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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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. doug: breaking overnight. a deadly shooting at a boston naked. t -- neighborhood. the search under way. antoinette: what we're learning with an investigation outside a woburn restaurant. doug: the new account of what actually happened doug: good morning. thanks for joining us on this saturday morning, august 20. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio. i hope your weekend is off to a good start. we want that to continue with nice weather, mike wankum. mike: you have barbecue plans, don't you?
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this afternoon. i didn't ask for my personal forecast this afternoon. mike: you've got a beautiful day coming your way. clear skies right now. you start to see a few clouds that my drift through this afternoon, but more importantly, over the midwest, that is some rain. i know we haven't seen it for a while. it's going to be getting in here, looks like, as we talk about tomorrow night. so keep that in mind. sunday night into monday morning, could have showers. this morning, orange is down to 58, keen is at 56. almost cool t hours, temperatures go up in the upper 70s. however, if you're away from the city, temperatures should get warmer. the other thing, looking away from the city, around 1:00 this afternoon, we get clouds developing. this computer model looks like we have showers. maybe a chance of sprinkles here or there. most of that is going to be west of 495. not looking for too much out of that. more chances for rain on sunday night. much better chances at that. we'll talk more about the
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deadly shooting is under investigation in roxbury. a man and a woman were shot around midnight at upton's corner near wendover and dudley streets. the man was killed. the woman, in her 30s, is in critical condition at boston medical center. they're looking for the shooter. >> we have an individual on to dudley in the direction of columbia road. that's all we have at this time. doug: police say they know little more about the crime. they urge anybody with information to call the homicide unit. at the number you see at the bottom of the screen. antoinette: a teenager is behind bars in connection with a deadly stabbing in east boston. police arrested 18-year-old darius berry of dorchester last night, accused of stabbing 23-year-old gage smith to death. smith was found inside a paris street home on wednesday. right now, a suspect is under arrest after a stabbing outside a popular woburn restaurant. doug: the victim of the attack
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reports, the motive for the attack is still unclear. reporter: less than 24 hours after the stabbing, woburn police announce an arrest in what they call a brutal attack outside this jake and joe's restaurant. >> there is no clear indication of motive and the investigation continues to be active and ongoing. reporter: it happened just after midnight this morning as the restaurant was closing. >> anybody that was there last night that could get close enough, there was a considerable crime scene outside the restaurant. james lyons is facing charges for assault with intent to murder. the police chief says the suspect was arrested at a home in woburn, adding social media, good old fashioned police work helped investigators track the suspect down. >> facebook played a good part of it. we're not in a position to talk about it. reporter: the director of orangeses for the restaurant says nothing like this has ever happened here before. >> we pride ourselves on being a family oriented business. reporter: we're told he's being
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he is expected to be in court on monday. in woburn, diane cho, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: the state has taken custody of three children as part of the investigation into the death of a toddler in woburn. there have been no charges filed in the death of 15-month-old noah larson. an ambulance was called to the home monday, when noah and his twin sister were in the care of a family friend. we tried to speak to the baby iter friday. she wouldn't answer questions. investigators haven't labeled r police in new hampshire searching for this man. andrew shea ran off when corrections officers tried to take him into custody at the calumet halfway house for men in manchester. police are asking anybody with information to give him a call. antoinette: we are getting a first detailed account from what really happened from one of the american swimmers who claimed to be robbed in rio. gunnar bentz issued a statement
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surveillance video shows, he and three teammates, including ryan lochte, urinated outside a store and then lochte vandalized a sign. bentz says security arrived and, quote, both guards pointed their guns at us and yelled at us to sit on a nearby sidewalk, but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. one of the guards said we needed to pay them in order to leave. bentz says they handed over about $70 and then left. lochte issued an apology friday, but offerve what happened. brazilian police continue to investigate and say there could be charges. doug: this is a wild one. a fugitive found living in disguise on the cape. police say the older man and the younger man are actually the same person, 31-year-old shawn miller of hyannis. he's been wanted since april on drug charges when police showed up at a home in south yar wrought, where they thought he might be. a man appearing to be much older walked out the door. police weren't fooled.
