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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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and newscenter 5's john atwater is live there with the breaking details, john? john police say one of these men : was talking about recent police shootings. police thought that was meant to intimidate them, and they did find weapons and ammunition inside that car. in court today, one of the men broke down in front of the judge as the charges were read he's on the left there. his name is kevin mendoza, the police found a rifle with a loaded 30-round magazine and a loaded handgun in the car. police say the driver was aggressive and tried to reach under the seat where that handgun was sitting, multiple times. they were pulled over after going the wrong way down a one way street. and police suspect they may have been dealing drugs. police say they were also monitoring police scanner traffic using an app on their phone. tonight, they are facing drug
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court today about a murder in salem. heather: the suspect is accused of killing his estranged wife overnight. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in salem, reid? reid: after allegedly strangling his estranged wife in her salem apartment, prosecutors say douglas steeves, jr. covered her with a bed sheet, and walked into the salem police help him, mr. steeves responded i just killed my wife the officer said what, mr. steeves repeated that he had just killed his wife. reid: prosecutors painted a picture of a long and contentious marriage between steeves and the victim, carmela saunders, she filed a restraining order against her husband of 27 years in may, claiming steeves told her i will take care of you. i don't care what happens to me, but i will get you. despite the restraining order, the second one she filed over the course of their marriage,
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went to her home yesterday because he was homeless. >> whether or not he could control himself and whether or not there were pre existing conditions or whether or not there was provocation. reid: steeves told his court appointed attorney that a phone call from his estranged wife's new boyfriend, triggered a violent argument, resulting in her strangulation, and his attorney suggesting his client has been dealing with mental issues, his family said very little outside court. >> my cousins not here no more. reid: he is being held without bail. reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. >> when the republican nominee elected to serve as president -- ben: commitment 2016 -- unfit to serve as president. president obama unloading on donald trump today, serving up a
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tonight. newscenter 5's janet wu has more. janet president obama has been : saying it for awhile, donald trump is unfit, but today he added this challenge to republican leaders, if you are -- leaders. >> if you are repeatedly having to say, in very strong terms, this is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? janet donald trump, campaigning : in virginia at the same time, was accepting the purple heart of one of his supporters, joking he always wanted a purple heart, he later released a statement responding to the president, saying, obama-clinton have single-handedly destabilized the middle east, handed iraq, libya and syria to isis and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at benghazi. >> my advice to our nominee is to start talking about the issues the american people care about and to start doing it now. in addition to that, it's time to stop attacking the various people you've competed with or
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country. janet massachusetts congressman : stephen lynch today called trump woefully unprepared to be president. >> i have to believe you have a lot of constituents who disagree with you on that >> yeah, oh, yeah. it's a real mix. >> and what do you say to them when they're still thinking about going to vote for donald trump? president.>> think about our co, think about our future, for -- future. >> for those people in difficult electith regular basis. how they dance, i don't know. janet but neither capuano nor : lynch doubt that trump could win this election. republicans in tight swing-state races will be at the front lines facing today's challenge from the president. heather: a rainy day for most of us today, but those showers much-needed. stormteam 5's aj burnett joins us the sun ready to return now?
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out through the berkshires and the connecticut valley, an inch and a half out in westfield, just shy of an inch in worcester and that this writing here is one of the hardest hit areas. the water just to the wall and stopped falling. where we really needed it we didn't get much. here is a look at the past 18 that it all of that operates into the last of the showers. you are starting to see a few slashes of sunshine down into falmouth all round route 28 which is dealing with a couple scattered showers and as high pressure starts to build a, others are starting to get poked out.
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instability in the atmosphere. it is in a direction towards brighter skies for tomorrow. 70's outside right now; we will take you through time, and as used about this evening, we drop back to near 70 degrees. dew points start to come down so the air feels more comfortable later tonight. many of you are. doneto heather: growing concerns of the zika virus in the united states. health officials believe more than a dozen people in miami have contracted the virus from local mosquitoes. aixa diaz tells us tonight the federal government is getting involved. aixa: health officials say 14 people contracted the virus in a neighborhood north of downtown miami.
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number of infections and a particular mosquito that spreads the zika virus. aixa: and they have advised people to avoid the area. officials admit the insecticide currently being used isn't getting the job done. >> it is important that we invest in better tools, better ways to stop the mosquitoes, because we are tough mosquitoes to stop. are urging congress to approve funding, even though lawmakers are on a seven-week break one is asking the senate majority leader to pass emergency legislation without reconvening the senate. marco rubio says he is willing to return to capitol hill to make it happen. >> for many of the folks in washington, it is something that was theoretical. now it is reality. it is happening in the mainland.
