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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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and a bicyclist. >> about an hour ago. it's still not clear what caused the accident. the victim is a male. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll have more information as we get it. >> in rio involving u.s. swimmer ryan lochte. >> authorities say they are running into road blocks as they investigate. >> brazilian investigators went to the athlete's village looking to speak to the 12 medal winner and his teammate james fagan but they are already back in the united states. police in rio said they found little evidence to support the swimmer's story. the 32-year-old claims that early sunday morning he and three teammates left the france house in a taxi cab and went home. lockte says that the car that the swimmers were traveling in was stopped and then robbed gunshot point by men they say
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we didn't do anything wrong. so i'm not getting down on the ground and the guy pulled out his gun. kobd it, put it to my forehead and said get down. i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. >> today a judge ordered lamte and fagan to surrender their passports and stay in braz he's back home in the united states. his attorney maintains that his client's story is accurate. back to you. >> thank you very much. right now an investigation is under way in the death of a toddler in new hampshire. >> first responders were called to the scene to a home that happened on monday. finding the girl unresponsive. julie mcdonald is live with details tonight. julie?
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family. the therapist would visit the home to provide therapy and monitor the young girl's developmental delays. >> everyone is just curious as to what really happened. was there foul play or was it just an accident? julie: they are desperate for answers as they investigate the 2-year-old's death. >> crews. they weren't in there for more than a minute before they came out slowly. said that it was too late. >> three adults and two little girls live in this unit. the other residents say they mostly kept to themselves. >> she expressed last night that her and her husband, they suffer from depression and anxiety. so they don't really socialize.
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incomplete. for now, those who live next door are praying for those involved and trying to keep things normal for their own families. >> she seems like she's loving, caring, nurturing mother. you just hope that it wasn't anything foul, you know. you just don't want to imagine a mother or a father or an aunt or anybody doing anything helpless child. >> the attorney general's office isn't saying much more about this investigation, only that it's ongoing and some of the results of the autopsy and other tests could take time to complete. live in new hampshire, julie mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. heather: 80 degrees outside right now. a live look over boston. it started out as a very humid morning but it's turned into a pretty afternoon.
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else is taking note of. we have fairly pleasant conditions over part of the area. just a little sticky off to the south. a lot better than the oppressive conditions that we experienced yesterday and overnight last night. temperatures are in the 70s and low 80s and that dry air has been imported by a gusty northwesterly wind which will diminish steadily after sunset. we'll see the temperature drop off in boston but it will get cooler in the outlying areas. that's g about tonight. there is some moisture to the south. i think most of it stays south but some clouds may work in late tonight into early tomorrow. maybe a spritz on the south coast and the cape. we'll be back in a few minutes to tell you why there could be a spot storm here or there tomorrow afternoon. >> several people are recovering after being hit by a car. one of them seriously hurt. todd spoke with the victim's brother today. he's live in roxbury this
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recovering. they are in the hospital but the outcome here could have been much worse were it not form selfless actions of a brave father. >> i'm getting a phone call stating -- your brother has been in some type of accident. >> jose says he saw the report on the news last night. never dreaming his family members were the victims. >> suffering, i small fracture on the hip. a fracture over her kneecap. and definitely a broken ankle. >> jose says the accident happened at his brother was helping a wheelchair bound friend cross blue hill avenue. ernesto is seen here with his 10-year-old daughter who was tagging along. the driver of this car lost control and hit all three but not before ernesto takes action saving the lives of his daughter and the man in the wheelchair.
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gentleman was speeding up, yelled for her to get out of the way. >> ernesto takes the brunt of the impact. >> basically, a very large contusion on the back of his head. unfortunately ended up with some staples. very broad cut on his forehead and so forth. he took a major hit. >> jose tells us in the hospital last night his niece was talking not about her own pain but about her her father. the first thing she wanted to say was, my dad is a hero, he saved my life. >> the cause is still under investigation. the driver did stop and is not facing charges at this point. reporting live in roxbury, wcvb, news 5. >> the victim's parents are
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and john doe. the school requested, arguing they are anonymously using the media to attack the school. some advocates says that could deter others from coming forward. >> the state supreme court releasing a ruling today. the court saying the measure violates the intent of previously passed laws. no word yet from the governor's action which had pushed for the tariff to increase availability of natural gas. >> it is a debate nationwide and happening here in massachusetts. tonight, police are among the first in the state to wear those body cameras on duty. >> sarah takes a look at the impact the program has on the police department and the community. sarah: police officers are carrying a new piece of equipment. body cameras now clipped on to all 46 patrol officers. >> we can actually show the public what we're dealing with
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department-wide in may. they were first tested in a pilot program last year. eight officers volunteered to wear them. >> the union needs to get involved and say this is what we want. >> the sergeant was the patrolman union president at the time who worked on the body camera policy. >> i think some guys say, they see the police getting a bad rap in the news and media a lot. they want now to show you their side of what happens. >> at the start of the call unless it's medical in nature. they are supposed to notify civilians the camera is recording if the situation is not you arejects. >> at the end of the shift the videos are downloaded, treated as potential evidence. >> must have encountered some resistance. how did you persuade officers who maybe weren't quite on-board? >> i think some officers were concerned thinking it was another tool that big brother will put out there and he's watching me on how i do my job.
