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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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zika virus. ed: new video of a wild chase. maria: the mass robbers sneaking into a new hampshire home and what makes it even creepier. a.j.: no relief in sight for the drought and hot temperatures later this week. ed: the worst things to order when eating out. maria: right warning over the zika threat. pregnant women being told to avoid part of a major u.s. city. good evening. i'm maria stephanos. ed: and i'm ed harding. the new federal warning goes beyond pregnant women. men and kids are involved, too. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live at logan with what you need to know. >> i would be cautious and think twice before traveling to miami right now. mary: dr. david hamer of boston
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number of zika cases contracted through mosquito bites has jumped from four to 14 over the weekend in the hard-hit wynnwood neighborhood north of miami. now the cdc has issued an unprecedented travel advisory, morning pregnant women not to travel the area and telling women who visited the area not to get pregnant for eight weeks and women and men with zika symptoms should wait six months before trying to conceive. in the miami area, health officials are going door to door, handou from what we know now, most of the transmissions are from mosquitoes but it could be transmitted through body fluid. >> as far as we know, at least in men, it can be carried in semen for two to three months, but that's fairly long and that can be in someone who didn't have any symptoms to begin with. mary: pesticides have proven to be less effective than predicted
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this spread? this is a mosquito found in over 30 states, so zika is likely to crop up in other places. there is some encouraging news. the virus does not appear to live very long in the bodies of young children who were bitten. mary: today, mosquitoes in massachusetts have not tested positive for the zika virus but we do have the kind of mosquito that can carry it. at logan airport, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. >> ed: that is gunfire and right now a suspect is under arrest in connection with this gunfight in roxbury. the driver was using the gps navigation app waze when they were directed right into the middle of the gunfire on dale street on saturday. boston police say they've arrested 21-year-old devaughn dardy on several charges. it's not believed that anybody was hurt in the shooting. new at 11:00, a worcester dentist is charged with assaulting one of his patients.
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lincoln street office this morning. dr. nakhil patel is accused of touching her inappropriately several times during the appointment. she left the chair and headed straight for police. patel is charged with indecent assault and will be arraigned tomorrow. maria: this is new video from a high-speed police chase on the south coast. the suspect had a hatchet in his hand and even more weapons in his car. a witness helping police stop him. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live in new bedford. shaun: that wild chase ended right here behind me. it started with a man waving a hatchet and getting behind the wheel. danger on the road. >> there's like 50, 60 cop cars behind me. a rolling block of them. shaun: the chase on highways and through towns. choppers above, an onslaught of cops below. stop sticks didn't work. nothing would stop this suv with a driver waving a hatchet.
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>> this chevy blazer right behind me was coming right at me, swerving all over the road. >> i was worried about them getting into a firefight with this guy, with me in the middle and no place to go. i was like oh, no, not today, god. shaun: that 20-mile pursuit ended in downtown new bedford. police in front and this driver behind. caught in the middle, but determined to help. >> just stopped in the road and i seen the guy try backing up and i just held my brakes. i knew he wasn't going anywhere and he just slammed in m >> i guess, i guess. >> it was amazing it didn't end any worse. i thought the guy was going to be more violent. shaun: troopers caught 50-year-old randall harrison. a peaceful end despite a swerving car and a hatchet. >> you were waving it out the window? >> well, you guys were chasing me. >> you're lucky you're not dead right now. >> i know. thank you. shaun: that suspect lives just a few blocks from where it all ended. family friends tell me has a
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evaluated at a local hospital. live in new bedford, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: looking live over boston. a cloudy night around the area with some showers moving through. a.j. burnett is with us. i'm looking over your shoulder. by albany? is that coming this way? a.j.: western mass has some there may be a renegade shower but it should dry out midday and tuesday afternoon and evening as well. here's a shred of good news. the humidity levels starting to drop as drier air filters in. there are some little renegade
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the lakes of new hampshire and back into western massachusetts. activity through albany but they have weakened as they continue eastward. low pressure to the south will continue spinning south of new england. as they move out to sea, high pressure will build in which means nicer weather returning tomorrow. 65 and 70 right now. a little sticky tonight. we will let you know when the sun returns and when 90's will be in the forecast. maria? maria: thank you. right now, tight water restrictions are in place in concord after someone tampered with one of the town's water tanks. inspectors found the access hatch to one of the water storage tanks was compromised, so out of extreme caution, that system has been isolated. as a precaution, residents cannot water lawns or fill up
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take faster showers and wash only full loads of laundry. >> we don't think anything sinister happened. the lock was vandalized but no sign of any intrusion inside the chamber. we have put chemicals into the water. maria: the town manager says it'll take a day or two to test the water which means a five million gallon tank is out of play. ed: commitment 2016 tonight. hillary clinton takes a big jump in the presidential race. clinton leads donald trump 52% to 43% in the new cnn poll. trump is not backing down amid growing controversy. newscenter 5's ben simmoneau is here with his new comments tonight. ben: he didn't have a very good weekend and that continues to he says the election will be r igged against them after a continued feud with the parents of a soldier killed in afghanistan. >> i ask donald trump, have you no sense of decency, sir? ben: billionaire warren buffett, appearing with hillary clinton
