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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> another stifling day on way, there is some storms, as well fork today and the weekend. we're going to hear more about that. good friday morning. i am erika tarantal. >> and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon.
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yesterday. i think we're going to see the storms popping up this afternoon, as well, so lots to talk about. heat advisory again today. away from the south coast and the cape, that heat index, going to be up at 100 degrees for a few hours, and also, a marginal risk for severe storms, between 2:00 and 8:00 from northwest to southeast. you can see there is not a lot happening now, just patchy clouds. it's a nice start out there, but steamy already worcester, 78 in boston right now, that is our spring word. we are up to 80 degrees by 8:00, and lunchtime temperatures in the lower 90s, but that heat index is going to feel like 100 degrees this afternoon. a high of 95 in boston and lawrence with 80s today on the south coast and the cape. and mention 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon the storms fire, first here through worcester county, north and west of town, and then they will get closer into the city of boston around 5:00 p.m.,
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some poor drainage flooding and some of the stronger storms could have damaging winds, notice where the storms go as we get into there evening. south shore cape as we approach the sunset so there will be some storms around a little later on today. right now, i want to get you out to the roads, and we have got travel works to tell you about, good morning. >> we're talking about the charleston plaza area along the pike, over to the maps now, that road was shut down in both directions because of a serious overnight accident where two tractor trailers and several other cars were involved. at this point they have got two lanes open on the westbound side, and one heading he or she but you can see all the red shading on the map indicating the heavy delays. an active scene, so plan accordingly. once you get past that, we're in good shape. 15 minutes eastbound. 495 out to 128, and then 93 south, so far, no problems out of methuen and as you go down, all the way down to the lever connector, expressways are building, volume, 15 minutes, braintree up into boston, and south of there, you are fine, no issues on route 3, 24 or 95,
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here is a picture of 93 and summerville, southbound side, so far, no complaints. >> all right, thank you. breaking overnight, a fiery crash setting up a terrifying chain reaction here. shutting down a busy highway, the intense flames, startling the driver, stuck in construction traffic. >> antoinette antonio is live in newton with the video, and what we have learned overnight. antoinette. >> there crash involved several cars and a lot of flames. it happened just on the other lanes near a construction zone, let's get right back to that fiery crash scene. here's what we know from witnesses. a minivan with a man, woman, and small child, apparently, rear-ended another vehicle. not realizing that all of the cars in front of them had slowed down to a crawl because of that construction traffic. that is when the minivan burst into flames. everyone quickly getting out of the vehicle. that witness we spoke with says, from the sounds of it, the
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the regular speed, not slowing down at all, and this set off a chain reaction crash, a total of four cars were involved. traffic was shut down in the northbound lanes, and this morning, we know that the injuries were minor injuries, and as far as why that driver did not slow down, we're still waiting to learn that. as you can see, all of the lanes are back open this morning, and this does not impact your morning commute. we're live in newton this morning, antoinette antonio, >> thank you. also breaking a frightening flight from logan airport. we're talking about turbulence so severe that the pilot had to get the plane on the ground as soon as possible. two dozen people were hurt, jetblue 429 took off from logan last night headed to sacramento, but again, they hit extreme turbulence, and that forced them to make an emergency landing in south dakota. casey corcoran from milton was
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hit a wall and rocked straight down, stuff on the aisles. people crying. >> within 15 minutes that plane was on the ground. it's not clear how serious the injuries are. jetblue telling us another plane is being brought in to bring the passengers to california, and we'll keep you posted as we get new information. >> a disturbing story out of rhode island where a father is charged with leaving his three-year-old son alone in a sweltering car. cranston police say that the man had t dentist's office. the boy was left with the windows cracked open just about an inch. the temperature is 93 degrees inside the car. someone walking by saw the little boy and called for help. >> i was standing there, holding one child, and all he kept saying was i was going to be a minute. just a minute. >> police say that the child was really there for nearly 40 minutes. the boy was crying and sweaty as
