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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 16, 2016 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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the law requiring voters to bring a photo i.d. was struck down by an appeals court that found it was racially discriminatory. in tennessee officials at vanderbilt university won a battle to change the name of a residents hall. confederate memorial hall will be renamed because of the associations with the civil war and slavery. the united confederacy tried to block the change. a court said vanderbilt could change the name as long as it repays the money. the olympics they were singing in the rain for part of the night in rio. a downpour brought action on the track and field competition to a halt for about 25 minutes. some of the events were pushed back, but it did not dampen the excitement. a dive at the finish line allowed shaunae miller to win.
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was looking for a record fifth gold medal in the event. and felix was one of six for the u.s. raising the total to 75. that's 29 more than china in second place. it's a big deal when we go an entire day without scoring a gold medal. that was the case on monday for the u.s. that number stays at 26. great writtbritain has 16 gold medals. >> another medal at the games. she's considered the favorite in the floor exercise today. >> and bolt goes for his second gold. he's competing in his favorite event, the 200 meter dash. i should mention that the domination of these game get underway today. today is the day. day 11 there's a track and field runner who is probably not going to make it out of the semis.
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>> we'll update you on this. it's a happy day in kansas city. baseball's defending champions found a rallying man tis. >> the royals have been struggled, and their first good luck charm passed away friday, a preying mantis. another one appeared in detroit, and it looks like the magic worked. >> it worked, at least for one night. that kid's eyes. mesmerized by the little mantis. >> that's a level of superstition. >> coming up an alert for parents of newborns this morning. >> why you may be putting your baby to bed the wrong way. plus this. >> the giz wiz back to school gadgets, backpacks. some with l.e.d.s, chrome book memory and a hamburger you
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medical news. a new study finds pregnant women who took a common pain medication had a greater risk of having children with behavior issues. women who took acease min fin had an increased risk emotional problems. the researchers said the overall risk was relatively small. an alert for parents of knew importants. a study shows many babies are being placed on their sides or stomachs to sleep increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. they should be placed on their back. one thing we're learning about the mental health.
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kate. making children's mental health her personal message. the duchess sending a powerful message saying they would help their little ones with their mental health. releasing a new statement saying both william and i feel very strongly that we wouldn't hesitate to get expert support for george and charlotte if they need it. >> kate is making a powerful statement with this message. she's sending a clear message to because she would seek help. >> reporter: the mother of two speaking out about an issue close to her heart. mental health in children. and shining a light on a series of pod casts called child in mind by one of her charities. kate trying to help parents understand that with the right care, kids may overcome their issues, saying some children are tackling tough times without the support that can help them
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it doesn't need to be like this. >> mental health is just as important as physical health. >> reporter: she's long been a champion for bringing awareness to mental health, and she is not alone. william and harry are also on board. >> let's get our heads together and change the conversation of mental health. >> reporter: and the royal trio are on a mission as they try to stamp out the sigma mental health. hoping their star power will make a difference. >> coming up, the most wonderful time of the year, and for many parents, that's when the kids head back to school. >> we have the latest must have gadgets to start the school year off right. you're watching "world news now."
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cc1 test message
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? ? >> believe it or not, we are nearing back to school season. it means back to school shopping and dick is here to show us some of the high-tech items on the menu this year. what do you have for us? >> high-tech for little kids. you know how i love l.e.d.s.
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hang on. while you look at that, i'll turn this on. this is for girls, and these are the lightup fairy flier wings. >> you say that's for girls, but i grew up as a tomboy. i would want this one. i'm going to -- >> those are around $44. bixbee has a program. for every backpack they sell, they give a school bag with supplies to a needy child. >> this is back to school, especially college, this is from e bags. it's a new slim laptop backpack. down here we have the ac garage. that's for the heavy duty cables. on the side if you want to carry a water bottle, a zipper pouch for that. to stay organized, a pocket for just about everything, many of them see through.
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i love all the pockets. >> exactly. this can be for the school books, and there's a pocket for a tablet or a laptop. >> if i had this, i wouldn't have to find my phone. >> it doesn't have l.e.d. wings. it's a tradeoff. chrome books are more than 50% of the school market now. so a chrome book is not a windows lot of things. videos here from the last time we were here. it's a beautiful keyboard. it has -- you can download videos to it. >> so this is kind of a midway. it's not a full blown -- >> it uses chrome os. so in school you'll be using wi-fi. you can download programs and then use itoff line, but mostly online.
