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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> a wild streak in the city of worcester. breaking overnight, new details on the chilling string of sex assaults and violent attacks. >> a community comes out in droves to remember a young woman killed. 5 investigates uncovering new information in the case. >> donald trump supporters clarifying comments about hillary clinton, how they are complaining what some see is a veiled flesh. on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> you can call them the golden
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count, the special name fueling their dreams. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon, and a beautiful start to the day. >> yeah. >> and a welcomed sight. rain is in the forecast for the day. >> right over our houses, right? >> fingers crossed. >> absolutely. so have an umbrella with you. if you are heading out this morning. odd to say that. a gorgeous start, the sun is u morning, and wow, it is a muggy start out there. greatest chance of showers coming in late on morning and mid-day. and into the afternoon. so plan accordingly, you can see it's quiet this morning. but it's a warm start. 70 in boston. 72 in orange, running in the lower 70s on the cape. clouds coming in out ahead of a couple of clusters of showers, one out of the albany area towards southern vermont and northwestern massachusetts right now, and then there is a second
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syracuse. all of this is working in our direction. so late morning and into lunchtime is when it arrives into the boston area. 70s this morning with that fading sunshine. we're holding in the lower 80s this afternoon. but very humid with the showers and the thunderstorms possible. by 10:00 this morning month, the activity still mainly west of you in worcester. and then it spreads in for your lunch hour. plan on some showers across the area. there will be some embedded downpours within this, and if the rain comes down drainage flooding. first batch will shift off early to mid afternoon, and there will be a break in the action but another round may get going later on this afternoon and into this evening, so multiple rounds, multiple opportunities of getting rainfall out there today. fortunately, we're not dealing with it yet, so the commute is not dealing with the wet weather this morning. olessa. >> we're not seeing a lot of issues out there this morning. thank you, a live look at 93 and summerville, southbound side, you can see just a bit of
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let's see the travel times. looking good on 24. delays starting to pick up out of a vop, and also the expressway, and up to 25 minutes from braintree into boston and then as you travel the pike eastbound still only 15. 495 out to 128. and 93 south, some delays in place out of methuen and going past 495, once again the concord street and so far so good down to the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule. >> thanks. breaking overnight man is due in court today accused of attacking several women in >> and the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is in worcester with what we learned overnight. >> it all happened within an hour, this wild and disturbing crime spree, including rape and carjacking. the suspect here, antonio game sunshine behind bars on a slew of charges. assault. aggravated rape. strangulation. armed robbery. kidnapping. indecent assault, just to make a few.
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at a business on main street. a woman there calling police after damon allegedly walked in with a knife, grabbed her throat and raped her before taking her car keys and taking off. police say that he then carjacked another woman, sexually assaulting her, before she managed to jump out of the vehicle. police finally cornered damon on denny street, running through backyards of the neighborhood after reports of another attack at a business there. damon reportedly breaking the glass on the door andc officers say they struggled with damon as he swore and screamed at them. yelling obscenities. damon will be arraigned later this morning, and we, of course, will keep you posted. live outside of worcester district court this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> i spoke of support and grief as we learn new details about the death of a woman who just went out for a run. police say that they are making progress in the case, and the
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we have learned. >> emily, police say they have received hundreds of tips, and they are following up on all of them. this crime still has this community very much on edge. 5 investigates has revealed new information that she may have been strangled and had trauma and burns and investigates are awaiting the results of a rape kit. now all of this comes as residents here in princeton gathered to remember the young woman. hundreds coming together to light candles, >> she was really nice. really, just, very genuine person, everybody really liked her. she was so smart and so -- such a good person. >> marcotte's body was found in the woods on sunday. she was visiting from new york, where she works at google, just for a jog near her mother's home in princeton. police have set up this anonymous tip line, the number
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looking for more information. at this point, have not determined if this was a random murder. live this morning in princeton, sera congi, wcvb. >> thank you. and the malden high school community is in shock after a staffer was charged with range a special needs' student. the boy has multiple disabilities. they say that steven mcdonald and in a role as a paraprofessional would assist the boy in the bathroom where >> the defendant threaten to go to the victim's home and kill his mother. >> the story is an incredible, unbelievable story. and it will all come out at trial. >> mcdonald is the assistant football coach, student athletes who told him told newscenter 5 off camera that they are with holding any judgment, this is not the coach mack they know.
