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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  August 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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stormteam 5's joe venuti is tracking at all. joe: all of the pop-up cells have had heavy rain, but this one in particular, the national weather service has put out a severe thunderstorm warning, for worcester county, headed into norfolk county. it is moving to the used at 25, 30 miles per hour. it is moving rapidly. here just developing to the north of that whole area, just over the boston area. we could see some of those darker clouds. where are they going, where will they end how is the weekend looking? i have all of those details coming up. diane: commitment 2016. donald trump fundraising on cape cod and nantucket today. a rally scheduled for new hampshire tonight. the candidate will speak at windham high school. that is where we find newscenter 5's nicole eastaphan.
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nicole: they have been lining up since early this morning. trump supporters filling the gymnasium. chvre is not expected to take the stage and told the laughter 8 p.m. this evening. what we have not seen at the location so far, protesters, despite calls for that. trump spent much of the day in new england, making stops in nantucket and osterville. it up to $100,000 to attend. trump a few hours ago writing, heading junior hampshire, we'll be talking about hillary saying her short -- her brain short-circuited among other things. that in reference to a statement clinton had with regard to her personal e-mails. we will have a full report tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. we live in windham -- wcvb
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isle it's a quiet weekend for , democratic nominee hillary clinton with no public appearances. she'll campaign in florida next week. the first family is now vacation on martha's vineyard. this is new video of president obama arriving at joint base cape cod earlier this afternoon. they flew by helicopter for the two-week's at the vineyard. president obama is expected to attend at least one ra for hillary clinton sometime during his vacation. diane: right now, an investigation into what caused a rough landing at beverly airport today. a viewer sent this video to newscenter 5 showing what happened. the pilot had to set the plane down safely with a missing wheel. getting the job done despite some bumps, the plane scraping down the runway before stopping. several rescue crews were ready to jump into action if needed, but no one was hurt in the landing. the faa will now try to determine exactly what happened. new information on a deadly
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state police say an off duty trooper witnessed the crash on route 128 and rushed over to help. troopers say a 30-year-old gloucester man crashed into a guardrail and was killed. his passenger, a 29-year-old rockport woman, was seriously hurt. the cause of the crash is under investigation. reid: a rescue mission on cape cod today. dolphins, stranding themselves, in barnstable harbor today. a coordinated effort to save them. ne there. mary: it has been a busy day on the cape. this is one of 10 dolphins that beached itself in and around barnstable harbor. first on sandy neck beach. shows what a group of six and then a group of four. the tide came in too quickly, so the animals refloated. mary: couple of the animals
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beach. they realized they needed to transport the animals. that meant carting them up the beach to a waiting vehicle where their vital signs will be monitored in transit. >> a lot of people would think, oh, i've got to push the dolphin back into the water. but they are mammals. they can breathe outside the water. that is not the issue. the issue is something like sunburn. mary: beachgoers can help like keeping their keeping their voices down. bedsheets can help give them cool until help arrives. >> also, you have another wet one on top. you want to keep them cool, covered, and calm. mary: next, you transport the dolphins to barnstable harbor so they can catch up to the rest. mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5.
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three cape cod beaches are closed after a feeding frenzy by great white sharks. as many as six sharks were spotted yesterday. as a result, noons landing, beach point, and cold storage beaches are closed as a precaution. diane: we now know the name of the driver killed in a crash in sutton. state police have identified him as 47-year-old christopher paquin of grafton. the crash happened on route 146 just after in flames as the arrived on scene. no one else was hurt. an investigation is underway to find the cause. a four-alarm fire at a kingston, new hampshire lumberyard is under investigation. firefighters are still on the scene of northland forest products. flames broke out around 1:00 this morning. it took nearly seven hours to control the fire in the building full of raw lumber. three other buildings on the property caught fire but no neighboring homes were damaged. investigators do not expect foul play. reid: new at 6:00, big trouble over a trump sign in the town of
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car. our shaun chaiyabhat is live in -- with reports on how this suddenly escalated. >> i am with income a stop, stop, and she kept on going. shaun: art gonsalves says a confrontation with a vandal almost ended with him run over. his trump sign has had it's share of unwanted attention. it says hispanic for trump. at 3:00 other vulgar phrases unfit for tv. it's an ongoing battle that's lasted a year. the sign saga reached another pinnacle last september, when police thought his boobie trap was a bomb. >> i said boobie trap and there's a sign that says danger. it's a radio amplifier with wires, so i figure this will keep the kids away from touching it. shaun: he put up cameras to catch the culprit.