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and then police served the home and found two loaded weapons and $30,000 in cash. antoinette: the driver accused of hitting three people in downtown crossing has pleaded not guilty yesterday in court. a lawyer for 25-year-old shaniqua steel says the car she was driving suddenly accelerated and may have had a mechanical problem. her lawyer also says she was not running away from the scene but into a nearby building where her husband was. steel does not t police looking for your help finding this man wanted in an assault on a bus driver. he's accused of chugging a beer before punching that driver in the face. he had a bicycle with a skateboard on the back. the alleged attack happened around 12:30 monday at the intersection of cambridge street and brighton af. when this happened, we're told by the mbta that the driver refused medical treatment. call police if you recognize the suspect. doug: new this morning, an
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chelmsford is headed to federal court. a lawsuit in connection with the 2013 incident is expected to be filed within the next couple days. the incident happened at a preseason football camp. the hazing allegations include physical and sexual assault along with bullying and harassment. our media partners at the lowell sun report the family is seeking $300,000 in damages from the town. right now, police in manchester looking for an animal after it attacked at least two people. witnesses say it's a grey fox and now we're hearing from the jane worthy was out for a walk with her dog when the animal came charging around the corner from her merrimack home. she ran to the front door but the animal chased and attacked her. she used a broom to swing at it. it ran off into the woods but not without leaving her with close to 20 scars. >> i ended up at the doctor's office with multiple gashes, most likely bites, a couple scratches and a series of shots.
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spotted again hours later when it tried to attack another homeowner. police have not confirmed the animal is a fox. but they tell residents to use extra precaution. antoinette: a zika virus warning is in florida. the tourist destination pregnant women are urged to avoid. also, a local college worker accused of making threats against the school. the story police say she made up first. mike: a mild start to your saturday. there are chances tracking later this weekend. antoinette: we continue to follow breaking noogs out of boston this morning. police searching for a gunman in a deadly shooting in when i look for solutions, i don't start in washington,
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right here in new hampshire... where i'm fighting for the good-paying jobs that strengthen our economy. i worked to make childcare more affordable and make it easier to save for college. i've worked across party lines on clean air and energy efficiency efforts... and to strengthen social security and medicare. together, we're making new hampshire and america stronger.
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte.
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narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. . antoinette: good morning. your health, a new study revealing parents want the chance to opt out of the controversial hpv vaccine. 60% of parents say they think the vaccine is ineffective. more than 30% think the major push for the vaccine is to give money for the pharmaceutical companies. the cdc and doctors, however, do recommend all children get that vaccine. they say it does work to prevent very serious cancers.
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destinations here in the united states. doug: ben simoneau has the warning for pregnant women in miami beach. reporter: a tourist hot spot, now a zika hot spot. >> if i knew, i wouldn't have come here. reporter: florida health officials confirming five people contracted zika while in miami beach. somewhere between 8th and 28th streets, a 1.5 square mile area. it's now the second neighborhood where zika is being spraying. we'll do everything we can to help pregnant women across the state. we have a safe state and we'll keep it that way. reporter: the problem, 15 million tourists a year come to miami beach. three of the new zika cases were out of state visitors. from new york, texas and taiwan. >> between our efforts and the county's spraying efforts, the last thing i'd ever want to be on miami beach right now is a
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to be through ground straying, because high winds and tall buildings make aerial spraying difficult. the state hasn't said exactly when it believes the victims contracted zika. putting governor rick scott on the defensive. >> a straight-up answer. we're going to provide timely, accurate information for public health. i want everybody in the state to stay safe. i want our visitors to stay safe. so as we know that there's local transmission, with he will make sure the as promptly as we can. reporter: these five new cases mean 36 people now contracted zika in florida, but the cdc also confirmed it's investigating possible cases in other neighborhoods of the miami area. i'm ben simoneau, wcvb, newscenter 5. mike: we've got a "shrek" update for you this morning.
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much. it's still a tropical storm, but by later this afternoon, it's a tropical depression. that's sad. let's talk about what's going on. let me show you what's happening out there. over the last 24 hours, notice how it's organized yesterday. it's not doing too much. if you look at the big picture, you can see there's not much around it. there's not going to be too much going on. right now, fiona with maximum sustained winds of 40 miles an hour. 's west/northwest at 1 miles per hour. later today, it will be a tropical depression and fall apart into a band of rain. they might get beneficial rains in bermuda in the middle of the week. this is a two-system system. as you look to the west, another one forms out here. this one has more punch to it but very, very disorganized at this point. we put our computer models together and call it spaghetti plot. we say what happens?
