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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  July 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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rhondella: the parents of a fallen muslim soldier, hitting back at donald trump. her message about why she stayed silent during her husband's dnc speech. mike: a few showers right now. i'm tracking when the skies clear, and when the summer heat returns. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. todd: right now, the search is on for the powerball winner in new hampshire. someone bought the ticket inside this grocery store. good evening. good to have you with us. i'm to k richardson. newscenter five's nicole estaphan is live in raymond, new hampshire where that ticket was sold. nicole: this is a good one. the eighth largest lottery prize in history. the question -- who is it? if you listen carefully among the role of shopping carts flooding the hannaford's and raymond, new hampshire sunday,
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>> the lottery gods rained down on us last night. it is fantastic. nicole: four winners in new hampshire, including one that hit the jackpot -- a big hit and a big topic. >> that is it your god bless them. nicole: and wishful thinking. >> i hope it is me. i cannot believe it. i almost bought one he >> do you play the lottery. >> my husband does. nicole: did he buy his ticket here? >> i have no idea where he bought the ticket. nicole: when you come home maybe he will say, hey, honey, we won. >> i don't think so. nicole: many in this small town are still dreaming about what if
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no upgrade needed. >> my car is over there. nicole: your car is over there. i see. do you like the car? >> mm-hmm. nicole: that little guy had no interest in the lottery, but someone did. they but that ticket. nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. todd: live look at the city of boston. it sure is soupy. mike wankum joins us more -- joins us. more showers tonight? mike: with pretty good downpours in the western part of the state. that area of showers was out this morning and boost -- moved eastward. we will start to see development out to the west. right now, gray skies.
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it will start marching across the state. when is that going to happen? i think about midnight, we will see scattered showers in the eastern part of the state. overnight, midnight, we may see some showers. not everyone is going to get something out of this. some places will get 1, 2 inches of rain. a few miles down the road, they will not get anything at all. we will look at the time i for tomorrow and when we return to the 80's and 90's tomorrow. rhondella: -- donald trump's comments about a grieving father's emotional speech about his fallen soldier son has the gop nominee under fire. tonight hillary clinton is weighing in. newscenter 5's diane cho with the latest. diane? diane: the khan family has been thrust into the national spotlight this week after the father of a fallen muslim u.s. soldier criticized donald trump at the democratic national convention. days later, it still making
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khan, a u.s. soldier killed in iraq 2004 fired back at donald trump on cnn's state of the union. >> this candidate for the presidency not to be aware of a gold star mother standing there and he had to take that shot at her? this is the height of ignorance. diane: this after trump questioned why mrs. khan stood silently by her husband during the spee she did not have anything to say. maybe she was not allowed to have anything to say. diane: but now she is speaking out. >> running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect a gold star family and goldstar mother. diane: he told george stephanopoulos he made sacrifices. mr. trump: i've made a lot of sacrifices. i work very, very hard.
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ms. clinton -- diane during a : campaign stop in ohio trump's rival in the race for the white house also weighed in. ms. clinton: mr. khan made the ultimate sacrifice. what has the family heard? nothing but insults. diane: trump's campaign released a statement saying capt khan is a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep viciously attacked by mr. khan at the democratic convention. am i not allowed to respond? hillary voted for the iraq war, not me. diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. todd: diane, thank you. tomorrow governor baker will sign a bill to ensure equal pay for men and women in massachusetts. the law will ban discrimination on the basis of gender, and stops employers from asking about salary history. the legislation will take effect in july 2018. people in boston will get the chance to let their voices be heard about police body cameras this week. the department is working to get a pilot program underway. one hundred officers will wear the cameras for six months, a deal with the police union was
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there will be a public hearing thursday night at the mildred community center. rhondella: new at 6:00, mbta police are hoping you can help identify this man. he is wanted for questioning in connection with an assault with a dangerous weapon. the incident happened last tuesday night on an orange line train at the tufts medical center station. anything with information is asked to contact transit police. new safety rules are taking effect for boston summer camps after the death of a little boy. last week, 7-year-old kyzr kyzr willis drowned at a south boston day camp. now, his family says they're not happy with the police investigation into how the boy got away from counselors unnoticed. mayor walsh says city representatives will meet tomorrow with camp officials, before the rules start tuesday. >> we will continue to work to ensure kids are safe. this was a horrible tragedy.
