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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. >> breaking news at 5:00 -- three beaches in truro closed until sunday after as many as six great white sharks were spotted around a whale carcass. this is video of some of those sharks taken by the center of coastal studies. heather as a result, noons : landing, beach point, and cold storage beaches are all closed to swimming. swimmers at other nearby beaches are advised to use caution and report any shark sightings to >> breaking news in fall river. emergency crews at battleship cove after reports of a suspicious package. sky 5 over the scene. you can see personnel in a bomb safety suit. the people in the area right around the package have been evacuated. we have a crew on the way to fall river and will bring you additional information as it becomes available. for the first time since dropping his deflategate appeal, tom brady addressed it publicly today. heather telling reporters it was : his decision to end it. newscenter 5's mary saladna is
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mary: heather and b en, tom brady says that it was his decision to end the appeal. a birthday tweet from his wife on wednesday, his 39th birthday. tom brady says his decision not to appeal his 4 game suspension, was very personal. tom brady: my family is everything to me, and obviously the support of my teammates, my coaches -- of our fans. this just hurts. i have tried to move on from it. mary: brady says the focus has to be helping the team prepare for the new season. he has a job to do, and he'll approach it the way he always does, menatlly and physically ready to bring it. tom brady: we have a lot of new players on the team. we are just trying to incorporate them. i think we are trying to build
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coming up. a lot of practice left. mary: as for how he will handle that month when he is banned from the field? tom brady: i'll deal with that when it comes. if i have a plan, i may change it. i don't really know. i'm just trying to practice every day, get better. mary: tom brady says it is a long season. the focus now is on being positive and getting better. mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: right, mary. it does not feel like football weather yet. it would be a rough day to be practicing. mike: oh, man. not too humid. ben: no, no. mike: we will have the humidity come up tonight. that cold air, marching its way toward cleveland right now -- that will be moving through and give us the chance of thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon.
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it's not very active right now. for us, there is not much going on. watch the temperatures over the next 12 hours. they do not go down as much as the last few nights. we will be lucky if we get as low as 70 in boston. what is the timeline -- 6:00 a.m., not much going on. lunch time, thunderstorms firing up. this line will march eastward. that means arriving around bo if you see the clouds threatening, it is time to move indoors. there is going to be lightning was this thing. there could be gusty winds, and there may be the occasional downpour with street flooding. we will have more on the timeline and what to expect in a few moments. heather? heather: right now a total water ban is in effect in scituate. the reservoir has fallen to a dangerously low level. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live now.
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jorge: lots ofow restrictions in effect including, scituate, but the ban today makes it one of the toughest. the crisis goes way beyond brown lawns. the scene from route 3 a, as much bottom soil visible as water, the reservoir level at 28 percent, dropping at a rate of happen an inch today. >> you see the rocks, tre really low. jorge: with little rain predicted, the town ennacting a total ban on outdoor water usage topping restrictions set , in early july. >> apparently it was not enough. it looks like we have more drastic measures kick in today. jorge: the restrictions are pretty tough. this is tickly for demonstration purposes. effective immediately only watering cans can be used to
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only before 9 a.m. or after 5 p.m. have you ever seen it this bad? >> not since i have been here, no. jorge: the predicament here is beyond dire. the town has only a 30% to 49 30- to-45-day supply left. >> i don't want to break out the hose because we are so low. ben: that was jorge quiroga reporting for us. the parents of a two-month-old baby boy under arrest tonight. the boy was found not breathing in the family's camper in new hampshire. and in that same camper, police say they also found drugs. newscenter 5's david bienick is
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david? david: she appeared to white back tears at -- to wipe back tears as she pleaded with the judge to let her go to bury her son. in this camper, police and paramedics found the baby unconscious and not breathing. they took him to the hospital but he later died. ,>> officials observed what they believed to be drug came back with a search warrant, they say they found methamphetamine, plastic bags, scales, and ledger books. also under arrest bradford ross, the baby's father. both are now charges including intent to sell drugs and child endangerment. >> the conditions of this very tiny trailer were deplorable and unspeakable. david: when we knocked at the house next door to the camper today, a man said he had no comment. police say they were no obvious signs of foul play and they're now waiting for autopsy results.