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indicating we've got this really pretty good westerly flow, heading towards san juan, maybe toward eventually florida. but that's not until the end of the week. so several days to go. we'll watch and monitor it. right now, doesn't even have a name. down here, we have a name for this. beautiful this morning. lots of clear skies going on out there. widen out the view, you see several things to the west going on. showers, thunderstorms cutting across iowa, headed for chicago right now. that's what will be moving in here as weal night. so between now and then, there isn't too much going on. a couple things this afternoon. maybe some clouds. but that's about it. stepping out this morning, look at the temperatures. key, orange, jaffrey, up in concord, new hampshire, in the upper 50s right now. through the cape, most of the temperatures into the mid 60s at this point. in boston, it's 69. winds are out of the south. these will go to a more southeast direction this afternoon. that will keep things cooler if you're right near the shore
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but from what we've been through lately, that's not going to feel too bad. then ramp up tomorrow. really ramps up. sunday night into monday morning. monday night, it's diving back down when we'll see a chance of showers. there's a couple things going on this afternoon. at 2:00, inland, we could see a batch of clouds. it's possible, very, very slim chance that one or two of you might see a sprinkle out of this. it's outside of 495. i don't think most of us will toward the evening hours, the threat is gone. the next chance of rain is tomorrow night. today, 80 to 84 degrees. tonight, humidity not bad, 64 to 68 degrees. then we talk about the chance of showers coming in. so the humidity comes roaring in tomorrow. here's the front coming through. notice the timeline on this. most of this is not going to be
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each time i look at the computer model. it doesn't look like a lot of rain, maybe a quarter to half inch. sunday night, possibly into early morning monday. that would be unusual, driving to work in rain. after that, low humidity comes back in. sunshine returns. nice and comfortable tuesday and wednesday looking beautiful right now. by thursday and friday, humidity back up a little bit. temperatures come up a little bit as well. overall, pretty dry pattern once we get past the threat of rain on sunday a use every drop of moisture we can get. at least it's something. antoinette: we need it, mike. thank you. time, 5:17. take being a look at stories we're following right now. doug: a food service worker at worcester poly tech is behind bars. heather lyons told her therapist she wanted to shoot up and bomb the campus. prosecutors say her plan was detailed and she had printouts of bomb making instructions. she expressed anger at a boss
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serksial assault allegations against him in 2015. antoinette: a westborough school committee member behind bars. elyse kanji is accused of biting the forearm of her son's driving instructor. the committee says they're aware of the charges but have no comment. a pretrial hearing is set for september 1. five former employees of wahlburgers in brooklyn are suing the restauran and violations of labor laws. in the class action lawsuit, the ex-employees say wahlburgers failed to pay them the proper minimum wage and regularly kept tips designated for the servers. the company says it's working with the brooklyn franchise to better understand the circumstances. doug: the boston harbor casino has an opening day. they plan to open in june of 2019. construction began on the everett location earlier this
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fights. the construction of the $2 billion complex also includes the cleanup of the mystic river. companies like apple, google and comcast are among dozens participating in a robo call strike force meeting. the group is working to provide customers more control over incoming calls. they're working on a solution to block robo call numbers. >> how to show you can overcome score ten runs and get solid pitching from your ace and the bull pen. the red sox finally beat the tigsers last night in detroit. pick one guy to start the damage, big papi. david ortiz gets it going in the top of the first with the mammoth two-run home run. his 28th of the season. two batters later, jbj goes deep. 21 homers for the center fielder who continues to exceed all
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to the sixth, the single by dustin pedroia, the last of four straight with two outs, 7, 8, 9, 1 hitters getting it done. hanley getting it done as well. the first of two doubles for him. this one opposite field, showing his strength, driving in big papi and mookie bets who almost caught ortiz as he came rumbling around to score. what can you say about rick porcello, the owner of a 17-3 record after this win in motown. drew pomeranz takes the mound tonight looking for his second straight win. red sox looking to do the same and possibly take over first place in the east. that's sports. have a great day. antoinette: the stage is set for a one of a kind competition on boston's charles river and the excitement kicks off today. it is time for the red bulls annual fluing to. this is set up along the water. here's what you can expect. check the video out.
