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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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mike: hot weather all along the coast. todd: a new tribute to the jogger killed in princeton. rhondella: total strangers before. connected forever now. the reunion between the man who needed a kidney and the channel 5 viewer stepped up to help. todd: a huge police presence right now i jfk rapport. the nypd was a misty and reports that shots were fired inside terminal 8. rhondella: that terminal has been evacuated and terminal 1 is also close because of another report of shots fired your so far, -- shots fired. so far, no confirmation that there was actually shooting.
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severe storms rolled through this evening, lighting up the skies across the eastern part of the state. take, downstage big wall good evening. i'm todd kazakiewich. rhondella: i'm rhondella richardson. those storms fired up as we dealt with an extremely hot and humid day. let's get to meteorologist mike wankum. mike: unfortunately, that humidity will be with us the rest of the night here in it is really thick out there. this marched itsay way to the ocean. at one point, we were getting 10 lightning strikes every minute. it was really flashing up in the sky. depending on where we are at, we got some rain. what's left of it is way out over the ocean. we are done with that for tonight. we are left with partly cloudy skies but the air is thick out there. overnight hours, partly cloudy skies. we start the day with a bit of sunshine.
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for degrees in boston. and i, we will be lucky if we drop below 75 degrees. but i do have some cooler weather, lower humidity and another chance of rain in the or cast coming up in a few moments. rhondella: breaking news from new york city tonight, a huge -- also breaking tonight this fire on plum island. the flames broke out at a house on 59-th street around 7:30 and the fire has gone to three alarms. fire crews from throughout the merrimack valley are on scene assisting. so far, no reports of any injuries. todd: new tonight, runners uniting in princeton tonight, to show their support for vanessa marcotte. a week ago, she left for a run and never returned home searchers found her body hours later. newscenter 5's shaun chaiyabhat was at tonight's memorial, and joins us live from princeton. shaun: all these balloons, left behind, by about 150 runners many women. they came, to honor a fellow runner, and show support for
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step by step people in princeton move forward. but for the past week many were paralyzed by fear. it's completely changed my life. >>it's completely changed my life. i'm the first one up in the morning and i'm scared to get out of bed even though we have an alarm system and a dog. shaun: kate narita organized this run, to help other local runners get over their fear of a killer on the loose. 27-year-old vanessa marcotte murdered while jogging exactly one week ago. sources say her body was found naked and burned along her jogging path a half mile from the same route runners took today. >> i've never questioned a running route that i've done in town before until this happened and now i'm pretty particular of where i go. >> it was nerve-racking. i ddn't want to be left behind on a narrow road, there was no
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its a scary feeling. >> we want to honor the fact she had every right be running on that road, at that day, at that time. shaun: marcotte tried to fight her attacker. he likely has scratches or bruises. state police say 610 tips have poured in. 5 investigates has learned they're testing dna from a possible person of interest. but at this church just up the road from the murder scene a prayer vigil for marcotte's family and prayers the killer turns himself in. services will be held over the next two days. a wake tomorrow, and funeral tuesday. live in princeton, shaun chaiyabhat wcvb nc5. rhondella: tonight, ryan lochte is thanking family, friends, and fans for support and concern after a scary encounter. todd: he and 3 other american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in rio early this morning. in a statement, lochte said in part what is most important is that we are safe and unharmed.
