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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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hospitalized, is a resident of middlesex county in her 70's. the department of public health is working to determine where the woman was most likely exposed. the dph reminds everyone to reduce your risk by using repellent, covering up exposed skin, and dumping standing water. heather: saying goodbye. family and friends gathering for the streets that she once called home, this church hosting a final goodbye.
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in friendship. nicole: it was her heart, unselfishly shared, that through hundreds of loved ones embraced in the loving energy she left behind. >> every day with love. didn't have an evil piece of energy in her. nicole: murder is still a mystery. she was found a little over a week ago in princeton after she failed to return from a jog. her death was not only felt by those who knew her best, but thing they could -- support. >> it's not going to put them at ease, but it will show them that we are behind them. >> i just wanted to put my hand on my heart and say a little prayer inside. nicole: moments of embrace, tears of loss, filling the space between stories of precious memories. a young woman leaving a trail of love behind.
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tonight, no matter how trivial you think it may be, if you saw anything, give them a call. nicole asked if on, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: brockton police are searching for someone who shot a 17-year-old on a bench. they are saying it was not random. he is giving conflicting statements to investigators. residents heard multiple loud shots and many dropped like kind of serious. ed: residents immediately feared the worst, because the teenager was shot and seriously injured last january. that was a random shooting. the bullet came through his kitchen wall. heather: only on 5, a close call for a woman and a stray bullet flying through her window as she lay in bed.
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where she is talking about the ordeal. shaun: this is certainly very concerning. we are not sure where it happened because this victim asked us not to show where she lives or her name. >> it took part of the side of the window, and took a hole in my curtain. shaun: bed with her dog when they heard what she sought were firecrackers. it was monday morning around 4:30. later, she found this and called police. >> when they saw that it wasn't fireworks, it was a gunshot. shaun: a bullet shot straight through her upstairs window while she slept. the bullet flew through her bedroom and punctured a hole in the next room. thankfully, is independent 81-year-old was not injured.
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shaun: she says police did come and investigate, but at this hour, it is unclear who opened fire and why. shaun chaiyabhat, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: tonight we know when erin hernandez will go on trial for a double murder. the judge ruled today that jury selection will begin february 13. he is charged wortti murders. >> you don't want a witness testimony to be tainted in any way and i am sure the state doesn't want that either. in the interest of justice, everyone wants them to describe what they saw at that time. unfortunately, the descriptions of changed. ed: the attorney says he expects to file a motion to limit the
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would identify him as the killer. heather: despite union pushback, boston mayor marty walsh says a pilot program equipping police officers with body-cams will begin next month. the program was intended to be voluntary, but so far no officers have stepped forward. 100 officers are needed. despite the lack of volunteers, the mayor says the plan can move forward. >> our agreement said voluntary, that didn't rule out the fact that we could take action. we have to get this program up and running. heather: the pe violates their agreement with the department. boston police commissioner bill evans says he hopes to begin the six-month trial on september 9. ben: five investigates in court as a massachusetts judge took the stand in the hearing that could send a convicted murderer free. mike beaudette is live. m ike: eva lee was whitey
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of him today. instead the focus was on the police report that was never turnover to the original defense lawyer. day two of his fight for new trial, and the question remains the same. as someone withhold the police report that showed another man could have committed the 1980 murder, tilting the scales of justice against him? the police his attorney submitted a public records request to braintree police. the prosecutor is now an appeals court judge testified. >> i have no memory of seeing it. i can say with confidence i didn't see any connection. mike: the defense team is calling two inmates to the stand. >> i am testifying because that is an innocent man. mike: the inmates knew him from prison.
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>> he told me that he had clipped someone. >> sort of irate, he was -- i didn't escape chasing a piece of you know what. mike: also testifying, braintree police personnel who discovered the report that was never turned over to the attorney at the time of his trial. the defense team pushing back at the district attorney's suggestion that the police report was misfiled and had nothing to do with the murder. >> do you believe any of the documents he found were related? >> i do not. mike: the defense is expected to wrap up tomorrow. the original defense lawyer will take the stand, than the district attorney's office will present. after that it will be in the hands of the judge. mike beaudette, five investigates.