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his father is facing cruelty and child neglect charges. >> it is 6:06, mayor marty walsh voicing his support for a plan to lower the speed limit throughout boston. lawmakers have been considering that change after this wild crash back in march. a car involved in a drag race jumped the curb and hit a pedestrian walking down beacon street. the city council is now working on a bill to lower the speed limit to 25. the mayor says that that could help to save lives, and he will sign the bill if it reaches his desk. >> boston police officers are being asked to take extra precautions after learning someone may be tampering with their personal cars. >> our office put their life on the line every day, and to have this type of vandalism on their cars is scary, and certainly, we're concerned about it, the police are looking into it, and we find out who it is and we will prosecute them. >> there have been three separate incidents within the last month. officers found the lugnuts of their personal car's tires
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july 15, in the downtown area. the second august 4 in roxbury, and the most recent being wednesday night in east boston. officers were not hurt. >> and right now an uber driver is being held without bail. charged with range a 16-year-old girl. prosecutors say that darnell booth used his job driving for uber to meet the teen. he collapsed here in court, as the charges were read against him, booth allegedly started communicating with the victim on snap chat after driving her on ju0, her to school, and assaulted her in an everett parking lot. 5 investigates has learned that booth has an eight-page criminal history. boston mayor marty walsh says that raises concerns about how this company operates. >> we might have to go further, and i would like to have regulations in the city of boston to be able to do it. we have the ability to do it, and we do it for cabs right now. >> last friday governor baker signed a new law requiring background checks for uber drivers and other companies.
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deeply upsetting and says that booth has been permanently banned. a scathing report from the state is blasting a troubled nursing home in brockton. the globe is reporting problems uncovered at the braymore health center. the residents were said to be in jeopardy. the facility is no longer allowed to accept new patients and is facing a fine. synergy health centers says it is working with the care. >> a commuter rail train slamming into a truck on the tracks in wakefield. sources telling us the driver is robert thompson, a 76-year-old retired wakefield firefighter. take a look. the pickup does not appear to stop or slow as it collides with that train. although mbta officials say that the bells were ringing and the gates were down, the train pushed the pickup 100 yards down
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the one you saw running out to help the driver. >> what did the driver do or say or look like when he got there? >> not a thing. he was a little out of it but he was moving. >> the driver was flown to mass general, the passengers on the train were not hurt. no word on why that driver just kept going while the train was approaching. >> it's nine minutes after 6:00. a key meeting for donald trump today. politico is reporting the candidate will be sitting campaign struggles with staying on message. some are calling on the rnc to divert money from trump's campaign to congressional races. donald trump blasting hillary clinton, newly unveiled economic plan, accusing her of being too cozy. trump says that she won't keep her promises and that she'll keep signing trade deals that hurt american workers. >> we are being ripped off by
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countries are just killing us. >> i will stop any trade deal that kills jobs or holds down wages, including the trans-pacific partnership. >> clinton also said that she would raise the taxes on millionaires and tax companies who move overseas. both candidates have pledged to cut taxes on the middle class. >> right now an urgent search is underway for several people still missing after an apartment building explosion in maryland. two p dozens more hurt including three firefighters. it took crews nearly ten hours to control the fire as it tore through the four-story building late on wednesday night. federal investigates say residents reported the smell of gas weeks ago, and the cause is under investigation. it's now 6:10, two amazing floor routines dazzling the judges in rio. >> indeed, one of them starting a historic quest for one gymnast, and new this morning month, staying healthy in extreme heat, and why men need
