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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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randy: it's 4:30 on friday, august 12, and we are following two breaking stories. erika: severe turbulence forces a jetblue flight from boston to make an emergency landing. randy: we hear from a passenger on board that flight. also breaking this morning, the fiery ending to a chain reaction crash on 128. the new information in overnight. erika: and investigators searching for leads in the killing of a woman in princeton. the key clues that could help police track down her killer. randy: and a father is facing child endangerment charges. where he left his child that caused alarm. erika: but firstly what to check in with cindy. hot day yesterday but not quite as hot today. cindy: i don't think you will notice much of a difference. it is still very humid, and the temperature hasn't dropped much at all.
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you can see the dew points still in the 70's as well and with the humidity, this is what it feels like, like it is 80 degrees in boston. another day if you advisory, especially that he index, running close to 100. you can see the actual temperatures are in the low to mid 70's, so it is a lucky start with patchy clouds rolling through dry start to the day and as we get into the afternoon hours, we will watch for a few thunderstorms popping up but we will quickly jump up into the 80's looking for high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's but with the humidity and will feel hotter than that. let's get you out to the roads -- good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. we started out with a check of the pike by allston brighton and
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both directions so the road is closed both ways. other than that just typical overnight roadwork with some construction by the pike in that construction zone. there is some roadwork and once again, no problems at boston. south is so far, so good. trades adv a fiery ending to a crash on route 128 in newton. erika: the eye's antoinette antonio is where that crash happened, witnesses say one driver triggered a chain reaction crash. internet co this crash involved several cars, and a lot of flames. it happened just on the other side of 128 in the northbound lanes near a construction zone. let's right to the video from
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here's what we know from witnesses. a mini-van with a man, woman, and small child rear ended another vehicle, not realizing that all the cars in front of them had slowed down to a crawl. that's when minivan burst into flames, everyone quickly getting out of the vehicle. the witness we spoke with says, from the sounds of it, that driver hit the car while going the regular speed, not slowing down at all. this set off a chain reaction crash, a total ofo involved. it's unknown how serious the injuries were. at this point in the investigation, we are still waiting to find out why that driver did not slow down. all lanes are back open, no impact on your morning commute. live in newton, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: also breaking overnight, a frightening flight for passengers from logan airport in boston. we're talking about turbulence so severe the pilot had to get the plane on the ground as soon as possible.
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jet blue flight 429 took off from logan last night headed for sacramento, california, but they hit extreme turbulence, forcing the plane to make an emergency landing in south dakota. casey corcoran from milton was on board with his young kids. >> we heard like a bank, like we hit a wall and just went straight down. there were people crying. randy: casey says within 15 nu it's not clear how serious the injuries were. passengers are being rebooked to get to their final destination in california. erika: right now police are tracking new leads in the murder of vanessa marcotte. they say every possible effort is being made to find out who killed this promising young woman. and new information is painting a new picture of her final moments. investigators now say marcotte fought hard trying to get away from her killer. they're hoping the scratches and bruises she inflicted could lead
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time frame of the killing saying they believe marcotte was killed between 1:00 and 3:00 sunday afternoon. >> we would ask that anyone who observed any type of vehicle on the road or parked on the road from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 contact the faithful least and line. erika: as we've reported, sources tell 5 investigates marcotte was attacked and burned while out for a jog near her mother's home. they're still trying to determine if she was sexually assaulted. and it's still not clear if shea randy: right now rockland police are asking for your help finding a man who looks like this sketch. he's wanted in connection with an attempted break-in on albion street yesterday. an alert teenage boy was able to scare off the thief and call for help. brody davis was home alone when he says he saw a man using a knife to try and pick a lock. he ran to a neighbors house to call police. the suspect ran into nearby
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>> first when i saw him i saw that he had a weapon so i knew i would have to tell the police about it eventually and when i saw the scar i knew it would be huge. randy: the police say that description helped them draw up a very detailed composite sketch of the suspect. if you recognize the man you should call rockland police. erika: right now u is being held without bail, charged with raping a 16-year-old girl. prosecutors say darnell booth used his job driving for uber to meet the teen. he collapsed as the charges were read in court yesterday. booth allegedly started communicating with the victim on snapchat after driving her june 30, then offered to drive her to school and assaulted her in an everett parking lot. 5 investigates has learned booth has an eight page criminal history. boston mayor marty walsh says that raises concerns about how the company operates.