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or police department was about. they want another tool to accth officer and protect the city. >> they have plans to expand the program. they are going to purchase 20 more cameras for their superior officers to wear when they get out on call. >> another accident at an amusement park. several chirp shocked on a ride. >> this happened in connecticut, into what went wrong. what the operator says happened right before. >> unlikely attack in a wal-mart parking lot. the monkey that took down a worker. >> the crime that happened moments after police left the home. >> traffic on this wednesday night. looking life at the pike. moving along in both directions at about 10:00 after 5:00. checking the map, southeast expressway, usually habit half an hour at this time of night,
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26 minutes. there is the pike. 16 minutes. 128 southbound slow. western tolls 495. 22 minutes. a little slow on 495 south near 290 and then the turnpike northbound, to 290, four hundred million dollars.
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four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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>> an investigation is under way after six children are shocked on an amusement park ride. this happened in new london, connecticut.
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pointed what went wrong. >> fear in a place that should have been fun and games. several children shocked as they got off an amusement park ride. >> first responders racing to the scene of ocean beach park in new london, connecticut. >> emergency services transported several children to the local hospital who received some type of electrical shock. most seriously injured had some burns on his palms when he touched the metal railing get off the ride. >> wiring may have been a factor. the park issuing this statement, the safety of our guests is our number one priority. we'll continue to work closely to find out the answer. >> there is risk in every amusement ride the majority of the incidents that occur on amusement rides today, whether at a fixed park or a traveling carnival, are human error. >> the latest in a spring of rides gone wrong. last week news of a 3-year-old
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pennsylvania roller coaster. >> i've got kids that have fell from the ferris wheel. >> girls tumbling at a tennessee carnival. >> really scared. >> one child is still in the hospital with brain injuries. >> and 10-year-old caleb killed on the world's tallest water slide in kansas city, kansas, last sunday. >> in the case of the ferris wheel, abc news found there were no seat belts or restraints, something operators say are not required on have been treated at the hospital and they have been released. >> this is something you certainly don't see every day. a monkey wearing a diaper, attacking a wal-mart worker in the parking lot. cell phone video shows what happened sunday night. it was a little south of columbus, ohio. the monkey got away from its owner and another customer saw
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started taking video. >> the monkey did not bite the wal-mart employee. the animal control officers are now looking into whether or not that monkey is registered. >> flood waters have become to recede in louisiana's hardest hit area but they have left a trail of destruction in its wake. about 75% of homes just east of baton rouge have been destroyed and since that area has never flooded most homeowners have no flood insurance. that flooding has been so severe, louisiana's governor has legal deadlines. court dates among them until september. >> still raining it looks like in parts of louisiana. >> especially western louisiana but it's texas now. you see the arrow over there. there are a lot of flood warnings in effect. more tropical moisture surging in off the gulf further west. >> is it a tropical system? >> there is no organized tropical storm. that's interesting because you
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wind, that we've seen, what's gone on in louisiana. >> we do have a new tropical storm. >> check it out. this is fiona. just named. it's still well out in the atlantic. highest wind has just come in at 40. there is our coast off africa. >> it's moving off to the west-northwest. will intensify some moving at 16 miles per hour. look at the track of the storm, over the atlantic over continues to move in this direction. of course, beal following that as we go out in time. we did want to let you know we have our newest tropical storm this season. we're just getting into the part of the season now. getting into the second half of august, september and early october, where it usually gets more active and it's starting to happen now. >> as far as we're concerned, 81 degrees. but it's so much less humid than it's been.
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northwesterly wind which has been quite gusty at times. add a little elevation and it's a little cooler. worcester airport, 76 degrees. notice when you have a northwesterly wind temperatures on the cape are similar to the readings elsewhere and that's what we're seeing today as well. we all welcome the more comfortable air. nice to see it in this color. much more livable for us, and we haven't had many breaks in the humidity over the last week. shifting eastward, also, as we lose the heating of the sun. tends to make the atmosphere more stable. a reasonably comfortable night coming up. most places in the 60s. a few upper 50s even possible around orange mass and concord, new hampshire. it will be very warm tomorrow. a couple of things to keep in mind about tomorrow that i want to share. right now it looks like it will be warm and dry for the patriots tomorrow evening. about 82 degrees at that time.
