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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  August 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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>> breaking details in the hunt for a jogger's killer. >> extreme heat and extreme humidity. heather: the local uber driver charged with raping a teen. his violent past that uber apparently missed, but 5 investigates found. ed: clowning around for on a serious mission. tonight's 5 for good, this group's work to make sick children smile. ed: right now police are revealing more about who they are looking for in a killing in princeton. good evening. i'm ed harding. heather: -- maria: i'm maria stephanos. investigators have just confirmed vanessa marcotte struggled with her attacker before her death.
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likely injured and has cut's and bruises that someone would notice. they are narrowing the timeframe of this murder. now saying it happened between 1 and 3 sunday afternoon. out on the town common, there are now balloons and running shoes to remember vanessa marcotte. she was killed while running along brooks station road sunday police are still trying to identify a suspect and are now saying he was injured when she fought back. >> evidence and information we have in this case leads us to believe there was a struggle between vanessa and her assailant. >> police are asking people to
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this tip line if they know someone or saw someone earlier this week with bruises and scratches. also, they want to hear from anyone who saw a car along brooks station road sunday afternoon. they're getting a lot of leads, but still looking for more help. >> breaking news where police are asking for your help to find this suspect wanted in connection with an attempted break-in. the 13-year-old boy tells police he heard a strange noise simon using a knife. -- saw a man using a knife to try and pick a door lock. he ran to a neighbors house to call police. the suspect ran into nearby woods. anyone with information should call rockland police. maria: really hot temperatures out there read it was brutal. anchor: as you can see, well 's. we have a list for you to see.
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boston. that compounds the problem. it feels like 100 when you factor in high humidity and the feel to the air. the actual high temperatures tomorrow, today. no nearby rain and boston. once fun connecticut picked up three inches of rain. i will let you know about changes in temperatures coming up in a few minutes. anchor: parts of massachusetts under extreme drought can justin's -- conditions. those areas include andover, tewksbury, burlington and several others.
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typically waist deep but today it's hard to find small pools of water. the executive director of the ipswich watershed association says this is the earliest it's been this bad, the 3rd worst drought conditions on record. >> if this continues in next few weeks it maybe worst. ,were quite concerned september is usually the worst. this year it is ahead of schedule. ed are withdrawn from the river everyday. maria: watch this surveillance video shows the moment a train slams into a truck that drove right onto the tracks in wakefield. the truck driver in the hospital tonight. newscenter 5's david bienick is live in wakefield with reaction from people who saw it all happen. >> good evening. people who solve this still shaken.
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>> as it enters the intersection . >> we stood there and watched. >> the train goes 30 miles per hour. the truck and the train stopped after 100 yards. >> the bells were ringing and the gates were down. you can see one of the gates being knocked down. >> don't ever try to circumvent them. >> and helicopter -- he is
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>> it would not have knocked you off your feet if you were standing up. >> did you know you had hit something? >> i figured it out. reporter: this barrier was added down the middle of the street to prevent drivers from going around the gate but it does appear the driver went around, he went through. anchor: shocked the city. three young women gun down. their families are speaking out. karen anderson has information about who was behind that crash. >> we believe the people who killed kristen and her friends, i don't have any animosity in my
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he has found forgiveness and his faith. after his daughter and her friends were murdered while sitting in a car, the killer has never been caught. quite she was hard-working, very loving. it was easy for her to make friends. >> i'm not looking for closure. i'm looking for justice. struggle for forgiveness to be honest. that is as good as it is going to get. her brother was in his bedroom at the time. >> i hear bang some of bang. >> his cousin told them he had been shot. >> she gave me a big hug and said she is gone.
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the gunfire that pierced the car. one of them was the target of the gang related shooting. >> they did not come to discriminate. they came to kill all of them. reporter: they have been considered the largest, most feared and influential gang in boston. again behind the murders is believed to be the columbia 48 were indicted. they are looking for evidence. it is one of the handful of cases around the country where the fbi wants to force apple to unlock an iphone looking for evidence of violent crime. >> if you could get a message to her killer what would you say? >> i pray for them.
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they know. i just want justice. anchor: police remain committed to solving the case and continue to ask anyone with information to help them with that pursuit. ed: an uber driver charged with raping a young passenger. maria: coming up his dramatic reaction in court, and what 5:00 investigates found when we looked at his criminal background. different saturday. i will explain why. ed: and laughter is the best medicine. this group of clowns offering up
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anchor: and uber driver is accused of raping a girl. maria: darnell booth collapsed in court today when he heard the charges against him. prosecutors say he met a 16-year-old girl as his uber customer on june 30. the two began to message on snapchat. then investigators say on july 5 he picked her up and raped her in an abandoned parking lot. investigators found his dna on the girl's shirt. >> he used his body to pin her down. he pulled off her pants and underwear.
