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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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. >> the shark of the water the whole weekend. >> tom brady on accepting his suspension and what he'll do when he's away from the >> bone dry. >> drought forces a south shore town to ban all outdoor watering. how this situation is getting more dire by the day. >> tracking a line of thunderstorms headed this way for tomorrow. the potential is there for strong storms. >> giving mobile devices the needed oomph. >> we want to change the way people think about charging their devi the cutting edge on .
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at 7:00. apparently was a prop left ver behind. jotw is at the scene. we now know what that device actually was. >> yeah. a bit of a misunderstanding. there was a star wars themed event and one of the people left led to a lengthy investigation the bomb squad ended up searching all of these ships here. just as a precaution. the prop was found on a soviet warship. from sky five yo see a bomb technician investigating on-board the ship. they went from vessel to vessel to ensure there was no threat here that tourist noticed the suspicious prop around 2:00 this afternoo obviously did not know what it was. the staff immediately evacuated
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the potential threat. everything, of course, much calmer now and the battleship is preparing to be opened for tours again tomorrow. live in fall river, john atwater, newscenter 5. >> also breaking at 7:00, a motorcyclist has died after this crash in beverly. it happened on 128 north at essex street around 5:00. police say a 30-year-old gloucester man crash interested a guard rail and he was killed. his passenger, a rockford woman, was seriously hurt. >> p on cape cod after new shark sightings. as many as six great whites were spotted. feeing on whale carcass. the carcass washed up today on noon's landing that beach as well as beach point, shut down to swimming. those beaches will be closed until at least sunday. >> here we are on a summer weekend. closed until sunday. >> you can't go in the water on a weekend -- >> storms headed our way? >> yes.
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>> 25 miles per hour. do the math. tomorrow afternoon. we'll watch for these storms. they could be on the strong side. right now they don't look that impressive. out in the western parts of pennsylvania, marching eastward as the cold front pushes eastward. out ahead of it, it's hot and humid. very muggy weather. when this line comes through it will trick every off the round of thunderstorms. tonight in boston, temperatures will drop into the lower 70s and the humidity will be coming up as we head through the overnight hours. that sets us up tomorrow morning, math looks like. this not much going on. maybe a hint of sunshine. watch as we head through the afternoon. by noon we're starting to look at a line of thunderstorms to the west. continuing to push eastward president boston, as we head through the afternoon. with this we could have some wind gusts an downpours. i'll have much more on the time line and what you can expect and the beautiful weather that follows. all of that coming up in a few moments. >> tom is moving on. the patriots quarterback talking publicly today about deflate
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first time since his suspension appeal was denied. >> what comes next? >> yeah. he said it really is time to move on and those closest to him are supporting that decision. a birthday plea from his wife. his decision not to appeal his four-game suspension was very personal. >> my family has been everything to me. obviously, in support of my teammates, coaches. the whole team, all of ourhaver. >> brady says the focus has got to be on helping the team prepare for the new season. he has a job to do and he'll approach it the way he always does mentally and physically ready to bring it. >> we changed our offense. we've had a lot of new players
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i feel like we're building towards something, and then, you know, we've got a lot of meaningful pre-season games coming up. got a lot of practices left. >> as for how he'll handle that month when he's banned from the field. >> when it comes -- i could have a plan and change the plan. i really don't know. i'm focusing on every day and trying to get better. >> brady went on to say today it a long season and he wants to win evga is to focus on the positive, whether he's on the field or not. >> we're live at gillette stadium, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> right now police are investigating the drowning death of a child. a 2-year-old pulled from the family's inground pool last night. family members performed cpr on little lamar before he was taken to boston children's hospital and was pronounced dead. >> right now, a new hampshire couple is held on high bail after the death of baby led to
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hampshire, with new details that we're learning. >> right now police say this baby's death is still maestri and they are not sure if the drugs he was found with had anything to do with his death. >> austin whipped her face and appeared to fight back tears as her mother pleaded with the judge today to let her go to help bury her son. >> suddenly passed away on monday. we're arrangements. >> paramedics found the baby unconscious and not breathing. they took him to a hospital but he later died. >> near the camper, officers and other officials that had responded observed what they believed to be drug paraphernalia. >> when investigators came back with a search warrant they also found methamphetamine, plastic bags, scales and ledger books. also under arrest is the baby's
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and child conditions of this v tiny trailer were deplorable and unspeakable. >> when we knocked at the house, a man said he had no comment. police say there were no obvious signs of foul play and they are now waiting for raumts. in the meantime the judge denied the family's request and ordered both austin and ross to remain locked up on each. >> also found in the camper, a 2-year-old girl but police say her health appears to be just fine. >> live in concord, new hampshire, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> sentencing day for a former fib if i can agent convicted of lying during the trial of james whitey. todd is live outside federal court where robert fitzpatrick learned his fate. todd? >> he learned that the judge is accepting the plea deal reached back in the spring that means no
