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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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continues. >> now on newscenter 5's eyeopener -- emily: breaking overnight, a stabbing at a sports bar. new details on the attack as police search for a suspect. randy: swimmers under suspicion, because of this video. breaking news on a new deal as one athlete just tries to get out of rio. emily: tom brady, missing his last chance to play at gillette, before his suspension kicks in. the injury even before he took the field. it's on the eye for this friday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter fives eyeopener. randy: also on the eye this morning, no sweet tooth? no problem. the unusual wedding cake for couples who's rather not have some sugar. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: i will stick with sugar.
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some mild weather the next couple days. heading into the weekend, we will take every night we can get. the skies are clear over boston. temperatures are running in the mid-70's, 74 right now, to humidity is comfortable with a dewpoint temperature in the lower 60's. we have had more humid warnings. so lower things are pretty quiet, just a couple patchy areas of fog. the is reduced just a little bit. outside that, skies are clear. high pressure to the north and east is going to build in and give us sunshine the entire day, but a light wind will turn on shore, so as it turns eastward
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in the upper 70's to near 80 degrees. a nice friday coming up -- but could you out to the road with us. olessa: good morning. this is a live look outside, a check of the bridge. you can see that we are looking nice and light. let's get over to the map sensor the rest of the trip. no complaints traveling at a boston. 24 looks good, routes 3 as well. 128 has a quiet start, pike only 15 minutes eastbound 495 to 128. there is some construction on 128 by highland avenue, and then again as you pass by the pike. but the town in great shape, trains and buses are on schedule. randy: breaking overnight, police are searching for suspects after a stabbing at a sports bar. emily: details are still coming in at this hour. let's get right to the eyeopener's antoinette antonio she's live on the scene in woburn. antoinette: the details are still pretty limited right now but we know it happened here at jake and joes sports bar and
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crime scene tape. the investigators have left the scene but there are a few police officer still here going in and out, talking to the manager. we know one victim is suffering life threatening injuries. this all went down just after midnight. in the parking lot right outside the front door of the bar. we are told the victim was stabbed in the neck and lost a lot of blood. that victim was taken to lahey hospital and is undergoing surgery right now. at this no word on the point, circumstances that led up to the stabbing. as for a suspect, all police will tell us is that they took off on a ninja-style motorcycle. no word on whether any arrests have been made. we will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you the latest as we get it. live in woburn, antoinette
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another teammate makes a deal just to get out of the country. police in rio say they have the video to prove ryan lochte just made the whole thing up. the eye's erika tarantal is tracking information just coming in. erika: abc news is reporting that jimmy feigen is being required to donate $11,000 to leave brazil after this fiasco. meantime the u.s. olympic committee is apologizing and ryan lochte's sure he will do the same. they are considering charging him with reporting a false crime -- they say this video proves their story about being robbed was a lie and instead they vandalized the bathroom and were then confronted by armed security. police say they guard -- say the guard did point guns at them and he didn't hand over money for damages, but insists that truth is a far cry from what the swimmers claim.
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which will be apologize, which is probably what brazil wants the most. erika: one of them reportedly met with authorities before agreeing to make a charitable donation to get out. the other teammates involved were allowed to leave last night -- their attorneys say they were only witnesses, insisting they did not lie. randy: this morning tom brady is on the injured list. and he didn't even set foot on the field during foxborough. sportscenter 5's josh brogadier explains from gillette stadium. josh: story of the night, tom brady did not suit up for the second straight preseason game. bill belichick was asked about his hand and said that, "i made the decision for him not to play." i'm not sure we will see him before october 9 in cleveland. you didn't see jimmy garoppolo, who had quite a night. he played the first half, second-half look sharp.
