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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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in boston. one victim's heroic move just seconds before impact. randyantoinette: in every police officer accused of attacking his wife, the details making it more disturbing. randy: breaking overnight, donald trump making a major change to his campaign. the new leadership as he prepares for a big day. it's on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. eyeopener. emily: 5:00 also on the eye this a.m., morning, hackers keep finding ways into your private information. three easy targets to keep an eye on, ahead this half hour. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. when you step out, you will feel it. [laughter] cindy: i literally thought i landed in florida overnight. it's oppressive this morning.
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high temperature this year is 80 degrees. but for 5:00 a.m.? it's a warm start. and there you can see the wind active out of the southwest, bringing in all that oppressive humidity. wind is gusting up to 30 miles per hour. oppressive humidity levels and you can see once you get into worcester will continue today. 75 in worcester, 80 on the cape, what a warm start. showers and storms coming into connecticut and then it falls apart. there is some cloud cover here this morning and the front off to the west is the leading edge of that humid air. drier air will eventually work in. sign up at 5:54, less humid in
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holding fairly steady. mid to upper 80's for high temperatures today. let's get you out of the roads and see how we are looking. olessa: good morning. so far it is a quiet start at the bridge in both directions, traffic getting by without any problems. just a little bit of road work -- let's show you where. some construction picking up on the expressway, then again as you have quiet start on the expressway. there is some road work picking up as he passed by highland avenue, then north of town construction is cleared on route 3 south. 93 looks good, trains and buses starting on schedule. randy: right now police are trying to figure out what caused a crash that landed three people in the hospital including a young child. emily: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in roxbury where we're getting new details
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his daughter out of the way before he and a friend in a wheelchair were hit by a car here. this was the scene around 8:30 last night at the corner of blue hill ave and seaver street in roxbury. the herald reports the man and his 10-year-old daughter were walking a friend to a bus stop. they were along the median when witnesses say the car drove up onto it. the little girl was scraped up turn and then he made a mistake, a wrong turn somehow, because for him to take a turn and run snack into them, i don't know. identify that happened. doug: the little girl was scraped up her dad suffered the most serious injuries because that relative says he took most of the impact of the car. police say all are expected to survive. that driver did stay at the scene. no word on any charges this morning. doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5.
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pickup truck into a tree in west roxbury. police say the 44-year-old man whose name has not been released drove off the road in stony brook reservation last night. a passenger suffered serious injuries. the cause is under investigation. right now a quincy man is hurt after being hit by a car. this happened around 9:30 last night on washington street. police say the 21-year-old ran out in front of the car. he was taken to the hospital, but it's unclear how seriously he was hurt. emily: right now boston police are preparing to make a major move. today the department will notify 100 police officers that they've been selected to participate in a body camera pilot program. no one has volunteered as the police commissioner and mayor have asked. commissioner bill evans tells wgbh a consultant selected officers of all ages and races from 5 sections of the city. the police union has promised a fight saying participation can only be voluntary.
