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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  August 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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moved out, down over the cave in the islands, we are seeing sunshine rusting through the clouds as you can see the heavy rains getting through. look at this, it really blossomed over worcester kathy and now with just a couple of lingering showers over the outer cape. anyone in lawrence, a wind off the water at 74, 60's to near 70 down over the cape. upper 60's to near 70 this evening and later on watch for some patchy fog to develop and it turns much more comfortable for tomorrow followed by uncomfortable weather in just a few minutes. ben: new at 5:30, we are learning more tonight about the arrest of two men suspected in a series of atm thefts across new england. heather: heather hamel from our sister station wmur tells us investigators believe they were arrested just hours after a trip
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reporter: two lawrence man who police say set their sights on new hampshire have been charged in connection with multiple atm thefts, using power tools and software hack in. >> they were very brazen.they didn't care if other places were open. reporter: the chief says sunday they got information they were headed his way. >> we took all our people and started to get ready. reidreporter: this video shows two men walking back and forth. they look in the front door and driver of the building several times. >> we are pretty confident there one in the same, the ones in custody and the one set casing the saving bank. reporter: from that point they kept an eye on their own atms and had meetings with police,
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night, there was an intense meet at this atm. police are still investigating. they were arrested monday morning by massachusetts state police. this comes after a 10 month long investigation spanning four states, night, there and the chs thankful they were arrested without anyone getting hurt. >> there was always a possibility that they had a weapon, so that was also in the back of our minds. we didn't know what they were going to do once they were confronted. ben: likely. heather: hundreds of animals found in poor health at this westport farm are being removed. the process is expected to take days. it was a couple weeks ago that the animals were discovered many of them dead. the american society for the prevention of cruelty to animals is helping in the rescue mission. the group calls this case the largest animal abuse case the northeast has ever seen. no charges at this point. ben: new claims about free rides on the t as the agency confronts more troubling finances. the mbta's union says fare gates were left open and collection
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to work. they claim the t changed the routes of the workers who collect the cash leading to the problem. but the mbta says that's not to blame. all of this comes as the t suffers another financial blow. the agency is now facing a $110 million deficit thanks to unexpectedly low sales tax revenue. that estimate dropped by about $32 million. the t says layoffs are not off the table. and taking a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at the zakim bridge. slowing down having in and out of the o'neill tunnel. not looking too great after 5:30, and here's 93 southbound a long ride. upper deck to 128, 28 minutes, the pike slowing down toward newton corner. 128, still slow from north of the pike down to route 9 in
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slo heading southw, northbound not too bad. seven minutes to 290. heather: president obama hosting a special guest at the white house today. ben: still to come tonight his meeting with the prime minister of singapore. heather: the next step pope francis has taken towards ordaining women as deacons. ben: a possible breakthrough in treating patients with alzheimer's. the hope it's giving for the first time in an exclusive
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heather: take a look at this. a five-story building in kenya collapsing unexpectedly. a resident happened to be taking a video of the building on his phone when it suddenly
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luckily, the building had been evacuated because of cracks in one of the walls. no one was hurt. ben: president obama and the leader of singapore joining forces to defend the controversial transpacific partnership deal. the president hosted singapore's prime minister at the white house today. both leaders said tpp is vital to keeping trade open and strong around the pacific rim. mr. obama says singapore is one of america's best friends in the region, this is the 50th -- in the region. >> we stand for original order where every nation plays and trades by the same rules, and we stand together to meet the threats of the 21st century from terrorism to the spread of disease to climate change. ben: this is the 50th anniversary of the start of formal relations between the u.s. and singapore. heather: pope francis wants the catholic church to consider allowing women to become deacons. the pontiff has set up a vatican panel, six men, six women, to study the issue.
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they can preach and preside at weddings but cannot celebrate mass. there is no sign the vatican will discuss allowing women to serve as priests. ben: at first they thought it was merely a small hole heather: but then it grew larger and larger into a massive sinkhole. the unlikely cause of the crater right in their backyard. ben: tourists treated to a rare sight. their up close encounter with a whale. aj: lower dew points coming out later this evening and tomorrow it turns rather comfortable.
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heather: it has been nearly twenty years since the death of six-year-old jonbenet ramsey. her killer has never been found. for the first time her older brother is speaking out publicly in an interview with dr. phil. burke ramsey was just 9-years-old when his father found jon-benet dead in the basement of the family's colorado home the day after christmas. a ransom note was found, but there no sign of a break-in. ben: a social media scandal days after the new miss teen usa was crowned.
