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tv   Newscenter 5 Weekend Early Report  ABC  August 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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nicole: shots fired on perry avenue, be shots missing the intended target, but sending fee or through the quiet neighborhood. >> everybody goes down on the floor because nobody knows what is going on. nicole: residence inside this triple-decker rushed for cover after a bullet fired through the floor. >> she was doing her hair. and hit her leg. nicole: the bullet striking the hairdresser in the back of the like and grazing her customer. >> they said, what happened question mark it was a gunshot. that was scary. nicole: scary, but it could have been much worse. both women escaping injury and fears from nearbyhializ. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. it was a relief to my heart,
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to canvass the area searching for the person responsible. a live look at that bullet hole tonight. the good news, no one seriously injured. the investigation is ongoing. we're live in worcester, nicole estaphan, wcvb newscenter 5. diane: nicole, thank you. president obama started off his family vacation on martha's vineyard with a day of golfing, a great day to get outside. he tee'ed off at farm neck golf club in oak bluffs around one -- aroun l.a. clippers player chris paul joined the president and two friends for the match. the first family arrived yesterday for their two-week vacation. how is the weather going to look? a.j.: i was on the cape. it was beautiful. awesome sunset. i know we have storms coming through, but they really led to a great sunset. humidity has been low. i think everybody enjoyed most of today. their work one arteaga flickering showers.
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a.j.: no, no, they clicked and they are in and out. 80 in worcester. boston, 86. pleasant all the way through the south shore, south coast, cape and the islands -- great day for golf. he to be another nice day for golf tomorrow and tuesday as well. lots of sunshine, low humidity, and obviously where we have had our lack some quick greens out there. the last of the showers, and very narrow band of showers, heading south toward the south shore, not having much impact on us at all. a few clouds. your next 12 hours or so, a very nice sunset just before 8:00 this evening. by morning in boston we will be down into the upper 60's.
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the storm threat in just a few minutes. reid: all right, think you so much. any minute now, newbury street will just reopen to traffic, after a planned day-long shut down. diane: the goal was to draw shoppers, but some businesses were not sold on the idea. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live on newbury street with the reaction. shaun? shaun: s open to the crowds. the clouds are dying down. it was a full day of heavy foot traffic bringing customers to downtown. ? shaun: newbury street transformed. no longer a sea of congested cars and honking horns. now it is a flurry of strollers, families, and carefree shoppers. >> for sure they need to do this more often. this is great. shaun: for regular visitors to
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relief from dodging cars. but some businesses worried closing newbury to cars might hurt their bottom line. they feared customers might not have ample parking. >> most of the people coming to newbury aren't driving. they're taking public transportation or they are getting dropped off, so i think having walking is great. it's a great thing for the city too. showcase our city. that's what really happens here today. shaun: mayor marty walsh spent the day browsing local shops. many had open-air booths. like max and riley. >> we are new to the area. we have only been here name out and be part of the community. >> she's been saying since we moved into our space that i want to do a sidewalk sale, a garment racks. because from where we're from, they do this all the time. shaun: newbury street is finally back open to cars. the city plans to survey businesses to find out whether they liked it.
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5. reid: two commitment 2016 -- a new abc news poll gives hillary clinton an eight-point lead over donald trump. take a look at the numbers. devin dwyer reports on the new angle of attack for trump which he debuted here in new england. devin: down in the polls, donald trump debuting a new line of attack. mr. trump: the people of this country don't want somebody that's going to short circuit up here. devin: trying to use clinton's own words against her. ms. trump what i told the fbi, : which he said was truthful, is consistent with what i have said publicly. so, i may have short-circuited. devin: trump pouncing as clinton widens her lead in a new abc news/washington post poll. clinton up 8 points. with gains among women and consolidating support in her own party. trump on the other hand still struggles to win over some republicans like ohio governor john kasich. governor kasich: i wish that i could be fully enthusiastic.
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disapproval for his treatment of those muslim parents of a fallen american soldier. rudy giuliani: hillary's comments just don't get the same attention that trump's do. fredric brandt a pro-clinton super pac releasing a new ad featuring a gold star mother talking about her outrage at how trump treated the khan family. >> when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother i felt such a sense of outrage. i would like to tell donald trump what it feels like, the sense of emp devin: trustworthiness still a problem for both nominees, clinton's running mate trying to reassure americans their administration would be more transparent. senator kaine: the bottom line is this. she made a mistake. and she said over and over again, i made a mistake i've , learned from it, i'm gonna fix devin dwyer, abc news, it and i apologize for it. devin dwyer, abc news, washington.
