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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hale also tracked with the strongest of these cells. i want to also show you in southeastern massachusetts, the eastern side of this extending eastward. swansea, north of fall river, totten, involved in the storms as well. another area through the work shirts was a severe thunderstorm warning. it has weakened some to the east. as we follow this through the evening, that could get to the worcester hills, and this area through southeastern mass, scattered activity that will diminish after sunset tonight. temperatures have temporarily cooled, but cut the downpours. new hampshire and portsmouth still in the low 90's. those places feel like it is over 100. we had an excessive heat warning
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elsewhere. the coastline will be cooler. we will talk about that and the chance for more storms this weekend and when the heat will return to the coast. maria: all right, five investigates, exclusive new breaking information about the positive -- the possible murder of that woman in princeton. kathy curran has that. kathy: there will be ordered dna testing for one person of interest in the murder of vanessa marcotte. the sources tell us the person is familiar with the area where the body was found sunday afternoon. we are not identifying the person because no one has been charged with any crime in this case. it could be a solid lead, but you have to remember, the da's office has received more than 450 tips. district attorney joel early says that they are following every lead.
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are looking for anyone who has seen a man with recent scratches, bruises, cuts. the da would not comment on our information, but did say the public should be careful and vigilant. kathy curran, 5 investigates. ben: kathy, thank you. lifeguards and a stranger teaming up to save a little diane cho at the scene. diane? diane: it was supposed to be a day of fun for one child. it turned into a horrifying ordeal for his family. troopers responded here in hyde park for a drowning. everyone jumped back in the water when a young boy started struggling, luckily a lifeguard spotted him and left into
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eventually he came around. she learned cpr and was grateful that she did. just but she rotated, i breathe, we just rotated and he is fine. he is home. he is home tonight. that is all that matters. diane: by the time the child was taken to an area hospital, he was responsive. in hyde park, diane cho, wcvb newscenter 5. without power in bedford. live wires down on page road. it will be a couple more hours before power is restored. maria: a missing boy, his father in custody. david bienick's life in dorchester to explain what
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the boy was found at this house in dorchester. the police who live here say they had no idea of the police were looking for him. with his uncle's armour residential the, nine-year-old kelvin martin climbed out of the amulets. >> i am so happy is found. david: kelvin's family, 20 -- 27-year-old juan a yala-powell was wanted in a shooting. this woman who was in at girlfriend of ayala-powell said that he showed up in the middle of the night, upset and asked them to watch the boy. >> nobody told me anything about an amber alert. he was upset. david: eventually his suv was
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was this woman. officers were afraid people inside might have a gun and were waiting. >> i was not scared at all. david: she ran inside, called for gilpin, than called for police to come get him. >> he was scared. he was really scared. i have kids. that's my thing. if somebody stole my kid, i'm going to run in there and get my kid. david: a few hours later, custody in revere. police of not said what charges he might be facing. maria: a body of a 49-year-old woman was recovered by the worcester fire department. police believe the drawing -- the drowning is accidental. ben: extreme turbulence on a flight out of boston, to save the least, injuring passengers and crew even ripping the
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passengers, who are very relieved to be back on solid ground. antoinette: those people had no idea what they were in for when they left logan airport last night. that turbulence was so bad, people were thrown out of their seats. some were in tears, dozens taken to the hospital. a scare in the skies. >> my computer blew up in the air. somehow i caught it. : jet blue flight from boston to sacremento rocked by severe turbulence. >> we went straight down and straight back up and everything went flying. antoinette pictures from social : media show a flight attendant taken off the plane in a neck brace after hitting her head on the fuselage. another showing the force of the turbulence, ripping a toilet from the plane's lavatory. some passengers went from sleeping to panic. >> it just felt like we were going down. i was scared. and when it: 22 passengers and 2
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forced to land in south dakota. >> they said we have some injuries so were going to need , to find an airport and do an emergency landing. antoinette casey corcoran from : milton was on board with his young children. he says everyone was terrified. >> it was almost like a bang, like we hit a wall and just dropped straight down. there was stuff in the aisles, you had people crying. antoinette: hospital officials in south dakota saying all 24 released. those who made it to their destination relievers to have two feet, and their bags, on the ground. >> i'm so little shaky, but it's not going to deter from flying. i mean, it happens. antoinette there was a doctor : and two nurses on board the flight, helping the injured passengers until they made that emergency landing in south dakota and get to the hospital. at logan airport, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5.
