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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 8, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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eyeopener continues. >> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: breaking overnight, an american abducted in afghanistan. new information on the kidnapping in that country's capital. emily: a massachusetts native killed at a popular tourist investigation. the game getting his attention as he was shot in the back. randy: a little boy killed on what could be the world's tallest water slide. it's on this eye for this monday. 's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: 5:00 a.m. on the eye this morning, a big night for swimming, michael phelps winning his 19th gold medal. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: mike, welcome in for cindy this morning.
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mike: 19th gold medal. emily: he's not human. he's a fish. mike: we could use those temperatures. trying to segue. look at concord, new hampshire, 54 degrees. these temperatures have really dropped off. beautiful night last night with a cool temperature, the humidity was manageable and it is august and you know that won't last long. the humidity will be coming back to the forecast. checking out the sli widening out the view, there's not much going on. way down to the carolinas you have to find some rain or headway out to south dakota. it's out there. eventually that will be moving into our forecast but will take a while to get here and why i say nothing really until wednesday. here's the way the map looks heading through the day today. fair weather clouds billowing up. one or two people got sprinkles yesterday but don't think we'll have that this afternoon.
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i'm looking for a sea breeze that will hold the temperatures a few hours or so. it's at the airport and once downtown the temperatures will be well in the 80's. the sun set tonight is at 7:54. what about this heat? here's the way it's looking the next several days. we're ramping things up headed for the 90's. it's not just the heat new the humidity and we'll talk about that in a moment with the thunderstorm threats. good morning, olessa. olessa: so far so good. a nice look at the pike the rest of the ride. no complaints traveling into boston. we have construction in the final stages, expressway, north by mass avenue and no issues on 24, looking good on 95 as well as route 3 and traveling west of town, pike is 15 minutes headed eastbound 495 to 128. more construction 1 8 south from route 2 to route 2-a that will clear shortly and so far trains and buses are starting on schedule. emily? emily: breaking overnight.
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to have been kidnapped on a road to kabul. they are employees of the american university of afghanistan. the abduction happened along a main road and the victims taken from their vehicle by five gunmen wearing military uniforms. we'll bring you more information as we get it. also breaking now, at least 42 people are dead after a bombing at a hospital in pakistan. dozens more are wounded there. that blast took place not long after the body of a prominent lawyer killed in a shooting was brought to the hospital. more breaking news. trouble for delta airlines. the company telling many travelers on twitter the systems are down everywhere. passengers reported delays at a number of airports including london and l.a. we'll keep you posted throughout the morning. police are searching for suspects after this lowell native is shot and killed while playing pokemon go and happened in the middle of a popular tourist spot. randy: the eyeopener this
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here and went to school at emaccurate conception in lowell before his family moved to california. people on both coasts are shocked over the senseless crime. riley was a freshman at san joaquin delta college where he played for the school's basketball team but on saturday he was playing that popular pokemon go game in san francisco's ghirdelli square when police say he was shot in the back. he was with a friend on a crowded night in that popular tourist cag out of nowhere. >> from make we know there was no confrontation or nothing said back and forth but senseless, shot him in the back and ran away for nothing. >> police say riley wasn't robbed. his friends say they noticed someone was watching them from nearby but since so many people were praying pokemon go in that park they didn't think anything of it. police are hoping witnesses will come forward and provide some more clues.