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a two-point conversion and was not tackled. a 16 yard tight end caught six fouls, and looks promising as the third tight end. the patriots aren't back until season two. they'll had to carolina for preseason game three on friday. sh randy: as for tom brady, he reportedly sliced his right thumb with a pair of scissors while he was trying to pry something out of his cleats. brady's agent saying quote he'll be ok in time. it's not clear if he needed stitches or how long he'll be out. he left the stadium about an hour before kick-off. emily: a bizarre crime caught on camera in braintree. a toddler grabbed in the middle of a supermarket. his father chasing after the suspect. and this morning, that suspect who already has a long list of convictions is being held on
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police arrested stephen o'brien charging him with kidnapping and resisting arrest. he's seen here on friday shirtless at the store on quincy avenue scooping up the 1-year-old, and walking away down an aisle. eventually the father catches up to the man who gives the boy back with no resistance. he then pats the father on the head and walks out. police found him in the woods. right now a framingham teen is behind bars charged with trying to kill his mother and younger brother in florida. 16-year-old gust ramgren allegedly stabbed the two a family trip to siesta key. his mother, who teaches second grade in newton, called 911 to report the attack and that her son had run away. both victims are in critical condition. randy: commitment 2016, republican donald trump and running-mate mike pence will head to baton rouge today. they're expected to meet with victims of severe flooding from across the state. 40,000 homes have been affected by the flooding and 13 people have died. a spokesman for louisiana's
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campaign visit. meantime, trump came as close to apologizing for controversial remarks as he has during his entire campaign. the republican nominee spoke at a rally in north carolina last night. trump reiterated that he's not a politician but admits that his lack of political experience may sometimes cause him to go too far. >> sometimes, in the heated debate choose the right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that, and i do regret it, particularly where it may have caused personal pain. randy: hillary clinton's campaign says that statement of regret, is just trump reading words from a teleprompter crafted by a speechwriter. city councilors in new bedford will not ask hillary clinton to apologize for remarks she made
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at last month's convention, clinton said she spent time there trying to improve educational access for children with disabilities during the two city councilors claimed 70's. those comments disparaged the city but their efforts to call on clinton to apologize failed last night. emily: the obama administration is talking about a 400 million dollar cash payment to iran linked to the release a group of american prisoners. the state department denying this was a case of ransom being paid for u.s. citizens. out first, and then, because he wanted to make sure we have the leverage to get them out safely, the $400 million that was a ran's was released to them. emily: state department spokesman john kirby says the negotiations over those funds and the release of the americans were conducted separately. right now, the federal government, looking into discrimination claims in dudley. the civil rights questions, raised by a cemetery.
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drivers, who want more from the company. randy: new this morning, foods to feel better. what to eat, to have more energy. erika? erika: breaking overnight, new fallout for one of the olympic swimmers involved in ryan lochte's robbery claims. abc news is reporting james feigen has agreed to give $11,000 to charity, to avoid prosecution in rio. also breaking, one person is in the hospital after a stabbing at a sports bar in woburn. no word on any arrests. cindy: comfortable out there right now but the humidity returns this weekend. the timeline and our next chance for rain, ahead. first here's what to expect when -- take a live look over boston, dark out there. 74 degrees in town right now, but it is cooler in the suburbs.
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randy: good morning!
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emily: it's so easy to be in an eyeopener wake up call. just record it with your smartphone, then upload it to ulocal by using our wcvb news app. cindy: tonight is a pretty significant anniversary around here. the anniversary of hurricane bob, 25 years ago. it's hard to believe. make a direct hit here in new england. when gusts over 125 miles for our. there was a seven foot surge on the south coast, 60% of the homes in southeastern massachusetts lost power. that was the last hurricane to really directly hit new england,
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, wind at 45 miles per hour and moving west northwest. this area is one of the hurricane centers tracks, it may become tropical in the next day or so. as far as fiona goes, trekking over the ocean and not bothering any land areas. outside right now, skies are mainly clear, a beautiful day. with a dew point of 60 degrees. patchy clouds developing in new england, and high-pressure losing down from the north. this will suppress all the moisture to the south, showers and storms around minneapolis right now, more moisture to the south where we have that oppressive humidity and once we tap into that wind on sunday we