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the first all aluminum chrome book by them. it's called the chrome 14. >> and it's very light. >> and it's under $300. >> that's also a plus. >> the new asa chrome 14. >> speaking of light -- >> yes. most new android devices have something built in called on the go. >> a mini >> yes. this goes into the android phone or tablet. this is 32 gigabytes of memory. this side is a regular usb. now you can transfer files between phone and tablets. >> and the computer. that's great. >> isn't that neat? >> so tiny. >> and $12. that's amazing. and that one is $64. they're both from kingston.
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you were talking about the hamburger. >> no. >> this guy made her hungry. >> it's a company called yummy. they're yummy purses. there's a magnet. there are zippers so you can put clips and things in it. there was a peanut butter and jel jelly here, and the crew ate they're 3-d printed. they run $8 to $16. >>. >> three your supplies in it, maybe your usb port. >> and you hang it on the bag. it's a creagreat conversation starter for back to school. >> i love that, but this is my favorite. >> the military wings for her. >> dick, thank you so much.
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? ? it'll be on the list. two months ago, of course, today the newest disney theme park opened in mainland china. it's the company's most and it's paying off. >> more than a million people have visited shanghai disney since it opened the doors in june. >> reporter: this is shanghai disney resort. it's the fifth resort for the abc's parent hocompany. a $5.5 billion price tag. 330 million people in a country
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>> if they even get a fraction of the people into the park it has a potential to increase the revenue. >> the stakes are high. >> they spent five years building it. many more in negotiations. that alone makes this a huge, huge expense both human and dollar wise for disney. that means there is an incredible amount at stake ? ? >> reporter: and though the stories are classically disney, there's the chinese twist like with snow white's dwarves, off to work they go. this time in mandarin. >> it's about bridging the culture and help our team understand what the chinese guests want and what is their cultural. >> reporter: this is the
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disneyland. what's the difference? >> from my understanding, it's because america has a history. we know disney stories. they grew up with us. for us, it's hard for us to for us to make this experience that even when you don't know the characters, you feel excited to see them. >> reporter: she thoughs me the wandering moon tea house. >> this is inspired by chinese forest. >> reporter: that pride making this park entirely unique. and that may just be the key to a fairy tale ending. they went big. >> i kind of want to go just to hear the disney songs in mandarin. >> it would be kind of cool.
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump's proposed test. the republican nominee rolls out his plan to test anyone looking to stay in the u.s. trump is touching upon other topics in his foreign policy speech and is being accused of revisionist history. >> severe weather across multiple rns spurred a damaging tornado in indiana as the flood waters in louisiana continue to rise even after the rains have gone. and police have arrested a suspected arsonist wanted for the california wildfire. thousands forced to leave their homes as the flames keep rooring. >> in rio they were sliding away at the track. the heavy rain putting a damper
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but that's okay. there's an unofficial game song stuck in everyone's head. it's the polite pump up jam taking the games by storm. we promise not to practice those moves. whether the fans like it or not, that's the jam as we rock out on this tuesday, august 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> it took like two seconds breaking that promise. >> it does get into your head. >> all right. we'll have more on the pump up song coming up. this morning we're going to start with donald trump's plan to crush isis starting with a new test for prospective immigrants. >> trump is proposing tough new measures aimed at weeding out people who don't embrace what he calls a tolerant american society.
3:02 am
partner with russia or any country that wants to help defeat the islamic state. >> reporter: donald trump proposing a test for anyone who wants to immigrate to the united states. >> i call it extreme vetting. i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> reporter: trump declaring the u.s. should only admit people who, >> we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or its principles or who believe that sharia law should supplant american law. those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted. >> reporter: trump offering few specifics about the test and how it would be implemented.