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competitors build their own boats, planes, cars, whatever. they launch them off the platform. it gets started today at 11:00 a.m. then you have the people just flopping around with the wings. doug: it goes to show how far this city has moved forward. 20 years ago, it would never be allowed. they would never have allowed anything like that. antoet have met his match in boston. doug: the 13-year-old taking center stage at fenway. also, a piece of history goes up for auction. we'll explain more in a little bit. antoinette: a live look outside. stop and take a breath. look at that. this is your impending sunrise over hampton beach this morning. time right now, 5:21, 67 degrees
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mike: a beautiful sunrise headed our way this morning. you may have noticed how it's getting later each and every day. we're losing about 2:20 every single day. so the sunrise this morning is at 5:57. then as we start going just a few days later, we get to that 6:00 hour. and that is going to be
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go to october 17 as we head towards fall. so the days are getting shorter. but they certainly are not getting cooler. we've got warm temperatures in the forecast. mild right now. a few spots, seeing patchy fog. we're seeing readings in the lower 60s. boston at 69. what's going to happen with the high temperatures today. if you're near the shore line, high temperatures today into the upper 70s. a southeast breeze around i've indicated mostly sunny skies. a batch of clouds develop inland through the afternoon. there may be enough cloud cover that you get a sprinkle here or there. it's not the rain we're talking about. we have to hold off until sunday night to get the rain into the forecast. for today, we'll call it cooler at the coast. on average, 82 degrees. there will be a few more clouds inland. for sunday, looks like late night rain moving in. most of sunday is dry. i'd plan everything just as you have it scheduled and keep it
5:26 am
sunset, we start to get showers in here. those showers may linger a little bit into your monday morning. if you're an early commuter, you might drive to work with rain showers. by the time you drive home, the sun will be back and humidity will drop at that point. not a bad weekend. just a couple flies in the ointment. antoinette: how about this the piano man meets the piano stage at fenway park thursday night. ? doug: 13-year-old bradley barnett of athol getting a chance to play on stage with billy joel during his concert friday night. we caught with him friday. he told us it's something he'll never forget. >> it's quite the feeling, being able to sit down and talk to
5:27 am
it. doug: this kid is like uber cool. he's the youngest musician to perform regularly over at faneuil hall. antoinette: stop it! look at him go. he's got it all. doug: he's not messing around. 13, that confidence. antoinette: i love it. doug: commitment 2016. new questions about hillary clinton's antoinette: who may have given her that idea. plus donald trump tours an area hit hard by flooding in louisiana. the new appeal on the campaign trail. doug: 5 investigates thousands of gas leaks, some potentially explosive, costing rate payers millions. the concern about gas companies doing enough to protect you. antoinette: we go back out live outside this morning. two shots for you. look at the gorgeous sky over at hampton beach. another gorgeous sky over boston
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doug: well, that's strange. antoinette: we're right back in
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hey mom, i could use some basil. oh, sure thing, sweetie. life is eating out of a flower pot. wait where's the? right. it's being a food paparazzi. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet. as it should. and a takeout romantic. dessert! happy anniversary.
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life is eating, laughing, loving and a place to enjoy it together. mike: a few clouds this morning, but a beautiful summer day on tap. when we may see rain this weekend. antoinette: breaking overnight, a deadly shooting in roxbury. the victims and the search for the killer this morning.
5:31 am
the crash landing he survived and how he pulled it off. doug: good saturday morning. i'm doug meehan. antoinette: i'm antoinette antonio. we have mike wankum with us this morning. someone may have outdoor plans, possibly a barbecue around 2:00 p.m. mike: did you get invited? i didn't. speaking. mike: oh, oh, figuratively. what's your address? you actually have pretty decent weather for it. there will be clouds coming in this afternoon. show you what's happening on the satellite picture this afternoon. kristal clear skies. look at block island. we've just got enough of a disturbance in the atmosphere for the area through there, pop-up showers develop. we could use rain across the
5:32 am
way low for us. where is our next rain maker coming from? clear out by chicago right now. that's a good road trip that's got to come down i-90. it's going to take a while to get here, probably not until tomorrow night. in between, not much going on. you can see showers, thunderstorms going on. it's possible tomorrow night, we could have a rumble of thunder into the overnight hours. checking out the temperatures this morning, we've got upper 60s in boston. some places lower 60s, a few upper 50s showing up right now. in degrees. a few clouds this afternoon. boston in the upper 70s. inland, temperatures around 80, 85 degrees today. there will be clouds inland and a better chance of seeing rain tomorrow night. all the timeline on that coming up in a few moments. antoinette: we're following breaking news on the eyeopener right now. doug: police are searching for a gunman in a deadly shooting in
5:33 am
and dudley streets. the man was killed. the woman, in her 30s, is in critical condition. antoinette: a suspect under arrest in connection with a brutal stabbing in woburn. james laens faces charges of assault of with intent to murder. the victim is in critical condition this morning after a stabbing outside jake and joe's early friday morning. doug: the two pictures you're looking at right now are the same guy. it's 31-year-old shawn miller of hyannis, a living in disguise on the cape. he's been wanted on drug charges since april. he was wearing a mask, making him look much older, when arrested. antoinette: a student pilot survives after being forced to crash land his plane in littleton. doug: police praising his ability to stay citycam. reporter: the single engine cessna sustained serious damage when it crashed into the woods.
