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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is wcvb newscenter five at noon. doug: i'm doug meehan. emily: i'm emily riemer. breaking news at noon, an arrest in the sexual assault of an elderly woman in hingham. this boston man now in custody. doug: an anonymous tip line has been set up for leads in the murder of a 27-year-old jogger. a vigil for vanessa marcotte is planned tonight in princeton emily:. shocking charges against a malden teacher's aide accused of
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middlesex superior court. reid: the details laid out in court by prosecutors. some are far too inappropriate for us to report. they point to a severe use of power -- abuse of power. the alleged rapes took place in a bathroom at malden high school. prosecutors say the defendant, stephen mcdonald was a paraprofessional who would assist boy to the bathroom. the detailed horrific allegations of rape. >> the victim -- the defendant would often offer the victim candy to lure him into the bathroom. reid: adding mcdonald often threatened the victim. >> the defendant threatened to go to the victim's home and tell his mother. reid: prosecutors say the victim was try to hold his urine so he would not have to be in the
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in march. mcdonald's attorney called the charges incredible. >> the allegations being made suggest that this happened in the classroom in the bathroom. i will leave the facts to trial because that is left for another day reid:. among the five charges stephen mcdonald faces, two counts of rape. he was still released on his own recognizance. order to wear a gps monitoring system but his attorney that he does not have to wear that device any longer. doug: thank you. more breaking news out of hingham. a man has been arrested for an alleged sexual assault on an elderly woman. donald gavin, 62, of boston is being arraigned of assault and battery with intent to rape and breaking and entering with intent to commit a felony. the incident took place on july 28. police releasing a sketch as
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police looking for leads in the violent murder of a 27-year-old jogger. a vigil is being planned for vanessa marcotte whose body was found in the woods sunday night. sera congi is in princeton with breaking developments. sera: the worcester district attorney is here at the princeton police station. no updates so far on the investigation. state police have set up a tip line dedicated to this case and the community is pin sera: a quiet town in central massachusetts now rattled by the violent death of young woman. the body of 27-year-old the nasa marcotte was discovered by a police -- vanessa marcotte was discovered by a police dog sunday night. she was found in the dense woods off brooks station road. cards are up around town about a vigil planned for 7:00 tonight
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together will help this community. >> last night what i was hearing was so much fear on the part of people i love and no and i thought that is not the way we need to go forward. sera: police have not determined if the murder was random or targeted. everyone is urged to use caution. >> our thoughts go out to the family. this precious life that was lost. as a town we need to hold together and say we are not going to go down. sera: state police have set up a tip line for this case. 508-453-7589. tonight's vigil will take place at the first congregational church which is right near the town comments at 7:00 tonight. organizers are inviting anyone to come participate, bring candles, instruments, and join in the singing. doug: right now boston fire
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and stored in trash bags are to blame for last night four alarm fire in southie. the fire caused $1 million in damages to a home under construction on east 4th street and neighboring homes. no injuries reported. emily: a wrong way crash on the mass pike overnight in westborough. four other people in two other vehicles were injured. state police say the 28-year-old wrong way driver, a man from rutland, was the personle sustained in this crash. it happened at trapelo road in waverley street. it is not clear exactly what happened but the driver did stay on scene. the officer involved was taken to the hospital. doug: a live look at the boston skyline. a couple of spotty clouds. cindy fitzgibbon says hold on to your bathing suit because it's going to get steamy. cindy: the stretch lately has been comfortable.
