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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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to the little boy who died at a boston day program. ed: the people they're thanking and the answers they're looking for. maria: senator elizabeth warren taking aim at his favorite target tonight. ed: her first comments on donald trump's newest controversy. maria: the ground-breaking treatment that appears to reverse some effects of alzheimer's. a.j.: a stretch of sunshine for the next couple days and 90 degrees ahead in the seven-day fore ed: the ban on some people to play pokemon go. breaking news. two frightening robberies, one knife wielding suspect. maria: he is on the run right now. john has the details. john. john: police are inside this liquor store. they are trying to pull surveillance video to get a good description of the subject. there are cameras outside and inside. police had canines searching out here tonight. the suspect is still on the
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quarter to 9:00 that a man with a knife was trying to rob this store on salem road. as officers were investigating this crime, they got a second call of an armed robbery. in that case, the clerk was so shaken, she had to be taken to the hospital. again tonight, police are here now trying to recover surveillance video as they try to get a good description of the suspect who is right now on the 5. maria: balloons soaring into the boston sky marking the tragic moment a family's life changed forever honoring a little boy who drowned at a boston day camp. ed: questions swirl about how it happened. we're live in south boston with shaun. shaun: 50 people came out to the vigil tonight. some were relatives, many were strangers, but all want
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>> the hope right now he is up in heaven. shaun: quiet moments, solemn tribute, a circle of friends, family, and strangers, many didn't no kaiser willis but griefed for him. he vanished from the sight of camp staff at the community center. for relatives, this was a chance to thank those who helped. >> a lot of people my nephew, but yet they came out. shaun: including many in this crowd. >> my family and i ran all around south looking for him. shaun: the death sparked changes to drop-in camps, increased monitoring and supervision. >> that should have been done a long time ago, these are people's children. >> it shouldn't take a parent losing a child. >> had they been watching him,
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>> we miss kizer, he is never coming back to us. we just want to know what happened. shaun: those balloons were released at 7:09 tonight. that is the exact time the family was notified his body had been found. live in south boston, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: commitment 2016, donald trump taking on members of his own party. ed: and sen e warren is unleashing attacks on her new favorite target. she is live in somerville right now, mary. mary: ed and maria, she spoke to a packed theater tonight and urged voters to make their voices heard in november. she wasted no time slamming donald trump. >> all i can say is i'm going to be fighting my heart out. donald trump cannot, cannot be president of the united states. mary: senator elizabeth warren
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tonight to use their vote to fight for working families. >> it's not about voting up and down the ticket. it'ses asking people who want their vote who they really plan to work for. mary: warren's, one of the top trump attack dogs didn't sugarcoat what she thinks about donald trump's latest campaign controversies. today he is saying he has no regrets about his twitter attacks on a gold star family and accepting a retired veteran's purple heart. get a purple heart. this was much easier. >> just when you think that donald trump can't pull another one, can't devastate more clearly how disqualified he is to be president of the united states, he manages to top even himself. mary: trump raised eyebrows today when he had a supporter removed because her baby was crying. >> don't worry about that baby,
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get it out of here. >> if he was a reality tv show, he would have been cancelled. mary: warren had this to say to bernie sanders. >> we need you to help take back our government. mary: and senator warren also slammed congressional republicans accusing them of political sizing critical zika funding which is yet to pass the house. we're live in somerville, mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: donald trump is ripping intobe of his own party including new hampshire senator kelly ayotte. ryan's camp is saying they haven't even asked for donald trumps backing. the g.o.p. nominee telling the "washington post," new hampshire's kelly ayotte is a weak senator who has given him no support. he is locked in a tight re-election race with the governor there. the governor is responding