3:03 am
continue. >> reporter: a speech full of trump pillars he's mentioned before, like the temporary ban on foreign muslims. >> we'll have to temporarily suspend immigration from some of the most dangerous and volatile regions of the world that have a history of exporting terrorism, not for us. >> reporter: the gop nominee citing a single foreign policy stance as one rn >> i was an opponent of the iraq war from the beginning. >> reporter: but that's not true. listen to what trump told howard stern before the war started. >> are you for invading iraing ? >> yes, i dwesz so. i wish the first time it was done correctly. >> reporter: trump suggesting hillary clinton is not up to the
3:04 am
isis. >> reporter: trump providing no isis to back up that claim as he tries to reset and show he can be a state'sman after weeks of fights, distractions and sinking poll numbers. >> you'd better elect me, folks. i'll never speak to you again. can you imagine -- can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money, all of this energy, all and lost? >> reporter: tom llamas, abc news, ho clinton started slamming trump before his speech saying he's all over the place on isis. she followed up with tweets blasting trump for lack of knowledge on foreign policy. clinton appeared with the vice president. we'll have more on this ahead in this half hour. severe weather hammering
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the city of brownsberg west of indianapolis appears to have gotten the worst of it. despite the damage, no one was hurt. in southern louisiana, more than 10,000 residents are spending another night in a shelter because their homes are damaged by flood waters. at least seven people have died in the flood. the national guard said it rescued nearly 8,000 people and 1200 pets. the rain has finally stopped, but the flooding continues as rivers crest downstream. for allegedly starting a wildfire in northern california. the fast moving blaze has destroyed nearly 175 homes and businesses and forced thousands from their homes. the man is being held on 17 counts of arson. officials estimate the fire has caused at least $10 million in damages. the governor has declared a state of emergency. police officers are out in full force in milwaukee after two nights of violent unrest.
3:06 am
around a city park that's closed from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. that's where protest started. the city imposed a 10 p.m. curfew for young people. there have been about a half a dozen arrests overnight amid relative calm. let's get to the olympics. mother nature had her stay. >> a downpour stopped the track and field events. the main entertainment was a d.j. playing tunes like in the rain, or on the flip side, "i can't stand the rain". >> missy? ? i can't stand the rain ? >> if you love or hate the rain, there were songs for you. >> people were wearing the ponchos. the u.s. raised the total of medals to 65. that's 29 ahead of china. the american's gold medal count held at 26 thanks to some
3:07 am
finals. shaunae miller upset allyson felix who was trying to become the only woman to win five gold medals in track and field. miller diving across the finish line, hitting the ground and hitting gold. felix was second. in the finals of the men's 800 meters, kenya defended the olympic title. clayton murphy won the bronze on his first trip of the ol usual gold on monday. she grabbed the balance beam costing her what could have been her fourth gold medal at the games. she had to settle for a bronze. her teammate laurie hernandez won silver. and shbiles has the chance at gd today in the flor exercise finals.
3:08 am
sam kendricks soared to the bronze. no medal for the u.s. men's beach volleyball teem after the american duo was eliminated by the brazilians. an american driver advancing with a third place finish. and in the women's 300 meter steeple chase, taking home the bronze medal beating her own best time, a u.s. record, and woman to win a medal, coburn. >> a few upsets but not a bad day for the u.s. and michael phelps and katie ledecky decided to go back in time. >> do you remember this photo? that's a 9-year-old ledecky getting an autograph from phelps ten years ago. >> how cool is that? >> that's great.
3:09 am
six goeld medals. >> on monday it was a flip-flop. >> they have come full circle. phelps continued on. >> yeah. he didn't stop at six. >> no. >> he continues to rack them up. >> cool photo. coming up, what really may have brought jfk airport to a standstill. >> and the final five in gymnastics tell us how they stay relaxed in the olympics spotlight, and the one food they can't wait to get when they get home. what music do we listen to we walk onto the set here? check out our instagram insta stories today. what do you think diane's
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so as you watch and listen to all that chaos at new york's jfk from sunday night, think about this. it was all caused by usain bo bolt's historic sprint. authorities say celebrations from people watching the olympics games likely mistaken for gunshots. the noise startled passengers and forced the evacuation one of
3:14 am
first three olympics games, and probably the first to clear out a terminal. and guantanamo bay detainees are transferred from the facility during the obama administration. the administration faces mossive opposition. 61 detainees are still there. >> the vice president hit the his hometown in pennsylvania. >> the vice president said trump is the least prepared major party candidate to run for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton and joe biden in pennsylvania taking turns taking swipes at donald trump. >> friends should not let friends vote for trump. >> he can't be trusted.