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>> and a suspect has an unusual way of trying to get attention in court. the move that did not amuse the judge. >> breaking overnight, lanes are back open after a fiery crash on 128 north overnight. the chain reaction crash involves cars that were already stuck in construction. >> and also breaking, 24 people hurt after a flight from boston to sacramento hits severe turbulence. the jetblue plane made a landing in south dakota. >> and we have got another steamy day coming up today, also the threat for thunderstorms today and over the weekend. the time line on it all is just ahead for you. first take a look outside. 78 degrees in boston. that's right now. in fact, all of us are heading out into the 70s. you can see we have got sun and clouds as you are heading out
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>> we are the massachusetts ten-year-old state champions from east boston. good morning eyeopener. >> all right. good morning, and those excited kids are playing for the new england championship on some wins yesterday, in rhode island. >> and good luck today. show your team's spirit, record it with your smart-phone and upload it to ulocal using our
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today. >> not going to be fun. >> you really need to be careful. a lot of people outside doing activities but people are working outside, too, and it will be a tough day for that. yesterday, tied for the second hottest day of the year. they were at 96 in boston. july 22 we were 98, and look at today going up into the mid 90s but it's not just the heat. of course it is the humidity, and that's making all the difference. once again today the heat index, how it feels to you, going to be up around 100 degrees or higher forer advisory up. and from 11:00 until 7:00, away from the south coast, the cape and the islands. it is quiet. there are some clouds around, a beautiful, colorful sunrise this morning month. it is 78 degrees, though already, and you can see that dewpoint, running in the lower 70s, so the sticky feel is with us, and you can see also, things are quiet now, and just patchy cloud cover. we'll be watching the risk for storms popping up later today,
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mid 70s from plymouth down to the cape, as well, and the temperatures are going to jump up quickly but there is how it will feel to you by 9:00 this morning, it is going to feel like it's 90 degrees, and that heat index keeps climbing in the mid afternoon, running around 100 degrees in many areas. even feeling like it's in the 90s on cape cod. even though there the actual highs stay in the 80s, looking for a high of 95 in boston and 96 in lawrence and 94 the high in nashua. and once we get towards 2:00 or up. there is a marginal risk from the storm prediction center that storms go severe today, and there could be damaging winds. notice how they start to pop up north and west of boston first at 2:00 or 3:00, and then they get closer into the city by 5:00 p.m. or so, and embedded downpours with a localized flood threat, that's the main concern but the stronger storms could have damaging wind gusts, as well, these storms will drop towards the south shore, and the south coast and the cape towards sunset, and they will be dying
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tonight, so another sticky one for sleeping, and weiner watching a front to the north. this is the leading edge of cooler, less humid air. you can see there is steadier rain, and that is going to drop southward now, it looks like, tomorrow, and really cool things down right along the coastline, and up into parts of central and northern new england, where it's only going to be in the 70s, on the other side, we're still in the 80s, still very sticky, some spots may touch 90, and that front is going to be the focus for some storms on saturday, and i think that the the afternoon hours, especially on the western side of that front so notice over the interior, mid afternoon, as we get into the evening hours, there will be a few storms around and not a watch, a better chance of showers and storms on sunday, back into the heat and the humidity and there could be some steadier rain on sunday night and monday, and that would, of course, be a good thing so lots to watch here headed over the next few days. >> ok. we're watching a big problem on the roads, and over by the charleston plaza, overnight accident involving two tractor
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did reopen some lanes, they did have all lanes closed temporarily. if you are heading through that stretch, westbound two lanes are open, one lane on the eastbound side is open, and you have got some heavy delays in both directions, so plan ahead if you are heading in that direction. besides that we're doing fine, so far, not too bad, 15 minutes on the pike, 495 for 128, and then 93 south, it looks okay out of methuen into andover but we are watching an accident northbound so it should not impact the commute too much but expect delays heading south. the expressways building, into boston and so far we're in good shape on 95 as well as route 24 and no issues on route 3, trains and buses are starting on schedule, and a live look outside, there is a check of 93, summerville, as you can see, so far, the volume is nice and light. >> 6:18. and more swimming and more basketball on the agenda in rio today. >> but this morning everyone is talking about those amazing american gymnasts. simone biles proving why she is