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i'm always going to stand up for our military families and what is best for the people of new hampshire. last week she said that she was appalled by truth's attack on the family of a fallen muslim soldier. and new tonight, the obama administration defending its decision to send $400 million to iran. the "wall street journal" is reporting this money was flown to iran earlier this year right around the same time that four hostages were released. the administration says deal before the regime change, denies the payment was ransom to release those hostages. several republican lawmakers are critical of that move tonight. ed: right now these two men are behind bars after a traffic stop in salem ends with a disturbing discovery. people pulled kelvin mendoza and emanuel rodriguez shonyo over after they allegedly drove the wrong way down a one away
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and they took that as a threat. in the car, a h.g.h., a rifle, ammunition. prosecutors say the men were also using a phone app to monitor police scanners. a salem man is behind bars in a separate case accused of strangling his wife of 27 years. prosecutors say the victim had two restraining orders against his husband. heur his wife inside her salem apartment after he got a phone call from her new boyfriend. >> whether or not he could control himself and two restraining whether or not they were preexisting conditions, whether or not there was provocation. ed: steves is being held without bail tonight. maria: warmer air is moving back in as we look live over the city of boston. a.j. burnett is in for arrest have i tonight. a.j.: the rain is out of here and the clouds with them. we have plenty of sunshine ahead once you wake up tomorrow morning. getting you to the numbers
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outside. 59 in bedford. we're falling pretty good out there under a mostly clear sky and light wind. 64 plymouth, do watch out for some patchy fog first thing in the morning tomorrow morning. you early risers, especially if you're heading off to work, some pockets of locally dense fog out there. there goes the rainfall. take you through the overnight tonight, temperatures falling through the 50's, a very comfortable night as the humidity levels drop slowly. see the area of gray in here, that's where we're picking up on perhaps a little bit of fog after about 2:00 in the morning and then lingering on through the morning hours of tomorrow. 90 degrees now not that far away in the forecast. i'll let you know when shortly. maria: a worcester dentist pleading not guilty that he touched a patient
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the dentist is free tonight on $1,000 bail. a lowell man behind bars tonight charged with using a cell phone to upskirt a customer at a tewksbury garage. police were called to the main street garage after a female customer accused an employee there of secretly recording or photographing from the pit area while she was talking to another mechanic about her car. 26-year-old todd mitchell faces convicted. ed: a state lawmaker from gardner wants to make pokemon go offlimits to sex offenders. the democratic state rep says pokemon go is an open invitation to sex offenders looking for children to abuse. he has introduced the bill banning offenders from playing that game. maria: new at 11:00, national night out to build ties with communities.
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recent violence bringing special significance this summer. jorge quiroga is live in dorchester. jorge: people only deal with police when things go wrong. the annual event here in dorchester and others throughout the city are another effort to promote mutual respect between police and the people they serve. dorchester's town, a field of happy faces, residents and police have a singl i feel like the police care about us. jorge: manning the grill, a street cop for 20 years in this part of the city. >> it's kind to spend time with us, a burger and having fun. jorge: do you think it helps your son's view of police? >> absolutely. they older. they watch the news. they see what is going on.
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controversial killings by police in louisiana and minnesota, goodman says boston is different. >> it makes me feel good. it makes my son feel good. jorge: in this crowd, the commissioner getting a rock store's welcome. >> the police are out there trying their hardest. when they come up to me, that's all they say. you are doing great work. jorge: these moments are enduring. >> the first interaction with in this environment, what you're hearing makes a big difference. we got to continue to do that every single day. jorge: forming bonds that build personal relationships and help reduce crime. live in dorchester, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. announcer: next on newscenter 5 -- maria: the ground-breaking treatment that appears to reverse some effects of alzheimer's. the wild shootout in a store, the split second decision that
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the new fight over the zika virus involving millions of your tax dollars. a.j.: a cool day today with temperatures in the 70's. 90's to our south and >> newscenter 5 eyeopener, growing.
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ed: terrifying scene caught on convenience store. the blast of gunfire, employees scramble to the cash room barricading themselves inside with seconds to spare. the gang of massed gunmen menacing customers inside the store and unleashing multiple shots at the cash room without success. >> people were outside assume we are dead because they heard so many shots fired. somebody trying to get easy money. instead of working hard, that's what we do here.