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we have the ability to do it. erika: just last friday, governor baker signed a new law requiring background checks for uber drivers and other rideshare companies. uber called this latest incident deeply upsetting and says booth has been permanently banned. randy: new this morning, federal investigators are expected to reveal new information on the sinking of the el faro. the cargo ship's data recorder was recovered earlier this week. the ship sank last fall en route to puerto rico during hurricane joaquin. all 33 cme investigators from the national transportation safety board are expected to give an update on what that data recovered revealed today. erika: commitment 2016. a key meeting for donald trump today. "politico" is reporting the presidential candidate will sit down with the rnc this morning as his campaign struggles with voter and part support. some in the party are calling on the rnc to divert money from trump's campaign to congressional races. meanwhile, trump is blasting
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being too cozy to wall street. trump says she won't keep her promises, and that she'll keep signing trade deals that hurt american workers. >> we are being ripped off by everybody, but especially countries -- >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the transpacific partnership. erika: clinton also said she would raise taxes on millionaires and tax companies who move overseas. both candidates have pledged to cut taxes on the middle class. randy: hillary clinton's running mate tim kaine is headed to new england tomorrow. he'll campaign in manchester, new hampshire at what's being billed as a democratic organizing event. it will be held at st. anselm college. we are following two breaking stories on the eye. 24 people are hurt after a jetblue flight out of boston hits severe turbulence, the -- turbulence. erika: the jetblue plane made an
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and also breaking, state police are investigating this fiery crash on 128 in newton. a witness tells us the minivan slammed into a line of cars stopped for construction. it's unclear how bad the injuries were. randy: and this crash may lead to new changes for all drivers in boston. and the latest plan for what it means. cindy: another hot day on tap coupled with a storm threat. when we'll see a break from the
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but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. erika: boston police officers asked to take extra precautions after learning someone may be tampering with personal cars. >> our officers put their lives
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type of thing on their cars is scary, and certainly we are concerned about this. if we fight out who is we will prosecute them. erika: there have been three separate incidents within the last month. officers found the lug nuts of their personal car's tires were either missing or loose. the first happened july 15 in the downtown area, the second august 4 in roxbury, and the most recent being last night in east boston. the officers were randy: mayor marty walsh voicing his support for a plan to lower the speed limit throughout boston. city counselors have been considering that change after this wild crash back in march. a car involved in a drag race jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian walking down beacon street. the city council is now working on a bill to lower the speed limit to 25. the mayor says that could help save lives. he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. a commuter rail train smashes
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erika: what surveillance video of that crash shows that could lead to charges. and a dad is facing child neglect charges. the decision he made that put his 3-year-old in danger.
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erika: a rhode island dad is charged with leaving his 3-year-old son alone in a sweltering car, for at least a half-hour. that dad is now facing a charge of cruelty or neglect of a child. cranston police say the man had taken another child into a dentist's office. someone walking by saw the little boy and called for help. police say the windows were only cracked open an inch and that it was about 93 degrees inside the car.
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-- the child is expected to be ok. cindy: one of the hottest days of the year, and it wasn't just the temperature with that humidity. still feeling it outside this morning. it's pretty bad. take a look. yesterday we made it all the way for 96 degrees and yesterd were at 1490 degree days -- 14 90 degree days. this is quite a stretch we are entering. changes coming over the course of the weekend with temperatures dipping down on saturday. first we have a heat advisory up today this from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight as the heat index is running close to 100 degrees.
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oppressive humidity that is all across southern new england in this red shaded color where temperatures are running well into the 70's. a little patchy fog here and there, but the visibility is improving. i don't see it as a big issue but it will be 78 in boston, as cool as we have been through the overnight. the 80's. by lunchtime we are near 90 degrees with an afternoon in the 90's. there will be the threat of a couple thunderstorms popping up -- let me show you how it will feel. i 9:00 it will already feel like it's 90 degrees and that heat index keeps climbing. it is revving up over 100
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case -- along the coast. in terms of any showers or thunderstorms, i think we are ok through lunchtime. there will be intervals of clouds and sunshine but as we get toward 3:00, some storms may start to pop up north and west of boston and those will drift toward the coast line so by 5:00 p.m. if you are heading out for the weekend, th embedded downpours that will contain a localized storm threat. yesterday there was three inches of rain in an hour and a half which can certainly lead to flooding. that will be winding down as we had deeper into the evening and then overnight. humidity conditions continue and what we are watching for the weekend is this front -- on the
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work down as we get into the upcoming weekend. the temperatures go down a little bit as we head toward saturday and it is all a function of the final boundary, and there will be a little more cloud cover on saturday. notice the showers and storms popping up in the afternoon, especially over the interior. a big difference of temperature .caught on camera, a commuter a little color on saturday, it will still be in the 80's. but compared to 90 or a hundred, it looks cooler. olessa: a little relief. so far we are watching the problem spot. this looks ok, overnight construction by allston brighton. let's get to the maps.