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shower or thunderstorm but if there is, it would probably be during the tailgating time, not actually during game time. mainly clear skies around the region. just patchy clouds that we've had during the course of the day but i'm watching this band of moisture. notice it's moving more to the east than north so most of it will stay south. but we also have a front up in here. that's how we could get a spot midday or afternoon thunderstorm around the area tomorrow. don't expect anything widespread or severe for a while. clouds come in late tonight especially to the south. where a little shower could nick the south coast or cape toward dawn tomorrow morning. after that, we'll see that move away but as the front approaches that's where a shot shower or thunderstorm could come up. less humid air comes back for thursday night and friday. see how there could be a spot sure or thunderstorm and dissipating by evening and then we get into the comfortable air
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the afternoon hours look like they will feature sea breezes, so it will be very comfortable at the beach, very pleasant temperatures, although it will be warm over the interior. i would say the weekend is going to be moderately humid but really not oppressively humid. the next chance of rain looks like it will be coming along about monday. if you're doing some traveling this weekend, just want to let you know how it could shape up. looks nice. sunshine on friday. at least partial sunshine saturday and sunday. you haveke light ocean breeze. it could bring in ocean clouds late nature and early morning especially late saturday night and early sunday morning. in the lakes region and mountains, it looks nice for those three days as well so far, good. the next rain should hold off. >> not bad. thank you, harvey. >> commitment 2016. campaign leadership shake up. the republican presidential nominee donald trump, newscenter 5's sally kidd explains. the move comes as he's trying to
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some of the best talent in politics. at a time of significant growth for the campaign. hiring conway and bannen. >> he can fire and fire anybody he wants from his campaign. there is no new donald trump. this is it. >> he's sending out this new strategy survey to supporters. he he hasn't spent any money in the battleground states. >> trump told fox news network that hillary clinton cannot be trusted with the same sensitive information. >> i'm worried about her because of her email situation. she can't keep anything private. >> in the meantime congressional republicans are scoring f.b.i. notes from the closed investigation into clinton's personal email server. >> i have seen information there that should not have been put in a place, that was a private server in the basement of a
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home. >> the trump campaign also announced its first major tv ad buy of the general lee-- genera. >> going viral tonight, the reasons why her olympic run in rio is now over. >> in your health news 5:30. baby strollers and thousands hurt each year. >> coming to the aid of a humpback in the waters off
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two years ago, silvertech had 40 to 50 employees. now we have 60 to 70. we took a big hit in the recession, but we're back, strong. we had about 70 employees a few years ago, we have over a hundred today. chynoweth: businesses like mine see how maggie hassan keeps this economy moving. and she's balanced the budget. narrator: and cnbc named new hampshire the most business-friendly state in the country. i'm maggie hassan, and i approve this message because we need to show washington how we get things done
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>> at the olympics, team usa
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medals. here's the latest. >> track and field now takes center stage in rio and team usa is not disappointing a silver medal the 27-year-old is the first american to medal in the event since 2004. usa is teammate embracing him after the heat. he blew past competitors to secure a spot a teammate will also look forward. the men's decathlon kicked off. ashley taking the early lead after three events. the other two americans are sitting in the top 10. two americans advance to the semifinals in the women's 800 competition. wilson coming in second to south africa ca
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and they pounded the competition winning three games to nothing and moving on to the semis. another olympic medal, equestrian. they earned a silver medal for their performance in the competition and an olympics official is stepping aside temporarily following his arrest in a ticket scalping investigation. patrick hickey, who was hospitalized, is accused of plotting with at least nine others to illegally sell tickets for the rio games. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro, to help a fallen competitor during the 5,000 meetler not be running in the final. d'agostino announced today her olympic run is over. the dartmouth college graduate revealed she tore ligaments during the chain reaction. doctors discovering a torn acl and strained mcl in her right knee. releasing a statement saying she has no regrets. >> how she finished --
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got up and coted to run with a torn acl. that's -- stunning. >> that's fortitude. good for her. >> next on news at 5:30, fighter jets diverted overnight. why they had to make a stop. i state of emergency tonight as for all those pokers, prodders, shuckers hop produce is triple checked. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess.
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>> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb 59:30. >> breaking news. james bulger taking his case to the u.s. supreme court. he claims he did not get a fair trial when he was convicted in 11 mob murders back in 2013. the federal appeals court rejected the the 86-year-old serving a life sentence in florida. it's unclear if the supreme court will take his case. heather: a man riding a bike is dead after being hit by an suv. we're told the driver did stay on the scene. harvey joining us now. a humid start to the day. harv: a lot nicer out there now. >> it's great. i think we all appreciate it even more because of what we've experienced with the incredible heat and humidity for so much of
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81 in boston. some 70s are showing up but the air is much more comfortable. you can see we're in the pleasant change in parts of the area. the oppressive humidity has been pushed to the south. not coming back. tomorrow will be muggier than today. we see northwesterly winds slowly ease especially after sunset. boston coasts down into the upper 60s. most of our suburbs will be in the 60s with a few upper 50s. got my eye on a little bit of wet weather off to the south and west. flirt with a little par o we'll go through the weekend in a few minutes. heather: people in southern new hampshire jolted out of bed very early this morning by unusual noises coming from the sky. six f-16 jets from south carolina headed to italy, were forced to land at the base in portsmouth at roughly 3:00 a.m. the jet's refueling tanker had some problems that needed attention so the six jets and


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