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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 17, 2016 7:00am-8:16am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, six children injured at an amusement park. >> we got a report of a small child that was electrocuted on one of the rides. >> rushed to the hospital, shocked and burned by a ride. emergency aid rushing to the scene, now part of the park is shut down. also new overnight, a major campaign. the republican nominee announcing a new manager, a new errani and what donald trump is now saying about reports he's getting debate advice from oused fox news chief roger ailes. big game backlash. the 12-year-old hunter under fire for killing and posing with zebras, giraffes and more. >> i'm a hunter and no matter what the people say to me, i'm never going to stop. >> she's now receiving death
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and the greatest, simone biles making history with her fourth gold in rio flipping in a flawless floor routine on the final night for america's final five and from the mat to the track, that heartwarming moment, putting spirit ahead of medals. and you'll meet the american man called the olympic selfie king who called his boss saying i can't return to work until he lands the one star that got finish line? >> announcer: live in times square and rio de janeiro, this is "good morning america." we do say good morning, america. on this wednesday morning. what a stunning night at the olympics. simone biles as you said, david, making history with her fourth gold in rio. >> she is just incredible. take a look at this. simone on the cover of "sports illustrated" along with katie ledecky and michael phelps and
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>> that they are. these athletes may not have won a medal but won our hearts. abbey d'agostino and nikki hamblin helping each other up on the track. first the breaking news that we want to get to. electric shock at an amusement park in connecticut, six children injured and rushed to the hospital. gio benitez is here with the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. it seems likee' constantly about these accidents at amusement parks this. time it's in connecticut. the children saying they felt tingling on that ride. what happened next is much worse. terror at an amusement park. six children electrocuted getting off the scrambler ride. >> we got a report of a small child that was electrocuted on one of the rides. he's conscious and alert. >> reporter: emergency workers racing to the keen at the ocean
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connecticut. >> we have six to seven victim, all minor. >> emergency services transported several of the children to the local hospital that received some type of electrical shock. the most serious injured had some small burns where he touched the metal railing off the wire. >> reporter: they believe the wiring running underneath may have been a factor. >> the lights going on and off because they're trying to isolate where the electric surge is coming from. this statements the safety of our guests is always our number one priority. we will continue to work closely to find out the answer. >> there are risks in every amusement ride. the majority of the incident nast occur on amusement rides today are human error. >> reporter: this the latest in a string of serious summer amusement park accidents. a 3-year-old boy rushed to the hospital last week after falling from this wooden roller coaster in pennsylvania. >> i've got three kids that have fell from the ferris wheel.
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injured at their ferris wheel basket flipped sideways sending them plummeting nearly 40 feet to the ground and 10-year-old caleb schwab killed on the world's tallest water slide last sunday. investigators still trying to figure out how he fell out of his restraints. and as for those children in connecticut we're told this morning they are now out of the hospital. one of the young boys had burns on his hands when he grabbed on to a metal fence, robin. >> we heard t recovery. breaking political news. donald trump shaking up his campaign this morning with a new manager and ceo. after talking law and order outside milwaukee overnight that city rocked by recent police protests, abc's tom llamas is on the trail in wisconsin with the latest. good morning, tom. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. it is a new day for the trump campaign. trump who once said he didn't need a pollster has now promoted his pollster to campaign manager
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base he's brought in an ultra conservative news executive to serve as campaign ceo. trump himself says he's not changing but his campaign clearly is. overnight, donald trump shaking up his campaign promoting pollster kellyanne conway to campaign manager and hiring stephen bannon, chairman of breitbart news as campaign ceo. trump saying in a statement, they are extremely capable, highly to win and know how to win. the campaign keeping paul manafort on as chairman but the changes come just 82 days before the election. >> america first. america first. >> reporter: just a few hours earlier trump back on prompter sticking to the script and making a new plea. >> i'm asking for the vote of every african-american citizen
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better future. >> reporter: trump asking for the african-american vote in front of a nearly all white crowd in west bend, wisconsin, a town that is 95% white. >> the democratic party has failed and betrayed the african-american community. >> reporter: the gop nominee vowing to clean up urban areas by instituting more law and order. >> the problem in our poorest communities is not that the is that there are not enough police. >> reporter: trump's newly focused message comes amid reports he's getting advice on the debates from former fox news chief roger ailes. the trump campaign downplaying any help from ailes saying in a statement, "mr. ailes is not advising mr. trump or helping with debate prep. they are longtime friends but mr. ailes has no form ol or informal role with the campaign"
