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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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reid: he was released on personal recognizance, which was the recommendation of the prosecutor despite the awful allegations. the bathroom inside malden high school, that's where prosecutors say a 16-year-old boy, who has multiple disabilities, was raped by steven macdonald. the -- >> the defendant would continuously threatened to go to the victim's home and kill his mother. reid: macdonald was a para professional who would assist the teenager in the bathroom. prosecutors laid out stomach turnde macdonald allegedly committed on himself and the disabled student. starting last fall, prosecutors say the victim would hold his urine to avoid going to the bathroom. >> the victim had accidents at school and he was left in the hallway with wet clothes. reid: malden schools calls the charges deeply concerning and will continue to work with both police and da's office, defense attorney alan tuttman called the indictments troubling, says his client maintains his innocence. >> the story that is being told
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and it will all come out at trial. reid: macdonald has been married for 18 years. his wife and a cadre of friends were by his side in court. both of his sons are also students at the high school. friends of the accused tell newscenter 5 they are shocked and deeply saddened by the charges, adding macdonald has always been a very active parent in the community who has always been available to kids and their parents. from the victim and any activity that involves anyone under reid 18. lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: right now, the search continues for a suspect in the brutal murder of a jogger in princeton. investigators spoke a short time ago. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in princeton with the details. rhondella? rhondella: we were just briefed and told they are not releasing the cause of the manner of
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following, but they still can't say if this is random or targeted. >> adjustment with the family -- we just met with the family, and as you can understand, they are devastated. rhondella: the 27-year-old was murdered during her sunday job. the new york city resident was found near her family's princeton home, visiting her mother. sources say she was left naked and she worked as a google account executive. her family's because she didn't return from her run and this the plane ride. >> she had to be there in the morning. i had to get up at 4:30 that day so that is when i call the police,, because she left to go jogging quarter past 1:00.
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fearful. there will be a 7:00 p.m. vigil at the first congregational church of the princeton town commons. state police have an anonymous tip line for anyone who can help with the investigation. the family is not expected to attend. the crowd is expected to come out to try to support them. jc: breaking news at fenway bobblehead blunder at fenway. , the red sox abruptly cancelling david ortiz bobblehead night tonight. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat is live outside fenway park with the reason why. shaun? shaun: according to the team, the david ortiz bobbleheads delivered today are "racially offensive," and all the fans that came here will not get one tonight. some say they are upset, others
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this is what the red sox thought they were going to be giving away. many fans saw the promotion of their ticket and wanted one. bobbleheads were delivered and some were not in the same condition. this is an example of the actual bobbleheads that arrived. the red sox they they are very unhappy, saying that the facial expressions are racially offensive, but did not elaborate how. the bobbleheads are to the vendor to be fixed and say they would have been upset giving something like this. >> that offend you? >> yeah. they changed everything. it's the reason i came here. >> i came here from new york for the bobblehead. >> would you be upset if you got that? >> yeah. shaun: that men came all the way from new york. the team will be giving fans
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76 at logan airport. cambridge is that 84 and then we eventually get to 90. laos it will be -- later on, it will be more humid, as temperatures fall to 70 in boston. this represents very humid and
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have an opportunity for ground to showers and thunderstorms. during the morning, the clouds quickly. late morning is the best chance for showers and thunderstorms to move through the area. if you do get one, it could contain pretty hefty ravens. but of course you can always have localized flooding. i will kind of heat and humidity that will be following, coming up. ben: the suspect accused in a horrific attack on an elderly woman inside her hingham home is behind bars tonight. newscenter 5's todd kazakiewich is live with new information. todd? todd: the defendant allegedly told the victim we started stocking her early in the day when she was grocery shopping. is a level three sex offender, so his dna profile is already in the system. the match was made on sunday,
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the 65-year-old wearing a harvard shirt and limping to court for his arraignment. at the start of the hearing, he motioned at the camera, then to the photographer. >> step away, pal. todd: he is accused of assaulting a 79-year-old woman hdna evidence links into the attack. his appearance, strikingly similar to the sketch released by he is a level three sex offender with a conviction dating back to 1983. -- 1993. according to the police report, he told the victim he noticed her shopping hours earlier. she tells police she was shopping at the fleetcenter market. the also tells her he hid in her house for 15 minutes before he
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with him to leave, and praise allowed. at one point he he allegedly tells her his name is donnie and that he doesn't want to hurt her. he's being held without bail until his hearing on friday. todd kazakeiwich, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: an arrest in the theft of a state police cruiser. the man was taken into custody today on the mass pike in newton. state police say he was ripping pages from a bible and throwing them into traffic. boston yesterday morning from a dot facility. >> they are working on the vehicle, trying to ensure that they maintain it. often times the vehicle will be positioned in such a way that it will be very accessible, but i think that will be improved going forward. ben: the suspect is now undergoing a mental health evaluation. troopers say there's been no decision on charges.
