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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 8, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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notify police as soon as possible. reporter: of course if someone remembers seeing or hearing something in the wooded neighborhood yesterday afternoon they are asked to reach out to police immediately. the district attorney's office told us at noontime that an autopsy was underway to hopefully provide them with some more information. maria and ed? >> reare learning more about vanessa's life. : reporter: vanessa was visiting her mother and her mother lives with the victim's aunt. this is a devastating situation. she grew up in -- she lived in new york city and worked as an account manager for google for the last year and a half. the murder of the 2011 boston you have the graduate has residents changing habits in princeton.
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body was discovered in the woods after she went out for a jog in the daylight and in the afternoon. that's all residents are thinking about as they go about their day. >> it is a small town. i feel like right now her family is our family. >> very disturbing. especially i heard about what happened. they didn't just find her body, but it was burned or something like that. that's vicious. reporter: many of the victim's friends are in new york google said in a statement that it was sad and she was known for her volunteer work. residents in the princeton area are heart broken and heeding the d.a.'s warning. one woman is carrying mace to protect herself and everyone is looking out for one another. ed: delta airlines is picking up from the pieces of a total ground stop prince -- stoppage. >> passengers stranded all-around the country because of a power outage.
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reporter: we are watching delta cancel more and more flights throughout the day. these people know exactly what is going on. the airline is working to get more flights off the ground, but no explanation or detail on the big boards here. most say the flights have scheduled. delta lost power at 2:30 this morning. the computer systems crashed. since then it has been delayed and an airport headache for tens of thousands. delta canceled 451 flights and operated more than they had today. this afternoon delta ceo issued a video apology on twitter. cries are working around the clock to restore service. >> i apologize for the challenges this has created for you and for your travel experience. delta is working hard to restore and get these systems back as quickly as possible. >> they have us booked on a flight that is three hours
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obviously we are not going to make our connecting flight. reporter: the impact could go on for days. delta will issue a fee waiver for today through friday. for those whose flights are canceled they may be eligible for a refund. this afternoon you are able to check your phone or to see the status of your flight. they say those systems are now working. back to you. donald trump tries to restart his campaign and you saw it right there, protesters repeatedly interruptiing his economic address this afternoon. ed: the republican presidential nominee used the economically depressed detroit area as a backdrop for his economic knew blew print. reporter: ed and maria, a pivot to the economy. donald trump wants to focus --
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his plan to boost jobs and cut taxes. the plan is what his campaign calls the biggest tax reform since ronald reagan's administration. he said he will cut corporate taxes 25% to 15% and lower personal income tax rate, what we all pay, and simplify the tax code reducing the tax brackets from seven to three. and he will allow families to deduct all of their child care expenses instead of a maximum right now of 6,000 per child d tax. his daughter ivanka is working on the child care plan. >> hillary clinton who spent a year on taxes plans another $1.3 trillion tax increase, a big increase. one of the biggest ever. this is what i want to do for our country. i want to jump start america
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reporter: a new abc news "washington post" poll is difficult for trump. it puts hillary clinton ahead eight points. she will layout her economic plans this thursday. ed: at least one member of the bush family is not holding a political gush. he told gop activists that the party must unite behind the younger bush was with his dad and the target of sharp trump rhetoric during the season and declined to endorse trump. both former presidents bush are not backing trump. hillary clinton is in florida today. >> like donald trump she is talking economics. >> small businesses create most of the jobs in america. two-thirds. we can't grow the economy if we don't grow small businesses. >> the democratic nominee
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brewery in saint -- saint mightersburg. she wants the small companies to get help from the government and criticized trump's business record saying it is not nearly as rosy as the gop nominee makes it sound. ed: bill weld on beacon hill to make sure he gets on the massachusetts ballot. as you can see in hand delivering the necessary conditions to the secretary of state. here you go, the ticket and the former new mexico governor is running for president under the libertarian banner. a beautiful day today. but more heat and possible severe weather? >> we will enjoy today, harvey leonard. harvey: i know we enjoyed today. hardly a cloud to be scene. just a few fair weather clouds, the puffy ones. otherwise a nice day in the area. there is moisture down to the south. that's not an imminent threat,
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look. right now the humidity is generally low and the air is fairly comfortable. it does you are around dallas. we are going to be talking about hot weather here. right now you look at this and this is looking at the humidity impact. you will see that our area is showing the blues and greens and that's pretty comfortable. if you look down toward the lower mississippi valley and the gulf coast is oppressive. we will talk more about that and the next threat of downpours and thunderstorms coming up in a few minutes. maria and after a great white was spotted off the coast of chatum. it was seen off the north beach area. >> they saw it on a seal right sof -- earlier today. no word if that shark that was seen earlier. ed: police are searching for suspects after this lowell native is shot and killed
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he is calvin riley and went to immaculate conception school before they moved to california. on saturday he was playing pokemon go in san francisco when police say he was shot in the back. police are not sure if riley was robbed. they don't know if somebody was watching from nearby. since so many people were playing in the park at that time they didn't think anything of it. police 40e7 witnesses come forward and provide more clues. ed: investigators are not treating the death of a 10-year-old at a kansas water park as a crime. >> he was the son of a kansas state lawmaker and he died after riding the world's tallest water slide. you can see it here. 168 feet tall and it dropped to 70 miles an hour. it is not clear exactly how this boy died. the riders have to be 54 inches to ride. they have to wear a very velcro strap on the ride.
