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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 2, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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control himself, and whether or not there were pre-existing conditions whether or not there was provocation,. reporter: provocation, that his attorney says could have been a phone call he received last night from his estranged wife's new boyfriend. that resulted in an argument and her strangulation. he is being held without bail. none of the family members had anything to say as they left court. heather: neither a worcester dentist leaving court with nothing to say to the camera crew. ed: he's accused of sexually assaulting a patient in his care. reporter: that dentist is free on bail this afternoon. his office behind me is closed for the day. you can see the doctor in court earlier today during his arraignment on one count of assault and battery. he's accused of touching the
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four times yesterday, while she was in the dental chair,. other patients say there are cameras and the exam room, but the defense attorney is not commenting on that, saying he is bound by hippa loss, but he is making it clear that the doctor is denying the allegations. >> he is saddened by these allegations that the patient has made, and of course, the charges are serious, we take them ri after posting $1000 bail.he is ordered not to have any contact with the victim. so far, no public comments from dr. patel. president obama: i think the republican nominee is unfit to serve as president. i said so last week, and he
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heather: pretty clear president , obama not mincing words today. the president again calling donald trump unfit to be president. ed: he says trump's criticism of a gold star family is the latest evidence that he is unfit to lead america. here's newscenter 5's maria stephanos. reporter: he did, ed and heather. the president, actually challenged republican leaders to withdraw all support of trump. president obama: if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms, that what he has said is are you still endorsing him? heather: as for trump, he told a crowd of supporters in virginia how he sees democrat nominee hillary clinton. donald trump: she's not tough. you saw her speech she other night. they talk about presidential. do you think she looks presidential? heather: he also said he was honored by a virginia veteran today who gave him a purple heart. trump joked that i always wanted
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easier. trump never served in uniform. he got five deferments during the vietnam war. >> i love babies. i hear it crying. the mom is running around, like a bother. i was getting. you can get the baby out of here. that's all right. don't worry. love having a baby crying when i'm speaking. i'm speaking. ed: let's be clear, in the past trump has been processed. is it this is a joke. the father of five jokingly shows a baby the door. the crowd seemed to enjoy his candor. that was a joke from donald trump. heather: new at 4:30. the ceo of the democratic national committee resigning in the wake of that hacked email scandal. amy dacey is the highest ranking officer at the dnc to step down. ed: it was last week on day one of the party's convention that chairwoman debbie wasserman schultz resigned. that was after leaked emails appeared to show the committee
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primary. heather: let's turn our attention to something entirely different. tracking a new tropical system. tropical storm earl over hovering over the caribbean right now. storm team 5 meteorologist a.j. burnett has the timeline. aj: there is a girl packing winds of 50 miles per hour. it was named earlier this morning and is forecast to intensify as it moves over the yucatan peninsula. it is moving at a pretty good clip, westerly at 16 miles per hour. the idea would be to get some of that moisture to come up through mexico and perhaps into the u.s. mainland, and come back and hit the northeast with some rain. that would be ideal for us. however, the track continues on the models, these are a bunch of different models that show the system moving across the yucatan
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right into the mountains that would rip it apart. this is being intensified to a strong tropical storm. it does intensify over 20 yucatan, and into the heart of mexico. we will focus on that, plus our own forecast. we have had rainfall out there. we will talk about brighter conditions ahead in the forecast in a few minutes. ed: right now, campers are back south boston's curley community center for the first time since th into the water at carson beach last week while the rest of the campers were inside a nearby bath house. since the tragedy, the city of boston is implementing new safety rules at all its summer programs. tonight at 6:30, kyzr's family will remember him at vigil outside the center. heather: another one of massachusetts most wanted sex offenders in custody right now. 32-year-old caled donatiu was captured in attleboro. he is the 5th of six level-three offenders arrested since state police asked for the public's help in finding the men last
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right now, the man once dubbed the unh rapist is back in state prison. gary fecteau was on work release, but according to prison officials violated inmate rules. he was sent back to prison in concord last month. fecteau was convicted of stalking and sexually assaulting three unh students in the late 1980's. ed: hundreds of animals found in poor health at this westport farm. they have now been removed. the process is expected to take days. it was a couple weeks ago that the animals were discovered many of them dead. the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals is helping in the rescue mission. the group calls this case the largest animal abuse case the northeast has ever seen. heather: five people are dead, five others injured, after this bus crashed into a pole on a california freeway. emergency workers climbed in through the windows of this charter bus to rescue the 30 passengers inside. a patrol officer says the bus crashed into an exit sign pole that tore through the middle of
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that's how fast police in durham, new hampshire say a man was going in his maserati when he was pulled over. 21-year-old siyuan cheng was arrested on route 4 yesterday. he was going 80 miles above the speed limit on this stretch of road. he'll be in court next month. police in east bridgewater need your help solving a hit and run. a teen on a bicycle was hit by a car on washington street around 7:30 last night. the car that hit the 17-year-old boy es police believe the driver might have been headed toward whitman. the teen suffered minor injuries. heather: ayer police are asking for the public's help after the tricycle of a boy with special needs is stolen. this is 14-year-old brandon with the tricycle. his parents tell police it was stolen from their yard. if you have seen it call ayer police. new at 4:30, an auburn man charged in a meat heist, the stolen food worth more than $200.