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cindy: were going to turn back the dial to august. bring it on the next few days. temperatures on the way up. i pressure overhead now. a sea breeze the coastline but clear skies off to the west more humidity waiting in the wings. the southwesterly wind on the backside of high pressure will bring it in. although it is pleasant today, look out the humidity ramps up tomorrow. thursday into the temperature and also humidity. enjoy this beautiful midday. lots of 80's in the interior. 87 right now in fitchburg. on the cape it's around 80 degrees. 74 in boston. the seabreeze may relax this afternoon with a few building clouds. we may hit our high for the day about 6:00 as we sneak up to
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the humidity that comes in tomorrow and it may be accompanied by some rain. chances of rain ramping up tomorrow mid-day into the afternoon with downpours and storm. emily: a grieving father is going after the smart phone game pokemon go following the murder of his son. calvin riley were shot in the back in a san francisco park this weekend near fisherman's wharf. the lowell native was about to start his sophomore year in college in california. sean riley tells t game is making kids vulnerable because they are looking down not paying attention. police are not sure what sparked the shooting. witnesses say it appeared to be random. doug: sharon police are asking for help in tracking down a child rape suspect. erik silvia, his last known address is each road in sharon. if you have any information, call police. emily: donald trump is responding to a scathing letter by 50 republican national
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to reset his campaign, susan collins of maine says she will not vote for trump. karen travers has more on the race. karen: an unusual controversy brewing for hillary clinton. at a rally south of orlando last night clinton kept up her attacks on donald trump. >> he gave a speech in detroit trying to change the subject. karen: right behind her that man with a mustache and red the father of omar mateen. clinton did not acknowledge him but she did mention the june attack that left 49 dead. >> we will be with you as you rebuild your lives. karen: campaign rallies are highly produced so how did mateen's father get such a prime spot so close to the candidate? the clinton campaign said it was a 3000 person rally. the doors opened to the public. this individual was not invited
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unaware of his attendance until after the event. nbc station wptz spoke to mateen after the rally. he said he is supporting clinton. >> clinton is good for the united states versus donald trump. karen: with a poll showing clinton's legal rowing -- lead growing, trump is facing more backlash. she will not vote for the republican in november. she writes, mr. trump lacks the judgment required to be president. that letter from 50 top security officials saying donald trump would put the nation security at risk. trump dismissed it as politically motivated from the failed washington elite. doug: delta airlines more than 300 additional flights today as a tries to get back on track after monday's meltdown.
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to open to cancel flights worldwide. the airline will be handing out travel vouchers to affected passengers. emily: the mbta will not be getting millions of dollars out of the state annual budget. herald reporting that the state has determined the transit agency does not need $31 million to meet operating needs so the t will return more than $15 million it received in may and will not receive another $15 million supposed to be sent over in june. the state is opting to ve it will put $31 million into a capital lockbox setup to fund repair projects. doug: finals for the women's team all-around gymnastics is today and all eyes will be on aly raisman and the rest of the u.s. women who qualified first going into the metal competition . american leading nicely in the count right now with 19. china in second with 13. it's back in the pool tonight. michael phelps and katie ledecky
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-- who both placed second. emily: emiliano greenwell tweeted he could miss his chance to compete in the games after american airlines locked his golf clubs -- the bag with the clubs inside. he tweeted this picture late last night holding on tight to the golf club -- to the golf bag . park rides. the call for more safety overnight. doug: one in four drivers are at risk of falling asleep behind the wheel. the groups mostly in danger ahead. cindy: needed rainfall for some of us tomorrow. a timeline on hit or miss downpours and the return of 90 degrees heat. emily: a driver accidentally causes a police chase. confusion leading to a big
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emily: two tragic incidents in recent days are renewing concerns about theme park safety across the country. doug: a freak accident at a county fair ferris wheel and the death of a 10-year-old boy on a water -- raising questions. elizabeth: a trip to a county fair ending in the emergency for three girls in tennessee. kids. they screened a little bit and hit the ground and were laying there. elizabeth: the cart the girls were running and somehow got caught against another just below it turning their cards nearly upside down sending the girls tumbling between 30 to 45 feet to the ground. two of the children were alert and answering questions. i cannot tell you with of the third was or not. the third child does have a head
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incident under way with all carnival rides closed until further notice. in kansas -- >> a very loud -- i knew immediately that someone had fallen off the raft. the tallest waterslide in the world. elizabeth: caleb schwab was tossed at the end of the ride. police confirm he died of suffered minor injuries. it was two years ago early safety checks showed -- profiting officials to add seatbelts and safety nets before the ride opened. it turns out waterslides are among the most dangerous attractions and amusement parks according to the consumer product safety commission. 72 waterslide injuries last year alone.
