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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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apartment. his twin sister also hurt. ed: the investigation happening now into what happened. >> also breaking tonight, tom brady's injury thanks to a pair of scissors forcing him of the field. maria: attempted abduction caught on camera. how dad jumped into action to stop it. the best tim to be outdoors this weekend. when well get much needed are in and the latest on the tropical. so. ed: breaking news at 11:00 tonight. a little boy rushed by emergency crews from his babysitter's apartment has died. good evening. i am ed harding. maria: and i'm maria stephanos. that boy's twin sister also sent to the hospital. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in woburn with breaking details. jorge? jorge: maria, it is a sad turn of events, the little boy tonight succumbing to his injuries. the district attorney and the department of children and
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emergency crews had to be called to the babysitter's apartment this past monday. tonight, the little boy's baby sitter is not talking. this is jorge quiroga from channel 5. >> no comment jorge: a no comment from the woman behind the door at the apartment on kilby street in woburn, where 5 investigates has learned 15-month-old, noah, and his twin sister were being cared for by a longtime family friend. sources say the toddler was transported to the hospital with his twin sister was also hospitalized with injuries. the children and their parents live nearby. no one was home this evening, a double stroller was seen on the front porch. the d.a.'s office became involved in the investigation on tuesday, and confirms an ambulance responded to a woburn residence where the child was in the care of a family friend. tonight, middlesex d.a. marian ryan not commenting on the nature or the circumstances of
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15-month-old noah has died from a fractured skull and other traumatic injuries. we are told his sister is not as seriously hurt. the investigation here in its initial stages. live in woburn, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. maria: jorge, thank you. also breaking new. this is new video here. the two u.s. rim pick swimmers are going home to the u.s. swimmers gunnar bentz and jack conger check in for flight out of brazil. last night they were detained by police. this comes as authorities are against ryan lochte and his u.s. swimming teammate jimmy feigen, possibly charging them with false reporting of a crime. police say they lied, they were not robbed and surveillance video proves it. a night out, now an international incident. police say this gas station surveillance video proves ryan lochte and three other u.s. swimmers were not robbed as they
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>> the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, and put it to my forehead and he said "get down" and i was like, i put my hands up i was like whatever. >> the video shows the swimmers head toward a gas station bathroom where police say they kicked and broke the locked door, broke a mirror. you can see them pull a poster off the wall. after they head back to their taxi, a man in black, approaches the cab, his arm outstretched pointing toward them. police say the gas station security guards were armed and took out their guns. up. one of the swimmers appears to take out his wallet, another with his hands up. a three-minute gap in the video. then you see the swimmers sit, one of them still with hands up. after a minute, it appears ryan lochte stands and takes out his wallet. police confirming they did hand over the equivalent of $50 to the guards. who are not police for the damage. is that a robbery? the rio games' spokesman: >> also's give the kid cans a
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no apologies from him or the other athletes are needed. and he's sure lochte will apologize once his lawyer tells him to. >> i think there is a solution to it which would be apologize which is probably what brazil wants the most. now tonight, the u.s. olympic committee apologized to brazil and put ut a statement saying the behalfier is unacceptable and consider consequence. ryan lochte's coach feel feels terrible ap will apologize once the lar tells him to. ed? ed: also breaking tonight: tom brady not on the field at gillette stadium tonight after hurting his hand. mike lynch is here with what happened before the game. mike: this story first reported by tom curran of comcast and confirmed by brady's agent don yee. apparently, brady cut his right thumb with a pair of scissors before the game and was sent home.
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pry something from the bottom of his cleat when he sliced his thumb. brady's agent don yee was quoted as saying "an accident occurred and tom will be ok in time." it is not known if brady required stitches or how long he will be out. brady was seen leaving the stadium in street clothes about an hour before kickoff. we will bring you bill belichick's reaction if he answers that question coming up in sports. maria: all right. see you then. thank you. ma you can see the suspect carry the one-year-old down the aisle in this surveillance video, the child's father rushing after them. newscenter five's john atwater is live in braintree tonight. john? john: maria, he is doing fine. the parents are too shaken to talk about the whole episode. his mother says, it was certainly frightening. >> right through the front door.
