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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 10, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and mouse. new details on the man who climbed trump tower with suction cups. ed: the cops who hauled him in and the one thing he was after. meteorologist: a heat emergency declared in boston. how hot it will get. how long it will last. ed:ng bring home another gold. the family of a needham gymnast on her olympic win and what comes next. maria: the campaign fine caught on camera. the hunt for her in a local town tonight. around the world. the dramatic takedown at trump tower, and what we've learned about the man behind it. this was no protest. he's a big trump supporter. good evening, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. his name hasn't been released, but we do know he wanted a private meeting with the presidential candidate. our ben simmoneau is live in the newsroom with new information. ben? ben: that is right. donald trump lives and works in that building, trump tower.
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fifth floor atrium to get donald trump's attention. climbing donald trump's wall, not spider man, but a man with suction cups. this 20-year-old from virginia spent two hours climbing the glass facade of trump tower in midtown manhattan. while police cut through air vents, broke glass, and eventually removed entire window panes, blocking his movement with a window washing platf on the ground, they shut down busy 5th avenue and set up giant air bags, all until they could safely grab him. >> i was waiting for the perfect time to present itself, when i felt it was safe for him, myself and my crew. ben: detective chris williams and david walker acting like it
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>> i reached out, took hold of his hand and said, sir, you need to come with me and took him inside with the help of my partner and took him into custody and presented him to ems. >> police say the man posted a youtube video tuesday claiming to be an independent researcher. he endorsed trump and asked for a meeting. climbing the building was to get attention. >> upon getting him in custody, he explained the same thing that he wanted mrum >> at no time did he express that he wanted to hurt anybody. ben: the climber came from virginia when donald trump was in virginia today. this is a suction cup similar to what he was using.
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maria: the air has moved in. by the way boston mayor marty walsh did declare a heat emergency in boston tomorrow. harvey leonard is here with me. you say it will feel like 100 or maybe more tomorrow. meteorologist: it could. there is no question about it. go going to be brutal. the combination of heat and humidity. you look behind us, maria, be the 8's. these are late night readings. cannot cool it down m it is a recipe for very uncomfortable weather. we have heat advisory in effect for the area. the one area that is exclude in the south cast and the cape because it is throw but till going to be up come are foible to see the deep red ares in the area from 9 90's to 100 plus. that's the air moving our way with 95 today. but already in place is this very oppressive air, the hoom tim pack showing the colors that
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tonight. it is incredibly uncomfortable. very, very tropical. the actual air temperatures, most areas well to the 0's. when you combine that with the humidity we have out there now, it is going to feel like it is about 100 or a little bit higher in some places tomorrow. and pread on friday i might add as well. now, keeping an eye on a couple of downpours exiting now the vineyard so nantucket could get clipped. there are a couple on possible down south. the real story is tomorrow, the sunshine developing, blazing heat. he with talk about how long it will also and the changes for the weekend with answer few minutes. maria? maria: harvey, see you then. thank. the "t" says they're prepared for the heat and that maintenance crews have been working on air conditioning systems around the clock. and boston is opening cooling centers across the city because
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most of them will be at boston centers for youth and families. you can find a link including hours of operation on our wcvb app. ed: new at 11:00, a vigil for vanessa. leominster residents gather to remember a hometown girl killed in a horrible crime. police continue to hunt for leads in the murder of vanessa marcotte. she was attacked while jogging in princeton on sunday. tonight the emphasis was on healinnd leominster tonight. mary: in leominster, where vanessa marcotte grew up, where her father still lives, neighbors gathered on the town common tonight to pray for the 27-year-old, brutally attacked & murdered sunday in nearby princeton, as she went for an
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father john as he mourns his only child. >> there was nothing but pride.. whether it was in school, her athletic ability to landing that job at google and becoming an >> police still don't know if the attack was random, 5 investigates has learned that marcotte may have been strangled, and her body found in woods suffered trauma and burns. rev. susan suh-huskie brown.. lost her own sister to a murderer-- she knows from painful experience what the marcotte family needs right now. >> what we needed was people