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the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live at everett police headquarters with what we've learned. antoinette: right now, that everett officer is being held without bail. prosecutors say he attacked his pregnant wife. prosecutors say the attack happened in the couple's home in salisbury sunday night. officer michael mori's wife who is seven months pregnant says he kicked her in the stomach, in addition to hitting her in the face. mori, who is a three year veteran of the force, is facing and battery, assault and battery on a pregnant victim, and strangulation. he's also on administrative leave without pay. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. annalee co a former lowell
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court today for his final hearing before trial. eric wayne is charged with motor-vehicle homicide and manslaughter stemming from a deadly 2014 crash. he's accused of driving drunk in august of that year, when he allegedly crashed into a car in methuen killing driver bryant court today for his final paula. wayne's trial is expected to start next month. randy: breaking overnight in commitment 2016, a big shake up on the campaign trail for donald trump. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is following new information just coming in. erika: donald trump just revealing that he's now bringing in breitbart news executive steven bannon to lead his campaign. the conservative website has been highly critical of establishment candidates like house speaker ul bolster his claims that he is the law and order candidate during a trip to wisconsin. >> those peddling the narrative of cops as a racist force in our society, a narrative supported with a nod by my opponent, share directly in the responsibility to the unrest in milwaukee and many other places within our
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of violent protests this weekend after an armed black man was shot by a police officer. meantime, democrat hillary clinton tried to keep the focus on trump's recent comments about isis. >> it just absolutely the wilderness me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message. erika: also today, donald trump will get his first classified intelligence briefing. randy? randy: the notes from the fbi's investigation into hillary clinton's emails are now in the hands of the house oversight committee. last month, the fbi closed its yearlong investigation of how clinton handled sensitive information without finding evidence of criminal wrongdoing. the fbi director did call clinton's actions extremely careless. fbi notes are typically kept confidential. new hampshire's democratic governor is side-stepping a
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>> do you think she is honest and trustworthy? >> i support hillary clinton for the presidency because her experience and her record demonstrate she is qualified to hold the job. >> do you think she is trustworthy? >> i think she has demonstrated that commitment always to something beyond herself. randy: maggie hassan's campaign later clarifying that she does see clinton as honest. hassan is running for u.s. senate against republican incumbent kelly ayotte. and ayotte is also struggling with her party's nominee. >> i have actually said that i going to be voting for him, but i do have significant disagreements with him which i have been clear on. i will be endorsing him. randy: ayotte says trump should release his tax returns saying the race is better if he releases them. emily: maine state leaders are promising changes after learning a refugee who left to fight and die for isis had been receiving welfare benefits in that state.
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authorities say he became radicalized in maine then abandoning his wife and kids to join the isis army in turkey. maine's governor is now calling for a review of the welfare rolls. new this morning, we are getting new details about the 15-year-old boy shot several times in south boston. neighbors say the teen is a good kid known for his skills on the basketball court and for volunteering to feed other kids in the community. the victim was shot three times as he sat in a car on gavin way on monday night. he suffered serious injuries. no arrests have been made. randy: massachusetts now has its first case of the west nile virus this season. the department of public health says the patient is a woman in her 70's who lives in middlesex county. she's in the hospital. dph says there are more mosquitoes that could spread west nile virus because of the high temperatures and drought conditions we're experiencing. right now, a state of emergency in california over this wildfire.
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spreads. flames started late yesterday morning in the san bernardino mountains of east los angeles. they devoured 11 acres in just one minute. this morning it's consumed some 15,000 acres, and is 0% contained. emily: 5 on the opioid crisis, with an accessory that could help curb addiction. the new device being developed right here in the bay state. title in rio. her reason to smile despite a different ending than some anticipated. randy: new this morning, blocking gateways for hackers. three ways to make yourself less vulnerable. cindy? cindy: another steamy morning, but the humidity will go down eventually. when to expect some relief later today. first, take a live look at
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heading of the door right now.
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randy: that's the 8th grade boys basketball team from north attleborough. they won the summer league this year so congrats to them. emily: you can show off your big
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phone and uploade it to ulocal y using our wcvb news app. cindy: you feel like you need a fruity drink today. it's not going to be like this all day long, look at the temperature. 81 at 5:00 in the morning. average high this time of year is about 80 degrees, so this is a warm start. there is the dew point, 74 degrees, giving us that tropical feel and oppressive humidity. notice it is highest across eastern new england. as you get further west, the humidity drops off a little bit and as we go through the day, the wind will bring in the dryer
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the humidity is coming down. some changes as the day goes on. this cold front is the leading edge of the humid air and a part of that we have some oppressive humidity. we did have some oppressive thunderstorms overnight, but then it just fell apart. a couple showers over connecticut, otherwise some patchy cloud cover as it diminishes this morning. cape, 70's out there worcester county and that wind will be shifting off to the west and that westerly winds will reach into boston by friday morning and it will stay throughout the day, bringing in comfortable air. i think we are mostly in the low to mid 80's, 84 or 85 up through
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the cape with that westerly wind. sun and clouds throughout the day, brightening sky through the afternoon. if you have any plans tonight it will be dry, but notice there are some clouds, with even a few showers through long island. it will mostly stay dry overnight, and the temperatures come down. as suburbs could be in the 50's. otherwise we can open the window with the less humid air. this is something we will be watching tomw out ahead of it, hot, near 90, and as the front drops southward, we may see the clouds bubble off. you can see it i knew. -- by noon. it will be more organized to the north and south. it has the slightest chance of a pop up shower, otherwise dry into the weekend, temperatures well into the 80's.
