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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 18, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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people. three people wer hurt. the driver ran from the scene. >> a dozen people lifted up the car so we can drag the people from underneath. >> police found the driver in the chipotle near bar. may be facing. heather: new drought concerns in massachusetts. ed: the area has expanded. david: the governor is giving an update on the drought which
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continuing over the top. they have voluntary and mandatory restrictions. three people were hurt. the agricultural industry will be hard-hit with cranberry cropper is expecte b 12%. >> i want to remind people how important it is to buy local and support your farmers during this time. >> several local communities have imposed water restrictions. we are not at the point where we need to have statewide
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conserve voluntarily. for example taking five minute showers. heather: sky 5, look how low the water levels are. that is a sight to see. we do need the rain. harvey: the extreme drought conditions have been expanded. boston is included. eight inches under precipitation. we've have less than an inch. there you go for the year the departure is much greater. most of them are going to weaken . you see some showers around the
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the other thing we're following is tropical storm fiona which is still alive. heather: this teenager is under arrest in florida charged with attempted murder. he stabbed his mother and brother while on vacation and admitted to the crime. he's being held wit ed: police are investigating an attempted kidnapping. heather: live with the details in braintree. >> the one-year-old toddler involved in this situation only took his first few steps a few days ago. i man with no shirt on grabbed
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india market he walked into the store, took a few steps before grabbing the one-year-old boy. the surveillance video shows him carrying the child as he briskly walks through the aisles. the concerned dad doesn't know what's going on at firsthe he then hides in the woods behind the store. >> he was under the influence or intoxicated. he definitely did not look normal. reporter: there are a lot of surveillance cameras. they never had any issues before but they are calling that dad
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right away. o'brien was arrested and is being held on $100,000 bail. ed: new revelations tied to the rio robbery involving members of the olympic swim team. >> a bizarre story. they live. those athletes lied about what they were pulled out of their taxi and robbed at gunpoint by a man who claimed to be police. investigators said the story didn't add up and video backs up the police suspicions. the four men got into a fight with security guards. the athletes are seen
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off their flights. ryan lochte was already back home. police have not decided if the swimmers will face charges for lying. their lawyer stands behind them saying they committed no crime. ryan lochte has no plans to travel back to rio. anchor: action and tom brady is set to hit the field. anchor: here is what we now. -- we know. tom brady was sitting in a golf cart. he had a serious look on his face. i made an inquiry if he will play. the answer is he may.
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not he will be in uniform on the sidelines. bill belichick says he needs all three quarterbacks need work. percent, he is one step away from being the starting quarterback. the patriots and the chicago bears. it will be a long time before tom brady steps on the field. anchor: trump is prepared to spend millions on airtime for his campaign. the trump campaign will spend $5 million over the next 10 days. they will be in florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. his running mate was in new hampshire this afternoon. anchor: governor pence was
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>> for the sanctity of life, for the state of our second amendment to the constitution of the united states, for the sake of all of our god-given liberties let's decide here and now in the granite state the next president making appointments to the supreme court of the united states of america will be president donald trump. for mike pence. both campaigns with four key electoral votes of for grab. ed: hillary clinton met with top law-enforcement leaders from across the country in new york today. that includes retiring new york city police commissioner bill bratton who recently said trump's candidacy scared him. trump has repeatedly accused clinton of being against police.
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the bonds of trust and respect between police and communities. heather: they were denied a special permit for a cemetery. the society was qualified to apply for the permanent adding the zoning board of appeals did not have the authority to deny them. a u.s. attorney will now decide if they infringed on their rights. ed: continues to burn. it is just 4% contained. it is more than 31,000 homes. hundreds of residents have been evacuated. 1500 firefighters are battling the flames. the red cross is calling the historic leading in louisiana the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since hurricane sandy.
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have been forced from their homes and at least 40,000 homes are damaged. homeland security secretary jeh johnson toured the devastation today as he reviews the federal government's response to the flooding. right now, new fallout from the state drug lab scandal. the state's highest court has agreed to hear arguments from the american civil liberties union that 24,000 cases mishandled by former lab chemist annie dookhan be tossed out. the supreme judicial court initially rejected the aclu's attempt to get the convictions tossed. arguments after learning many of those cases have yet to be re-processed. dookhan worked at the lab between 2004 and 2010 handling as many as 40,000 samples in that time. she pleaded guilty to several charges including obstruction of justice, and tampering with evidence. the aclu will present its arguments in november. >> the florida-based circuit
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guilty. dozens were inside the tent when a storm toppled it, killing a father and daughter from vermont, and injuring 50 others. walker international events is charged with operating without a license and other violations and faces several lawsuits and fines. for the first time, we're hearing from the women in the same raft as the 10-year-old killed in that waterslide accident in kansas. caleb schwab suffered a fatal neck injury on the 168-foot-tall verruckt earlier this month. two sisters who were in the raft injuries. in a statement, they say they're pursuing a thorough investigation to determine what went wrong and prevent anything like that from happening again. ed: police in north carolina want the fbi to investigate the chaos in this raleigh mall. it was last week hundreds of people were evacuated from the mall after a report of shots fired.