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probation and a fine. >> was it worth it? >> former f.b.i. agent robert fitzpatrick saying little as he and his wife leave federal court after a brief hearing. he's now beginning a sentence of two years of probation and he's paid a $12,500 fine for perjury and obstruction of justice relating to his testimony as a defense witness in the trial of james whitey bulger. >> this is not a light sentence. >> it's just resolution to the case. >> i think he's satisfied he can move forward. he's not risking a jail sentence and he can put all of this behind him. >> he was facing a 12 count indictment. prosecutors say he made numerous false claims while under oath. he was assigned to the boston office of the f.b.i. in 1981, specifically to deal with corruption in the office. >> or that bulger told him back then i'm not an informant. according to the government, fitzpatrick's motive for lying
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which ironically is titled betrayal. >> i think over time, having the great stress of the federal prosecution off of his shoulders will help him physically as well as emotionally. >> fitzpatrick could have been sentenced to as much as seven years in prison but in offering the plea deal the u.s. attorney's offers took a number of factors into consideration including his lack of a criminal record. also his e, guilt. reporting live from federal court, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> much more ahead at 7:00. communities across the state peeling the impact of a widespread drug. >> how leaders in scituate are cracking down. the latest on tomorrow's threat for rain and severe weather and how that will change the weather dramatically for sunday. >> charges for mobile devices, cutting edge solutions for
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pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attackini wonder...medicare, they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors
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work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare. mary griffin: new hampshire seniors trust kelly ayotte because she has never let us down. kelly ayotte: i'm kelly ayotte and i approved this message. charlie baker signing new regulations for those ride share services. this requires, it's now law, it requires background checks for you a uber and lift drivers. they do not need to be fingerprinted and the law also allows them to pick up riders from logan airportened the
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massachusetts. >> right now dozens of massachusetts communities are under tight water restrictions as the state deals with the drought. the town of scituate, for example, just issuing a total water ban. the impactcommunity. >> that's right. upping restrictions issued a month ago. the new ban makes it one of the toughest along a parked south shore. only a 30 water left. >> scituate, scene from route 3-a, as much bottom soil is visible as water the reservoir level at 28% and dropping at a rate of half an inch a day. >> when you drive by you see all the rocks and the tree trunks. it tells you. >> some parts of the reservoir looks like a monday scape. during aorandi in water up to m chest.
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restrictions set in early july. >> it's tough. everything is -- well, here as well ashere is all brown. not even hand-held hoses are allowed from watering the lawn to washing the car. to water the flurry or vegetable beds, avoiding the heat of the day only before 9:00 a.m. or after 5:00 p.m. >> enforcement is pretty tough. this is strictly for demonstration purposes. $50 fine first offense. a hundred the second time. residents are asked to any way possible. >> isshow together here? >> well, i don't know if anyone in my family would be up for that we'll pray for rain before we get to that point. water from ht continu. willen surrounding communities, under
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live in sit with it, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> that's sad. have to bring water in. this tells the story. >> this is a drought monitor. we've not real changed it. we've gotten worse since last week in. boston, we're running drive. we talked about this earlier this started back in the winter. remember how we didn't get much snow. >> and now it continues. >> this could be one of the driest summers we've had on record. what about the chances of rain over the next 48 hours? tomorrow morning, low primarily in the western part. we ramp up towards midday and through the afternoon. but again, nature of these storms, you get one here s down don't get anything. we're going to keep an yea out for that tomorrow. by evening, let is pretty much all gone and out of the forecast. beautiful night right now. 80. you probably have noticed, humidity coming up a little bit. and tonight it's going to get muggy that sets us up for thunderstorms. the humidity will continue to
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sunday. it drops out and sunday it's looking like a gorgeous day. lots of sunshine. low humidity and plenty of sunshine. tonight, under mostly clear skies. the humidity will be coming up. 64 to 72. tomorrow, kind of mostly cloudy day. there will be only sunshine early and kind of an overcast throughout the day. it will be muggy and watch out for afternoon thunderstorms. it will feel like it with temperatures 86 to 90 degrees tomorrow. the national weather service, to washington, d.c., marginal category for severe. keeping an eye on gusty winds. the timing looks like tomorrow morning, you're fine. get up and go for a walk. whatever you want to do. there is nothing going on. once we get toward late morning, especially towards lunch time, this is when we start to see a line of showers and thunderstorms developing. this line will then move off to the east. but the river is kind of scattered in nature.
