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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> gunfire in a boston neighborhood. the young victim's condition this morning. >> a man beaten inside of a fall river hotel but one witness says his story isn't quite true. the key point coming down to surveillance video. >> donald trump saying what he calls extreme vetting. his new immigration plan. on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> 6:00 a.m. airplane germs. they can put a damper on your summer travel, but there are easy ways to stay healthy. we have tricks to keeping your immune system strong. it's ahead in this half-hour. good morning, i'm emily riemer. >> i'm randy price. cindy fitzgibbon is here, and we're expecting a little storminess but we're off to a beautiful start. >> it's almost deceiving because you look out, and it's so beautiful. you are like what? what is she talking about?
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take a look at the sunrise this morning. it's just gorgeous. >> beautiful. >> it really is just nice out there. we have mid and high altitude clouds decorating the sunrise this morning around boston. as we go through the day the storm prediction center, eyeing southern new england, and a slight risk for severe storms through the day, especially mid-day into the afternoon hours. you just want to be weather aware and pay attention to change of the weather conditions. we have seen them this morning. on the worcester area there is there is no storminess or lightning. just rain around the worcester area to westborough, and you can see these extend the showers back towards barry and hardwick. what we're watching is a frontal boundary off to the west. it's a warm front. it's a leading edge of much more humid air. that oppressive humidity is pushing back in. as this front lifts in it will be a trick erring mechanism to induce more storms. right now 67 in worcester. 66 in lawrence.
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some mid 60s on the cape, as well. we'll jump into the 70s quickly. top out in the low to mid 80s today but notice from 2:00 this afternoon right up until 6:00 p.m. that is the window that we are going to see at least scattered storms popping up. we'll show you the full time line coming up. right now out to the roadways and see how we're looking. good morning. >> good morning cindy. a live look outside at the top of the expressway. here's a check for you heading into the o'neil tunnel. traffic is nice and light. the rest of the trip, soar 24 delays building, and your ride on the expressway, almost 20 minutes from braintree into boston. pike eastbound, still quiet. 15-minute ride. 495 to 128, and 93 south, some delays out of meth urine into andover and once again as you head down towards the lever connector. train and buses on schedule. >> thanks. breaking overnight a teenager is shot as gunfire erupts. >> we've been tracking this information all night long and let's get to the eye's doug meehan.
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>> good morning. yes, we know that victim is just 15 years old. shot several times. now police are looking for help in finding the person who pulled the trigger. we have video in from overnight. police say the teen was in a car in front of 25 gavin way just before midnight. and that's when the shots rang out. he was hit several times as we mentioned. we talked to police at the scene, and they are optimistic about his condition. according to the doctors, there is a good chance he may survive. >> well, police say the victim was just shy of his 16th birthday. again no arrests were made. police are asking for anybody, if you know or saw something, say something, your tip can remain anonymous. if any further information comes from the scene we'll pass it along. live in south boston, doug meehan, wcvb. >> thank you, and right now state police are investigating a drowning on cape cod.