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competition in the all around. her floor routine, stellar, just below perfection, starting on sunday she starts the quest for a historic five gold medals, competing in the vault, beem, and floor. and aly raisman right behind her, four years ago, all-around medals slip through her grasp, and she wowed the crowd, and the judges and aly's tweets saying it now, redemption, baby, and she will compete again on tuesday defending her floor >> and speaking of the defending titles, how about marble heads' kayla harrison, becoming the first woman from outside asia to claim back-to-back judo titles. >> all i can say is that i am truly a fortunate person to be surrounded by the people that i am surrounded by because if it weren't for them i would not be where i am today. >> team usa still on top of the medal count, 38 now, including
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of the markets, asian stocks were higher overnight coming off of a rally on wall street, right now u.s. stock futures are higher, investors will be watching for new numbers on retail sales. and your health this friday, we are still dealing with heat hazards. cindy has been saying serious humidity. there is some things to keep in mind. first men sweat more than women. and that means that they are more at risk for dehydration, and that can lead to other health issues, and second drink be y you really need water it's too late, so hydrate throughout the day. and watch your medications, too. some of them could put you at a higher risk for heat stroke, including blood pressure drugs and antihistamines and anti-depressants. >> more money is on the way for the zika virus research. the white house is transferring 81 million within the federal health budget. because of the current impasse in congress over this, 34 million of that will go
6:21 am
combat the virus, which is now being transmitted by mosquitoes in a section of miami. an unusual use for a life jacket and moves not usually seen in the courtroom. >> that's ahead in eyepoppers, and new at 6:30, a rockland teen finds a man trying to break into his house. the quick thinking that could help police find the suspect. >> new information on a jogger murdered in princeton. the bravery police say that she showed in her final moments, and a time line that cou case. >> recapping one of the breaking stories, all lanes are back open after this fiery crash on 128 north and newton, all injuries are minor, we'll bring you new
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>> 6:24 on your friday morning. and very similar to yesterday. another steamy one. and heat advisory up throughout the afternoon and away from the south coast and the cape, going to feel like it's 100 degrees this afternoon. 70s now. 80s by 8:00. and we're in the 90s this afternoon. but look at that, as we get between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. and scattered showers and thunderstorms around, so if you are headed to the beach, keep in
6:25 am
of heat to go around, we head into the weekend and things are changing, there will be a front dropping in and cooling us down a bit on saturday. more clouds on saturday. some scattered showers and storms, but look at that. back into the 90s we go on sunday. erika. >> all right, cindy, thanks so much, from the weather you w kn. the patriots hosting the saints in their first pre-season game. and jimmy garrapolo, playing without gronk, edelman or danny amendola. after a slowta interception, return for a touchdown, it is in second, is garrapolo to james white for 56 yards, he takes it down to the 1-yard line, and they score on that drive. they went on to beat new orleans 34-22. >> 6:25 now, and time for a friday eyepoppers, olessa, when you need to cool off you need to cool off. >> and that goes for this guy, too. that right there is a deer, being rescued from a swimming pool in california. in addition to saving the wild
6:26 am
used a life jacket to get him out, and back into the woods, and i don't think that he wants to go. >> no. >> he's just floating and enjoying life and cooling off. very cute. >> right. >> and then there are no words for this. they wanted the judge's attention so what else is he going to do? he's twerking. not a good idea, that judge, as you can see by her lack of interest, is not amused or impressed. she set bail and stopped the routine. look at her face. >> she looks o >> it looks could kill. >> there was nothing that was going to get that guy out of anything. erika. >> no, probably worse off for sure. governor charlie baker considering a new way to protect bets, how the bill would allow strangers to help animals when their owner is not around, and breaking news overnight, 24 people are hurt after a jetblue flight hit turbulence. that flight made an emergency landing in south dakota.
6:27 am
sunrise but boy that sun is powerful. we're expecting another hot day today. humidity, as well so be careful.