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his time teaching the kids basketball like his dad did here for many years. live in lowell. randy: a man is getting ready to face a judge as he faces scrutiny in the death of his teenage daughter. walter da silva was arrested as a fugitive from justice. the u.s. marshal's office said he's a person of interest in shooting of his 19-year-old daughter in new bedford. sabrina da silva was her father has not been charged in that crime and will face an extradition hearing. crews are getting ready to resume their search for a man believed to have drowned in a new hampshire river. police say the man jumped in the water after a small dog on this river in new hampton on sunday, the dog and the man's wife were not hurt but he never resurfaced. the couple were camping nearby. emily: investigators are
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billed as the world's largest water slide. the safety of that ride being called into question this morning and erika tarantal is talking about it. erika: the slide will be closed today as the investigation gets underway and is unclear exactly how 10-year-old caleb schwab died and riders must be 54 inches tall to ride it and they wear a velcro strap across the shoulders and a for the kansas city park is promising answers. >> right now our focus is on that family. and i understand that you want a lot of information right now and you will get that information to find out what happened. emily: the slide opened in 2014 and encountered problems early on including practice tests that sent sandbags used in place of people flying. the ride later was redesigned. the family released a statement
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randy: police in the city of lowell are investigating after bullets flew through the window after home on fayette street last night. two rounds went through the window. one person was inside at the time but that person was not hurt. a similar scare under investigation in the city of worcester. police are searching for the gunman whose bullet pierced a home there injuring two women inside. people inside this triple decker on perry avenue rushed for cover from the stray the gunfire outside missing its intended target but coming through the wall of this hair saloon. >> she was doing her hair. that's when the bullet went through the wall and hit her leg. >> they were in shock, like what happened? it was a gunshot. randy: luckily those women who were not seriously hurt or injured. emily: more gymnastics and swimming in rio after a golden start to the teams for team
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including three gold medals. michael phelps showing why he's the most decorated athlete in olympic history. the swimming sensation led team u.s.a. to a gold medal finish in the 4 x 100 freestyle replay and came after american katie ledecky got things started by crushing her own world record in the 400 free style and has been trying to beat that time two years now. aly raisman in the hunt for anothe called the best bars routine of her life. she's behind her teammate simone biles. raisman tweeting yipeee. thanks, brazil, for chanting "u.s.a." in the arena. how cool. wasn't all glory, venus and serena williams lost their doubles match. they were 15-0 going into that competition.
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will be the news today. donald trump set to deliver a speech on his plans and hillary clinton will follow on thursday of this week. recent polls show clinton gaining a bit of ground on economic issues. libertarian candidate and former governor bill weld will be in the commonwealth today. he's in the second spot on the ticket with former new mexico governor gary johnson, weld the secretary of state to make sure they're on the ballot here in november. emily: today governor baker will sign a bill designed to boost green energy in massachusetts. the plan calls for the state to produce 1,600 mega watts of hydroand wind power and also calls for better storage of the energy being created and procedures to fix gas leak which is have been an issue in many communities and does not include language that would have banned utility from seeing rate increases to pay for a
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the first full day of his vineyard vacation. he teed off at farm net golf club in oak bluffs. chris paul joined the president and two friend for the match. the first family arrived yesterday for their two-week vacation. randy: new this morning, more than 1 hundred boston school teachers do not have classroom assignments for the coming year and is expected to cost taxpayers about $8 million. "the globe" is reporting teachers were of budget cuts and declining enrollment among other reasons but the district has to keep them on the payroll because of the union contract in the city. emily: 5:10 this morning. getting scammed through your cell phone. randy: the hack that can cost you bigtime. a plane landing in beverly with a missing wheel. the man aboard describes how he knew something was wrong moments after takeoff. >> save money from everything from groceries to household
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if you don't have time. erika: two people are missing believed to have been kidnapped on a road in kabul and they say they are employees of the american university of afghanistan. at least 42 people are dead after a bombing at a hospital in pakistan. dozens more are hurt. we'll bring you more information as we get it. mike? mike: another sunny day on the way. our next chance of thunderstorms ahead in our forecast. first what to expect heading ou temperatures and the humidity is manageable today but will change by midweek.
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? >> good morning, eyeopener, we're the massachusetts champions. good morning. randy: good morning to you. the talented little leaguers are headed to bristol, connecticut, taking on five trying to go to the world series. good luck. emily: fingers crossed. we'd love to see your team spirit with a wake-up call like they've done. go to your phone and upload it to ulocal using our wcvb app. still nice out there, kind of pleasant out there. mike: for a day. you know why i'm here? because the weather is really nice and sippedy will be back tomorrow to tell you how nasty it will get.
