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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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emily: gd here are some of the stories we are following right now. a salem man due in court today accused of strangling his estranged wife. douglas steeves turned himself into police this morning. a worcester dentist is accused of inappropriately touching one of his female patients area dr. nikhil patel is charged with indecent assault after the incident yesterday. something we have not seen. flooding in western mass.
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some roads had to be shut down. this is video from worcester. heavy rain falling in some places. umbrella is out. we have not needed those in the recent past. the kind of nice to have it while it's here. cindy: beneficial rain. we could use a lot more than what we got. some places got more than others . has and have-nots this morning for sure. a little rn heaviest rain since early morning when it started. from worcester on westward where we did have flooding around the springfield area. the doppler radar estimates, close to three inches of rain in a just a few hours time. that led to the flooding concerns. worcester had almost an inch of rain come over an inch and orange. boston, 11 hundredths of an inch. a lot of this moisture dries up
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certainly a welcome sight. a couple raindrops around the city as far north as wilborn. the trend on this is that it will be exiting. steadiest rain between the vineyard and nantucket and this is going to be winding down in the next couple of hours area by 2:00 it is doing just that. this afternoon, clouds break for sunshine t we jump up into the 70's with brightening skies this afternoon. more on the forecast coming up. emily: a salem man is in custody accused of strangling his estranged wife. let's get to julie mcdonald live at the courthouse in salem. juli: just minutes ago we obtained a copy of this restraining order filed by carmela sanders against her husband, doe douglas steeves.
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he threatened her in the parking lot telling her he would take care of her. she tells police she does not go anywhere by herself as she always -- because he always is following her and rights he's in a motorcycle club and i fear for my life. >> it's like things like this don't happen in this neighborhood. juli: salem neighbors woke up to a chilling scene outside their windows. yellow tape around 11 chandler street as police began a murder investigation. was wrong. there was never any fights coming from the house. it's just surprising. juli: salem police say douglas steeves turned himself in overnight admitting he'd strangled his estranged wife. neighbors heard nothing. >> i feel sick to my stomach over it. i'm in shock. >> i've just seen the mom with her kids. they were always happy, smiling, friendly.
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neighbors say she was somewhat new to the neighborhood but they do know she had a family and she was loved. >> every child needs their mom. this is just awful. they are losing both parents. i feel so sad for the children. juli: in this restraining order saunders tells police she and steeves have been married for 27 years but that she did recent divorce. police believe he was homeless to stay with newscenter 5 for updates. the arraignment expected to begin any minute. emily: a worcester dentist arrested charged with indecent assault on a patient and it allegedly happened at this dental office. sera congi is live from worcester district court where the dentist faced a judge.
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report which alleges that dr. patel touched the breast of a female patient repeatedly. his attorney says medical privacy laws prevent them from releasing information that would clear him. a worcester dentist practicing in central massachusetts for over 25 years now facing a judge. dr. nikhil patel charged with indecent assault and battery after one of his patients accused him of inappropriately touching her. charges. juli: police say it happened at his worcester office. the police report states he four times touched the breast of a female patient with his hand and fingers while in the dental chair. >> he is saddened by the allegations this patient has made. the charges are serious. we take them very seriously. he's going to vigorously defend himself juli:.
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dr. patel was arrested after the patient left the office. the attorney says medical privacy laws prevent them from releasing information that could clear patel. >> a lot of things we want say about this case. sera: dr. patel is free on $1000 bail with orders to stay away from the patient. the prosecutor says she was a longtime patient of the dr.. emily: we are following breaking news. down today. he had been expected to stay on through next year pasta mayoral election. bratton has twice served as new york city plus police commissioner. he has been the li police chief and boston's police commissioner in the early 1990's. three massachusetts men are charged with selling 200,000 dollars worth of stolen gillette razor blades on ebay.
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stole the blades while he worked at the boston-based gillette facility. the men face up to 15 years in prison if convicted. new claims about free rides on the tst agency confronts more troubling finances. the mbta's unions as fare gates were left open and collection machines were too full of money to work. they claimed the t changed the routes of the workers who collect the cash leading to the problem but the mbta says that is not to blame. the the agency facing a $110 million deficit next to unexpectedly low sales tax revenue. the estimate dropped by 32 million. the t says layoffs are not offer table. campers are back at the curly community center for the first time since kyzr willis drowned. the seven-year-old wandered into the water at carson beach while the rest of the campers were inside the bathhouse.