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denied the family's request and ordered both austin and ross to remain locked up on $50,000 bail each. >> on monday, the state will have more information. ben: that was david bienick reporting. now to danvers where a 2-year-old has died after being pulled from his family's swimming pool. the child was first found unresponsive in the pool just before 8:00 last night. family members did cpr and er attorney's office are investigating. heather: boston police's body camera pilot program is off to a different start than expected. last night commissioner bill evans revealing no officers have volunteered to wear the cameras. the plan was to have 100 officers willing to wear the cameras for six months. that usage would then be analyzed. evans hoped to have the cameras on the streets by july. he says that's now turned out to be very unrealistic. without volunteers, though, the department may have to assign
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officers have a lot of equipment on them. this is just another piece of equipment. i think there are concerns about making sure the cameras are on. we are going to get there. heather: the proposed terms were agreed upon by the police union. ben: sentencing day for a former fbi agent who lied during his testimony at the james whitey trial back in 2013. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich was inside the courtroom. he joins us live from south boston tonight. todd? trial, robert fitzpatrick made many claims, including he was the agent who found the rifle used to assassinate martin luther king jr.. today, he admitted that he lied under oath and we learn his sentence. >> we will process it later and then talk about it. todd former fbi agent robert : fitzpatrick, saying little as he and his wife leave federal court after a brief hearing. he's now beginning a sentence of two years of probation, and he
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justice relating to his testimony as a defense witness in the trial of james "whitey" bulger. >> i think he's satisfied that he can move forward with his life, he's not risking a jail sentence, and he can put all of this behind him. in that respect, i think he's very satisfied. todd: fitzpatrick was facing a 12 count indictment. prosecutors say he made numerous false claims while under oath, such as that he was assigned to boston in 1981 specifically to deal with corruption in the office, or that bulger told him informant." according to the government, fitzpatrick's motive for lying on the witness stand was promoting his book about bulger, which, ironically, is titled "the trail." >> like i told the judge, you know, i'd rather not say anything right now. >> i think, over time, having the great stress of a federal prosecution off of his shoulders is going to help him physically,
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sentenced to more than seven years in prison. the judge took many factors into consideration including his age in failing health. reporting live outside federal court in south boston, todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: governor charlie baker has signed new regulations on ride-sharing into law. the bill requires background checks for all drivers with companies like uber and lyft. it also allows driver for those services to pick up passengers nter. it does not include a proposal to fingerprint drivers which some safety advocates had pushed for. ed: -- ben: all right, friday night. time to hit the road. the mass pike moving nicely in both her actions on this beautiful friday evening. it is not such a nice ride on 93 headed toward the south shore. you're looking at 39 minutes,
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on the pike now, after newton corner, 16 minutes. 128 slow in the usual spots. the weston tolls on the pike 24 95, looking at 34 minutes. 495 itself, not too bad. the pike to 290, just seven minutes. that is personal or -- that is first alert traffic. heather: the dashcam and bodycam video of the police-involved shooting of a chicago teen has been released. ben: the victim's family reacts to the dramatic video. what they want the world to know. heather: arrested on drug charges. the big trouble a d.c. area mayor is in right now. ben: caught on camera, an out of control car slams into a
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 5:00. ben: new video just released, nine days after a fatal police involved shooting in chicago the family of the , teenaged victim and the police union are reacting tonight. watch the moment before officers confront 18-year-old paul o'neal. you see one of the officers drawing his gun. then the jaguar crashes right into the squad car. several shots fired as the car speeds on. at you can see it narrowly misses the officer. the video released by an independent police review authority. o'neal's family seeing the video
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it was disturbing. not the way anything is supposed to be done. ben: the video shows o'neal running away. police chase. the next video shows o'neal laying on the ground. what you do not see is the moment he was shot. police claim that at that moment, the camera malfunction. and literally forced his way out by side swapping -- side swiping oath the squad car and a vehicle parked on the street. ben: the three police officers involved in the shooting have been removed from duty, pending an investigation. a police representative says there was no misconduct and the release of the video could jeopardize officers' safety. heather a d.c. area mayor under : arrest tonight after a
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substitute teacher. police say the 50-year-old is also a meth dealer. police first found silverthorne on a hook-up website. undercover police began texting with him and that's when the mayor offered drugs fo police then set up a sting operation. >> based on the information during the investigation, a suspect was identified, who allegedly had been distributing methamphetamine heather: the mayor is charged with felony distribution of methamphetamine and misdemeanor possesion of drug paraphernalia. ben: clean-up is now underway after tornadoes tore through new orleans and northern florida. the tornadoes leaving a path of destruction across parts of the southeast. look at that. two people are hurt, and several homes are destroyed. witnesses in new orleans and yulee, florida describing the damage.
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trees were down, trees were on top of mobile homes, fences were down. ben: the national weather service clocked winds up to 80 miles per hour in new orleans. and close to 100 miles per hour in florida. flash flood watches continue through saturday. heather: saturday as the day that we are focused on here for the possibility of severe weather. mike: right now in cleveland -- heather: a long way away. mike: going to hold together? all the conditions are right? mike: i think so. it will be really humid overnight. that will set us up for thunderstorms. it's really a 50/50 weekend for us. we have thunderstorms. it all changes on sunday. less humid, temperatures in the 80's. let's talk about the thunderstorms. i don't think there were be much going on in the morning.