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teen three years ago. she appeared on good morning america today, saying she's not proud of her misguided actions. >> in very sorry, it's embarrassing, something i'm ashamed of. i have grown up from the 15-year-old girl who used that language. now i know how hurtful it is. ben: despite the apology many are questioning why hay was allowed to keep her crown. heather: an australian couple forced from their home after a massive sinkhole too take a look they first noticed a small hole and watched as it gradually grew wider and wider eventually swallowing up their garden. >> for the first time i grant -- she said i won't go anywhere near their. heather: at first the couple thought a pipe must've burst, but the water company quickly determined that was not the
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caused by the collapse of an old mine tunnel. ben: caught on camera, quite the up-close look for whale watchers on a cruise in the waters off quebec city. the group of tourists were shocked when a fin whale swam right up to their boat and passed under it. what makes this even more of a rarity? the fin whale is an endangered species and is hardly ever seen. lakota big it is. heather: absolutely gorgeous. you get so close to a boat with a propeller -- but what an experience. ben: aj, perhaps not the best weather to be on a boat today around here. aj: looks like they are having a whale of a time. it's right there! [laughter] aj: let's take a look at tropical storm earl, switching
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, wind with the storm at about 50 miles per hour. the wind out of -- the wind is moving to the west at 60 miles per hour. portions of central america and into the yucatan, these are tropical storms and rethink this storm system will maintain nonetheless rainfall and storm surges are concerns, especially to the north where the circulation will land. check out the rain that we have, then goodness. dr. fitchburg -- up through fitchburg, middlesex, essex, the
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by the drought. tough to take that, especially when you have that much heavy rain just off to the west. high pressure building in, and it means that the dew points will come down tomorrow. the sea breeze is a banner day tomorrow. still days and on thursday and by friday and is pretty uncomfortable. a little bit of haze but the glow off the charles means there is sunshine. still on the tolerable side, getting better, humidity starting to drop. 70 in plymouth, 70 in hyannis,
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down that way and it gets even hotter and to the point states, where temperatures are well and the 90's. that sort of heat slowly lift northward by friday. some sea breezes, a light northeasterly wind as wind is almost dead calm for most areas. low-pressure moving way out to see, the high building overhead tomorrow evening build offshore. not necessarily on thursday, that is the transition day, but by friday them buggy air is back. a comfortable night tonight, open up the windows and let the fresh air in. just watch out for some patchy fog. at the coastline, cool, 70's,
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water temperatures well into the 70's, 80's of the beaches, a rip current risk is low with a high tide around midday. this is a nice day for tomorrow, light sea breezes, muggy and hot on friday. looks like overnight we will have some isolated to scattered showers, followed by less humidity on sunday. that's a check of the forecast. ben: starbucks recalling nearly 40 million of these metal straws . they say they pose a danger to children. there are at least three reports of mouth lacerations in young children between june, 2012 and june of this year. heather: washington state is suing comcast for 100 million dollars. the state's attorney general bob ferguson filed the lawsuit yesterday, saying the company deceived customers into paying
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what he believes is a near-worthless service protection plan. according to the lawsuit, comcast misled 500,000 customers in washington state for making them pay a five-dollar monthly fee for technician services, but failed to say the plan does not cover repairs for wiring inside walls. comcast says they stand behind their services. ben: an incredible story of survival a paraglider plunging 150 feet to the ground after his engine failed. now saying it's a miracle he's alive. newscenter 5's emily riemer has his death-defying story. emily: it victim is another y over his beloved south florida beaches. >> it was a perfect day to go do this board we love. emily: but within minutes, disaster strikes. he starts to spin out of control. his lines are tangled into canton do them. his only option is to jump more than 150 feet. this bystander captures the
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mangroves. i swear, look. emily: the cause, a sputtering engine failure on the power paraglider. >> just feeling, there's a super soft bush, you should jump. it was the best decision i have ever made. emily: he suffered a broken back, femur, pelvis, punctured lung, and says it is a miracle he's alive. >> the reactions of the paramedics and the doctors and nurses, the prayers from all around the world was another level. emily: but despite the 150 foot fall and painful recovery, he still believes in living out your dream. >> my whole life has been giving back, inspiring people.