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boston has implemented new safety rules at all of their summer programs and tonight, kaiser's family will remember him at a vigil outside the center. a twist in a case of a norwood boy scout troop's of equipment trailer that was initially reported stolen. last week a scoutmaster for troop 42 discovered this trailer was missing. police now say it turns out u-haul officials had apparently repossessed it. the scouts had at some point and gifted a missing u-haul trailer. they are now in talks with the moving company to negotia republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week. he keeps on proving it. emily: president obama not mincing words today. the president again calling donald trump unfit to be president. this as trump tries to move beyond the goldstar parents controversy. lana zak is on the campaign trail.
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rigged. lana: without providing any proof tall trunk indicting the tall process and hillary clinton. clinton is up seven points following the democratic convention. >> it has less to do with convention than this controversy around donald trump in the last 72 hours. also conflicted. he should worry less about -- all self-inflicted. lana: the focus of a new investigation. -- that last one for those bone spurs according to the times would have made it virtually impossible for him to get drafted. lana: question about trump's military deferment may difficult after a public fight with a family whose son died heroically fighting in iraq. after trump fired back at those parents trump's running mate put on the spotlight another mother
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force. >> a point in time when you're able to look at trump in the eye and tell him enough is enough. lana: clinton arguing the premise of trump's promise to make america great again ignores the people that already make america great. >> he's forgetting our troops on the front lines. lana: clinton introduced by warren buffett who demanded that trump be more transparent and release his tax returns. emily: organizers of south boston st. patrick's day parade are at odds with the city. the herald reporting a new complaint claims mayor walsh strong-armed them into inviting and lgbt group to march in the parade. the south boston veterans council claims the mayor threatened to withhold necessary permits. part of a lawsuit filed back in march accusing the mayor and boston police chief 11 of violating the group's constitutional right.
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. boston city council considering a proposal to ban plastic shopping bags. the council says it is taking environmental concerns into consideration. they've asked for a 90 day study of how the city can reduce the use of bags. that study may recommend new laws. other towns have recently passed similar laws. a travel warning now being issued for a miami neighborhood. the new cases of sica causing the first in country travel advisory the medical benefits you heard about flossing may be false. new research causing doubts. cindy: beneficial rain we have been dealing with this morning, moving out. when 90 degree heat returns and our next chance for storms. emily: a deadly crash in california. how the poll ended up piercing through the middle of a bus. >> the 10:00 news>> on me tv boston.
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this bus crashed on a california freeway. emergency workers climbed through windows to rescue 30 passengers inside. a patrol officer says the bus crashed into an exit sign pole that appears to have torn through the middle of the vehicle. the cause of the crash now under investigation. a longtime fbi electronics technician pleads guilty to funneling sensitive information to china. a naturalized u.s. citizen statements in connection with his security clearance in order to gain access to the information. his lawyer says june congrats what he did. and arizona couple facing neglect and endangerment charges after they allegedly abandoned their toddler to play pokemon go. police say the parent left their son at home in 90 degree heat without water while they were
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the zika outbreak in miami grows. a travel warning for pregnant women and elizabeth her reports from miami where there are now 14 locally transmitted cases of the virus. elizabeth: the winwood area of miami, now the focus of a u.s. fight against the zika virus. according to florida health officials, 14 cases of zika have been transmitted by local mo mile of the city. >> we believe there are individuals that are at risk in that one mile square radius. elizabeth: the cdc issuing its first ever travel warning for the u.s. recommending pregnant women avoid this populated area. the zika virus can cause severe birth defects. >> a neighborhood sweep. elizabeth: in all-out war against the spread of the virus.