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news trump is going to ailes for advice on those debates. the two meeting over the weekend at one of trump's new jersey golf courses. and when ailes was oused from fox last month following accusations of sexual harassment trump stood by his side. >> i've always found him to be just a very, very good person and by the way, a very talented person. >> reporter: and this morning, hillary clinton's e-mail scandal is back in the spotlight. the fbi has turned over classified documents including and their interview with clinton to congress. republican lawmakers want to know why she wasn't prosecuted. the clinton campaign says this is merely an attempt by republicans to keep this issue alive. david. >> yeah, the e-mails are not going away. tom, thanks. right to abc's matt dowd and, matt, first off a new interview with donald trump last night about all this talk he should pivot and here's what he said. i want to get your reaction on the back side. >> i am who i am. it's me. i don't want to change. everybody talks about you're
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you have to be you. if you start pivoting you're not being honest with people. >> no pivot, no reset and overnight another major shake-up. is that a reset? >> he's trying to reset his campaign without resetting himself, david. i think the problem here is that when you ar football team is losing and your quarterback is throwing interceptions, changing your line choech and assistant coaches isn't going to affect this. it sounds to me they've doubled down on the fact they'll let gets you to 40% or 41% and that's not a victory. >> 82 days left until election day. a lot at home saying it can't get here fast enough. with the trump team facing tough numbers in the battleground states now against hillary clinton, how important does that make the first debate for donald trump and really for clinton? does she have to be ready for anything, even some of the most uncomfortable topics thrown her way? >> well, it's the most important moment left in the campaign and for each side of this.
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race, david, in this. he can't -- it's not no longer a state battle but national battle and has to change that before any states come in line. hillary clinton basically if she performs well at that debate and responds to him well she puts this race away in that first debate. it's all -- it's the entire ball game that first debate. >> matt dowd, always appreciate your insight. thanks. now to a massive new wildfire in california. the blaze forcing more than 82,000 people from their homes. and las vegas is now shut down. abc's lauren lyster is on the front lines for us in san bernardino county. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, robin. flames raging out here out night seeing scenes like this, structures burning to the ground. homes, behind me the apocalyptic remains of someone's cars. this fire roaring through here at terrifying speeds. overnight, this fast-moving
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times the size in less than 12 hours. >> this is a monster of a fire that is moving faster than any fire i've seen in a very, very long time. >> reporter: 18,000 acres charred. structures destroyed. zero percent contained. >> but we're looking at a 30,000-foot wall of smoke. >> the smoke staying put but flames burning violently. looking at this whirling firenado. more than 2,000 people forced to evacuate t firefighters on scene and fate. >> there's fires all around it. all around it but the firemen are doing a wonderful job. thank you. please save us. >> reporter: two firefighters injured after their truck overrun by flames and overtaking a route 66 diner and this giant mountaintop cross. further north, the clayton fire near lake county now 35% contained after claiming 175
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all that destruction blamed by authorities on this man, 40-year-old anthony pashlik. >> part of the thing they have to figure out, get inside the mind of the arsonist. >> reporter: the alleged arsonist suspected of setting this fire and a number of others in northern california is due to be arraigned in court today. and here the weather forecast not looking good for crews battling this blaze with more heat and gusty winds expected today. robin. >> we're going to t thank you. we turn to ginger with more on that forecast. we heard what lauren had to say. >> it's not just california either. 26 large wildfires are burning in the west from colorado to wyoming, utah, nevada, so many other states dealing with this, those fire warnings are on. it's going to get hot, medford to seattle, talking 90s to 100s and then the wind. we know that's an issue but i wanted to explain. that sea breeze coming onnen shore. these are streamlines that represent the wind at the
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get the guffs when it squeezes through and get a gust up to 50 miles per hour it will fuel a fire. >> your teammates facing historic and deadly flooding leaving communities underwater. search teams going door to door looking for survivors as the waters continue to rise. meteorologist rob marciano is on the scene in denham springs, louisiana. rob. >> david, this is main street in one of the hardest hit towns. the worst disaster sin 2005 hurricane season. loss is expected to be over a billion dollars and while the waters have finally receded they're still high across much of the state. this morning, residents across louisiana scrambling to save what they can. >> everything that i this is gone, everything. >> reporter: many starting the painstaking process of cleaning up. 40,000 homes damaged. >> we're seeing the water line on the buildings and looks to
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life, end of your world. we worked so hard for it. >> reporter: devastating floods still ravaging parts of the state. rivers still rising as the water flows south. tossed and abandoned cars littering this landscape. this drainage ditch became a raging river, toppling and submerging full size pickup trucks. many cars still inaccessible as drivers wait for waters to recede. over 11,000 homes destroyed. >> we got out safely. all our friends are safe so that's the main thing. >> reporter: in denham springs, nine out of ten homes suffering damage. what's your biggest concern? >> we'll come back. it's just going to be a long road. >> emotions are raw on very little sleep. you know here in the antique district things just -- some things can't be replaced.
