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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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maria: the new clues about the final moments of a joger's life. >> an alert 13-year-old scarce you have a would-be burglar. esau me, so he was scared. >> the search for the crook now. >> the little boy left in a sweltering car. a local dad charged and the excuse he is giving tonight. meteorologist: the drought situation worsens. the next chance of any rain and how long the intense heat will stick around. ed: moment of impact with the train. the investigation inhow it happened. police press to find the killer of vanessa marcotte. police know the young woman fought her attacker leaving him scratched and bruised. thanks for joining us, i'm maria stephanos. ed: i'm ed harding. they've also narrowed the timeline in sunday's murder. right now our john atwater is live in princeton.
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>> we believe there was a struggle between vanessa and her killer. john: investigators say vanessa marcotte fought, she tried to get away from her killer and they are hoping signs of that desperate struggle could help lead to his identity. police are asking anyone who's seen a man who looks like he's been in a fight to call them. five days after the murder, and they are still trying to gather evidence to identify the killer who sources say attacked and burned the 27-year-old while she was out for a s from new york, where she worked as a google executive. police have narrowed the time frame of the murder saying they believe she was killed sometime between 1:00 and 3:00. >> we would ask that anyone who observed vehicle moving on the road or parked on the road to call mass state police tipline to rockland, where police have released a sketch of a man
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police are looking for any information about any car that may have been on brook station road sunday afternoon. they say that could really be a critical clue. live in princeton tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: john, thank you. to rockland, where police have released a sketch of a man wanted for an attempted house break-in. an alert teenage boy scaring off the thief and calling for help. jorge: maria, it was a bit of a scare for a 13-year-old boy here in rockland. fortunately, he had more courage and smarts than the would be burglar. brody davis, home alone this afternoon, not surprisingly texting with a friend. >> i was getting my things to go to my friend's house, i came out through the front door i was walking down the walkway and i see someone trying to break into
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>> the big burly suspect by the side door trying to pick the lock, and i see someone right over here with a knife in the left pocket trying to break into the house. the 13-year-old , his heart racing. i saw they had a knife so i was scared , i ran across to my neighbors yard he saw me, he tried to meet me behind the yard to come around and like catch me over there. too clever for the burglar, brody back tracked to a neighbors home and called his dad at work. i was up out of my chair, tell me call the police immediately. he had such a vivid description. before getting away, brody made sure to get a good look. he was bald had a red beard he had a scar on his right leg a lot like the image on this composite sketch. >> you know, he took a picture unhis mind and remembered a lot of details and got the hell out of there. >> he saw me. he was scared. he wanted me out of the situation so i could not tell the police. jorge: his dad couldn't be
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is totally impressed. this is the ga they are looking for. not sur is prooingly, brody tells me, when he grows up, he is interested in law enforcement. live in rockland, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a rhode island dad is charged with leaving his three-year-old son alone in a sweltering car for at least a half-hour! that dad is now facing a charge of cruelty or neglect of a child. cranston police say the man had taken another child into a dentist's office. little boy and called for help. police say the windows were only cracked open an inch and that it was about 93 degrees inside the car. i was just gonna be a minute ed the boy was crying and sweaty as he was taken to the hospital. police say the child was in the car for 30 to 40 minutes. maria: minute is way too long.
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boston skyline on a muggy thursday night. you can not see the heat but you could feel it still at this hour. ed: it is still mighty warm. it is 83 in boston. meteorologist: it is very muggy. it is a stifling night. and more to come tomorrow. all right. let's check out how hot it was today. perhaps in a community near you. or where you do live. lawrence and lowell came within a degree of a century mark today. three shy of the record for the day. blue hill was 95. now, is 3 still in boston. 4 in lawrence. 82 in beverly. 0 in providence. nu hampshire, fors mouth. there is so much humidity in in the air. i feels like 11:00 at night. it is 891 inston and in lawrence. well, tomorrow, we do it all over again. around 96 for hi temperature and once more, we'll feel it is 100
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very similar. heateed a vase is in fek from noon to 7:00 p.m. during the heating. over three inches of rain today. connecticut, a little bit of damage there as well. we still see more downpours across southeast new york, eastern pennsylvania, most of that is going to weaken as it approaches overnight. so we go back to the heat and the home ty tomorrow. then late tomorrow and tomorrow night. scattered storms, yeah, not you get upper anyone of them. tremendous amount of rain would oh core. some changes tem war-wise for us. we'll cover that. maria? maria: thank you. parts of massachusetts are now under "extreme drought" conditions. those areas include andover, tewksbury, burlington and several others. the water level in this part of the ipswich river bed is typically waist deep.