3:15 am
saying he doesn't trust trump with the nuclear codes. >> no major party nominee in the history of the united states of america has -- don't cheer. quiet. just listen. has known less or been less prepared to deal with our national security than donald trump. he doesn't seem to want to learn it. >> reporter: it is biden's f time on the campaign trail with clinton. the two united in their fight against trump and their friendship. >> during her years after secretary of state, once a week we'd have breakfast at my home. i became the obama whisperer. she'd look at me and say, what did he mean by that? he loves her. >> reporter: a hometown hero here in scranton. biden hoping to win over blue
3:16 am
out front in key battle ground states. a slim five point lead in ohio. in pennsylvania, she's up by 11, and in wisconsin, she tops trump by 15 points. her supporters feeling more confident by the day. and hillary clinton will be spending more time in the rust belt. she's be in philadelphia talking to voters. she's in ohio talking about the economy. these are the states that could deci t coming up in the next half hour, celebrities blowing up social media by doing pushups. is this a new ice bucket challenge? that's in the skinny. first, the final five team usa ea usa's golden girls of gymnast gymnastics, open up what it's like watching their parents watch them compete. we're entertained. we'll find out what they think. you're watching "world news
3:17 am
"world new
3:18 am
simone biles says she's keeping things in perspective after taking home bronze in the balance beam. >> making one mistake on what's called a front tuck, almost falling off the beam. she's saying the rest of the routine was still she says i can't be disappointed in myself. >> that's true. we sat down with biles and the rest of the final five in rio talking about the pressure of performing and their lives outside of the spotlight. >> reporter: you guys have done extremely well. you can't celebrate too much. can you celebrate at all? >> i think you celebrate after your scores come up and you get the medal, but then after that it's just kind of like go again. >> reporter: you can't let the excitement of victory interfere
3:19 am
like i got this. >> we all have nerves, but at this point it's auto pilot. we've done these routines so many times. once we go out and salute, it's one more. >> we're not going to change a thing. it's working well. >> reporter: tell me what it was like seeing your families. >> i saw them go viral on the video. that was my way of keeping up with them. they get so nervous and so do all our parents. they want us to do well. they now how much hard wor into it. i feel bad after seeing the videos how stressed they were. >> reporter: it was extra special when this happened. an emotional reunion at the family home. the first time any of the final five have seen their parents since coming to rio over three weeks ago. the first chance for that special hug since winning gold. >> i got my medals here to show you guys. >> reporter: and the first chance to show off the new
3:20 am
do? >> reporter: a moment to hug and to regroup at the family home where parents are pampered with salon treatments and even laundry services to help ease their competition stress. >> go usa. >> reporter: and for the team, they say it's their incredible sister hood that keeps them loose and laughing as they enter the home stretch on this remarkable journey. >> the bond we saw and we're looking at right now, it's remarkable. what do you >> we've been together for so long. we're so ready. it's almost like a stress reliever that we get to go and compete, because we're just not stressed. we're so ready. it's fun when we go out there and we don't have to think about anything. that's how we have fun. >> reporter: can i ask you a lightning round? >> yeah. >> reporter: celebrity you most want to meet now that you're famous? >> carrie underwood. >> zac efron.
3:21 am
>> i would love to go shopping with her. >> yeah. let's go shopping. >> reporter: first food you're going to eat. >> pizza. >> ice cream. >> reporter: tv show you want to get back and binge watch. >> i have no idea. i've been watching "modern family". i'm ready to go to sleep right now though. maybe i'll be the first person to fall asleep in an interview. analysis. i just want to sleep. her parents are my favorite to watch. >> her parents were so fun to watch during the whole thing. >> her mother especially. >> biles has another opportunity at gold. >> so does ali. they have floor routines coming up. >> biles is pretty good. >> and ali is the current gold medal holder. she won last time around. >> we'll see how they work that
3:22 am
that's the talk of the olympics.