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know that the rest of the world cared and that they were paying attention to us and that they were there if we needed them. >> investigators have been flooded with anonymous tips but the leominster mayor says it's critical that the public keep offering information no matter how seemingly small that somehow might connect the dots and find vanessa's killer. investigators haven't said if the murder was random and that's really making folks uneasy. a vigil is planned at 7:00 tonight in leominister to remember the murdered nyc google account manager. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte grew up in nearby leominster where her father still lives. her dad met with troopers and an officer is keeping watch on his home to ensure privacy. john marcotte reportedly saw his daughter saturday for dinner. the next day, she went for a jog near her mom's home in princeton and never returned. 5 investigates has learned that marcotte may have been strangled, and her body found in woods suffered trauma and burns. we've learned that investigators are also awaiting
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flood of anonymous tips, here's the tip line 508-453-7589. police are still asking for the public's help investigators don't expect to share any new developments tonight, they haven't indicated whether there is a suspect. former new england mob boss "cadillac" frank salemme is in custody and charged with murder. salemme is charged with killing a federal witness in 1993. prosecutors won't identify the victim, but the date of the crime matches the murder of steven disarro, a boston nightclub manager. disarro's body was uncovered earlier this year in providence. salemme is being held without bail. if convicted he could get the death penalty. right now, two women are hurt, one in critical condition after a stabbing in waltham. investigators say the man under arrest for the attack knew his victims. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live at the scene in waltham. >> police here early on telling us , the attack on the two women started inside this home and ended out on the sidewall. tonight the younger victim 52
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police saying, it wasn't random. a state police k-9 tracking the trail leading away from the gruesome scene. looking for the weapon used in the brutal attack at 364 weston road in waltham the victim's god son says the suspect lost it after stopping by to visit his former girlfriend in the basement apartment. >> i live here i just came from w and i am very afraid. arsinah solemani says her neighbors next door, keep pretty much to themselves. police were called to the house shortly before 1:n00 in the afternoon. they found a 52-year-old woman who had been stabbed repeatedly,
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with cuts to her hand. the suspect had taken off. an alert tweeted out, advising residents to stay inside. the suspect was tracked down about a mile away near brandeis university and arrested. emanuel lewis, 37 of waltham in custody and charged with intent to murder, the da says louis and the victims knew each other. no motive given. as investigators searched the house, gathering evidence. neighbors remained on edge. the state department of public health says it is investigating after a kidney was reportedly removed from the wrong patient. saint vincent calls it a deeply unfortunate situation that did not involved its employees. and claims it was scheduled by a patient's doctor to take place at st. vincent's. the hospital says its staff followed proper protocols. commitment 2016. donald trump, brushing aside criticism about his comments about hillary clinton, that some viewed as a threat. both candidates holding rallies today. our john atwater is here with
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>> the accusations from donald trump continue tonight. he is going after his opponent and the president. those emails play right into trump's line of attack. he says they expose pay for play connections. marblehead police need your help in locating this woman caught on security video stealing a donald trump lawn sign. it happened last night on harbor avenue. police say the car passed the property once around 9:30, then came back an hour later when the the sign was stolen. the thief faces larceny and trespassing charges. six other political signs have been stolen from harbor av it raised questions in exchange for favors. in one, a foundation official directed the clinton aide to conmeck the top foundation donor with the ambassador to lebanon, writing, this is very important. her campaign says donations to the foundation never influenced her actions as secretary of state. and those e-mails play to
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play connection. maria? maria: all right, john, marblehead police need your help locating that woman there. she has been captured stealing a donald trump lawn sign. it happened last night on harbor avenue. police say the car passed the property once around 9:30, then came back an hour later when the the sign was stolen. the thief faces larceny and trespassing charges. six other political signs have been stolen from harbor avenue >> next on wcvb newscenter 5: >> travel at busy local restaurant. >> what workers were and were not doing that has the place shutdown tonight. >> the new prediction in how much you will pay at the pump. a big turn coming for gas prices. meteorologist: big-time heat moves in tomorrow. how long it will stick around and when the significant storms could finally break. >> bringing home another gold. >> when she is gone, i am freaking out. the family of a needham gymnast
