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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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lynn is about to be hit i this and boston has been on the southern edge of reese l over here. it is scattered through the evening hours. the other part of the story is the incredibly hurried 95 in boston now. but it feels like 104. the reason it feels cooler and worcester? they had a thunderstorm. we have an excessive warning in boston until 7:00, and connecticut and the rest of the area under heat advisory. we will's about the weekend straight ahead. ben: all right, harvey, thank you. track harvey's latest forecast, including the extreme drought and the heat by downloading the wcvb app. maria: right now, a young boy is safe.
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little boy in this house in dorchester. paramedics checked out the nine-year-old and reunited him with family members. it started at blue hill avenue with a shooting. his father left the scene with calvin in an suv. eventually that vehicle was spotted at the father's ex-girlfriend house and she said he had dropped him mill of the night with no explanation and she said she did not even know that police were looking for calvin until officers showed up. >> i don't know what the police comments were and they did not mention anything about an amber alert. if he was upset like that, --
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a search dog to make sure he was nowhere near by. then he was taken to nearby revere. live in dorchester, david bienick, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: thank you, david. state police getting more tips to do with a jogger in princeton. maria: juli mcdonald has more. juli: police are hopeful that a something that could be helpful in the investigation. state police say that they have received about 450 calls, evidence suggesting that vanessa marcotte fought back against her killer. investigators are asking that people be mindful of men they saw who had fresh injuries -- scratches or bruises. and if you saw any vehicles on
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from you, no matter how insignificant you may think that that information is. the tip line is anonymous and collars will be instructed to leave a message with information after the recording. here at the police station, the district attorney and the state police colonel spend the day here, but unfortunately no major updates today. maria and ben. ben: police dealing with this right now -- looks like this may be weather-related -- page road closed due to down wires. it looks like a thunderstorm just moved through the area. please seek an alternate route. all right, let's move on to sheer terror for passengers aboard a jetblue flight out of boston. maria: the plane was headed to sacramento when pilots were forced to make an emergency landing in rapid city, south dakota after running into bad weather. severe turbulence sent
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their seats. >> all of a sudden, there was quite a big shake, and then right after that drop. >> boom, the whole plane shook. >> i thought that was it. i thought we were going down. i really did. maria: 24 people were rushed to the hospital. among them this flight a neck brace. everyone injured on that flight has been released. ben: sky 5 over coes pond in worcester, where police are investigating an apparent drowning. the body of a 49-year-old woman was recovered this morning by the worcester fire department dive team. police do not consider the death to be suspicious. maria: a fiery crash sets off a terrifying chain reaction shutting down a busy highway . this is late last night. a minivan slammed into cars that were slowed down in a construction zone on 128 in newton. a man, a woman, and a child all
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at least one person in one of the other vehicles was hurt. ben: take a look this fiery overnight crash involved two tractor-trailers. it closed down part of the mass pike in charlton for much of the morning. at one point, a 15-mile backup. right now, all lanes are open. no word on the conditions of those two tractor trailer drivers. maria: commitment 2016 now -- hillary and bill cli e the democrat presidential nominee released her 2015 tax returns today. she has been trying to pressure her gop rival donald trump to disclose his tax returns. this filing shows the clintons paid a federal tax rate of 34.2%. more than half of the money, $6 million, came from speaking fees made before she launched her presidential campaign. the clintons, by the way, gave $1 million to charity. new polling of key battleground states spells trouble for republican donald trump.
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states. in florida, hillary clinton leads trump by 5 points among registered voters, 44% to 39%. maria: north carolina now -- the former secretary of state has a 9 point advantage over trump 48% to 39%. and out west in colorado clinton trounces trump by double digits. 46% to 32%. clinton's running mate tim kaine is headed to new england tomorrow. he'll campaign in manchester, new hampshire at what's being billed as a democratic organizing event. it will be held at st. anselm college. sarcasm, that is what donald trump is calling his repeated comments that president obama is the founder of isis. ben: in a tweet this morning he wrote, "they don't get sarcasm?" in erie, pennsylvania this afternoon, he elaborated on that. take a listen. mr. trump: so i said the founder of isis -- sarcastic.