5:34 am
i saw a plane at about eye level and saw it crash into the trees and called 911. reporter: greg balm palmer ran over to help the pilot. to his amazement, jim magee freed himself, showing no signs of serious injury. >> his engine cut out. he didn't know why. he was looking for a safe place to land. reporter: the student pilot lost all power flying stowe just a few miles away. his father rushed to the woods, relieved his son survived the terrifying crash. police are praising his skill, impressed he was able to pull off a dramatic crash landing. >> kept himself safe. so he walked away. everyone's happy. antoinette: that was john atwater reporting. police and the faa continue to investigate to figure out exactly what went wrong. doug: the next one may be hard
5:35 am
allegedly stabbed his mother and brother while vacationing in florida. the first call to 911 was from the suspect's mother, who had been critically hurt. >> oh, my god. >> i have help on its way. >> polilease. we're going to die. my son is going to die. he stabbed my son and he's stabbing me. doug: so diflt 16-year-old gus ramgren is accused of stabbing his mother, melissa, she's a newton school teacher and his 14-year-old brother. the second 91 1 call came from a neighbor when the teenage suspect showed up on her front porch. >> what exactly did he say to you? >> he said that somebody has attacked his family. and he says they did it.
5:36 am
he's not saying. doug: mom and the younger son are hospitalized. the 16-year-old is being held without bond. antoinette: the sale him woman who spent five years in jail for with holding medication from her cancer stricken son will appear in court. she may change her plea from not guilty. she's awaiting a new trial after her conviction was turned over by the highest court. labrie is scheduled to appear in court on august 31. doug: commitment 2016. donald trump tours the flood ravaged areas of louisiana. s he met with residents after floods. president obama announced late friday he'll visit louisiana next week after touring the flood zone, trump headed to michigan and made an appeal to black voters.
5:37 am
have suffered under democratic control. to those i say the following. what do you have to lose? doug: trump boasted after few years of a trump presidency, he'd get 95% of the black vote. antoinette: we are learning who gave hillary clinton the idea to use a private email account when she was secretary of state. the "new york times" reporting that clinton told the fbi it was former powell who gave her that idea. powell confirms that he sent clinton a memo detailing his use of personal email and how it made communications quicker, but howell did not use a private email server, as clinton did. a federal judge ruling that clinton must provide written answers in that email lawsuit. she will answer questions from the group judicial watch. the group wanted clinton to testify under oath as part of a
5:38 am
they have until october 14 to provide the questions. clinton will then have 30 days to answer them. a massive wildfire continues to burn out in california. doug: this morning, firefighters say they're gaining ground. where the wildfire stands now. antoinette: hidden costs of underground gas leaks, bad for the environment and for your wallet. 5 investigates, is enough being done to fix them? mike: we continue to watch the threat of showers moving into th it will be a while before they get there. i'll have the timeline on their arrival. doug: we're staying on top of breaking news out of boston. police searching for a suspect accused of a deadly shooting in roxbury.
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5:41 am
doug: welcome back. 5 investigates tens of thousands of gas leaks across the state. some potentially explosive, pouring natural gas into the atmosphere. antoinette: kathy curran explores the dangerous leaks. reporter: it's a busy intersection of north washington and codway streets in boston.