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controversial comments this morning. this time they say his words amount to a death threat. >> if you said that to me, i would say to you, are you out of your mind? i saw it. i heard it. i know what it meant. >> trump supportive rudi guiliani says in no way did the candidate advocate someone killing hillary clinton. it all started when trump said this about gun >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially, abolish the second amendment, by the way, and if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> the harshest response to that coming from chris murphy of connecticut where the newtown massacre happened saying, don't
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upping the possibility of a national tragedy and crisis. hillary clinton is facing new controversy this morning. newly released emails show how the clinton foundation run by her husband, attempted to get access to the state department during her tenure as secretary of state. the emails were obtained and released by a conservative watchdog group. the wall street journal reports that they were taken from mrs. clinton's personal server but not handed over to the government as part of her archive. >> clinton's running mate tim campaigning in manchester on saturday, at what's billed as a democratic, organizing event. it will be held at st. anthem college. house speaker paul ryan is moving onto the general election in november. ryan won wisconsin's primary. it had garnered extra attention after donald trump initially failed to endorse ryan while the
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trump reversed course on friday. delta passengers are bracing for more cancellations and delays, working to get back to normal after a power outage crippled a key piece of equipment on monday. delta says the computers are still slow when it comes to check-ins and dispatching planes, and they are also trying to figure out why the systems didn't kick in when a key piece of power equipment failed earlier this week. it's back to te school today in rio, but this morning, people still are talking usa's golden girl. >> and including our neighbor here, the eye's erika tarantal is here with a special win. >> well, you know, they were expecting gold but the margin of victory left no doubt that the u.s. women's gymnastic's team is the best in the world. led by team captain, yes, aly raisman, the team stunned beating their closest rivals by more than eight points. they had dubbed themselves the final five, a tribute towards hiring national coordinator
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raisman writing, we are the final five, oh, and one more thing, we are also olympic champions. next stop for raisman, the individual all-around, the final is tomorrow. and team usa just as golden in the pool. michael phelps with two big wins. one with the signature event, the 200-meter fly and anchoring the freestyle relay, that ups his total to 21. american katie ledecky captured her second goal of t winning the 200-meter, and that adds up to some pretty impressive hardware. the u.s. has 26 medals, and nine of them gold. and china still in second place there. and one disappointing note, defending champ serena williams won't get another gold. she lost her match yesterday committing a stunning five double faults in one game alone. emily. >> thanks. 6:10 right now. some new video of a shark in a feeding frenzy. >> that's an underwater feast,
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trouble. the attack some are blaming on the owner of that kennel. >> summer staples with health benefits. the hidden perks of a seasonal favorite. >> and following breaking news, new information on the suspect in a crime spree in worcester. antonio damon due in court today, he assaulted at least two women, and that was just the start of the chaos. cindy. >> and take a look at the radar here behind me. there are showers, some embedded downpours and thunder moving in r the time line on that and oppressive heat and humidity on the way ahead. first, take a look at the temperatures. as you are getting ready to head out the door. it is a muggy start. 72 degrees as you are heading out the door on the cape right now.