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the executive director of the ipswich watershed association says this is the earliest it's been this bad, the third worst drought conditions on record. ed: boston police officers asked to take extra precautions after tampering with personal cars. >> to have this type of vandalism is scary. rt prosecutor them. ed: officers found the lug nuts were missing or loose. first in july 15th, the second on august 4th in roxbury. the most recent in east boston none of the officers was hurt. maria: drama in the courtroom an uber driver charged with raping a teenage girl, suddenly collapses. he did get up, and tonight he's
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now uber is underfire for letting a man with a violent crime record slip through their screening process. our mary saladna is live in malden tonight. mary? mary: maria, uber always do a federal background check on their drivers. he used the job to meet a 16-year-old girl who he is no he collapsed today as the charges were read in court. investigators say it began june 30th when booth was the girl's uber driver and began to message on snapchat. then july 5th he offered her a ride to school and drove her to abandoned parking lot where he attacked her. he used his body to pin her down. he pulled off her pants and her underwear. he pulled off his own shorts that he was wearing, and at that point he raped her.
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on the girl's shirt. turns out, booth has an eight-page criminal history. 5 investigates did a cori check on booth. in 2012, he was convicted of assaulting a corrections officer served two years in prison. he also did jail time in 2008 for dealing drugs in a school zone. his attorney says most cases were misdemeanors or dismissed. she says the girl's story doesn't add up. >> i would like to have regulations be able toit governor baker signed a new law require aring back ground checks. boston's mayor called it a good start. >> we'll see. i would like to have regulations and be able to do it. we have the ability to do it. we do it right now. >> by the way, booth denies the charms and began driving in february and now permanently banned. live tonight, live, mary saladna wcvb newscenter 5.
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race today. ben is here with pitches from both sides. ben: hillary clinton unveiling her plan for your money today -- cutting taxes for some, but raising them for others. and tonight donald trump says she won't keep her promises. >> they used a terrible picture of million ry. said fo way you are going to do that. that is not fair. use a good pic. they used a beautiful picture of hillary which is right, right? >> like only he can. donald trump blasting hillary clinton's economic plan thursday night accusing her of being too cozy for wall street. >> he is the guy and women that are tough and rough and don't give a damn about you. >> he also said she will keep signing trade deals that hurt
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everybody. especially countries are just killing. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds wages including the transpacific partnership. clinton rolled out the plan as school of engineering in michigan not far from where trump released his plan for the economy on monday. >> he would give trillions in tax cuts millionaires and wall street money managers. that would explode our national debt. >> clinton says she would raise taxes on millionaires and tax companies who move overseas. both candidates made pledges to cut taxes on the middle class. but his advisers have said, his own advisors have said, he may not stand by them. >> still, it is clear trump has influenced clinton. china and other countries have
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the trump's campaign will meet tomorrow morning at the orlando ritz-carlton. maria: the moment of impact. withses who raced to the rescue to get a man out of the mangled ruck. roller coaster horror. questions into how a three-year-old fell during that ride. meteorologist: extreme heat again tomorrow, but changes for some of us this weekend and the next chance of rain. >> friday morning on the eyeopener, extreme heat and health concerns. >> staying safe, including why men may be more at risk. >> and i am tracking when the steamy weather will break, and plus the chance for storms on
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maria: watch this. commuter rail trains. wow. tonight, new information about that truck this driver. wcvb newscenter 5's diane cho is live.
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commuter rail train slamming in a pickup truck that drove the track. >> he was out of it. >> the train continued to push the truck down the tracks about 100 yards even though the train hit the brakes as soon as the truck drove on to the tracks. >> the most important thing when he takes it down, don't try to, it could have been a medical emergency. i don't know. >> sources tell us, the driver of the truck and the 76-year-old robert thomson, a retired
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commuter train that was heading to the boston at the time. >> there was nobody standing up. >> did you know right away you hit something> >> i kind of figured it out. >> the driver of the truck was airlifted to a local hospital. we're told no one on the train was injured. in wakefield, wcvb newscenter 5. >> an urgent search underway tonight. at least two people are dead in the overnight blast. it happened in maryland, silver springs. dozens more are hurt including the fire as flames ripped through the building not known what caused this blast. but residents did report the smell of gas weeks ago. >> another amusement park accident under investigation tonight. a boy was injured riding the old fashion wooden roller coaster in western p.a. the child was conscious and talking to his family when he was airlifted to children's
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the coaster opened in 1938 and does not require seat belts. >> a couple of more massachusetts athletes competed today. if you don't know the results of of olympics. kayla harrison took home gold today. the first fee pail were outside of asia. all i can say. to be surrounded by the people i am surrounded by. i wouldn't be where i am today. she is thinking about a move. >> alley raceman was making the town proud. she is coming home with another medal and won silver in the women's all around competition
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she took the top spot today. second medal for both scored gold together. >> feels like 91 in boston. sounds ridiculous. of course, the heat. it is incredibly warm and humid night. this is the peak overnight tonight of the meteor shower of? anywhere from midnight to dawn is when it would be. that the skies are clear and it is really dark away from all lights. well, you could see theoretically, up to 200 showers. that is into nice to think about that if you are going to be up late tonight. it has been gettings with and not only severe drought over the area. look at the devitt.