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aixa: the cdc says expected mothers should detested. ben: new york city police commissioner bill bratton is retiring but he's doing so reluctantly. >> i had more time to stay around to work on the issues. i don't have that type of time. ben: bratton leaves having led the new york city police twice the dorchester native also served as boston police commissioner for two years and commissioner of the los angeles police force during the last decade. as new york's top cop, bratton is credited with keeping crime down and keeping tensions between the police and the city's minority communities under control. heather co. oh worcester dentist arrested charged with indecent , assault on a patient. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich joins us live from worcester where the dentist just faced a judge, todd?
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one count of indecent assault and battery, after allegedly fondling a patient monday morning. others say there are surveillance cameras in the exam room and that could show what really happened. the police report states, he four times touched the breast of a female patient of his with hand and fingers. todd: defense attorney hector pineiro says patient privacy laws preclude him from saying much publicly in defense of the dentist who has been practicing in central massachusetts for more than 25 years. >> you can watch this guy and know this is a gentleman. todd: this man is a patient, and works as a handyman both at dr. patel's office, and at the doctor's home in shrewsbury.
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i was there last week and there was a camera right in front of me, you know, focused on me. todd: dr. patel's attorney says he's not able to comment on any potential video of the incident or other evidence in the case. >> we are at a tremendous disadvantage in this case because there's a patient-doctor relationship, very strong policies of confidentiality that apply both on the federal domain, which is hipaa, and the state equivalent of hipaa. todd: the state says dr. patel's dental license is valid until 2018. there do not appear to be any prior issues of improper conduct. reporting live in worcester, tk, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: still to come tonight, a deadly end to a police standoff with a woman in
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heather: investigators lay out what happened. tragedy on a highway in central california. the investigation into the violent crash involving a charter bus. what may have played a role. ben: more than they hoped for. the up close and personal greeting a rare whale gave to some tourists. and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at the zakim bridge. not too bad, a little slow heading north. traffic is moving around the boston region, 38 , a long drive from mass ave to rep 3. the pike is a little slow, 13 minutes to newton corner. slow on 128 south, the pike moving pretty good, 20 minutes, 495 is slow, southbound approaching the pike from the
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>> at wednesday morning on newscenter 5 eyeopener, growing.
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ben: five people are dead an crash on the freeway. emergency workers climbed into the window of the charter bus to rescue the passengers inside. a patrol officers says they crashed into a pole and tori through the middle of the vehicle. heather: a shootout in suburban baltimore leaves a woman dead and a 5-year-old boy wounded. it started monday afternoon. local police say they tried to arrest korryn gaines on several outstanding warrants, but she held them off with a rifle. after several hours of negotiation, police thought they were making progress until
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-- at them. >> at that point, an officer discharged his round. she in turn fired several rounds and our personnel returned three, striking her and killing her. heather: a 5-year-old boy was wounded in the leg during the shootout. his relationship to gaines is unclear. lawyers for dylann roof, the white man who allegedly murdered nine black worshippers inside a south carolina church, want the death penay possible punishment. roof's federal trial is scheduled for november. his lawyers say the process of selecting juries for death penalty trials is biased in favor of pro-capital punishment jurors. they want roof to plead guilty and accept life in prison in exchange for removing the death penalty as an option. ben: the man once dubbed the unh rapist is back in state prison tonight. prison officials say gary fecteau violated the rules while out on work release. he was sent back to prison in concord last month.