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pain they are going through. rhondella: the changes include an hourly head count, smaller child-to-staff ratios, and life preservers to be worn for all swimmers. funeral services for willis will be held mid-week. todd: right now, no arrest in a deadly shooting in dorchester. police say the man was shot at 39 amazing street. anyone with information as asked to call police. murder-suicide involving former rhode island police officer. 61-year-old franklin osgood is accused of killing his wife mary-jo sometime between friday night and saturday afternoon. the former providence officer called his adult children last night to tell them he'd done something very bad to their mother. >> he really expressed his sorrow and sympathy for what he is done and expressed to every intent to harm himself. very, very disturbing, sad story. again, our prayers go out to the family.
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by police in new jersey last night. he crashed during a chase, and then shot and killed himself when officers approached. his wife's body was in the trunk of the car. rhondella: a boston police cruiser crashed into a building early this morning on harrison avenue at northampton street. it is unclear how the crash happened. a man is wanted by sharon police for stealing from homes he was supposed to be cleaning. 24-year-old aaron moul is accused of stealing several items from clients' homes earlier this year. he faces larceny and criminal harrassment charges. police say moul also goes by the name of aaron simeone and has ties to other states. todd: a taunton woman is cited for this crash in brockton. police say she ran a red light at the intersection of belmont and west streets this morning. that driver hit a box truck and cause it to tip. both drivers are recovering from minor injuries. rhondella: new details tonight in that fatal overnight shooting in austin, texas.
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active shooter situation. todd: the federal investigation into that hot air balloon crash that left all sixteen people on board dead. the long process ahead. mike: we have chances for rain the next 36 hours. hopefully. i will show you when you are likely to have rain in your neighborhood. todd: and the patriots at practice again today. this familiar face was out there as well. we will me to be boston with and dan simoneau now on comcast channel 942, >> monday morning on the eye, farmers markets of a staple of summer. >> there can be risks, the health advice to keep in mind.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. todd: right now, police in austin, texas are investigating a fatal shooting overnight in
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one-on-one skilled -- one woman was killed. three others hurt. investigators say they are searching for a 24-year-old man to question. initially police reported an active shooter situation, but later determined there were two separate incidents. the second a confrontation in a nearby parking garage. one man there was hurt. rhondella: federal investigators from at least three agencies are now on the scene of that hot air balloon crash in central texas. it is the deadliest in us history, 16 people were killed. as abc's elizabeth hur explains where the investigation is turning now. emerging showing the heart of texas hot air balloon in the sky just before 7:00 saturday morning. then at 7:38, the same balloon captured again in these pictures, flying low over farmland. six minutes later, the crash and the 911 calls. >> a vehicle fully engulfed in flames. elizabeth: among those killed, the pilot and the owner of the
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balloon. skip nichols. >> his utmost concern was the safety of his passengers. >> is very, very rare we see an accident of this magnitude occur. elizabeth: fellow pilots and friends calling a crash of this magnitude rare. but worries about safety. just two years ago, the ntsb called for more regulation of the hot air balloon , citing operational deficiencies in the industry. at the time, the faa seemed more oversight unnecessary, and now officials say investigating this accident in texas is priority. mr. some walls -- mr. su mwalt: we are looking at
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ce of specs of the balloon. elizabeth: they will be looking at the humans and the environment. elizabeth her, abc news, texas. todd a 25,000 foot jump, right : out of a plane, aiming for a target smaller than a football field.
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rhondella: watch this. no parachute, no winged flying suit, but he made it. watch as luke aikins jumps out of the plane and free-falls 25,000 feet into a net on the ground in california. and he did it on live television. >> i mean, i'm almost levitating. it's incredible. the words, i almost -- i can't get them out of my mouth. everybody made this happened. it is awesome. rhondella: what a rush. aikins has made over 18,000 jumps, but none like this one. no skydiver has ever done this
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todd: here's the question, mike wankum. how do you top that? mike: i don't know. would you even want to? you know? it's pretty risky stuff he was doing there. it's virtually, not everyone got a lot of rain out of this one. on the cape, a couple spreckels you're there. a quarter inch of rain -- boston, 15 100s. beverly. systems. they dropped the rain, move on through, you may not get rain at all. out to be berkshires, over an inch of rain in many locations. when we added all up into boston -- july is going down as the eighth driest on record. if we look at this whole period,
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record. this has been extremely dry. we need some rain in here. what's going to happen? we have systems that will be working through. we do have opportunities for rain. the nature is a shower here, a shower there. timing the location is extremely tricky. we have showers developing out to the west. they will be pushing eastward. overnight, you may be driving to today. the dew point, oh, the air is thick out there. we just can't seem to find this. temperatures in the 60's, 70's, not a very warm day. running well below average. tonight, scattered showers, patchy fog, muggy out there. tomorrow, scattered showers, a lot like today, maybe a couple degrees warmer.
