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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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protection program. he's now being held without bail. >> back to breaking news in new york city. live pictures as police try to capture this man who the climbing trump tower using a suction cup method. we estimate he's at least five stories up at this point. police have been trying to get at him from different angles, breaking windows. apparently he has papers with trump's name on them. this is, again, trump tower in midtown manhattan. you can imagine the spectacle this is making on fifth avenue well and continue to bring you updates. >> right now, charged in connection with a violent crime rampage. antoinee owe is charged with rape, sexual assault, rape and armed robbery. he also threatened to shoot two women an assault rifle the defendant is father of five. >> the rain seems to be a leave for many. >> needed it. >> there are still a few showers
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beverly not that far from average. nashua, 2/3 of an inch. boston, right around a quarter. variable amounts but most everybody got some. good downpours right around cape ann. you see gloucester that will be moving offshore but we still have a few other smaller showers and downpours from westborough eastward all the way to framingham and toward manor. into through the evening hours we'll see that tend to dwindle. skies will become sunny tomorrow. once that happens, here will come the heat. we already have incredible humidity. oppressively humid out there now and the temperatures, which aren't that high at this time will be much higher tomorrow as this air moves envelope much more about that coming up in a little while. >> thank you. new 59:30, a fist fight between friends ends in a defgs
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bars. this happened overnight. here's the story. reporter: prosecutors say it was an argument that started over a beer. two friends what had been drinking began pushing one another resulting in the death of one and the arrest of the other. >> even friends and family of the deceased are laying no blame. >> it was just a very unfortunate accident that happened here. >> thomas and donald o'malley, both friends and neighbors, were drinking in the back yard of the home. >> he started pushing around at tom and tom said i'm not going to get it into. set him down to the ground and something happened. >> once on the ground the 32-year-old o'malley died president friends belief it was due to his failing heart. 49-year-old arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. his attorney says there was no intent to harm. >> mr. maxwell wasn't throwing any punches or kicks. it looks like there was some scuffling where they both fell to the ground.
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battle a drinking problem and may have actually instigated the argument with maxwell. his mother's birthday is today. she does not want maxwell charged. >> when he goes and ask hem not to press charges against him because they are all very good friends. it's just an unfortunate accident. >> maxwell is being held on a $50,000 cash bail. he could face more charges pending the outcome of the autopsy. wcvb, newscenter 5. >> a train tracks has died. the victim was a 30-year-old from quincey. we know the man did make contact with the third rail and the incident caused severe delays on the red line last night. >> let's take a look at first alert traffic. you're looking live at the southeast expressway which is jammed that looks like the mass pike and it's jammed, as you can see, coming out of the city. let's go to the map and find out how things are. we go to 93 southbound. the rain always slows things
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mass ab to route three. lots of problems around the city. upper deck to route 128 north. half an hour. we're looking at the western toll, i-495 at 25 minutes and it is slow in both directions, really north of the pike. as you go from the mass pike to i-290 on 495. 12 minutes. >> a plymouth woman celebrating a very big win tonight. christine recently won a she showed the one time cash payment option for her winnings and will receive $650,000 before tax, she plans to use some of the money to buy a new car. >> good for her. >> police shoot-don't shoot demonstration in florida went terribly wrong. >> the woman taking part shot and killed. questions being raised about how
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again tonight. the fight against the flames right now in california. >> treating small children with >> treating small children with peanut dear fellow citizen,ildren with peanut i know what it's like to live a full life. but living for today doesn't mean forgetting about tomorrow. most people spend more time planning their vacation than they do for retirement. but i like to think of retirement like it's a 30-year vacation. so how are you going to get there? don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes
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>> this is ground level of trump tower at fifth avenue and 56th street. high above this, about 10 stories up we think, is a man climbing the outside of the tower using an elaborate system of suction cups. at least four of those cups, one for each foot and hand. he's been climbing the tower for
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we've seen him hanging around. this is video actually. you can see glass falling. they just broke a window about 20 minutes ago to try to get access. that was not successful. he was able to move over to the left and go up that panel of glass. so he's moved around that broken window. you can see police on a firefighter's ladder to the right there. he's not that far above the ground floor but he's substantially upre what his motivation is. these are live pictures as it hans. we've seen him chatting with police officers. the motive remains a mystery. j.c.? >> crews in california finally making progress, a massive fire sparked by an illegal campfire. this wildfire near big stir has been raging for nearly three
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contained. 57 homes have been destroyed. five state parks remain closed during the busy summer tourist season. >> a woman accidentally shot to death by a police officer. it happened during a safety exercise in florida. >> police in florida calling ate tragic accident. a woman shot and killed by an going to stand up -- >> 73-year-old mary nolten, was participating in a community real playing event to show people what it's like when police are forced to make a split second decision. witnesses at yesterday's police academy event say an officer fired at her with what were supposed to be blanks but the gun mistakeingly had at least
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ammunition for this particular weapon existed. >> she was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> we want to express our deepest sympathy for the family and friends of mary nolten. we're shocked by this horrific accident and are grieving deeply over mary's passing. >> the officer involved is on leave while the florida department of law enforcement investigates. >> abc this, how missing a flight can really be devastating. >> still to come tonight, move by one late passenger that ended up with him being -- detained. >> have something to say to president obama? the new way to get your message to the white house. >> we've had some rain. some of us are still getting some the humidity is here and the
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>> to your economy, gasoline prices are predicted to drop even more this fall. prices at the pump are expected to be below $2 per gallon with lower prices likely to remain through the winter. the u.s. energy department made the prediction mostly due to the prolonged slump in oil prices and the switch to the winter blend of gasoline which is cheaper make. the national average for a gallo gallon of regular is $2.12. there is a catch.