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on sunday the humidity creeps in and you will really notice it, the next real opportunity for some rain. 70 and worcester, lots of 60's showing up north of boston. plymouth at 69, heading at the cape in the lower 70's. wind is light, and look what happens by late morning. wind coming in off the water. despite the sunshine, temperatures will hold in the upper 70's to near 80's of the coast, mid to upper 80's further inland. you can probably leave the windows open, turn off the air areas will be in the upper 50's tonight. tomorrow, very similar to today. low 80's topper 80's further inland. we will watch the area of high pressure give way, showers and storms are lined up to the west, likely coming in toward sunday night and monday. we really need the rain. saturday, sunday, loza sunshine,
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as we work up north, notice that it is a storm free weekend. low 80's through saturday, and then it cools off on sunday with the rain coming in on monday. behind it, a nice stretch. we need the rain. olessa: ok. yesterday was strange. cindy: it was the full moon. olessa: that explains it. a pretty cool shot. so far, the roads are fairly quiet. we're conditions. let's get to the map and check out the rest of your ride. traveling into town, no problems to report. also construction has just about wrapped up. 95, 24 looks good. the pike's problem free, by highland avenue and again as you pass by the pike. north of town, issue free. trains and buses are on schedule. . emily: right now, the federal government is launching a civil rights probe in dudley over a cemetery battle. the u.s. attorney investigating
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bury loved ones. the islamic society of greater worcester is trying to buy this farmland on corbin road. but the town's zoning board denied a permit sighting public health concerns. many muslims bury loved ones in a cloth, not a casket and the town is worried about potential groundwater contamination. but local muslims say that's unreasonable and feel they're being discriminated against. >> is a simple as that. , as not part of the society. emily: the town says it welcomes the civil rights probe. randy: your economy headlines this friday, asian stocks were mostly lower overnight, as investors keep an eye on a resurgence of oil prices. right now, stock futures here are lower. investors are looking ahead to a key speech by the fed chief next week. a judge rejects a key settlement for uber drivers in massachusetts and california. the federal judge ruled
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have been divided between 380,000 drivers calling it unfair to drivers. the ruling now complicates uber's effort to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors and not as employees. they can still negotiate a revised settlement. emily: your health this morning, researchers are looking for volunteers to be infected with the mosquito-borne zika virus. they're trying to speed up the process of developing a much-needed vaccine for zika. researchers in baltimore would bodies react. the testing would start as early as this winter if federal regulators agree. the number of zika cases has raised to 35 in miami beach. florida health officials have considered making the city a zika transmission zone. so far, they have not. many think doing that would be a huge blow to the tourism industry thats been built there. people are urged to spray themselves and their clothing with mosquito repellent for precaution.
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but what eat can make a big difference. randy: white bread, doughnuts, and salty snacks. they can all weigh you down and make you feel lethargic. energy boosters? quinoa which is full of fiber and healthy fats, greek yogurt, and some spinach which can fuel your metabolism thanks to b vitamins. emily: a pretty cheesy idea for a wedding cake. randy: it's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? removing one thing from the sidewalk, could curb the opioid crisis. the change having an impact in boston. and a toddler dies after spending the day with a family friend. the mysterious circumstances behind a family tragedy. and a tour group, hit by a car in downtown boston. witnesses' heroic moves as
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emily: the perfect wake up call as we remind you that today is free fun friday. enjoy special deals at the institute of contemporary art, the uss constitution museum, the discovery museums, ecotarium, the children's museum of greater fall river, new england historic genealogical society, fuller craft museum, and the griffin photography museum free fun fridays run all summer long brought to you by the highland foundation. for more information, log on to and click on community. cindy: free fun friday in fabulous on -- fabulous son. 74 degrees in town, wind is light. notice that temperatures by this afternoon are still only in the upper 70's to around 80. if you jump inland, upper 80's. a great day to sneak away to the beach. low risk for recurrence with a
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sunshine, a few more clouds. in western new england there could be showers and storms. they will be more humid on sunday with partly sunny's guys. -- partly sunny skies. randy: olessa is back with eyepoppers. olessa: just a bear, getting some dental work. ursula here lives over at the buttonwood zoo in new bedford. don't worry, she's fine, she was just having some tooth issues. dentists say their biggest concern, was that she'd wake up. and it looks like a normal wedding case, but no. no frosting here. this one is made entirely out of cheese. the idea is catching on in wisconsin of course. gouda, brie, cheddar the sky's the limit. you just have to be careful if your wedding is outside.