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of the damage. she's a neighbor who lives about a mile down the road. but unlike his neighbors right next door. >> what does that say to you that you can coexist with a hillary supporter right next door, but this happens? >> that's why we fight for this country. shaun: this veteran gets emotional, talking about his and our right to vote. >> 3 years active duty. we fought for this. we want you to put your signs up. i fought so she could put her signs up. shaun: this is the end of it. the suspect is due in court monday morning. live in andover, shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. diane: dozens injured in a concert collapse. coming up, the chaos that was caught on camera. what we're learning tonight. reid: also ahead hoops for hope. , how an annual basketball tournament is keeping the memory of a fallen hero alive. joe: a severe thunderstorm
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i will have your full forecast. reid: and later, the red sox hoping to keep the dodgers off-balance. the latest on their west coast road trip. >> the 10:00 news on the tv boston with maria stefano and dan simoneau now on comcast nine ? ? 4 by 4 by land, 4 by 4 by sea ? ? 4 by 4 by air - 'cause i like to fly free ? ? 4 my country and how it all started out ? ? 4 doin' it yourself cuz you want it done right ? ? 4 by 4 the top down - stars keep ya up at night ? ? 4 by 4 every one of our seventy-five years ? ? 4 by 4 the wave - that's how we say 'cheers' ? ? that's how we live ?
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at 6:00. diane: a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of our area. keep an eye on the sky. joe will be years shortly with the complete forecast in a few minutes. reid: any meantime caught on , camera, a railing collapse at a concert in new jersey. dozens sent to the hospital. the show featured hip-hop superstars snoop dogg and wiz khalifa. diane: the performance cancelled after last night's accident. reporter adrienne bankert with more on what happened.
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to see snoop dogg and wiz khalifa caught on camera, but within seconds, the celebration turning into chaos. video capturing the moment the railing separated fans from the stage in new jersey collapsed. >> head over to bb&t center. they have a fence collapse, multiple injuries. reporter: another angle shows how people flipped over each other, landing on the concrete floor feet below. security quickly escorting the music starts off the stage as crews rushed to help the injured. >> blood rushing, it was horrific. it was bad. >> i fell six or seven feet. i luckily fell on top of someone so i did not hit the concrete. reporter: most injuries were
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bones. fans were pushing up against each other before the collapse. >> all of a sudden, i see people rushing be front and then suddenly people just started falling off the edge. reporter: now questions about how and why the railing gave way. abc news, camden, new jersey. diane: the 4th annual sean collier memorial basketball tournament kicked off today. colyer, and m.i.t. police collier, an mit police officer, was killed by the boston marathon bombing suspects. today's tournament benefits a scholarship in collier's name. teams of first responders, medical personnel, and sports fans participated in the event. the tournament continues tomorrow morning at mit from 11 to 6. reid: a special send off today for a local little league baseball team. the wellesley team is heading to the new england regionals in connecticut the team of 11-to-13-year-old players beat out pittsfield in last week's state championship. a double-elimination tournament starts monday. the winner of the tournament has
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coming up, the latest on the storms working through our area and how the rest of the weekend is shaping up.
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diane: the 2016 olympics are officially underway. and the medals are already coming out gold for team usa. reid: but as abc's jim ryan reports the games got off to a bit of a rough start. team usa walked into rio to massive cheers. but the russian team, smaller after the infamous doping scandal, actually received it some booze. that was not enough to stop the brazilian spirit. protesters raged outside. demonstrators concerned about overspending and government
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there was a bomb scare. crowds got stuck in long lines. overall, fans have been impressed. >> it feels a lot safer and a lot more nice now. jim: fans and athletes alike are excited to begin, including the first u.s. woman to compete in hijab. >> i she changes the conversation right now. jim: team usa claimed its first metal and first gold. gymnastics got underway for the men. the american swim team dove into the pool. conor dwyer celebrating after his 400 meter freestyle. kelsi worrell advance in the 100 meter butterfly.
