it saved her life. po soldiers. but a medal for each seems likely. >> now, your forecast with meteorologist mike wankum. >> this drought is so severe. a lot of towns, mandatory water bans. we are looking for any sort of rain. mike: even though it is on a sunday, good. we are getting a little bit of
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tuesday. but we do have chances to see a little bit of rain. watch the yellow to the west. they fall apart. that will be the trend through the afternoon. there will be less of it out there. right now, scattered showers. it was much stronger south and then lifted north, falling apart a bit. we are not seeing much south of the rhode island. across the south shore, we had predawn showers. we are seeing more working into the boston area. it is not much in most locations. there are a few spots where it has picked up more. this is where we saw heavier downpours. we are thinking it may have been over one inch of rain in a couple of locations. these are very isolated. most of the area picking up
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picked up over one inch. the month of july is going down almost 2.6 inches below where we are supposed to be. very little of it. especially the last half of the month, almost no rain. that is why you are seeing brown. even the leaves on the trees are starting to show stress from the dry weather. boston is running 6.3 below for the year. drive for the year. this is the area where the most severe drought is. the good news is the rain is in this area where we need it the most. everybody could use showers. between now and in, the showers lighten up. there is not much. through the afternoon, not much going on. if there is anything, it will be over the western part of the state. overnight, whatever does develop
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overnight. there are opportunities. it is not a lot but a little bit of something. overnight, there may be a scattered showers here or there. it is only 70 degrees right now. all courtesy of the northeasterly wind. temperatures today will not get very warm. we have had our high for the day already in boston. tomorrow a repeat with temperatures in the mid-70's. the chance of a scattered shower. tuesday morning we may be seeing a scattered shower. wednesday, low humidity. looks like the pick day of the week is wednesday. thursday does not look bad. by friday, humidity is up, temperatures are up. that means the chance for scattered thunderstorms. a slight chance friday. a better chance on saturday. not a lot of rain out of this one. kind of a cool weekend finishing things up. >> thank you. stories we are following right now on "the eye," dozens of postal employees are recovering
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chicago. a post office employee says the air conditioning broke yesterday, raising the temperature in the building to nearly 100 degrees. 13 employees were taken to the hospital after becoming dizzy and nauseous. more were treated on scene. thousands of chicago residents did not get their mail because of the mishap. sera: overnight chaos in downtown austin, texas. a woman is dead after a shooter fired into a crowd. this is video just in to the newsroom. three other women were also hurt. shots were also fired in a not think anyone was hit. they do, however, think someone was assaulted. police are still searching for suspects. 2000 homes are in danger of being destroyed by a wildfire in california. the flames raging near the big sur coast have already killed a bulldozer operator working on the fire line. 57 houses are scorched. the fire has been burning for a
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burning until the end of august. sera: "harry potter and the cursed child" has hits the shelves today. nearly 700 fans waited in central london for the novels midnight release. fans dressed in magical themed costumes as witches, wizards and mythical creatures. the famous author teases that sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places. antoinette: the red sox have a chance to redeem themselves this afternoon after a loss to the angels last night. it was a promising start. from mookie betts in the first. but drew pomeranz would give up five runs, including this two-run homer in the bottom of the third. the sox lose it, 5-2 the final. the patriots will be back on the practice field this morning. yesterday they wore full pads for the first time this season, and plenty of fans came out to foxboro to watch. tom brady, of course, everyone's
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a few good passes. brady said thanks and gave them a wave. the players were in their pads for the first time so they got physical early and often. today is day 4 of training camp. there's a brand new brewery and >> tasting room opening up on the south shore. but this is not just any ordinary backroom beer maker at the helm. as doug meehan shows us, this made in mass craftsman has a history of creating a personalized beer experience. >> there are ingredients in beer. reporter: he is the owner and brewmaster at this fledgling microbrewery. >> in these tanks -- reporter: although this is a new company, he has been at it for some time. in 1986, the 23-year-old university of california
10:20 am
startup. you may know it by its more common name, harpoon brewery. a lot has changed over the last 30 years. back then, so-called craft beers made up less than .1 of 1% of the beer market. today it represents over 10%. >> it definitely twentysomethings who have never known a world without specialty suds. >> they are growing the industry. they have very different buying habits. reporter: by aging it in casks,
10:21 am
elements is being introduced to those original ingredients. >> in one sense, it is going back to the old-school way of making beer. reporter: he believes today you have to go very large or local. by being made in mass on the south shore and producing around 2000 barrels a year, he is deliberate we choosing to be just that. they see being local as their z factor. there seems to be a lot of positive mojo surrounding they were granted the license almost 30 years today from wind harp who received theirs. when they designed the logo, they did not realize in navy signal language it means "job well done." >> judging from the look on his face when he was tasting it, it was a job well done. he liked doing that story.