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spent the weekend attacking the parents of army captain kahn, killed serving the country in iraq. >> donald trump consistently smears the character of muslims. mr. trump: if you look at his wife, she was standing there. she had nothing to say. she probably -- maybe she wasn't allowed to have anything to say. you tell me, but plenty of people have written that. ben: ghazala kahn says she couldn't speak on the final night of the democratic convention without breaking down. families have made a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to imagine. they represent the very best of our country. ben: but, it's not just democrats. john mccain, whose own war service was ridiculed by trump, said trump doesn't have a license to defame. mr. mccain: how improper it is to ever disparage the families and those who are serving in the military and those who have sacrificed. ben: trump didn't mention the controversy at either of his
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>> the disrespect for mr. khan. ben: this air force mother was booed when she asked trump's running mate mike pence, whose son is in the marines, about the issue. mr. pence: captain kahn is an american hero. and we cherish his family. we cherish all our gold star families. ben: governor pence says there's no one more dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces than donald trump. tonight, "the new york times" is reporting trump received five deferments from the draft during the vietnam war -- four for college, the fifth for bone spurs in his heel. maria: two suspects tied to 10 break-ins at atm's and stores around new england are under arrest. investigators say david barker and efrain montero began their spree last october by stealing $120,000 worth of computer equipment from a mansfield apple repair store.
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allegedly robbed several other stores and atm's, always casing the target location before returning to break in. the suspects are being held on half a million dollars bail each. new rules at boston summer camps go into effect tomorrow, one week after the drowning of a little boy. ed: only on 5 tonight, his family is planning to honor him and talking for the first time about the city's response. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in south boston. camp set to reopen tomorrow morning, kyzer's willis' family will gather here tomorrow night to remember a young life who touched so many. flowers and stuffed animals outside the l street bath house, remembering the happy seven-year-old boy with a quick smile. >> his smile was an infectious smile. he smiled and you could be
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jorge: joy turned to heartache for kyzr willis' loved ones. how's the family holding up? >> day by day. i mean, thank god for support because we have a strong family. jorge: kyzr drowned after slipping away unnoticed while attending a city run camp at carson beach. >> you wake up every day and you say tell me this is a nightmare. this just can't be happening. you hope the worst case doesn't happen and it did and that just ripped out your heart. jorge: police do not suspect foul play. kyzer's death forcing the city to enact stronger safety protocols at all city-run camps. >> unfortunately, it took something this catastrophic to make the city change policy and it's sad that it took that. jorge: a vigil tuesday night is scheduled outside the curley community center kyzer loved so much. >> we are asking people to come, come and show support for the family. they need to know they have that support out there. and we are going to release
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7:09 is when our lives changed and the family's lives changed forever. jorge: 7:09 p.m., of course, is the moment kyzer's body was pulled out of the water. almost 40 minutes after he was first reported missing. the vigil here is scheduled to start at 6:30. live in south boston, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: helping himself. a new hampshire and what makes this even creepier. restaurant diet busters. the menu items with the most calories and the worst of them all.
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ed: a home break-in and it's all caught on camera in new hampshire. police are on the hunt for this man who broke into an allenstown home in the middle of the night. home surveillance video shows a man in a mask peering through the window at around 2:00 a.m. last night. the front door was unlocked and the man walks right in. the homeowner is shocked. she says her two daughters were asleep on the couch just feet >> my skin honestly is still crawling. it's crawling. just thinking about the girls right there. thank god they didn't wake up. ed: the robber did take off, taking a purse with him. police are asking people in the area to keep their doors locked. maria: new information tonight about the pilot of the hot air balloon that crashed in texas, killing all 16 people on board. court records show 49-year-old alfred nichols was convicted of drunk driving at least four
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what it calls a loophole in faa requirements for balloon pilots. a board member says the pilots are not required to disclose dwi charges. it's not clear if alcohol was involved in saturday's crash. ed: we're getting a look at general electric's plans for its new boston headquarters. the company has submitted its plans to develop a 2.5-acre piece of land at fort point channel. early plans call for the rehab of two existing brick buildings and a new 12-story building. a restaurant and coffee bar are also proposed. ge wants to start rehabbing the old buildings later this year. a two-stage opening of the new headquarters is scheduled for 2018. maria: a cup of coffee to start the day seems like a good idea, but doctors say it all depends on your metabolism. 88% of americans are fast metabolizers and can enjoy their cup of coffee. but experts at the cleveland clinic say, for those who have slow metabolisms, drinking
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heartbeat. scientists have said it for years that eating red meat increases your risk of death. however a new local study shows , you can decrease your risk by eating plant protein. examples would be lentils and quinoa. researchers at mass general hospital and harvard say is all comes down to the type of protein. they say red meat is higher in sodium and nitrates which is linked to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. it is that time of year again. somebody else's handing out the extreme eating awards. ed: the list includes restaurant meals with some of the highest calorie counts. this is number one on the list -- the whole hog burger from uno pizzeria and grill. it has 2850 calories, three days worth of saturated fat and six days worth of sodium. the cheesecake factory offers up the fried chicken and waffles benedict. a breakfast that has 2580 calories. and if you are looking for an extreme dessert, the dessert
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maria: you are looking at all these foods? ed: i think my cholesterol climbed up. maria: we could split all of this. we cut down on the calories. a.j.: or just not eat any meat or drink any coffee. it all has to go by the wayside anyway. let have spinning in the caribbean. this is a tropical wave, not a storm or depression. it does not have a name yet. if it does get a name, it would be earl. this is the first tropical activity we have had since june. the last time we had a july without any activity -- it does not happen often.
