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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  August 1, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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from boston's news leader this is wcvb at 5:30. >> breaking news on the zika virus at 5:30, pregnant women are warned not to travel to parts of miami, florida. the cdc says 14 people who visited that city's art district tested positive for zika since mid-june. men and women who have been in the area if i would wait eight weeks before trying to conceive a child. a driver under arrest after this wild chase on the south coast. it started in rochester and ended in new bedford. there was a civilian who helped box in the driver. >> and breaking news from concord. water problems. an outdoor water ban is in place because a hatch to one
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compromised. the system has been isolated and coupled with the drought conditions the town has put new restrictions in place. there is no filling or topping off of swimming pools. hand watering only of gardens. you are asked to take quicker showers and do full loads of laundry and full dish are whatters. >> which means we need the rain. we have the clouds, but that's not enough. >> we need something to fall drought. that will take some time. unfor natalie this -- unfortunately this evening and into tonight the chances are low you run into showers. any shower would have a low impact on travel or any outdoor plans. by tomorrow afternoon it looks fairly dry. how about the humidity in terms of how it feels in the air. it is bordering uncomfortable right now. it stays lfl and maybe drops
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sticky category. we will notice it drop ever so slightly over the next 24 hours. hardly any showers out there right now. we look to the west and we are finding smrks but thisy will weaken as we continue. we will have the latest and let you know if there is anymore rain in the forecast and when we might hit ninety again coming up in a bit will ben? >> thank you. coming up, a man in court accused of setting his own home on fire. reid lamberty is live with the disturbing comment he reportedly made to police on the reid? reporter: not only did he admit to setting his own house on fire, but he made jokes about the blaze afterward. while the house he built burned during a fire police say he admitted to setting, timothy brosnin reportedly left and made jokes. he was staring at the house on fire and said isn't it the most beautiful thing ever? >> he denies that and denies some of the statements police
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reporter: he said his client has a limited memory of the fire, but police say thee seemed fully aware when they responded to the blaze admitting involvement. >> when coulded if he had -- when asked if he had a connection to the fire he said i did it. i added gasoline of the my wife is moving in tomorrow. >> the court ordered he move out of the home while his wife and children move back in. >> he is going difficult time in his life. it is the end of a 27-year marriage with three beautiful children. reporter: his attorney said no one was in the home and brosnin even let the cat out of the house before igniting blaze. >> he is a nice, kind man and would help you anywhere, anytime. he would do anything for you. it is out of character. reporter: he has no criminal record of any nature. that is according to his
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wednesday. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> new hampshire police make an arrest in connection with a murder in lynn last month. manchester police arrested edward florez on a fugitive from justice charge. they arrested a -- a second man is charged with russo's murder. summer drop in camps after the drowning of a 7-year-old boy animals are piling up outside the bathhouse. he is the boy who slipped away from a city run camp and drowned near carson beach. new rules are going into affect. there are smaller child to staff ratios and life preservers for every child swimming. >> they are upset and we will continue to try to make adjustments and changes so no palm has to experience this
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children at a time will be allowed in the water and they will be accompanied by two staff members. the search for answers in the deadly hot air balloon crash. >> the changes that safety regulators called to be put in place years ago. >> a pair of wildfires are burning in california. the homes in the path of the flames right now. >> and new at 5:30, a woman's long fight for justice for her son.
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you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. >> california firefighters are making headway controlling a
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country. the fire that has chewed through 62 square miles did not expand overnight. that's the good news. it represents progress in a fire that began 10 days ago. so far 50 every is homes have -- 57 homes have been destroyed. lower temperatures and rain in in -- and lower temperatures should help. it is the deadliest hot air balloon disas r >> the whole thing is in flames now. >> the call for help on the morning of the disaster. >> i have a vehicle on fire. >> revealing initially no one knew the magnitude of the tragedy. >> i first thought they had a tractor out there and it exproceeded. are ad are ad exploded. >> she called 9-1-1 and then she learned it was a hot air balloon that killed all 16 people on board. >> i don't want to see something like this again. >> according to investigators
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austin, texas and traveled some eight miles and while descending, the balloon hit the high tension wires before bursting into flames. among the passengers, 30 -- 34-year-old newlyweds seen in this facebook picture along with joe and tressa schaefer. abc news learning skip nichols, the pilot and the owner of the company that operated the balloon did not get high grades from the better business bureau, but he was well lined and his utmost priority was safety to passengers. >> they are looking into the pilot's background. they are also looking into the balloon and weather conditions. the iphones and ipads recovered from the scene will be sent to a lab to be analyzed and the complete investigation will take a year, but they hope to release
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the newly crowned miss teen usa at the center of controversy. >> the language she used in old tweets that make some believe she should be stripped of the crown. >> and the i'm memg of this volume cane -- and the image of this volcano eruption has the internet buzzing. >> and a slow warm up to tell you about.
