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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm EDT

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to help the family with funeral expenses. at 5:30 p.m., you will hear from that grieving family. heather: ryan lochte stirring controversy outside the swimming pool. ed: that's right. ben simoneau joins us. reporter: the trouble for the olympic star and the three other swimmers is not quite over yet. olympic swimmer ryan lochte now saying he teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio. posting on social media "i want to apologize for my behavior and not for being -- and for not being more careful and candid. ryan lochte telling nbc that after a night of partying, they were targeted by armed men
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but police in rio claim that the video from the gas station tells a much different story. you can see one of the swimmers pull a sign of the wall. ryan lochte comes out of the bathroom. they are seen getting out of there cap when they are confronted by this man. police say it was a gas station security officer. the video cuts out three minutes, the athletes insisting it was during that time they were held up at the only swimmers still in rio agreeing to pay $11,000 to a charity. >> he is the one who needs to be concerned because he is there. there is no full explanation for the accounts tonight. ed: we will continue to sort
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virus. reporter: florida gov. rick scott is avoiding -- is advising pregnant women to avoid miami beach. that brings the total to 36 -- miami beach really popular among tourists. three of five infected were visiting that area. patients from new york, texas, and taiwa governor says that action is been taken. governor scott: we are requesting additional support from the cdc. we have already increased spraying. we are doing everything we can to help pregnant women across our state stay safe and we will keep it that way. reporter: it was believed previous to this week that the
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virus were only in one area. that has expanded. they will look at a different approach in miami beach because the planes cannot fly low enough to target the specific areas. have a, back to you. heather: the driver behind this crash in court today. ed: david raonic is live with that investigation new at 4:30 p.m. david? david: a mother and her nine-year-old son in mid. they were in boston on a school related trip. meanwhile, 25-year-old -- from needham was in court today to face charges including hit and run and driving without a license. she pleaded not guilty and was locked up. her lawyer told the judge that yesterday's crash was an accident, the mercedes she was
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problem. she was not trying to run from the scene, but went to a nearby building where she knew her husband was. the neighbor here in milford says the mother and son who were hurt are expected home from the hospital today or tomorrow. however, the third person hurt, a tourist from spain, will have the most serious injuries, including a broken back. wcvb newscenter 5. another beautiful day in the city. it looks like it might be the same story for the weekend, mike wankum? mike: all nice and quiet out there. you do start to see showers and thunderstorms over the great lakes. that may impact the weekend. for now, upper 70's, just a gorgeous day out there. i am watching that line of
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i will have more on the timeline in a few moments. in the tropics, nothing in the caribbean. tropical storm fiona and also this tropical wave out there. much more on their tracking and what they will do for the east coast of the united eight in a few moments. heather? heather: commitment 2016 another , shakeup for the trump campaign. chairm saying he accepted the resignation. it comes days after trump promoted two campaign aides to senior positions. from manchester, former trump campaign manager corey lewandowski talking about the latest shakeup. >> they know how tough it is. that being said, the campaign should never be about eight staff person. it should be about the candidate . at all of the focuses back on mr. trump. heather: manafort's resignation also comes in the wake of his work for a pro-russian political party in ukraine becoming public.
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mate, indiana governor mike pence together in louisiana. the pair passing out toys and supplies in baton rouge to flood victims. mr. trump: it's a great place. i have had a great history with louisiana. they need a lot of help. what has happened here is incredible. i'm just here to help. thank you. ed: earlier today, they met volunteers at a church. at least 13 people killed in this natural disaster. ago, president obama will leave the vineyard and visit the area on tuesday. trump today releasing his campaign's first tv ad this general election. heather the focus, immigration. :take a listen. >> our border open -- more of the same, but worse. heather: the ad is one of two different spots running in swing states. the trump campaign spending close to $5 million on the ads. the new york times reporting
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-- that former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use a personal email server when she took over the state department. ed: powell responding to that today. he tells the associated press he sent clinton a memo touting his use of a home email for unclassified messages. the former secretary of state says it vastly improved communications within the department. powell says at that time the state department did not have an equivalent internal system. cl presidential campaign. a potential set back for the aaron hernandez defense. heather: the state supreme judicial court has ruled that attorneys for the former patriots star no longer need one of hernandez's cell phones. the lawyers were holding on to it and prosecutors were previously denied a chance to examine the phone. this court ruling clears the way for prosecutors to get a search warrant for the phone's contents. hernandez is awaiting trial for shooting and killing two men in
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he's already serving a life sentence for the murder of his one-time friend odin lloyd. ed: two france now. the terror attack in nice, france has claimed another victim. a man died of the injuries he suffered today bringing the , total number of people killed to 86. the victim's name has not been released. france's secretary of state says the victim was a married father of two. isis took responsibility for the july attack where a man drove a truck into a crowd celebrating bastille day. teen remains in jail after stabbing his mother and little brother. ed: the attack happened when the family was on vacation in florida. 16-year-old gust ramgren is charged with attempted murder. today, police in siesta key, florida released the 911 calls. the teen's mother, melissa ramgren, a teacher in newton calling for help while suffering , from life-threatening injuries. listen. >> oh, my god. i don't know what happened. i was watching tv.