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8:40. cape cod reporting a man called police about a missing swimmer after he found two children on the beach who said that they could not find their father. >> today friends and family will say a final farewell to a woman. the eye's sera congi is where vanessa marcotte will be mourned and remembered. >> the 27-year-old touched many li her funeral will be here in leominister where she grew up and her father still lives. hundreds gathered for the wake, including a bus carrying mourners from new york where vanessa more could the lived and worked for google. she was home visiting family on august 7 when she went out for a jog not far from her mother's house in princeton. her body discovered in the woods that night. sources say marcotte was found naked and burned. police have been pouring over
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and five investigates has learned that they are testing dna from a possible person of interest. but today is expected to be about her life and celebrate her life. her funeral will be here in leominster at 10:00 a.m. and laid to rest in nearby westminster. sera congi, newscenter 5. >> i was on the ground and they were kicking me. >> right now police are investigating the bta of an elderly man inside of a fall river hotel. he's calling it a vicious attack but this morning, a witness says that that's not the case. 79-year-old al marceau says he came out of his hotel room to ask a group of men to quiet down. they pounced on him. he has a bloody black eye and cuts on his head, face, and leg. >> it was awful. i said please, he's 79, he had an operation, a while ago, and
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could care less, and they were like animals. >> and three men are charged with felony assault and battery, but marceau is also facing a misdemeanor charge. he's hoping hotel surveillance proves that he did not start that fight. and convicted murderer and former patriots' player aaron hernandez is expected back in court today. hernandez is charged in a 2012 double murder in boston. that case is set to go to trial later this year. and today's hearing is primarily for hernandez was convicted last year in the 2013 shooting death of oden lloyd. >> six minutes after 6:00. there is pushback against a plan to equip boston police officers with body cameras. mayor marty walsh and police commissioner bill evans have said that if no one volunteers for this pilot program, evans will select participants himself, but the union tells the herald that that would go against their agreement with the department which says that the officers must volunteer. the commissioner hopes to get
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september 9. the boston police department is facing criticism for failure to address complaints against officers. a program started in september is meant to address grievances through mediation with those officers, but this year 15 complaints were identified as suitable for mediation. of those 10 refused the chance to take part. boston police say that they are working to try and make the officers more comfortable with this program. controversial issue on the campaign trail and the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here to set the stage. >> emily, the republican nominee will host a law enforcement roundtable this afternoon in milwaukee, just days after a police shooting there sparked a wave of violent protests. monday he reiterated his calls for a partial ban on muslim immigration as he turned his focus to isis. >> screen out any of the hostile
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that they should supplant american law. >> trump called it extreme vetting saying there will be a screening forest immigrants. tim kaine kept up the pressure during a campaign stop in north carolina. >> he said president barack obama was the founder of isis. i mean, this guy just comes up with one crazy notion after the next. we're not going to be tricked by >> clinton and tim kaine got a boost in massachusetts. president barack obama taking a break from vacation to attend a fundraiser for the campaign on martha's vineyard. >> thank you. former red sox ace curt schilling may be considering a stint in medication, and he has his sight set on elizabeth warren. schilling said he wants to be one of the people responsible for getting senator warren out of politics. schilling is a frequently outspoken conservative. he said that he is interested in
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final say. >> a proposal to expand charter schools is pitting some democrats against their own party. the democratic state committee is meeting in lawrence tonight, and the issue is expected to come up. the committee members who are aligned with teachers' unions want a resolution to oppose the question on the november ballot. but it's unclear if party leaders will allow a vote on that resolution. >> good news for patriots' fans, rob after leaving early yesterday the gronk pulled up short while going for a pass. he left for the locker-room, but sportscenter 5 has learned it is not serious. >> 6:09 right now, a real photo finish in rio, one runner's bold move won the competition was too close for comfort, and mixing things up in your health. the small changes that can reverse the effects of sitting all day. >> new this morning, travel
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colds. three ways to stop vacation from taking a toll on our health. erika. >> breaking overnight, boston police are optimistic about the recovery of a 15-year-old shot in the city. it happened on gavin way in south boston. right now no arrests in the case. cindy. >> and erika we are tracking a storm threat, as the day wears on. the time line and the lower humidity that will follow. that's ahead first. take a look at the radar. already a couple of showers out through thunderstorms. as the day wears on it will turn stormier. 69 degrees in boston.
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>> we're from the john smith camp. good morning eyeopener. >>oo smith soccer camp, which is in needham where they are celebrating their 43rd summer this season. >> it looks like they are having a very good time. >> we love spirited wakeup calls so record your own with your phone and upload it to ulocal using the wcvb app. >> camp tuesday, heads up. >> oh, yeah. >> that means possibly problems. >> right. >> keep an eye to the sky today, they need to be weather aware storms will be popping up. a beautiful morning.
