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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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and thunderstorms. mike: back from vacation to find their home targeted by vandals. how the neighborhood is coming together to show their support. rhondella: the deadly mystery in east boston. how did a woman get run over by a bus. a civil's veteran final ride home. todd: watch your step, the creepy evidence of a huge snake on the loose in new england. rhondella: right now, rain is moving into circus overnight. todd: it is rain we desperately need with the region in the middle of a drought. mike: we do need this rain and we are getting some nice areas developing. this is not a really big air mass this will be one of the hits the come through here and it is pretty progressive. here you see the leading edge of it. more importantly is what is
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will be lifting its way northward. it will push its way up along 128 and continued to push its way in. 2 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., then we start to one this thing down. a couple of systems to keep an eye on. much more detail coming in tomorrow morning. rhondella: news, a death investigation happening in winchester. diane cho is live on the scene. diane: investigators just left the scene. they were out here for several hours try to figure out what happened out here earlier. today, we are at edgewater place in winchester were officers responded to a home around 2:00 this afternoon and found an unresponsive elderly woman. that woman was taken to a clinic
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name. the da is not saying what happened at this point or releasing details of the case. todd: a deadly ministry in east boston. the police are trying to figure out how to women were run over by a party bus on mcclellan highway. one is dead and the other was taken to a local hospital. it is not clear what they were doing. the the sales manager says the driver is on temporary leave during the investigation. >> boom -- the main thing we want to do is offer our condolences to the victim' is family. todd: the other -- victim's family. todd: the other victim is expected to be ok.
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the police are investigating the cause of the crash. rhondella: neighbors say family was having a birthday party last night. the police say one child was unresponsive when pulled from the water. one neighbor is a nurse and says he performed cpr. >> i was sitting on the porch with my neighbor, getting ready to eat. we had -- we heard the commotion for help. my whatever ov i did a few compressions and got a pulse and got the are we going. rhondella: they are in critical condition. todd: a show of support in a neighborhood tonight. a family return from vacation to find their home targeted. they're gay pride flag
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jim: it is unclear whether this was a vandal or a hate crime. they came home from vacation and their gay flag was gone. >> heartbreak. how could this happen in our neighborhood? >> it's just a mess. >> for anybody to do this>>. it is really hard to feel like someone hates you. this neighborhood for years, a neighborhood where they felt accepted. >> i don't this to happen to anybody else. is it just vandalism? is a hate crime? ? is it pranksters? jim: so they filed a police report, fearing the vandals might come back. that it's with the neighbors did that made them feel safe. one by one, families put up their own flag. now roughly two thirds of the
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ages five to 16, they were on their bikes for over an hour delivering the flags. >> it's wild, just filled up with tears driving down the street. can't speak. it's overwhelming. >> it's overwhelming, the support. jim: a strong message from a neighborhood united. jim:>> if>> people are going to do that, they will not be welcome in our neighborhood. jim: right now, the family says theye rhondella: right now, a saugus man is behind bars. john sievers is charged with attended murder. he is accused in a stabbing last five broadway. a victim not identified was taken to the hospital in serious condition. he will be arraigned tomorrow morning.
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the republican nominee started focusing on appealing to minority voters. the clinton campaign is firing back. mary: as far as the trunk campaign says, this has been the best week ever. >> i want a totally inclusive country and i want an inclusive party. mary: trump working on his pitch to minority voters this weekend. >> the outreach to the african-american an area where the republican party must do better and it will be better. mary: despite that admission and a meeting with his new hispanic advisory board, it has not been a good week for the campaign. from protests to outrage over this comment. >> what do you have to lose? you live in poverty. your schools are no good. we have no jobs.
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-- not all african-americans live in poverty and 90% of the people where he made the speech are white. mary: trump's new campaign manager hitting the talk shows after a campaign shakeup. >> has been pushed out, but that doesn't mean the russians have been pushed out of this campaign. the kremlin has been at work on his campaign for some time. it is clear they are supporting donald trump. todd: heller a clinton has no public events on her schedule tomorrow. the event in provincetown features singer and actress che
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the campaign is half way to its gold in raising a million dollars. rhondella:rhondella: president obama is back at the white house after a two-week vacation. he and the first family flew to cape cod for the trip on air force one back to washington. the president will head to louisiana on tuesday. he will see firsthand the damage from historic flooding. republicans have her -- have criticized the president for not visiting sooner. he asked president obama to hold off on the trip. >> i didn't want to divert the police officers, sheriff stapes and the state troopers and other essential resources and assets to provide security for the president while they were needed in this region. rhondella: flooding has killed at least 13 and left tens of thousands homeless. a new development in the investigation of prince's death.