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your economy tonight and
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serious dip because lawmakers nexted plans for the sales tack holiday. they say some massachusetts businesses see as much as 15% of their annual sales during that one weekend. 5 spokesman warns that some stores could close this year because of the loss. lawmakers say the reduced revenue would hurt schools and public safety. the philadelphia enquirer is reporting that terminix million to a delaware family. a father and son were poisoned to a banned pesticide spray. he was paralyzed after the ks pose sure last march. his sons were seriously injured. texas is fining blue bell for listeria contamination that killed three people. the company recalled millions
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the state of texas is only requiring 375,000 up front and the rest will be for given if the company complies to the food safeguard. >> to hawaii's big island where lava from the kailey law -- from the volcano has reached the ocean. it stretched more than six miles to reach the water last week. look. fa? the hot lava make a >> is that real? >> that's what they are saying. >> that's cool. >> it left this pattern. >> it reminds us all to smile a little bit. >> even the volcanos in hawaii are happy. >> and why shouldn't they be? >> well they made the islands font forget if you studied geology.
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can see the upward trend until we get to 91 degrees by the end of the week. it is cloudy and bleak in boston. no rainfall around right now which is mostly bad news. in terms of the evening commute it is not bad. the dew point or the measure of humidity is running moderately uncomfortable. 71 in boston and 76 plymouth. the temperatures are warmer to t you still have a northeasterly wind, but you have the benefit of sunshine. the sun tried to poke through the clouds, but just didn't have a lot of luck in doing so. underneath some of the clouds we are finding a spotty shower here and there, but nothing of any major consequence. driving to work i had about five rain drops on my windshield. that's the sort of scenario we are painting as we head
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there may be one or two showers. it should weaken as it continues to march east -- eastward. you can see what happens in the great lakes and james bay and central ontario. that's our weather building by midweek. look at this heat. it is 95 right now in denver. it is 98 in salt lake city. serious heat is building once again and starting to lift north and eastward. we will get later this week. we have low pressure to the south and focusing in, don't forget the winds blow counter clockwise in the northern hemisphere. that sends our winds to the northeast which is why it was so cool today relatively speaking. we will stick with the northeasterly wind. as the low limps out to sea we will start out mostly cloudy.
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as we head into the afternoon the skies will brighten with some sunshine developing from northwest to southeast. it will take some time in doing that, but there will be a transition to brighter weather tomorrow as high pressure moves in from the north and west. the lows tonight are 60 to 65 on average. it is a good night for the air conditioner. otherwise maybe the fan in the window should do the trick. it is not comfortable. i expect the beaches to stay between 70 and 75 degrees. inland is in the upper 70s. the cape and the islands mid70s down that way. some scattered showers are in the forecast, but few and far between through tonight and tomorrow. that's the way it looks as we step on through the next 24 hours. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies and afternoon breaks and a drop or two on the wind
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friday increase the clouds and there may be a spotty thunderstorm. hot on friday too. highs in the lower 90s. >> aj, thank you night. now the scandal surrounding the newly crowned miss teen usa. she is under fire for using offensive language in old tweets. to sight she is uh poll -- tonight the organization says she will get to keep her title. here is emily >> miss teen usa is texas! >> miss teen usa is at the center of a twitter scandal. not long after taking home the title in las vegas, she is coming under fire after a series of racist tweets from social media came back to haunt the 18-year-old. they go back to 2013 showing carly using the n-word
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saying she iced the language publicly in the past and it is something she is not proud of and no excuse for citing certainly struggles for the cause. it caused a firestorm and many expressing outrage over the words. former miss teen usa called out the teen queen questioning why she left the tweets up knowing she was competing for the crown tweeting "if you win any pageant first crawford said. if you are under 21 you should not be drinking and if you are white the n-word ain't your word. >> they said she will keep her crown and the organization is continuing to support her growth. five blonde white women were the final dash are ad final lists.
