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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 10, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this iscv noon. emily: former mafia boss cadillac frank salemme he arrested on charges related to the murder of a witness. erika: the u.s. attorney's office says the charges are related to a may 1993 murder in stoughton. salemme will appear in u.s. district court this afternoon. thank for joining us. emily: some of the other stories that we are working on right now. a worcester man facing a judge
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antonio damon was arrested after running from police and becoming violent when they try to apprehend him. erika: one man is dead another under arrest after a fight at which into an home. -- a winch and 10 home. emily: rain moving to the state right now. this is the first round of wet weather. we are expecting more later today. cindy: welcome sight to see the radar so active toward the city of boston you can see everything moving from west to east. heaviest rain where you see the yellow around will burn up to north reading, just north of the city of boston. there are some sours -- some showers around plymouth. this area right here, southern worcester county around the webster area, this is lifting toward the north and east and will hug areas close to the
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heavier rain. adding to these totals, surely picking up over one inch of rain. lawrence closing in on that one inch mark. some of us did not do so well read natick had 37 -- 31 hundredths of an inch. moving through greater boston through about 3:00 this afternoon. once this area shifts offshore the focus will be the potential for some hit or miss thunderstorms popping up as we get into the afternoon but i think these will be more isolated in more on the heat coming our way in a few minutes. emily: right now and worcester a man is facing rape, kidnapping, robbery, carjacking and assault and battery charges. erika: police say he went on the crime spree over the course of just a few hours last night. antoinette antonio is live with more. antoinette: that very long list of charges that suspect is facing, he is said to be
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truly wild and disturbing crime spree. police say it went over the course of one hour, possibly even just 30 minutes. police say it started in downtown worcester along main street at a business there am a woman calling police after antonio damon allegedly walked in with a knife grabbed her throat and raped her before taking off running. a short time later police say he carjacked a woman who was leaving work also on main street , sexually assaulted her before she managed to jump out of the vehicle. any street running through backyards after report of another attack . officer struggled with damon as he yelled obscenities at them. >> he made numerous threats toward police, one of which involved in forming police he would shoot them with an assault rifle.
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point they believe the women were likely randomly targeted and did not know their attacker. they were taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries. damon is set to be arraigned sometime this afternoon. we will keep you posted on what happens. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: the justice department releasing a critique of racial discrimination by baltimore's police department. for 95% of the 410 individuals the police department stopped at least 10 times. one african american man was stopped 30 times and less than four years and none of the stops resulting in a citation or criminal charge. emily: the police commissioner says i asked tactics will not be tolerated. the department has fired some officers who committed some of the most egregious violations found during the investigation.
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-- police responded to a fight at 169 spruce street shortly before 7:00 last night. thomas maxwell is facing aggravated assault and battery charges. the victim has yet to be identified. emily: one man is dead after a rollover crash on 95 north in newton shortly after 2:00 this morning. state police say the driver, jack jarden, somehow lost control of his jeep wrangler and rolled over into the median. with serious injuries and later died. investigators are working to figure out how it happened. a community is on edge with no new leads into the murder of a young jogger found dead sunday night. sera congi is live with the latest on the investigation. sera: police are following up on hundreds of leads they are getting but so far no update on the investigation. as you can imagine the lack of
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[bells ringing] sera: the community of princeton coming together for a vigil at the local church to honor the young life that was lost but also to comfort one another. >> it's a community thing that could happen to anyone of us at any time. sera: the nessa marcotte was found -- vanessa marcotte was found -- >> she came to princeton in this happened. d sera: 5 investigates has learned that marcotte may have been strangled. investigators are awaiting results of a rape kit. people in town are anxious for answers. investigators do not know if the killing was random and have urged residents to use caution >>. my daughter ran the same route that vanessa does. she says she will never run