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sera: the free fall a sky diver took and how he made that landing without a parachute. a little boy giving back. the special way he says thank you every year to shriner's hospital in boston. we look live over charlestown this morning. see the raindrops. mike is tracking showers in our
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mike: is a cool day. we have had temperatures in the 80's and 90's. today, highs only in the 70's. a few scattered showers. we will see most of it this morning. we will break down the next seven days and show you what will happen. today showers and 76 degrees. tomorrow we could see spot showers mostly in the afternoon in the western part of the state. threat during the morning. by the time we get to the afternoon, the skies start to clear and we finish the day with sunshine. the sunshine will be with us wednesday into saturday. friday and saturday also feature the chances for thunderstorms. temperatures climb into the 90's and humidity climbs as well. >> thank you. an update now on that 25,000 foot skydive we told you about
10:26 am
no parachute, no winged flying suit, but he made it. watch as luke aikins jumps out of the plane and free-falls into a net on the ground. and he did it on live television. aikins has made over 18,000 jumps. >> i'm almost levitating, it is incredible. i cannot even get the words out of my mouth. trade it is awesome. >> no one has ever done this before. no skydiver has ever done this before. amazing. >> i can see why no one has done it before. why not? better him than us. sera: g.o.p. nominee donald trump under fire. the controversial remark that has him playing defense, what he said that has people on social media outraged.
10:27 am
the cleanup underway in and around baltimore this morning. >> we are looking live outside. cloudy skies. there is some rain here and there.
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mike: tracking rain showers today and the timing for thunderstorms in the week ahead.
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nothing and no one. >> i think of i've made a lot of sacrifices. sera: and donald trump under fire for his response to a grieving father whose son was killed in the line of duty. the new one ticket taking apriz hampshire community that wants to know if a neighbor is now a multimillionaire. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is "newscenter 5 weekend eyeopener." >> when everybody finds out, hey neighbor. thank you for being with us this sunday morning. antoinette: usually the powerball winner is far away. this is a in our own backyard. mike: good luck to them. we have good news to talk about in the form of rain. temperatures on the cool side.
10:31 am
look for temperatures to hold steady all day courtesy of the easterly wind. we have had rain this morning. there are a lot of yellows that disappeared. that shows it is winding down. we may have more scattered showers this afternoon. i think most of it will be this morning. even that has been light. to the west, it has been heavier. some light showers going on right now. south of the pike, much more scattered. not seeing much. we are seeing a little area holding together. this is not going to break the drought but give us some relief. there are better opportunities for seeing rain as we talk about later tonight, tomorrow morning, into tuesday morning. i will have the timeline of those showers in a few moments. antoinette: breaking overnight boston police are investigating , a deadly shooting.
10:32 am
police are interviewing witnesses to the incident. no word this morning on any arrests. more breaking news out of boston this morning. a police cruiser crashing into a building early this morning on harrison avenue at northampton street. it's not clear if that officer had any serious injuries. he was taken to an area hospital. also breaking overnight, we have sera:also breaking overnight, we have a powerball winner. in new hampshire. just one ticket matched all the winning numbers to win the $487 millpo that ticket was sold at the hannaford's in raymond. no word yet on who the big winner is. the winning combination was 11-17-21-23-32, powerball 5. this morning donald trump is , waking up to a firestorm of criticism for his response to a speech aimed at him. the father of a fallen american soldier, who gave that speech, is leading the charge, along with conservatives and liberals
10:33 am
reporter: donald trump is sparking outrage and disgust with his response to this grieving father. >> we are honored to stand here as the parents of capt. humayun khan. it was the most raw, emotional moment of the convention. khazir khan offering this searing rebuke of trump. >> you have sacrificed nothing and no one. captain, the son of muslim immigrants, died serving his nation in iraq. his father challenging donald trump. >> let me ask you, have you even read the united states constitution? [cheers and applause] >> i will gladly lend you my copy.