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you missed. so colorful, right, and as the sun was coming up we had some showers coming through worcester county, so as they departed look at this, a rainbow spotted. citing around the worcester area. eric sent this picture in. you can see the showers to the east right now. got a few more off to the west so you have got a break, as well. you can see the showers are lighter but westborough and holden, that's all that these have popped up quickly. as we get deeper into the day the threat will be there for some stronger to possibly severe storms. right now we're running in the 60s. worcester 67. boston 69. that's the mid 60s on the cape, as well, and it should be quiet here through the morning hours around boston. can't rule out a spot shower. but as we get beyond lunchtime into the afternoon that's when we may start to see the scattered, stronger storms developing, and with more clouds around today, and the temperatures are not going to be as hot, low to mid 80s for
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struggle to hit the lower 80s, into the afternoon, it's a slight risk from the storm prediction center. severe storms popping up across new england back into eastern new york, and eastern pennsylvania, northern new jersey, as well. we have got a warm front back to the west, and this is the leading edge of that oppressive humidity. it hasn't been so bad the past 24 hours but the dewpoints are in the 70s to our south, and that soupy air is working on in. so as the warm front comes in and brings in that soupy air, any storms that get heavy rain that could lead to localized flooding, and also lightning but the stronger storms could have some damaging winds, and the way that the atmosphere is setting up today, turning winds with height could mean storms to, could start rotating so can't rule out, the risk is low. lots to watch, the radar getting more active towards lunchtime, and notice that on the future cast, scattered, hit or miss storms developing, and mid afternoon and notice the
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evening, late afternoon plans, you may be impacted by the storms. once the sun goes down, the storms will gradually wind down, as well, it will be sticky for sleeping, hold in the 70s overnight, and once this front crosses the area, early tomorrow, less humid air filters in. so turns into a nice day on wednesday, and thursday, we're in the upper 80s, but a spot shower may develop in the afternoon, there is another front that's going to be dropping southward, but that is just a reinforcing shot of the less humid air so i into next weekend, right now it is looking dry, and more seasonal, a little cooler at the coastline but all eyes on today, the day is red and we'll be onboard. >> thank you. so far, fairly quiet start on the roads, a live look outside, there is the tobin bridge, and you can see the traffic is light heading into boston. southbound side towards the bottom of the screen. let's get to the maps and check out your trip. not seeing any issues right now, you are in good shape as you head south of town.
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20-minute ride, pike eastbound, looks ok, 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and there is an eastbound crash out in 84. and 93 south, delays building now out of methuen and once again as you travel towards the spot pond. trains and buses running on schedule. >> thanks. time to head to rio where there will be some local excitement today. >> and erika is here tracking all the olympic action. >> and aly raisman the floor exercise today. she won gold in that event but today faces tough competition in her own teammate simone biles. the balance beem was proof that she can't be perfect all the time. and american lori hernandez, vesting biles with this, she won the silver. this olympics is the first major international competition for hernandez and this is why biles had to settle for bronze, one
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for grabbing the beem. and it was a dive for gold that prevented felix from claiming the 400-meter medal. shauna is hurling over that finish line, and this is a move that paid off. she won by just .07 of a second. and this morning, team usa still holding a commanding lead in the medals' race. 75 in total including 26 gold. nearly twice the number of top britain combined. so emily, back to you. >> all right, thank you very much. in your health this morning month, alarming research suggests that some parents still put babies to sleep in risky ways. every year about 3,500 infants die in the u.s. from sudden infant death syndrome. researcher reviewed video of parents putting babies to sleep and found that many lay them on their side or stomach, which can be dangerous. they also found that items are left in the crib that should not
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a warning about something many of us do every day, sitting. the american heart association says sitting around can lead to heart disease, diabetes and even death. the new recommends is to get up and do it often. doctors suggest taking active breaks. they say it's as simple as taking a walk to a more distant bathroom or a watercooler. >> checking your economy, the u.s. justice department is trying to reach a settlement with volkswagen a mid the company's emissions scandal. th vehicle owners. the wall street journal reports the justice department found criminal wrongdoing by bw in its handling of the issue. prosecutors have not decided on specific charges but hope to wrap up the case bit end of the year. and asian markets mixed. staying mostly unchanged as the price of oil recovers. right now stock futures here are lower, and investors will be watching for a new data on new
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and summer travel company often end with a cold. >> but there are ways to keep healthy even when you travel. first keep exercising. it's easy to fall out of the groove but even a few crunches or leg lifts can make a difference. next, stay hydrated. it may seem like a no-brainer but you would be amazed how many ignore it, drinking plenty of water can fight off germs and have health supplies on hand. you want to pack light but heavy things like a little gauze, some pain meds can >> planning for the possibilities. >> absolutely. >> a distraction in the dug-out for one baseball team. >> that's ahead. >> and new at 6:30, a birthday surprise for a brave little boy, the big event bringing out the best of the boston song spirit, and the state taking action after a patient was left alone in a dialysis center. how the clinic is explaining.