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a recording of the noise has been sent to an fbi lab for analysis. heather: now what will happen at 5:00. ed: the food that could be helpful for diabetics. heather: and blasting the airlines after a series of computer meltdowns. >> following a few showers, trying to head to western
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anchor: let's take a live look at traffic. traffic is trying to get to boston. thlet's track right down to the split, a 30 minute ride. another 27 minutes. slow into needham. there is a patriots game tonight. 25 minutes, 495 south is not too good.
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traffic looks like in the afternoon. heather: the drought conditions are very serious. today was just lovely. >> there has been a lot of weather in the summer that has been pretty good for the most part. we have other issues. [inaudible] anchor: let's get serious again. when you see this and you see this extreme covering boston, the north shore, the south shore , you have some issues here. an example of what we're talking about. if you check this out, in terms
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that ranks first. that is the driest period that maynard has had. that is like over a half-century worth. that is why this has been very extreme. today here are the skies over boston. most part. they are fairweather clouds. just a feeble sea breeze at logan airport. readings are in the 80's. a warm day on the cape. it is not quite as dry in terms of the humidity as it was yesterday but it is only a little bit sticky for most of
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uncomfortable. tonight will be a typical summer night. tomorrow notice the shoreline. all around 80 degrees. a sea breeze will take over. that isn't freezing cold. it will make it more comfortable along the coast. . as we head towards the evening it is not the set up for these two intensify. there may be a sprints or a shower that gets into the berkshires. even though there may be some
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over the next seven days, you have fine outdoor weather. it does look like sunday will be cloudier. the chances are best late sunday night. that is something we desperately need. tomorrow is 25 years since hurricane bob. heather: the next-door: -- the next storm could do even more damage. in the 25 years since we have seen sea levels rise. a week hurricane is just the right spot could cause tremendous damage. >> we have to because shows of
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we got hit by a stronger storm. hurricane sandy was that kind of event. it looks like a category two hurricane. it was because of the immense ocean waves and we have had almost a foot of rain. >> they will take a look at the 25 years since hurricane bob. what we can all do in order to prepare. ed: a new way to solve problems on the computer rail -- commuter rail. let's take a look at how numbers
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heather: provocative questions is the effort to legalize recreational marijuana in massachusetts. ed: right now 4 states, colorado, washington, oregon and alaska have all legalized pot use. the district of columbia has also done the same. question 4 would allow adults 21 and older to use and cultivate marijuana. the drug would be regulated and taxed by the commonwealth. yes on 4 advocates dispute
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>> we have not seen a single credible study that shows marijuana is a gateway to anything. if there is a gateway it is two things, tobacco and alcohol. we have seen early use of that. ed: watch the entire conversation on the record sunday at 11:00. we examined the question of legalizing marijuana. heather: the mbta's embattled commuter rail operator is taking a high-tech approach to fixing trains. keolis plans to use virtual reality goggles to speed up maintenance. starting next month, workers will use the special glasses from a cambridge-based startup to transmit images to expert technicians. they'll be on the tracks virtually to help solve the problem. ed: to the economy, the state's unemployment rate continues to decline.
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massachusetts employers added 7300 jobs last month. our jobless rate remains below the national rate of 4.9%. heather: more and more couples are saying i do during the week. analysts with the knot say last year nearly 6% of couples got married on thursday up from 4% the year before. thursday weddings offer substantial savings. the knot reports the average cost of a wedding in the u.s. is $33,000. w you? ed: $360 million?
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heather: the new record holder the most expensive condo sale in boston. that is it sold for $35 million. the selling price finally released a couple of months after the sale. it gets you 13,000 square feet and an outdoor terrace with 360-degree views. it also comes with 4 reserved parking spaces. ed: do you enjoy living there?
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>> a wild crash. people run over and trapped. >> the her relic efforts from by standards to save the victim. >> a local boy nearly abducted. a suspect makes his getaway. >> locked the lied -- ryan lochte lied. what really happened to the swimmers. reporter: the wearable devised that could help fight opi >> this is news center five at 5:00. ben: crews battling a huge fire. you can see the flames and smoke pouring out of the home. heather: firefighters were ordered out of the building.
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people recovering after being hit by a car. >> the crash happened at lunch time. live in boston tonight. heroic strength there. reporter: those pedestrians were hit in the middle of this intersection and dragged. the car tried to keep going on top of the victims. they were saved by witnesses. cell phone helped lift this -- this video show they helped lift this mercedes. >> under the car we saw two people. reporter: three people were injured. this man and a dozen others helped lift the car off of the victims. >> a lady was holding on to the


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