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>> breaking overnight, a wild crash ends with a minivan up in flames. >> what a driver says started
6:30 am
flight from boston forced to land and land fast. the scare leading to injuries onboard. >> new leads in the murder of a jogger in princeton. two things that the police hope will help to crack the case. >> and the best in the world, aly raisman using one word that really sums up her moment of olympic glory. on the eye. morning, and it will be a continuation of the steamy weather today. we head into the weekend. good morning and thank you for joining, you i'm randy price. >> and happy friday, i'm erika tarantal, and emily is off today, and cindy and olessa are here, and you are talking about a record high-low temperature. >> right. >> it's friday, first of all, so wait a minute. so the coolest, the warmest low temperature that we have ever
6:31 am
so it's a record high low. >> yes. >> and that's constantly what it is. >> right. >> it appears to be. >> right. >> and anyway you slice it, it is sticky out there already, and we have got a heat advisory up again today, and heat index once again up around 100 degrees this afternoon. but also the risk for some storms this afternoon, between 2:00 and 8:00 p.m., it's a marginal risk, and some of the storms, as they get strong enough could have damaging winds and also pose a flooding threat locally, so that's what we're a couple of showers have developed, and that's the soupy air mass that we are in, it does not take much to get a shower going. and some locally heavy downpours are a possibility. 72 in worcester, it is 78 in boston, and that is as cool as we've been through the overnight hours, and that's our springboard, in the 80s by 8:00, and 90 by lunchtime, and we're in the 90s this afternoon, but that heat index feeling like 100 with the high temperature of 95 in boston and 96 in lawrence, and as we get into the afternoon, we're
6:32 am
of town but closing in on the city for that drive time, 5:00 p.m., and localized flood threat, and the potential for those stronger winds, as well, we'll step into the weekend coming up. out to the roads we go, and we have had a busy start on a friday morning, olessa. >> we're talking about the charleston plaza area along the pike, and we have had both directions closed early this morning, they have lanes open, and on the eastbound side, only one lane is open, westbound, two lanes are open but you have got heavy delays in both directions, this after an overnight accident and several other vehicles, they are clearing the scene, and you can expect that volume both ways so budget an extra travel time if that's where the commute takes you. besides that we're seeing light volume, 15 minutes on the pike, 495 to 128, 93 looks good out of methuen, no delays, there is volume, and right near this avenue where the accident just cleared, southbound, no lanes are closed, and then the expressway, stop and go ride, 15 to 20, braintree into boston, and south of town, we're still in good shape and the trains and buses are running on schedule, a
6:33 am
story, you can see traffic getting by without any problems. >> police are investigating a fiery crash on 128 in newton, a wi minivan slammed into a line of cars. all injuries are minor. >> also breaking overnight, 24 people are injured after a flight from boston to sacramento hit stush ambulance. an emergency land wag made in south dakota, ahead in news to go we'll be hearing from passenger onboard. >> a father is facing charges after leaving his three-year-old son in a hot car. the temperature in that car, which was parked outside of a dentist office, reached 93 degrees. the boy is expected to be ok. >> and police are tracking new leads in the murder of this woman. it's a full court press to find
6:34 am
picture of her final moments. >> sierra is live with what we learned. >> this community is anxious for some answers, and now, the district attorney has revealed some progress in this case. and investigates now are saying that vanessa fought hard and tried to get away from her killer, and they are hoping the scratched and bruises could lead to his identity. police have also narrowed the time frame of the killing saying that they believe that marcotte was killed between 1:00 and 3:00 on saturday >> we would ask that anyone who observed any type of vehicle moving on the road or parked on the road during the 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. time frame, account was the state police tip line. >> as we reported sources tell 5 investigates that marcotte was attacked and burd while for a jog. they are trying to determine if she was sexually assaulted and it's not clear if she is targeted or if this murder was
6:35 am