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so far, the roads are pleasant. here's the check that allston brighton, eastbound heading away. traffic is light in both directions. a couple projects in both your actions but now they are all gone. you are good shape heading into the mass avenue. construction picked up nice and early. no trouble on 24, looking good on 95 and 3. right along the pike eastbound, 15 minutes 45 to 128. dell problems north of town. it's quiet from methuen to the leverett connector. trains and buses have no problem, starting on schedule. randy: heading to rio, where team usa will go for some hardware after a tough loss in the sand. emily: erika is back with the big moments and what to watch today. erika: we'll get to the beach a moment. but first, how about the ladies proving their dominance in gymnastics? simone biles got another gold medal in the floor exercise yesterday.
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and wait until you see the moment that really stopped her cold. that's in our next half hour. needham's own aly raisman won the silver for her floor routine. she took gold last olympics for her floor exercise. this year's silver gives her a third medal in rio and her sixth overall. and a disappointing loss for the u.s. in beach volleyball. americans kerri walsh jennings and april ross lost to brazil in the semifinals yesterday, in straight sets. they'll play for the bronze medal today against another brazilian team. showing a dominating lead for team usa. 84 total, 28 gold. ahead in our next half hour a first by an american woman on the track. emily? emily: 5 on the opioid crisis, researchers at umass medical school are testing new devices that could help doctors in the fight against addiction. the devices are wearable, like bracelets or come in pill form. they could help doctors learn more about how addiction happens
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prescribing and treatment. testing is expected to take place over the next two years. your health this morning, a new canadian study suggests those flu mist vaccines may actually work for some. in june, the cdc said there was a lack of evidence to suggest so. but canadian researchers found that it may in fact prevent the flu in children. this new study could lead the cdc to re-evaluate. randy: your economy headlines this wednesday morning, univision na the online gossip and news site was put up for auction after losing a legal fight in an invasion of privacy case involving hulk hogan. univision will reportedly pay $135 million for gawker as it looks to expand from its spanish-language base. asian markets mostly higher overnight, after declines yesterday on wall street. right now, stock futures here are lower. on a local note, framingham-based tjx saw its
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in the third quarter. it seems like every day, we're telling you about another hacker attack. emily: but there are some threats you might not even consider. like frequent flyer miles. yes, it can happen and it's happened to big airlines like american and united. best defense, change your passwords frequently. another target, company chat systems. those apps for interoffice correspondence can be convenient. but set up extra authentication because hackers can make off with email a phone numbers. and beware social media. if you get a message from a friend that seems suspicious it could be someone who hacked their account and is now after your personal information. randy: outfielders run and catch, but they don't often climb. emily: the play putting the rest to shame, in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 5:30, reason to wash your hands after cuddling cats and dogs. the new health scare being blamed on pets. bullets fly through a house in
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and hers isn't the only home under fire. the clues this morning as police search for the shooter. emily: a lost wedding ring, returned.