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mike: i never go to the mall when it shows or show up here when it's bad weather. we need rain. we're extremely dry. check out the drought monitor. we did not get much rain over the weekend. a ban that developed southern worcester to bristol county but still we're talking about deficits of 7 1/2 to 8.25 inches dry for areas across the region and why we're stuck in the severe drought situation and won't change the day. keeping the we may see a few pop-up clouds but a beautiful sun rise coming your way. over the harbor, 71 degrees with a light northwesterly breeze and the dew point, that's why it's comfortable, the humidity is down. we get used to the muggy weather and then all of a sudden it breaks and it feels so much cooler. but it's not cooler, just that the humidity is more bearable. we have dry air in place now
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the humidity starts rolling in here as we talk about wednesday. wednesday will be our first opportunity. i say first opportunity for a thunderstorm because we have several more opportunities this week. not washout days but the chances for afternoon thunderstorms will thereby. not today. sunny, 84-88 degrees with a sea breeze tonight, under clear skies. another comfortable sleeping night, 58-68 degrees for your overnight lows. as the high pressure moves its way off you see what happens with the southwesterly flow that sets us up for a chance of thunderstorms. on wednesday a lot of it might be off to the north and west of the city but the chance is out there for fairly strong storms. we'll highlight that in red and indicate it's a high impact day for us. leading up to it, tomorrow is beautiful, low humidity at 88 degrees. it's warm but the humidity is manageable and then but talk about the threat of thunderstorms coming in and as you look at it, we see more thunderstorms to the west and some of it could work its way eastward and then we go to the unceltsed period.
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and sunday there's a chance, an opportunity for thunderstorms. we look forward to that right now. we need rain. still dry. how does your yard look [ emily: it's brown. but i'd like to move the rain to later. mike: because i'm here. emily: thank you, mike. it's a quiet start on the roads. olessa: you look eastbound at the bottom of the screen, so far no problems. the overnight construction we've been up. let's get to the maps, so far no problems, 93 is quiet and 24, route 3 5, all looking good and traveling the pike eastbound, 15 minutes, 495 to 128. 93 south looking good to the lever connector and construction clearing as well as 128 south by route 2 and trains and buses so far are on schedule. emily? emily: thanks, olessa. we're hearing from one of the
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the student pilot said he knew something was wrong seconds after takeoff. bruno: took off and turned right as we were supposed to do and it starts feeling a little bit weird, the airplane, start to hear some crazy noise. emily: the instructor took the controls turning back towards the airport with the right landing gear barely hanging on. bruno: he did his part, let's keep calm and fly the airplane. that's important. if you panic now, it's for the a good thing sle we're supposed to do and everything will work. emily: the single engine piper warrior stayed in the air about an hour to give emergency crews a chance to get ready but even without the gear the landing was text book. randy: to your economy, welcomed news for anyone taking a summer road trip, for all of us for that matter. gas prices are down for the ninth straight week. the national average for a gallon of regular, $2.16. that's down 55 cents from this time last year.