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say that. call him an enabler. he is an enabler. i said, that does not sound the same. he is an enabler. people he went to say -- these people are the worst. ben: trump also said he'd give obama and hillary clinton the most valuable player awards for their roles with isis. for the record, isis was first formed in 2004. president was not first elected until 2008. maria: several times while delivering his remarks in pennsylvania. these protestors escorted out carrying signs that read tax forms. trump had this to say after the disruption. mr. trump: i'll tell you this, i just have to say. the bernie sanders protesters were much, much stronger. they had much more passion. i have to say. maria: today, trump also urged his former republican rivals to get over it and support him for president. ted cruz, john kasich and jeb
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endorse donald trump. ben: new at 4:30: the ntsb hoping to get new information from that data recorder recovered from the sunken el faro. maria: that ship went down last october during hurricane joaquin. all 33 crew members were killed , including three with ties to massachusetts. the ntsb hopes that whatever is found on the data recorder will help loved ones find closure. >> we 08 to those who perished, the families and loved ones to learn all we can for this tragedy like this from taking more lives. maria: the el faro was headed to puerto rico when it sank. ben: right now, a warning to americans in thailand after a wave of deadly bombings. there have been explosions in at least four areas of the country, including popular beach cities. at least four people are dead and dozens more hurt. it's not clear who carried out the attacks. an urgent search is underway for several people still missing after an apartment building exploded in maryland. at least two people were killed, dozens more are hurt including
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control the fire as it tore through the 4-story building . this was 36 hours ago late , wednesday night. federal investigators say residents reported the smell of gas weeks ago. the cause still officially under investigation. maria: convicted child sex abuser and former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky took the stand at his appeals hearing today. the 72-year-old denied all the charges he was convicted of in 2012. he said it wasn't his idea to during that trial, and claims he wasn't properly represented by his legal team. sandusky was sentenced to no less than 30 years in prison for sexually abusing 10 boys. the appeals hearing is expected to continue later this month. sharon police are still looking for a child rape suspect. 29-year-old erik silvia is wanted on several charges. his last known address is beach road in sharon.
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jersey. if you have any information you are asked to call police. ben: a settlement reached in this viral video of a south carolina school officer roughing up a young girl. the settlement is part of a justice department review. deputies have been ordered to undergo intensive annual training for de-escalating situations with students. the deal also calls for the creation of an advisory board of students and parents to work with deputies. the deputy in the vi teen recording the video both face misdemeanors. a new hampshire man is facing charges accused of pressuring a , woman to rob a bank to prove her love. police say melissa boucher held up the members first credit union in concord back in march. derek polocki pleaded guilty yesterday to putting her up to it. he'll face six years behind bars. boucher had already admitted to the crime. maria: t police need your help identifying a rider who caused some trouble on the blue line tracks.
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you're looking at right there entered the tunnel at aquarium station causing a service delay. this is just before 8:00 last night. if you recognize him give mbta , police a call. ben: the blue is what it was before, the green is what it changed into sense -- it's now closed. divers competed in the green water. the hope is leaving it maria: quincy police called in after making a slithery discovery. that's a timber rattlesnake found outside a home on grove street last night. the snake is venomous. an expert from state environmental police was called in to handle the snake. ben: wow. time to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. maria: a man serving life in prison for a murder he says he didn't commit blames crime boss whitey bulger.
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prison. ben: then on newscenter 5 at 6:00: big ideas about tiny living spaces. boston explores new solutions for urban housing. maria: look closely. that's the caped crusader making his way through the seaport and this heat. we'll take you to the first day of boston's comic con new at 7:00. harvey? harvey: all right, tracking
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ben: everyone wants to get out of town, go home, summer weekend. only a couple summer weekends left. it is a slow ride. there it directions -- not terrible, leaving the city, nasa to root 123 -- mass pike to root 123 , 18 minutes 31 28, not too bad actually. still slow through the work zone at route 9. weston tolls to 495, 20 is. 495 a little slow.
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check in with harvey for your cooking up these computers -- very busy. harvey: we have heat, humidity, storms, and they are scattered. they are strong where they are, but other areas are not getting anything. you have northeast connecticut, northern rhode island, that is where we have the greatest concentration. ben: that seems to be the pattern. harvey: let's go over to the big board and show you what we have got. there is the severe thunderstorm morning. northeast connecticut, a little tiny part of southern worcester county. most of that going farther to the south with time. they came out of central massachusetts -- it's moving just offshore and also a strong
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the berkshires. this is the strongest activity. we have seen a tremendous amount of lightning, very heavy rain, we have seen some rotation on radar, but look at the lightning, especially here in northeast connecticut. that is incredible. and we have been following hail with these as well. island, just edging out murphy's in connecticut. we put the storm tracker on the line of storms as it heads into rhode island. northern rhode island around cumberland clearly impacted. where is rain in the strip? it has rained very heavily. we have rain in the amounts measuring two inches already.