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how the numbers go down? that is more comfortable humidity working in as the day wears on. it is sticky out the door this morning, temperature about 80 degrees, holding in the low-to-mid 80's. sun and clouds, but turning less humid, temperatures getting up to about 86 through brookline and down to norwood. after that temperatures will run in the upper 70's to mid 80's, but the beaches today will be temperatures in the mid-80's. it is a low risk for recurrence today. sunspots may be rougher than others, with just a spot shower or thunderstorm. randy: mookie betts on fire for the red sox in baltimore. he batted-in all five runs last night against the orioles. it was scoreless until the fifth when betts hit this three-run homer. the orioles tied it up in seventh.
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sox win, 5-3. they're back in baltimore tonight at 7:05. emily: time for your wednesday eyepoppers. olessa this might be the most casual play of the day ever. olessa: check it out. the brewers pop one up and the cubs' anthony rizzo doesn't just make the catch. he jumps up onto the stands and just reaches over. just grabs it. then hops back onto the field and away we go. nothing to see here, folks. talk about a baby on board. a minnesota woman turns to wake-surfing to help induce labor. she was a week overdue and was hoping this would help. the woman cruised on a surfboard behind a boat on the lake last week. she says she did get approval from her doctor, first. five days later she gave birth to her son.
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randy: toys, getting bumped from mcdonald's happy meals. the healthy new alternative. and the remains of a war hero finally come home to cambridge. how a relative made the homecoming possible, despite one major hurdle. checking out the sites this early wednesday morning, this is the mass pike in boston. when you look down 10, a
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sera: an everett police officer under arrest. the disturbing charges involving his pregnant wife. randy: bullets flying through the window of homes. >> i heard four or five pops. sera: the clues lowell police are following after several close calls. emily: and history made on the track. plus the star struck encounter that had an olympic gymnastic star just swooning. on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is news center fives eyeopener. randy: 5:30 wednesday morning as we look across downtown boston. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily with cindy
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we have got humidity, serious humidity. cindy: we are not in florida. at least i don't think so. it is unusual for this time of mourning, considering the average high is 80 degrees, and we are currently sitting at 81. you can see beverly is at 81, south of b start. but the skies are clearing out and it is very sticky. gusty southwesterly wind, you will feel it and it will kind of drop-off in the humidity as a funnel boundary presses in.
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activity is diminishing. temperatures hold around 80 this morning, low 80's this afternoon, a westerly wind and all the way out to the beaches, it is mostly in the mid-80's. another dry day ahead. right now i want to get you out to the roads. olessa: a quiet start. this is a live look outside, a check of the some delays are starting to build but it's not too bad. the rest of the ride fairly quiet. no problems on 24 or routes 3, 95 looking good. 10-15 braintree and boston. i.d. eastbound is a 15 minute ride. the pike eastbound is a 15 minute ride. no problems into wilmington and south 128. trains and buses still on schedule. emily: we're following breaking
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information as it comes in. erika: that breaking news coming from the campaign trail overnight. donald trump is shaking up his team. emily: trump is bringing in steven bannon as campaign ceo. bannon is an executive with the conservative site breitbart news. the move will be formally announced later today. randy: right now an everett police officer is behind held without bail charged with assaulting his pregnant wife. prosecutors say officer michael mori kicked his wife in the stomach and hit her at their home in salisbury this weekend. emily: right now police are trying to find out who is randomly shooting into homes while people sleep. -- randy: right now police are trying to find out who is randomly shooting into homes while people sleep. putting lives in danger.
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5. emily: and this morning, the hunt is on for clues in this disturbing trend. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in lowell with what we know right now. sera: these shootings took place at four different homes, bullets going through walls and windows with people sleeping inside. the most recent happened early monday morning. the bullets came right through the window of this home 81-year-old woman was sleeping inches away. >> it took part of the side off the window and it made a whole in my curtain. it went right through there. sera: in one case a neighbor tells us he's always cars the way after the gunfire. no one was hurt in any of these incidents. police say it is unclear if any of them are connected.