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massachusetts is 2:11. the check of the markets, asian stocks higher overnight, still reaching and reactioning to friday's positive jobs news here in the united states. stock futures here are also higher right now. this week wall street will be watching for new numbers on retail sales. emily: boston city leaders are looking at making a newbury street experiment a more frequent option. the city temporarily shut down the street to cars for the day yesterday and it was packed with shoppers featured live music and open air booths and dining. the goal was to gain new customers. boston mayor marty walsh hoping it would be good for businesses and spill over beyond newbury. >> most those who come on newbury aren't driving anyway and are getting public transportation or walking. walking is great and good for the city to showcase it and that's wheal what happened today. emily: the city will talk to
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have it again. saving money when you shop is a priority and there's ways to do it no matter how busy you are. save up to 15% for signing up for automatic reordering for household staples. wal-mart and sam's club offer that service. there is online grocery shopping and you can click your way through coupons with the different businesses. check out the rebate apps, there are two you scan your receipts to get cash back for your purchases. randy: a warning about your cell phone. identity thieves are finding new ways to hijack your account and from there the hackers can use your information to steal money from you. of course one family here discovered thieves gained access to an online account creating fake i.d.'s and then they took over. the hackers bought three new iphones on the family's account but the damage with go beyond
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access to personal information like credit card. >> it's all, you know, close to $11,000 worth of charges i didn't make and they called my cell phone to see if it's actually a fraudulent charge or not. the thief actually has my number. we say sure, yeah. randy: experts say to call your carrier and set up a pass code or pin to add an extra layer of security. emily: good to know. still ahead. randy: incredible. we have the video from eye poppers. erika? erika: a pizza box causes a big scare in chicago and how it led to the evacuation of a plane. also the mother of a boy found dead on the side of the road due in court. what's at stake today? and would-be jewelry thieves busted before they made it out of the door. how they were caught so quickly. it's all ahead. now
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mike: they can out the satellite picture. there's nothing going on. the humid the is manageable. we enjoy a day with the temperature in the 0's and doesn't feel bad with the low humidity out there. the humidity ramps up wednesday and when we introduce thunderstorms during the afternoon on wednesday and then it gets unceltsed towards the end of the week with temperatures around 90 degrees.
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and we throw in a chance of afternoon thunderstorms. randy: red sox close out the series in los angeles as they made three errors and gave up three home runs. david price struggling over five innings. top of the sixth, two on base for mookie betts who singles into left but catching up here 6-5. it would be a back-to-back home runs in the seventh and the sox would lose 8-5 and they now head home to a series against the yankees tomorrow. emily: 5:25. time for the eye popper with olessa. olessa: some science this morning with incredible video from a nasa satellite. this is rain falling on the surface of the sun. the rain you see in the video is plasma returning to the sun's surface. scientists call this phenomenon none coronal rain and often is trigger bid solar flares. this year a trick shot you don't want to miss. check it out.
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coach at christ presbyterian academy in nashville and is a trick shot artist and showing off his skills at the omni hotel. draining a shot from the roof 250 feet away. emily: amazing. olessa: i couldn't hit from here to where the camera is. randy: some trusting bystanders. who knows where that ball was going to go. we're following breaking news this morning, all delta flights are grounded because of a we'll have a update for you on this situation for delta passengers and concerns after threatening graffiti is found in tewksbury. why police say they could have an investigation on this,
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopene playing pokemon. the tourist attraction murder hitting hard in lowell this morning. >> tragedy at the water park. a little boy dead. the scrutiny facing a ride with a world famous title. >> a daring heist but these guys made a big mistake and it landed them in cuffs. >> plus, team u.s.a. looking golden in rio. aly raisman has a reason to celebrate on the eye. >> and we're following breaking news right now.