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accidents several vehicles, all by the charleston service plaza. on the westbound side one lane is getting through so you can expect a lot of police activity. besides that we are looking at what's left of the overnight construction with north of town there is more roadwork which will be clearing shortly and as you travel south we are tracking transit buses on schedule. hospital after this -- a commuter rail train slamming into his pickup truck on the tracks. this happened in wakefield. the driver is a retired wakefield firefighter. the pickup does not appear to stop or slow as collides with the train although mbta officials say the bells were ringing and the gates were down. the train pushed the pickup about 100 yards down the tracks before it came to a full stop. bob young, who works nearby, ran
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>> went to the driver do or say or look like? >> he was a little out of it but he was moving. randy: the driver was flown to mass general. the passengers on the train were not hurt. erika: your economy and a check of the markets. asian stocks were higher overnight coming off a rally on wall street. right now u.s. stock futures are higher. today investors will be watching macy's will be closing more stores. the retailer announcing 100 stores will close by next year. the list of stores affected has not been finalized. the closures represent 14% of macy's store base. word of the closures comes as macy's reported second-quarter profits and sales fell but beat wall street estimates. randy: now to some of the stories trending online. the nfl is denying a request to pay tribute to the police officers killed in the dallas ambush shootings.
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wear a decal on the side of their helmets this season that read arm in arm. the league shut down the idea. the league denied more than two dozen similar requests including an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence, breast cancer research. and the new "star wars" movie is also one of the top google searches. fans have been seeking out the film's new two minute trailer. in it, a glimpse of darth vader. the movie is set to debut this december. and thrs also trending this morning. the perseid shows up every august, dazzling stargazers with an average of 100 meteors an hour. nasa has been live streaming the annual event which peaked overnight. erika: two dozen passengers hurt when a jetblue flight hits turbulence. randy: and a chain reaction crash on 128 ends with a mini fan bursting into flames, next
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5:00, extreme heat and health concerns. staying safe including why men
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erika: we are following breaking news. randy: state police are investigating this fiery crash on 128 in newton. a witness tells us the minivan slammed into a line of cars stopped for construction. just after the crash, the minivan burst into flames. it's unclear how bad the injuries were. erika: also breaking overnight, 24 people are injured after a flight from boston to sacramento hits severe turbulence. the jetblue plane made an emergency landing in south dakota. ahead in news to go we'll hear
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randy: governor charlie baker says he reviewing a bill that would offer new protections for animals in massachusetts. the plan would ban owners from leaving a pet locked in a car in extreme weather. and it would allow a passerby to break car window and free the animal if it seems to be in imminent danger. baker says, as a dog owner, he likes some aspects of the bill but hasn't said he'll sign it. erika: an urgent search is underway for several ppl people were killed in yesterday's blast in maryland. dozens more were hurt including three firefighters. it took crews nearly 10 hours to control the fire as it tore through the four-story building. it's unknown what caused the blast, but investigators say residents reported the smell of gas weeks ago. randy: another amusement park accident is under investigation. a boy was injured riding an old fashioned wooden roller coaster in pennsylvania. park officials say the child was
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children's hospital in pittsburgh. the rollo coaster opened in 1938 and does not require seat belts. erika: convicted child sex abuser and former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is expected to testify at his appeals hearing today. it will be his first time on the stand. the 72-year-old did not testify during his 2012 trial sandusky was sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. based on allegations his trial lawyers were ineffective. randy: alex rodriguez plays his final game with the new york yankees tonight. last night at fenway, he drove in the gaming winning run against the sox. the final there, 4-2. tonight the yankees take on the rays, but arod will not be at third base as he requested. team management has turned him down. erika: football is back. the patriots hosting the saints
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jimmy garrapolo in at qb, playing without gronk, edelman, or danny amendola. after a slow start, it was jamie collins with the 43-yard interception return for a touchdown. in the second, garappalo to james white for 56 yards. he takes it all the way down to the one-yard line. the pats would score on that drive they went on to beat new orleans 30 4-22. is august and every year around this time we are treated to the perseid meteor shower. you have another 45 minutes or so to look up and you still may see a few shooting stars. it peaked overnight and it will be coming up in the next half hour.
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running to the south, and we are watching one piece of study air coming in, but there is the fumble boundary to the north and notice how this is focusing more widespread clouds -- on the other side of this front there is less humid air and we will watch it as it shifts southward. it will bring in cooler air over the weekend. thunderstorms popping up and the storm prediction center has a marginal risk of severe storms popping up through the afternoon so we will watch that today. we are also concerned with the heat, with around 100 degrees this afternoon. it's not just here but all the way down to philadelphia and d.c. there is some cooler air off to the west that will eventually work in.
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and it will be 80 near the coast line. more showers and storms tomorrow; several chances of rain in 70 forecast. we break it down as the eye-opener continues. >> now, on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- randy: breaking overnight, a fiery crash on the highway. the chain reaction starting with construction traffic. erika: also breaking, severe turbulence after a flight departs from boston. one passenger's horror story as we learn about the injuries, forcing an emergency landing. randy: aly raisman redeemed. in rio, and the challenge still to come. it's on the eye for this friday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter fives eyeopener. erika: a live look over the city -- i think the buildings are sweating. another stifling day on the way, with some storm potential. good morning, i'm erika


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