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apple is replacing a controversial gun emoji with a water gun, the water gun will be available on the new ios 10 update. it follows a months-long campaign by the group new yorkers against gun violence to get apple to scrap the pistol. heather: oprah's book club has announced its newest selection. drumroll, please. she has selected colson whitehead 's "the underground railroad." it is his sixth novel a story of a teenage slave's bid for freedom in 1850's georgia. in an announcement video on the oprah book club website, oprah says, this book has kept me up at night, had my heart in my throat, almost afraid to turn the next page. it went on sale today. only on 5, treatment that appears to reverse some of the effects of alzehimer's. ben: up next, the hope and
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>> two men arrested in salem accused of posing a threat to police. plus. >> and this cat had a wonderful home. and they robbed of us that. they robbed that of my family. ben: a framigham family upset with the mspca. why they say their lost cat should have found its way home but instead is lost forever. taking action, a woman jumps in
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heather: new research has found five-hour temperatures inside a bounce house compared to the outside, and on the inside it was consistently hotter. the study authors determined illnesses like heatstroke can potentially occur. ben: being underweight in your golden years could be an early indicator of alzheimers disease. researchers in boston found a link between lower bmi's and deposits of a protein associated with alzheimers in the brains of older adults.
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conducted by researchers at brigham and women's and mgh. tonight exclusively on 5 heather is breaking an important development in alzheimer's disease. heather: this is an entirely new theory that alzheimer's is really a diabetes of the brain. we don't usually report on drug studies this early, but this drug had such rapid, significant improvements for patients, we wanted you to know what's coming down the pipeline. the drug known as t3d-959 is being investigated to treat or alzheimer's disease. >> it's a unique molecule, a unique investigational drug which is designed to hit the very earliest stages before even the plaques and tangles develop and the memory problems develop in these patients. heather: dr. warren strittmatter says the brain is dependent on glucose as an energy source. here's a normal brain image, red areas indicate higher glucose
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alzheimer's image-reduction of that glucose metabolism is a hallmark of alzheimer's disease. >> cells of the brain, like we see cells in the body of diabetes are not able to use glucose as much. so the goal of the medication like t3d-959 would be to enhance brain cells ability to use this fuel to enhance metabolism. heather: the phase two study involved just 36 patients at two sites in north carolina and there was no placebo-each patient got the real drug, t3d-959. one pill a day for just two weeks. the impact almost immediate, significant memory improvement in 53% of patients. caregivers were astonished. >> they saw their loved ones being more involved and engaged in activities during the day, they felt that they were sharper in terms of memory and language, they were more organized during
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but jim wessler, president of the mass/nh alzheimer's association cautions against celebrating too soon. >> given the very small sample size we really need to see more participants to see if this holds up as you move from dozens to hundreds of participants. but i would say encouraging. >> the main message here is that there is hope for improving the quality of lives for people with alzheimer's disease. there's hope in getting closer to a cure. heather: this study also documented improvements on brain imaging. what's needed now is a much larger study with hundreds of patients at sites across the country to see if the results hold up. look for those to get started in roughly 18 months. ben: can't come soon enough. heather: they are making progress. ben: a red sox prospect, and what has not been done in more
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started right now. ben: the disturbing discoveries made during a traffic stop. troubling charges against the local dentist. heather: what happened in his office that drove the patient straight police. aj: much-needed rain moving out. drier for a couple days, 90's back in the forecast. ben: an injured bird in big trouble.the woman who jumped in to help . >> from boston's news leader, 6:00. ben: two men arrested on weapons charges in salem. heather: sean an john atwater is live. john: police say they were concerned because the driver was talking about recent police shootings and when police went
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of the judge today, accused of getting aggressive with officers and repeatedly reaching toward the seat where officers eventually found a loaded handgun. they also found a rifle with a magazine. police say he and his passenger were listening to an app that allowed them to monitor police scanner. prosecutors say he was in the army reserves. >> he references getting discharged from the military o struggling with the police officers. ben: police say they face a number of gun and drug charges. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: a man who walked into a police station claiming he killed his wife is being held without bail.
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victim took out a second restraining order not to long ago, claiming she had feared for her life. within hours of strangling his estranged wife, he tells police what he did. >> the officer asked if he could help them, he responds that he killed his wife. the officer said what, he repeated that he killed his wife. reid: steeves and carmela sanders were in the process of ending the had filed two separate restraining orders, including one this past may, when he sai he will "d take care of her." >> there was no indication or anything that was wrong. >> i feel sick to my stomach over it. i'm in shock. reid: despite the restraining order, the couple was in frequent contact, and he was


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