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, hearing from tewksbury police about a graffiti incident threatening police at a skate park. you can see the graffiti here, it says kill cops. police say it appeared at a skate park on livingston street last week. they're not aware of any surveillance video in the area. so far there are no suspects. >> we take it very seriously. that is why we always look into them to see what happened. diane: police ask anyone with information to give them a call. reid: right now, several families are burned-out of their house in abington. flames broke out at 36 harrison avenue just after noon today and quickly rose to two-alarms. porch. crews were forced to fight the fire from outside until they had enough man power to go inside. firefighters from six neighboring towns helped. crews worked quickly to cut the fire off from heavy wind and high heat. >> any small fires with the conditions of the drought, it's going to immediately spread to the structure. it's possible that happened in
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fire. the home did sustain extensive damage, as you can see but is , structurally sound and able to be rebuilt. a suspicious three-alarm fire under investigation tonight in manchester, new hampshire. flames broke out at an apartment building on spruce street around 11:30 last night. heavy fire could be seen coming from the back of the building. 19 people are now out of a home. manchester's chief says the cause of the fire is suspicious. diane: bridgewater police are still looking for whoever tried to lure 3 kids into a van. the girls told police a man approached them and asked them to play pokemon go. they said no. it happened on lady slipper road around 6:30 last night. police went door-to-door in the neighborhood, looking for anyone who saw anything. reid: a new hampshire community mourning a teen who died during a rodeo. hundreds turned out for the funeral of 18-year-old cole wohle. the francestown teen died last weekend after riding a horse in a vermont rodeo. friends and family say his passion was firefighting and that he was a volunteer
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the death of their friend in a car crash in milford last month. the permament way they'll remember jackie gray, at one of her favorite places. diane: plus gas prices continue to fall while families hit the road for summer vacation. we'll break down how prices compare to this time last year. a.j.: and we are starting out comfortable and drive this week, but heat and humidity returning, along with a potentially stormy and the week. reid: member back in pads. how he did, how he looks. >> the 10:00 news on me to be boston with maria stefano and dan simoneau.
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>> monday morning on the eye,
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with hood, cottage cheese can be pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. reid: there will soon be a
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weekend. diane: jackie gray was a passenger in a suv that crashed in milford on july third. her friends started a gofundme page to dedicate a memorial bench to her at sleeping giant state park in connecticut near quinnipiac university, where gray would have been a sophomore this fall. in rhode island a memorial to mark the site of station nightclub is in its final stages. the outdoor park will pay tribute to the 100 people killed during the 2003 fire. the fire started when a rock band's pyrotechnics ignited sound insulation foam. a total of $2 raised to build and care for the memorial. the park is expected to be finished in october. reid: here is some welcome news for anyone taking a summer road trip. gas prices continue to fall for the ninth straight week. the average price across the country is $2.16 for a gallon of regular. that's 55 cents lower than this time a year ago.
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diane: day two of competition for the assembler -- the summer olympics in rio. and there is follow from two doping scandals. reporter: a new doping scandal at the olympics. new fallout for russia. >> they catastrophically failed. their mentality disgusts me. reporter: the international paralympic committee announced all russian paralympic athletes are disqualified from the summer olympics in rio. and strong winds ripped through the city, causing delays, toppling fencing, and ripping through banners.