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out of cheese. randy: i think i could get into both. [laughter] emily: a do-over for olympians, who had an embarrassing moment in rio. the second chance for athletes, who nearly lost their shot at gold. and twitter is out with a new -- and breaking news, abc news reports that james egan donate $11,000 to charity to avoid prosecution and leave brazil after a made up. this is a live look at the skyline, this is just past the. and moon. -- the full sturgeon moon.
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him internet go breaking overnight, a sports bar turns into a bloody crime scene in woburn. the details just coming in. randy: a toddler dies after being rushed from a babysitter's home. sera: the investigation happening right now into what happened. emily: breaking news, a u.s. swimmer makes a deal just to get out of rio. and it may not be what you'd expect. erika: tom brady injured but not on the field. what we know about a bizarre accident involving the qb.
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boston's news leader. good morning. this is newscenter fives eyeopener. randy: 5:30 friday morning as we look at worcester. a nice sunrise about to happen. good morning, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer with cindy and olessa. the sunrise is getting closer and closer to 6:00 a.m. cindy: a beautif little paint in boston. -- a little pink in boston. guys mainly clear, temperatures starting out in the 60's and 70's. quite a few upper 60's as you are heading out the door. a couple patches of fog in norwood, more widespread for the berkshires. it's a quiet weather day, high-pressure nosing down from the north.
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boston, by lunchtime, 79 through the afternoon. along the coastline, not much higher than 80. look at lawrence, 88. global, 89. -- lowell, 89. tons of sunshine, mid 80's from brockton to bridgewater, and read along the south coastline,h higher than 80. coast, temperatures are not far from 80 degrees. toward the end of the weekend. we will time that out just ahead. let's get you out to the roads. good morning, olessa. olessa: this is a live look. this is a lot of check the pike. so far, so good. the rest of your ride is pretty much the same story. route 3 in great shape, expressway 10 minutes braintree
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by highland avenue and again by the pike. north of town, no problems. looks great out of methuen. trains and buses also on schedule. emily: we're following breaking news right now on the eye, erika tarantal is tracking new information as it comes in. erika: that breaking news coming from woburn. one man is critically injured after a stabbing a sports bar. it happened overnight on mishawum road. we're told the victim was taken to lahey hospital the suspect took off. antoinette will have a live update ahead in news to go. tom brady is on the injured -- abc news reporting james feagin will donate $11,000 to charity as he tries to leave brazil and avoid prosecution. police in rio say he made up a story about being robbed at gunpoint. tom brady is on the injured list, and he didn't even play at last night's final preseason game at gillette. we're told the q.b. sliced his right thumb with a pair of scissors while he was trying to pry something out of his cleats before the game.
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out. randy: right now two u.s. -- a tragedy under investigation in woburn. five investigates has learned this little boy rushed from his babysitter's apartment has died. the question now -- what happened? emily: the eyeopener's sera congi is live in boston with what we've learned about this case. sera: he died here at children's hospital last night. we know both the district attorney's office and the department of children and families are investigating. an apartment on kilby street on monday. that's where 5 investigates has learned a longtime family friend was caring for 15-month-old noah and his twin sister. no comment when we went to that apartment last night. the children and their parents live nearby. right now middlesex d.a. marian ryan is not commenting on the nature or the circumstances of the toddler's injuries. we're told little noah's sister
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its initial stages. we'll bring you more information as we get it. serasera congi, wcvb newscenter randy: 5 on the opioid crisis, a new approach to curb drug use near south station, remove the benches. last year, boston and mbta police noticed that atlantic avenue was a hub for drug activity likely because people could loiter on the benches. those benches were removed, and more off police say since then, drug activity has plunged in that area. emily: right now, three people are recovering after this chaotic scene in boston. witnesses rushing to help after a car barrels into a tour group. this morning, that driver is being questioned after witnesses say she ran away from the crash. it happened yesterday afternoon near washington and school streets. two women and a child were hit, two of them dragged. witnesses say they rushed to lift the car but the driver
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the woman was in the front of the car and everybody was following her and she was still trying to go. she knew they were there. emily: police tracked down that driver in a nearby building. so far no charges have been filed. the victims all suffered non life-threatening injuries. 5 investigates tonight looking at a problem found right under our feet. tens of thousands of underground natural gas leaks, and you're paying for them. months. the source? a leak from the 100-year-old pipe under the street. >> i would think that if i was a business i should protect the citizens of boston, do whatever i have to do and do it immediately. emily: tonight on newscenter 5 at 5:00, 5 investigates reveals just how extensive this problem is, and why you're paying for the utility's leaking pipes. randy: a second chance for members of team usa. the fumble that nearly cost them their olympic dreams.