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mexico, over the mountains. the will likely be some flooding problems. one model takes it up towards the gulf of mexico but that is an outlier. it does not seem to have any direct impact on new england. if we want to get our hopes up, sometimes it moves inland and gets caught on the upper level winds m could happen. 75 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature. 80 on wednesday, 83 on thursday. here comes the 90's again on friday. 70 degrees in town with an easterly wind now. the humidity is dropping. 51 degrees for the dew point and it will be more comfortable as we head through the overnight
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the warm spots are towards the south shore with a handsome afternoon sunshine today -- where they had some afternoon sunshine today. the showers working through eastern portions of new york and western massachusetts. i think it will hit the berkshires and fizzle. not a lot of rain for us at all tonight or tomorrow morning. lots of nice weather through the great lakes. days. the six to 10 day outlook for precipitation running below normal for the first seven to 10 days of august. plain states storms head this way with 90 on the way. as the low-pressure heads out, high-pressure fills in. that means a cloudy start tomorrow when you wake up.
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low temperature. maybe a shower first thing tomorrow, but otherwise partial sunshine. any of the showers in western massachusetts tend to fizzle and not bring much relief to the drought in the area. a cloudy start, a brighter finish tomorrow. sunshine wednesday and thursday. a great couple of days. low to mid 80's. showers and storms into the weekend. ed: getting the kids out of bed and up for school can be a challenge. maria: but, a phone call from this guy might make it a little easier. how the red sox slugger is stepping to the plate for local
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ed: boston students are getting some big help getting out of bed once school starts. maria: red sox star david ortiz has a message for them. >> wake up. it's david ortiz of the boston red sox. get out of bed and get ready for school. your future is yours. maria: i love it. boston schools superintendent tommy chang says the gis you get a call from him, you have to go to school. the calls are free. middle and high school students will be able to sign up for the calls starting next month. ed: he could obviously do it in spanish too . mike: that is a cool idea. ed: he should call us when we have our afternoon nap.
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announcer: here is mike lynch with sportscenter 5. mike: kevin faulk had a suse returning the favor, tom brady showed up wearing a kevin faulk number 33 jersey and brought high praise for his former teammate. when kevin faulk was introduced to the crowd, he was wearing number 12 under his blazer. tom brady came on, peeled his jacket off and there it is, number 33. it is the first time we have heard from tom brady for a long time. >> thank you guys for supporting
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we got the best fans in the world. [applause] thank you, guys. no, it's for kevin. you guys enjoy the rest of the night. kevin, we love you. you are an amazing person, amazing teammate. as a gre no doubt. we love you. mike: a very special moment in foxborough this evening. two guys who created some very special memories together. >> without him, those 400 receptions would not be possible. without his trust in me. i understood what he understood.
11:31 pm
gift to this football team, knowing what tom brady needs. when the situation came, the most precious situation game, i was successful because i knew what tom brady wanted. mike: after the ceremony, the pictures went out in front of a huge crowd inside gillette stadium for the annual event. all eyes on tom brady and jimmy garrott garapolo. the patriots near their first week of workouts. >> it is good for the team. coming out here, getting a feel for the field. they can look around for the play clock and things like that. mike: red sox in seattle. a lot of roster moves today. craig kimbrell has come off the 15-day dl. he's available tonight in seattle and to make room, joe
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and before the trading deadline passed this afternoon, the sox made one move. they acquired left-handed reliever fernando abad from the minnesota twins for prospect pat light. as for abad, he is 30 and has an yarder a under -- e.r.a. under three. yankees and mets. john mcenroe on the mound. this might be the first pitch i've ever seen from a non-major-league are. that had smoked on it. that's kevin pollar in houston. we will go to wrigley field. matt cesar, but beware the eyes of august if you are a baseball player. maria: well played.
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mcenroe, that was awesome. ed: you have for this evening what? a.j.: a few showers the nothing of consequence unfortunately.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- chris pine. the bachelorette jojo and fiance jordan. the finale of "the baby bachelorette." and music from kelsea ballerini. with cleto and the cletones. and now, o [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the


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