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murdered in princeton has been laid to rest. the hunt for clues in her death continues this morning. family and friends said goodbye to vanessa marcotte at a church in leominster. the 27-year-old had been living in new york, but was visiting her mom in princeton when she was killed 10 days ago while on a run. hundreds of people including a bus full of her google co-workers, gathered to honor her life. >> every day with love, a perso energy in her. >> it's not going to put them at ease, but it will show them that we are behind them. emily: investigators have received more than 600 tips, but so far, no arrests. randy: former patriot aaron hernandez will go on trial next february for a double murder in boston's south end. a judge made that ruling yesterday. jury selection set to begin february 13. hernandez is charged with the murders of daniel de abreu and
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he's already serving a life sentence for the murder of odin lloyd in 2013. 65 years later, the remains of a local war hero are finally home. a flag-draped casket carried the remains of corporal ronald sparks off a plane at logan airport yesterday. a procession then guided sparks to his hometown of cambridge. he died at the age of 19 in a prisoner of war camp during the korean war. s identified from a dna sample submitted by his nephew. >> could you tell me how that felt when you got that phone call? >> well, my throat tightens, my eyes welled up, and i had to call back because i couldn't week. randy: sparks' family plans to bury him in a cemetery plot his parents purchased some 60 years ago. the military says it is still trying to identify about 7800
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emily: a seemingly heroic move turns out to be a mistake in new hampshire. the realization coming after police broke into a hot car. and a couple, reunited with a lost wedding ring. the feature making it easy for a detective, to return the band. randy: and ahead in news to go, pets can give you more than love. the new health warning, that might encourage some hand
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olessa: a live look at the bridge, a little bit of volume starting to build, but so far a pretty quiet start, no accidents to report. overnight construction picked up nice and early, and overall it is a pleasant start if you like a lot of humidity. cindy: 81 degrees in boston right now. the temperatures aren't going to change a whole lot today, but that wind will shift to the west, and that will bring in less humid air. they will feel more comfortable as the day wears on. a chance of an isolated thunder storm, but that is it. we are drive for the weekend. a better chance of what weather early next week. randy: a lost wedding ring is returned to its rightful owner. a woman married for sixty years. elaine caron thought she misplaced the band of gold flowers that she's had for decades. but she actually lost it at a senior day event at a park in beverly.
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initials and date inscribed inside. >> when you saw the rain? >> i haven't taken it off since. [laughter] the symbolism is definitely back. randy: the couple, who has four children and eight grandchildren, says holding hands feels right again. emily: ink that can think. the new tattoo being developed by mit. and gymnast simone biles is giddy, but not just about her medals. the surprise making her day in rio. and mookie betts is on fire against the o's. his unstoppable offense, in news to go. take a live look at the expressway, things moving along pretty nicely, skies brightening, and a gorgeous start. a live look outside boston.
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randy: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in roxbury, everett, lowell and erika is following the big moments in rio. emily: but first, how about this, july was officially the hottest month on record since scientists started keeping track 136 years ago. nasa says this was the 10th straight month of record-breaking heat. yes, it's summer. but to give you an idea, parts
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incredible. cindy: globally the hottest on record. here locally, we had a hot july too. you can see all the days above 90, 12 of them. it was a hot july. it has been a hot august. things are easing in terms of temperature, but something that is getting more accurate, a brand-new tropical depression miles per hour. it is way out there, west of the cape very islands. we will watch it for you in the days ahead. in the meantime we are watching the skies brightening up, partly cloudy in boston, but it is so
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outside you are stepping into 81 degrees, soupy, oppressive dew points with a gusty wind out of the southwest. as the wind shifts to the west, notice what happens to the humidity as the day wears on. by this afternoon and evening it is coming down. we are waiting for the front to cross the area, which triggers the storms to the west and as it came in, it fell apart. we are drawing things outdr worcester. notice that we will hold the 70's throughout the day. very little change in the temperatures. i think most spots are going to be running in the mid-80's around boston, and that westerly wind will make it a warm afternoon. 50's in the cooler suburbs, and tomorrow, the chance of a shower
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it is less humid and dry. olessa: some delays are starting to build here on the expressway. this is a look at the northbound side on morrissey. over to the north, checking out pike, but that volume is starting to build. the pike eastbound is a 15 minute ride, and then you have some volume on 93 southbound out of mr. methuen. trains and buses still on schedule. randy: doug meehan is in boston with the details about the crash. doug: police still investigating this morning, trying to figure out why a car stopped then jumped forward injuring several people. they were walking here near the franklin zoo. this was around 8:30 last night.