anything else we will keep you posted. live in proprietorshipton, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> thank you, governor charlie baker says he's reviewing a bill that would offer new protections for animals in massachusetts. the plan would ban owners from leaving a bet locked in a car in extreme weather. and it would allow a passerby to break a window and free the animal if it seems to be in danger. baker says as a dog owner he likes some aspects of the bill but he has not said he'll sign . accused of robbing a taxi driver to avoid paying his fare, and police say that johnson took a cab from brockton to taunton on wednesday night but as the driver was making change, he pulled out a knife, threatened him, and took off with a cash. police caught up to him but did not find the money. a new hampshire man is facing charges accused of pressuring a woman to rob a bank to prove her love. police say that melissa mueker
6:36 am
the man pled guilty for putting her up to that and will face six years behind bars, and mueker has admitted already to the crime. >> tonight five investigates takes you inside a prison for an exclusive enter with a man who -- who blames bulger blamed a murder on him that he did not bulger? >> i am just a pawn in his game. >> investigative reporter mike bodette tells the story of fred weichel. that's tonight at 5:00. >> from a member of team usa and a rockland teen, makes a smart decision when he sees a man trying to break into his house. the quick move that kept the boy
6:37 am
stories, 24 people are hurt after a jetblue flight from boston to sacramento hits turbulence. this is a picture onboard the flight. the plane made an emergency landing in rapid city, south
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>> welcome back. watching this big problem over at the charleston plaza, if you are traveling through that stretch, two lanes are open westbound, one lane is open the eastbound side, continuing to investigate an overnight crash, and two tractor trailers and several other cars were involved in an accident, so still a very active scene, expect delays in both directions, and i will keep you posted. it's steamy out there. >> in the 70s right now, into the 90s again today, but it's going to feel like it's around de advisory in effect again today. also watching for some thunderstorms, this afternoon, and looking at more of those over the weekend, a dip down in the temperatures on saturday. 80s inland, 70s at the coast, and we're back up over 90 degrees it appears on sunday. erika. >> cindy, thank you, right now rockland police are asking for your help finding this suspect. he's wanted in connection with an attempted break-in on albion street, and an alert teenager
6:41 am
and call for help. he saw a man using a knife to pick a lock. he ran to a neighbor's home to call police. the suspect ran into nearby woods. before he got away brodie made sure to get a good look. >> well first, when i saw him, i saw that he had a weapon, so i knew that i would have to tell the police about him eventually. i saw the scar, and i was like that's going to be huge. >> the police say that description helped them to draw a detailed if you recognize the man you should call rockland police. >> we have a big hit on breaking news, and news to go, the strong turbulence hitting a fight from logan airport and also what witnesses saw before a fiery chain reaction crash on a highway. and plus upsetting claims against baltimore police, the insensitive way that the government says that some officers handle sex assault
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>> time to kick off your news to go on this friday and take a look at this. an example of the extreme drought conditions in parts of the state. the water level in this part of the riverbed is typically waist deep, yesterday it was hard to find just the small pools of water there. >> and got a little this week, and maybe a bit more today. but boy -- >> we need that.
6:45 am
so, and that's going to take a lot of wet weather, which we have not seen, could get some showers and storms later today but it's another day, 96 in boston, and it felt like it, and still -- >> it felt like 100, and that's going to happen today, too, looking for a high in the mid 90s, and 78 degrees, and the dewpoint temperature is 72. it feels so humid out there, and we're talking about that heat advisory, with the heat index, up around 100 degrees, and again this afternoon, so very l temperature. a heads up, after 2:00, there is the risk for some severe thunderstorms popping up, as we go into the later afternoons and early evening hours, right innot here across eastern connecticut, and some showers into western rhode island right now, and this is the type of air mass that we're, in a shower can pop up and there could be some downpours, as well, and so muggy by 8:00, we're already in the lower 80s, low 90s at noon, and mid 90s thisg fo the
6:46 am