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anyone to offer information or tips about the case anonymously. the nessa's pop -- vanessa's father tells the globe all the family wants his justice. erika: a man who fell onto the train tracks at boston's park street station has died. the victim was a 30-year-old from quincy. it happened last night. we know the man did make contact with the third rail. delays on the red line last night. emily: two men recovering after they were sprayed with hot tar at a public works yard in framingham. this image courtesy of the metrowest daily news. the 400 degree liquid asphalt. the victims were unloading
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>> if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. i don't know. erika: causing an uproar with that remark. as karen travers reports, trump supporters are trying to put out this latest firestorm. donald trump on the defensive again. last night on fox news. >> there can be no other interpretation. try to explain these comments yesterday in north carolina. >> hillary wants to abolish the second amendment. if she gets to pick -- if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. karen: team trump insists he was talking about how voters can mobilize to give clinton out of office but that is not how it
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one of his supporters sitting right behind him on the stage. a quick reaction from the clinton campaign saying, what trump is saying is dangerous. a person seeking to be preside not suggest violence in anyway. another cleanup effort from mike pence to loyal supporter rudy giuliani. >> we know donald trump is not particularly indirect. donald trump is going to say someone like that he says something like that. controversy for the clinton campaign. new e-mails showing what appears toni staffer for the clinton foundation asking for favors from the state department while clinton was secretary. clinton's campaign says in a statement that neither of these involvedheork of the foundation but the trump campaign says this is more evidence that she ran "a corrupt office o."
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he will campaign in manchester, new hampshire on saturday at what is being billed as a democratic organizing event at saint anselm college. erika: paul ryan is moving on to november. easily winning wisconsin's republican primary. the contest garnered extra attention after donald trump initially failed to endorse ryan. course friday. emily: big success for the u.s. that team led by aly raisman to col -- took home the gold. tweeting, we are the final five. we are also olympic champions. the next stop for these ladies is the all-around tomorrow. the u.s. has to what he seven medals come at 10 of them gold. china is in second place. erika: nate ebner coming up big
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help defeat the zillow 26-best help defeat brazil 26-0. coming up, she was there for a citizen police academy class. a florida woman was accidentally killed. the role of policemen played in the tragedy. emily: a crash caught on camera during a chase in new mexico. what triggered that wild pursuit? cindy: i'm tracking excessivet ishe story tomorrow. the timeline on the heat advisory in place and how lon 90's are going to stick around. ik check out this rare blue lobster. where this beauty was pulled up
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emily: former mafia boss cadillac frank salemme he arrested on charges related to
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office saying the charges are related to a 1993 murder in stoughton. salemme will appear in u.s. district court this afternoon. emily: tragedy in florida. a woman accident we shot to death by a police officer. erika: marci gonzalez reports it happened during a safety exercise. marci: police in florida calling it a tragic accident. community event on police safety shot and killed by an officer. there thinking she's going to stand up in a minmarci: mary kns participating in a community role-playing event designed to show the public wwhhat it polica split section decisions -- split-second decisions. witnesses at yesterday's citizen police academy event's citizen police academy event say an officer fired at knowlton with what were supposed to be blanks but the gun mistakenly had at
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>> in a horrible accident, participant mary knowlton was mistakenly struck with a live round. marci: she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> we want to express sympathy to the family and friends of mary knowlton. we are shocked by this horrific accident and are grieving deeply over mary's passing. marci: investigates. emily: some wild video out of new mexico. police seen chasing a suspect who then rams another car had on. a security guard caught the man breaking into a truck. that guard followed the pursuit on the ground with a camera attached to his lapel rolling. the suspect tried to take off after the crash but police were able to arrest him.