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we'll have an update for you in a moment on that story. randy: 5:30 monday morning. we're looking at traffic moving on the massachusetts turnpike in boston. light traffic at this hour. a nice morning, though. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with olesa and mike wankum in for cindy. we were saying it's feeling pleasant. mike: the manageable. in the desert southwest they have the low humidity and it's 112 and you go it doesn't feel that warm. yes, it does. emily: are you trying to give us perspective? mike: it will be a warm day but the humidity is down and makes it manageable. check out what's happening on the satellite picture. not much. widening out the view we don't see anything related to the rain until you get to the carolinas or virginia or kansas. high pressure is in control of
5:31 am
keen at 54 degrees. much warmer in the city with the concrete heat keeping it in and why it's warmer in the city overnight but away from the city the temperatures cool off nicely tonight. what's going to happen? here's the way the map looks at 8:00. still no cloud. what happens this afternoon around 1:00, remember yesterday how the clouds popped up a little bit. that's what you'll see again today. yesterday we had a few sprinkles and don't think we'll see much of it. look at the line of clouds along the coastline. it's showing the sea breeze seg things cooler if you're near the shoreline. heading towards sun down the clouds go away and they're gone and out of here and tomorrow we get a repeat of it. the next 12 hours boston temperature will ramp up in the lower 80's with a sun set at 7:54 and then we start to talk about the heat and humidity coming back into the forecast and that's the part you like the best, right? olessa: my favorite. everybody's, too. thanks, mike. a live look at the pike and is a check eastbound heading to
5:32 am
it's a quiet start. the overnight construction we were watching is gone. accident-free. 93 looks good and the pike as well and expressway 10-15 brain tree to boston. no problems on route 3. the pike is 15 eastbound 495 to 128. 93 south looks great and trains and buses starting on schedule. randy? randy: thank you. following breaking news in princeton "the telegram" is reporting a search for a missing jogger has bn underway on brook station road for several hours now. the district attorney's office is on the scene there. that road is closed. we're also on the scene gathering information and we'll bring you new details as we get them. emily: also following several other breaking stories right now. randy: the eye's erika tarantal tracking information as it comes in. erika: all delta flights are grounded and impacting airports
5:33 am
hopes the issue will be resolved soon and we'll keep you posted. also breaking, two people, including an american believed to have been abducted out of their car in kabul by gunmen in military uniforms. afghan officials believe both victims work at the american university of afghanistan. other stories we're following now. police say a lowell native is dead, shot in the back while playing pokemon go at a attraction in san francisco. calvin riley goes to school in california and was with a friend in ghirdelli square friday night whehe emily: the mother of a boy found dead on the highway is due in court. she is facing charges related to the care of jeremiah oliver though she's not been charged in his death. today's arguments focus on d.n.a. testing and follow a similar argument where he was missing in 2013 and by that point had been missing months. randy: several families out of
5:34 am
on harrison avenue broke out on the front porch. firefighters were forced to deal with this from the outside until they had enough manpower to go inside. firefighters from six neighboring towns helped them. no one was injured during the fire. or the firefighting effort. tukes but yes police are investigating graffiti threatening police at a skate park. you see it here. it says "kill cops." last week. they're not aware of surveillance video in your area and so far there are no suspects. >> we take it seriously like any other crime or report of malicious damage or any kind of thing and why we always look into it to see what happens. randy: police ask anyone with information to give them a call. emily: a tribute to a young woman killed in a crash over the weekend.
5:35 am
and the friends started a go fund me page to dedicate a memorial bench to her at the park in connecticut near quinnipiac university where she would have been a sophomore this fall. in rhode island, a memorial to mark the site of the station nightclub is in its final stages. the outdoor park will pay tribute to the 100 people killed in the 2003 fire. that fire started when a rock band's pyrotechnics ignited almost $2 million has been raised to build and care for that memorial. the park is expected to be finished in october. randy: pizza box leads to major confusion at a busy airport. emily: why it seemed suspicious to one flight crew. and thieves foil their own robbery at a jewelry store. the mistake that led to some fast arrests. randy: this is affecting a lot of people at new england airports this morning. following this breaking news, all delta flights grounded
5:36 am
delta says it's working to correct this worldwide issue. we're bringing you new information pat randazzo: when i see those false ads attackini wonder...medicare, they think that we're stupid? we know kelly. walter kolodziej: kelly has always done the right thing for seniors here in new hampshire - she has an impeccable record. mary griffin: we need to work across the aisle-which she does. mimi kolodziej: she's fighting for seniors and protecting medicare. pat randazzo: kelly knows that we need to work together to really preserve and strengthen medicare.