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police coming up on 6:21.
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>> 6:23, and take a look at this incredible video of louisiana, which is under a state of emergency right now, as the flood waters continue to rise this morning. seven people now dead as the state deals with a flooding crisis. thousands remain in shelters across the southern part of the state. and all stemming from the record rainfall there, a major disaster area has been declared. they have had two feet of rainfall in just the past several days. we have not had that much all year-round here locally. we need s now, a couple of showers working on through metro west, worcester county, and we spotted a bunch of rainbow sightings, a sunrise in boston, and starting out near 70, we are going to see our highs today, mostly in the lower 80s, but watching that threat of thunderstorms as we get towards mid to late afternoon, especially around the boston area, and farther west the temperatures come up to 84 in brookline, and biggest risk with the storms and the potential for heavy rain and also the
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can't rule out some thunderstorms today. strong storms today, we are on alert for those, will turn less humid over the course of the day tomorrow. randy. >> all right, the creator of hamilton, wants to keep the show tickets affordable. more affordable. lin-manuel miranda says the automated programs are being used to jack up the price of the original ticket by scalpers. a new york senator is teaming up with him to the bill would find those who use that software. >> 6:25. time for lose eyepoppers. olessa here, we have a dramatic landing. >> this video is incredible. watch as the plane plunges into the water and flipping over on its roof. you will see it there, and this all happened during an airshow off the coast of england. people on the beach left in shock. they were able to get him out. amazingly he walked away with minor injuries. >> wow.
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that right there is a praying mantis. they had a praying mascot during a winning streak but it died so they want another one. this one got away but not without leaving behind some luck. they beat the tigers 3-1. >> well, i guess that whatever works, right. >> yeah. >> ok. not for us, though, i think. >> maybe like a goldfish. >> ok. >> or something. >> right. >> a impatient drivers, the idea that could make it easier to bear the red lights, and a man arrested in connection with a murder of a religious leader and his friend outside of a new york mosque. how police say that reckless driving may have cracked that case. and a bright skyline early on. new england's eyeopener coming
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breaking overnight, a 15-year-old boy shot in south boston. >> hundreds prepare to say a final goodbye to vanessa marcotte as police respond to questions about their actions. >> and a tumble on the beem and a showdown on the floor. >> the big moment expected today
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>> 6:30. sky 5 is here, 128 north and university avenue area. we can see the skies are bright. if you saw the sunrise, oh, my gosh, amazing. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price. and cindy fitzgibbon, and it was a nice start. >> yeah, a nice start. >> yeah. >> things may change this afternoon, we're kind of on alert today, weather aware, an impact day, and the w will be some storminess this afternoon but if you missed the sunrise, that's a shame. we want to share it with you. >> this is gorgeous. this is a view from logan as the sun was coming up. just gorgeous, and we have showers come through. this is where we spotted a rainbow. another one out in westborough, and nicole sending this one via twitter, so all sorts of phenomenon happening in our skies, but things are quiet for now other than a few spot
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holden, as well, and this is a broken line of just showers, no thunder with this, everything very light for now. it could change later on today, you can see patchy cloud cover rolling through, and today we'll average out mostly cloudy. temperatures going to be held down for that reason, but there is a warm front off to the west, and this is the leading edge of that oppressive humidity that's going to work back in. and as this front lifts on into southern new england, it's going to be a trigger to kind of lift the atmosphere and induce the stormsay risk of severe storms from the storm prediction center as we get into this afternoon. right now we are stepping out, it's in the mid and upper 60's. 69 in boston. a quick jump here into the 70s. lunchtime temperatures around 80 degrees, and notice as we get towards mid to late afternoon right up into this evening, that's when we're watching for the scattered storms popping up. we'll give you the full time line coming up and we want to get you out to the roads. getting busy on a tuesday morning. >> yes, and we're watching the