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in the station nightclub fire accept -- upset the stop is apparently a stop in pokemon go. the site is surrounded by a chain-link fence while immemorial is being built. it is not clear whether the stop has caused problems or anyone had asked to remove the site from the game. doug: one in four drivers is at risk of falling asleep while driving. among the most at risk they are responsible for more than half of all drowsy driving crashes. experts say the digital of session is to blame for the increase in teen drowsy driving. they should be -- they are using their devices when they should be sleeping. more health providers are skipping the flumist vaccine. researchers say the spray is not effective in the cdc is advising against the option that has been popular. places like elliot hospital in new hampshire say are there opting out and they hope the
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can do to not only protect yourself. your family, your loved ones, your community. really protect yourself from getting -- potentially getting the flu. doug: flu shots will be available starting next month. emily: ride share company l yft is adding a new feature for passengers. the services app will now allow riders to add a stop along the way to their final destination. the faa is looking to boost its air traffic in trouble staff. the agency wants to hire 1400 people to participate in an intensive training program at the faa academy in oklahoma city. of the number of air traffic controllers hit a 27 year low last year. walmart is making a big by in an effort to compete with amazon. the big-box store scooped up
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year ago. analysts say the move won't help walmart catch amazon by could help them narrow the gap. another comfortable day. lunch outside. all good things come to an end cindy:. things are changing in a big way. we are very comfortable today but look at what's happening is moved forward to oppressive humidity levels on the way later this week. arrested you want to get it ready. that red color with unprecedented down to ourselves. it's coming in with higher temperatures as well. by the end of the week thursday and friday when our humidity is most oppressive look at the temperatures. major changes coming. and last comfortable day for a while.
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. light winds turned in from the ocean. it is 74 degrees in boston. for now holding in the 50's. temperatures cooler than they are inland along the coast. you jump over to lawrence, 84 degrees. 87 in fitchburg. around 80 in worcester. we started out in the 50's this morning topless like norwood and taunton. low to mid 80's at midday. the cape in the lower 80's . very pleasant this afternoon with loads of sunshine. high-pressure is overhead but as this begins to slide eastward it's going -- the wind turns around to the south this evening and eventually this southwest and that will bring in more humidity. some of this energy will interact with more humid places tomorrow and we had the chance of getting in some showers and downpours.
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in fenway for the first pitch. it looks like a mild one. monday overnight if you want to keep the humidity out you might want to close the windows this afternoon because this is what temperatures will be like tonight holding in the 60's to near 70 with humidity on the rise. as we go through the overnight hours we may start to see a few more clouds come in on that southerly wind. 6:00 tomorrow morning, not a lot going on yet. off to the west there are showers and firing up across western new england and if we get to work early in the afternoon notice how the cross from west to east toward the city of boston. i think they may be more hit and miss in nature than this computer model is depicting but there will be in better downpours. storms could get stronger. the potential for gusty or wind.
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to drop southward. if you are going to get some storms it looks like it will be the tail end of the afternoon a little closer to the evening hours. overnight everything is winding down. the potential is there for needed rainfall. highlighted in -- notice it is in the low 80's on wednesday. we get into thursday and here we go with the heat jumping up into the 90's with that high humidity. the heat index may approach 100 des not just thursday but friday and into saturday as well. a front to our north on saturday and as that starts to come southward we lose some of the heat for the second half of the weekend. waves of low pressure will ride the front so the better chance we get for more showers and storms sunday into monday as that front crosses our area. we are trading and comfortable dry air for needed rainfall but a lot of heat and humidity ahead as we work toward the end of the
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emily: studying abroad or seeing the world can be a right of passage for kids but it can be a huge expense for parents. think about cash. a swipe of the credit card is easy especially if it is not yours. cash committees your to track spending. track the exchange rate. take advantage of fluctuations. look at all housing options especially for kids who don't need high-end hotels. things like airbnb or hostels could be good options. doug: most motorists how it california police
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two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, but we're back, strong. we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today.
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mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done in new hampshire. police chasing a car for several miles after they noticed erratic driving. a woman gets out, a bit confused. officers draw their guns. they found a family from china inside who did not know you're supposed to pull over for lights and sirens. they explained the law, gave one of the sons a sticker. no ticket given. it turned out ok. doug: what were they thinking? they are very friendly.
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we are watching those attentional's for needed rainfall tomorrow. or maybe downpours but once we get past that look at the heat coming in. thursday, friday into saturday with impressive humidity on the
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>> hey, everybody, welcome to the show, where, all this week, we are playing with some of the most eligible bachelors in america. and i'm gonna try to hook them up with some big money. it's eligible bachelor week on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hey, everybody! how's it going? welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who want to be a millionaire"? this should be fun this week, especially for me. today's first eligible bachelor is a princeton grad, who was voted "best smile" in high school. we'll be the judge of that now. sounds like a pretty good catch. from washington, d.c., please welcome kevin hyzak. [cheers and applause] what's up, kevin? >> chris. >> how you doing, man? good to see you. >> yeah, good to be here. >> it's a pretty good smile.


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