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trail today in north carolina, a key state in the race for president. he says the second amendment may be the only answer if hillary clinton is elected. the, called a dangerous, his camp calling it unified. >> we have to win, it is so important. aixa: as donald trump hopes to win s from some high-profile embers of his own party. >> more republicans are saying they want support him. aixa: one gop senator from maine says she will not be voting for trump. >> i believe that we make a mistake if we let donald trump bc as the 50's as the republican party. aixa: she wrote a "washington post" op-ed saying what she can't support him, while 50 former national security officials signed a letter
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would put our country's national security at risk. >> it's the seeming inability to learn from mistakes, to reach out to give advice, to control his anger. >> they will be within a letter what. there is very little he can do to make them change their minds. but it only underscores how hard it will be to billed a base. aixa: a new. points. jc: next at 5:30, the fresh outrage over hillary clinton's actions during the attacks in benghazi. the legal action the democratic presidential nominee now faces. ben: today marks two years since the police-involved shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. jc: still to come tonight, how the community marked the day that brought concerns about law enforcement's treatment of black people to the forefront. ben:chootime right around the corner. the changes parents can make right now to get kids back into
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jc: tragedy overnight on the mass pike a wrong-way driver killed. at 5:30, what we've learned about the investigation. ben: this is the southeast expressway, starting to slow down let's see how it is looking as you headed south of town. about 27 minutes down to route 3. out to bad, a little -- not too bad, directions. 128 to the work zone is a mess, as always. but just 19 minutes to the tolls, and for 95 has breaks approaching the pike.
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ben: this is the second anniversary of the michael brown shooting, an event that opened the lid of simmering tensions between police and minorities. brown was shot to death by a ferguson, missouri police officer during a scuffle in which investigators said brown tried to grab the officer's weapon. exoneration, of the officer involved led to riots in the streets of ferguson. at a memorial service today, brown's father said his son's death opened the eyes of the world to concerns about police treatment of black people. jc: new questions tonight about the safety of park rides after a 10-year-old boy was killed at a kansas water park and three girls were thrown from a ferris wheel in tennessee. the focus now on how these rides
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a trip to a county fair and the the emergency room for three girls in tennessee. >> they screamed a little bit and then they hit the ground. jc: according to police, this ferris wheel somehow got caught against another just below it, turning their card nearly upside down, sending the girls tumbling between 30-45 feet to the ground alert and answering questions. the third child was -- does have a head injury. jc: an investigation is underway, with all credible rides closed until further notice. in while in kansas -- >> a loud boom, and i knew someone had fallen off. jc: eyewitnesses revealing while
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son of a state representative, was tossed fro the raftm. police confirmed he died of a neck injury. it was two years ago when early safety checks from the slide showed sandbag dummies going airborne, prompting officials to add seatbelts before it opened. turns out, water slides are among the most dangerous attractions at amusement parks. according to the consumer product safety commission, there ben: california's biggest wildfire is growing. it's now more than 104 square miles. it's been burning just north of big sur for three weeks. more than 5000 firefighters along with air tankers and helicopters are working to get it under control. there are evacuation orders in place for people who live nearby. there is another wildfire in the mountains outside l.a. that is also growing quickly. the pilot fire has quadrupled in
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i guess they could use some rain. we could use some rain. harvey: we may get some rain. tomorrow is the day that should feature much of the area getting some rain. the fact is, this time of year, it comes in burst. we'll see how it pans out. there are some chances later the weekend also. today. that you may notice that the visibility yesterday was better as the air was drier. we are starting that transition to the humid air. 76 at logan airport where the wind is whistling off the water. is cool on the shoreline, but as you jump inland you are around 90. manchester, nashua, fitchburg,
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i keep focusing on this because we like to show this for you. if you take a look at this, this uncomfortable and oppressive and, not that far south and west. tomorrow will be the transition day as we move toward more humid air and it will be accompanied by the possibility of a few showers and thunderstorms then the gates are open for it to the very heart and humid. a lot of cloudiness off to the west but not much in terms of thunderstorm activity and it should become more enhanced through tomorrow. you may see a little bit of sunshine for a little while in eastern massachusetts and here comes the first of a few showers and thunderstorms.