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the idea being tested right now. emily: and we continue following breaking news based on this video of olympic swimmers. police in brazil say it disproves claims that american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. abc news reports of those swimmers has now agreed to make
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olessa: i check by the gas tank, so for the traffic is nice and light, 10 minutes braintree to boston, accident free, a gorgeous sunrise. cindy: a lot of pink, a little purple. we are heading into one of the last weekends of summertime in the month of august, and we expect some nice weather on tap. the sea breeze will keep us near 80 of the coast line, mid to upper 80's inland. the humidity ramps up on sunda and that will bring some needed rainfall sunday night into monday. emily: to the olympics in rio, jamaican sprinter usain bolt cruises to another gold medal this time in the men's 200-meter race. he seemed disappointed initially with his time of 19.78 seconds about a half-second slower than his own world record. but it was still good enough for bolt to snag his eighth olympic gold medal. and a fumbled baton handoff leads to a historic moment. take a look. team usa's allyson felix got
5:40 am
stumbled then tried to flip the baton to teammate english gardner. it fell meaning they were instantly disqualified. that started a flurry of appeals. and that led to this strange sight. that's team usa running the 4 by 100 relay alone on the track. their only competition, the clock. the do over earned them a spot in the final. the u.s. women's olympic basketball team advances to the final their sixth straight olympic gold medal game. they defeated france yesterday 110-to-64 for their 48th former u-conn star diana taurasi led the team with 18 points. they take on spain in the gold medal game tomorrow afternoon. here's a look at where the medal count stands, the u.s. still on top with a whopping 100 medals, 35 of them gold. china follows with 58 total. and great britain trails with 56. randy: breaking news overnight, the violence in woburn, and a deal for a swimmer, accused of
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plus, the injury keeping tom brady off the field last night. and a new study, on cracking your knuckles. why it might actually be a good thing. underway on this friday morning,
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at the the lincoln summer invitation sales event, it's time to relax. from the moment you take your foot off the brake, the brake stays engaged and you stay put. taking the legwork out of stop and go traffic. and even hills. that's the more human side of engineering. this is the lincoln summer invitation, hurry in now to your dealer for limited time offers. lease a lincoln mkx for $349 a month or get 0% apr for 60 months and just announced $1,000 summer invitation bonus. emily: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. antoinette is following breaking
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and erika has new developments in the swimming scandal in rio. randy: but first, the drought in massachusetts is getting worse. 17% of the state is now under extreme drought conditions. governor charlie baker says. the state is now looking at providing emergency piping to communities that are close to running out of water or using the national guard to ship in water by tanker trucks. emy: affected by this. cindy: and 17% is significant. the areas shaded in red are the extreme drought, boston, metrowest, southeast new hampshire. the deficits have been tremendous. i want to show you summer rainfall. this is boston, june, july, and august. we had just over three inches of rain, and when you go back over the records, at is the driest we have ever had were the city of
5:45 am
it is even worse in other places. haverhill, middleton. either north, we can see it has been under two inches of rain since june 1. we need a good soaking rain -- we don't see anything like that in the forecast but as we head toward sunday night, that is the next chance of getting any rain at all. that moisture is back in places like minneapolis where there is a frontal bouy high-pressure and giving us some nice weather the next couple days. skies are mainly clear. 74 degrees and the wind is light, allowing a sea breeze to develop. worcester is already 70 degrees and what a day on cape cod. it will hold the 70's to around 80 with wall-to-wall sunshine this afternoon. temperatures do get warmer
5:46 am