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13-month-old boy. >> he just throws him on his shoulder like a gym bag. he's like slapping people on the shoulders on his way out. >> the whole episode is so strange, it almost looks like the boy's father thinks it's a joke as he trails the kidnapper. the store owner says dad initially thought the man was an employee. >> he definitely was under the influence or intoxicated or mental illness, god knows. he definitely didn't look normal. >> the boy's father finds th man in a hall by the backdoor and he offers no resistance handing over the toddler and then, he pats the father on the back of the head before walking off. >> he asked him what are you doing? and he gave the kid right back. thank god there was no struggle there. >> he walked right out. he goes out to the woods, but it takes officers little time to find him. after a little resistance, they arrest stephen o'brien and haul
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officers make sure the boy is ok then review video of bizarre crime that would almost be unbelievable if it had not been recorded. >> we have cameras. we have numerous cameras. we never had any intention of using them but they did come in handy. >> the man does appear to have a lengthy criminal history. court paperwork does not detail. it does say he has 38 previous convictions. live in braintree tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. getting worse. 17 percent of the state is now under extreme drought conditions. harvey. meteorologist: i have toil that, so far, i don't really see big change in the pattern. well, right behind you, you got virtually, most of the state, at least severe. >> extreme now in boston. it is about eight inches now and boston. >> in fact, show you a little bit more about this. let's check over here. we put it in two different plays
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happening. so let's give you the average location, which is we pick one here. two and a half inches of moisture, rain since june. up, july, all bust, almost three full mons in. that's the driest june, july, august ever since they have been keeping record that thats been for over 50 years. getan idea of what he we're tagging about. we had few light showers far north and west and those are dying out now so not a rea well as springfield. 91. the warm night. 81 in boston, but here's the way it looks. it drops to low 70's up in boston moves up to 80. there will be a difference tomorrow. the sea breeze will develop. i will be back to show you where to be and when and the latest on tropical storm. we'll track that as well. maria? maria: thank you, harvey. look that here. ness withs jumping in taking
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walking in boston today. the suspect was tracked down by police. newscenter 5's diane cho is live in downtown crossing with the video. diane? diane: witnesses say the driver crowded into a crowd of people. the driver took off running. >> it was terrible. reporter: without hesitating, a group of good samaritans trying to help two people trapped. >> i turned around whe the lady was holding on the bumper. the car kept going on top of her. i didn't notice the boy was underneath the car. >> a group of people in the crowd. they lifted up the vehicle and pulled him out. reporter: it happened around noon near washington and school street. three were injured. witnesses say two were dragged and trapped. >> seeing all the people get together in a split second. it was incredible. reporter: despite what happened.
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>> he knew they were there. a woman in the front of the car. still trying to go. she knew they were there. reporter: and the driver at the nearby chipotle. witnesses were able to tell the officers where the driver went, all three victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. in downtown crossing, wcvb newscenter 5. in commitment 2016: donald trump coming as close to apologizing for his controversial remarks as he has during the whole campaign. the republican nominee spoke at a rally in north carolina earlier tonight. trump reiterated that he's not a politician, but admits that his lack of political experience may sometimes cause him to go too far. >> sometimes you don't choose the right words or you say the wrong thing. i have done that.
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particularly, where it may have caused personal pain. >> tonight, hillary clinton's campaign says that statement of regret is just trump reading words from a teleprompter crafted by a speechwriter. trump's running mate mike pence visited new hampshire today for the first time since joining the republican ticket. pence drew a big crowd to a town hall meeting in manchester, talking about the importance of the election as it affects the supreme court which has one vacancy. trump and independence will report tomorrow. maria: charged with trying to kill his own mother in florida. behind bars tonight charged with trying to kill his mother and younger brother in florida. allegedly stabbed the two victims wednesday night while on a family trip to siesta key. his mother, who teaches second grade in newton, called 911 to report the attack and that her son had run away. both victims are in critical condition. back home, the suspect's
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>> the three encounters i had with him, i would never think he would do such a thing. >> police say ramgren gave a video confession after being arrested. he is held in a sarasota jail without bond. announcer: next on wcvb newscenter 5: maria: struck by lightning in front of his kids. >> i feel blessed. maria: alive to tell about it. how the family came to the rescue. meteorologist: the best time to be outdoors this weekend and tropical storm. maria: some swear by it. others cringe hearing >> friday morning on the eyeopener, getting more energy from your lunch.
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place is now in dispute. the u.s. attorney's office is opening an investigation into possible infringement on religious beliefs. at issue, the denial of a special permit for an islamic cemetery. our rhondella richardson reports from dudley, where this case has put a quiet town in the spotlight. reporter: now this dead farmland is for sale. 55 acres. the town nearby, muslims say they are ready to go. the town has put up a few roadblocks. small town on the radar, big government. the u.s. attorney is investigating the unreasonable barrier to a group of muslims trying to purchase the corbin farmland for $287,000.
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times a day and the religion a differently, too. there is no casket. >> we wrap the body with cloth. we bring it and cover it. >> the town has concerns. >> concerning traffic and contamination and such. and choose what they want in terms of the way they want to bury the dead. >> the muslims say they will abide by any town's burial rules to be a good neighbor and the u.s. attorney has required the town to turn over more than 700 documents probing a civil rights violation.