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the family. i understand that you want a lot of information right now. >> the slide opened in 2014 and encountered problems early on including practice tests that had sandbags in place of people going flying. a breaks breakaw of the taliban claiming responsibility for a suicide attack that killed dozens of people. ed: the taliban group said they killed the president of a local bar association and targeted mourner tez hospital. this is the worst suicide bombing in the country in two years. 70 350e78 were killed and hour -- 70 people were killed and 90 injured. >> two people including an american are missing and believed to have been kidnapped on a road in kabul. an afghan security official says they are employees of the
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the abduction took place along a main road overnight. the victims were taken by their vehicle by five gunmen wearing military uniforms. ed: more arrests connected to the failed coup in turkey. the turkish authorities believe the suspects have ties to a united states-based cleric that turkey accuses of inspiring the coup. since the coup thousands have been detained or arrested and mostly from the military. tens of thousands were dismissed from government jobs. ed: a murder-suicide rocking a small pennsylvania community. >> the bodies of five people along with the family dog found in their home shot to death. the youngest, 2 years old. police say the toddler survived a heart transplant when she was six days old. police went to the home after they got a call from a concerned relative on saturday. they say a gun was found near one of the parents along with a note. police have not yet confirmed
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bullets fly through the window of a home on fayette street. two rounds went through one window. they were not hurt. ed: a shooting scare in worcester. >> police are searching for the gunman whose bullet pierced a home injuring two women in the home. the people inside the triple decker rushed for cover from the stray bullets on saturday afternoon. the bullets also came through the wall of the hair salon. fortun serious injuries. ed: a man is facing a slew of charges after a woman called police from a car saying the driver was assaulting her. pulled over, 37-year-old sean gardener on 93. he is charged with drunk driving, assault anden takerring a seven-month-old -- anden -- and endangering a 7-month-old baby in the car. the body of a man recovered from the river. he jumped in yesterday trying
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the dog was okay and the man was camping nearby with his wife. >> it is time to flash forward. ed: the family of a local boy arrested for bringing a clock to school in texas. the accusations they are making in a lawsuit. >> on newscenter 5 at 6:00, more dry days are turning into more dry, brown grass out there. landscapers tell us you still have a chance to get your lawn back. ed: 5 investigates the new move in court in the hopes of getting some money back from the boston grand prix. harvey: a great day to be outside. the humidity is low and the temperatures fairly pleasant by summertime standards. both of those things are changing. we'll talk about it. >> and we continue to follow the breaking news. a homicide investigation in princeton. a woman was found dead after disappearing while out on a
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with her mom. get the news anytime >> tuesday morning, helping your kids see the world without breaking the bank. >> the strategies that can help your bottom line and theirs. >> sunny and warm but there is a
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? i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help.
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care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. you're watching newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: let's check the traffic. you can see that traffic is not too bad right now. everybody is trying to get home right now. let's watch har -- harvey do weather.