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emily: good morning. welcome back to the eyeopener. a live look at the zakim. not seeing many delays. no accidents to report. in this department we're doing fine, mike, how about you? mike: check out the temperatures. nice and cool and comfortable
5:39 am
today, depends where you're at. inland we'll see temperatures close to the 80's, close to 90 degrees and worcester county, nice in the mid 80's. closer to the cool line it's cooler. a bit of a sea breeze near the shoreline but inland, temperatures in the upper 80's, close to 90's. if you're towards the cape you're enjoying temperatures in the lower 80's for highs. randy? randy: a jewelry heist, busted before the thieves made it out of the parking lot. the pair cut a hole through the roof of the sto as they climbed through. they were hanging on to an extension cord but in the process they tripped the security alarm. that tipped off the police. two men were arrested in a parking lot right behind the store nothing taken since the jewels are locked up in the overnight hours. but the would-be robbers had an advantage. >> a hole through the ceiling and a new sky light and just a lot of cleanup. randy: that business has been
5:40 am
the owners have brought in a contractor to patch up the roof. emily: 5:39. updates ahead on breaking news including a major computer glitch for delta airlines and highlights from the olympics, big success for a native. and the community comes together for an autistic boy. the group effort giving him the happiest day of his life. and take a live look here. this is from the camera here on our rooftops. the sky just beginning to brighten. the sun rise is not too far away. news to go is coming up after
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randy: good morning. the eyeopener team is following several breaking stories on monday morning, including major problems for delta airlines. also, flights are grounded because of a systemwide issue there causing backups worldwide. emily: we'll keep you posted but we want to check in with mike to look at your forecast for today. nice day today. mikewe you can go out and watch a beautiful sun rise. let's check it out. i want to show you the temperature the last few days. we talk about heat waves. you have to there three days in a row of 90-degree heat. we got so close and got the silver medal and missed it by one degree each day, friday, saturday and sunday, high temperatures 89 degrees. today i don't think we'll be quite that warm and humidity will be down as well. check out the temperatures. boston at a warm spot at 71 and
5:44 am
degrees. cooler air settling in and we have temperatures down to 52 degrees in keen. i don't think you need a sweatshirt but it's on the cool side. heading toward the cape we see readings in the 60's right now. overall we're in a pattern looking at high pressure pushing in that cooler, drier air over the top of us but that drier air gives way to humidity as we talk about it later this week. the humidity is on the south and dry weather today and dry tomorrow but it thunderstorms in the forecast as we talk about midweek. today about 86 degrees for a high temperature. tomorrow, very pleasant again. a little warmer but the humidity is manageable. then heading towards wednesday and thunderstorms are into the forecast and it will be hot an humid by that point. time to check the traffic on monday morning. good morning, olessa? olessa: good morning, a live look look at the zakim bridge. the traffic picking up heading into boston. let's look the a the maps.
5:45 am
not a volume of volume. 95, route 3 as well as the expressway looks good and your ride 10-15 minutes from brain tree to boston. 495 to 128 and 93 south, a little delay there as you travel to andover and then you're in good shape to south pound and trains and buses running on schedule. emily and randy? randy: breaking news in princeton. "the telegram" reports there's a search for a missing jogger which has been underway on brook hours. the district attorney's office is on the scene. the road is closed for the investigation. we are still working to gather information. we're on the scene there as well and will bring you new details as we get them. emily: breaking overnight, two people including an american are missing, believed to have been kidnapped on the road to kabul. an afghan security official say they are employees of the american university of afghanistan. the abduction happened along a main road. the victims were taken from their vehicle by five gunmen wearing military uniforms.
