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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  August 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> from boston's news leader, this is a wcvb newscenter 5 update. erika: we are following breaking news. brazilian police say four u.s. swimmers including ryan lochte fabricated their story about being robbed at gunpoint at the olympics. they say security footage shows at least one of the athletes fighting with security at a gas station. emily: the former owner of this dog is a courtroom no-show. the neglect charges he faces and what police are doing now. first, the area of extreme drought expands from manically -- expands dramatically in the
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the last week. includes boston and all of the north shore. this is really unprecedented territory. mike: we are seeing river levels down, ground water levels down. all caps issues across the state . your lawn is one of the things you probably noticed. so far for the month of august in boston we have had it he 21 hundredths -- we have had we have been in dry situation so that is why we are sitting here with the departure of almost eight inches below normal for boston and worcester. it was really toward middlesex county that we saw last week. covering most of the eastern part of the state now. 17% of the state is in extreme drought. a lot of very dry weather. the question becomes is there any relief in sight.
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a few of you got sprinkles along the south coastal areas toward the cape and the islands. a batch of rain that's trying to pull to our north but i think it is -- ethic is going to be dry. temperatures in the 70's and 80's. we do have more chances down the road. talk about that as well as how much less humidity we will be dealing with the next two days, coming up. erika: this new routine under arrest in florida charged with attempted murder. police in sarasota saint g and 14-year-old brother last night while on vacation. the 16-year-old is being held without bail on attempted second-degree murder charges. more breaking news, this time from radio. brazilian police say the american swimmers who claimed they were robbed at gunpoint fabricated that story. adrienne bankert reports security footage appears to support the belief that the olympians made up the claim.
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surrounding 12 time a limbic medalist ryan lochte and three other olympic swimmers who claimed they were robbed on the streets of rio. investigators and the ioc looking into whether false statement's were given to the police. we never tried to hide problems. adrienne: a federal police source says surveillance video shows one of the swimmers bring down a bathroom door a gas station than getting into a fight with a security guard. conger in gun or bends were pulled from a houston bound flight. >> just sitting there and they came by and said you need to depart the plane. they took them off the plane. adrienne: the usoc releasing this statement, jack conger and gunner benz were released under the understanding that they
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with local authorities. lochte is back in the u.s., previously telling nbc news he had a gun to his head. >> the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked at, put it in my four head and said get down and i was like whatever. adrienne: now saying the gun was only pointed in his direction read a brazilian judge trust -- questioning the demeanor of the men with a return to the olympic village as seen in surveillance video obtained by the daily have been released from police custody but i now awaiting further discussions with resilient authorities. emily: in everett police officer is due back in court accused of assaulting his pregnant wife. prosecutors say officer michael mori kicked his wife in the stomach and hit her last weekend. maury has been put on administrative leave without pay . he is also being held without
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with rape faces a dangerousness hearing. a judge will decide if darnell booth is eligible for bail. the 36-year-old is being held without bail after pleading not guilty last week to raping a 16-year-old passenger he allegedly met on snapchat. booth has an eight page criminal history including a prior sexual assault allegation. convicted sex offender with a long rap sheet is back behind bars on new charges. for nine-year-old chad f -- 49-year-old chad falcone in handcuffs yesterday. a lifelong resident in norwood police say they have been dealing with him since 1989. the sex offender has been arraigned 14 times for 23 related charges of lewd and in decent behavior. >> i think he keeps getting out because it's a nonviolent crime. he's exposing himself and there are kids living up there and frankly the neighbors are fed up
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police found him hiding in the basement after his latest offense. they say just like the last time. emily: new fallout from the state drug lab scandal. the state's highest court has agreed to hear arguments from the american civil liberties union that 24,000 cases mishandled by former lab chemist annie dookhan be tossed out. it recently agreed to hear arguments after learning many of those cases haet it can work at the lab between 2004 in 2010 handling as many as 40,000 samples in that time. she pleaded guilty to several charges including obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence. the aclu will present arguments in november. erika: u.s. attorney is investigating possible federal civil rights violations in doubly. the islamic society of greater worcester was recently denied a
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the group's lawyer says the society was qualified to apply for the permit adding the tone -- the town possum zoning board of appeals did not have the authority to deny them. the u.s. attorney will now investigate if the town infringed on the group's right to exercise religious belief. emily: 230 this morning in auburn on the eastbound side of the highway. state police say one tractor-trailer rear-ended another, trapping one of the drivers. she suffered diesel fuel also spilled onto the road and police were forced to close the lanes for a few hours leading to traffic types this morning. erika: donald trump's running mate mike pence is in new hampshire. emily: the vice presidential nominee will hold a town hall meeting. pence's first trip to the granite state shipping up to be of crucial battleground state with four key electoral votes of
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another staff shakeup. the republican nominee announced a new ceo and campaign manager. party leaders are hopeful that new team can reverse sliding poll numbers. the republican national committee has said it may diverge resources away from the presidential race in favor of house and senate candidates if trump's standing does not improve in the next few weeks. hillary clinton in new york meeting with top law enforcement leaders from all across the country including new york police commissioner bill bratton who recently said trump's candidacy ed trump has repeatedly accused clinton of being against police that clinton aides say today's meeting has been planned for weeks. emily: we are getting a look at new technology that could be groundbreaking in ending drug addiction. antonetti antonio has the story from worcester. antoinette: doctors at umass medical school are researching the new technology. just like a fitbit but instead of monitoring steps it is
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fight against the opioid crisis. a device worn on the rest. someone who's using cocaine could have more of a jittery moving in their arms. antoinette: body movements associated with drug use downloaded to a smart phone. the hope is to recognize patterns of drug use that lead to an addiction and in many cases to an overdose. >> one of the things we want to figure out is how we can predict when somebody who is in treatment for example is going to start craving the whether or not we can create an intervention that in real time prevents from using. antoinette: dr. peter chai is researching the monitors. so far 20 people are taking part in the study. also in the works at umass medical school, these pills that detect how much and how often patients take pain medication after they leave the hospital. each capsule has not only the medicine but an electronic sensor inside.