in the 60's, and as we go into the weekend. saturday will be the most comfortable day. mid 80's inland, upper 70's to near 80 at the coast. more humidity on sunday, partly sunny skies low 80's. we need the rain that arise the sunday night. olessa: so far, so good. this is a live look at the bridge, a little more volume to the south making your way into if you are heading south, 24 looks good. 95 out of sharon also getting by at the speed limit. expressway at 10 to 15 braintree and boston, as is the pike. no issues on 128, 93 south looks great out of methuen oblique of the leverett connector. trains and buses on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, police are searching for a stabbing suspect in woburn. randy: the eyeopener's antoinette antonio is live at the scene with what we know
5:47 am
information from the middlesex da, who tells us the 31-year-old man is in critical condition. he was stabbed right here outside the sports bar and grill , all of this happening after midnight as the bar was closing. we are told the victim was stabbed in the neck and lost a lot of blood, undergoing surgery this morning. at this point there is no word on the circumstances that led us that the suspect took up on a bike, a ninja style motorcycle, and there has so far been new arrest. antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: we could learn more today about an injury that kept tom brady from playing in the patriots preseason game. brady reportedly sliced his right thumb with a pair of scissors while he was trying to pry something out of his cleats yesterday. his agent saying he will be quote ok in time. jimmy garoppolo started for the
5:48 am
over the bears. emily: breakinerika: breaking nm rio -- jimmy keegan is being required to donate $11,000 to charity to leave brazil as authorities considered a charging him with reporting a false crime. they say this video proves their story about being robbed was a lie and that instead they vandalized the bathroom security. two other teammates originally held in brazil were allowed to leave. lofty is already home in the u.s. and the u.s. olympic committee is apologizing. sera: a toddler injured while in the care of a babysitter, died last night here at children's hospital. fifteen month old noah and his sister were in the care of a family friend in a woburn apt where emergency crews responded monday afternoon. noah suffered a fractured skull and other injuries.
5:49 am
department of children and families are investigating what happened. his sister was injured as well but not as seriously. sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: a framingham teen is behind bars charged with trying to kill his mother and younger brother in florida. 16-year-old gust ramgren allegedly stabbed the two victims wednesday night while on a family trip to siesta key. his mother, who teaches second grade in newton, cle condition. emily: the company charged in a fatal circus tent collapse in lancaster, new hampshire is expected to plead not guilty next month. a father and his 8-year-old daughter were killed when a storm blew through the lancaster fairgrounds, toppling the tent last summer. 32 others were hurt. the company, walker events international, faces a felony charge of operating without a license and other violations. randy: fall river police tase a man in fall river who they say was threatening people with a
5:50 am
police responded to norfolk street around 7:45 last night for a man threatening another person with the large knife. officers used a taser after they say the suspect refused to put the machete down. nobody else was hurt. emily: an everett police officer is free on bail this morning accused of assaulting his pregnant wife. prosecutors say officer michael mori kicked his wife in the stomach and hit her at their home in salisbury last weekend. mori was ordered to wear a gps bracelet at yesterday's bail review. he must also stay away from the victim and his home. mori will also surrender his license to carry. he's been placed on administrative leave without pay. randy: fall river police are asking for help identifying this man wanted in two robberies. the first happened at a rockland trust bank just before 4p-m wednesday. the second hours later around 1:30 thursday morning at a tedeschi's store. police believe it is the same man. anyone with information is asked to contact fall river police. emily: eight people are forced
5:51 am
fire. sky 5 over the scene as flames and smoke poured from the home on river street yesterday. nobody was seriously hurt. randy: a cape cod man pleads guilty to assault charges after police say he tickled two young girls at an indoor play area in kingston. justin kettell entered his plea in court yesterday after the april incident at billy beez in the kingston collection mall. kettell was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. emily: the animal rescue league this cockatoo in the garbage. the bird, now named mayfield, was found in its cage in the trash on norfolk street in dorchester. we're told mayfield is doing much better now. changes coming to your twitter feed. the social media app will allow a quality filter for all users to protect people from harassment. the filter allows you to hide tweets that contain threats or appear to be automated. the feature was previously only available to verified accounts. randy: uber is partnering with