5:46 am
also breaking right now, at least 42 people are dead after a bombing at a hospital in pakistan. dozens more are wounded there. the blast took place not long after the body of a prominent lawyer killed in a shooting was brought to the hospital but unclear if the two events are connected. more breaking news, trouble for delta airlines now. the carrier telling many travelers on twitter the systems are down everywhere. passengers reported delays at a number of airport london and l.a. and we'll keep you posted. doug? doug: a lowell native is shot and killed in california. he was playing the popular pokemon go game if you can believe it. calvin riley graduated from emaccurate conception school here in lowell before his family moved out west. on saturday he and a friend were playing that popular app game in san francisco's ghiredelli square when police say he was shot in the back. he wasn't robbed and apparently
5:47 am
come forward. no arrests have been made. we're live in lowell this morning, doug meehan, newscenter 5. randy: a kansas water park is under investigation this morning after the death of this little boy, 10-year-old caleb schwab died on sunday. he was riding this 168-foot tall water slide, billed as the largest in the world. the boy is the son of a state representative scott schwab. the park is closed today becaus emily: hurricane earl turning deadly as it moves through mexico. at least 38 people died after heavy rains triggered landslides that buried homes across the country. the hurricane has since been downgraded to a tropical storm. the heavy rain is still expected. a second tropical storm formed off mexico's coast yesterday afternoon and is expected to make landfall by early tuesday. randy: a murder suicide is rocking a small pennsylvania community. the bodies of five people along with the family dog were found
5:48 am
death. the youngest just 2 years old. police went to the home after receiving a call from a concerned relative. on saturday they say a gun was found near one of the parents along with a note but police have not confirmed who fired the shot. emily: right now a man is prepared to face a judge as he faces scrutiny in the death of his teenage daughter. 45-year-old walter da silva was arrested friday in connecticut as a fugitive from justice. the u.s. marshal's office says he's also a person of interest the in the shooting 19-year-old daughter in new bedford. sabrina da silva was killed outside her apartment last month. her father has not been charged in that crime and will face an extradition hearing today. randy: searchers are getting ready to look for a man believed to have drowned in a new hampshire river. police say the man jumped into the water going after a small dog. on the arrive in new hampton on sunday. the dog and the man's wife were not hurt but he never
5:49 am
emily: worcester police are searching for the gunman whose bull elt pierced a home injuring two women inside. people inside this triple decker on perry avenue rushed for cover from the stray bullet on saturday. the gunfire outside missing its intended target but coming through the wall of this hair saloon. luckily those women were not seriously injured. randy: four people under arrest and the depuns are off the street after a foot the police responded to mcgreevy way after calls of a recent gang and gun-related violence there. police arrested four men after they ran from the officers. one of the guns was found inside a gas grill and two others recovered by a dog, police dog. the men will be arraigned in roxbury district court. emily: the governor's council is expected to vote this week to fill the last open seat of the massachusetts supreme judicial court.
5:50 am
the daughter of a former federal attorney and the council confirmed two of governor baker's nominees. randy: the economy will be front and center on the campaign trail this week. the presidential campaign trail, donald trump expected to deliver a speech in detroit on his plans and hillary clinton will follow suit, same city, on thursday of this week. recent polls have showed clinton gaping a bit of ground on economic issues. emily: a north redding woman is donald trump sign in andover. after the homeowner confronted her she almost hit him with her car. 57-year-old suzanne bryant is charged with four counts of defacing property and assault by a dangerous weapon. police say it's not the first time she painted the sign at the jenkins road home. she is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. randy: new safety measures being put if place at disney world after a child was killed by an alligator. a stonewall is going up along
5:51 am
lagoon. a 2-year-old nebraska boy was dragged into the lake by an alligator while vacationing with his family in june and his body found 16 hours later. emily: a suspicious package traveling on a plane traveling to chicago turns out to be crash. passengers and crew from the american airlines was evacuated but officials at o'hare say it was a pizza box someone left under the seat. randy: members of team u.s.a. are waking up with the golden glow this morning. to tell us what to watch for. erika: wise will be on michael phelps and katie ledecky with the golden glove you speak of. phelps clinching a medal in the men's 400 relay and ledecky crushed the competition and her own record in the freestyle. in gymnastics, aly raisman shining bright with a performance with her advancing
5:52 am