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stepped my son. he stabbed me. he never stopped. he just kept stabbing. ed: melissa ramgren and her son are still in the hospital this afternoon. police are still searching for the man wanted in a woburn stabbing. heather the victim stabbed in : the neck outside a restaurant. police called to jake-n-joe's sports grille overnight. the 31-year-old victim suffering critical injuries there. the suspect we're told got away on a bicycle. in shock, the restaurant's director of operations says nothing like this has ever happened before. he says they have never even broken up a bar fight. >> we pride ourselves on being a family oriented business. we are not a bar room. we are a place where families come, kids come. heather the circumstances of the : stabbing are being investigated. police hope surveillance video from the restaurant will help lead to an arrest. ed: new at 4:30: boston police release the name of a man fatally stabbed in east boston. 23-year-old gage smith died wednesday after he was found inside a house on paris street. this afternoon, no arrests in
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heather: fall river police are asking for help identifying this man wanted in two robberies. the first happened wednesday afternoon at a rockland trust bank. the second thursday morning at a tedeschi's store. police believe the same man is behind both hold-ups. anyone with information is asked to contact fall river police. ed: we are learning more about this chase in brockton that ended in a crash. this was the scene yesterday on east ashland street. our media partners at the "enterprise," ricardo charles had taken part in an alleged drug deal. an attempt to question him is what triggered the chase. no drugs were found in the vehicle. heather: right now, t police are looking for this man wanted in an assault on a bus driver. he's accused of chugging a beer before punching the driver in the face. he had a bicycle with a skateboard on the back. call police if you recognize him. the alleged attack happened around 12:30 p.m. monday at the intersection of cambridge street and brighton avenue. when this happened, we were told by the mbta that the driver refused medical treatment.
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a bus driver is dead several -- bus driver is dead tonight, several passengers hurt after two buses collide in new jersey. the crash happening this morning in newark. both of the buses operated by new jersey transit the collision causing one of them to nearly break in half. the bus driver killed was a longtime employee of the transit system. heather: two people and 19 firefighters needing treatment battling this house fire in new york city. the firefighters treated for heat exhaustion. the six-alarm fire broke out . it quickly spread in the end -- quickly spread and in the end, damaged six neighboring homes. ed: to concord, new hampshire where a construction worker was killed at a site. 45-year-old brian sullivan, of pittsfield was struck by a piece of equipment while working on driveway yesterday. sullivan was working for william young excavating site work, a company based in bow. osha is now investigating the incident. an ayer man is under arrest in littleton accused of driving
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heather: police say they spotted timothy walsh on the side of ayer road facing the wrong way after getting reports of an erratic driver. when he tried to re-enter the road, he allegedly hit the cruiser. both walsh and the officer were taken to the hospital for evaluation and released. time now to flash forward to 5:00 on newscenter 5. ed: 5 investigates, tonight -- thousands of gas leaks, some potentially explosive costing ratepayers millions. are the gas companies doing enough to protect you? 6:00: final salute. a korean war p.o.w. laid to rest here, at home. the decades-long journey to bring him back. ed: and new at 7:00: the next step in virtual reality now being developed at mit. tonight's cutting edge, what this new technology can do that already has hollywood calling. mike: and i'm keeping an eye on to tropical systems. locally, we need some rain.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: our camera gives breaking up, but you get the point. it's a great weekend on the cape. oh, yeah. he just said, oh, yeah.
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you know this by now. 32 minutes, not bad. 26 minutes upper deck to 128. that will take you 12 minutes. i think that is a little deceiving. we are tracking 40 minutes, weston tolls to 495. pike to 290, that is a seven-minute ride. you are making that lickety-split. heather: we should pay a visit to hampton beach. [laughter] mike: that is cool. heather: jonathan livingston see goal -- [laughter] mike: remember the eagle one? we watched it. ed: it was hypnotic. look at the stretch, too. heather: that looks like a different one.
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impressive. ed: you are watching us now? heather: this is a distraction. a lot of activity. mike: we have not one, but two systems we are watching. heather: way out in the atlantic. mike: yes, way out in the atlantic. tropical storm. needs to get a little bit stronger to get to does not look like it will be doing. we will start to talk about what's going to happen to it -- it looks like it will head towards bermuda. notice what will happen. goes way down. there may be a few rain showers out of it. we are talking about the middle of next week. look at this disturbed area right here. the national hurricane center is saying the next days, it's 50/50
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we take the spaghetti plots -- this is all of the computer models warning where it could go. we are talking about it moving towards puerto rico. this does not have a name yet. it will be a while before it gets to be a tropical storm and eventually becomes a hurricane, if it can. this talk about what is happening here today. the mergers in the 70's of the shoreland. inland, temperatures well in the 80's. down? it felt so nice. look at that satellite picture. outside of a few puffy clouds, that is it. if you widen out the view, you go way out to the west. there are showers, thunderstorms. severe weather expected tonight. watch this line. that's not going to happen until sunday night.