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an 8-page criminal history with multiple convictions for violent crimes. uber says he will no longer have access to the app. ed: five investigates ran its own background check on darnell booth through the state's criminal system. we found booth had a 2012 conviction for assaulting a corrections officer while he was incarcerated. he served two years for that. he also did jail time after arrests in 2008 for several counts of dealing drugs in a school zone. uber tells 5 investigates that it abides by state law when more than 7 years. we told uber what we found. a spokesperson there simply tells us, they didn't miss anything. maria: in tonight's 5 for good. special clowns bringing humor to kids in hospitals across boston. ed: as our erika tarantal reports, the big goal of this troupe is to empower the patients they see. >> is it ok we visit for a
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>> if they say we just -- we will go goodbye. >> that is my favorite one. >> nobody else asks the child can i come in? >> they are veteran volunteers with the clown troupe. they have been making kids smile. >> even for five or 10 minutes you can transform a child's environment in their mood. >> they practice with serious training. >> over a year of trainer and training in the hospital,
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hospitals. on this day they are at tufts. >> we go to the bone marrow transplant area, the pediatric intensive care unit, loading seven, the pediatric floor. >> even the slightest hagel is -- >> the personality is low status. we know less than every single three-year-old in the hospital bed. >> what did she pull out? a brown e.
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>> what you want to leave is a message that i love you. i'm glad i met you. >> ed: the hospital troupe started in 1997. they have 16 active members and they would love more volunteers. ed: it is 94 degrees. the hottest first >> next up, tonight is the night. some of you look forward to this all year long. you have a warm night. hopefully skies will be mostly clear. that is the most ideal time to see the meteor shower.
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meteors for hours. we are struggling with a lack of rainfall around the area. that is not good news. not only do we have most of the area in a severe drought, it is extreme in an area north and west of boston. it's an issue gaining and gaining in severity and today, 92 providence. it is still credibly warm. any dewpoint over 70 is oppressive for just about all of us. 93 in lawrence and conquered new hampshire. all of this represents oppressive conditions in terms
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boston overnight. we will struggle to get down to 80. the record temperature of the highest low temperature is 77. we may break that record overnight. there is some activity, most down toward connecticut. it looks like all of this will stay to the south and west to my -- tonight. temperatures. if you try to beat the heat, even the beaches will be 90 or higher. with a southwest wind, a moderate chance of recurrence for tomorrow. thunderstorms tomorrow, scattered mid-to-late afternoon.
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the wind is going to shift. cooler on one side. hot on the other. that is where storms could fire up. a more general rain will move into our region. the heat index is not that high along the coast. blistering heat toward springfield. that could be a set strong storms. check it out and you will see we have 85. it's going to be 90. sunday, a chance of significant rain moving in to our region. we will keep you updated on it. >> sportscenter 5 one minute
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stadium. the patriots and saints. tom brady has been excused attending a memorial service for a family member. of the road, great news. he is batting third, designated hitter. he filed the ball off of his shin. he had to be held down the field. his x-rays lineup tonight. >> he went down. we have to grind out there. we have to keep fighting.
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ed: a judo champion from marblehead making history. maria: next hear from kayla >> friday morning on the eyeopener, extreme heat and health concerns. >> staying safe, including why men may be more at r >> and i am tracking when the steamy weather will break, and plus the chance for storms on
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a few more massachusetts athletes competed in the olympics today and if you don't want to know the results of gymnastics or judo hit mute now. ed: olympic history for marblehead's kayla harrison. she took home gold today in women's judo. today's win makes the 26-year-old the first female from outside asia to claim back-to-back judo titles. >> i am truly fortunate to besu surrounded by. >> she plans to retire from the sport after these olympic games. she is thinking about moving to mma. maria: and needham's aly raisman making the town proud is coming home with another medal. she won silver in the women's all-around gymnastics competition today. raisman's teammate simone biles took the top spot today and is now an individual olympic champion. its the second medal for both
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team competition.
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maria: ed said to harvey there may be rain in new york. harvey said -- i don't think so. anchor: if it is rained out -- [indiscernible]
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>> this is chronicle. >> in dolch. dine caveman style. >> why are we doing this? >> eat your coffee. tonight. >> it is our way of saying -- >> there has been a lot of love. ice cream, think different. >> you can eat it or drink it. feed your taste for the


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