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travers: ryan lochte isn't just making headlines as one of the best swimmers of all-time, he's now also making news after being robbed here in rio by men posing as armed police. the 32-year-old, twelve time medal winner, was out early sunday morning in rio de janeiro with teammates jimmy feigen, jack conger and gunner bentz when they were robbed. the usoc says the men left the france house in a taxi headed back to the athlete's village and were stopped by armed men posing as police. u.s. leaders say the robbers demanded the swimmers' money and personal belongings. olympic officials initially denied the crime happened, but in an interview sunday afternoon lochte confirmed it did. >> i mean, i couldn't believe it. travers: michael phelps addressed the crime sunday afternoon. >> i've been to rio many times and i've never had any problems so for me, i've never had an issue. travers: none of the swimmers were injured. and lochte didn't slow down for our crew while leaving the usa
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>> rio is an amazing city and there are going to be problems anywhere you go. travers: in recent weeks two australian coaches were robbed at knifepoint on popular ipanema beach and a portuguese official was also held at knifepoint on a busy street. in rio, i'm travers mackel. rhondella: right now, the nationua those protests last night were in response to the police shooting of a black man who officers say was armed. tonight, there are new details about the threat officers were facing. tonight, the national guard on alert after a night of chaos. cars and businesses set on fire as tensions boil over. the angry crowd protesting the deadly police shooting of an armed black man killed after a
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>> this is the police, leave the area. rhondella: as people ran for cover through smoke-filled mayhem, sounds of gunfire the crowd targeting police there's too many rocks coming. that's a gas station, an auto parts store and a bank six businesses in all torched. it was 3:30 pm, police making a traffic stop and the 23-year-old suspect-now being identified as saville smith was armed. according to authorities he fled on foot. an officer ordered him to drop his weapon, and when he didn't comply, fired several rounds killing smith. the officer was wearing a body camera. >> he had a gun in his hand. >> the gun at the scene that we are recovering was stolen in a burglary i believe in waukesha along with 500 rounds of ammunition.
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smith's brother. >> it's not going to end today, it's not going to end tomorrow. i don't know when it's going to end. we're not the one's that's killing us, you're killing us. rhondella: 17 were arrested last night, and 4 officers were injured. the video from the officer's body camera has not been released. a fourth person has died in the devastating floods in louisiana. the state's governor now declaring a major disaster. east of baton rouge. tonight, emergency crews continue to rescue residents from homes and cars. so far, at least 7,000 people have been rescued. >> i want to warn everybody, even a typical summer afternoon thunderstorm has the potential to cause flooding. todd: thousands of homes have been destroyed. the governor has requested help from fema. rhondella: a shark scare shuts down lighthouse beach in chatham for hours. newscenter 5's diane cho explains what fisherman saw that
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diane: many were trying to cool off here at lighthouse beach when everyone was forced out of the water. >> we knew what it was for i never felt threatened at all the beach supervisor says they had to close the beach to swimmers for about two hours after reports came in a shark may have been in the area. >> we had around 750 ppl here it was a rough day to clear the water but i dont think ppl minded too much knowing what was swimming around. diane: he says a patron first reported just afteer 1:00 describing a graphic scene. minutes later, the harbor master called to tell them a local commercial fisherman also saw a seal that appeared to have been attacked by a shark. >> it wasn't that far. it was pretty close to the beach. diane: however, the director of the chatham parks and recreation department tells us the fisherman did not see the shark.