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look at that dew point. very comfortable at 61 degrees. tomorrow, it stays very nice and then it starts to ramp up for sunday and monday and drops back by monday night. it's going to get really muggy, which tells us there at some thunderstorms. clearing comfortable, 66 degrees. at talking about some sunshine. clouds could develop inland. southeasterly at 10 to 15 miles per hour. i'm not looking for any rain. we have to look at sunday before there any showers in the forecast. 84 degrees tomorrow, same thing on sunday. sunday, we start to increase the cloud cover during the day. then we watch this line of showers. check out 3:00 in the afternoon. not much going on.
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looks like decent rain out of this one. have an inch to a little bit more than that. after that, sunny, dry weather we are talking about and temperatures back into the 80's. we are back with the august forecast with a hope that we will pick up some rain sunday monday. heather: some fun happening at the hatch shell tomorrow. it's time for red bull's annual flugtag. ed: that was very heather: here's what you can expect if you head down there. competitors build a device, and attempt to fly off of a platform over the water. you can see how it usually ends. ed: yep, yep. heather the fun starts at 11:00 : a.m. -- ed: that is going to hurt. uber taking a hit from a new ruling. heather the decision that could : help drivers who want more
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this friday afternoon.
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ed: i check of your economy at 4:30 p.m. -- a judge rejects a key settlement for uber drivers in massachusetts and california. heather: the federal judge ruling against a 100 million dollar settlement that would
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380,000 drivers, calling it unfair to drivers. the ruling now complicates uber's effort to keep its drivers classified as independent contractors and not as employees. they can still negotiate a revised settlement. a lawsuit filed against the burger chain founded by mark and donnie wahlberg. ed: five former employees of the wahlburgers in brooklyn are suing the restaurant for rampant violations of labor laws. in the class-action suit filed in new york federal court the ex-employees claim wahlburgers failed to pay them the proper minimum wage and regularly kept tips designated for servers. the company says it's working with the franchise to better understand the circumstances. footwear maker crocs is now the target of a lawsuit along with a resort in hawaii. a texas couple claims their 2-year-old was seriously injured, after their son's foot got caught in an escalator. the lawsuit, claims crocs are negligently and improperly designed. a hilton resort on waikiki is also faulted for improperly maintaining the escalator, that's according to the lawsuit. heather: hundreds of people
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all attempting to get their hands on items inside a kanye west pop-up store. this shop around the corner from the apple store is one of 21 around the world. you will find items from the rapper's the life of pablo tour . it comes to boston saturday , september 3. it closes sunday. ed: for some a trip to the dentist can be a bit unsettling. heather: a bit? and unsettling? i could use some other words. we'll explain why it was a team
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heather: days after her high-profile divorce from johnny depp became official. actress amber heard is doing some good. she is giving more than 7 million dollars of the divorce settlement to childrens' hospital in los angeles and the aclu. the couple came to a settlement agreement the day before they were due in court. ed: you thought your job was stressful. how about doing some dental work on a bear? ursula lives over at the buttonwood zoo in new bedford. the bear getting a tooth pulled. dentists say their biggest concern was that she'd wake up. ursula did not wake up. ursula is fine. everything is a ok. would you look at her? heather: those are some big teeth.
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hey, how about that one, eddie? ben: a toddler dead at home. heather: his injuries in the investigation underway. mike: a new system trying to organize. heather: a mother frantic calling for help. new details on the stabbing attack unleashed by her own son. ben: ryan the olympic swimmer comes up short on one thing. heather: thousands of lakes across the state. >> where are they and what is the threat? 5 investigates. >> from boston's news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:00. heather: breaking news at 5:00 -- the zika virus now spreading to a second area of miami, florida. five new cases announced today in south beach, prompting the cdc to warm pregnant woman to
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until now, it was believed zika-carrying mosquitoes were just in miami's wynwood district. the new cases bring the total number of locally-transmitted zika cases in miami to 36. ben: more breaking news. sky 5 over littleton where a small plane crashed this afternoon. we are told the pilot, a teenaged flight student, was not hurt when the plane lost all power and went down in this wooded area near harwood avenue. the teenager was on his way back to the air registered to a local flight school out of stow. now to a search for answers in the death of this little boy who was rushed from this apartment in woburn with traumatic injuries. tonight, his twin sister is hospitalized with injuries of her own as the investigation zeroes in on their babysitter. heather: newscenter 5's juli mcdonald is live in woburn tonight. juli?


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