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comes next. >> thursday morning on newscenter 5's eyeopener, making sure that back to school doesn't bust the bank the moves you can make to save money when classes start. >> and a piece of humidity, they
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ed: your economy tonight, gas prices are predicted to drop even more this fall. prices at the pump are expected to be below those lower prices likely to remain through the winter. the u.s. energy department says it's because of a slump in oil prices and the switch to the cheaper winter blend of gasoline. right now the national average is $2.12. maria: a popular back bay restaurant shut down by city health inspectors. customers were turned away from
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and that's because the staff apparently failed to meet code on a number of occasions. among the violations, improper food storage, workers not washing their hands and nobody on staff trained in food safety, food allergies, or first aid. a food safety expert will re-train employees and monitor protocols. it's not clear when the restaurant will re-open. we're checking in on the massachusetts athletes competing in the olympics and there's exciting news for a local diver! a warning. we'll tell you exciting new force a local diver. michael hixon will be bringing home a silver medal from rio! he's on the left in this picture. hixon and his teammate sam dorman competed in the synchronized diving competition. they came in second to great britain, with the chinese team winning bronze. hixon lists amherst as his home town, but currently attends indiana university. needham's aly raisman celebrating gold with her
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the members of the u.s. women's gymnastic team leaving the world in awe. aly's parents are well known for their animated reactions to their daughter's routines. ed: and relatives back home are cheering along as well. our shaun chaiyabhat talked with them tonight. shaun joins us live in needham. shaun: if you watched women's gymnastics last night, you might have been squirming in your seats. but nobody was more nervous and excited than ally raisman's family. it's got to be a spiritual experience. as the final five won olympic gold, the bogarts watched on their edge of their seats. >> when she's going, i'm freaking out, i'm sweating. i'm
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i get a little nauseas. they are aly raisman's family. her cousins and uncle, cheering her on. >> we were all biting our nails and squirming in our seats. squirming, just like aly's parents in the stands. >> when your kid is five years old or when your kid is in the olympics, i think all parents feel the same way, you just want >> this is a proud family inside and out. >> i ordered a banner congratulating she and the final five. that's on it's way. rio will be aly raisman's swan song, her last olympics. but she's not done yet. there's still the all-around competition and an individual event final on floor. before then, their message to
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>> couldn't be more proud and good luck in the all-around. we love you, ally. >> meteorologist: we had quarter to half inch widespread around the area. notice providence, rhode island, all within an inch or more. it was beneficial. this was some severe weather today. really powerful thunderstorms actually prompted a he were to he were to warning over eastern long i connecticut, a confirmed tornado did occur and it was tornado. multiple trees and power lines were down. several homes were damaged in a section of north haven, connecticut. for us, it was much needed rainfall. right now, there is downpours approaching and moving on to nantucket. there is still some action close to the south coast but a little cell that is doing near bridgeport and so it is still possible in the overnight, the islands may get grazed with another downpour or two but
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tomorrow morning. then on the south side of this cape. may be flirting with the low cloud and fog in and out for the day. the rest of us, that sunshine is really going to heat things up. so we have the heat advisory in effect for tomorrow and probably for friday as well. the south coast of the cape not included only because the air temperature won be quite as warm as the southwest wind does have a slight ocean come none. all of these 90's readings. that is what is settling in. it is 95 nearby. but already, i is incredibly humid out there. oppressive conditions. so when you combine the heat, with this kind of humidity, that is why there is a heat advisory in effect. that kind of humidity exists all the way down the coast and all the way west to the next couple of days really be comfortable around here. it is 77 in boston now. there is no room for the temperature to drop too much tonight. so the for the most mart.