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three female unh students in the late 1980's. one of the two men convicted of killing a cheshire, connecticut woman and her daughters inside their home back in 2007 has dropped his conviction appeal. stephen hayes told the superior court today he is guilty and would end his pursuit of a new trial. hayes and his accomplice joshua komisarjevsky were both convicted in the murders of jennifer hawke-petit and her two daughters. conviction is still pending. heather: stunning video out of louisiana, as some severe weather moved through baton rouge. this was monday afternoon captured on a tower camera. , the area continuing to get storms throughout the week. look at the incredible beauty. aj: it's five to eight times hotter than the service of the
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are the things that catch these things, it is people, trying to get a glimpse of these things. 21 people so far nationally have been killed, the annual averages 31. heather: this serves as a important reminder as to how mother nature can be dangerous. aj: head indoors. we have some thunder and lightning from some of the heavier showers earlier this morning, and look how the area blossoms just to the west of force or -- one west of worcester. now skies are starting to brighten nicely with high pressure building in. it is heading on out to see. in terms of how comfortable it
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and if you are sensitive to the humidity you are probably saying it still feels sticky. otherwise i think tomorrow is a pleasant day, however the trend by thursday into friday and saturday is foreign it to turn a lot more uncomfortable once again. it is august after all, but look at this. the sun is coming out, mostly cloudy of breaks out there humidity on the tolerable side, coming down through the overnight, with those winds tending to calm down through the evening. 70 in plymouth, 70 and hyannis, 81 in lawrence, a nice boost in
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. knoxville at 88 and l little rock will jump into the hot air. some of this will start to lift northward over the next 24 to 48 hours. high-pressure overhead tomorrow which means we will be dealing with some really nice sea of sunshine. as the hype builds offshore, we start talking about a little bit of monkey air coming in with more southwesterly wind. with time, as the monkey air continues to climb in, so will the heat and by friday will be a
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cool night, and we do expect to find patchy, dense fog in some areas, especially those of you who didn't get a chance to dry out earlier. 80-85 england, cooler at the coast line and as a check for seven day forecast, ordered fog, making for a fantastical day. 83 or so cooler on the south coast. i'm eyeballing the potential of thunderstorms both in the morning and again in the afternoon on saturday. heather: and here's a special birthday celebration in new hampshire. firefighters in merrimack helped mrs. osborn welcome in 100 years. that's her riding around in a fire truck yesterday. she had told firefighters
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turning 100 on august 1, and they promised they'd return with a cake. and they did. ben: next in your health, the medical benefits you've heard about flossing may be false. heather: only on 5, treatment that appears to reverse some of the effects of alzehimer's. the hope and possibilities from a new drug. ben: caught oner -- a dramatic rescue. a woman jumps into satan injured bird. ?
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heather: your health tonight -- fish oil could be the key to recovery for heart attack patients. a new study done right here in boston found that heart attack survivors who took high doses of fish oil supplements for six months showed improved heart
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researchers at brigham and women's hospital say omega 3 fatty acids help the healing process. ben: for many americans, using technology isn't just the wave of the future it's a way to improve our health. but are these advances leaving our seniors behind? dr. tim johnson takes a look at new research. reporter: from electronic medical records and online patient portals to prescription refills and contacting your doctor; now more than ever, our computers and other devices are the first stop for ourea that older americans may not be taking advantage of these new technologies, leading to fears that they might be left out. researchers at brigham and women's hospital found that even though most seniors use cell phones and computers, only one in four surveyed in 2014 say they use digital health technology, and some seniors use these new technologies even less, especially those who are older, divorced, and in poor
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as technology makes many of our lives more convenient it could present a barrier to older americans, a group that generally lies on more medical services. as we forge ahead in our digital health revolution, let's not forget that the ones who need this technology the most may be using it the least. heather: dentists have long touted the health benefits of flossing but the government is , now backtracking on the reen the recommendation for daily flossing was removed. it's been in the guidelines since 1979. the government tells the associated press that the effectiveness of flossing has never been researched, as is required. dentists do still urge flossing to prevent gum disease. ben: you floss daily? heather: not every day. but you know, i have a canister of those little picks. they are so much easier.
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5:30, new information in the atm robbery spree across new england. what has been revealed about the suspect's potential first target. heather: not something you'd want to see when you look out at your garden. the giant sinkhole that greeted one couple and what may have caused it.
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ben: breaking news at 5:30, two men facing charges accused of posing a threat to police in salem. authorities say kelvin mendoza and emanuel rodriguez shonyo were pulled over and arrested last night. they were just arraigned on several charges including possession of large capacity firearms. the da's office says the men had a police scanner in the car along with those firearms. mendoza is reportedly an active member of the military. heather: also right now, a salem man is being held without bail, charged with murdering his estranged wife. police say 50-ye-o his wife inside her home yesterday. ben: donald trump is refusing to -- he tells "the washington post" is not there yet. it took a month before he finally endorsed him. the primary is next week. heather: 73 right now.
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moved out, down over the cave in the islands, we are seeing sunshine rusting through the clouds as you can see the heavy rains getting through. look at this, it really blossomed over worcester kathy and now with just a couple of lingering showers over the outer cape. anyone in lawrence, a wind off the water at 74, 60's to near 70 down over the cape. upper 60's to near 70 this evening and later on watch for some patchy fog to develop and it turns much more comfortable for tomorrow followed by uncomfortable weather in just a few minutes. ben: new at 5:30, we are learning more tonight about the arrest of two men suspected in a series of atm thefts across new england. heather: heather hamel from our sister station wmur tells us investigators believe they were arrested just hours after a trip


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