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were called to the wegman's in northborough. they say anthony clarke filled two bags with steaks, lobster and king crab, then tried to leave. at the time of his arrest, he had an outstanding warrant. heather: ed: high bail for thesen accused in 10 break-ins at atms and stores around new england. investigators say david barker and efrain montero began their spree last october stealing $120,000 worth of computer equipment from a mansfield apple repair store. barker and montero then allegedly burglarized several other stores and atms. million dollars bail each. ed: transit police arrest a man accused of attacking an officer. it happened yesterday at harvard square station. police say travis artist tried to get on the t without paying twice. he's accused of punching the transit officer who confronted him. that officer was also stuck in the arm with an uncapped needle. heather: a man in court today accused of breaking into a home in goffstown. justin provencher told police the reason he broke into the home was to get money to buy heroin.
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pine grove avenue yesterday afternoon. they say provencher used a hammer to smash a window and make his way inside the house. the homeowner's security cameras helped identify him. ed: new at 4:30. the city of somerville says it will not ask the department of environmental protection to reconsider granting wynn resorts a necessary permit. today was the deadline to file an appeal with the dep over a crucial environmental permit. however, the city can still fight the decision in superior court. wynn says when it gets the permit it will start construction immediately. heather: a new complaint from the organizers of south boston's st. patrick's day parade. ed: organizers claims mayor walsh strong-armed them into inviting an lgbt group to march in the parade. that's according to the herald. the south boston veterans council claims the mayor threatened to withhold necessary permits. it's just part of a lawsuit filed back in march, accusing the mayor and boston police commissioner bill evans of violating the group's constitutional right. the mayor is denying the allegations.
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commissioner bill bratton announcing today he is stepping down. he had been expected to stay on through next year's mayoral election. his last day will be next month to take a job in the private sector. bratton has twice served as new york city's police commissioner. he's also been the l.a. police chief, and boston's police commissioner in the early 90's. ed: a new group will be keeping tabs on plymouth's embattled nuclear power plant as it prepares to permanently shut down. a panel of state energy experts, legislators, local officials and residents will ensure that public safety and financial concerns are addressed. the pilgrim nuclear power station is set to close in three years. the group is part of a state energy bill that was approved sunday night. the bill now awaits governor charlie baker's signature. heather: new at 4:30. the family of star trek actor anton yelchin is suing fiat chrysler weeks after his death. in the wrongful death lawsuit, the parents of the 27-year-old contend that the gear selector in his jeep grand cherokee was defective and poorly designed and manufactured. back in june, the actor's suv
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fence. ed: time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. heather: a potential game changer in treating patients with alzheimer's. the hope it's giving for the first time in an exclusive report. ed: on newscenter 5 at 6:00, a framingham family upset with the mspca. when the lost cat turned up at a shelter, they say rescuers didn't do enough to find them. now they can never get their cat back. aj: getting set to exit cape cod. still raining lightly down there. this paves the way for sunshine
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announcer: you're watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: you can see the trafficed: flowing. ty normal for this time. heather: take a look at this. flooding in western mass. this video in from springfield where they got a lot of rain in a short amount of time.
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i'm sure that did not put a big enough dent in the drought. it was a sight to see rain falling today. aj: everybody needs rain. the problem is that the hardest hit areas did not get rain. north central and northeastern massachusetts. we are thankful for any little bit of help. heather: garden today. aj: i have not been doing a lot of watering because of the restrictions. heather: mine look like hey -- hay. aj: the last of the rain exiting cape cod. first, let's talk about the rainfall totals. we have an inch and a half of rain towards westfield. the areas that have been hardest
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4/10. that is it. nashua, six 100s of an inch. not getting a lot of rainfall from the current situation.a lot of you are seeing sunshine in pockets. we would love to share pictures throughout this evening. the last of the light rain showers, heading out over the cape right now and eventually out to see -- sea. north and west, we have an area of high pressure. that means nicer weather. the clouds are starting to clear out. a small cold front should not cause any problems. proof that we are starting to brighton. 72 degrees in austin. cloudy skies, but breaks in the overcast. humidity is still up there. it has been kind of fluctuating
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been. 69 right now in worcester. 70 in plymouth. 70 in hyannis. those flashes of sunshine starting to warm things up just a bit before we lose daytime heating, once the sun sets. 80's right now, pittsburgh, cincinnati at 88. yesterday, we talked about how the heat was developing and heading this way. 90 in washington dc. 98 in little rock, arkansas. we will get into it later this week. and the planes states once again, 90's starting to search gradually northward. low-pressure starting to get out of here. skies clearing out. those of you that had the rain shower activity today and heavier rain to the connecticut river valley, west of worcester, more than likely you will see patchy fog developing overnight tonight. could be a hazard for some of
