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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> a jogger killed, a small town on alert. breaking details on the disturbing clues of this murder mystery. sources telling newscenter 5 the victim was found naked her hands, feet and head burned. the crime scene located in princeton just a short distance from the victim's mother's home. we have team coverage beginning with newscenter 5's juli mcdonald, juli? -- this tightknit community is on edge. more importantly, there is a family that loves her and are
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>> a preliminary review of the body has led detectives to believe this is a homicide investigation. reporter: the search for a missing jogger ended in tragedy in a wooded princeton neighborhood a police source close to the investigation told newscenter 5 vanessa marcotte was found naked, with burn marks to her head, hands, and feet. investigators aren't sure whether the murder was random. marcotte grew up in leominster but lived in new york city. she was only visiting princeton for a few days. she was found at about 8:20 last evening. the body was found about a half mile from her mother's home in a wooded area. investigators scoured the woods along brooks station road for hours, searching for any signs of evidence. until they have a clearer idea of what happened, they encourage people in town to stay together. >> we never think really to lock, we're in and out of the
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>> its a horrible thing and i as a parent hope it was a crime of passion and we don't have to worry about someone on the streets. though the body was found at 8:20, the investigation is focused on the hours and one and four. although it is well live in princeton, i'm juli mcdonald. >> marcotte grew up in leominster and graduated from boston university before moving to new york. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in princeton with more on her professional accomplishments, rhondella? reporter: she worked at wordstream and vistaprint two mass marketing companies before taking her career to google in
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vanessa marcotte graduated from boston university in 2011 with honors and a communications degree. while growing up in leominister she went to high school at the bancroft prep school in worcester, in princeton, just a few days to visit her mother, her murder has put the town on edge. >> was very disturbing. at mountainside market a princeton meeting place, residents try to support each other and think of marcotte's greiving family. it's a small town her family is our family marcotte lived in nyc where she worked as a google account manager for the healthcare division for the last year and a half. google said she had ubitquous smile and a passion for volunteering marcotte an avid runner ran the falmouth road race in 2012 and 2014 to raise
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was found murdered in a wooded area while out on a sunday afternoon jog has princeton residents changing habits like now carrying mace. >> this is very scary we keep out doors locked for this to happen we are all really shocked and distrubed and feel terrible for woman's family. reporter: this is reportedly the first murder in about 30 years. live in princeton. police motorcycle has been involved in a crash at trapelo road and waverly street. it's not clear what happened but the officer involved was taken to the hospital. new at seven, and neighbor is being called a hero. flames broke out in the basement
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the neighbors bang loudly on the door. >> she came and she was confused. they are expected to be ok. >> tragedy in california. a lowell native is shot and killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco the run. newscenter 5's reid lamberty is live in lowell where family and friends are mourning his loss. police remain puzzled. >> the only thing brighter than his smile,is the manner in which he lived his life. there's no better a kid that you'll meet in your lifetime than calvin riley. there are few words than
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over the weekend in san francisco, erik gitschier knows the riley family,spoke with calvin's father this morning, >> he lost his best friend. i think it's tough for everybody in the community cal is a great kid. the college sophomore was with friends over the weekend near fisherman's wharf,a very popular tourist spot,playing pokemon go,when for reasons not yet known,he was fatally shot. dying from illness you can deal with people who have lived a long life but because this type of senseless violence is hard to accept. sister prescille malo,principal at lowell's st jean d'arc catholic grade school,where riley spent three years before graduating. calvin was very fun loving, he was very friendly, very popular boy reach out to others. gitschier says the riley's moved to california several years ago so calvin could play baseball at
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game,and teaching it to younger kids,is how calvin lived >> calvin was a gift to the world he was one of those kids everyone wanted to be like. no one is in custody in this case. mr. looking at surveillance cameras. >> this west bridgewater man is dead killed in an early morning fire. flames broke out in a multi-family home on matfield street just after 5am. a family living on the second floor tried to alert robert murphy to the flames. firefighters later found murphy's body. the fire is not considered suspicious and foul play is not suspected. this new bedford woman's own father is now charged with murdering her.