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>> we are here in the five and dime intending great time with viewers. great to spend time with you guys. >> good morning eyeopener. >> such a ansome time meeting our winners yesterday. including some of our fans, a little jack here. >> and take a look at the thank you card from madison casey. she came in here, sat at the desk, i am pretty sure that she will take our job some time very soon. and we got some great gifts from
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>> yes. >> thank you very much. >> 2020, the 400th anniversary. >> we're going to see everybody in plymouth. november for the thanksgiving parade. >> and we'll shoot you a wakeup call there, too. >> right. >> now, we would love to see it. >> i promise you, it will not be as hot in plymouth that day. >> right. >> good. >> exactly. yeah. we have got something else to look forward to today. >> ok. >> rain. >> ok. >> it's quiet out there now, and we have got a little bit of sunshine still coming through, and increasing clouds over boston. but as we get towards the lunchtime and into the afternoon, that's when we are going to see the chance for rain ramp up. we need this rain desperately. and there will be some embedded downpours, as well, so hopefully your community gets needed rainfall. once we get past today, the story then becomes the heat. look at the stretch of 90s on the way, and in fact, tomorrow, friday, into the first half of
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coming up, as well so that combination tomorrow has led to a heat advisory, including the city of boston from noon to 7:00, the heat index is going to be up around 100 degrees tomorrow, so we have got this big-time heat on the way. the humidity is working up. the oranges, the reds, the real oppressive humidity, that is still in the process of working in here on a southwesterly wind, so it's getting increasingly sticky, the temperatures hold right around 70 degrees this rn and mid 60s in worcester, it's 72 in orange, and lower 70s in the cape. so it's a mild start, the high temperatures today, not as hart as the past couple days because we are not going to have as much sunshine. low to mid 80s and with the high humidity, it will feel sticky out there today. so the clouds are starting to work in now, and you can see the showers near the albany area, and behind it, there's been a cluster of big thunderstorms. these are continuing to build, and that's a trend for us, going
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towards about 10:00 this morning, notice the western part of the state, getting in on the rain and then it crosses from worcester into boston, and as we get closer to your lunch hour. and now, this may be a little bit overdone but the idea here is that there will be some embedded downpours here. they could be hit or miss in nature but could lead to localized poor drainage flooding. the first batch will exit, and then look what happens behind it, a couple more storms pop up here later on this afternoon, and so there today. and still a chance of that at fenway for the first pitch with the yankees. 7:10, should be about 80 degrees, and look at these overnight lows, getting noily cooer than the 70s in most areas tonight. that's going to lead to the hot day tomorrow, mid 90s with a high humidity. friday in the 90s but towards your weekend we're still hanging on the heat. there is a front to the north. as this drops southward, sunday and monday, waves of low pressure will ride that, and
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opportunities for more showers and downpours, so it looks like we have a good chance of getting needed rainfall. that front is exiting early next week. so a change of the forecast. >> i see. >> all right. thank you cindy. so far, a bit quiet. a live look outside for you from the sky 5. there is 93, southbound side, the summerville area, and you can see traffic just bunching up a bit, normal for this time of the morning for those delays to pick up a bit lighter than usual. let's check out your ride. 24 looks ok, and some delays building out of brockton, and 95 from sharon, your ride on the expressway, 20 to 25 minutes, braintree into boston. and pike still only 15. 495 to 128. and 93 south, you just saw it live, no delays, just a bit of volume. then once again, concord street down to the spot pond. trains and buses running on schedule. >> thanks, here's a scene, you don't want to get too close to, this is new video of a great
6:19 am
chatham. the atlantic shark conservancy captured the shark eating the seal with the underwater go pro camera. there have been a number of beach closures because of the sharks spotted feeding off-shore. a kennel owner is facing criminal charges after his family pet is dead. this morning the license for breyer wood kennel in hanover has been suspended and could be revoked. tracey siciliano says when she picked her golden beatle ben up after a family vacation he was emacia within 24 hours, ben was dead. siciliano says the dog was mauled by the kennel owner's golden retriever, and the family is heartbroken. >> he was the world to me. he was like having another kid. >> siciliano says that grizzly had bitten ben before but his owner promised to keep them apart. a hearing on monday will determine grizzly's fate and whether the kennel should be able to reopen. the owner david rick-doer is
6:20 am
animal cruelty. he would not make any statements, just calling it a bad day. >> it's now 6:20. and your economy headlines this wednesday morning, today the commonwealth gaming commission will talk horseracing, and including a proposal for the brockton fairgrounds. yesterday the commission estimated the state will pull in 300 million a year, once two resort casinos are open here in massachusetts. also this morning month, your economy headlines, checking the markets, asian stocks midsummer low. right now u.s. stock futures are higher after small gapes yesterday. investors are waiting for new retail sales information, which is due out on friday. some of your favorite summer treats come with some added health benefits. >> and iced coffee, for example, could have some cancer-fighting qualities, a european study found that women who drank one cup of caffeinated coffee reduced their risk of skin
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available in summer, and that's good for your waistline. they activate a molecule that burns fat and decrease the fat storage. and finally, tomatoes, they can be a supplement to sunscreen. some studies have found a pigment in tomatoes protects against sunburn. >> those are healthy ideas. now to the other side. good news for anyone who has a hard time choosing between fast food. >> there is a new kind of burger, and we will show it to you in eyepoppers. erika. >> new at bobblehead night canceled, why the team says the figures were offensive. and drivers are dodging a new veto. recapping our breaking news this morning, a man due in court today, accused of going on a violent crime spree in worcester. police say he sexually assaulted one woman in a business and a second woman after carjacking her. they caused more chaos before he was arrested.