in the 80s today in the cape. otherwise, low to mid 90s. and here you can see the storm starting to pop, 2:00, 3:00, first north and west of town, and they will get closer into boston, it will be closer to sunset by the time the storms reach you, heavy downpour and is there could be gusty winds, but notice to the north there is a front, and this is going to be dropping southward, and bringing in some cooler air to start your weekend. so more clouds on saturday. cooler temperatures some showers here on the other side of the front, but we're back up into the 90s here on sunday, so cooling it down on saturday, and with some storms around in the afternoon. all right, let's get you back out to the roads. >> we're still watching this problem spot over by the charlton service plaza. two tractor trailers involved, one on fire and several other vehicles as well, this is happening on the eastbound side, and you have got one lane getting by there now, westbound two lanes are open but there are heavy delays, and still an
6:47 am
we have got that friday light commute, 495 to 128, and 93, no problems out of methuen, that volume does pick up a bit, approaching montbello avenue. and south of town delays on the expressway, about 20, braintree into boston, and 24 looks ok, no problems on route 3 or 95, trains and buses running on schedule. >> thank you, now to breaking news we're following. >> the eye's antoinette antonio is live in newton with new details on a fiery crash. >> and erika, that fiery crash involves multiple cars. it happened right here on 128, just on the other side in the northbound lanes. that was in a construction zone. let's get right back to that video of the fiery crash. a witness telling us that a minivan with a man, woman, and small child rear-ended another vehicle. not realizing that all of the cars in front of them had slowed down because of that construction zone. that's when the minivan burst into flames. everyone quickly getting out of
6:48 am
chain reaction crash, a total of four cars were involved. state police tell us that the injuries involved were minor. we're still waiting to find out why that driver did not stop and rear-ended the car in front of them. we will let you know what happens, as far as your commute goes, all lanes are back open this morning. live in newton, antoinette antonio, wcvb. >> thank you, and also breaking overnight, two dozen people hurt after a flight from boston is forced to make an emergency landing. this is a picture that flight. the jetblue plane was headed for sacramento when it hit the severe turbulence. it had to land in south dakota. the passenger casey corcoran tells us it felt like the plane hit a wall. >> the pilot came out of the cockpit and said, is everybody already? we're taking care of this, it felt like, no more than 15 or 20 minutes before we were on the ground. >> corcoran, who is from milton, says that there were cracks in the overhead bins and even the
6:49 am
members were treated for a variety of injuries. sarah, out to you. >> erika, there are some new details about the murder of a jogger here in princeton. investigates now say that the 27-year-old vanessa marcotte struggled with her attacker who suffered cuts, scrapes, and bruises. police are looking to talk to anyone who saw a man with fresh cuts and bruises from earlier this week. her body was found in the woods on sunday along brook station road here in princeton. and investigates hve you saw a vehicle parked or along that road between 1:00 and 3:00 on sunday afternoon, the authorities would like to hear from you. live this morning in princeton, sera congi, wcvb. >> thank you, right now, there is a warning to americans in thailand, or going to thailand after a wave of deadly bombing attacks there. there have been explosions, at least four areas of the country, including popular beach towns, at least four people are dead, and dozens more are wounded.
6:50 am
sure who carried out the attacks. >> federal investigates are expected to reveal new information on the sinking of the el faro. the cargo ship's data recorder was recered earlier this week, and that ship sank last fallen route to puerto rico during high pressure joaqin. all 33 crew members were killed, including several with massachusetts ties. investigates from the national transportation safety board are expected to give an update on what that data revealed today. >> and right now an urgent search i people, still missing after this apartment building explosion and fire in silver springs, maryland, at least two are dead. dozens more are hurt. including three firefighters. it took the firemen ten hours to control the fire. flames tore through the building on wednesday night, federal investigates are now looking into the reports that residents smelled natural gas weeks ago. >> the justice department is out with a revealing report on the baltimore police department.