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amherst, new york police say it was set up an underground tunnel accessible only by a manhole. several jars of meth were found during a routine patrol in the city outside buffalo. new bedford, close to passing a ban on the sale of synthetic drugs. city officials say many stores fallen terribly took p shelves after officials expressed concern about those products. the board of health is holding a public hearing tomorrow night to discuss the regulation aimed at stores who did not. emily: criminal charges after this family pet died. the license for briarwood kennel in hanover has been suspended and it could be revoked. tracy siciliano says she picked up then -- chee rustem to
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>> he was the world to me. he was like having another kid. emily: she says grizzly had bitten ben once before but the owner promised to keep them apart. a hearing on monday will determine whether the kennel should be able to reopen. the owner, david ricardo, faces a charge of animal cruelty. erika: video of a great white shark eating off chatham this morning. the atlantic white shark conservancy capturing the shark eating a seal with its underwater go pro camera. a number of beach closures this summer because of sharks spotted. emily: the owner of the sd windsong hauled it off plymouth.
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blue lobster are one in 2 million. [indiscernible] cindy: speaking of lucky i think those are our odds of rainfall around here. an impressive day in the rainfall department. there has been some steady rain moving through. we're not done yet. we will keep this going for the next couple of hours. this is hoch worcester has not had much but there have been pockets where we have had more particularly parts of worcester county and in the merrimack valley. places where we need it desperately. bloomberg and surely coming in with an inch or brain. close to it and gartner. in lexington, just under half an inch of rain.
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north and west of the worcester area but this is heavier rain in northeastern connecticut and this is hugging the pike. this is likely going to continue to move in this direction. heaviest rain in a couple of clusters. where you see the yellow around woburn this is stretching toward the city of boston and another batch moving to the north shore. gloucester, beverly to haverhill. no lightning showing up with this. showers, embedded downpours. this cluster, if it continues to hold across southeastern massachusetts in the next hour or so. the leading edge of these downpours of a right along 495. these shift eastward. eventually wesley in the next 30 minutes or so. you're likely going to see the intensity of the rain continued to pick up. this is what it looks like in boston. talk skies and stormy with heavy rain to the north of the city. 72 degrees but it feels stickier than that outside.
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charts in this oppressive range. the southwesterly wind is continuing to feed in all of this air. impressive humidity levels go all the way down to our south. now that that has come in it is not going away for the next several days. i don't see this humidity lowering until probably the middle of next week. really soupy conditions. we got this disturbance coming through. once this shift eastward notice how ther developing in the cloud cover and that will be ke'arre stewart are not we see intense thunderstorms try to redevelop this afternoon. temperatures in the lower 70's. it to the north and west we may shoot closer to 80 degrees if we can get holes to form in the clouds and we may do that past 3:00 this afternoon. showers filling in a long and south of the pike and that moves
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this evening. if you have plans, most of us will be dry but there is the threat of a pop-up thunderstorms especially here to the south as we get toward the evening hours and overnight they will wind down. there will be the chance of a shower or thunderstorm. temperatures, and we will hold in the 70's through the overnight hours. these highs tomorrow, mid to upper 90's and the humidity is coming up as well. there ar place coming up for tomorrow in eastern massachusetts. it may grees. we get toward friday ended the saturday we are still up around 90 degrees. a front just to our north on saturday and eventually that front is going to drop southward but it's going to be a slow process. in the vicinity, sunday into monday, waves of low pressure will traverse this front and that will keep numerous rounds of showers and embedded downpours going into early next
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more opportunities coming for needed rainfall. erika: in your economy, at eight meeting this morning the state gaming commission voted unanimously to reject a request for a race horse of element fund . yesterday the commission estimated the state will pull in $300 million a year once two resort casinos open in massachusetts. emily: governor baker is putting the brits on a program t on the number of miles they drive. the program was part of a highway repair bill passed by lawmakers. the governor is expected to strike the proposal from the bill today. the new mileage tax would have replaced the gas tax. erika: from burgers to burritos. emily: how burger king is taking aim at taco bell by going text
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emily: marci: burger king is trying to spice up sales with this offer. that is a whopper burrito style. a flour tortilla stuffed with the beef of a whopper but with
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has been looking for a way to add tex-mex to his menu. the whopperito launches at alburgh or kings next monday -- at all burger king's next monday. i do love a good burrito. [laughter] cindy: the next couple of hours,
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