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the dangerous thing they say he did inside an mbta tunnel. maria: big ideas about tiny living spaces. boston, exploring new solutions for city housing. harvey: still tracking storms across western mass and temperature changes some will experience tomorrow. all of that in the forecast. ben: and the report card is in for the temporary starting quarterback -- how jimmy groff lo fared. shows by the 10:00 news on me to be boston with maria
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ben: disruptions on the blue line are being blamed on a trespasser who apparently was trying to get a selfie inside a tunnel. the t says this man entered the tunnel at aquarium station just before 8:00 wednesday night,
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police say his trespassing was a dangerous, potentially deadly, stunt, and are asking for help in identifying him. a delicate product -- project started in weymouth -- look at that. more than 78 feet wide and part of the lift -- bridge is lifted. they will start floating it on the water so it can arrive at its new home. maria: to your economy -- a restaurant chain with several underperforming locations. ruby tuesday says that's about 15% of its stores. the chain hasn't yet revealed which locations will be affected. the closings will happen by september. sweetgreen on boylston street is back in business after being shut down wednesday for health code violations. among the issues inspectors had found -- improper food storage, workers not washing their hands and nobody on staff trained in , food safety, food allergies, or first aid. ben: a deal is in the works for
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b.u. owns 660 beacon street and has reached a deal with local developer related beal. there was public outcry earlier this summer over fears that the sign could be torn down. boston's landmark commission is considering making the sign an official landmark. maria: new at 6:00 now you're , getting the first look at boston's new urban housing unit. the 385-square-foot prototype known as uhu could play a role in adding over 50,000 compact housing units to boston. the full-size model is currently on displayt it includes a double bed, a bathroom with a full bath, a living/dining room area, and a kitchen area. the model is not part of any official housing plans, but is being shown to residents for feedback. harvey, keeping a close eye on the storms moving through right now. ben: when they will die down and which weekend will bring more rain forest. plus, how rain or lack of it lured this guy into a busy
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. ben: the remains of a cambridge korean war soldier have been positively identified and will be returned to his family for burial. army cpl. ronald m. sparks was just 19 when he was reported missing on february 12, 1951, while his unit was clearing a road block in south korea held by enemy forces. he died several months later in a north korean pow camp. even though sparks' remains were returned to the u.s. in 1954, they were not identified until late last year by scientists using modern technology. maria: all right, look at this unwelcome visitor, showing up in a quincy neighborhood. new at 6:00, we're learning why weather played a role in his trip to the city -- to the city. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in quincy. mary? mary: yeah, maria, we're talking about a rattlesnake and he was right there on that sidewalk in front of that bush. that is where neighbors saw and heard him. imagine finding this coiled up outside your front door. not just any snake, a
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it happened here on grove street in quincy thursday evening,, and -- thursday evening, and people noticed. >> it was scary. it was hissing -- mary: it was hissing? >> yeah. mary: what it'd sell my? describe it to me. >> black and long and evil. [laughter] : experts say when the extremely dry weather. this guy was thirsty, so he came into a populated area looking for a drink. >> did you know there were rattlesnakes around your? >> no, i thought there was none. mary: you see coyotes in this area and a fisher cat. it's not really surprising because we lived right next to blue hill.
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rattlesnakes are common in nearby blue hill reservation in milton. how cool, scale of one to 10? >> 10. i love snakes. mary: yeah, it's clear that snake came to the right neighborhood. there could be others. if you see a rattlesnake or something you think might be one, keep your distance. they are venomous. you will need emergency care if you get bitten. mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: running the other day -- ben: yeah, but a bemis -- a venomous snake? maria: no. ben: she is confident. maria: harvey leonard, did you play tennis in this heat? harvey: the answer is yes. ben: did you drink lots of water? harvey: yes. i hope that you think lots of
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storms that went through rhode island and cause damage, they were in southern worcester earlier and did cause some damage. route 12, the wires are down. the storms sunk southward and that is where they are now. that is why there is still a severe thunderstorm warning. just a little piece of southeastern mass near fall river. here strongest storms. still in that area, also producing a tremendous amount of rain. look at the lightning. that is where it has been most powerful. we have the storm tracker on the eastern edge of those because they are moving into the southwest part of our viewing area toward new bedford. you can expect downpours in those areas.