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she is expected to bring home several medals. and the syrian refugees swimmer winning her heat in the 100 meter butterfly. reid: back at home, the radar does knowledge to good. the storms are moving in from the west to the east. already passed worcester and storms last tonight? joe: we have another couple hours. the onest u're looking at here will be the most severe urine the sun is still feeling the atmosphere. plenty of humidity. focused and, one storm system and has started to develop south of boston.
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to the east. this is the area that has a severe thunderstorm warning for westworcesr county. you can see it pushing down to woodstock and rhode island. this term system will continue to hold its strength for the next half hour, maybe an hour or so area this one has been's deadly marching eastward -- this one has then steadily marching eastward. watch out foth there could be very heavy downpours and severe lightning as well. is a very narrow band. it is all the way into southeastern new jersey and pennsylvania. we have a few hours of heat and humidity to go through your it was this front pushes offshore, midnight or so, we will expect the effects of drier air. temperatures still me 80's to
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-- has broken back out. the cape is behind to those thickening clouds. slightly cool, but still very, very humid. take a look at the dew point. evan d in boston. very -- 70 in boston. very oppressive and uncomfortable air. if you have the air conditioner or the fans running, you probably need them. night, dew points in the mid-50's and much cooler and drier heading into monday. better conditions, but thunderstorms still have a few hoursgo thunderstorms very early. 64 to 69 degrees, and the winds will shift out of the northwest. for tomorrow, a few scattered fairweather clouds.
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degrees. in terms of your beach and boating forecast, a beautiful day to head to the beach. much less humid. high tide coming up at 3:17 in the afternoon. temperatures will stay in the 80's to near 90 degrees as we head toward thursday. the low humidity stays with us through the middle part of the week. i think it looks like the hu of the week. that is your latest stormteam 5 forecast. >> now sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. reid: the red sox continue the series -- this isda e.
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start today. has given up three earned runs. again, the game is currently in the seventh. the score is 3-0, dodgers. we will have highlights at 10:00 and 11:00. in case you fell asleep before the end of the game last night, david ortiz was presented with a $10,000 check for his charity is part of his farewell tour this season. mookie betts hits a solo home run. they sandy leon takes got cap do for a two-run shot. steven wright when people nine innings for the goodt t. nice -- nine strikeouts. he only gave up three hits on his way to his 13th when of the season. got to show jim --
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night, brandon moss his the popad garc. garcia. day baseball in the big apple today. mike napoli breaks 2-2 tie with a solo home run to right field. as. and the seventh. he builds a solo shot andrew miller, who was traded from t y indians, it's the save as the indianso n. baltimore maintain their top spot among the division in the al east. however they are tied with the blue jays. the yankees artists solely -- the yankees are slowly starting to fade. and the rays have been out of it
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today, posting a nice message to his wife gisele. this was gisele's last career walk on the catwalk. exprsed how proud of her he ihis ssage in her nascent -- in her native language of portuguese. diane, over to you. diane: coming up tonight on nent:0 the local town telling peopl news with cecilia vega. >> we are in rer the first olympic gold goes to ale t. dozens injured when a barricade break set a wrap concert -- at a
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but as we slowly moved to the west, this is what we are getting. dark clouds. guess that is rain. joe:ou s the rain off in the distance. there are steady rain showers. we had some earlier this afternoon north of boston. off to the west and south of boston -- you take a look at the latest radar, you can see the storms, we have been talking about it. over worcester, now a lot of other storms off to the north have weekend. this one holds on. a yellow outline. this is a severe thunderstorm warning for worcester county. i think it's about over for worcester county. as you head to the east, we're talking rockland, pembroke, and toward the coast, plymouth there, they will be experiencing that storm system. all of that is heading east.
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if you have outdoor plans, southeastern mass, the cape, the islands, you have to keep an eye out -- especially for this storm system. reid: all right, joe, thank you very much. abc world news is coming up
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.rld ws tonight." let the medal count begin. the first gold in rio and it belongs to team usa. an opening day hitch. lines so long people waiting for hours. tonight security on high alert as olympic dreams are made and dashed. the police video sparking new protests, a teen in the stolen car killed. tonight what police say officers may have done wrong in this very moment. concert chaos. two of raps biggest stars on stage. a barricade breaks and fans plunging several feet collapsing on to the concrete below. dozens hurt. inside the nation of north korea, a bird's eye view and a heavily guarded border. they say they are ready for war


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