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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> breaking news, two men accused of threatening police. >> the discoveries made during a traffic stop. 5 when 90 degrees is back in the forecast. reverse some of fax of alzheimer's. >> this is wcvb new sender five at 7:00. >> a weapons bust leads to concerns of public safety. >> two men in custody their behavior raising red flags.
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the country. police found loaded weapons in their car. the gravity of the charges seem to be too much for kevin mendoza who made them fear for their safety during a traffic stop. >> he made several references to police officers being shot allover the country. he continued to be err he put his hands on the hood of the car. reporter: they were using an apt to monitor police scanner traffic. they stopped their car when it went a wrong way down a wrong way street. they are facing serious charges but they never made a direct
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being held for a little boy who died while taking part in a south boston day camp. the family of 7-year-old kyzr willis gathering near the l-street bath house just a short time ago. the wake and funeral for the little boy will be held later this week. maria: stormteam 5 tracking a powerful tropical storm tonight, earl bringing the threat of flooding and damaging winds. a.j. is here with me now. anchor: belize and the yucatan peninsula, upwards of 15, 16 inches of rain. this is a big problem for the area as the storm comes out. you will get a lot of rain down
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the last time, we didn't have any activity. we have a time of energy. if we can get a system to develop, does it make landf 75 in lawrence. 76, down toward the cave in the islands. we have some sunshine poking through those clouds.
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more and more numerous. maria: commitment 2016, president obama taking on donald trump. once again, questioning the republican nominee's fitness for the oval office. as newscenter 5's janet wu tells us trump is firing back. >> there has to be -- reporter: been saying it for awhile, donald trump is unfit, but today he added this challenge to republican leaders, -- >> if you are repeatedly having to say, in very storng terms, is unacceptable, why are you still endorsing him? donald trump, campaigning in virginia at the same time, was accepting the purple heart of one of his supporters, joking he always wanted a purple heart, this was much easier. he later released a statement responding to the president,
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humilated abroad and compromised by radical islam brought onto our shores. we need change now. he refused to walk away from the russian controversy and stepped up attacks on hillary clinton. >> she wants to play the role of the tough guy against putin in russia. she should be tough on trade. reporter: massachusetts congressman stephen lynch today called trump woefully unprepared to be president. >> i have to believe you have a lot of constituents who disagree with you on that . >> yeah, oh yeah. its them when they're still thinking about going to vote for donald trump. >> but will the paul ryans, mitch mcconnells and john mccain openly reject trump's candidacy? >> those people in difficult elections this year. i think they will feel it on a regular basis. how they dance, i don't know. if this is trump's last faux pas i mean they can get away with it. but many of us presume, mr. trump is not done making
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escalated the battle with gop leaders today. he said he's not ready to endorse house speaker ryan who's running for re-election. and he didn't stop there, he won't support senator mccain and he called sen. kelly ayotte in a tough fight in new hampshire weak and disloyal. ed: hillary clinton took a break from the presidential campaign today to attend the funeral of a longtime friend in rhode island. former president bill clinton delivered the eulogy for mark weiner a major democratic donor and fundraiser. a salem man who murdered his wife before turning himself into police is being held without bail. douglas steeves junior turned himself into police early this morning. he told his lawyer he killed carmel saunders inside her salem apartment after he got a phone call from her new boyfriend. >> whether there were pre-existing conditions or provocation. >> they were in the process of ending their marriage.
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maria: a worcester dentist charged with indecent assault, and right now his lawyer is mounting a vigorous defense. a patient claims she was molested, while she sat in the dentist's chair. our todd kazakiewich is live in worcester with reaction tonight. todd. reporter: dr. nikhil patel is free on bail tonight. his office is closed today, following his arrest here yesterday, after allegedly groping a patient. during his arraignment on one count of indecent assault and battery, after allegedly fondling a patient monday morning. the police report states, he four times touched the breast of a female patient of his with hand and fingers. >> he categorically denies any of these charges. reporter: defense attorney hector pineiro says patient privacy laws preclude him from saying much publicly in defense of the dentist who has been practicing in central
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>> you can watch this guy and know this is a gentleman. this man is a patient, and works as a handyman both at dr. patel's office, and at his home in shrewsbury. >> i don't think he did it. i was there last week. there was a camera in front of me focused on me. once he is not able to comment on evidence in the case due to patient iv reaction. >> he is saddened by the allegations and the charges are serious. he is going to defend himself they grossly. >>'s license to practice dentistry is valid for another two years and there are no prior improprieties.
