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tv   On the Record  ABC  July 31, 2016 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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maria: time to go "on the record." ms. clinton: a man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons. maria: a dnc message that hillary clinton will deliver on the road over and over again. the question is, will she connect? mr. trump: russia, if you are to find the 30,000 e-mails. maria: some say it sounded like treason. donald trump says it was sarcasm. will this be the trump shocker that haunts him to november? massachusetts pols go high profile at the dnc. who benefits the most? and in a week of smart women democrats, we have former attorney general martha coakley as our guest today.
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going "on the record." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] maria: good morning, everybody. maria stephanos, along with newscenter 5's political reporter janet wu. ed harding is on assignment. quite a stretch for political junkies. the dnc, rnc, and today we have former massachusetts attorney general martha coakley to talk about all politics with us. since leaving public service coakley has joined the boston law firm of foley, hoag. good morning, martha coakley it was quite the week. janet: very exciting week but there were so many particular moments, seeing the nomination of the first woman, and every thing else in between. ms. coakley: i'm excited about what happened and we have 100 fort -- 104 days until the general election. janet: you've had the spotlight on you in some tough races. last night hillary clinton --
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change voters minds. hillary clinton had four days to answer the question, and she be trusted. do you think she dented that? ms. coakley: i absolutely do. the stories from family, from people who knew her, people who worked with her, the mothers who sat with her when their children had been murdered. i'm sure the picture complete when an different one -- maria: what -- but did that resonate with people who are bernie sanders supporters were people on the fence about donald trump? ms. coakley: suprters because ty will not vote for donald trump. maria: will they stay home? ms. coakley: i don't think so. they will get energized about the idea, the positive message of working together.
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message -- it's about me, i can fix everything good that contrast was made very well throughout the convention. the positive message of working together. maria: let's talk about breaking the glass giving in the political world because you did it in massachusetts as the state's first female attorney general. and i'm sure for you -- let's all watch this together -- this is an image that you won't forget. maria: so when you saw that moment, as a democrat, a lifelong democrat, did you think about yourself and some of the pressures and challenges you had to face as being the first woman in what it is that you did? ms. coakley: absolutely, and i realize running for district attorney, first woman to do that, attorney general, and then being unsuccessful in races, i felt the glory and agony of
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particularly is that she always got back up and was steadfast. i think that message came through. but for me and for women who have run and lost, for our daughters, our nieces, our mothers who are still looking for this, this is a big week. she is not only the first woman, she is the most well five, as barack obama said -- most qualified, as barack obama said, to run the country. janet: being the first woman to do xyz, but sometimes do you resent them keep bring it up? ms. coakley: yes, the first woman to be a math professor and being asked "what do women think of this math problem?" maria: it is a double-edged sword because you want to be recognized for being women who are successful, but what you
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ms. coakley: it does and that is why it is so important, thinking about hillary and how she might be held to a different standard on a speech. elizabeth warren has a different speaking style, jennifer granholm. we know men who are good and men who are less good but we don't say they can't be president or senator. this is what is happening as more women become elected. that is what is exciting about this. janet: let's switch this conversation a bit. as a former prosecutor, if you found someone in high political office put sensitive emails on a private server, then deleted thousands of them before turning them over, what would you have done? ms. coakley: i would always come always look at what is the intent here. you look at the facts and the intent. that is what gets lost in many instances about people making judgments.
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is why we have prosecutors come it is why we have grand jury's. they should be done according to the law and facts. you need the rule of law to decide case-by-case whether someone is criminally responsible or not. and that is what the fbi director did. janet: if the intent is that people -- you were afraid people would pry into your private life on a silly, no intent as far as you're concerned? ms. coakley: the fbi d dealt with this welcome being critical of what occurred, and at the same time, if i am going to bring crime charge, it is intent. maria: the clinton campaign has been taking some hits that they are not able to take advantage of what some people call donald trump's undisciplined style, that this is just as rogue campaign that nobody can seem to nail down and figure out, all new territory here.