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the best chance, and by evening, this is all over with. 87 degrees right now. dew point really very manageable 60 with a self-southwesterly winds at 12 miles per hour. that humidity will ramp up and tomorrow it is really up here. a thick air mass. it's just one of those muggy morning spirit after that, look at sunday and monday. humidity goes way, wayn. mostly cloudy skies, increasing humidity. tomorrow, a mostly cloudy day. if you want sunshine, it will be early in the day. then muggy, thunderstorms in the early afternoon. 86 and 90 degrees for the high temperature. you think about making it a beach day, the water temperature is as warm as it is ever going
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the best advice i can give you, if you go to the beach, you're out in the morning, just keep an eye on the sky. if the skies start to darken up little bit, that is the time to head on home. the high tide comes in just about the time the thunderstorms start rolling on through. look at that southwesterly wind, trying to break up the moisture. the humidity is going to be out there, as i mentioned, later on tonight. rather rapidly through cleveland, parts of pennsylvania and they will continue to march eastward as that front moves through. tomorrow morning, gray skies, the front comes through, that will trigger thunderstorms. the thunderstorms will be out ahead of the cold front and behind it, the less humid air moves in. let me show you hour-by-hour. 6:00 a.m., probably a little sunshine. a nice morning for a bike ride or to take the dog out.
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and march eastward. again, looks like early afternoon will be the best opportunity for areas west into boston. this line will push eastward. thunderstorms by the cape a late afternoon. move off the beach, wait a well, and you can probably go for an evening stroll. all of this will be moving out of your. tomorrow night, skies are clearing. the humidity will drop. it is supposed to be muggy tomorrow night. pleasant conditions. tuesday, temperatures in the 80's. we start in the 60's, warm things up during the afternoon. inland, another warm one out there. we ramp up the humidity a little bit wednesday, which sets us up for thunderstorms coming in here. thursday, partly cloudy skies. friday, another chance of
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separate days, it does not mean we will get a lot of rain. one area may get a lot. the next area may not get too much. it will not help the drought at all. ben. ben: thanks a lot. a college in ohio has come up with a new way to satisfy those late-night cravings. heather xavier college has : installed what's being called a pizza atm. where were those when i was in school? the machine dispenses fresh pizzas instead of cash. so far the reviews have been strong. the only drawback, the machine can h it needs to be restocked. ben: all you need -- all you need with that is the cupcake atm, right? heather: right. who knows? [laughter] ben: all right, yes. the world is ready for rio. the summer games set to kick off tonight. heather: coming up next we check , in with some of the american athletes hoping to bring back some hardware from brazil. ben: he died in the back of a
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the night of the young man's death. and new at 6:00, her mother says that she was hand-picked to join her brother in heaven. your daughter wants to stay organic. yo from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, but we're back, strong. we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today.
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my moving. mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done in new hampshire. ben: all right, it is here. the opening ceremonies in rio a coup h lot to be excited about. newscenter 5's antoinette antonio introduces us to the u.s. athletes going for the gold. antoinette: among 191 returning olympians, familiar faces like the most decorated olympic athlete of all time -- michael phelps, that for his fifth games, looking to add to his 18 gold medals.
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lochte, two incredible champions who might be competing in olympic waters for the last time. >> we bring the best out of each other. we both hate losing. antoinette: also katie ledecky, heavily favored to win. she is a world record holder in three events. and theteam is a force to be red with, led three-time--- three-time world champion. >> most of the time your body is on autopilot. sometimes even after i do a floor routine, i am like -- that i really just do that? antoinette: and claressa shields is not lost a match since she became the first woman to win olympic boxing in 2012.
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faster, who is smarter, who is stronger. they will never know. antoinette: and look out for trayvon remount, the sprinter looking to give you same bolt a run for his money in the 800-meter. and then -- the ladies of team usa soccer looking to set a new record the first team to win the world cup and the olympic gold in consecutive years. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: and they all seem so likable, too. heather: oh, they are. and it is so much fun to watch. ben: yes. still to come tonight -- the end of an era in brookline. heather: a popular deli abruptly shuts down after nearly a century in business. the one thing the owners made sure of before closing. ben: in your health, cigarette smoking in the u.s..
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the government. stay with us at 5:30. ? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 the brave and every boy scout ? ? 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ?
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massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students in underperforming areas succeed. announcer: question 2 will expand charter school access and result in more funding for public education. every parent should be able to choose the public school that's best for their child. nger public schools. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at
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cape cod closed to swimmers because of great white sharks spotted around a whale carcass. the beaches in truro now shut down are noons landing, beach point, and cold storage. heather: also, battleship cove shut down for the day because of aces vicious package. -- a suspicious package. ben: tom brady now calling the end to his deflategate legal battle a personal decision. he spoke about it for the firs season, and says he'll deal with the 4 game suspension when the time comes. heather: mike wankum joining us and it sounds like there is a storm threat for our saturday? mike: yes, this is the kind of storm where you get a lot of rain fast and furious, and it cannot soak in. once it gets here, we will have maximum heating going on and the humidity will be coming up as well.


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