5:42 am
it's a narrow pipe shooting more than 20 feet into the air. its job for the past nine months has been to release and disperse natural gas leaking from this old, cracked pipe below. you can see the fumes pouring into the sky. the massive pipe, dating back to 1907, is a major supplier of gas to the city of boston. and when a leak was noticed, national grid's first move was to vent it like vent stacked like this. reporter: joe carolli is president of the gas workers union. >> there's plenty of gas blog out of that pipe. reporter: this leak is more than 75,000 across the state reported by utilities as of the end of the last year. most concentrated in the boston area. one federal report says rate payers across the country paid
5:43 am
leaking gas. >> they're deteriorating. reporter: carolli gave 5 investigates a tour of leaks, including this one right outside boston fire headquarters. >> a temporary repair when they put it on is not holding. i'm reporting a gas leak. >> i heard kaboom! reporter: that explosion back in 2014 rocked this dorchester neighborhood, erupting into a three alarm blaze, injuring a dozen people. and the victims are suing calls reporting an odor of gas were ignored. gas leaks are graded by levels from one to three, with one being the most dangerous, requiring immediate repair. companies aren't required to repair leaks like this one, which is a level three, though environmentalists say they still pose a major threat. >> you can smell the gas, and all these plants, all these trees are dying out here.
5:44 am
david leak says this is a super emitter. it isn't explosive but is leaking a large amount of gas, threatening health and the environment. >> natural gas is 95% methane. methane is a powerful green house gas. it's 84 times as powerful as carbon dioxide. it goes out of the atmosphere in about 70 years. >> it's going to take some time. we're doing it very, very aggressively. but we have started to reduce the leaks. po trade association, representing gas companies like national grid. >> do you think the companies could do better? >> if you take national grid, for instance, in the past five or six years, they've spent about $875 million on replacing leak prone pipe on this system. reporter: environmentalists support the law forcing companies to repair the most dangerous explosive leaks first but say utilities should also focus on fixing the leaks
5:45 am
>> recould rapidly mitigate the effect on green house gases and rapidly reduce waste. >> if you're going to be guardians do what you're supposed to do, make sure the product is contained and people are safe. reporter: a new law was passed in the midst of our investigation, which requires utilities to also include the leaks emitting the most gas in the repair plans they file with the state. national grid tells us repair work on north washington street and in charlestown shoulde a half. kathy curran, 5 investigates. mike: look at the sunrise. just gorgeous out there. sunrise coming in about seven minutes. you're starting to see a little orb coming above the horizon right now. we've had beautiful sunrises on the weekend because we haven't had rain to talk about. we need rain. you can see what's happened.
5:46 am
category in a large area. boston and worcester running over eight inches dreifort year. in fact, as you look at the area we're looking at right now, 17% of the state is in the extreme category and includes the city of boston. you're seeing so many water bans going on. over 160 communities within the state right now have some type of water restriction or water ban going on. at this pace, we're going to add more every single day. there are no showers really to speak of over land. if you look at the spot down towards block island, going to be intes there was a little lightning going on, but just a downpour taking place. you have to go to the west to see the next chance for rain. that's coming in saturday night into sunday. a couple of days ago, it looked like get some nice rains out of the saturday night and sunday. excuse me, sunday night into monday. looked like it was going to be a good rainstorm a couple days ago. now it's starting to look less and less. maybe a quarter to half inch of rain.
5:47 am
temperatures right now, upper 50s, but most in the 60s this morning. we'll warm things up into the 80s in most spots. look at the gorgeous view over the harbor. dew point is up a little bit, but manageable. it will stay manageable today and tonight. if you're near the shore line, maybe 80 degrees or even to the upper 70s. saugus, 79 for the high. inland, temperatures in the 80s with elevation, perhaps the upper 70s through county where we'll see clouds this afternoon as well. the south shore, cool if you're near the shore line or relatively speaking. warmer temperatures inland. cape should be seeing temperatures in the 70s. today, on average, 82. tomorrow, a few more clouds, partly cloudy and 84. there comes the chance for rain sunday night into monday morning. it's going to be late sunday night, probably after midnight, and ending during the morning commute monday. it will be over with. after that sunshine, low
5:48 am
antoinette? antoinette: we love beautiful sunrises, mike. thank you. it's 5:47. residents in california getting a first look at devastation caused by fast moving wildfires. doug: that fire 40% contained. thousands were forced to evacuate as the flames erupted 60 miles east of los angeles. at least 96 hoechmes and 213 buildings were destroyed. firefighters are making advances. there are pla t the flames. antoinette: crocs is a target of a lawsuit along with a resort in hawaii. a texas couple claims their 2-year-old was seriously injured after their son's foot got caught in an escalator. the lawsuit claims crocs are negligently and improperly designed. a hilton resort on waikiki is also faulted for improperly maintaining the escalator. that's according to the lawsuit. august 19 is now known as tony
5:49 am
included speeches, music and a heaping amount of praise. an eight-foot tall bronze statue of the singer was unveiled outside the fair month hotel. the giants honored bennett, complete with a performance from the birthday man himself. doug: amazing what one song will do for you. the sox take a chunk out of the tigers in detroit. who better to kick things david ortiz cranks out the two-run homer last night in the top of the first. not to be outdone, jackie bradley, junior, came up with his own two-run shot. on the mound, a commending performance by rick porcello. one earned run in seven innings with eight strikeouts. the sox cruise to a 10-2 victory. they play again tonight at 7:10. the nba all-star game will be played in new orleans next year.