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week in connecticut last week. prosecutors say he shot 19-year-old sabrina dasilva several times on a new bedford street last month. in 2002, he was convicted of trying to kill sabrina dasilva's mother. it's unclear when the suspect will be returned to massachusetts for arraignment. two more shark sightings reported on the cape today. one off north beach in chatham. another near south beach in orleans. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live in chatham with reaction tonight, todd? taught: while swimmers might find it disconcerting, experts say shark activity close to shore is not unusual. overall, there's been a lot of shark activity in the waters off the cape so far this summer. >> as soon as we got out, we had our spotter pilot reaching out to let us know that he saw a white shark off of monomoy. it was off of monomoy this morning that researchers snapped this photo, showing a white shark snacking on a seal, this is one of many sharks spotted today during a research mission led by state marine biologist dr. greg skomal. >> we actually saw at least half a dozen sharks today. many of them were down south of chatham inlet, where there's not a lot of folks swimming, but a bunch of them including the ones that we had tagged in previous years were up to the north, mostly from coast guard beach
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and right here off of north beach as well. the sightings posted immediately to the 'sharktivity' app produced by the nonprofit atlantic white shark conservancy. >> the one off of north beach island in chatham was between 25 and 50 yards offshore. and there were people on the beach. those beachgoers, blissfully unaware, only learning the news once the alert is issued. it's important also to realize that the still exists, so don't take any chances. new sharks were tagged today, but so far this summer, researchers have tagged $10 sharks on previous missions this summer. reporting live in chatham, tk, wcvb nc 5. >> delays lingering tonight and many passengers still stranded after a computer glitch forces delta to cancel hundreds of flights worldwide. newscenter 5's shaun chiayabhat is live at logan airport with
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more than 400 flights were canceled nationwide. delta just announced it would give $200 travel vouchers that was delayed more than three hours. a bankruptcy trustee taking action to try and get some money back for ticket holders and others owed money after the boston grand prix debacle. the cancelled race leaving thousands of people owed money. now the bankruptcy trustee wants to sell the 1100 concrete barriers specially ordered for the race. he also wants to sell off some vehicles, including 2 race cars that boston grand prix had used for display. if approved by a judge the proceeds would help pay pay off boston grand prix's 9 million dollar debt. still ahead at 7, a state police cruiser stolen. next, where it turned up after being taken from a south boston
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yard for engine problems when it was taken. no firearms or other weapons were inside at the time. the cruiser was not damaged and no equipment was stolen. the vehicle was found in somerville and state police are still trying to find whoever is behind the theft. >> with water restrictions in place, you're probably wondering if there is any hope left. he is one of the co-owners of the lawn doctor, did an experiment on this property only irrigating half of it. you can see what happened there. but there is good news, conditions. >> fortunately, people put that in there, they will have to do for -- some work in the fall. they will get that root system down. he knows what he is saying.
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but if that's not possible he says, try to keep your lawn at least 3 and a half to 4 inches long. the rain that is ahead of us. >> will they do it over a widespread area? is it going to be localized again. the drought of course that is only since the beginning of the year.
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we're going to add to that. light evening there in the 70's. we are going to be out in boston through the 70's. some of the cool spots will be in the 50's overnight tot. we are keeping it around 80 degrees but 85 to 90 around shoes very and when you head south and west. cape cod, right around 82 degrees. it is going to be a great day on
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tomorrow air temperature will get there and the sea breeze will hold it steady during the afternoon. we're relatively comparable now. very very uncomfortable air. it will stay for a wild. it looks like 90 plus weather could hard starting thursday. mostly evidence of rain. another nice day and clouds come in and the chance that we do get
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quickly. if you're lucky enough to get it there could be some localized flooding. thursday, we will get back to increasing son. check it out over the next seven days. notice that it is hot and humid and there could be a spot of thunderstorm but probably not widespread. potential claim. it will see you later on tonight. >> now sportscenter 5. vin scully has been broadcasting dodgers baseball for 67 years and this is his final season. david ortiz hasn't been playing
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>> i admire you. we all love you and are going to miss you. i hope you are coming back. >> it has been an honor. i pray he will continue to do just that. >> since kelly was saying -- he used to rip the head's his sister stalls and used it as a baseball.
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you will be 89 in november. he still brings it every night. donald trump interrupted nearly a dozen times during today's speech on the economy. next, his revamped plans to help american workers his scathing attack on hillary clinton and
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>> commitment 2016. donald trump interrupted repeatedly during today's address on the economy. protesters stopping his speech more than a dozen times in detroit. shift focus from a bad week last week. it also included a blistering attack on hillary clinton. the gop nominee outlined a revamped plan to boost jobs and cut taxes. it includes what his campaign calls the biggest tax reforms since ronald reagan.
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expenses, instead of a maximum of 6,000 per child, and bring an end to the estate tax. hillary clinton is firing back. >> it is outrageous to me that someone that claims to be so successful has dented by stiffing hard-working americans. at a rally in florida, clinton said the plans trump outlined today would push the country back into recession. clinton says she would invest in public works projects and more educational opportunities and would tax top earners to pay for as we continue five for good is , next, the effort to rescue a dog spotted in the water off the cape. new at 11 it was hard not to notice the red spots on the shoulders and backs of some olympic athletes. it's from a therapy called cupping. tonight we'll introduce you to a
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in tonight's 5 for good an idea
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the dog was left and he had a collar but he had no identifying tag. >> he is coming back. forget again needed rain, it
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next on chronicle. there is a rock race to the wide open grasslands and marshes on cape cod.


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