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abbee 11:00 tomorrow morning. these are the anticipated high temperatures tomorrow. lots of 90's. 80's for the cape. upper 70's for nantucket. then look at this. when you factor in the heat and the humidity. some spots will feel like 100 or higher. that should be repeated on friday as well. a couple of true. kind mind, it will be hot at the peach. you want to be in the water where the air temperature in the 70's. a slight chance tomorrow. stronger chance later on i friday and friday evening. very hot for the patriots' expedition game tomorrow. preseason about 90 to start then in the 80's then similar conditions at fenway to see the yankees and red sox play. all right. check it out over the next seven days. we have tomorrow as impact weather day not because of storms but because of the incredible heat and humidity combination. we have to do that for friday, too. there could be a few late day storms. lass chance of storms on
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i do see a few heavy downpours and thunderstorms, we will probably brack the hat by the time for you tomorrow and then early next week. it is going to be toasty tomorrow. ed: still ahead, girl scouts adding a cookie classic to the line-up. you are wondering what's the cookout classic. maria: you are giving it away. i won't say it. ed: ok. maria: facebook opens ? why do banks treat you and your money like this? they nickel and dime you with fees and minimum balances. capital one won't do that. they've reimagined banking,
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narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done
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another flavor to their cookie arsenal. the organization using smores day to announce smores sandwich cookies will be a part of next year's lineup. they go on sale in december. the white house using social media to keep the lines of communication open. maria: if you want to send a note to president obama, all you have to do now is pull up facebook messenger. the obama administration's chief digital officer says they're trying to expand the president's reading material and one way to do it is to open up p reads about 10 regular letters per night, and the messenger option will add to that total. ed: where do we start? david ortiz, it did not look good. he is off the field. he is off the field. show that to you when introducing dunkin's new cold brew coffee, steeped slowly in cold water for small batches with an ultra-smooth, full-bodied flavor.
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? sip in summertime with a frozen coolatta from dunkin' donuts. stay cool this summer with a new sour apple, watermelon, or blue raspberry coolatta.
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the red sox game tonight, you have to be concerned. there is a loft concern. david ortiz was helped off the field after a pitch off the right shinbone that happened in the bottom half of the ninth inning in t p ortez, obviously, in pain. indies come for, but appears to be in more pain the longer he it was. here is the pitch that goes up below the kneecap there. below the kneecap. look at him. yes. he cannot stand up under his own power. he has to be helped off the field. obviously, grimacing in the face. helped off the field. it was not a pretty scene as as he was trying to get down the steps of the dugout and which leads to the clubhouse.
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we don't have any more updates on the condition of david ortiz but appears to be in a great deal of pain. as for the deal itself. alex rodriguez made appearance. you can i madge physician the reaction he got. a lot of boos. a-rod will start tomorrow night's game but available for pinch-hitting duty. there it is. it goes in the books. meanwhile, red sox had 4-1 head but the yankees just blew the chase headley has little bit last mating. knocked in a run. tied the game up at four a piece. castro had a double and a couple of reasons came in. you know, i feel like redford and neuman and the sundance kids m. who are these guys. sanchez. he hits a home run. oh my goodness. all right. let's go to toronto. show you a il both of love and lightps things up. pick it out. going head over heels.
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that is a good vault for him right there. he is in. poor by. all right. we go to pittsburgh. show you this one here. this is you believable. watch this guy here. a full plate of everything you probably could have in the condiment table. now the other thing you got to ride home with a guy that brought you to the paim. i find this young lady here. i am calling now. i am not riding that guy there. oh my goodness. all right. let's go one day after taking himself out of practice, julian edelman was back on the field, which is a great sign for him and the patriots that yesterday's injury to his left foot is not serious. we're told most likely will not play in tomorrow night's game against. >> is sports. very busy night. again, a lot of concern about david ortiz in a great deal of pain going to the red sox clubhouse. ed: man, he was. you never know with that, too.
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>> yeah, i foe. we are taking the best ante least information on the eyeopener at 6:30 a.m. you know what else starts a at 4:30 a.m.? the heat. humidity. ed: drink plenty of water. high impact day tomorrow because of the heat be a humidity. we will punch that in for friday asle with. birthdays similar. >> into friday, too. yeah. the next few days. the next few days. maria: have a g z237yz zknz
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? ? ? ? ? one journey. two teams.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, morgan freeman. cooking with steve martorano. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from young the giant. with cleto and the cletones. and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming.


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