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stomach acid and that turns on a radio transmitter which sends a unique signal to a phone which downloads it to the cloud. antoinette: the end goal for both pieces of technology changing how pain medicine, especially opioids, are prescribed. >> the whole idea is to treat pain very effectively and prevent addiction very effectively. >> can we help people be well and help patients who are in recovery prevent detect craving and really prevent downstream substance abuse for it happens? antoinette: once this rolls out for consumer use the wristbands will look a little more like this one. doctors here say that is still a few years out. emily: the former owner of a dog neglected so badly he chewed off part of his own foot is a no-show in court. todd kazakiewich's live with the breaking details.
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middleborough was due here in court in where ham. his case was called just economic clock a.m. and as you said he was a no-show. a default warrant has been issued that is critical -- that is protocol for pulling a no-show in court. his two-year-old german shepherd maghreb -- maverick chewed off his right here -- his right foot to escape. investigators say scars on the dog's other legs prove yet been tr maverick has undergone surgery to repair his foot. he's now with a new family. police are looking for the dogs former owner, kevin kennedy. a warrant has been issued. erika: coming up next, a legal showdown over 911 calls from the pulse nightclub massacre. why media groups want those calls made public. emily: under threat the firefighters battling wildfire
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i'll show you what our next chance for wet weather arrives and if it will have any impact on your weekend plans. erika: uber enlisting self driving cars? we are -- where it is rolling out test vehicles over the next two weeks. >> the 10:00 news on the tv boston with maria stephanos and ben simoneau con man on comcast channel 942, verizon for 61 and over the air at five.
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four hundred million dollars. four hundred million siphoned from local districts that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few.
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erika: at least 10 people are dead following three explosions targeting police. one blast targeted a military vehicle, the stations. at least four officers were killed and another 200 people hurt. turkey says kurdish rebels are behind the attacks. emily: the orlando sentinel says the patient's condition has been upgraded to guarded. 49 people were killed and more than 50 others hurt when a gunman opened fire outside the gate nightclub june 12. the shooter was eventually killed by police after a
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court today over 911 calls made during that attack. attorneys for nearly two dozen media groups want those calls released. the companies want access to communication between the government and police. of the city of orlando claims the recordings are exempt under public records law erika:. ask nfl star jaron -- darren sharper will spend the next 18 years in prison for drugging and raping women. guilty pled guilty to raping several women into 2013. prosecutors say he picked up two of the victims at a las vegas nightclub, drug them and later assaulted them when they were unconscious. today, jeh johnson will tour louisiana as he reviews the federal government's response to the historic flooding. tens of thousands of residents have been forced from their homes to read at least 40,000 homes have been damaged.
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is battling this raging wildfire in california. the fire is burning just east of los angeles. it has already burned 40 square miles prompt evacuation orders. thousands of residents are now refusing to leave. danya: the flames are relentless. >> the biggest flareup we've seen this morning. danya: the blue cut fire still out of control once again coming dangerously close to homes and a major freeway. intense wind tom cruise a fast-moving fire from devouring more dry brush. >> shelter behind this building. danya: cal-fire saying it has charred over 31,000 acres. numerous homes destroyed, 34,000 still in jeopardy. in san diego, firefighters attacked another wildfire by air. >> roughly two minutes to get out of the house.