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will be an impact on travel. as you wake up tomorrow morning, high-pressure starting to build in. that means any fog will quickly burn off, and we get into sunshine. low temperatures tonight, either side of 60 degrees, as it turns much more comfortable. tomorrow, we boost things up except for the coastline, it will be a little cooler. here is your seven-day forecast. a little bit of morning fog. the sea breeze setting in as well. march toward 90 degrees. cooler along the south coast. when they will be out of the southwest on friday. we are watching saturday for potential stunt -- thunderstorm activity. heather: thank you. massachusetts congressman stephen lynch today, calling on congress to reconvene to deal with the zika virus. ed: the congressman says congress can't wait five more weeks until they return in september to address this public health crisis. the cdc is expanding its funding and outreach as concerns over
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million to 40 states and territories to set up and maintain a system to monitor and detect cases of birth defects caused by the virus. >> windows babies are born, they are connected. they are connected to the services and information they need, and it is reporting on that. we can learn more about the death, and we want to learn as much as we can aqu support the families. ed: work continues to eradicate zika-carrying mosquitoes from a south florida neighborhood. however, the director of the cdc says that effort is proving to be challenging because the mosquito might be resistant to the insecticide being used. 14 people in miami have contracted zika from this species of mosquito. it was yesterday that the agency issued a rare travel warning advising pregnant women to avoid miami's wynwood arts district. heather: changes to mcdonald's menu. the burger giant says it will replace corn syrup in its
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the company says it has already removed antibiotics from its chicken, and artificial preservatives from its nuggets and several breakfast items. mcdonald's hopes the changes will bring in increasingly health-conscious consumers. ed: starbucks recalling nearly three million of these metal straws. the coffee chain says they pose a danger to children, poking them in the mouth. there are at least three reports of mouth lacerations in young children. they were sold between june 2012 and june of this year. heather: a plastic bag ban on ed: the proposal the city is looking into right now. new money trouble for the mbta. the alarming deficit as the t allows free rides. but first let's check wall street. it is the doubt, down again for
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oprah's book club has announced the latest in the collection. it is a sixth number -- novel in the story of a teenage slave going for freedom in 1860's georgia. oprah says the book kept me up at night, had my heart in my throat, almost afraid to turn the next page.
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finances. heather: the mbta's union says fare gates were left open and collection machines were too full of money to work. they claim the t changed the routes of the workers who collect the cash leading to the problem. but the mbta says that's not to blame. all of this comes as the t suffers another financial blow. the agency is now facing a $110 million deficit thanks to unexpectedly low sales tax revenue. that estimate dropped by about $32 million. the t says layoffs are not off the table. ed: considering a proposal to ban plastic shopping bags. the council says its taking environmental concerns into consideration. councilors have asked for a 90-day study of how the city can reduce the use of bags. the study group may recommend new laws. other towns including brookline and cambridge have recently passed similar laws. heather: shares of smith and wesson hitting an all-time high after the fbi reported a record number of background checks. the agency says july was its busiest month on record, with more than 2.2 million background
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the fbi says the soar in background checks does not necessarily mean a spike in gun sales. apple is replacing a controversial gun emoji with a water gun. the water gun will be available on the new ios 10 update. it follows a months-long campaign by the group new yorkers against gun violence to get apple to scrap the pistol. ed: it's not something you see everyday. heather: a bear winds up on top of a moving garbage truck. how the driver managed to lose the animal without getting out of the truck.
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heather: the driver wanted to get him off, he backs up to tree and then climbs right off. ben: take a look at this. three fishermen in florida have a great catch to brag about after reeling in a 13 foot long hammerhead shark. they say they used the stingray as statbait. but here's the thing, they took pictures, caught it, and let it
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heather: the smartest thing, to wrangle a shargh. -- a shark. ben: breaking news at 5:00 right now. >> now, on visitor 5 -- ben: two men accused of threatening to kill police. the disturbing discoveries made during a traffic stop. heather: the president's plea to the gop, and donald trump's response. harvey: couple days. ben: too close. the rare whale responsible for a big scare. heather: potential are timers breakthrough -- alzheimer's breakthrough. exclusive news on a drug showing real results. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. ben: breaking news at 5:00, two men facing charges, accused of posing a threat to police. i'm ben simmoneau. heather: i'm heather unruh. the men appeared in a salem
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and newscenter 5's john atwater is live there with the breaking details, john? john police say one of these men : was talking about recent police shootings. police thought that was meant to intimidate them, and they did find weapons and ammunition inside that car. in court today, one of the men broke down in front of the judge as the charges were read he's on the left there. his name is kevin mendoza, the police found a rifle with a loaded 30-round magazine and a loaded handgun in the car. police say the driver was aggressive and tried to reach under the seat where that handgun was sitting, multiple times. they were pulled over after going the wrong way down a one way street. and police suspect they may have been dealing drugs. police say they were also monitoring police scanner traffic using an app on their phone. tonight, they are facing drug


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