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limited time offer in stores now. time now for the mix. so far a lot of people watching the olympics. rio has given us con tach natam waters, tvs falling down, armed robberies. what's going on? we have an answer. listen to this. ? this, ladies and gentlemen, is the olympics song called "let's get into it" by a brazilian singer. >> it's catchy. >> it obviously goes after the melody of "we will rock you" by queen. >> are they playing it everywhere? >> they are playing it everywhere. they're trying to encourage
3:26 am
themselves, not to smoke in the arena and not take flash photograp photography. be a good human and get into it. it's not even the right sill balls. >> you might not be able to recognize the original song after this. >> the singer has a walking boot on. she may have gotten a little too into it. >> it's a wonderful so ear worm that's just planted in your ear. there's this wonderful cat that was trying to scratch his post and do a jump and it was captured on photo, and then it's become this weird internet meme. the japanese cat found out that multitasking is hard for it to do. the seven-year-old kitty there. >> street fighter. >> welcome back street fighter.
3:27 am
>> okay. the internet is loving this. >> all right. so cats and memes are always a good thing together. how about bagels and muffins together? a bagel and a muffin. >> this super 8 motel that you're going to take at a look at right now is going through some demolitions. according to their sign they needed to do everything to kill a no matter -- there you see the sign. >> it says that must have been -- >> there was a spider. it's all okay now. >> points for super 8. >> they're being funny, but the song from rio is contagious. >> stuck in your head? >> it gets stuck in your brain. >> it makes you want to get into
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now," the death toll is rising overnight. tens of thousands can't go home for those able to return, it's a mess. we have the latest from the flood zone. >> vetting values for visas. it would be the new normal under a donald trump adminisio looking to come to america, but how would it work and what's hillary clinton saying about trump's latest plans? >> and new this half hour, a bizarre scene outside a walmart. >> a store employee confronted by an angry monkey. mixing it up before the monkey's owner jumps in. and pushups for a good cause. the social media challenge filling up your feeds that's being done by celebrities.
3:31 am
that's on "the skinny" on this tuesday, august 16th. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's get to our top story right now. the rising toll in louisiana floods. a seventh body recovered from the water in baton rouge. the victim a 50-year-old man. >> the view from above shows the thousand years. the national guard says it's rescued nearly 8,000 people. most of those rescued are in shelters. >> this is one of the thousands of rescues. a family and baby taken from their home as the waters rise. even though the worst of the rain has stopped, the flooding continues.
3:32 am
swept from homes and vehicles. in baton rouge, a race to save a woman. >> get out. >> i'm trying. i can't. >> give me a knife. >> i'm drowning. >> we're coming. i'm going to break this window. we're breaking the window. >> reporter: david fung tries breaking the window, and then ripping apart the convertible's roof, he's able to pull the woman out. >> first instinctual was just to get ahold of her and pull her so i just jumped in. >> reporter: but it's not over. >> get my dog. >> reporter: the woman begging him to save her dog. >> i can't get the dog. maybe she's gone. >> no, she'd better not be. >> i got your dog. >> reporter: more than 20,000 rescued. some plucked by a ghost guard chopper. east baton rouge sheriff keeping that baby warm, helping save
3:33 am
30 inches of rain since the storms began. >> a huge problem. that's going to continue. you see it everywhere. >> reporter: 3,400 louisiana national guard troops rescuing people around the clock. and hundreds more saved by fisherman and anyone with a boat. what's being called the volunteer cajun navy. residents were hoping to get their first look at the damage. the water has receded quite a bit, but it's too dangerous to go in family. this family salvaging what's left. >> devastated. i've cried all day. my whole life savings, everything is in that home. >> reporter: they're the lucky ones. three quarters of property owners here don't have flood insurance. >> major flood levels and many neighborhoods like this, dozens of them still inundated with
3:34 am