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traveling northbound on 128, and you can see the traffic for the most part, this looks ok, they are coming right near university avenue, so a bit of volume, normal for this time of the morning. let's get to the maps and check out your ride as you travel south, the delays are in place on 24 out of brockton, so far we're ok on route 3, 95, building volume, and your trip on the expressway, almost 25 to 30 minutes now, braintree into boston. and the pike eastbound, sun glare, the ride is 25 minutes, 49520128, and 93 south looks ok but the volume does trains and buses so far on schedule with the exception of the red line where we are watching delays. >> thanks. we're following breaking news on the eye. >> erika is tracking new in of - tracking new information. >> a 15-year-old boy is in the hospital. the teen was in a car on gavin way when it happened. doug meehan will have an update from the scene just ahead in news to go. other stories we're following
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joshua pond in osterville last night, and aaron hernandez expected back in court today for scheduling for his trial in the murders of two men in boston in 2012. the former patriots' star already serving a life term for the murder of oden lloyd. >> thank you, and today friends and family are going to be coming together to mourn a life taken far too soon. sera congi is live whe today. >> there will be an outpouring of grief for 27-year-old vanessa marcotte as police continue to investigate her murder. marcotte's body was found in the woods in princeton a short distance from her mother's home. some residents in that community are concerned a town-wide alert system was not activated earlier. state police responded last night saying that the town was directed to issue that alert
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they are trying to reassure residents the response was swift and significant, including patrols from princeton police and three state police barracks and commanders from the headquarters, and canine units, and air wing, as well as detectives. but police are not releasing specific details about their response that day, and in order to protect the ongoing investigation. marcotte's funeral is set for sera congi, newscenter 5. >> the commonwealth is taking action after this woman, a dialysis patient was left alone inside of this methuen clinic for hours. firefighters broke in on saturday to get her out, and now her family is demanding answers. 86-year-old maureen perry was left sitting in a chair at the fresnius clinic while receiving treatment. the building was then locked. the staff went home for the night. and the clinic has released a
6:35 am
member had, "mistakenly believed that all of our patients had left the facility. we deeply regret what occurred." mrs. perry's family is furious, and they are saying in a statement we will not be satisfied until we have a full explanation of the situation. both the clinic and the public health department are investigating this. mrs. perry has now been moved to the care of a different medical team. >> five investigates with a bombshell in the case of a man wh a crime he says he did not commit. the judge who presided over the original trial tells 5 investigates that he should get a new one. he was convicted of first degree murder in 1981 for the death of robert lamonica in braintree. the testimony was from a teenager who was drinking, 180 feet away from the dark when he said he saw weichel fleeing the murder scene. retired superior court judge
6:36 am
those eyewitness identifications. >> do you think that fred weichel would be found guilty today? >> i don't think so, i really don't. >> why is that? >> because of the added instructions and the consciousness now and the fact that the judge must tell the jury, be more critical of eyewitness identification. >> a superior court hearing on whether to give weichel a new trial resumes today. a new move from the prep school involved in a high assault case, the request sparking outrage, plus a little boy celebrates his birthday in a big way. the surprise for a child waving a cancer fight here in boston. >> and ahead in news to go, an auto-maker coming out with a new feature for drivers who want to keep moving. the tool to make the red lights
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>> welcome back. you can see the delays starting to build, no major accidents to report so that's good news but we are watching that volume across the area, and plus moderate delays on the red line, and all other trains are running on schedule. >> a weather aware day. >> you have got it, we'll keep an eye to the sky with stronger