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>> all right, it is 6:24 now, here on your wednesday morning. and you can see off to the west, we are looking at some rainfall that's going to be working on
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going to be moving in late morning and into the afternoon. and in fact, we are actually going to see the potential here for some needed rainfall across the area. you can see a live look over boston right now, showing you just some cloud cover now, but have an umbrella with you. showers moving in, and once we get past the rain today, the temperatures really are soaring. we'll be up to mid 90s tomorrow with the high humidity, there is a heat advisory in equity tomorrow. emily. >> okay, cindy, thanks, a slow start for the sox against the yankees at fenway but they got it together by the fifth scoring three runs there. and things did get a little tense, though, in the seventh inning after chase headley was thrown out trying to stretch his double off the green monster into a triple. the bench is cleared after he had some words with porcello. alex rodriguez did not play after announcing this would be his last week with the yankees. arod will be in the starting line for new york on thursday at fenway.
6:26 am
eyepoppers. a little bit of a disney dilemma here? >> you hate to see this happen. this right here is dopey. >> oh! >> taking a tumble. >> sunday night, during a performance at disney world. he slipped through a railing and fell on top of goofy. don't laugh. both cast members were treated for minor injuries. >> they are ok. >> everybody is fine. would you compose here, and burger king trying to spice things up with this interesting offer, that's a whopper, burrito style, a flour tortilla stuffed with the beef of a whopper with added seasoning and queso sauce with tomatoes, onions and lettuce and pickles. the ceo is saying he's been looking for a way to add tex-mex. this launches next monday at all burger kings. >> first in line, olessa stepanova.
6:27 am
>> i am sure. >> oh, my gosh. >> don't let him talk about it any more. still ahead, a new technique to free a seal trapped in a fishing line. and a serious crash caught on camera during a chase in new mexico. the sight starting that what's for dinner tonight?
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>> a wild crime spree in worcester, how police finally cornered the suspect. >> coming to go to remember a woman killed while jogging. the new details we have uncovered about the case. >> paying as you go. just to get to work. the pricy plan for commuters that could hit the brakes today. >> and needham's golden girl does it again, but the olympic aly raisman on the eye. >> good morning, i'm randy price.
6:31 am
>> it looks pretty green. >> right, surprisingly. >> right. >> i think so, too. >> things are not right. >> there is a lot of brown out there. >> yeah. >> i think we'll get some today but not an issue this morning, which is good for the commute. so if you are heading out, you are ok. but as we get towards lunchtime, and into the afternoon, that's the greatest chance of seeing the rain today, not every town is going to get wet today but a lot o rainfall. lower 70s on the cape. orange 72, 66 in worcester, so it's a muggy start, and clouds are advancing on in, and notice we have got a couple areas of showers here, one coming out of albany focusing on vermont right now but behind it, there are more areas of showers, and some embedded thunderstorms, and all of this is working eastward, so as we go deeper into the morning, and especially by lunchtime, that is when we'll see the threat of showers and thunderstorms. clouding over out of the 70s
6:32 am
lower 80s today. higher humidity, and you can see by 10:00, showers approaching the worcester area, and then they are getting closer to boston by about lunchtime, and then that first batch will shift off the shore by early this afternoon. a bit of a break in the action. but some thunderstorms may pop up even as we get in towards this evening, so multiple rounds of showers and downpours out there today, we're not dealing with it just yet so as you are heading out on the roads, how are we doing? >> so far, they are a bit busy. we have delaysic and you can see the southbound side very slow traveling towards boston. typically heavy. but there is also an accident blocking the left lane by purchase street, so if you are heading southbound give yourself a few extra minutes that crash, right near the o'neal tunnel and the delays are back because of that accident, north of there back to concord and coming out of methuen. as you travel on the pike, 20 minutes, 15 to 20, 495 to 128,
6:33 am
expressway, 25 minutes from braintree into boston. also watching some delays on the green line. everything else is running on schedule. >> we are following breaking news on the eye. >> that is coming from worcester, a man is under arrest charged with walking into a main street business, range a woman, and carjacking and assaulting another woman, also threatening police. hundreds came together in princeton holding a vigil for a woman killed out for a jog. 5 investigates learned that vanessa marcotte may have been strangled, and she had burns to her body. team aeros hoping to rack up more medals in rio. the team captain led the time five squad to a team gold yesterday beating their closest rival by more than eight points. we'll see some of that ahead at
6:34 am