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through here and browse through this stuff and triggers life memories and maybe triggers some happy memories, music like this may stir the soul which folks certainly could use. david. >> thank you, rob, so much. i have so many family and friends and talk about that saying, no, it wasn't a hurricane but in many ways it was so much worse. >> just hovered over and the waters keep rising long after the rain which a lot of people don't realize. >> we're thinkin night at the olympics. simone biles adding to her legacy as one of the gymnasts ever winning her fourth gold, fifth overall. abc's t.j. holmes is there at our olympic desk in rio holding things down another exciting day yesterday there in rio. good morning, t.j. >> okay, good morning to you, guys. yes, can you believe the olympics are over? the rio olympics for simone biles. they have no more gold to give her but other usa gymnastics team members have reason to
7:15 am
also a u.s. track and field star won a silver medal but then immediately gave away a diamond ring. overnight the games said good-bye to the gymnastics competition but not before more glory for the red, white and blue. >> she makes everything look so easy. >> reporter: it was the perfect ending for the near perfect rio olympics of simone biles, the american sensation looked to bounce back from a bronze face on for the finals in the floor exercise. >> she was the first in the world to complete this skill. >> reporter: leaping higher, tumbling faster and shining brighter than everyone else. >> she's just got so much power. >> reporter: biles grabbed another gold, her fourth of these games. she leaves rio the most decorated u.s. gymnast, raisman radioactive material also also medaled scoring silver with this performance.
7:16 am
this is pretty good. >> reporter: the u.s. men also celebrated last night. lava won two silver medals. >> oh, my. >> reporter: one for this routine and another for his soaring performance on the high bar. >> first american woman ever to win a 1500-meter olympic medal. >> reporter: track and field as well. team usa picked up three medals. >> not a bad way to start. >> reporter: the u.s. men finished one and two in the triple jump. after the competition will clay climbed into the stands and proposed to his fellow track star girlfriend queen harrison. she said yes. and team usa's abbey d'agostino and new zealand's nikki hamblin collided in the women's 5,000 meter. >> abbey d'agostino helping nikki hamblin back up. >> reporter: the american injured her ankle but still finished the race in pain. the runners came together for a
7:17 am
now, some happy news about those two runners, yes, they ended way behind in the race, but they got exemptions. they'll still be able to race in the final. also a shocking result here. kerri walsh jennings and april ross, the volleyball duo lost in the semis. this was the first loss ever for kerri walsh jennings in the olympics. remember, she had a huge collection of those gold medals, guys. >> it was a huge upset there. all right, thank you, t.j. we'll get back to you in a the u.s. leading the way, 84 including 28 gold medals, china, great britain, russia, japan round out the top five. joining us now someone who knows something about winning olympic medals is gold medalist dominique dawes. we really have appreciated you being with us these last couple of weeks. >> it's been a lot of fun. >> come on. this u.s. gymnastics team was expected to do well. but a record-setting olympics for them. >> they -- the final five have
7:18 am
so impressed with these young girls and simone biles lived up to the billing walking away with four olympic gold medals and an olympic bronze medal. that one slipup she had on the balance beam at the end of the day she'll be beating herself up over that because it's the mentality of a gymnast but has to leave feeling very satisfied. >> what does she do for an encore? >> do we worry about that, enjoy it, i remember when i came back from the '92 olympics when i was 15 years old i was back in the gymnastics gym theex much and i was still a kid and believe it or not this young girl is still a kid so hopefully she thinks about another olympics gapes in four years but enjoy this moment. >> i am glad you said that. we're always looking ahead. you're a three-time olympian part of the magnificent seven and know what they're facing in the weeks ahead. >> they're professional athletes so it's all about securing endorsements. look in times square, you'll see
7:19 am
impact thousands and thousands of young kids. >> we'll see, ginger, i can see you as a gymnast. >> dairy queen and your sunny skis for your promo. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist cindy fitzgibbon, 80 degrees already, and so humid out there, the humidity is going to be dropping, though, as the day wears on, a front in the berkshires bringing the less humid air, the temperatures come up into the low to mid 80s this afternoon, with a blend of
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>> good morning, i'm randy price, top stories, police are trying to figure out what caused a crash in roxbury that landed three people in the hospital. including a child. witnesses say that the car went up onto the median hitting all three. the driver did stay at the scene for the investi announce today the 100 police officers who had been selected now to wear body cameras. no one volunteered for the pilot program. the police union has promised to fight saying that participation can only be voluntary.