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man is facing car-jacking and armed robbery charges, accused of a violent crime spree last night. 28-year-old jonathan daniell went before a judge today. investigators say he car-jacked a driver on rutherford avenue in charlestown, gesturing as though he had a firearm. police later spotted the car in somerville. as daniell was taken into custody, police say he admitted to robbing a convenience store in that city. he remains in custody tonight. >> it was my destiny to find him and i do it wouldn't give up. 65 years after the cambridge soldier's death. heather: a show of sportmanship. a massachusetts native shows the true meaning of olympic spirit. harvey: heavy downpours and storms north and west of boston and the drought stricken area. where they are headed and what we face. >> patriots and bears practicing together again today patriots getting an old friend back today
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harvey: heavy downpours moving through tewksbury to andover. we will keep you posted. ed: hundreds of people turned out for an emotional ceremony today to welcome home the soldier killed in war more than 60 years ago. heather: david b nick shows how science and a family's persistence made it possible. david: soldiers saluted as a flag draped cop and rolled off the plane year wait came to an end. >> it was my destiny to find him and i knew it wouldn't give up. david: in 1951 during the korean war, 19-year-old corporal ron sparks would later die in a war camp. his nephew only met his uncle once, but promised his father before he died that someday he would bring him home. >> the most difficult park was -- part was not knowing where to start.
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submitted a sample of his own dna. military officials compared it to a group of unidentified remains. earlier this year they called to say they had a match. >> my throat tightened my eyes welled up,, and i had to call back because i couldn't speak. david: an on guard escorted him back to cambridge, where one of his elementary school classmates was waiting. >> came to pay respects. >> corporal of people carrying the american flag to cover the city hall and pay their respects. >> ? ["taps" plays] david: there are still some 7800 korean war veterans yet to be identified. >> do you think lendale 7800 will be identified? >> i like to think so. the technology gets better and better every day. david: but the military says the
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samples, and taken chance that more homecomings like this might be possible. heather: welcome home. corporal sparks will be buried in a cemetery in everett, a plot his parents purchased before they died. ed: wonderful. harvey has the latest track of the storms as we head into the evening. heather: and captain america having for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers and sniffers, all stop & shop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. heather: you can see that the city can is a little bit wet. the most potent storms are north and west of the city. ed: two's visiting some super kids today. anthony mackie and chris evans the stars of the blockbuster bobo cap in america: civil war," visited patients in mass general's pediatric units.
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and captain america, respectively greeted dozens of patients and family members, posing for photos and signing autographs. look at those smiles. evans, as you may know, is from sudbury. heather: three olympic medals are coming home this week with needham's aly raisman. she clinched another silver this afternoon. chanting and cheering filled the gym in burlington today where aly trains. the gymnasts had a watch party, so they could all see aly's last olympic event in rio. a few of them trained with aly they're inspired, but not surprised by her success. >> i have seen her growth throughout the eight years she has been training, and it has been amazing to watch her and very motivating. >> she is really good, if you are having trouble, she can give you advice, and she is always there to cheer you up if you are having trouble or be your
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today's event. she's coming back to massachusetts with another silver medal, and a gold medal she won as part of the u.s. gymnastics team. ed: new at 6:00, a heartwarming olympic moment for dartmouth college graduate and topsfield native abbey d'agostino. abbey seen here in the wheelchair was involved in a collision with a fellow competitor during the women's 5,000 meter. both women fell down but abbey got up, helped her competitor up, then the other woman helped abbey both hobbling to the the pair embraced before d'agostino was taken from the track in a wheelchair. heather: that is the olympic spirit. ed: where are the storms? harvey: we still have them north of boston, but i want to show you a picture we got in a while ago. you can see that is the case
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this particular series of storms. there have been tropical downpours, and it is not over yet for areas north, west, and northwest of boston. billerica, burlington, and as this continues to move to the north and east, a heavier part of these downpours are getting close to and over, middleton, boxford, and topsfield as we go through the next few minutes. that is most oe billerica, burlington,most of tn is still storm free. there are still some downpours in extreme southern new hampshire but mostly they are up in southern maine. we will get a break for a couple hours, but there are storms in eastern pennsylvania running out ahead of a cold front. is that survives, that could impact some of us later on, but it will not have the heating of the day. still, there is a disturbance at high levels of the atmosphere, so i wouldn't rule out a shower or thunderstorm.