flash flood watches into illinois and indiana. could see another five plus inches there. in louisiana likely only a half inch or so over the next two days. anything more than that will cause problems. a suspect is behind bars for allegedly starting a wildfire that decimated a california community. the wildfire has destroyed in lower lake. the suspect was charged in several other fires over the past year. they are struggling to contain the latest one. it's being fuelled by dry conditions and leaving very little in its wake. >> everything you can see is devastation on the whole block, and my house is up there standing, clean, like nothing ever happened. >> officials estimate the fire caused more than $10 million in damage. last year wildfires in the same area destroyed nearly 1300
3:35 am
the streets were calm overnight after two nights of demonstrations. a popular park was closed and teens were told to be off the streets by 10:00 p.m. speaking at a late night news conference the mayor said the signs have been very encouraging. protests broke out after the deadly police shooting of a black man during a traffic stop. >> in new york a man has been charged with gunning down a man and his assistant. he was taken into custody after he was linked to a hit and run near the slayings. police searched his home and found what they say is the murder weapon. they say they found clothes that matched what the suspect was wearing during the shootings. donald trump outlined the game plan to stop isis and keep america safe. he told supporters in ohio he would have an ideological test for immigrants saying only people who share our values
3:36 am
it's ziep designed to keep out anyone who sympathizes with extremist groups. >> we must also screen out any who have hostile attitudes toward our country or the principles, or who believe that sharia law should supplant american law. those who do not believe in our constitution or who support bigotry and hatred will not be admitted. >> trump also says he would end the current u.s. strategy of nation building and regime change. he vowed to work with russia or any country that wants to destroy isis. >> hillary clinton was with biden at their first joint campaign appearance. speaking in pennsylvania, biden labeled trump as unqualified and unprepared and said trump cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes. clinton also took aim at donald
3:37 am
plans for the economy. >> trump laid out his plan last week. i'll admit even before he did, i didn't think it was going to be good for working americans. but it turned out to be worse than i ever imagined. >> biden said clinton was the most qualified person to lead the country. he praised her foreign policy experience and credited her with having a passion for improving lives. and this note from pennsylvania as well. the attorney general of that st a jury found kathleen cane guilty of perjury and obstruction. she was accused of leaking information about a 2009 grand jury investigation to embarrass a rival prosecutor and then cover it up. two of her top aids testified against her. she's the first woman and democrat to be the pennsylvania attorney general. she's facing up to seven years behind bars but could remain in
3:38 am
>> and the first time the zika virus spread from one u.s. state to another. an area of miami currently has 30 cases of zika virus. so far they have not been any confirmed cases of local zika virus transmission among texas mosquitos. >> we love our animal stories here on "world news now," but this video really got our attention. a monkey gets into a confrontation with a walmart employee in ohio. that's when e over to break it up. >> the monkey escaped from a camper parked nearby. the employee wasn't hurt. officials are trying to make sure the animal has all the proper papers. >> that's scary. they can get vicious. >> what's with the diapers? >> well, lots of pet monkeys have diapers. >> do they? >> yes. >> huh? >> people who put them in their homes put them in diapers so
3:39 am
coming up, photo finish. the dive that robbed american sprinter allyson felix of a record. >> and drop and give me 22. why celebrities are sharing videos of themselves doing pushups. that's ahead in the skinny. >> first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather
3:40 am
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introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified. a little touch is all it takes. >> felix with a final surge. it will be tight.
3:43 am
usually isn't a good thing, but for shaunae miller, it meant the gold medal. >> miller beat out allyson felix in the 400 meters. that kept felix from winnning a record fifth gold in track and field. >> i'm guessing felix is now regretting not thinking of the same move, not doing it. >> good heads up move theron >> the drama in the 400 did not bring about the biggest cheers. >> those went to the brazilian pole vaulter. he pulled off an upset knocking off the defending olympics champ. he set a mark with a vault. it was just over six meters. an american took the bronze. >> it was a slight stumble, but it was enough to end simone biles' gold medal run.