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and betting nets. most infected show no symptoms. >> no fever, nothing. elizabeth: cruise's spraying control the mosquito population but it's unclear whether the pesticides are effective. >> unfortunately there is no quick test for that. breeding sites that have not been eliminated. standing water where mosquitoes continue to be turned out elizabeth:. health officials are telling residents to use bug spray and get rid of standing water >>. making sure none of my plans have water that's been sitting there. elizabeth: the cdc announce more funding, $16 million for states and territories for better identifying cases where babies are born with birth defects because the zika virus. emily: getting protein without the negative impacts of red meat
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decrease the risk of death that comes with eating red meat. they say red meat is higher in sodium and nitrates linked to cancer, diabetes and heart disease. plant proteins include things like lentils and quinoa. changes to mcdonald's menu. the burger giant says it will replace corn syrup in its hamburger buns with sugar this month are you the company says it has removed antibiotics from its chicken and artificial preservatives from its nuggets and several breakfast mcdonald's hoping the changes will bring increasingly health conscious consumers. a couple coffee to start the day may give you a positive boost but some doctors say it depends on your metabolism. 88% of americans are fast metabolizes and can enjoy their cup of coffee but experts the cleveland clinic say those with slow metabolisms tricking coffee can sometimes result in health complications including headaches and in irregular heartbeat. several new developments in your health.
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government is now backtracking on that recommendation. in the latest federal guideline the recommendation for daily flossing was removed and it has been in those guidelines since 1979. the government tells the associated press the effectiveness of flossing has never been researched as is required so dentists still urge flossing to prevent gum disease. following breaking weather news at this point. tropical storm earl. deaths in the dominican republic. cindy: a very strong tropical wave using strong wind and heavy rain. they did finally find circulation. wind of 45 mile per hour but you can see it is moving west right now so it has cleared away from the dominican moving away from jamaica but it is headed toward mexico. you can see the red area
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warning up for those countries. they are expecting tropical storm conditions with the wind and rain and this will continue to travel westward. the landfall sometime tomorrow evening as a tropical storm with wind quite strong at 60 miles per hour. from there able we can overland and had further west into mexico. this does not look like a concern for us. our fifth tropical system of the year.we watching the radar and seeking light rain from maynard of the wilburn. down to the south shore as well. watching from brockton or plymouth, couple of raindrops around. heavier rain is shifting east of the vineyard and toward nantucket. over the next couple of hours you will probably hang on to a few raindrops. everything is kind of collapsing
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the next couple of hours. flooding around the springfield area and notice how the amounts drop off as you get into boston. one 100th of an inch of rain. we could use a lot more. a lot of cloud cover. 71 degrees and windsor,. -- and wind is calm. it's at 70 around marshfield and on the cape as well cooler after worcester county with the heavier rain. notice how we see the temperatures, brown lawrence -- around lawrence. the temperatures will come up into the upper 70's this afternoon as those skies continue to brighten. on the cape if you're thinking of heading out, it's going to be a couple more hours. probably until two or three -- 2:00 or 3:00. you can see how on futurecast we
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southwest the skies begin to brighten and eventually this evening will clear things up completely. energy associated with our storm system exiting. high pressure to the north providing a lot of clearing skies across northern new england and that will be working down in our area. overnight we clear out and the temperatures drop. you can probably open up the windows tonight. suburbs down in the 50's. high pressure is going to be settling in for a couple of days giving us a nice day a 70's along the coastline but we are back up into the 80's further inland and we will keep that going on thursday as well. although the temperatures are coming up the humidity is not bad the next couple of days especially tomorrow. in tomorrow -- into thursday it is ok. humidity spikes on friday. the heat is coming up as well. a frontal boundary approaching friday night into saturday and that could bring her next chance of showers and thunderstorms in.
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far this year and i think we make a good run at that come friday. some beneficial rain but the heat coming back at us by the end of the week. emily: thank you. tom brady pulling off a big surprise. the former teammate he came out to honor at the patriots hall of
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emily: gisele is in rio getting ready for the olympics. tom brady was surprise guest at the patriots hall of fame induction. of brady showing support for kevin faulk. faulk credited hi running back with being on the same page as brady. a special birthday celebration in new hampshire. firefighters and merrimack helping mrs. osborne welcome in 100 years. she told firefighters she was turning 100. they promised they would return with a cake and they did. she looks fabulous absolutely great.
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these will be exiting in the next couple of hours and we are trying things out. turns brighter this afternoon. the 80's the next couple of days and the 90's are back on friday. next chance of showers and storms this afternoon coming in friday night and saturday. emily: you can keep up with breaking news at and the mobile ? i feel too young to be this old.
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times i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
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