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>> as we look across the skyline, a beautiful and steamy start to the day, cindy. >> you have got it. 80 degrees in boston. 70s off to the west, and you
7:26 am
it's much more comfortable, and that air is working into the oppressive humidity. the winds shifting to the northwest in the berkshires, and going to bring in that drier air so it may be sticky now but you will notice less humidity by lunchtime, and temperatures in the lower 80s, and mid 80s this afternoon, breezy, dry, and certainly turning more comfortable as the day wears on. we're dry today and an isolated shower or a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon, otherwise, dry, right into the weekend. randy. >> let's check on the commute. how does it look,ss southbound, especially here as you approach the government center area, we have a crash blocking a lane with delays back to the spot pond, eastbound, an accident by route 30, blocks one lane, and the total ride 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and 24 slow out of avon, and the ride on the expressway, a half-hour right now from braintree into boston. randy. >> we're back just before the top of the hour, if you are heading out you can watch us on the go with the wcvb mobile app. "good morning america"
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blue diamond almonds. proud sponsor of the us swim team welcome back to "gma" on this wednesday morning looking live at a wildfire burning in san bernardino county in california. the blaze forcing more than 82,000 people to evacuate that area facing more heat and wind this morning as ginger just told us. >> we're tracking it all. also right now part of an electric shocks on a ride. investigators now searching for the cause and this is just the latest. donald trump shaking up his campaign announcing a new manager, new ceo trying to expand his base of voters while appealing to conservatives, as well. >> and we want you to meet the selfie king of the olympics. he is missing a photo with just one major star. we're giving him the surprise of
7:31 am
can't come back till i get it. "gma" to the rescue. >> we did it. first this half hour to outrage growing over a 12-year-old hunter posting pictures of her big game on facebook smiling next to animals she's killed that sparked a fierce backlash. even death threats and she and her dad are speaking out. diane macedo has the story. >> reporter: she named her facebook page braids and bows. dough doesn't mean the kind that go no your hair. she says she's actually saving these animals. this morning a 12-year-old is under fire after posting these images on social media potioning with a giraffe and a zebra, animals she killed while hunting with her dad in africa. >> it's something that i cherish and i enjoy and i want other people to see that what i've been able to experience. >> reporter: aryanna gourdin and her father took the hunting trip last week, one of their many over the past five years.
7:32 am
for sure but online outrage, 73,000 comments on this post alone. some calling aryanna sick and an animal hater. even threatening the 12-year-old's life. >> they love animals, but i mean we love animals too. it's just we also love hunting. >> reporter: still some are defending the father/daughter duo writing let the haters hate. hunt away, aryanna. >> we're proud to be hunters and we'll never apologize for being a hunter. >> reporter: her dad says business. he maintains the hunting farm told them the giraffe was a problem animal and this isn't the first time social media has created a firestorm over big game hunts. minnesota dentist walter palmer sparked international outrage after killing cecil the lion in zimbabwe. despite the backlash, aryanna says she will keep hunting. >> i'm a hunter and no matter
7:33 am
>> she also wrote on facebook the upon from her hunts all go towards conservation efforts but, david and robin, her critics are responding saying she should continue with the conservation part but they'd rather she stop with the hunting. >> you can understand the dad says mind your business but it's all on facebook. >> it goes in circles and you can see just thousands and thousands of comments that people weighing in on both sides. >> on both sides. great to see you. >> tulsa. a man shot and killed by a neighbor just moments after police left the scene. the victim's family says the alleged shooter tormented them for years because of their nationality. abc's clayton sandell has the latest. >> reporter: this morning one victim's family is reeling from a murder they believe is clearly a hate crime. >> he just was a sweet, sweet soul. >> reporter: 31-year-old khalid jabara was shot and killed in tulsa friday allegedly at the
7:34 am
years, 61-year-old stanley majors. >> he would call us racial slurs, dirty lebanese. arab, muslims, even though my family is christian, he was hateful, just hateful. >> anybody over here who can start to a shooting. >> reporter: jabara called worried majors had a gun and tulsa police came but then left without making an arrest. >> if we knocked on the door and he doesn't answer, nothing that gives us the opportunity to go into his house. >> reporter: but just eight minutes after they left police say majors shot and killed jabara on his own front porch. jabara's family says this was a hate crime, neighbors saw it too. >> he walked on to your property and started screaming to my families, all you mexican, we are here. >> reporter: he was arrested for running down jabara's mother with his car last september despite prosecutors' objections in may, maims was released on
7:35 am
we definitely want to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: police are still investigating a motive. >> this was an ongoing dispute with neighbors so, yeah, there's hate there. i just don't think the only reason is because they're middle eastern. >> reporter: for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. joining us now abc's chief legal analyst dan abrams. this is such a horrible story. you can understand the position of the family wondering why this neighbor was out in the first place. >> absolutely. i'm often on this defending judges saying it isn't intended to punish but it is intended to protect meaning if there is someone a threat to society or to their neighbors, that's the classic case where you don't release the person on bail or bond. and that's why this family has every right to look back and be furious. >> we hear in the report. it seems like they did everything they were supposed to do. >> everything right. >> and the police were there but they left.