10:34 am
like the khans, he too has sacrificed. donald trump: i think i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard. i've created thousands and thousands of jobs, tens of thousands of jobs, built great structures. i have had tremendous success. george: those are sacrifices? donald trump: oh, sure, those are sacrifices. reporter: and pointing a finger at his , khan did not speak because she was forbidden by her faith. donald trump: his wife, if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. reporter: the real reason she tells us, all-consuming grief. >> i was in pain. >> trump's comments causing a firestorm on twitter, with a new trending hashtag -- #madealotofsacrifices. that same speech, meanwhile,
10:35 am
the u.s. constitution. a pocket-sized pamphlet of the document was among the top 10 selling books on amazon yesterday afternoon. the spike in sales, coming after khizr khan flashed his own copy of the constitution while speaking against trump. this morning, democrats hillary clinton and tim kaine are in ohio. but they spent yesterday in pennsylvania, a key swing state, trying to win over working-class voters. at a rally in pittsburgh, clinton talked about economic opportunity. message has appealed to many voters in that state, and she's hoping to change their minds. hillary clinton: i have this old-fashioned idea that basically i am being interviewed to be hired. this is a giant job interview. and i am hoping i am hired and the other guy is fired. >> dallas mavericks owner and she got a little dallas
10:36 am
star mark cuban introduced " star mark cuban introduced clinton at that rally. new this morning, leaders in new bedford are upset about hillary clinton's portrayal of the city in her speech at the democratic convention. listen to what she said. hillary clinton so i went to : work. going door-to-door in new bedford, massachusetts. on behalf of children with disabilities who were denied the chance to go to scho children did have a means of getting an education. he tells the paper there were transport vans to take them to handicap-accessible schools. clinton's campaign spokesman is sticking by the claim. it's a working weekend for >> massachusetts lawmakers. they're scrambling to pass bills before formal sessions of the house and senate end at midnight tonight. among those bills, a proposal to regulate ridesharing companies like uber and lyft. there's also an energy bill on
10:37 am
any contested proposals that are not decided have to wait until january. a condominium in sutton has major damage after a fire yesterday. it happened on ariel circle. luckily everyone inside managed to get out safely. but two firefighters were treated for minor injuries. a memorial to a teenager who died after jumping into the charles river in cambridge. the victim, from georgia, was attending a summer program at harvard university. the eyeopener's nicole estaphan into this tragedy. reporter: from the early morning into the night, friends came and embraced, left in tears. candles and flowers marking the spot where the 18-year-old's life came to an end friday night. >> it is tragic. >> i looked it up to see if it was real. reporter: he was attending a summer program at harvard.