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i don't think sharks will attack people for no reason. they are looking for seals but i guess you have to be careful as well. >> when i was younger i was afraid,im not worried i figure theyre going to watch for it and let us know. if theres a hazard or if it's not safe we're told this is the first time this year lighthouse beach had to be shutdown bc of sharks. rhondellatodd: rescue mission oe island six people were clinging to the sinking boat when rescuers arrived to run -- around 1:30 this morning. the coast guard says one of the passengers was able to call for help. >> we were able to locate these guys rather fast. a lot of times, unfortunately, it doesn't end up that way. todd: some of the passengers were wearing life jackets and no one was hurt. a chase through several towns ending with a crash into these police cruisers. joshua mousette is accused of leading police through
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police say the chase ended when mousette crashed into several cruisers damaging at least 3. mousette is hurt, but not seriously. he was wanted before the chase, and now faces several new charges. rhondella: in commitment 2016, vice president joe biden will hit the campaign trail with hillary clinton tomorrow. they will visit biden's hometown athey will visit biden's hometown no of scranton, pennsylvania. biden is expected to go after donald trump in his remarks calling him the most uninformed presidential nominee in history, and saying trump is clueless on the needs of working families. trump will be in ohio tomorrow, to lay out his plans to take-on isis today the republican nominee is focusing his attacks on the media. he went on a twitter rant saying the media is putting -quote false meaning into the words i say. trump's running mate, mike pence, says this week trump will offer -quote real specifics on
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new tonight, caught on camera. a tornado rips across a major city. the damage done from the powerful storm. mike: tracking our next round of showers and thunderstorms. todd: strangers before. connected forever now. the reunion between the man who needed a kidney. and the woman who stepped up to help. >> monday morning on newscenter 5's eyeopener, classes are about to start, that means bills. >> three hacks that can h >> and the temperatures coming down, when the humidity breaks,
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four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent
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not just a select few. vote no on question 2. todd: no inbound flights are arriving from jfk. due to security. there is a huge police presence at jfk as the nypd is investigating short -- michigan reports that such were fired
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also closed due to another report of shots fired. rhondella: new tonight, look at this video, a tornado tearing through the philippines today. through the philippines this timelapse shows the tornado moving through the capital manila. one person is hurt, and more than a hundred homes are damaged. this comes in the middle of monsoon season, there. heavy rain is expected to continue in the country for days. todd: a vacationer's worst nightmare. an oklahoma woman flying home from a trip early to confront strangers living in her house. crystal taylor rushed home when her neighbors alerted her. police responded, but the accused squatters provided a lease claiming they were the victims of a craigslist scam. >> it should be breaking and entering.
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no arrests have been made. experts say the best strategy is prevention. they recommend homeowners have neighbors check on the home while they're away. rhondella: back at home, the new fore river bridge will be on the move overnight. tomorrow, starting at three a.m -- 3:00 a.m., three tugboats will tow it down the river. the span for the new bridge is longer than a football field and weighs more than two point nine -- 2.9 million pounds. the $244 million project connecting quincy and weymouth will be finished in 2018. dd written on the back of a minivan. a man from auburn desperately needed a kidney. rhondella: and he got one after a woman saw a story right here on wcvb. today they reunited, a few months after the transplant. our nicole estaphan was there. >> it's the gift of life. nicole: we first met peter lyford one year ago. suffering with stage five renal failure, in desperate need of a kidney. >> i do dialysis twice a day. nicole with his health declining : and time running out, his wife
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>> i sought on the channel five news. that's interesting. i'm oh positive. nicole: kelly hoye says she was moved an emotion that quickly turned to what felt like a fateful action when she saw petes three young girls. >> my father died when i was young i know how it felt to be them and that is the cord that resonated with me. nicole: hoye picked up the phone. a moment that would ultimately save a life. >> at that point i had no kidneys. >> i am going to be your donor . 10 minutes later, the ambulance was there. he had a stroke. >> his name is on that kidney that's his kidney, i was never going to be done never nicole: hoye says she never
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conencted to her own. has she had time to think about the gift they both share. >> it is just hitting me now, it is overwhelming, but for the longest time, i just did something i knew was right. nicole: nicole estaphan wcvb newscenter 5. todd: just an amazing couple. so happy it is a happy ending. rhondella: tough. let's move on to the weather. mike: hot, humid and this continues and nausea. we had showers that added more humidity to the air during showers and thunderstorms cut its way across area. we had some areas that picked up some decent rain. this was the line at the relay
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much as an inch of rain. but a tapered off. as we have seen some a times, some places get it and some places don't. some of us will get rain out of it and some of us will not. there are some of the lightning we had going on. it was really sparking across the area. you didn't get anywhere close to the rain. you can see the thunderstorms that were out there. as you look out towards charlton, also some power lines down. not a lot of damage. certainly, there was a lot more last night. just because of the isolated nature of these storms. it is moving out of radar range and pushing well offshore. a lot of temperatures well at the 90's today. and it wasn't just the heat.