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the nondairy edition will be on the menu 9-6. another flavor to the cookie arsenal. the s'mores sandwich cookie. they go on sale in december. >> american airlines now offering free inflight entertainment on domestic flights. you can stream it on personal devices. the move went into effect on august it will help it to remain competitive in the marketplace. traveler in spain boards his flight in a rather unique and potentially dangerous way. have a look. apparently a bit late. so he ran past airport security, jumped down from the gang way and lugging his two carry-on bags made a mad dash across the tarmac for his flight. he did get on-board and even took off. but when the flight landed at
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arrested. >> how did he get on-board. >> if they were boarding outside. because otherwise, that's just insane. insane. nothing is worth that. >> you may use that word to describe conditions outside. heat and humidity combined. we have a heat advisory that's already been issued from noon to 7:00 p.m. and don't be surprised if that is repeated again on friday. this is very uncomfortable air that will be moving in. the heatqu so much of the country. that's building eastward with time. now, this is way it could feel when you take the temperature and the humidity together, and credit a heat index, we're talking about 95 to over a hundred across much of the region tomorrow. that's how it will feel. the actual temperature will be in the 90s in most places. so that's extremely uncomfortable. it gets repeated on friday as well. 95 to 105 is the way it will feel. use a lot of common sense. have a lot of water and if
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early or in the evening is recommended. certainly not during the heat of the day. >> that set up what's coming. in the meantime tomorrow evening the patriots start their exhibition season. pre-season game at foxborough. around 90 degrees for the start and then only dropping into the 80s, and remember, it will be oppressively humid. quit a challenge for the players in those kinds of conditions. we're talking about the humidity impact. we're in the oppressive range already. so we're simply going to get added on tomorrow. in terms of precipitation today, a quarter to a third to a half an inch to average or more in spots. but most everybody at least had some appreciable rainfall. we still have some residual downpours and showers moving through. one area that's just exiting the north show, another little area that came from worcester and moved through metro west and right now it's heading close nutn to and will soon be in medford.
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more showers, a few more getting close to worcester. some in connecticut and some just north of greenfield. as we go through the early evening hours, they will tend to wane. there is a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm at the very beginning of the red sox game. mainly in the 70s but the most humid conditions we've had for any game so far this season. also overnight tonight, there is just a chance, the cape or islands could get a shower or thunderstorm. a little instability there. start the day with some clouds. shou part but the islands, low clouds and fog will be kind of lurking right on the horizon. it's so humid that it could wander in and out. in the boston area tons of sun will develop. we'll be raising temperatures and it's already very humid throughout the east coast. we'll start out in the 70s tomorrow and then these are the actual air temperatures to expect. average high in the mid-90s. upper 90s are possible.
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islands. we haven't had any 90 degree days in august that will change starting tomorrow. check it out. big time heat for tomorrow and friday as well. thunderstorm threat very low for tomorrow. slightly higher later on friday and into friday night and increasing somewhat on saturday and especially sunday. this weekend. the weekend will start out very hot and humid and sheepd up what less hot as well as early next week. that's how it is looking. >> thank you. some sad news out of espn as they long time sports commentator john saunders. saunders joined espn in 1986. he was a founding member of the foundation for kids for research saechbded on the board of directors. saunders was 61. >> let's go back to rio. one of the world's most famous beaches. it never slows down when the olympics are in town. you can count on some
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nigel robinson takes us there. >> here, officially winter. a few brave ones in the ocean but here on the coast, people were taking in all things brazil. >> we found the sisters lena and laura from barcelona. these fabrics sold on the street aren't the only things that caught their eye. >> just amazing seeing landscaping. >> from your eyes to your ears. ? >> makes such a good vibe. >> did i mention -- i'm looking at all the people trying -- i like to interact with the people. especially the brazilian people to know the culture.