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becomes humid, anything can contain heavy rain which could lead to localized street flooding. maybe hit or miss in nature but they will be embedded downpours with lightning and maybe one or two cells. it doesn't look like a severe situation but some lightning certainly could occur. humidity will both be at work. your rain chances will be increasing during the morning and getting higher by lunchtime becoming low as we head toward tomorrow evening. temperature trends, whiow.
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advisory issues. we have the risk of clouds and showers and thunderstorms tomorrow and then you get into some scorchers for both tomorrow and friday as we clearly wind up on the hot side event jetstream for sure. thursday doesn't look it will have a big thunderstorm but every day after that the chances increase. sunday could be the data that has no showers and thunderstorms in the area as we break into the heat. ben: your health now. new research suggests you could live longer if you replace those beef patties with, say, pistachios. the study down at harvard and mass general found 3% increase in plant protein intake was linked to a 10% increase in overall mortality. which source of plant proteins
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cereal. jc: your kids may not want to hear it, but it's time to think about going back to school. in addition to the new clothes and school supplies, you also need to think about sleep. doctors at the cleveland clinic say the best way to transition to a school year sleep pattern is slowly. >> maybe before the school starts the parents shouldns sleep and they should try to move the sleep schedule in small increments every day, closer to the school sleep time. jc: the doctors also say once school starts to watch out for sleep depravation, especially in teenagers who drive to school. another busy day of action for team usa at the rio games. ben: up next, we take you to
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then at 5:30, the end to one elderly couple's love story that is touching hearts nationwide tonight. jc: and ahead at 6:00, a first of its-kind rescue at sea, caught on camera. how a perfect shot with a dart, helped save an injured seal. two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today. chynoweth: businesses like mine see how maggie hassan keeps this economy moving. mary collins: she's controlled spending and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done
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>> spoiler alert. breaking news to tell you just out of rio. ben: put yourself on youtube you don't hear it. the u.s. women's gymnastics team has just in the last couple minutes won its second consecutive gold medal. that's it.
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team gold medal hunt, and simone biles is leading the way, qualified with the highest team score. she will be the only woman on the team to compete in all four apparatus today. the u.s. swim team is also a position to get back on the podium. in qualifying they advanced to the finals. caleb dressel picked up the top ced to the semifinals alongside nathan an camille adams also moved ahead in the 200 meter butterfly. in th's water polo team scored an upset against spain. they are also looking for more metals on the diving platform. they are competing in the 10 meter synchronized event. in boxing, carlos balderas gets into the finals in a decision over japan. the u.s. men's rugby team suffered a lost argentina, the first time the game has been
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football is not an olympic sport, but the patriots have a special interest in it. ben: special teamer nate ebner is part of the usa rugby team. coach bill belichick and other pats coaches wore ebner rugby t-shirts at today's practice in foxborough. ebner and his rugby teammates can use all the help they can get. they opened play today with a loss to argentina. right now they're playing host brazil with the pats players and coaches watching back here. jc: next on newscenter 5 at 5:30, it's arguably the greatest photo-op in rio de janeiro. what it takes to get to the christ the redeemer statue. ben: new research finds where you live plays a big role when it comes to raising children. the most baby-friendly states. how new england fared in the study.
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>> wednesday morning on the eyeopener, they are the summer foods that do double duty. >> the treats that can also help your health. >> and i am tracking the chance for some storms and downpours on wednesday morning starting at
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ben: we're following breaking news from princeton in the killing of a runner. investigators say hundreds of tips have come in on the death of vanessa marcotte. at this time, investigators can't say whether marcotte's death was random. no arrests made. anyone with information is asked to call the tip line,
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jc: also breaking, the red sox are refusing to distribute these bobbleheads tonight. the team is unhappy with the portrayal of david ortiz, calling them unacceptable and racially offensive. no bobblehead, but gorgeous, picture-perfect weather. harvey: a great night for a game. it has been delightful along the shoreline today, because we are at 73 degrees. look at the difference between winthrop and the south end. many are up to 86 in watertown, 90 in other places. big difference for just a few miles inland. overall at fenway, the temperature could get above 80. we will average it out to around 83. the yankees are in town, working


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