5:50 am
north carolina after the state refused a ban on a law that allowed discrimination against transgender people. the 2017 all-star game takes place on february 19 at the smoothie king center, which has hosted the game three times. the league says they plan to provide financial aid to areas as it recovers from devastating flooding there. antoinette: a long line for a new store in boston. a so-called pop-up store by kanye west. there are more than two dozen set boston's is around the corner from the apple store on boylston street. it's all to promote his "the life of pablo" tour coming to boston on september 3rd. the store closes sunday or whenever it sells out of whatever it's selling. i don't know. doug: i don't get that. jewelry from former first lady nancy reagan's personal collection is up for auction, including the patriot ring and necklace.
5:51 am
fixtures are up forbid. the auction is expected to generate more than $2 million in proceeds going to ronald reagan presidential foundation and institute. antoinette: that's more my kind of sale. doug: that i get. some pop-up store of kanye west -- antoinette: we want to know what this is all about. if you have knowledge, please do. doug: 5:51. a special welcome for a marine in home from boot camp to marry his high school sweetheart. the touching wedding surprise from their entire community. doug: a neighborhood on alert in new hampshire after an animal attack. what one of the victims has to say about her close call. antoinette: and we go back live outside. look a the this gorgeous this morning. sunrise, about 5:57 this morning.
5:52 am
5:53 am
four hundred million dollars. that's how much charter schools will drain from massachusetts public schools this year. that desperately need it. four hundred million that won't fund more science and technology, arts or preschool, counseling, or smaller class sizes. four hundred million unavailable to the ninety-six percent of students who don't attend charter schools. let's improve public schools for all students, not just a select few. vote no on question 2. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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5:55 am
morning. plenty of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures will climb into the 80s. if you're near the shore line, enjoying the sunrise, you'll see highs in the 70s. as you look outside right now, a lot of readings into the 60s, plenty of clear skies to be talking about out there. in boston right now, it's 69 degrees. high temperatures, inland, north and west of the city, we'll get around 80, 85 degrees. at the shore line, upper 70s. humidity is manageable. looking like a nice day. afternoon. tomorrow, a partly cloudy day and rain. much needed rain at that coming in sunday night. it won't be until late sunday night into early monday morning. not a lot of rain, quarter, half inch. we'll keep an eye out for downpours. i'll have much more on your timeline in the next half hour.
5:56 am
everett's wood lant cemetery. ron sparks of cambridge disappeared in 1951 at the age of 19 and died a few months later at a p.o.w. damp. his remains were located and returned home this week. he was buried in a family plot along his parents and brother. antoinette: a special surprise for a military couple in new hampshire. this is a love story that's been growing since they were just kids. raven and evan met in this veryo attended the boys and girls club. now it's their own little wedding chapel. they initially wanted a simple wedding ceremony at the town hall, but the community that adored them really wanted to make this more special. so they gathered up in the town of milford and put this surprise together in a matter of days. >> i honestly wasn't expecting this, like a big thing like this. but i'm glad that it happened this way. >> it's amazing. to have the community come
5:57 am
antoinette: in just three days. evan is recently back from marine boot camp in south carolina and he says that made this extra special. congratulations to the happy couple. look at them. doug: great to see the kids in the audience as well, taking it all in. antoinette: oh, young love. a travel alert in the u.s. over the zika virus. doug: health experts say it's spreading in florida. new cases this morning in a site pu also, breaking news out of boston. one is dead, another critically hurt after a shooting in roxbury. details from the scene overnight as police search for the killere is she after our liquid gold? oh, she better not be. our claim runs straight down to the glut'n free stuffin'.
5:58 am
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doug: breaking overnight a deadly shooting at a boston neighborhood. the search under way for the suspect. antoinette: an arrest in a stabbing outside a woburn restaurant. what we're learning about the investigation. doug: a u.s. olympic swimmer telling his side of the story. the new account of what actually happened in rio on the eye.


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