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you may get rain at your house but your neighbor may not get in down the street. 2:00 in the afternoon, there is where that line of showers and thunderstorms is and then it will continue to push through the cape. we're talking about four to five in the afternoon before it moves to the cape. if you're thinking about making ate beach day make it early. by the afternoon you'll have to bring things indoors. short-lived by tomorrow night. this is moving out and we don't have to contend with any more showers to put into the foe. speaking of the forecast, here's thwa through giving us a are under of showers and thunderstorms. and then as we look behind. this we're going to blocking at less humid air moving into the forecast. that's why sunday is looking so nice in. terms of those thunderstorms, what you can expect, remember what i was talking about, heavy rains and downpours. this could slow down traffic if you're out driving around and you want to be careful about ponding. gusty winds certainly a possibility around 40 to 50. however, lightning is always an underrated element from these storms.
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us come in during the afternoon. then as we talk about sunday it's 84 degrees. less humid weather moving in. monday and tuesday, beautiful days across the area. we do have another chance of seeing thunderstorms on wednesday. another chance on friday as well. those again will be scattered in nature. so as we wait for those thunderstorms tomorrow, it's a good idea to have a weather app handy and make sure your phone is charged. speaking of charging this week i found a cut e changing the way we power our e the same. oomph offers an energy boost, while its customers keep moving. >> students can activate in one location, drop it off at 12 locations across campus. northeastern university is part of a pilot program testing oomph's service with 300
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that allows us to manage the inventory and monitor battery wellness. >> here's how it works. >> you just grab one of this. >> log on to their website to create an account. >> enter the code on the back of the charger. >> north eastern covers the cost foe first 24 hours. students pay any late fees, a big incentive to return them. >> we've seen about 13,500 activations of our chargers. up to this point over the course of four months. through the roof. blew our expectations ou started to depend on these. >> co-founder and c.e.o. james -- used to be a student here and remembers the pain of carrying a plug-in charger, searching for a wall outlet. >> so that helped kind of flesh out some of the details behind the business model. everybody really loves the fact that it's allowing them to stay mobile and untethered. >> northeastern student made the switch. >> i used to take my charger and i lost two or three of them.
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service. >> there are no wires. i come, plug it in take it around the gym for two hours. >> that kind of plug is boosting business. >> we wanted to change the way people think about charging their devices and keep them portable and on the go where possible. >> more students could be online with oomph this fall. the co-founders say they are negotiating with at least five local colleges and i'm seafood also available in some of the terminals at logan. >> we rely so much on these things. >> why isn't t walk around and it doesn't charge that way. >> that's next. >> that's your next chore. >> he's mr. wizard. he can figure it out. >> can we get in on that? start ups. >> up next, an ohio state trooper in the wrong place at the wrong time. >> dramatic crash that was
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>> new video released of a deadly police shooting. it shows police, you'll see all of this chasing this car theft.
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back. police say they thought he opened fire on an officer earlier. he was not armed when he was shot. >> an ohio state trooper is recovering after a dramatic crash. take a look at this. >> the sound is even more horrific the trooper had just pulled over a driver for running a red light when a second car slammed into him, incredibly he wasn't seriously hurt. he was released from the hospital on the same day. car knocks him down. >> getting ready to go back to school. >> new at 11:00, helping to connect veterans with massachusetts and service dogs.
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>> helping get back to school. >> cradles to crayons celebrated its 10th annual backpack campaign. it's part of a campaign to help
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for their education. the group stuffed 40,000 backpacks. 40,000 at today's event. you know what the other side is? back to schoole? >> no. >> no. >> not yet. it feels like it wraps up -- >> i don't want it to go yet. >> you talk about sunsets before 8:00. >> that's where it's at.
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craig's is chronicle on wcvb channel 5. >> added treatment facilities for drug users. groundbreaking care for addicted inmates. >> there is no withdrawal from it. >> help instead of handcuffs >> we are not soft on crime. >> we need to try to provide some help. >> new advances against the opioid crisis, but the same old stigma for users. >> it is very negative, wasteful, harmful. >> working toward a state without stigma, next on chronicle. >> good evening. as you have probably heard, recent initiatives from the governor's office are aimed at


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