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it takes 32 minutes. first leg of the pike is a 13-minute ride and 128 is slow in the wellesley area. then it slows beyond needham. it will ache are -- take 22 minutes to get to the pike. right here and right now. >> part of a highway leading to mexico city, that's shutdown following deadly mudslides. 39 people dying over the weekend as the remanence of hurricane earl hit southern mexico. officials say they got a month's worth of rain and -- in 24 hours. ed: and firefighters are battling a growing forest fire in the san bernadino mountains outside of los angeles. several homes had to be evacuated. it is called the pilot fire and named for a nearby camp. it broke out yesterday afternoon and quickly burned through a thousand acres. 350 firefighters are involved in that fight to get it under
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spectacular. >> a great day today. >> that's all you have to say? harvey: the reason i don't have more to say is it is not like the two of you have a lack of being chatty. >> i'll take the clicker. harvey: the clicker? >> i am a local girl, what do you want? harvey: when you hit this button it will open the graphics, but also open half of the graw rajs raj -- garages in the area. let's show what you is going on. look at the city cam. it is spectacular out there. it is an absolutely fantastic day. you have to love it. in boston we have a sea breeze, but it is making it pleasant and comfortable. 77 degrees and it is a 13 mile per hour sea breeze. the dew point is fairly comfortable by summertime standards for most of us. that's going to be changing as we get later into the week. ocean water temperatures are
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72 and that's just off the coast. it is in the mid70s around the cape cod canal. here are the air temperatures. a few upper 80s are showing up. these spots could be flirting or touching 90 for a high temperature tomorrow. reasonably comfortable and tomorrow you can see it right along the coast, the sea breeze is all over again. it is very similar, upper 70s and low 80s right at the beaches. pushing or approaching 90 as you are bac tomorrow. it is not closing in on us. you can tell see the expansive clear skies to the west and that means we have another great summertime day coming up tomorrow. pretty much wall to wall sunshine and with high pressure nearby it means the wind are light. whenever they are light in the summer than in the afternoon the sea breeze takes over. that will happen at the beach tomorrow. changes occur after that. we will turn much more humid for the second half of the weekend. as the higher humidity gets
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us the risk of downpours and/or thunderstorms on wednesday moving from west to east across the region. right now i would say the greatest likelihood of any single day having wet weather would be wednesday. once we are beyond that we will be into hot and humid weather later this week. spot thunderstorms could occur, but widespread activity would not be likely on thursday, friday and saturday as it seems right now. wednesday is the best chance of somewhat widespread downpours. all right, check it out as w can see the clear skies for the overnight period. look at the change start to come in by wednesday morning. clouds start advancing quickly from west to east and there is a downpour of thunderstorms also moving from west to east. hopefully it holds together at least in the sense of some meaningful rainfall. obviously as we all know that's something we need. wednesday could have a strong thunderstorms and we have to keep an eye on it for that reason as well.
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definitely going to be talking heat and humidity to follow. it is beginning as early as thursday. let's check it out for you in the next seven days. here is the way it shapes up. all right, we are in the upper 80s on average. lower at the beaches. wednesday we are putting that as a possible potential impact day. another thing that any of the downpours could do is cause localized flooding. there is moisture with the high humidity. and then hot with temperatures near, around or o thursday. the high humidity to boot. spot thunderstorm once in awhile. especially late afternoon and the evening hours. maria and ed? >> thank you, harvey. a new look at teens show that kids are attracted by flavor and cost to cigarettes. ed: that report is in the journal of pediatrics and they say in addition to curiosity flavors like cotton candy or pizza encourage kids to try vaporizers. the teens are attracted to
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who play video games score a higher average in math, reading and science, but the same study found kids on social media have lower than average scores. the study included 12,000 teenagers from australia. the authors hope it can uncover games that might help kids learn. 12-year-old girl in california is selling lemonade and helping the homeless and making a big impact on her community. >> and this has become an lemonade and cookies. she was inspired by a man she saw on the street. >> i thought it wasn't fair that some people have to live that way. >> i said he doesn't have a place to go and that bothered her so much. >> in the first year she raised $300. since then her total has hit 16,000 dollars. this year she wants to add 10,000 more to that total.
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this week, but the price to bid farewell to arod is rising quickly. ed: and a rescue operation focused on a kitten. and on monday let's check the numbers on wall street and
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ed: controversy to fight
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distracted driving. >> critics are would worried that they could get pulled over for sipping a drink or eating. they are sponsoring the bill saying they need a piece of legislation to cover everything. ed: ticket prices for a-rod's final game are sky rocketing. he is retiring after friday's home game. the retail price rups 500%. the average price the stadium is $456. a-rod and the yankees are here tomorrow night and the next three. the question is will he play? who knows the answer to that though. and now for anyone taking a summer road trip. >> gas prices are down for the 9th straight week. the average for a gallon of regular is down 55 cents from this time last year. average in massachusetts is $2.11. ed: governor charlie baker is boosting green energy in
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to produce 1600 megawatts of hydro and wind power and it calls for better energy storage and procedures to fix natural gas leaks. >> wal-mart paying $3 billion for the on-line repale site retail site it includes stock and mostly cash. it sells $12 million including household items for retailers. this is a move to try to compete with on-line ta has been slipping recently. ed: "suicide squat" brought in $135 million for its opening weekend shrugging off scathing reviews. it is one of the biggest openings and it set a new record for an august film debut. >> hulu is getting rid of the last free episodes as they prepare to launch a service that they hope will take on cable tv. they are expanding a partnership with yahoo!.
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ed: a kitten in trouble saved by the italian coast guard with mouth to mouth resuscitation. kids spotted this little cat in the water. it was on the island of cicily. a boat on the back of patrol was able to pull it out. the kitten began to show signs of life. it has been named charlie. it has a new home in marcella marine time office. they should call it chicken marcella, but that's a story for another day. ed: sometimes in life there are things you have to see to believe. >> or hear to believe. this was 250 feet right into the basket.
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asking for shoes in assisted of presents. this is the first time he asked for help on his big day in his hometown. so far his campaign called perfect gunners runners and they donated 600 pairs of shoes. >> i got shoes every year, new shoes for schools, nice ones for school. i like other kids to get them


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