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look, the campaign in some respects is just starting now. people who have been paying attention, the political junkies and the party insiders. most people probably don't know that much about either candidate except what they hear general. we will see going forward whether the clinton campaign, with a terrific message and terrific convention -- janet: more disciplined than a lot more republicans ran against donald trump ms. coakley:. ms. coakley: totally disciplined. maria: put to the test -- you ready? ms. coakley: oh, no. it is summertime, school is out, my goal is to flunk the quiz. maria: no, you are not pointed -- flunking! i believe in you. what group first coined the metaphor glass ceiling? ms. coakley: probably the national organization of women?
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janet, my friend of 30's, since she will give it to you. feminist. first used at the national press club. next question, you ready? you are not flunking so far. ms. coakley: well. maria: sarah hurwitz, chief speechwriter for michelle obama, got high praise for herself and her boss this past week in philadelphia. which massachusetts town was she raised? i will give you multiple choice. which rather -- ms. coakley: no, give me the choices. maria: longmeadow? ms. coakley: longmeadow. maria: no. janet: batting .500. ms. coakley: wayland. maria: yes. ms. coakley: that was a fabulous speech. unbelievable.
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maria: we are back with martha coakley and the pop quiz. covering up my paper. you don't have your glasses on. ms. coakley: you don't have to worry about me cheating. maria: all right. former president bill clinton started his dnc speech with "in the spring of 1971, i met a girl." so where didil clinton meet? ms. coakley: yale law school. maria: wow, look at that! i don't know what do you know specifically where? ms. coakley: they were in a class together, where did they need? in the library. maria: oh, look at that. what prominent speaker at the dnc chose to do donald trump imitations in his address? i'm not saying they were good ones -- ms. coakley: vice presidential candidate tim kaine. maria: that's it.
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maria: finally, what speaker at the dnc said this to disgruntled bernie sanders supporters, "to the bernie or bust people, you're being ridiculous"? ms. coakley: sarah silverman? maria: yes. ms. coakley: that was tough. didn't like that too is being heckled. maria: she was a big bernie supporter. janet: this is f haven't been in a while -- ms. coakley: it is different. don't forget in 2008 there were a lot of hillary clinton supporters, i was among them. that all worked out but it is important to have that the convention. janet: let's turn the conversation over to local issues. there's a job opening at suffolk university. the president's office is
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you showed a little bit of interest. now she has been at least fired but she is going to fight it. it pays pretty good. you interested? ms. coakley: i have to tell you, janet, i've been very engaged with what i'm doing in my practice. terrific lawyers from interesting work. i've been doing a little teaching, on some not-for-profit boards. i'm pretty happy where i am right now. jane are absolutely not interested? ms. coakley: never say never but i'm happy where i am right now. maria: classic janet wu question. maura healey interpreted the massachusetts ban on assault weapons to include so-called copycat rifles. is that on solid legal ground? ms. coakley: i and other
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statement saying this is within her perfume. -- within her purview. it is for obligation to enforce it, and when it came to her attention, then manufacturers and sellers were making small tweaks in a way to get around the statute, her decision to address that is within her power, within her authority. maria: so the answer is yes? ms. coakley: the answer is yes. that are illegal in the wrong hands. i want to say that the federal regulations -- the statute has always been aimed at manufacturers and sellers. maria: there seems to be gray area here -- ms. coakley: i think there has been gray area created. maria: thanks for joining us. great job on the pop quiz. ms. coakley: my pleasure.
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president obama: there has never been a man or a woman -- not me, not bill, nobody more qualified than hillary clinton to serve as president of the united st maria: no doubt a memorable, much talked about moment from the dnc. a lot for us to talk about this morning. joining us on the roundtable, republican patrick griffin and democrat barry finegold. thanks for being with us, guys. janet: hillary clinton had a triumphant night. a little bit of what she had to
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nomination for president of the united states. janet: dnc versus rnc, who won the battle, why, does it matter? barry: dnc was majorly, republicans were minorly. maria: minor league how? barry: i'm talking about republican convention was minor league. maria: i know, how? barry: they couldn't fill the stadium -- maria: stadium was phil -- barry: your best speaker was chachi. we had generals, famous people. chachi? patrick: i would rather be here than in philadelphia, as w.c. fields would say. maria: what about cleveland? patrick: i wasn't there interviewe the debbie wasserman -- i wasn't there either.