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let's just say swimwear. drink brazilian beer. and even hand woven porch chairs. >> we come from africa so we're used to all sorts of things like that. >> people from all of the world are here on this world famous beach experiencing it all. >> it's a great city. most beautiful city in the world. >> at the summer olympic games in rio, i'm nigel robinson. >> more murky water woes at the olympic pools. another deep bright green water. have a look. yesterday, the diving pool water was the first to turn color and now the water polo pool has also gone green. the water is typically as we all know, a nice clear shade of blue. tests showed no sign of water quality issues. a spokesman said a decrease in alka line level in the diving well led to the green color and it appears the other pool is being affected in the same way. they expect the color to be back
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to president obama all you have to do is pull up facebook messenger. they are trying to expand the president's reading material and one way to do sit to open up a path for facebook users. the spokesman says mr. obama reads about 10 regular letters per night. the kind that go in the mail and the messenger option will add to that total. >> another lawsuit. this time concerning his grammy winnso family of late songwriter townsend he's accused of copying from the 1973 soul hit. this is the second suit filed this year. writers of the song "amazing" filed a suit earlier this year saying he stole from their song "photograph." >> peanut allergies, common in american kids. >> the new research to find the problem may also be part of the solution. >> coming up, just ahead at
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on the situation at trump tower where a man is scaling the building using suction cups. plus -- >> words matter, my friend. >> donald trump's comment, second amendment loyalists may be outraging his opponents but stirring one group to launch a multimillion dollar ad backing the g.o.p. candidate. >> a big booze brin
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>> the red cross needs your help. they say there is a critical blood shortage. the organization is urging folks if you already gave this summer you may be able to go again. blood can be safely donated every 50 days. if you donate on august 31, the red cross will give you a $5 amazon gift card. scientists at harvard found unsafe drinking water, chemicals in water samples across the country. they are actually abundant.
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nonstick cooking pans but when ingested they can cause health problems such as high cholesterol, obesity and even cancer. the epa says the primary makers of two of the main pfsa chemicals were phased out years ago. samples show the highest levels were near industrial sites, military bases and waste water treatment plans. >> toddlers who suffer from peanut allergies, there may be hope from where you least expect it. her jelly sandwiches, a childhood staple, but a potentially dangerous threat and with the number of children diagnosed with these allergies on the rise it's a problem that's now becoming more prevalent. a new study gives hope to infants and toddlers. >> they looked at an approach that has been studied in older children exposing them to small amounts of peanut proteins in a controlled setting.
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peanut allergy either low or high amounts of the peanut protein treatment. they found the babies who were treated with the therapy had a decreased allergic response to peanuts and a month after completing the treatment, four out of five of these babies were still able to eat peanuts safely. though some babies had mild allergic reactions to the therapy these were easily treated with over the counter medications. >> while more research is clearly needed to show this effect is long lasting it's at
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>> high rise hi-jinx. the effort to stop a man climbing trump tower with suction cups. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> you're looking life at breaking news at trump tower and you can see a climber moving up. this is manhattan. a man is scaling trump tower. he's using suction cups. he's about 15 or 16 or 17 stories up right now. >> he started climbing at fifth floor atrium. he made it past the 16th floor. the police and fire department have been seen breaking windows. we'll continue to monitor the situation as this man keeps going up and we'll bring you updates. back here at home, a former new england mafia boss arrested, facing new charges in the murder of a witness. >> cadillac frank salemme facing a judge this afternoon and david
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david? david: good evening, his days of driving cadillacs around boston are over. he's too broke to afford his own attorney and he'll need a good one because the charge carries a potential penalty of death. >> seen here in file video from 10 years ago, frank is now 82 years old. he walked into federal court in boston with a greeting for the prosecutor. >> something to the effect [inaudible] >> he's charged with murdering a federal witness in 1993. court documents do not name the victim, but the date of the murder matches that of stephen dis arro. >> they are hoping at some point
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answered. >> he's most recently been living under another name in atlanta. his lawyer did not request a preliminary hearing on the new charges and he did not object to prosecutors' request that he be held without bail. >> he's prepared to go to try. he's healthy, and we'll see how it shakes out in the end. >> was he on the run? >> absolutely not. >> the attorney says he had gotten wind of the new charges and was driving back to boston to turn himself in when he was nabbed connecticut. >> atlanta to connecticut is a lot closer to boston than california, isn't it? >> federal prosecutors say that's not true. they say frank salemme has run from the law before, fannand if given the chance would do so again. >> talk about heavy rain. a chance of pop-up thunderstorms into the evening. but harvey, real thing we're concerned about is the heat emergency that's popped up for


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