want to pay based on how many miles you commute? >> doug meehan is live in boston, with the plan getting the red light today. doug. >> emily and randy, good morning, the idea here is to charge drivers by how much they travel. it's kind of an alternative to the gas tax. that part of a pilot program of a smaller, highway repair bill that already has been passed by lawmakers. so the governor today is expected to, that proposal from the bill, getting out the veto pen. the plan would have used volunteers at first to see if the plan would be effective. that bill does include other changes that are expected to become law, like a 50 million grant to repair the bridges, encourage communities to design streets, that are more friendly to bicyclists and pedestrians, now, as for the mileage tax idea, transportation secretary
6:35 am
are watching other programs but she added that there is the issue of privacy at hand. we're live on beacon hill this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> all right, thank you. and right now, a man is in the hospital with serious injuries, after falling onto the train tracks at boston's park street t station. we do know that victim did make contact with the third rail, which is electrified. his condition is not clear at this hour, and the incident caused severe delays on the red line last night. two men are recovering from serious burns after they were sprayew this happened at a public works yard in framingham. this image is courtesy of our partners at the metro west daily news. the fire chief says that the man was sprayed in the face and the hands and upper body by the 400-degree liquid asphalt. the victims were unloading the material on henry street at the time. >> expect to see more police on the roads after a string of crashes in work zones starting this week, troopers will increase the patrols and launch a new awareness campaign.
6:36 am
serious crashes in work zones, including two where people were killed. officials say that all five crashes involved alcohol. >> these are people behind the cones. these are mothers and fathers. these are children, grandparents, and aunts and uncles. and we need to be very clear that those people are in danger. >> local police are getting grants to ache take part in the increased enforcement, which is expected to run through labor day. and a big like. this the red sox calling them racially offensive, and this morning the company that crafted them is responding. the red sox's fans left last night with iou's, the blunder had them perplexed and they expected one version of the david ortiz bobblehead but the one on the left was delivered instead. fans of the team spotted the difference right away. >> >> they had cheese on it.
6:37 am
>> yeah, really upset. >> the manufacturer, bda, inc. released this statement, we value our decade long relationship with the red sox's organization, and the decision to postpone the david ortiz bobblehead giveaway. we're working closely with the red sox to ensure the team and the fans receive a quality product. >> i don't know if you saw this but the olympic diving pool raised some eyebrows in rio. >> the color change that organizers just can't explain, and a seal is free the new technique. >> and a man accused of attacking women in a violent crime spree, updates ahead in
6:38 am
6:39 am
6:40 am
>> good morning, a live look outsidehere at the bridge. the southbound side, so very, very slow getting into boston at this point. we have got the heavy delays in place, typical this time of the morning because of a crash up ahead, it's slow, delays back fells way. cindy, we're expecting some rain? >> you have got it. you can see it off to the west right now, showers, some embedded downpours and the thunder. a lot of these showers come through in scattered form, as we
6:41 am
lunchtime and certainly into the early afternoon but there can be another round of thunderstorms popping up so keep that in mind. we need this rain. behind it. look at the heat tomorrow, mid 90s with high humidity, there are heat advisories up for a good portion of the area. randy. >> thank you. rescuers use a different technique to save the seal off of cape cod. we have video for the animal welfare, it shows the seal off of chatham t fishing line, and normally they would capture it by hand or net, this time they shot a tranquilizer dart from 100 feet. and that lets them track the seal until it tires out and they bring in a board. >> >> once they have the seal they are able to cut away the tangled fishing line and release the seal back into the water. the seal has been tagged to keep
6:42 am
updates ahead in worcester. the crime spree leaving women hurt, and a wal-mart parking lot with a surprise, what police found underneath, and ahead in news to go, a dramatic crash caught on camera. what a security guard says happened before this wild chase. for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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>> the eyeopener, we're in >> the eyeopener, we're in worcester this morning, and in princeton and boston and erika has the golden glow, but needham's aly raisman. >> we'll get to those stories but first i want to check in with cindy and your forecast, and we have not heard this in a while, take an umbrella with you. >> i know it, what is that all about, right? >> right. >> go and find it. >> we need a day or two or ten, all day, gentle rain, and that's not in the cards today but there is going to be scattered showers and downpours around and you see them off to the west. you can see how desperately we needed it. the majority of the state, 60% of us in severe drought, the deficit, 8.5 inches, worcester closing in on the eight-inch mark, so of course we need it here. i think mid-day into the afternoon is the greatest chance of getting in on the rainfall here. and so the next few hours you should be ok. you can see the cloud cover filling in over boston. 70 degrees though, and the
6:46 am
wind. it will be a humid day but not as hot as the past couple. i think that most of us top out in the low 80s today.