5:47 am
a 10-year-old girl, her father, and a man in a wheelchair all suffering injuries. the father actually pushing his daughter out of the way just in time which may have saved her life. we're told they are all expected to survive. no word on any charges for the driver who did stay on the scene. live in roxbury, doug meehan, wcvb newscenter 5. sera: a police officer is under arrest accused oat prosecutors say it happened in salisbury and the officer's wife, who is seven months pregnant, says he kicked her in the stomach in addition to hitting her in the face. he is facing a number of charges, including assault and battery, assault and battery on a pregnant victim, as well as to regulation. the officer has been a force for three years and is currently on administrative leave without pay.
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antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. sera: several shots fired at homes here in lowell while people were sleeping. >> it took part of the side of the window. sera: this 81-year-old resident says she thought it was fireworks early monday morning but it turned out to be bullets. lowell police say three other homes were hit by gunfire saturday between 3:45 and 4:30 a.m. no one was hurt. police say it's unclear if they're connected. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: following some breaking news in commitment 2016, republican donald trump is revamping his campaign again. trump is bringing in breitbard news' stephen bannon as campaign ceo. he's also promoting kellyanne conway to manager. the move comes as trump continues to lag behind hillary
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boston police are preparing to make a major move. today they will notify 100 police officers that they have been selected to participate in a body camera pilot program. no one volunteered as the mayor asked. the commissioner says that they have selected officers of all races and ages from five sections of this and the police union has promised to fight. a deadly crash is under killed last night when the truck he was driving crashed into a tree in the stony brook reservation. his passenger suffered serious injuries. randy: a brockton teenager is recovering after he was shot. police say the 17-year-old was targeted last night, while sitting with friends on a bench at the chatham west apartments. the teen was shot in the foot, and near his left eye. police say he is giving conflicting statements about what happened. emily: a scare in keene, new
5:50 am
someone spotted this doll inside a hot car yesterday and thought it was a baby. police shattered the car's window before realizing the life-like doll was not real. police say they wouldn't have done anything differently. they do say they'll cover the damage to the car. randy: hot temperatures causing problems for the pilgrim nuclear power plant. high water temperatures in cape cod bay are forcing work flow to slow down. that water is used to cool down systems at the plymouth plant. this is the third summer in the affected operations. the company doesn't know when the plant will return to full power. whdh, channel 7, is dropping a lawsuit against comcast over a decision that will end the station's affiliation with nbc. comcast is the parent company of nbc. back in january, the network said it was pulling its affiliation after 22 years. whdh owner ed ansin says as of january first, the station will become independent and will
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emily: more rain for louisiana adds to an already historic flood. at least 11 people have been killed more than 30,000 rescued since the flooding began last week. the southern part of the state is the worst hit. president obama has promised federal disaster aid. randy: the son of jailed mexican drug lord el chapo guzman has reportedly been kidnapped. authorities believe 29-year-old jesus alfredo guzman salazar was among a dozen people taken from resort city of puerto vallarta. police found identification and vehicles tied to salazar at the scene. investigators believe a gang war among rival drug cartels is responsible. emily: a warning to pet owners. chinese researchers believe animals could infect humans with superbugs. that's after a pet store employee was infected by a drug-resistant strain of superbug that was carried by some dogs and cats at his work. superbugs can be deadly.