10:38 am
into the charles. he never surfaced. >> it is unnerving because it is a close-knit community with a handful of kids. reporter: he recently graduated from high school in georgia. his family told of his drowning from afar. >> knowing their child died so many miles away, you know, it is heartbreaking. reporter: the harvard summer school program released this statement saturday. our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends in this difficult time. although they did not know each other long, students who shared his life in cambridge describe a teenager with a never-ending smile, a friend they will miss. >> i feel sad for the whole community or everybody who knew him. reporter: the investigation into
10:39 am
sera: a scare along the shore. beachgoers getting stung in shallow water. the significant spike in stingray injuries in california, why experts believe the problem is happening now. sera: and heavy rain causing trouble to our south. take a look. the damage and the cleanup in and around baltimore. mike: scattered showers through
10:40 am
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won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear. clearasil works fast. >> an unpleasant surprise in southern california. there's been a spike in sting rays stings, with 60 near san diego in just the past two days. it comes just a few days after a large sting ray was found off the coast of massachusetts. experts say the warm summer water draws the rays to the shore, where they bury themselves in the sand under ankle-deep water. >> it was excruciating. i thought i stepped on a piece of glass or something. >> one way to avoid sting rays, shuffle your feet as you walk into the water to scare off any rays. >> parts of the baltimore area are cleaning up from heavy rain last night. in ellicott city, maryland a state of emergency is now in place after major flooding destroyed much of the historic main street area. there was extensive damage to nearby buildings and cars, and
10:43 am
partially submerged cars. >> there is glass broken out. there's cars on top of other cars. it is amazing what damage can be done in a short time. >> people trapped in the flood say the water was waist deep in some of those areas. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast with meteorologist mike -- mike wankum. mike: will make everybody feel better. the ground is so hard now because we have not had rain for so long. any rain does not have a chance to soak in. for july, it is going down in the books as one of the driest on record. we are supposed to get over three inches in a typical month. for the year, almost 6.5 inches to the dry side.
10:44 am
couple of spots that they have gotten over one inch of rain. they were isolated. now on radar, i want you to watch the trend. we have a lot of yellow and then it disappears. that shows you everything is winding down. we will see scattered showers through the afternoon. but they will be hit or miss. most of us will not see anything. humidity will be high. it will be a cool afternoon. here is where the showers are now. as you travel through here, greenville had nice rain this morning. that areas continue to lift north and diminish in intensity. travel south, it has been a struggle to get anything south of the mass pike today. to the south shore, predawn showers. a few scattered showers now. a little along 95. you may have to use the
10:45 am
cape has not gotten much. kind of on the cool side today. there is more energy to the west and down to the south. i don't know if it will hold together for this afternoon. there will be new development to the west this afternoon and possibly overnight we may see that sneak east. by noon, showers have diminished. like stuff across the area. not much going on at 2:00 in the afternoon. to the west, there will be a on. it will be after midnight we will see a few scattered showers. we do the same thing tomorrow. a few scattered showers. probably not as widespread as today. but there will be an opportunity for scattered showers tomorrow. the month of july is going down hot. temperatures running almost three degrees above average. we have had two weeks above normal of 80's and 90's. today we finally get
10:46 am
it goes up and down quite a bit. in 2010, we had 25 days above the 90-degree mark. there are some 90's in the forecast. we have to wait until way down in the forecast because they will not be happening until thursday and friday of this week. we will look at your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. today, tomorrow, and tuesday morning are going to be the road, humidity comes back up toward the in of the week and thunderstorms possibly by friday and saturday. i will have the seven-day forecast in a few moments. >> the red sox have a chance to redeem themselves this afternoon after a loss to the angels last night. it was a promising start, check out this leadoff homer from mookie betts in the first. but drew pomeranz would give up five runs, including this two-run homer in the bottom of the third.
10:47 am
they show of support for an injured boston hockey player in her hometown. she suffered a significant spinal injury during the women's classic on new year's eve. yesterday, the fitness challenge was held in marblehead. all proceeds will go to the fund. a little boy giving back to the hospital that treated him for burns when he was just 10 months old. nine-year-old donating hundreds of dollars of his own birthday money to help children dealing with injuries like the one he had. the nine-year-old is a man of few words. but he has a big heart, donating his birthday money to shriners children's hospital in boston every year for his past five birthdays. >> he was four or five the first time we came down.
10:48 am
toys to make the kids feel better. >> he said especially kids like himself. when he was just 10 month old, he suffered second and third degree burns. >> he pulled himself up to the steam radiator and held on with both hands. >> the new hampshire family was at shriners for about five days while he was treated. despite the burns, he was all smiles. a testament to the medical staff. everything shriners does is thanks to generous donations. to be a philanthropist. justin is a perfect example of that. >> ibm his generosity as being more meaningful than some of these these enormous gifts because it is truly from the heart. >> revisiting the old stomping grounds with his brother, sister, cousins, and a few big kids during this birthday trip to shriners. it is a trip the family will be making for the foreseeable future.