6:40 am
showers that have been rolling through metro west, worcester county, and leaving behind gorgeous rainbows this morning. as we get into the afternoon, though, all eyes to the sky, it is an impact weather day, strong to possibly severe thunderstorms, mid-day, right into the evening hours, and they will be scattered, not everyone sees them, it turns less humid tomorrow. lower humidity into the weekend. >> a big birthday surprise for a little florida boy, boston strong, as well, his family has called boston home for about six months, and that's after jacob was diagnosed with cancer last year. and he underwent three brain injuries in florida, and a fourth one here, and now with more complications his family is back to boston. the lenox hotel is their home away from home, and they made his birthday a day that he will never forget. >> they found out about his birthday, and they told me that they wanted to plan something special, if i was ok with it,
6:41 am
and i had no idea about this. and i just thank everybody involved. >> jacob got to be bat boy for the day, and even got to meet his favorite superhero, batman. >> updates ahead on breaking news this morning. what a teenager was doing just moments before he was shot in boston. and an excuse for chasing a woman as she took out her trash, what the suspects say they were really doing, and ashton kutcher is coming to boston. bright ideas. skyline, this early on the eyeopener, we're coming right
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>> it is eyeopener team is ready with your news to go. we have breaking news in south boston this morning. a final farewell >> and turbulence on the way. >> you have got it. we are weather aware. we have severe thunderstorms, especially lunchtime into the afternoon, but obviously, if we get a storm we're going to get rain, too, and that -- >> which would be great. >> a beneficial thing. we need it desperately. the greatest risk coming in this afternoon but a couple of showers around, and especially after metro west, take a look. raindrops around southboro, and we had them in westborough and then they stopped and had a beautiful rainbow out that way,
6:45 am
light showers right now stretching up from barry up into southwest new hampshire, but that's all these are, at the moment, some brief passing, very light showers for now, and some steadier rain, coming across northern new york but there's been development as you could see back through pennsylvania and more occurring today, and the storm prediction center, eyes parts of new york, and pennsylvania, and new jersey, and us here in southern new england with a slight risk for some severe thunderstorms, especially as we get into the afternoon. what we're watching is this on this lifts in, it is going to be a trigger to induce more of these storms that runs into the very humid air. it's the leading edge of the higher humidity levels, so as that oppressive humidity returns the storm gets going, and it will have the potential to put down some torrential rain, and that could lead to flash flooding. there would be lightning with the storms, and a risk for damaging winds and the stronger storms today, and because there may be some turning of the winds with height, that could get some of these storms rotating, and
6:46 am
tornado today, right now, just some cloud cover over the city of boston, and 69 degrees, you can see that dewpoint climbing through the mid 60s now on its way back to that oppressive ranger over 70, low to mid 80s for high temperatures this afternoon. and as we get towards lunchtime, here you go, a couple of scattered storms, popping up, and they become more numerous mid afternoon, but notice they are focused off to the with -- e west, and they get closer into boston, so not everyone sees localized street flooding. storms slowly wind down through the evening, but the humidity, it will be dropping. mid 80s tomorrow, and upper 80s for you on thursday. all right, back out to the roads we go. how are we looking? >> so far, not too bad. just getting word of an accident over by route 8, on route 18 and weymouth. 93 south, delays building in summerville, let's go to the maps, that crash is on the southbound side, so should not impact your commute but you can see it right here, northbound looks ok into the braintree
6:47 am