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fentanyl. an official says the drugs were counterfeit and found inside aspirin and vitamin bottles and tucked in a suitcase. optus of the -- autopsy reports show that treats died of an overdose of fentanyl. todd: the 2016 summer olympics are now in the history books. the olympic flag was lowered this evening. rhondella: it was passed to japan who will host the 2020 games. medals than anyone else, 121. reporter: the fond farewell got off with a bang. simone biles takes home five medals, calling the olympics the thrill of a lifetime. the men's basketball team swamp to the serbians in the final, 96-66, claiming their third
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was the favorite going into they didn't disappoint. olympic history in the boxing ring. coercive fields at a historic victory. shields is the first american boxer to win back-to-back golds and the only u.s. boxer to finish first in rio. usa wrestling claiming another gold matter. kyle snyder earning his spot atop the podium in the match against azerbaijan america's youngest ever freestyle wrestling gold medalist. the men's volleyball team rallied to claim a metal. it was only the subject -- the second time dealing rut had run a marathon. he took home a bronze. a final night to unwind with pageantry and spectacle. the 2016 games pass into history
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extinct and the games will begin again in tokyo 2020. rhondella: the remains of a civil war veteran finally home. >> a modern day express to get him back to maine. rhondella: a final mission decades in the making. mike: dreyer settles in. just how chilly it is going to get. todd: watch where you are stepping. the evidence of a huge s o >> monday morning on the eyeopener, saving money by keeping foods fresher longer. >> the tricks in the kitchen to stop wasting groceries. >> and the humidity is back, so, too, the chance for needed rain on monday morning at 4:30 a.m.
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quickly put out the fire. they're investigating how it happened. all of the evacuation orders related to a wildfire in southern california have been lifted. rhondella: 82,000 people can go back to their homes. firefighters say the blue cut wildfire mostly went through an area that is sparsely populated. that fire is now 83% contained. the cause is still unknown. six other wildfires are also burning in the state. the flooding in louisiana is raising worries about the zika virus. institutes of health say states along the gulf coast are the most at risk of an outbreak. they say the conditions in the region are only increasing the risk. >> i would not be surprised if we seeing cases in texas and louisiana, particularly now where you have the situation with flooding in louisiana. there is going to be a lot of problems getting rid of standing water. rhondella: so far ,the only confirmed mosquito-bourne zika cases in the u.s. have been found in two miami area neighborhoods.
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control the region's population of mosquitoes. todd: it's a day on the job one florida woman will never forget. abducted by a customer, forced into the trunk of her car. jacksonville police say the man ordered a pizza to an abandoned home last night. he then forced the woman into the trunk of her own car. the woman was able to get away. police say she pulled the escape lever and jumped out when the car was going 50 miles an hour. >> her for being able to be that strong. she is a great woman. she is a mother who does everything for her kids and she is here helping us out so she can have money at home. todd: the woman suffered road rash and a head wound. the suspect is still on the run in the woman's car. rhondella: a final trip home for a civil war veteran. private jewett williams was part of the 20th maine volunteer infantry regiment but, his remains have been in oregon since he died in 1922 no
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today, patriot guard riders returned him to new england. >> as a fellow veteran, i believe we have to pay respect to all of our veterans, past, present or future and this is my way of giving back to them. rhondella: david lange was among a group riding with the patriot riders who escorted williams' remains by motorcycle across nineteen states. >> the patriot guard riders have essentially have set up a modern day pony express to get him from oregon back to maine walked the remains across the memorial bridge in portsmouth , new hampshire to kittery, maine where dozens of people gathered for a ceremony. >> each of the new england states have held tributes, they have been tremendous, firefighters on over passes in new jersey, new hampshire and maine, there has really been an outpouring of interest. rhondella: tom desjardin is a historian from maine after some research, he discovered where private williams' remains were being stored.
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a meeting and i said i found this guy in oregon and they said lets bring him home and then when the patriot guard riders got involved it became this super story and effort. rhondella: he says private williams was drafted in 1864 and served for the last six months of the civil war. >> he saw a number of battles of combat and he was there at the end. rhondella: williams was 78-years-old when he died and part of one of the most celebrated units of the civil war. he'll be buried next month at a veterans cemetery in maine. drafted [indiscernible] todd: so long ago and modern technology bringing him home. rhondella: let's send it over to you, mike. mike: look at what the radar is showing us right now. this line of showers and thunderstorms. one is this little area of low pressure. if this can slow down enough, we
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moving northward. this will give us the downpours. we had up to an inch of rain very quickly in some areas. we could view several more inches of rain before it is over with your thomas lighting with this. i would not be surprised to hear a rumble of thunder tonight. down to the south, a little more enhancement going on. we hope this gives us a little more rain in the overnight hours. around 2:00 in the we will -- it will be between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m.. it all pushes off shore. i 6:00, just a few scattered showers on the shoreline. by 9:00 a.m., the skies are clearing away and the rain is over with and the humidity will start to drop off. when you look at the totals, quarter of an average seems
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that is the nature of these. you get heavy rain your ad also much down the road. right now in boston, it is 70 degrees. the dew point matches it almost exactly a parent if you step outside, it is muggy. but that is the humidity we need to drop that amount of rain. humidity is very high right now. but look what happens tomorrow. it starts to drop off by afternoon. by tuesday, we are talking about incredibly dry air for this time of year. out of it. tomorrow, very early morning showers and then turning sunny and breezy. fiona has finally dropped from tropical storm status to tropical depression. the remnants of that will try to make their way towards bermuda
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to the east coast. also checking in to the tropics, we have this little area right here. when we put our commuter -- computer models together, let's see words going. pushing towards squared arica and eventually towards florida. but it has to form into a tropical system. right now, it is 50-50 whether that would actually take place. off the coast of disturbance going here. this financial he has the most potential of any of these systems. but it would take a good 10 days before it impacts the east coast, if it doesn't all. we are also saying strong thunderstorms. these move out over the ocean. that is when they become tropical. so will keep an eye on it. so tomorrow, breezy conditions.