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further to the south. there is still a downpour that will come through gloucester, one that comes right through win. that is moving offshore. that is a concern for boaters. and there's that second area right back here. there is a huge gap with no rain at all. i think that band will shift into northern rhode island. it will quiet down tonight. northeast. it appears that winds will shift and that will make a somewhat cooler. right now, 95 in boston, cooler in worcester because of the thunderstorm. 98 in lawrence. by the way, our friends up in salem, mass it 100 degrees today. still we are oppressive in terms of humidity impact. it feels like one of four in boston.
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not under that is under a heat advisory. it continues to be brutally uncomfortable. notice the heat index tomorrow and in areas north and the nearby south shore. 75 to near 80. it may be cloudy, but still springfield, archer, providence -- we will still be roasting. we will get a little reprieve a long the then it is all back sunday. as far as the next seven days, saturday is a little bit cooler. boston will be in the 70's. there could be a thunderstorm popping up here or there. there could be a few tomorrow as well. temperatures hotter on sunday. then it turns a little cooler. we will follow the storms that
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hours. back to you. ben: all right, harvey, thank you. an incredible survival story. three college students lost at the florida cape. -- exploring a cave. maria: this afternoon they are safe and sound after being trapped for nearly 30 hours. newscenter 5's erika tarantal has more on the mission to get them out. erika: it was a race against the clock to find 3 arkansas state university students who disppeared intis dark cave near cushman, arkansas. casey sherwood-a soon to be senior and cub scout leader-was leading two incoming freshmen on an expansion of the blowing cave where crevasses can reach a depth of 40 feet when he suddenly realized his group was lost. >> we got into survival mode, i guess he would say, and we got
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wait it out. erika: nearly thirty hours went by as the trio huddled together to stay warm sitting in a triangle formation, breathing into their shirts to generate hot air. sherwood's wife alerted authorities to the groups -- group's disappearance. emergency personnel responding to the scene around 1:45 am. firefighters and cave experts from a local college entering the cave, of which only a mile and a half is officially mapped. the three students began yelling any rescuers to their whereabouts. >> we were going every five minutes with a really high-pitched whistle or yelling help. it was one of those routine times. erika: they never gave up hope. >> they said after you are in a cave for 24 hours it's no longer search and rescue, it's a
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maria: they are lucky. ben: yes, they are. before we had to break, let's check the numbers on wall street. the dow is down about 37, the s&p down just about one and
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ben: your economy --
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b.u. owns 660 beacon street and has reached a deal with local developer related beal. there was public outcry earlier this summer over fears that the sign could be torn down. in an effort to make sure that doesn't happen, boston's landmark commission is considering making the sign an official landmark. iphone fans will probably have to wait another year for a major overhaul to the smartphone. maria: but there is speculation apple is moving quickly on changes to its macbook computer. bloomberg is reporting the new macbooks will have a thinner body, a touchscreen for function keys, and an upgrade for graphics processors. no word on when the new computers hit store shelves. ben: it might be time to say goodbye to that bikini body. what the heck? maria: thank you. ben: a county fair treat is now available at the grocery store. i say keep it at the county fair. walmart is selling deep-fried twinkies. they are in the frozen food section and require a little -- you have to cook them. they require a little time in the oven, microwave or frying
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that sounds like a lot of work to me. maria: it's too much work. ben: they come in two flavors, original and chocolate. maria: i have that at the barnstable fair. it was quite good. i'm not going to buy it in a box. we're all trying to escape the heat. ben: looking for a little relief a deer ends up in a pool.
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ben: all right, when you need to cool off, you need to cool off. and that goes for this guy, too. that's a deer being rescued from a swimming pool in california. in addition to saving the wild visitor rescuers also had to , keep him away from the kids. they used a life-jacket to get him out and put him back into the woods. maria: you're doing great. you're doing great. right now. >> now on newscenter 5 it but :00 -- harvey: tracking thunderstorms -- what it says for your weekend. ben: a five investigates exclusive -- the man who blames whitey bulger for his decades behind bars. maria: is only nine years old --
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treatment for a disorder people do not even realize they have. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ben: right now at 5:00 the , potential threat of severe weather is moving through. we're looking live at the radar. good evening. i'm ben simmoneau. maria: i'm maria stephanos. let's get right to stormteam 5 chief meteorologist harvey leonard for the latest trek. a webster, charlton, all affected by really strong storms. i think you can see right in here as the storms have moved to the east-southeast. we are seeing a tremendous amount of lightning -- as a matter of fact, as you check it out, over 1500 strikes in the last 30 minutes. undoubtedly some strong winds as well, and hail signatures


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