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losing showers to the north of boston. you can see that the pop-ups could be around by midnight, and even after that, although the strength seems to be across northern new england, i can't rule out a few in southern new england. right now we are 80 degrees in boston, a southerly wind, but the dew point has spiked. we are back in two the oppressive air. temperatures are in the 70's and color, the chart, the humidity impact, we are now back to oppressive humidity. to start the day tomorrow. then we see lowering humidity in the second half of the day. tonight will be pretty cycling; no lower than the 70's around the region. tomorrow we will be in the 80's, even approaching 90's, but in the afternoon lowering humidity will make the difference. that is because of front will
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thursday, a wave of low pressure early in the day. then that should move away, and there will be a reinforcing cool friend overnight. it will be a little less humid tomorrow right into the start of the weekend. even though it will be in the 80's to around 90, it will be somewhat lower humidity. also it looks like sea breeze's may take over on friday a the chance of wet weather next, either the end of the weekend are more likely early next week. >> now, here's mike lynch with sportscenter 5, powered by xfinity. mike: another feisty session with the bat -- with da bears down in foxboro today. this mornings pugilist was bryan stork who was given the boot.
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reports today's practice was more about who was missing. >> the humidity has returned, practice shifted three hours early because of the stormy forecast, on day two with the bears and a depleted group of patriots on the field. no gronk at camp a day after he tweaked something running a rout in seven-on-sevens, means a ripple effect for the patriots. fullback james develin working with the tight ends and only four patriots running backs on the field, james white, lagarrette blount, tyler gaffney and joey iosefa. it also brings to light the added importance of the newest tight >> he is talented, blocks well, runs well. he has skills. >> martellus bennett caught 208 passes, 14 of them in the end zone, in three seasons with the bears. now he's lining up against them. bennett had three catches in the first preseason game against the saints and he'll be called upon as the second tight end
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his role even more critical when 87 is not on the field. one more day against the bears -- >> he is a good player. we are just trying to come together as a unit right now at peace together one day after another. >> one more day against the bears before preseason game two in the stadium on thursday night. josh brent center five. mike: nate ebner is back from rio. he has his hat on, expected to be in full pads and participating later this week. sox open a two-game series in baltimore tonight. it was announced blake swihart
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announcement? he has been out since june 4 and is expected to make a full recovery. i don't even want to hear the name of that month. let's take it is san francisco. two catches made on the seat of someone's pants. watch this one coming down the right-field line. he's down and makes the catch. he's actually down and sitting, and as it. and check out eduardo nu?ez. one more time. this is impossible. try it sometime. throwing it 180 feet. this is a lesson. i hope my dad was watching. get off your pants and do something. this is proof that you can do something worthwhile and you can accomplish something by sitting on the seat of your pants.
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ed: time now to flash forward to newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11:00. good evening maria. maria: researchers at m.i.t. have developed a temporary tattoo. the way they connect the technology. and at 11:00, the car that drives you. on the road to sooner than you think. and as it.
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ed: i was watching the football practice today. he was so tiny on the football field. but when i saw him in the track, he was huge. [laughter]
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we are going to get rid of these? harvey: there may be a few more later on tonight, the reign of the action is still on parts of the north shore. and there will definitely be a break. heather: we will watch it very
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breaking news tonight. bracing for severe storms in several major cities in the east. the system already bringing at least seven tornadoes and dangerous driving. while in the south tonight, the death toll rises, and so do the waters. a state of emergency. we're there. the wildfires tonight. a new fire outside l.a. on the way to v. roaring to life. and the other fire, more than 100 homes and businesses lost. tonight, word of an arrest. donald trump defiant this evening, saying, why change what got him this far? and hillary clinton, the fbi turning over e-mail evidence to members of congress who demanded it. the controversial video tonight. pinned by police. the mother dangling, held against a patrol car. and the new warning for


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