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>> ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll. >> 35 years ago today mtv went on cable for the first time. august 1st 1981. only a few cable systems in northern new jersey saw it launch live. the first video "individual yoy killed the raid -- video killed the radio sar" and then they went to develop nonmusic radio programming and is the outlet of choice for music that was the internet. >> do they play music anymore? >> they are relaunching mtv classic and will show sold -- some old shows and music. they are replacing vh1 classic with mtv classic. and an 8-year-old with big dreams and an even bigger heart. he says one day he hopes to be a millionaire, but today he is baking cookies and banana
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he is networking and his mom is his assistant and the reason he got started in the first place. >> i wanted to save up for a lot of money to get a house and for me and my mom to be happy. >> she said though that is tough to hear she is very proud of her son. >> he is working harold. it battle. >> and the sex abuse suspect and his troubled past. >> following several bracting news -- several breaking news stories including here in the united states. and a chase that was caught on camera. what police found in the suspect's car. and a driver just following gps heads straight into
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at what headquarters will look
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let's feed him to the sharks! squuuuto the sharks!d him
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ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...? squuuuack, they're all morons anyway! i never said that. they all smell bad too. no! l i smell bad! if you're a parrot, you repeat things. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. squuuuack, it's what you do. 5 investigates learning a minnesota man will finally return to massachusetts to 235eus charges he 6 -- to face charges he sexually assaulted a boy in 2010. >> he spoke exclusively with the mother who hopes justice is now within reach. >> it was like watching the survivors from the marathon bombing. it felt like a bomb had gone
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everything in our life is different. >> it is a pain this mother still lives with every day. the pain of knowing her 14-year-old son was sexually abused by someone she had invited in her home. >> it is very difficult. >> it was back in 2010 and matthew was staying with the mother and it ended with him with his mother. they and stuck his hand on the child's privates. he told the teenager he wanted to buy the child a phone and a computer and wanted to give the child a car when he was 16. >> i felt like somehow i failed to protect him, but i had no idea he needed to be protected. >> little did this mother know he had a criminal record. he was accused of sexual abuse charges in 1990, some from his
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camp. he wrote about his own sexual interest in young boys. despite that conviction he worked as a casting director in minnesota and after the massachusetts teenager came forward in 2011 word of the charges spread to the midwest. soon after two brothers in that state reported similar allegations which he talked about in a secretly recorded meeting broadcast on a tv station. >> it is basically like, well, pp five years. >> 2013 he pled guilty to sexual assault charges and was sentenced to nine years in prison. >> i felt kind of responsible for not telling anyone. >> a jury in minnesota awarded the brothers $2.1 million in a civil suit. >> the judgment, yeah, it is x amount of dollars, but i would
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>> he was fighting extradition, but has now agreed to come back to massachusetts to stand trial. >> it almost feels like surreal, like can this finally be happening after all of this time? the anxiety is knowing how stressful this will be. >> this local mother says it is important for her son who is now 19. >> my son did not want this to happen to another boy. i don't know how long he will serve if he is convicted here, but ino serve a life sentence. ii am hoping that if there were other victims they have the courage to come forward. >> he pled not guilty to some of the massachusetts charges and expected to be arraigned on the rest in the coming weeks including the most serious of child rape. the d.a.'s office said they are glad they finally are
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destination at the center of a new zika travel warning. >> newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> now on newscenter 5 -- >> a driver stops after a wild chase. >> the passerby who helped police box him in. >> and the dangerous discoveries found in his are ka. >> and caught on camera. the gps leads this car into a shootout. >> when the temperatures may make a run at 90 degrees again. >> have a message for donald trump. new fallout from his controversial remarks. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00. >> the cdc issuing a zika travel advisory warning pregnant women not to travel to part of florida. several new cases in the part of miami. >> all believed to be transmitted by mosquitoes.
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>> the travel advisory encompasses a relatively small area, but the consequences to pregnant women could be huge. for weeks officials knew it was possible. >> four people in our state have the zika possible in our state. >> it prompted wide precautions. the number grew from 4 to 14 people infected in the first locally transmitted cases of the zika virus. >> did you sus since they were testing urine samples. >> i had a suspicion. >> all of the newly reported infections are from the same square mile north of miami it is for pregnant women and those looking to conceive in the near future. >> do i make that area a little larger for myself? >> i would think about that in the time being. over the next few weeks as
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they will have a better feel for the case outside the area. >> from a handful to an out break it is possible the number will grow even more? >> the local mosquitoes are infected and they will move for the mosquitoes. they are incubating the virus and capable transmitting locally in this area. that's the dooms day look at things. >> any pregnant woman who has partner to or partner traveled to the area after june 15th is asked to speak with their health care provider. wcvb newscenter 5. >> more breaking news and sky 5 is capturing the wild end of a chase in new bedford. police with guns drawn surrounded the vehicle.


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