6:51 am
discrimination against black residents, a tendency to use excessive force and a rash of illegal arrests. officers also frequently dismissed or mishandled sexual assault complaints, neglecting to interview rape suspects and is exhibiting gender bias during the investigations. >> another amusement park accident is under investigation, a boy was injured riding an old fashioned wooden roller-coaster in pennsylvania. the park managers say the child was conscious and talking to his family when he was airlifted to children's hospital in pittsburgh. the coaster opened in 1938. it does not require seat belts. a good night for the yankees, closing after a series at fenway park, bottom of the fifth, tied at 1-1, and ramirez, lining a double into the center, and bogart scores. that would be it for the night. the yankees with the comeback win, and this one, the final, 4-2. and alex rodriguez capping the
6:52 am
final at-bat. he plays his last game with the new york yankees' tonight against the rays. for arod that will not an third base that he requested. team management has turned him down. >> and football is back and the patriots are hosting the saints in their first game, jimmy guarantee -- garrapolo. after a slow start, it was jamie collins, with the 34- 3-yard interception return, for the garrapolo to white for 56 yards, and he takes it down to the 1-yard line, and the pats would score on that drive and they went on to beat new orleans 34-22. and to rio now, this is the young lady everyone is talking about this morning. simone biles, stunning the competition. racking up the scores in the gymnastics all around. it was good enough for gold and no surprise since she is the best in the world, and she has a
6:53 am
meantime needham's own aly raisman using one word to describe her performance. redemption. she grabbed a silver medal with her stellar performance wiping away the memory of a heartbreak. and she will compete again on tuesday. and kayla harrison warring i want a -- waking up a winner. harrison is now the first woman from outside of asia to claim back-to-back judo >> in a huge surprise, american simone manuel tieing it for the gold medal in the 100-meter freestyle in olympic record time she is the first african-american women to win an olympic medal in any swimming event. and michael phelps claiming his 22nd gold medal, extending his record as the most honored olympian in was michael phelps s
6:54 am
individual medley and michael phelps urged to victory. the gold medal as well becoming the only swimmer to win four consecutive gold medals in the . >> today is friday, and you know what that means, it is free, it is fun and enjoy special deals at the mit museum, and the museum of the ncaa, concord museum, garden in the woods, art center, and emily dickson museum and the water works museum, free fun fridays run all summer long, brought to you by foundation, and you can log onto and click on community. >> let's get a final check on the traffic this morning. >> idea a big problem, continuing to watch this. a tractor trailer involved in a crash, two of them actually, one engulfed in flames and at this point they distinguished the flames at 2:30 in the morning but they have gotten lanes closed. one lane is open on the westbound side, two lanes are still closed, and there is an eight-mile backup in both directions approaching that accident scene that is still
6:55 am
accordingly and budget in that travel time. besides that we're seeing friday light volume, 15 minutes on the pike, 495 to 128, 93 looks good, seeing residual delays, and an earlier accident is now gone and as you travel south of town, expressway north, 15 minutes, braintree into boston, and south of there, so far, we're in good shape, and the trains and buses are on schedule. if you want to, you want to wear light clothes. >> and have plenty of water with you. heat advisory up starting at coast and the cape. that heat index going to be up at 100 degrees. there is a front to the north and on the other side of this there is cooler air, and some of that is going to come down on your saturday. at least in parts of the area. so today, hotter than it will be as we get into the first half of the weekend, and a couple of showers coming out of eastern connecticut right now into western rhode island. that's the extent of it this morning, otherwise it's a mixture of sun and clouds, and already in the 70s out there. we are jumping up quickly.
6:56 am
and look at this, by 3:00, how many spots are up over 100 degrees, that's how it's going to feel. the high temperatures, hold in the 80s on the cape, otherwise low to mid 90s today, looking for a high of 95 in boston, and at 2:00, a marginal risk for some severe storms. they are going to start to pop, i think, first north and west of boston. and push towards the city at 5:00 p.m., and they travel southward here, south shore, south coast die out in the overnight hours, and look at these lows tonight, again, only dropping into the 70s. tomorrow, as we go through the day we'll watch the front drop and look at this for highs tomorrow. 70s to near 80 at the coast, and cooler up through maine, and on the other side of the frontal boundary, temperatures in the 80s to near 90, and that's where we have the best chance of storms tomorrow. over the interior, as we get into the afternoon, but a lot of cloud cover on saturday. showers popping up over inland areas, and they may die out
6:57 am
the heat is back on sunday, we're back up around 90 degrees, and there could be more showers and storms later on sunday, and into the first part of monday, so an active pattern with the storms popping up. >> ok, we'll watch out for them. thanks so much. >> and thank you for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight hits severe turbulence. passengers and luggage thrown


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