3:44 am
medal of the games this afternoon in the floor exercise. and the medals for biles and hernandez were two of the six that the u.s. brought home on monday. the americans have 75 overall. 29 ahead of china. >> no gold on the day but that total holds at 26. >> i think we're spoil >> but i love how the woman who won from the netherlands, is just somebody from the netherlands. tonight carrie walsh jennings tries to move closer to her fourth straight gold in beach volleyball. she and april ross meet the defending world champions from brazil in the semi finals. >> there will be no beach volleyball medal for the american men. they lost to the defending
3:45 am
the men's basketball team played what was described as a spirited game of beach volleyball. it's back to basketball tomorrow night in a knockout game against argentina. >> we showed you the dramatic dive with the women's 400 meters. now for a not so special dive in the pool >> this is a malaysian with his final dive in the spring board competition. >> looks good. great. >> and. >> oh. >> yeah. >> oh. >> it didn't quite go as planned. >> it looked great. >> just a reminder. >> at the start. >> the object is to land in the pool vertically and make the smallest splash possible. not so much a belly flop. might not surprise you he
3:46 am
but i think he may have just been mistaken and got into the wrong competition, because in norway, just this weekend, they had their competition, the belly flop competition. and i think that would have won it all. >> tough guy. >> when we come back, why so many celebrities are dropping and giving 22. >> i'm sorry. i'm distracted by the music. what's this one? it's not samba. only three more days andre done in the samba. ? "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:47 am
3:48 am
? ? >> skinny time. you may have noticed the 22 pushup challenak your social media page. the rock doing it now, raising awareness for military veterans, mental health issues and the 22 veterans who commit suicide on average every day. >> chris pratt and anna ferris getting in on the act as well offering their sincere thanks to those who serve our country. >> we think the cutest entry so far comes from captain america himself.
3:49 am
with his pushups. take a look at why. >> this is awesome. >> get out of here. stop. dude. >> as if chris evans couldn't get anymore adorable. >> his dog is not getting it. this is not puppy play time. >> finally the dog gives up and hangs out and watches. it's a cute video. this is a lot like the ice bucket challenge. once you come you challenge others to do the same thing. it's so cool. >> evans maybe challenges the dog, do pushups. we've all come to know
3:50 am
empire. we're about to see her like we've never seen her before. >> she's starring as a brilliant mathematician. the untold story of some of the black women who helped to put us in the space and on the moon. >> i need math that doesn't yet exist. >> you have someone? >> she can handle any numbers you put in front of her. >> this wasn't empty last night. i'm sorry. i'm not the -- >> reporter: she stars with octavia spencer playing these women who were so integral in the success in the american space program and r it will be in theaters early next year. and dick van dyke may be 90 years old, but he's not slowing down. he surprised customers by singing chitty chitty bang bang
3:51 am
out at the denny's there in l.a. and dick van dyke just belts out in song? >> van dyke starred in the 1968 musical the same name. the song was nominated for an academy award. you can see the waitress behind them doesn't really care. >> the other members of quartet seem a little young to know the song. i wonder if they've seen the movie. >> many t >> he just needs to trip into his way into denny's and people will realize who he is. >> that's what nile demarco is going to be the headliner for chip and dales. >> the model and actor who is deaf will be the celebrity guest host of the show starting in september. other celebrities to wear the black bow tie.
3:52 am
>> are you going to join him?
3:53 am
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? ? ? ? a little shawn mendes for us
3:56 am
he's good. he's got some catchy songs. >> i still listen to him. >> i listen to "stitches" all the time. >> we'll never see michael phelps and usain bolt go head to head at the olympics, but there's one area the two compete in. their bank accounts. >> they're the two most decorated athletes at the olympics. both are cashing in on the fame. t.j. holmes has the story. >> reporter: they are the fastest men on land and in the water. bolt and phelps prove over and over again they are the power house olympians at the top of their sports. 31-year-old phelps has 28 career medals to his name. the most in history. his net worth $55 million. bolt is 29 years old.
3:57 am
million. so where have they made their fortunes? endorsements. phelps signing on with visa, and speedoe, but the baltimore native's biggest sponsor, baltimore based under armor. ? >> reporter: but the lightning bolt from jamaica has gatorade and a watch maker and helping put him over the edge, a reported eight figure deal with puma. >> wow. >> and bolt is scheduled to race again in the 200 meter which he says is his favorite distance. >> very impressive. and they're just cashing in. they're running straight to the bank. >> wouldn't you? >> yeah, i would. this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, rivers cresting in louisiana reach historic levels after more than two feet of rain. overnight the death toll is rising and the flood threat is now spreading. >> breaking overnight a man arrested accused of setting the massive wildfire in northern california. residents tearing up when police make those flames destroying more than a hundred homes. a monkey picks a fight with a worker in a walmart parking lot. simone biles had a surprising setback in rio stumbling on the beam and the sprinter diving across the


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