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damage in the berkshires. another strong storm and portland, maine. you can see a a lot of areas have them, a lot of areas don't. we are keeping an eye on them. this area in south hadley, that looks like a storm line is threatening to the east-southeast. as we go through this evening, we've got them to the south and some to the north, but a few hours after sunset, we will see the activity diminish and become less widespread and finally come to an en in boston. we hit 100 in salem, mass. with the heat index over 100, brutally uncomfortable. some areas have storms, some don't, and you are seeing clouds at this time. 88 is the temperature at this time. it was cooled by a downpour. hartford finally had a downpour.
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80's. concord, new hampshire, portsmouth, they are 80 degrees. tomorrow, if you live around boston or you are going to be around cape ann, it will be in the 90's. on the other side of this front, a northeast wind, and that will be cooler. hartford will still be in the 90's tomorrow. beach and boarding -- boating could be pop-up storms. even though it should be in the 70's. it will be on the 80's on the other side of that front. 76 degrees. i mentioned the possibility we could get a few storms saturday into saturday night. scattered around it in and you see them repeated later sunday into sunday night. more sunshine sunday and the
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we have to look at the possibility of various storms. it will feel like sunday again. consider sunday and impacted they. late sunday or sunday night, storms and part of the area. temperatures should cool a little bit. hope to see you next hour. we will update you then. i'm it meteorologist harvey leonard. by xfinity. ben: red sox welcome the arizona diamondbacks to fenway tonight for the start of a three game we can series. all of that heat out there -- david price getting the start tonight for the red sox. price looking to rebound after a shaky performance sunday night against the dodgers. in his last seven starts price , has an era of 3.42 and has
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says he needs to take advantage of the diamondbacks tonight. >> they turn their pitchers lose as an overall aggressive approach. we are well aware of that. that is where -- maybe there were some things they saw against their opponents oblique they could exploit -- oblique they could exploit. it dawned on us as a pitching staff to make sure that those same opportunities do not exist. ben: as we head into the weekend series? toronto is leaving the orioles by half a game. the red sox are three games back , and the rays are still in the basement. jimmy groff below starting the first preseason game. not exactly a lights out performance. he ended the night going on 11 418 passes, throwing 160 eight
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here's what he had to say. >> it was not our best start, no question. we started a little slow, which we do not want to do. that is going to happen sometimes. it's just how you react to that. it was a good experience being able to implement and see how the guys responded, how everyone responded. ben: the buffalo bills signed their quarterback tie rod taylor for a 60 year $90 extension. after that the rest of the deal -- it's incentive pay. if he gets all of the incentives he could earn up to $112 million . here's a fact that might make you angry, tom brady is the third highest paid quarterback. and alex rodriguez will play his final game with the new york
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some believe that this is the final game of his career. there are reports that he may sign on with another team as early as next week. maria: the marlins -- i am not the sportsperson, i mean these sports anchor. that in the seaport in all of this heat. we will take you to, gone. then an 11:00, a police k-9 takes two bullets he spends two days alone in believing. what a beautiful dog. the rescue and the and the reunion with his hammer, but first muir and abc world news. david: a crash into a tractor-trailer drive. a midair scare -- severe turbulence, dozens rush to the hospital, after newscenter 5. >> on chronicle, how to have a
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fresh, making music with your motion and plunging into virtual reality. plus, the company that wants to
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maria: when president barack obama goes on vacation he usually plays a lot of golf on
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he played with chris paul, his brother, and robert wolf. ben: that is it? i get the sense he likes golf. maria: a good day for golf, but hot out there.
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tonight, several breaking stories as we come on the air. the deadly flash floods. vehicles swept away. and now flood alerts from new mexico to new england. and now the heat. it will feel above 100 in much of the country this weekend. also night, a crash on an american highway. a tractor-trailer crashing into a van. a mom driving members of a sports team. the two air emergencies. a deadly plane crash. investigators on the scene right now. and the midair scare -- jetblue passengers hitting severe turbulence. dozens rushed to the hospital. donald trump declaring president obama was the founder of isis. tonight saying he was being sarcastic. hillary clinton releasing her taxes, asking trump where are his? and the new polls out just tonight in the crucial


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