6:47 am
>> north of there, we have more volume out of concord street and as you travel out of methuen into andover, and the pike he or she, typical volume here, a half-hour now, 495, heading out towards 128, and then delays on 95 from sharon, 24 out of brockton, and a slow ride on the expressway, almost a half-hour, braintree into boston, trains and buses, no problems, running back on schedule. >> all right, 6:47. and breaking news that we've been following, a disturbing
6:48 am
>> antoinette antonio is live in worcester with what we have learned. antoinette? >> the suspect in this wild crime spree is behind bars this morning on a slew of charges. including aggravated rape and armed robbery and kidnapping, judge you say to name a few, this all started on main street yesterday at a business there, and ant november damon allegedly raped a woman at knifepoint and then took off. another woman, carjacking and sexually assaulting her before she managed to jump out of the vehicle. police finally cornering damon on denny street after a report of another attack there. damon shouting obscenities at officers of the all of this happening within a span of an hour, and damon will be arraigned here in worcester district court later on this morning. and we are live in worcester,
6:49 am
hundreds of tips about the murder of a young woman here in princeton. five investigates has learned that vanessa marcotte may have been strangled. investigates are learning results of a rape kit. the community came together for a vigil to remember the woman and to find comfort in each other. investigates still don't know if her death was random. >> you should not have to live in fear. that all the family wants is justice. live in princeton, sera congi, wcvb. >> how would you like to be taxed based on the amount of time that you spend behind the wheel? well, you can forget about it. at least for now. the governor expected to veto that part of a highway repair bill today which already has been approved by lawmakers. especially this would have been an alternative to the gas tax. now keep in mind the bill does include other changes that are
6:50 am
50 million grant to repair local bridges as well as new help to encourage communities to design streets that are friendly to bikes and walkers. this would have only been part of a pilot program conducted by volunteers. we're live on beacon hill, doug meehan, cardiovascular c.v. >> we turn to rio where the u.s. women's gymnastic's team led by needham's aly raisman left no doubt that they are the best in the world. they delivered a resounding all-around win beating their competitors by eight points, and that's the largest margin since 1960. raceman competes in the individual all-around final tomorrow. and in the 3508, michael -- in . 21 gold medals after kinking his 200-meter fly and anchoring the 4-by-200 free time relay. katie ledecky captured her second gold winning the
6:51 am
overall, one disappointing note in tennis, serena williams lost in straight sets. emily. >> ok, thanks. the patriot's own nate ebner coming up big in rio playing for the rugby team. he made a key play to help defeat brazil 26-0. it's the first ever olympic sevens win for the u.s. men's team. the game is making its olympic debut in these games. going for the gold, or how about the green? the picture on the left is what the olympic like. the water looks green. water quality has been a big question but not the pool water. olympic organizers say it was tested and is safe but they have not idea why the water turned green. >> and right now delta airlines' passengers are bracing for possibly more cancellations and delays, the airline is working to get back to normal after a power outage crippled a key piece of equipment on monday.