5:52 am
randy: to the olympics in rio. team usa makes history and picks up medals in some key events. emily: erika is back with the historic and fun moments. erika? erika: it was an american runner who willed herself into the history books jenny simpson storming up from behind in the last lap of the 1500 meters to win the bronze. the emotion evident. she's the first u.s. female to ever medal in the event. aly raisman with a beautiful showing in the floor exercise, take silver this time around. it's her three medal of these games and sixth overall. the gold went to standout simone biles who just makes the impossible look so easy. this was her 4th gold medal in rio making her the first woman to win that many gymnastics golds in a single games since 1984. if that's not thrilling enough. there was this. before heading to rio, biles admitted actor zach efron was her celebrity crush.
5:53 am
that cheek no doubt will remain unwashed. randy: the patriots' nate ebner returns to the team after competing for the u.s. in rio. ebner played on the rugby team this summer games. he was back on the practice field for the pats yesterday without pads. he's expected to gear up by the end of the week. emily: mookie betts on fire for the red sox in baltimore. he batted-in all fivru it was scoreless until the fifth when betts hit this three-run homer. the orioles tied it up in seventh. so betts went to work again in the 8th with a two-run shot. sox win 5-3. they're back in baltimore tonight at 7:05. randy: mcdonald's is taking a new approach to keep kids active. the company is adding a fitness tracker in its happy meals. the trackers monitor movement and will be added in the kid's meals instead of a toy. the promotion will last for the
5:54 am
emily: scientists at mit are looking into ways to let you control your phone with a tattoo. it's called duo-skin. the tattoos are temporary meant to be worn like jewelry and contain a chip. by touching them, you can communicate with your phone, and even store data on them. actually, that is kind of cool. randy: kind of striking. [laughter] some of us got some beneficial rainfall yesterday. we have hit or miss downpours in the afternoon. half an inch to an inch of rain where we got it, but many areas didn't get much of anything. right now we are on pace in boston for the driest summer on record. we have had just over three inches of rain, the least amount we have ever had back to the
5:55 am
not seeing in the next few days. we are in the process of drying out, guys trying to clear out, and look how warm it is. 81 degrees, incredibly sticky with dew points of the 70's. off to the west, notice how the humidity goes from oppressive where we are to just a little bit sticky. that drier air is working in behind a final boundary, humid air filter in. there were some thunderstorms in connecticut overnight. but i think the threats for wet weather have passed. it should be dry throughout the day, 75 in worcester right now, 80 out the door on the cape, that westerly wind will bring in a lot of humid air, and some warmth along the coast line. mid-80's, same deal in boston.
5:56 am
skies clear to partly cloudy through the overnight, and that will allow the temperatures to dry. we should be in the 50's and 60's by tomorrow morning, certainly feeling more comfortable. a week cold front from the north, bringing in a reinforcing shot of less humid air for friday, one or two isolated storms popping up tomorrow. the weekend is looking great. more sunshine, mostly in the lower 80's saturday and sunday, and with temperatures mostly in the mid-80's. it looks like a good chance of needed rain. let's get you back out to the roads. getting busier. olessa: some delays are starting to build. this is 93 and somerville. this stretch looks ok. if you are traveling to boston, we have a ramp oxidant into kenmore square. south of town, a little bit of
5:57 am
128, and the expressway building braintree into boston. 495202815 minutes. delays out of methuen. trains and buses on schedule. randy: mainie's governor, calling for a review of the welfare rolls. emily: and it's because of a recipient with some very troubling ties. and new this morning, stopping hackers at the source. the easy targets to start
5:58 am
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>> two adults hit by a car in boston. a heroic move seconds before impact. >> and an everett police officer accused of attacking his wife. the detail of this case making it even more disturbing. >> breaking overnight donald trump making a major change to his campaign. the new leadership as he gets ready for a big for this wednesday morning. >> 6:00 a.m., also on the eye, hackers keep finding ways into your private information. three easy targets that you can keep an eye on ahead in this half-hour. good morning. i'm emily riemer. >> and i'm randy price. cindy fitzgibbon.


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