5:52 am
launching a public trial this month in pittsburgh to give people a chance to test-out the autonomous cars. right now, volvo has six self-driving cars in the city. to start, uber will have a driver sitting behind the wheel to monitor the car. emily: cracking your knuckles may actually be good for you. researchers looked at the ultrasounds of 400-knuckles to find out what happens to a joint being cracked. they say those who cracked their flexibility afterward. scientists think when you crack a knuckle you pull apart two surfaces of the joint. that brings down the pressure in the joint. randy: a high-profile hollywood divorce is leading to good things for others after samantha heard handed over several million dollars to two charities from resettlement with johnny
5:53 am
children's hospital of los angeles and by the aclu. the couple came to the settlement today before they were doing court. emily: new york city police help an orphan get his wish. they're sending 7-year-old tyrone lowe to disney world. the boy was orphaned by domestic violence. last year, his father killed his mother, before taking his own life. city police banded together to raise enough money to send him to disney and create new memories. they also put $5,000 into a college fund for tyrone. they plan to continue to raise money for the boy. randy: new fodder for harry potter fans. a couple weeks after the release of "harry potter and the cursed child," j.k. rowling's publisher announced she has written three collections of short stories. the books will go deeper into the dark side of the wizarding world. the e-books will be available next month. emily: something tells me they will be very popular. [laughter]
5:54 am
starting to get into them. tropical storm fiona. we are watching this way out in the atlantic. it's the coast of africa, meandering your the ocean. but there is some disturbance behind it, a little ways off africa. we are watching this one for possible development. as we track the tropics over the next few days, fiona will not bother anyone. it will be closer to bermuda next week, but for the moment, she isn't bothering anyone. humidity is central. 60's and the suburbs right now, 70's for everyone by mid-to-late morning. and this afternoon, sunshine and temperatures aren't changing too much along the coast. we are holding their 80 degrees thanks to that sea breeze. 84 in worcester, 88 in the merrimack valley. water temperatures are way up in
5:55 am
today, high tide coming up after 1:30. high-pressure nosing in. it will keep the humidity down, but it is cool to the south, and that impressive humidity will come back out as a southerly wind. the humidity picks up on sunday, and by sunday night to monday it will bring in some needed rain. comfortable for sleeping tonight . 60's for most of us, a fewer tomorrow morning, but saturday looks great. sunshine, low 80's of the coast, upper 80's inland. things will change on sunday. we're watching that area of high pressure shift eastward. southerly wind brings up the humidity, and notice this front off to the west, showers and downpours across the area. we will see them moving through. by midday monday, the front is crossing the area, are only
5:56 am
next week . how are we doing on the roads? olessa: friday light so far. you can see a few more cars on the southbound side into boston, but still not seeing so many delays. the rest of your trip is pretty much the same story. 24 still quite, no issues on 95. your ride on the expressway is starting to build volume north of granite avenue. 15 minutes eastbound from 495 to 128. 495 looks great, no issues on route 3 out of transferred. 93 south wide open out of andover down into wilmington. light past 128 to spot ponting over to the leverett connector. trains and buses on schedule. radio startling surveillance video of what police are calling an attempted abduction. emily: how the child's father stopped the bizarre encounter. and new this morning, picking up the right food for a pick me up. the snacks that won't drag you
5:57 am
take a left look here at the city. the sun is up. we will hold onto it, a gorgeous start. and check this out. the moon is out. a sturgeon moon. it is pretty bright in the sky, so look out your window and
5:58 am
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>> breaking overnight, a stabbing at a sports backs new details on the attack as police search for a suspect. >> olympic swimmers under suspicion because of this video. breaking news on a new deal as one athlete tries to get out of rio. >> tom brady missing his last chance to p before his suspension kicks in. the injury before he took the field. it's on the eye no this friday morning. >> no suite tea? no problem. the unusual wedding cake for couples who would rather not have sugar. i'm randy price. >> i will keep the sugar, thank you very much, i'm emily riemer


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