brockton and delays on the expressway, a half-hour from braintree into boston, and as you travel the pike, it's about a 25-minute trip. 495 to 128. and 93 south, delays in place still out of meth urine, and -- methuen and from spot pond towards the lever connector. trains and buses running on schedule except for the red line where they are watching moderate delays. >> thank you, we're staying on top of breaking news in south boston, a teenager was shot several times while sitting in a at the scene with the information in overnight. >> emily and randy good morning. this 15-year-old shot several times and now police here are looking for the person who was the shooter. we have video in from overnight. police saying the victim was sitting in a car outside of 25 gavin way at midnight when the shots rang out, as we mentioned hit several times, perhaps as many as three times now in surgery, we're told that there is a good chance that he will
6:48 am
were made. we're live in south boston, doug meehan, wcvb. >> today a beloved woman who was killed while jogging in princeton will be laid to rest. loved ones gathered for her wake yesterday for vanessa marcotte. the 27-year-old was found dead in the woods last sunday. no arrests were made. a bus filled with friends from new york city arrived for the calling hours. that is where she lived and worked for google. leominster where she grew up and her father lives is scheduled to begin at 10:00 this morning. live in leominster, sera congi, newscenter 5. >> 11 are dead and 19 others injured after airstrikes hit a doctors without borders hospital in northern yemen. the hospital was partially destroyed. the government backed by a saudi-led coalition has been at war with rebels for two years
6:49 am
gps coordinates were shared with all of the sides of that conflict. >> a quiet night in milwaukee after two nights of protests and unrest following a deadly police shooting. the mayor imposed a 10:00 p.m. curfew for all. there's been attacks and businesses burned, and that's after 23-year-old sieve ill smith was shot and killed after he refused to drop his warming . owen labrie sexually assaulted a girl is conditioning reports it wants the victim's name to be made public. the parents are suing the st. paul school in a civil lawsuit where they are listed as jane and john doe. the school had requested that a u.s. district court judge reveal their names if the family's lawsuit reaches a trial arguing that they are anonymously using the media to attack the school. >> coming up on 10 minutes before 7:00, right now a
6:50 am
his would i had was pulled from the joshua pond in osterville at 8:40. the cape cod times is reporting a man called police about a missing swimmer after he found two children on the beach who said that they could not find their father. >> two teens say they were performing a social experiment when they chased down a woman in natick. the brothers were wearing masks when they charged the woman while she took out her trash. they were charged with disorderly after an apparent bullet went through an elderly woman's apartment. police were called to the home at the corner of hildreth and richardson street to investigate property damage. the woman heard what she thought were fire crackers outside during the early morning hours. >> the obama administration announces the biggest transfer of detainees from guantanamo bay. 15 prisoners are being sent to the united arab emirates. it is part of a renewed push to
6:51 am
suspects held at the u.s. base in cuba. 61 detainees remain. >> this man is facing two counts of second degree murder for allegedly killing an imam and his friend. both were shot in the head over the weekend just outside of their mosque in queens. oscar morel was arrested on sunday night after police say they linked him to an unrelated hit and run. he is due in court later today. >> vanderbilt is playing a name change on the campus. removed from a residence hall after 81 years. the tennessee school was sued by a group who made a large donation in 1933 for the name to be displayed, but a state appeals court said the school could remove the word if they returned the donation at the modern day value, $1.2 million. no institutional funds will be used there. >> and a california man is under arrest accused of setting this devastating wildfire in lower
6:52 am
homes and businesses over the weekend, in the northern california town. police arrested this man. damin pashilk on 17 counts of arson. they believe that he is responsible for numerous fires in lake county over the past year. >> the nfl is threatening suspension for four players refusing to cooperate with the league's investigation into claims of steroid use. al-jazeera america made the claims in a december report that included peyton manning. he has been harrison who deny the claims have dodged interviews. the league says they have until next thursday to comply. good news for patriots as fans, rob gronkowski could get back to the field today after leaving early yesterday. gronk pulled up short while going for a pass. he saw a trainer on the sidelines and left for the locker-room. sportscenter 5 has learned it is not serious. >> a local olympian will be defending her title today in rio.