10:49 am
again next year? how long do you plan on doing it? >> i don't know. [laughter] >> a few years? forever? >> he nodded his head and forever, yes. he says i will keep on doing it. mom and dad ask him every year, but he wants to. he said he wanted to do it forever. >> he is shy but still a great heart.
10:50 am
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>> breaking news overnight in roxbury, boston police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened on nazing street near franklin park. police are interviewing witnesses about the incident. no word on any arrests. more breaking news out of boston this morning. a police cruiser crashed into a building early this morning on harrison avenue at northampton he was taken to an area hospital. >> other stories we're following right now, a swampscott man in is accused of burning down his own home. 57-year-old timothy brosnan is expected to be arraigned on arson charges tomorrow. firefighters think he set yesterday's three alarm fire on linden avenue. they say the fire seemed suspicious because it spread so quickly. one firefighter was treated for heat exhaustion.
10:53 am
for the man in this composite sketch. they say a man, who looks like this, broke into an elderly woman's home and sexually assaulted her. investigators think he's about 65 years old with gray hair and brown eyes. >> at least 16 people are dead after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed in texas. it happened saturday morning near lockhart, about 30 miles south of austin. officials say this is the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. >> hillary clinton taking the lead in a new poll just released this morning. the morning consult survey gives clinton a three point bump, 43% compared to 40% for republican nominee donald trump. trump had a similar lead after the republican convention. the poll also found nearly 17% of voters are still undecided. >> growing concerns about the zika virus in the u.s. after
10:54 am
florida likely infected four people. workers are going door-to-door handing out flyers and hanging tags on front gates. zika is especially dangerous for pregnant women because it can cause birth affects. >> our favorite story this morning. we have a powerball winner. in new hampshire. just one ticket matched all the winning numbers to win the $487 million powerball jackpot. that ticket was sold at the hannaford's in raymond. no word yet on who the big winner was. the winning combination was 11-17-21-23-32, powerball 5. >> everyone is ripping up their tickets. you might win a smaller prize paycheck the other numbers. mike: if you have the winning one, send it to me. the only numbers we have this morning are the rainfall totals print they are not impressive. we need rain and are getting
10:55 am
tomorrow the same thing. a spot shower here or there. tuesday morning possibly a few showers and ministers to clear away. we have three days of high humidity. we will not get much out of it. towards wednesday. that is your pick day of the week. the end of the week, perhaps another round of thunderstorms. >> when it is sunday and people are like, i wish it would rain. go ahead and rain. thank you so much for joining us. >> have a great sunday, everyone. >> this is an editorial by the president and general manager. >> meeting friends or colleagues at your favorite restaurant for
10:56 am
network. sometimes you want to go where everyone knows your name. highlighting an age-old battle between city hall and boston area legislators, beacon hill is scheduled to consider a municipal reform bill that would provide all cities and towns in massachusetts with the exception of boston the opportunity to take control of their liquor licensing. if the governor and legislators want to reform the law, why exclude boston? the governor the city was already granted licenses last year. that is a short-term perspective. the question is not over how many licenses will be awarded, but who has the right to determine the amount and approval of those licenses. if the mayor and city councilor have their way, additional permits would be granted to boston's diverse neighborhoods rather than focusing on downtown. they are looking for that long
10:57 am
wealth building opportunities for the fortunate neighborhood owners and jobs for local residents go hand-in-hand with the city development of boston's main districts. it is time for boston to have the autonomy other major american cities have and share the wealth with all of boston's neighborhoods. responsibility for a successful plan will fall on the mayor, an
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
maria: time to go "on the record." ms. clinton: a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. maria: a dnc message that hillary clinton will deliver on the road over and over again. the question is, will she connect? mr. trump: russia, if you are to find the 30,000 e-mails. maria: some say it sounded like treason. donald trump says it was sarcasm. will this be the trump shocker that haunts him to november? massachusetts pols go high profile at the dnc. who benefits the most? and in a week of smart women democrats, we have former attorney general martha coakley as our guest today.


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