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serena williams down, starting her journey. >> i can only help i get there again. reporter: and she is on her way. the 22-grand slam champion -- she was stunned in a loss on saturday but saw as a path to victory. the lady gymnastics team is also in action today. they are trying to qualify for team and competitions. the u.s. women's basketball team is killing the competition, beating senegal 121-56. and spring sensation katie ledecky hit the waters, setting an olympic record while qualifying for the 400 meter fees -- freestyle. also moving on, lilly king and katie miler -- katie meili, and
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jim ryan, rio de janeiro. reid: a lot of action with the climate as well? a.j.: absolutely, the winds were remarkable. it is strange because they are having the summer olympics. rio is south of the equator, so it is actually winter in a. -- actually winter in rio. a very pleasant field to the air as the humidity remains at a very manageable level, and i think most of these dartth nothing showing up on radar. you may have noticed a couple drops on the windshield or if you are having a backyard barbecue, maybe a drip or two. showers moving through northwestern parts of maine and new hampshire, but they will settle down. dry and comfortable tonight. devoid of whether all the way
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chicago, and the next spot down toward raleigh, north carolina where there are showers that way. that is about it. beautiful in boston. 86 degrees. nice breeze out there. land breeze, not a sea breeze, and humidity very low. 80 degrees or so worcester, 82 and hyannis. 79 in orange. here is a look at what is going on acr the country until you get down toward raleigh where you have showers and thunderstorms. otherwise, 85 to 90 degrees. temperatures are pretty appropriate for this time of year. heat and humidity simmering to the south. watch what happens. right now we have the dry air in place. all of these oranges and read, that is when it turns more comfortable. we are dry, but tuesday night on
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humidity coming back in as well. here you go. of it's going to feel uncomfortable to oppressive , this next air mass. and with the humidity, that is fuel for thunderstorms and i think we will have a few of those by hump day as well. urban areas will be warmest, obviously. you move off to the north and west and we will have 50's. very comfortable for sleeping. a good night for a fan in the window light sea breezes right of the coastline and maybe as far and went as a parking lot. aside from that we are looking at a very toasty inland. we have high building in. northwestern region for us and a delightful start to the work week on monday. the high will start to move
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into wednesday. water temperatures, your beach and boating forecast looking very nice. 70 to 75 degrees. on sandy neck, the water pretty nice. the uv index obviously very high. the surf is one or two feet tomorrow. gentle northwesterly breezes. rip current risk is low. those of you with the kiddos, you want to take them to the beach tide, a quarter of 10:00 or so. wednesday could be impactful. the chance for showers and thunderstorms. keep an eye on that. hot and muggy for the remainder of the work week and we could be dealing with off and on thunderstorms for friday, saturday, and early sunday. i will have another of eight coming up on metv at 10:00.
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sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike: hi, everybody. alex rodriguez will play his final game friday night and then the yankees will release him. next to spring you will be a special adviser an instructor with the yankees. alex rodriguez: i never thought i could play for 22 years. at 18, i just wanted to make the team. no athlete ever into his career or her career the way you want it to. we all want to keep on playing forever. that it doesn't work that way.
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athlete. mike: let's go to chicago where the theme is hit early and hit often. manning the chado of the baltimore orioles. -- many much ado of the baltimore orioles. first-inning, a run, a homer. he gets up three times, his three homers and three innings, seven runs only one other guy in major league baseball has pulled that off. the orioles when. the sox and dodgers and l.a. and less than one hour. julian edelman is off the physically unable to perform list. he was at practice this afternoon in foxboro. he had surgery on his foot as recently as may. this is the first time he has been at practice in helmet and shoulder pads.
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surgery in may. broke his foot in november. >> a lot of significance. you have to get your football legs beckons -- back in shape. you have to get the them, it's about seven pounds. good to adjust to catching the ball with the shoulder pads, the helmet, the facemask, going out there and trying to get tired, tired is possible, so you can get used to games and stuff. about jim furyk here is that a pga record. best route ever -- 58 -- 58. 10 birdies and one eagle. holes six through 12 in a row. he missed a putt on 18 that would have given him a 57. he did not win the tournament because he started the day 16 shots back.
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on sportscenter 5 o.t., and we will talk about julian edelman, tom brady on friday, and the red sox and dodgers and lots of great golf and baseball highlights for you. reid: thanks, mike. diane: coming up, would be jewelry thieves. the trouble they left into. reid: and abc poll numbers and trump unleashing a new attack on hillary clinton. plus, the consumer alert -- thieves hijacking your cell
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final look of the cast. a.j.: not a bad start to the work we get all. lots of sunshine for your monday, tuesday as well. temperatures appropriate for this time of year -- we will call it made 80's, a light sea breeze at the beaches. the humidity comes back on wednesday. we have a threat of thunderstorms as well. after that, we may be clearing 90 degrees for a few days by the
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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news, tragedy at a major water park. details coming in at this hour. donald trump facing dangerous poll numbers. the republican nominee losing ground. the huge group of voters lining up for hillary clinton. attack. >> honestly, i don't think she's all there. crash course. the frightening wipeout. the cyclist crashing in the middle of a race, rushed to the hospital. and the french gymnast breaking his leg on the mat, then suffering another fall when paramedics drop the stretcher. midair takedown. the crowded cross-country plane forced to divert. a passenger accused of attacking a flight attendant, taken away in cuffs.


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