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boston and extreme category of drought. where it did rain shall in a localized spot, did it ever rain. this is in connecticut. check this out. look at the amount of rain top ler estimated almost six inches in the area around middletown connecticut today. lots of damage reports due to flooding, lightning strikes, all in that area, o summer-type thunderstorms, one area, again, gets damaged and fladding and a couple of towns over. nobody happens at all. it is hard to get widespread rain in this type of the pattern. there is more rain across southern connecticut now. stomps coming out of eastern pennsylvania shall southeastern new york and looks like they will not quite make it here during the overnight period. all right. these are highs today. mid to upper 90's and common and
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see it around here. anything over 70 in very oppressive. so temperatures in the's-80's cannot go down much with theda opinion and the humidity so high. this is though pressive zone and most of us are in it. visibilities starting to go down some around block eye in la, new london, connecticut, high and miss, nantucket, low clouds and fog overread the south coast into tomorrow morning. very similar to tomorrow in terms of temperatures today. scattered thunderstorms late in not be all areas getting them. heat advisory back in's effect from noon to 7:00 p.m. itsing to feel like it is over 100 in the area as it did this past afternoon. now it may feel somewhat different right along the coast from about boston northward on saturday. a little back door cold front will get to this position giving a little temporary relief but it is still going to be torture down in providence and springfeld and near the upon try
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thunderstorms to erupt saturday afternoon. that is being did he pick ited as you see a few scattered one withs later on friday into flay were i day night and not complete aerial coverage however. remember any one of them can dumb a tremendous amount of rain. then saturday, looks like get a small smarting of strong storms into tonight. as far as sunday is concerned. we have to watch for a few more storms that could pop up either sunday night or monday. there is a chance that we'll get a steadier band of avenuier rain to p not a guarantee but it is a pos k with that that could happen. all right. check out over the next seven days. tomorrow, we're a end twa, a weather impact day. we pit in read. it is for the heat and the humidity because it is as it was today. saturday, that is the average high temperature. well south of boston could be 9 plus. boston forward in the 70's. scattered storms are possible both seth and sunday. inanswer one of those storms could release the torrential ams
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to super patients in charlestown today. boston comic com pediatric unit and spread some cheer. look at the faces. captain america, ironman, spied qi, all there for the big bash. >> look at super pan. he is ready to go to work, too. iron man is staning there. >> who is your favorite? >> my favorite? >> batman.
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reporter: well, i can see that. we'll talk about the patriots. maria: that was good. all right. superheros tonight. this is a solid team effort.
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patriots put 34 point on the bardth. keep in mine. it is a decent fame f. pat tre greats held it. no need to toss this into the laundry. bronx on the sidelines. tom fraudy was not there. he had an excuse to attend a
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>> earlier in the game. 43-yards for a touchdown. going for tonight's fame. trace also score on a fumble recovery and the job getting away in time. it has taken dow down to the gol line and appears to get in. but they marked it just shy of the goal lynn? p meanwhile, howard gaffney the last couple of years within areas are bust this baby also and outunares everybody. they wi your evaluation. >> get out in on the field. compete in a game. he i thought we did some things the way we tried to want to do them. some other things, we obviously need to work on. but that is part of the process. good teams. they are competitive in all areas. >> now they are in next thursday night. all right. to the red sox. this is deserving. ranks can took two or three.
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era over 16 and 4 in this the final tonight. alex ared reguess said he wanted to go in side of the left field wall. he has never been in there. he sent them to the dars tonight. a z are the game itself. big papi on second base. he gets waved around and so much for the nearly broken shin last night, huh? how that is this good for him. like it. all right. all right. seven innings. 93 pitches. three hitter gi and trouble here. not the bullpen's fault. after the game, i just lost it. i started coming off the bt and just lost it when i turned. two reasons come in. yankees lead 3-2. a reasonable doubt's final at batten the yankee wrap form at fenway park turned out to be rbi even though it traveled 12 feet and down here. they throw to first base. the run comes in. that is the ballgame, folks. yankees win it-2 the final.
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place. announce today at the sames. golden state comes in in the 16th. february 5th in. the clippers here on channel 5 march 1st. the cleveland cavalier and the chicago bulls on channel 5 april 2nd and april 5th cleveland as well. speaking of cleveland testimony the lebron james has a new deal with the cavaliers. the years. 100 million. so fond of saying, it is good t all right. we han it over tow king and queen. >> all right. >> wow. talking about you and harvey. >> not me. >> three years. $100 million into. that is really nice. >> like harvey leonard. almost. >> almost. almost. >> almost. >> when is this going to snap sna well, when is this going to snap well, actually, we get a little break on saturday. a little break if you are boston northward listening the coast.
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liability is over 100. but notice, boston north along the coast. >> there you go. all right. >> they did have fun tomorrow. >> it would be smart if you didn't. ?
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? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- andy garcia -- "ben-hur's" jack huston -- from "mr. robot," rami malek -- and music from the go-go's with cleto and the cletones. and now, by all means -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for joining us. another big night of politics in


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