6:52 am
are also trying to figure out why backup systems didn't kick in when the key piece of power equipment failed. >> new bedford is close to passing a ban on the sale of synthetic drugs. the city officials say many stores took packages of synthetic marijuana off their shelves after city officials expressed concern about the products. the board of health is holding a public hearing to discuss the regulation aimed at the scores who did not do that. the board may or or not any changes have to be made to the measure. a meth lab found in a wal-mart parking lot. amherst, new york police say it was set up in an underground culvert accessible only by a manhole. several jars of beth were found during a routine patrol. police say they will be looking at surveillance from the wal-mart to track down whoever has been going into that culvert. >> and an arson suspect tries to set fire to a business and
6:53 am
this is video from sunday's incident, just been released by the police. the suspects led catching fire before he's seen running. in kentucky still no arrest. and police are also looking for a woman who was with him. >> wild video out of new mexico. police seen chasing a suspect who rammed head-on into another car. a security guard caught the man breaking into a truck which started this chase. that guard followed the pursuit on the ground the whole time. the suspect tried to take off but police were able to arrest him. >> and a scare for julian adelman. he walked off the field after feeling tingling in the same foot he broke last fall. no further damage. it is unclear if it will lighten his workouts. >> a slow start for the sox against the yankees at fenway park, but they got it together by the fifth.
6:54 am
seventh inning after chase headley was thrown out after trying to stretch out his double into a triple. the bench was cleared after he had words with rick porcello, alex rodriguez did not play after announcing that this would be his last week with the yankees. arod will be in the starting line for new york on thursday at fenway park. >> check out this rare blue lobster. the owner, captain of the fb of plymouth, a two-pounder named blue. our partners report that reports of finding a blue lobster are one in 2 million. almost looks artificially covered. >> right. >> surreal. >> he should play the lotto. >> right. >> yeah. >> thank you guys. a live look outside here. 93 and summerville. southbound side, you can see those delays are actually starting to get a bit better. we just cleared an accident on 93 south by purchase street, and we did have that volume stretching all the way back to
6:55 am
good news for the commute. and let's get to the maps, once again, that crash was right here on 93 southbound, it's gone now but you have got the delays as you can see, the red shading back into medford, and north of there, the normal volume to concord street. out of methuen, a patch of delays passing by, eastbound on the pike a half-hour ride to 128. and some delays in place on 24 northbound, out of brockton and then once again as you travel the expressway, half-hour trip braintree into boston. trains and buses back on schedule. cindy, we are expecting in right, cloud cover now, a pretty morning but it is muggy out there. and the temperatures are starting out right around 70. we're 66 in worcester. lower 70s on the cape already. and temperatures are going to jump out of the 70s into the lower 80s and that's it. it will not be as hot today. you can see the fading sunshine, and as we get from lunchtime into the afternoon the risk of showers and thunderstorms, and there is going to be good downpours with these as well. you can see them showing up now. a lot of the activity in the
6:56 am
vermont and new hampshire, but starting to see some activity fire up here. the tip of long island into connecticut, and you can see more off to the west, so this is all going to be working eastward here and by late morning 10:00, 11:00, showers may start to fill in for you in the worcester area and then going to be around lunchtime in greater boston, and the first batch will be exiting the cape by 2:00, 3:00, and then there is a break but a few more downpours may pop up as we get deeper into the late afternoon and evening hours, so keep that downpours today, and things quiet down overnight, and we head into the day tomorrow, and look at this. high temperatures in the mid 90s. when you factor in the humidity, that heat index, make it over 100 degrees so there is a heat advisory up for tomorrow for a lot of eastern massachusetts, and the heat keeps going. 90 or higher, and not just tomorrow but friday and saturday, and we'll start to bring the temperatures down a bit by the second half of the weekend but it looks like a pretty good bet for more showers and thunderstorms on sunday and
6:57 am
change. get needed rainfall for many spots out there. >> all right. >> thank you. >> thank you for joining us and remember you can, if you are on the go any time not driving a car but on the train or somewhere else, you can watch us
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good morning, america. donald trump defending himself after a comment being called a threat against hillary clinton. >> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> trump says he was not suggesting violence and clinton facing her own troubles a new batch of her e-mails made public. breaking overnight a former librarian killed by police in front of a horrified crowd. shot while volunteering for a demonstration at a police safety event. the latest on what officers say was a terrible accident. flash flood danger. a woman rescued after a car barrels into a bridge. now more monsoon rain hitting the southwest and a dangerous heat wave moving east. gold medal glory at the


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