7:36 am
have to answer some questions. doesn't necessarily mean they did anything wrong but they'll have to answer questions as to how is it they called the police right before this happened, i mean, this family repeatedly calls the police, repeatedly brings law enforcement in, repeatedly asks and gets restraining orders against this guy. their position at this point is what else could we have possibly done here? >> so what could be the possible defense? >> i expect that he willla this guy, the defendant now, also had asked for a restraining order against the victim. >> do we know why. >> yes, there were claims of he came over to his house and damaged property & that so i expect there will be some sort of self-defense claim. it's not a whodunit. it's clear he did it. the question is why. self-defense is not going to be easy considering the totality of these experiences.
7:37 am
showdown. how they're getting ready for their face-off and what we're expecting. the fireworks in that first debate. this caught on camera. a warning to homeowners. what this woman allegedly took from a stranger's house that was wide open while the alert. how to protect your stuff. big questions about sportsmanship at the olympics. we saw that key moment there and saw the hug overnight that taught us all a lesson but are some athletes going too far in the other direction? our insider is here. just two mis, d while i was telling you about the book, i downloaded a song. oh, and full disclosure, when we were just chatting about that song thing, someone arranged a date. guilty. the point is, life is digital. so, carmax, created a site where you can reserve a car online. come in when it's convenient, your car will be waiting. just another thing to make buying a car better for you... reads this tweet that i just posted. oh, that appears to be trending.
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y237yy ykny oh, it's that time again for our big board and our team of insiders standing by live for more on this morning's top stories and we're getting our money's worth out of dominique today. we'll have you doing exercises in our last half hour. >> that will be exciting. i'll be sweating. >> we are going to start with the highly anticipated first debate between hillary clinton and donald trump.
7:40 am
approaching lots of anticipation about how they're preparing. jon karl is joining us, so, jon, let's start with donald trump. how is he prepping for the first debate. >> you know, the big news that came out was the meeting that trump had with roger ailes, the former fox news chairman and one of the most experienced and skilled professional political debate preparers in the history of presidential politics. the campaign says he is not really an adviser, robin. it's not a formal or informal role but acknowledged they had a long conversation at one of trump's golf courses. back in 1988, i'm sorry, 1984 when ronald reagan was pressed about his age and said he would not exploit the youth and inexperience, it was roger ailes that was credited with coming up with that line, one of the most memorable ever. >> tell us this, whose job will it be to stand in that room with hillary clinton and throw at her
7:41 am
how she reacts that could make or break her? >> god, would you want that job? can you imagine? your job is explicitly to get under hillary clinton's skin. the campaign won't say, my guess is that it would be bob barnett who has played -- he played bernie sanders during the primary debate prep and worked with hillary clinton for a long time and he's done this stuff for many, many, many years. but that is one tough job, david, because you have to throw out all of the stuff the campaign expects fully expects that trump will throw everything at her including all of the stuff about her personal life, bill clinton's affairs. won't be easy. >> jon karl. >> huge numbers. they're talking about olympic size numbers, super bowl numbers of viewers watching. >> yeah. now to a stunning moment caught on camera serviing as a
7:42 am
right in. it's houston, texas, the real estate agent step as way and the woman appears to steel prescription medication and egypt sherrod joins us. great to have you. we've all had an open house at some point. it's not something you think about but opening your doors up to strangers. >> good morning, first and foremost. but what i will say is this is not the norm. however, over the years i have heard of several occurrences that would just shock you. anything from a realtor showing the house to other buyers and then they wander in the kitchen and notice that other would-be buyers are eating food out of the homeowner's cabinet and refrigerator. >> come on. >> or three people distract the realtor while one walks around the house casing the joint. it happens. >> oh, so what can people do to prevent this from happening, egypt? >> be smart. number one, hide your valuables, any expensive jewelry,
7:43 am
walk away and then conceal your personal information. many times people will think they locked everything away but left their mail or social security cards out. it is common that people will snatch your information and, therefore, steal your identity. another thing is ask your realtor to require a sign-in sheet when people come in your house and ask for i.d.s. if someone is there for the wrong reason they could sign the wrong name but if you ask for an i.d., chances are it will ward them off. >> >> thank you. if you are the type of person that leaves a spare key near the garage, hide those. chances are someone if they're there to case the joint or come back and steal something they'll snatch those keys and walk right out and lastly, when you return home, this is a big one, make sure you check all of your doors to make sure they're locked as well as your windows. it has happened where someone's walked right by, unlocked a window and came back later to basically rob the place.