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can have on his practice. ed: a state lawmaker wants to ban sex offenders from playing pokemon go. the game allows players to capture cyber creatures by using their cell phones to find them in real-life places. state rep jonathan zlotnik, a democrat from gardner, says pokemon go is an open invitation to sex offenders looking for children to abuse. he's introduced a bill banning offenders from playing pok go and other augmented reality games. earlier this week new york state took similar measures to ban sex offenders from playing pokemon go. maria: much more ahead at 7:00, including a story you'll see only on 5. ed: a treatment that appears to reverse some of the effects of alzehimer's. the hope and possibilities from a new drug. anchor: human at the levels becoming more comfortable.90's . maria: thank you.
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and right now you can get 100 meg internet with equal upload and dowloads speeds, tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. >> this is what people saw at nauset beach in orleans this morning. flapping around, washed up on the sand. the experts at the aquarium say these are a type of herring. they've been known to leap out of the water onto dry land in
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back to the water. ed: only on 5 tonight, a major breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's. maria: a new treatment, still in the early stages of testing, appears to reverse some effects of the disease. heather unruh explains what it could mean for patients and their families. >> the drug known as t3d-959 is completely different than anything else on the market or being investigated to treat alzheimer's disease. >> it's a , designed to hit early stages of the disease. reporter: the brain is dependent on glucose as an energy source.
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>> cells in the brain are not able to use glucose as much. the goal of the medication would be to enhance the ability to use this fuel to enhance their metabolism. >> the study involved patients in north carolina and florida. each patient got the real drug. one pill a significant memory improvement. >> they saw loved ones being more engaged in activities, they were sharper in terms of memory and language. >> he cautions against celebrating too soon.
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participants to see if it holds up. it is encouraging. >> the message is there is hope for improving quality of life. there is hope getting closer to a cure. reporter: it also has documented effects on brain imagery. ed: a lawmaker urging congress to approve emergency funding to fight the zika virus. stephen lynch sent a letter to house and senate leaders, asking them to call congress back into session as soon as possible. lawmakers aren't due back 'til september. lynch calls zika a national security and public health crisis, and is co-sponsoring a bill that dedicates $1.9 billion in federal funds toward the zika
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they are spraying intensely. maria: that is for sure. kind of cool out here today. anchor: lousy if we didn't have the drought deficit. some people trying to do outdoors things would say is lousy but with lawns it is like bring on the rain. building in. we look farther off to the east and west. really into thursday as well, scooting out. the impact of the humidity on us.
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levels increasing. it's pretty uncomfortable out here. we are talking 90 degree temperatures and we are right back at it. 55 to 60 degrees tonight. wind. closer to 60 in town. tomorrow's weather map, high-pressure overhead. even into thursday, before the high starts to build. thursday is our transition day.
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inland temperatures, 80 to 85 degrees. it looks like a delightful day to head to the beaches tomorrow. let's take you through it. patchy fog in the morning. temperatures inland. 70's at the coast line. a sea breeze into sunday. friday and the cold front gets hung up over the area. we have a good shot at getting showers and thunderstorms around here. it is still four days out. not expecting a lot of potent thunderstorms but it is something we're going to keep an eye on through the day on sunday.
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into monday. ed: coming up, controversy over the loss of a family pet. maria: the mscpa facing criticism for not doing enough for a cat that was in their care.
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>> right now, five people are dead and 5 others hurt after this bus crashed into a pole on a california freeway. emergency workers climbed in through the windows of this charter bus to rescue the 30 passengers inside. a patrol officer says the bus crashed into an exit sign pole that tore through the middle of the vehicle. maria: a famy is upset with the mspca. they say animal resucers didn't do enough to reunite them with their cat. the family's cat, wishbone, became lost last week. a neighbor took it to the mspca's angell animal hospital. two days later, veterinarians decided wishbone was severely ill because of diabetes and ordered him put down. >> this cat had a wonderful home and they robbed of us that. . they robbed that of my family.
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out to framingham authorities? >> the mspca says tracking down the family would have been much easier if wishbone had a collar or implanted micro-chip. ed: an unusual rescue at boston's fort point channel, all to save a seagull. a professional photographer just happened to be there to capture the whole thing. the seagull appeared to be in distress swimming in circles. a woman jumped in and brought it to shore. it's now being nursed back to we don't know the woman's name. you know who she is. maria: whatever moves her. donald trump taking aim at new hampshire's republican senator. her response to his claims
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at's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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ed: five for good will leave you a little blue. maria: worcester police getting
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headquarters this morning with a basket full of blue flowers, handing them out to officers with the help of her little brother. police say they brought a smile to many faces, and that they truly appreciate the act of kindness. ed: look at her little face. maria: it didn't rain here. anchor: we will stay here for a couple of days. thursday and friday, doesn't look that bad. great august weather, some thunderstorms come through into
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anchor: this is chronicle. >> chances are you put more time and effort into planning your vacation than you did about tonight's topic. >> the most important conversations families avoid. the time is now. a nationwide discussion begun in boston. >> it is always too soon until it is too late. >> you were asking how i want to die?


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