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system works its way through, we keep the easterly flow in here, that is why we are so great -- and then high pressure build then. we break it down for the next seven days and show you what is going to happen. we start out with the showers with a timeline. temperature, 77. showers will be out there. the morning hours, pretty much across the entire area. the afternoon, they break up a little bit and they reform during the a couple chances for seeing showers tomorrow. evening commute may have showers as well. tuesday, if you are getting rain, it will be during the morning. as we go through the day, it dries out. very muggy. muggy tomorrow. tuesday it drops off a little bit, but wednesday -- there is your pick.
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it was around up thunderstorms friday, but probably a better chance we will see thunderstorms on saturdays forecast. but notice what happens to the temperatures? we head back to the 90's. gray skies, showers out there, but then we go back to the heat. as for the storms tomorrow, hopefully you get something out of it. th there. it will not be across the region. todd? todd: all right, mike, thank you. "jason bourne" is back after a 10 year haitus and ruling the box office. the matt damon-led sequel took the top spot it's first weekend in theaters, raking in $60 million. "star trek beyond" is in the number two spot with a $24 million second week. "bad moms" comes in third earning over 3 million more than it's $20 million budget. >> now here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity.
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lynch: hi, everybody. the patriots practiced in the rain. gronk through a couple of footballs. this is the fourth day of practice for the patriots and the hearty crowd turnout. the company cape, from new hampshire, the beaches of maine, the mountains of her mock, all to the tom brady, jimmy garoppolo, and the gronk. rain or shine. >> you seen me bent over, huffing and puffing. i mean, today, my cleats are probably 20 pounds each, so it was definitely a little bit more on the body physically-wise, trying to cut corners, you've got to have more of -- i would say -- form? what's that word? form? technique.
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you can play football in conditions like this. mike lynch: the red sox out in anaheim wrapping up their four game series with the angels and trying to salvage a split. john farrell has been ejected for the game for arguing balls and strikes. they scored another run in the first inning to lead. in the third inning -- traveled 444 feet. angels on top 3-2. they go 5-2. and finally a called third strike -- right there. trailing 3-0. the seventh inning right now in anaheim. trading deadline tomorrow. andrew miller -- or member he used to play for the red sox? it has been a great year with a 139 e.r.a. he was traded to the cleveland
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waving the white flag. the american league east has a great pennant race going on this afternoon. in the 12 thinning, the toronto blue jays and the orioles tied at two apiece. then -- a homer. makes the final 6-2, orioles. that puts them in first place with a half-game over the toronto blue jays. tonight on sportscenter 5 o.t., we will go to patriots camp. we will hear from brady. bill gates is our nfl analyst. we have more to talk about the baseball trading deadline. rhondella: lots to talk about. thanks, mike. new at 11:00, the first time we are hearing from the parents of the teenager killed after jumping from a bridge into the charles river. todd: and on world news tonight -- >> coming up on world news tonight, a deadly flash flood. we show you the human chain that
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with the parents of
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rhondella: we are definitely not used to these temperatures. todd: yeah, it's kind of cool, isn't it. but muggy. mike: you can't enjoy it. we have gray skies out there. the gray skies will be with us. this is how the map looks tomorrow at 9 a.m. when you're driving to work, you may run into shower zero there. w slow things down a little bit. as we have for the day, the chance for showers diminish, that we may have a redevelopment late in the day. again, these are very scattered in nature. you may be on the road and not see a drop out of the old thing. tuesday, it speeds things up. by the afternoon, it starts to clear things away and once the sun comes back, you're going to love wednesday. low humidity, sunshine, that is
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todd: good for you. mike: then on thursday, scattered thunderstorms friday and saturday. rhondella: very good, mike. todd: wednesday is the pick and
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welcome to "world news tonight." we're following several breaking stories. first, the rescues in the middle of a flood disaster. a surprise wall of water. the human chain to save lives. cars swept away, at least two dead, and as we come on the air a state of emergency. trouble for trump. of words with the family of a fallen soldier. what he told george stephanopoulos about the veteran's mother, as trump tallies his own sacrifices. hot air horror. new video, moments before the deadliest hot air balloon crash in u.s. history. tonight, what we're learning about the victims and the new questions about the dangers of these joyrides. zika in america. the high alert now that the first cases from mosquitoes here


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