7:44 am
house again. >> no. >> it is a great, great tip. >> good luck finding anything in my refrigerator that you want to eat. now to a fierce debate about sportsmanship. shaunae miller's dramatic dive for gold. it's legal. it's legal but it sparked backlash as you know on social media. this isn't the first time something like this has happened and talked about this yesterday, dominique. you said when it comes to the olympics by any means necessary but people are saying, really. >> people have to put things in perspective. i did the calculations. from my first olympic gapes to my second olympic games i was training 7,280 hours in the gym as a kid from my first to second olympic games, 1982 barcelona, 1996 olympic games. you will do whatever it takes to win a gold medal within the rules and my sport i am held at the mercy of the judges so really i have no control. shaunae miller had full control and if you have to dive to get across that finish line first
7:45 am
>> we've seen different things like this happen in sports. >> 2008 olympic game, david neill did it so it was him beati beating a behemian athlete. >> the hug taught us the opposite. >> sportsmanship. >> that's great. gold medalist shaunae miller is joining in our next hour. thanks to egypt and jon and dominique. the olympic king of self-23is scoring gold but missing a photo with michael phelps. our huge surprise, well, is it a
7:46 am
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7:48 am
certain swimmer. has more medals than anybody in history. back to t.j. who is way up there. of course, he has the penthouse apartment. >> only the best for you, t.j. >> that is not a penthouse, david. the wind too high we have to evacuate. this guy is absolutely amazing. he's been able to get all these photos but no matter how good you are it's lard to get close to the michael phelps unless you have connections. lucky the final five are all smiles posing for a selfie with him. here he is with u.s. track star allyson felix and with ryan murphy. so who is he? grint foland of texas. the undisputed selfie king of the olympics. there he is popping up behind aly raisman during her medal ceremony. selfie whiz. what is it.
7:49 am
medals to spectators i would get a gold for my performance this olympics. >> reporter: brent describes himself as a sports super fan. he used up all his vacation time at work to be here. his wild ride in rio and impressive collection of selfies won't be complete without that one selfie he's desperate to get. michael phelps. >> phelps is like my white buffalo. he's the reason why i skipped m brent had to call his boss to ask for more vacation time so he could stay in rio longer to pursue a coveted selfie with phelps. will that gamble pay off? well, what brent doesn't know is that our interview with him is just a front. before i continue, you're the selfie master so i need you to come around here, we're going to do it from this angle and i want you to tell me the trick now to doing a selfie. >> yes, yes.