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miles per hour. towards evening, they will drop off. and it will a sure in some cool air. with clear skies and a lack of land and 20 of dry air on top of this, look at the morning lows, down to the mid-50's in many spots. even the city of boston will jump into the 50's overnight. the outlying suburbs ashleigh drop into the 40's. humidity is back with us and we will watch for another round of thunderstorms perhaps on friday. we will try to squeeze a bit of that humidity out of the air. rhondella: so an eye to the sky and on the ground. a snake warning in maine tonight. todd: a snake skin found along the presumpscot river just outside of portland. it's a popular area for swimming and boating. police say they'll do tests to find out what kind of snake it is. they have already warned people to be on the lookout after they saw a large snake eat a beaver and swim across the river back
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warning. todd: how does a snake eat a beaver and the big beaver teeth not pierce the skin? rhondella: i did not think of that. [laughter] todd: let's talk about sports.
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josh: day game after a twice rain-delayed wee hours of the morning game for the sox, hoping detroit didn't turn into splitsville this afternoon. with eduardo rodriguez scratched due to continued hamstring tightness, it was henry owens getting the ball after the drive from scranton to philly and a
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wild day for owens. jd martinez, who has worn out sox pitching all weekend, goes with the pitch, doubles into the corner, salty and aybar score. 2-0 tigers. justin upton with a 40-foot double off the wall last night he thought was gone in the 9th, no wall high enough to contain this shot, bat flip and all. now 5-0 tigers. 3. same pitch, same swing, same two guys on base in the 5th. and upton swinging like he's been there before, wait he has. now 8-0 tigers. owens gives up 8 over 5, with 5 debilitating walks. 4. glass half full moment of the game, andrew benintendi follows up his first major league triple with his first home run in the 7th inning, cutting it to 10-5. and in his farewell tour of baseball, big papi with his final at bat in detroit, fans likely cheering that they'll no longer have to watch him hit home runs at comerica against their pitchers. he finishes his career with 23
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a series as ever there was jose ramirez tied the game in the 9th friday gives the indians the lead in the 8th sunday 3-2. to the 9th for toronto, two on two out for russell martin, cody allen gets him to fly out to right, and that's it. indians hang on 3-2. a's and white sox in chicago. a's brett eibner drives one to center. shook going superman in the old ron kittle chisox unis check out the replay as shook lays out and robs eibner of extra bases bet you thought i couldn't resist an awwww shucks joke. you'd be right. the top 3 teams all losing in the a.l. east, so the red sox remain a half game back of the jays, orioles lose the last 3 of 4 this weekend at home against sox in a four game series beginning tomorrow night. shaq mason, broken hand. sebastian vollmer, bad hip. dion lewis, another knee surgery to clean up the damage from his acl. sounds like an episode of foxboro hope. the patriots just hoping there isn't more to come. all first reported by jim mcbride of the globe. tom brady was excused from practice today and will be tomorrow, unrelated to the minor
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major backfield concerns though with lewis who hasn't been in full pads since november. his timetable to return is unknown. and vollmer is out as is mason, creating a couple of holes on the o-line veteran defensive end rob ninkovich, he of the torn triceps, was back at practice today. >> right now, working as hard as i can. you watch the tape, watch practice, the film and do the best you can to try and absorb what is going on and get yourself out there. it's something you have to do. josh: coming up tonight on sports ot, i sit down with espn nfl analyst field yates to get his grade on jimmy g and the depth chart battle in new england. plus, the pats injury concerns and what positions are looking lean. and the red sox wrap up their weekend in detroit with a series
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that's all coming up at 11;35pm, -- 11:35 right here on channel 5. todd and rhondella back over to you. rhondella: mike's just ahead with a final loo a man: he chose for all of us to get together, go to great wolf lodge, and have a family birthday. woman: and that's the family i wanted to give luke -- lots of siblings, people who love him all around him at all times, and lots of support.
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