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donald trump stepped on his own message. when your enemy is hurting themselves, let them keep doing it. janet: you are saying the dnc -- patrick: from the production and message standpoint, there was a big difference between the two. maria: and you are a republican, which is interesting. there were some pretty powerful speeches for sure. michael bloomberg, joe biden, michelle obama -- without a doubt, no matter which side of the aisle you are on. lift, interviews is this -- it appears, is the speech from president barack obama. well hillary clinton effectively take that ball that was handed to her with that powerful speech and momentum and run with it? patrick: hillary clinton is not a great orator so that is not what we know her for good the speech was ok. b, b-. but she was five out of five.
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still the show -- stole the show. she -- offers herself as the prescription for donald trump. chemical messenger. -- terrible messenger. barry: i think the convention will give her a bump and you will see it in the polls. janet: will she take it and run with it? barry: absolutely, and i think she will be out there staying on message, unlike donald who is all over the place. patrick: at the end of the day she is who she is. we are not going to change hillary clinton. her record, her problems for personality, people know her. her brand is to establish for too long. janet: let's go back to the russian factor. how seriously do you think voters will take donald trump's invitation to russia to intervene in this election? although he is saying he was sarcastic. barry: people look at the united states as the adult at the
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i don't think countries will finally on what donald trump -- look fondly on what donald trump said. janet: is russia factor? patrick: donald trump cannot be in this position and just say he was being snarky. this makes people push back on him. maria: so you think this will hurt him? patrick: i thihe risk is not worth the potential reward. janet: maura healey and her ban on what she calls copycat assault weapons. will she have to walk this one back in the end? barry: i hope not, and good for her. too many manufacturers are changing the definition national and -- janet: but these are copycat. barry: i think she is in the
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are ok. i understand what the attorney general is time to david massachusetts -- trying to do. the massachusetts legislature might want to have something to do with this. doesn't she have a right as the ag to arbitrarily make this decision? barry: she is trying to ban ak-47s, close to what we ban. patrick: purview as attorney general? janet: she does have the backing of her three predecessors. they are all democrats, i will give you that. but considering what charlie baker has been saying, governor baker has been saying, do you think the legislature -- regardless of whether you think it is necessary? barry: i think they want to take it out. they are trying to get a lot of things done. janet: i think more like year.
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violence and there's a case to be made that these guns are not necessary but we have a constitutional issue. maria: mayor marty walsh, at the dnc, he spoke and a lot of people think it was a powerful and honest speech. he left because of poor child drowned while in the care of a city program. do you think that was overplayed or the right thing to do? patrick: i think it decision and one of the reasons he a good measure. barry: marty walsh loves the city of boston and when the city of boston is hurting from that is where he wants to be. it was about doing the right thing. janet: speaking of boston mayor marty walsh, he got a chance to speak the first night of the dnc and he started the speech in anonymous corrected -- in an unexpected way. mayor walsh: i name is marty
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bottom. janet: we have heard him say that but on the national stage, powerful. who got the biggest lift from their dnc appearance? we also heard from joe kennedy and elizabeth warren. barry: for him to go out on a limb like that speech lines of what he is about. there are many people suffering from addiction -- maria: very real, boston moment. patrick: very well hit that was a tough night. the monday night speech was tough. a lot of rank were in the hall -- rancor in the hall. but something about joe kennedy, he is not a typical candidate. he did very, very well. janet: it was his first glimpse of these nationally for a lot of
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line janet: best week? barry: hillary broke the glass ceiling. for have my daughters to look at this is a great thing. patrick: white hat suits -- pantsuits. maria: that is your take away?
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vader and a white nine. it is an interesting bit of psychology. janet: strictly from a fashion the point i thought it was a bold choice to go for white. barry: whatever talked about -- janet: i give that to you totally. maria: thank you both so much for being with us. janet, i love sitting next to you. janet:
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announcer: today on "matter of fact" -- game on! he said -- donald trump: hillary rotten clinton, right? announcer: then she said -- hillary clinton: he offers zero solutions. announcer: what are they both saying to convince you to vote? karen tumulty: that really does sound like a recipe for a slugfest. hillary. can the congressional insider help her up her game? plus, first it was a cold war. now it could be a cyber war. will a hack attack put russia in charge of our election? fernando: an international watergate on steroids.


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