6:53 am
surprising set benchmarks and erika has the highlights. >> we begin with aly raisman. she competes today, she won gold in london but today does face a fight against her teammate, simone biles, the balance beem proved biles perfection but is not guaranteed. at just 16, this is this girl's first major international competition and this is why in an otherwise great routine but meant for a deduction. and it was a dive for gold that prevented allyson felix from claiming gold. shaunae miller willed herself and threw herself over and wins by .07 of a second. the u.s. has a huge lead in the medal count now with 75 in total. 26 gold. nearly twice the number of top medals of china and great
6:54 am
>> and ashton kutcher is heading to boston this fall. he's going to be co-hosting forbes under 30 summit, along with cambridge-based rough draft ventures. it is a competition for startups that will take place at five sites across boston. 5,000 people are expected to be attending. >> if you get impatient waiting for the traffic light to change you may like one car's new feature. audi is introducing a system to give you a countdown as you wait for the light to turn green, so the light by wirelessly linking in to traffic management computers. the rollout of the system could take a while as audi coordinates with each city. maybe nice to know how long you have to sit there. >> just in case you are bored. >> right. >> i don't know, i feel like it might be another distraction behind the wheel. >> yeah. >> all right, thank you, a live look outside, the lever connector, the southbound side some delays building into
6:55 am
your trip. we are watching one accident on route 3, a southbound crash by route 18 and weymouth so it's not going to impact the commute. some delays northbound. 24, slow ride out of brockton and your trip on the expressway, 25 minutes from braintree into boston. and as you travel the pike eastbound, about 20 to 25, as you go from 49520128, and then 93 southbound, delays in place passing by 495 from concord into boston. so far trains and buses have delays on the rede cindy we're keeping an eye to the sky today. >> we are, and the eyes, we're looking up at rainbows out through metro west, and worcester, wanted to share this picture with you. and a couple of showers roll through and in their wake the rainbow sightings, you can see the showers from southboro trying to get into natick. and these are very light, a few raindrops. a heavier shower through royalston, and you can see the scattered nature of the showers
6:56 am
dry here through the morning. a fair amount of clouds. 69 in boston right now. and should be around 80 at lunchtime and we're going to see the temperatures hold near 80, but you can see 2:00 to 6:00, scattered thunderstorms in the forecast this afternoon. mid 80s in the merrimack valley. storm prediction center, a slight risk of severe thunderstorms. this warm front punches on in, and it's going to be the trigger for the storms, as we get into the afternoon, and you can see them starting to break out around noontime, and mid to late afte into boston. with the storm's downpours, could lead to localized flooding but also a damaging wind threat as that lifts in it could create rotation, so we're going to be watching. can't rule out a spinup today, and we're going to see things improve tomorrow as the humidity drops, and then we head into thursday, we're watching another front to the north drop, this is even more reason forcing shot of less humid air so late in the week it is going to turn less
6:57 am
decent weekend but all eyes on today, of course, it is a red day, impact weather day, and just be weather aware. >> all right, thanks. >> thank you very much for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day. >> and have the app with you and
6:58 am
massachusetts public charter schools are among the best in the country. our charter schools are public, and we have longer school days with more personal attention. we have a proven record of helping students
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good morning, america. breaking overnight a search for survivors under way after deadly floods hit the south. 30,000 rescued. the national guard pulling people to safety. now rivers are on the rise as the midwest faces twisters overnight and severe weather moves east. donald trump talking tough on terror and vetting. >> how trump says he will keep america safe from isis and will his reset last as vice president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton calling trump's ideas dangerous. we have an abc news exclusive. the 10-year-old girl who fell from the top of a ferris wheel speaking out after that terrible dent. >> i was really scared but


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