the all-around final tomorrow. right now the medal count has the u.s. leading with 12 medals, three of them gold. yes, some disappointment in the tennis court in rio. venus and serena williams lost their first-round match for the first time. randy? randy: the entire russian team is banned from the competition and the move is a punishment for the country running a doping operation and earlier a decision by the international olympic committee allowed individual sports to decide if russ c emily: the red sox closing out the series if against the dodgers in l.a. and made three errors and gave up three home runs. david price struggled over five innings. top of the sixth, two on base with mookie betts who singles to left. the sox catching up 6-5 but then it would be back-to-back home runs in the seventh and the sox lose 8-5. they now head home to open a series against the yankees tomorrow. alex rodriguez is ending his lengthy major league career. his final game in the yankee
5:53 am
against attacha bay. the 41-year-old is a three-time american league m.v.p. and a 14-time all-star. but a-rod may be most remembered for sitting out a full season in 2014 in the longest doping suspension in baseball history. he'll take on a new role as a special advisor for the yankees starting in spring training. randy: and at the movie theaters, a box office smash "suicide squad" raking in an estimated $ weekend, shrugging off scathing reviews. so far it's one of the year's biggest openings and set as new record for an august film debut. very special birthday, for a little boy here in california. 11-year-old ryan says he always wanted friend for his birthday. he is autistic and his mom put out a call for birthday cards hoping to brighten his day and
5:54 am
and even gifts pouring in at the family's community in big bear lake even showed up to throw him a party. his mom said it is the happiest she's seen him in years. emily: storm troopers at a birthday party, right? what is better than that? randy: i know, i know. yeah. mike: beautiful day coming our way today. lots of sunshine and maybe a few pop-up clouds this afternoon. humidity is down and what makes the day have going on out will. 71 degrees. the dew point at 55 degrees. when you look on the scale, the lower the number the more comfortable you feel. we call it a pleasant range and could be there today and tomorrow and wednesday it ramps up. remember, this is august and you always know in august it's the heat, humidity and thunderstorms. those thunderstorms will start coming into the forecast as well once we get the humidity going. high pressure as it moves off, we end the northwesterly flow today and get in a much more
5:55 am
and thunderstorms. that's the threat that will be happening. these are not washout days we're talking about but certainly are good opportunities. we're seeing much needed rain. today we'll call it 86 degrees for a high temperature but there may an little bit of a sea breeze and if you're near the shoreline it could be a few degrees cooler. inland we'll see temperatures warming up nicely in the 80's and tomorrow, more bless apt weather coming in here but the humidity will come up and stay up there the rest of the week. setting things i've highlighted this day in red because i think it's a high impact weather day. the reason being these thunderstorms during the afternoon. right now most indications are they'll be well north and west of the city but could be on the strong side and why i kind of give you a heads up wednesday could be unsettled. thursday we start talking about 92-degree weather. we're changing the weather pattern around and means we'll be stuck in a hot pattern thursday probably into friday and indeed into saturday at least with chances for thunderstorms.
5:56 am
these are those afternoon thunderstorms, one or two of you as we saw over the weekend will get really nice downpours and other places will stay completely dry but it will be hot and humid towards the end of the week and take under advisement and make sure you have plenty of water nearby. olessa? olessa: slow start on the roads and not seeing problems. traveling south of town, nice and light, 95, no problems there. route 3 is quiet and the ride on the expressway at this point, almost 20 minutes, tree to boston with some of the volume picking up. west of town the pike is great, will be a 15-minute right, 495 to 128. not seeing delays once we get past that and make your way into boston and 93 south, a little volume out to andover. making your way to concord to south pond, a bit more delay traveling to the lever connector. route 1 looks great and no problems with trains and buses running on schedule.
5:57 am
6:00. governor baker signing an energy bill today. emily: the new rules making the commonwealth greener. if you this morning, save money on everything you buy. three ways to get discounts without coupons. and take a live look here. it's a gorgeous start to the day but if you are headed to the airport, we're following breaking news, trouble with delta. a systemwide outage at this point. make sure you check the status of your flight before you head out the door.
5:58 am
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>> breaking overnight, a major mess for delta airlines. the problem causing a shutdown and the new video just in from logan air force. >> a massachusetts native killed at a popular tourist destination. the games getting his attention. >> a boy killed on what could have been the slide. trouble there on the eye for this monday morning. >> 6:00 a.m., a big night for olympic swimming. michael phelps winning his 19th gold medal. we will take you live to rio for all of the highlights. he looks excited on that picture


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