7:50 am
click around for me. >> oh. >> there's a trick to doing this selfie. >> no way. >> yes. >> what's up, man? so good. this is not real. >> he just called you his white buffalo. he's been trying to track you down this whole time, man. >> here i am. here we are. >> this is it in rio at the olympics. >> how long you here for. >> i was supposed to fly home three days flight to meet you. it happened. >> yeah, hope he gets home to his job. well, we had to thank -- i know people but that was crave, one of the sponsors to michael phelps helped us put that together. a nice moment we could make happen for that xid. >> wonderful moment. thanks for making that happen. >> t.j. making dreams come true. >> yes, he is. coming up, the gold medalist who won with a dive, joining us exclusively right here on "gma" but got to love that. now he's got to go back to work
7:51 am
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>> randy price, emily riemer and olessa stepanova. a beaut warm and humid. notice the winds from the southwest but out in the berkshires, it's a northwesterly wind, and it's bringing in drier air, so the humidity way up there this morning. comes down by lunchtime and you will feel a big difference this afternoon. we jump into the middle 80s, near 90 tomorrow, and we'll stay there and dry through the weekend. >> let's check on the commute. >> it's slow, randy, if you are traveling southbound on 93, we're watching this crash by
7:57 am
northbound side right in that spot there is a disabled car, so busy ride as you approach boston southbound, the pike, watching a crash clearing. the total ride 20 minutes, 495 to 128, and the expressway a half-hour, braintree to boston. >> an everett police officer is being held without bail, charged with assaulting his pregnant wife, prosecutors say that officer michael morrey kicked his wife in the stomach and hit her at their home in salisbury this weekend. a deadly crash is under 44-year-old devon man was killed when the truck in which he was driving crashed into a tree at the stoney brook reservation. his passenger suffered serious injuries. we'll have more coming up in our next hour. if you are heading out you are on the go, you should watch us on the wcvb mobile app. "good morning america" is continuing in minutes here on 5,
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. going for gold, simone biles flips into the record books. and lands a kiss from her superstar crush. >> oh. plus, the diving runner behind the startling photo finish. now she's here one-on-one live. also this mo cancer care for khloe kardashian. the reality star revealing her close call urging everyone now to get checked. our doctor with a skin reality check this morning. ? good to be alive ? weight loss win, the dad weighing in at over 600 pounds, his doctors telling him his life was in danger. how simple walks to walmart helped him drop more than 300 pounds. he's turned his life around. ? the way you move ? and get ready to move and
8:01 am
shape. we're kicking workout wednesday into gold medal gear. live in times square as we say -- >> all: good morning, america. ? baby i'm worth it give it to me i'm worth it ? we do say good morning, america. and it is workout wednesday. olympics edition. gold medalist dominique dawes, jessica mendoza and our trainer and you can join the action on our website and facebook livestream all hour long. they're having a good time. >> nothing more intimidating than working out with olympic gold medalists. we got something to work toward. the woman who won olympic gold with a dive, of course, that dive made global headlines sparking a conversation. now shaunae miller standing by and joins us live with the gold medal, the smile and i got to say we probably would have done
8:02 am
>> good for her. >> great to have her with us. our own gold medalist cecilia vega. >> wow, a lot of bling this morning around here. good morning to you both. the big story this morning, a new explosive wildfire blazing across southern california forcing more than 80,000 people from their homes. abc's lauren lyster is right there in san bernardino county. lauren, good morning. >> reporter: cecilia, overnight this fast-moving wildfire exploding growing nine times the size in less than 12 hours. structures destroyed. some of them homes. 82,000 people have been forced to evacuate and part of the highway between los angeles and las vegas is shut down. two firefighters have been injured battling the blaze and crews will face heat and gusty winds today with this fire zero percent contained. cecilia. >> lauren, thank you. in louisiana, rivers are still rising and search teams now going door to door looking for people still missing in that water. the deadly flooding is being
8:03 am
disaster since superstorm sandy. this morning, the second campaign shake-up in two months for donald trump. trump promoted his pollster kellyanne conway to campaign manager and also bringing on a top executive from conservative website breitbart news, paul manafort will stay on as his campaign chair. trump is expected to receive his first intelligence briefing today as hillary clinton now faces more scrutiny over her e-mails. the fbi handing over to congress notes from her investigators. the clinton camp wants all the information made public to prevent selective leaks by republicans. and a major scare at a connecticut amusement park. six children electrocuted while on a ride and rushed to the hospital. one boy suffered burns on his hand. the ride is now shut down indefinitely. the children thankfully are all okay. a new study shows that 50 children a day end up in hospitals because of stroller and baby carrier accidents.
8:04 am
experts say kids should be buckled in and strollers locked when parked and that using newer gear is best because they need higher safety standards. enjoy that banana this morning because the fruit could soon be extinct. scientists warn a deadly fungus would wipe them out within ten years. 40% of the world's banana crop has already been wiped out. and finally, you probably would not believe this one if there was not video a group of kayakers in canada got this up close view. that's a humpback clearly showing off. not afraid of cameras and conveniently the kayakers all have their cameras ready to go. they also got soaked once that humpback that hit the water, everyone was supposed to stay about 300 feet away, guys, but clearly the whales there weren't good at measuring that. but what an amazing photo-op
8:05 am
how do you say whale in t.j. -- in portuguese, t.j. >> in t.j. you say whale. i'll work the portuguese for you but i'll take you to the beach, cecilia. that's where we'll start, women's beach volleyball, the final tonight but three time gold medalist kerri walsh jennings won't be there. earlier she and april lost their semifinal to brazil. this is the first time walsh jennings she and ross will play for bronze, however. meanwhile, simone biles is now the fourth woman to win four golds in gymnastics in one olympics and won the floor exercise competition to pick up her fifth medal in rio. u.s. women's basketball team is in tomorrow's semis after a squeaker against japan. they won by 46 and the japanese women were incredibly upset about it as they posed for pictures with the americans after the game. in the medal race the u.s.