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took off in an s.u.v. they're on the loose. this is in the houston, texas, area. no one was hurt. maria: the bus that slapped into a pole on a california highway has been removed. there is a crane that is going to try to pull this vehicle on to the road just a short time ago. the tour bus from l.a. on its way up the coast when it crashed. the pole nearly slicing it in half. five people killed, 18 injured. there are new fears tonight in the fight over not work. ed: another case of zika is confirmed in a florida neighborhood. ben simmons is here with what is being done about it. ben: the mosquitoes are a growing cause for congress to go back to work to approve much needed emergency funding. aerial spraying of parts of miami said to begin wednesday morning to combat the mosquito carrying zika. ground sprays, fighting
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bug spray apparently not enough. >> what we realized over the weekend is that the mosquito counts were not coming down as we would like. so we haven't achieved good mosquito control in that area. ben: 15 people have contracted zika in a square mile north of downtown. the problem aerial spraying might not help either. >> this is sometimes referred to as the cockroach of mosquitoes. it can survive about anywhere. it can breed in a capful of water. it's an ben: with that same mosquito all right present in a huge swath of the country, some say the solution is 1,000 miles north of miami in washington. >> if we wait too long, i feel like we're whistling to the graveyard here. we will allow that to expand further. ben: they both telling newscenter 5 congress must go back into session to come up with at least $1 billion to fund a zika vaccine. >> they're trying to play
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ben: right now the best way to protect yourself is to wear long clothing and use bug spray. maria: in your health, major breakthrough in the fight against alzheimer's disease, only on 5, it's a new treatment that appears to reverse some effects of the disease. it's a drug known as t-3-d 959. it's in the early stages of testing. it works on the theory that alzheimer's is a type of diabetes on the brain. the drug treats the earliest st patients. >> cells in the brain likely see cells in the body and diabetes are not able to use glucose as much. a goal of that medication would be to enhance brain cell'sant to use the fuel to enhance their metabolism. maria: the study involved just 36 patients, none received placebos, but significant memory improvement was seen in
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larger study is expected within 18 months. ed: well, it turns out no teeth behind the claims of flossing every day prevents gum disease. the government admitting there are no benefits from flossing. they are removing it from the guidelines. dentists think flossing should be a daily habit. i can saying, eddie, floss. eddie is the dentist. he is named eddie, too. maria: what are the odds of that. i thought your mother only called you eddie. a.j.: the dentist says have you been flossing every time. no, i haven't. you have to do it every day. maria: not anymore. a.j.: six months later, are you flossing every day, i don't know why it is. i can't lie. i have to tell the truth. what do i owe them, i floss every day, sure.
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down here, the coast of belize here and the yucatan peninsula, >> makia, cuba right up here. a tropical storm, winds of 60 miles an hour as of 8:00, the layest advisory. this red shading, those are tropical storm warnings and hurricane watches as well in case this thing decides to become a hurricane. latest thinking right now is that the storm will continue its westward track and head lots of mountains here, lots of opportunity for the land to really kind of wring this thing out over mexico. expecting as much as 15 inches of rain in some of the higher terrain of the mountains here, mudslides, it's going to be a messy situation down that way. there are your hurricane warnings and tropical storm warnings. they just upgraded this to a hurricane warning here in this area. honduras under the tropical storm warning. by about tomorrow at 7:00,
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hurricane, so the national hurricane center is really just upgrading this stuff right now saying that the storm may become a hurricane before making landfall and then perhaps reintensifying over this bay right in here before making a second landfall in mexico, something definitely to watch. no impact to us whatsoever as far as i can see at this point. 66 right now, humidity coming down, winds coming down as well. the there was a breath of a wind f it should go dead calm tonight. mostly clear skies. there will be some patchy fog developing. watch out for that first thing in the morning. wider view, high pressure off to the north and west. that's ours for at least a couple of days. right now 66 boston as mentioned, 64 plymouth, nantucket 63. let's take you through time as we step into the morning hours tomorrow. there is your time stamp right up there. you see all of this gray up here.