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get out now. danya: that one around 50% contained. the clayton fire is also slowing down. around 4000 people in the area north of san francisco returning home. no word on when the evacuation orders will be lifted but when it is many people hoping that this is not what they come home to. erika: incredible what they have been dealing with. you're watching the traffic now t where you get heavy rain. right now we have the owner in the mid-atlantic. it is sitting out there and if you're wondering about the latest numbers on it, maximum sustained wind at 41 miles per hour so it is technically a tropical storm. as it moves to the northwest at about eight miles per hour meandering out there not really doing too much. over the next several days, this is the point where we start to pay attention to it early next week. looks like a tropical storm out
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to the east coast keep a very close eye out. all indications are that it will stay well offshore. let's talk about what staying offshore this morning, some rain. showers climbing their way down south. if you got spreckels out of it it is now moving -- it you got some sprinkles out of it what it is now moving out of range. yes to look really carefully, from a boundary. some clouds and if you like sprinkles going on. th will see more cloud was afternoon but unfortunately i don't think we'll see any rain out of it. the air behind the cold front is drier sleep get even less humid. boston, 84 degrees. a few upper 70's. worcester at 78 degrees. enjoying temperatures right now right around that 80 degree-mark. humidity is manageable. we have 84 degrees over the city right now. a relatively comfortable 62 degrees. we have seen dew points that
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days and heading through the weekend he will start to notice humidity coming up. by monday it's going to feel rather muggy and that sets us up for a chance for some rain sunday night into monday so keep that in mind as you do your weekend plans. sunny and comfortable, 80 to 85 degrees for the high temperature. that front going through but i don't think we will get any rain out of it. 62 to 68. more we had going on last night. check out the billy joel concert at 7:30 tonight. 80 to 85 degrees. beautiful sunset coming our way as we have a little bit of cloud cover and clear day leading up to it. sunset at 7:40. by the time we get to october 6, sunset is at 6:00. heading more towards the afternoon hours as opposed evening. heading down to foxborough, the
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80 degrees with gametime coming in at 8:00. really quiet weather. this cold front sides its way southward. tomorrow you notice the humidity is still very manageable. we start to watch humidity ramping up in our seven day forecast and also introducing a chance for much-needed rain. today, sunshine, tomorrow is at the coast -- tomorrow, 80's at the coast. . we had for saturday, still a beautiful day. 85 degrees. sunday we introduce the chance for showers. high pressure is in control. this cold front coming in as look like it may slow down and give us a nice rain out of this old thing. we keep you posted as we had through the weekend. the threat for showers and thunderstorms will be on monday. behind that caught tempers cool down and put the of sunshine.
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forward to that. we need to have some rain across the area with a high drought index. tomorrow marks the 25th year since hurricane bob hit the east coast. experts say the next storm could do more damage. parkwood beach was largely spared from bob's raft even though it is a low-lying area. in the 25 years since we've seen sea levels rise and more development along the coast. even a week hurricane in just the right spot could cause tremendous damage. new england of weaker systems producing inundation that look slightly ahead by a stronger storm. hurricane sandy was just that type of event for the coast of rhode island and eastern connecticut. it looked like a category two hurricane. it was partly because of the immense ocean waves coming ashore but it was also because we've had an override.
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harvey, jc, cindy and i take a look at 25 years since hurricane bob. new concerns and what we can do to be prepared. erika: thanks so much. google does it now uber is looking into using self driving cars. emily: where the ridesharing company is watching test vehicles this month. when i look for solution ton, and has all the answers.arty you know where i find common-sense ideas? right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger. i'm kelly ayotte,
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emily: uber is rolling out self driving vehicles. the ride hailing company plans to test the cars and pittsburgh later this month. the ford fusions will have human backup drivers and riders will choose if they want a self driving car and those rights will be free. uber has not said apple's it's but the to unveil its new iphone seven next month but it might not be available as soon as the tech company has helped. sources say it will go on sale september 23. the iphone seven and seven plus will reportedly include a new dual lens camera and pressure sensitive home button. mike: one more reason not to bring up pittsburgh. [laughter]
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mike:you. or august day for us. we wish we had some rain. might as well enjoy the sunshine. although into the first part of the weekend. sunday night into monday a good chance for rain to spread across the area. emily: thank you for joining us. erika: enjoy this beautiful
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>> forget the sat. in the next half hour, you'll watch people try to answer the 14 most critical questions of their lives. join us for "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ? ? hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for a great day of "millionaire"? [c that's good, because our returning contestant is a very recent bachelor who is only 4 questions away from the $1 million, so he may not be single for long, ladies. from hell's kitchen, new york, please welcome brennan mulligan. [cheers and applause] brennan, welcome back. >> thank you. >> good to see you. >> you too. [dramatic music] ? ? >> that's right, 4 questions away from the $1 million. i love starting out a show


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