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look at this. usually at the cape, you get cooler weather. it did not happen here. in nantucket, it was cooler. if you look at the month so far, we had 90, 1 day, yesterday, they keeps us from getting into a heat wave. we were back into the 90's today. the cooldown is kind of refreshing. but now we are back in the heat and humidity. we had 16 days so far this year were we were above the 90 degree mark your we are running above average are now. more heat to come. looks like right now it is running at least close to or a little bit above average. earlier this morning, it was at 74.
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uncomfortable range. but it is not up here where it was today. wednesday, it is back up a little bit. there are indications, toward the end of the week, the humidity will drop. cold temperatures. tomorrow, it sunshine slightly less humid. i really want to emphasize slightly. the only thing to watch the wind. turn on shore. if you are at the shoreline, you may enjoin a bit of a sea breeze. tomorrow, chocolate the sunshine and muggy conditions. a chance of showers in the forecast on tuesday. best chances are late in the day and into the evening. and also to the north. that would be across northern new england.
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is such that you do night get a guaranteed rain. it could be in one spot and not another. towards the end of the week, the sunshine is back. the humidity is down. it acts he feels kind of nice if we get a little bit of rain to alleviate the dry conditions we have are now. todd: the operator of jfk airport says it does not appear that shots were fired in eternal. -- in a terminal. 11:30 as it caution.
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josh: a 9-homer weekend and a sweep of the diamondbacks, just the way to end a homestand at fenway for the red sox, who now hit the road for 11 straight, with mookie betts to thank for much of the power. the getting was good starting in the first inning with mookie betts taking former cy young winner zack greinke deep. 2-run homer all the way out of the park. rick porcello hasn't lost all looking for win number 16. yasmany tomas, yasmany too little. dustin pedroia singled in sandy leon. one of 5 hits for pedey. now for the 5th time in his career, a red sox record. mookie betts wasn't done. his second time up, second inning, 3-run homer over the monster. jackie bradley slices out his 18th, a 2-run homer.
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betts had 3 homers in baltimore in may and he does it again, first time for this team, since ted williams now that's saying something. sox all over the diamondbacks 16-2. the starting staff took a hit off the field today, as knuckleballer steven wright was placed on the 15 day d.l.. the 13-game winner hurt his arm getting back to the bag on the pinch-runner. clay buchholz will get anothert spot start thursday in detroit. elsewhere yankees and the rays in the bronx and does this seem to happen more often than it should? nick franklin trying to make the catch instead, it's made by derek jeter. ok fan derek jeter. who was promptly thrown out, but the hitter didi gregorious was also ruled out, because the umpire figured franklin would have made that play had the fan not interfered. after two days to rest and get
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night the patriots back on the field getting ready for the chicago bears in pre-season game 2. the teams will practice together for the next 3 days in foxboro. tom brady did not take a snap thursday. he wasn't even in the building, but he was in the red jersey today. it's unclear if he will play at all on thursday night or if it will again be jimmy garoppolo and rookie jacoby brissett under center. training camp. you have to grind your way through a. view try to bring as much energy and you can every day. that's the only way you are going to get the best out of yourself and get the best out of your teammates. at this point, with the limited amount of practice, you cannot lose ground. a lot of teams are practicing hard. you have to come out here and you see guys giving it all out there, especially today.
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they try to get back into and your body is not quite ready. you got a fight through it as best you can. josh: coming up on sportscenter 5 ot, we'll sit down with espn analyst field yates to get his take on the quarterback situation, plus the guys who catch the ball and make the tackles. and brady speaks on his back-up jimmy garoppolo. plus, wright is not right for the red sox. we'll hear from the manager. that's all coming up at 11:35. hope to have you with us. that's it for sports rhondella and todd we'll send it back over to you. rhondella: inal look at fios is not cable. we're wired differently, which means we can fix things differently. thanks for calling fios. this is ryan. you can't tell me this cord isn't in. i know it's in. it's in, but it's not working.
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