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worship and bury their loved ones free from discrimination. >> the town is still investigating if it has the right of first refusal. they will decide by the end of october. in dudley, rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. ben: a wedding in turkey interrupted by an explosion and it's all caught on camera. take a look. that explosion caused by a car bomb in a city in eastern turkey. you can see guests running for cover as smoke fills the room. the turkish government is blaming a kurdish separatist for maria: a texas man is struck by lighting and lives to tell his story. you can see the flash of lighting here, then the man falls to the ground. the family of four was unloading groceries from their car when the lightning struck. the lighting bounced of their car and onto the family. that's when the man's wife stepped in putting the kids in the house before dragging him to safety. the family suffered some burns and bruises, but will all recover. their car on the other hand is completely fried! she went right in. i mean, that is what you do. >> wow. amazing. all right. harv, 75 degrees and the question am abouts rain.
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night and monday morning. that's the west went dove opportunity. window of opportunity. it could be meaningful. any heng will help. let's talk about about this lack of rain because it is unbelievable around here. you know we're showing you the depth of this deficit here. now three and a half inches of rain for june, july, august. that would be about maybe one on so it's the third driest june, july, august combo. they have records back to 1930 so you get the drift here. that is incredibly dry. all right. up to 18 for the season. average is 13 to 14. obviously, look a all the red here. all but four days have been warmer than asm in august. the month is four and a half degrees warmer than normal. think that is not a surprise based on what we have been experiencing.
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boston did nick 90 degrees today. so that adds another one into the books. the fifth time for august, and july as well. they had one now up to 18. 13-14 is the average so we continue with the very, very hot summer. a warm night. 83 degrees in boston. light westerly wind. 70's in the outlying area. a few 60's showing up in new hampshire. so it is stilld places and sticky to a little bit uncomfortable tonight. it is not as bad as it has been. it has been a typical summer night here. tomorrow, we will develop the sea breeze along the coast for the late morning and the midday and the afternoon hours. now the ocean water is not a cold.
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freeze when the wind off the all right. tropical storm fiona formed off the african coast and is now making the way across the atlantic. this is fiona. that is another tropical disturbance that could become a tropical storm. but fiona out here in the open waters of the atlantic showing you the different computer average track of the storm which makes sense based on the jet stream. so that would mean five days from now. it would place the storm still pretty fair distance south and east. one shot of rain. i wanted to let you no he if you are doing traveling.
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friday, saturday, sunday if you have all three days. heading up to the lakes region or, you know, just basically up north. you got pretty good weather as well. keep in mind, sunday into monday morning, that is the best chances and run with pours much the great strep of weather if you are off going to follow, tuesday, wednesday, thursday. the kids are starting. anyway, you get the idea. we are talking about really pleasant weather and you got to enjoy it. you know? after al ed: you know, like like that. maria: yeah. you got to grab it. >> am action may have gotten you in trouble in school. not so bad any more apparently. maria: right. stop doing that. you always did that f. the signs behind cracking your knuckles why it may actually help our hands. coming up on jimmy kimmel live,
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folks. comcast confirms by tom brady's agent. tom brady not on the field at gillette stadium tonight after hurting his hand. by tom curran of comcast and confirmed by brady's agent don yee. apparently, brady cut his right thumb with a pair of scissors before the game and was sent home. reportedly, brady was trying to pry something from the bottom of
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and tom will be ok in time." it is not known if brady required stitches or how long he will be out. brady was seen leaving the stadium in street clothes about an hour before kickoff. >> before the game, you know, didn't think i wassing to, then stuff came up. it was good test, i guess. just, always keep shining. you never know when you are back to go in or when the number going to get called. you got to be ready for it. reporter: all right. how about howie long? he which is his grandson. howie long with a little baby p. isn't that something? >> down 11-3. a rooky out of alabama ing bring in good field position and a swing past to james white who does maneuvering and brings it though goal line. one guy is making a lot of noise here as tight end. six catches.
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puts them up 17-11. by the way, 16 out of 21. 181-yards and a touchdown. they threw a two-point converse and nice pass here who had four catches and 53-yards and they scored went to two and the mine 23 to 22 nu earlier this afterren pooh. the defensive tackle told teammates he had been suspend buy the team and not a league suspension but a team issue and not clear how long it will last. all right. the bullpen again. 3-0 lead. six away from a win. after a long night of planes, buses. 1-1 game. eighth inning. back after attending a funeral in the dominican republic. sox up 2-1. all right. ross hit the seventh inning.
11:32 pm
straight singles to a bare are a and you cans the led to 3-2. he gave up a hit and a couple of walks in this single to victor martinez. ties the game at three piece. it gets worse, folks. the bases are loaded. he will get the billion over the plit and makes the bter swing and hit. ball four. that daves you crazy. that is the weeing run coming in 4-3. second and third. mookie bet reasons. 4-3 the final. three more coming up. how the baltimore orioles we know they can hit, folks tonight they hit not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, but six home runs. two of them from chris davis. he has 27. two of them from j.j. hardy. one from manny ma chad doe. he has 27. has 35. the orioles and red sox a game and a half behind toronto.
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that is in sports. middle of august. brady should be ok. in time. in time. in time. in time. >> in time. >> you know, in time m. the drought will be better, too. i in a not tell you what time.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you.


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