8:06 am
among any nation, the americans also lead the games with 28 gold medals. with the news out of the olympics we'll do it pop style. some "pop news" and start with simone biles. she's finally met her celebrity crush. zac efron after his very public support of team usa. the actor surprised her with a cheekie kiss. check this out. >> it's going. >> it's going? >> yeah. >> it's going. >> is it going? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness gracious. did you see that. the she shared the moment on snapchat and twitter saying, proof had to retake bc i thought we were taking a picture then he kissed me instead. she also said, guys, you can call me mrs. ephron, really? really? i love zac but slow down,
8:07 am
leading the medal count in rio maybe the university of georgia should think of forming a country of its own considering the fact its alum have racked up ten medals total in rio. s that means if bulldog attended as an individual country it would tie for 15th place in the medal count. also impressive married couple and cycling superstars from great britain have ten gold medals between them, five from rio alone. that's an impresse really started that #loveforgabbyusa who have been trolled publicly online. pretty nasty stuff on social media but "ghostbusters" star turned rio correspondent leslie jones calling on her followers to show their support for the gymnast on twitter by creating the hashtag and grabbed the attention of fellow celebs including shonda rhymes who tweeted my 3-year-old announced
8:08 am
rhimes. great britain bring yell douglas saying my heart is full. when we see something nasty and all that trolling, everybody comes back strong and supports that person that sometimes gets picked on. >> glad to see leslie back out there. she took a real beating and took down some of her social media accounts and said that's it but she started tweeting about the olympics and over there now and just so glad she's back out in better time here than she is. >> good tale. thank you, t.j. a look at what's coming up on the "gma morning menu," khloe kardashian opening up about her skin cancer scare. what doctors found on one of her visits and her message for you this morning. and diving into first. a runner who won gold lunging across the finish line, shaunae miller will join us live. and it is workout wednesday. they're out there, get to it.
8:09 am
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welcome back to "gma." and the moment that gold medal sprinter shaunae miller dove for gold in a photo finish. well, she is going to join us live just ahead. but first khloe kardashian is opening up about her skin cancer scare. the reality star revealing doctors found and removed a
8:14 am
message for her fans. abc's linsey davis has more. >> reporter: the kardashians are known for sharing the most personal parts of their lives on reality tv. now khloe kardashian is opening up on her website about a skin cancer care. >> this is the first time she's getting into detail about what it's like and her really real scare with skin cancer. >> reporter: the 32-year-old says several years ago after having a few moles checked out doctors found a there was one mole i had on my back that was skin cancer, she says. i had eight inches of skin removed. it was definitely painful because it was a lot of skin but most of the time the removals haven't been that bad. >> khloe kardashian decided to share this story in the hopes that it would make people go and speak to their own if they see anything irregular on their skin. >> reporter: the "keeping up with the kardashians" star shares this chart to help others
8:15 am
i wanted to share my experience with you so that if you know something doesn't look right you will take action and take care of your health. now that i've gone through this a couple of times i'm extra aware of my skin, body and moles. for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. joining us now is dermatologist dr. rosemarie ingleton, always good to have you here. >> good morning. >> good morning to you. a lot of people are talking about this and khloe is being very up front about it and she she had, does that mean if you have a lot of moles you're more susceptible >> that's one of the risk factors. the more you have the more chance you have. slightly weird moles or increased risk for getting melanoma. >> because there are different types. a lot of people are probably looking at the moles that they have. how do you determine if something is up. >> okay, so we have a lot of mows and usually when they're
8:16 am
of the edges, not changing. regardless of your stage in life, so if you see something that's different from that or suddenly a mole that used to be round and even colored is suddenly irregular and lost an area of color, it looks white on an edge or getting bigger, you're not gaining weight or changing but the mole is changing. you need to have it looked at. >> that is something you look at. >> at the office when doing a full skin exam we have a dermatoscope that as think it may be a little off but we're not sure we look up close and there are details that it will show us that will tell us that maybe this is one of those that you need to biopsy to make


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