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some locally dense as well. that should burn off pretty quickly given time tomorrow morning. by 8:00 or 9:00, we should be out of the woods with that. a couple of puffy clouds, that's it for tomorrow. beautiful sunshine, low humidity as well. off to the south, we have plenty of heat that will continue building. it's sea breezes for tomorrow and that high pressure starts to move off-shore. we're talking about some extra muggy air coming our way later thursday and certainly on into friday. seven-day near 80 inland, coastal areas cooler. sea breezes featured on thursday. heat and humidity returning on friday, up near 90 degrees, the weekend could be rather stormy before drier air build back in on sunday. back to you. ed: it's a miracle. the paraglider is alive tonight. that's a miracle. maria: i'm glad you said that. the midair crisis forcing him
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ed: watch this, a typical day in the skies for a florida paraglider, his name is damian turned into a near disaster. his camera captured the moment when his lines got tangled that sent him spinning out of control. he had no choice but to cut himself loose and fall 150 feet. that's 15 stories, 150 feet through some trees right to the ground. he suffered a broken back, thigh bone, pelvis, three ribs and a punches you'red lung. he survived and can talk about it saying he would go back up again once he is all healed up. he'll go back up. no his lines got tangled that sent him spinning out of control. thank you. mike l.: everybody goes to a
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announcer: now lynch about sportscenter 5 powered by xfinity. mike l.: trying to make it two straight against the mariners. five innings, five strikeouts so far. game presently is going to the top half of the sixth inning. the red sox got their three runs on a ribby from papi. ramirez hit a home run estimated at 455 feet. aaron hill with an r.b.i. and
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andrew benintendi, calling him to the big club today. drafted in the first round a year ago from the university of arkansas, making the leap to the major leaguers. he was activated for tonight's game but won't play. the last guy to do that was hanley ramirez in 2005. benintendi will sit tonight's game and make his debut tomorrow night in seattle. he bats and throws left-handed and will start in left field for the red sox. other moves today to activated fernando who they picked up before the trading deadline, tommy layne and martinez were designated for assignment. big papi will not play this weekend when the red sox go in l.a. against the dodgers because there is no designated hitter. how is this for strength. that is chris davis, breaks his bat. he has a nub in his hand and singles and knocks in a run. that is power, folks, that is
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for the cincinnati reds, he thinks he has a shot at this foul ball. watch the fan right here. a little bit of a collision. the fan didn't directly interfere with him and he grabs his jersey. first reaction, a bush league move. did he really interfere? so votto goes back to the dugout and he thinks about it for a half inning. he comes back out and goes over and talks to the guy. you see him grabbing the jersey right here, not happy about it. votto goes into the dugout and he signs an and he wrote on the baseball, thanks for being so understanding when i acted out of character. how is that? that story has a good ending and a happy ending. you ever do something you want to hit the delete button the minute he did it. that's how joey votto did. erectfied it and good for him. patriots have the day off today from practice, they'll be back at it on the field at 9:40. once again, it will be open to
11:32 pm
first preseason game is a week from thursday. patriots practice wednesday, thursday, friday, skip saturday, practice on sunday. and the saints are in for joint practices, the following week the bears are in for the same deal. >> yeah, we definitely get after each other, trying to get better, we take care of each other, too. it's all a competition, but we try to get better. >> start to build in some more like, i said team things and players will be off on tuesday and then grind it out the rest of the week so by the end of the week that would have been pretty good, pretty high percentage of our fundamental play in all three phases of the game. mike l.: is bill trying to show off the guns? two tickets for the gun show? by the way, we counted three, that was a three smacker sound bite that you just aired.
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conference he did a couple of years ago, i counted. i got to up 21, that's ridiculous. ed: part of the entertainment. maria: the heat is back on.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching.


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