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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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quabbin reservoir. the pilot able to land on a sandbar. state police say the pilot reported engine problems. since the plane landed, boats have also pulled up to the island to help the 3 people who were on the plane. we have a crew headed to the scene and will bring you new information as it comes in. >> also some breaking news, a tree limb seriously injuring a man on combat in brookline. i'm been cemented. jc: we are live at the scene with what we know right now. reporter: this is all happening in the alley behind comm avenue. the man was in the alley when he was hit by the following three. the man is 29 years old. police say he is a herb chambers employee. they have a building on this lot. police say a company was
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they say the branch had the man in the head. >> all of a sudden, people were there, there was a guy laying with branches on top of him. reporter: we know the man was rushed to the hospital. at last check, he was in surgery. this is a serious injury. osha has been notified of the accident. in brookline, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: also breaking news, a worker seriously injured after falling from scaffolding at a construction site in by -- bosch and -- boston. >> i have no knowledge of what she is referring to. i never touched her around her waist.
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that is scott brown. david b nick's life for us in new hampshire, for the former massachusetts senator. reporter: this lawsuit is 37 pages long, referencing scott brown in one paragraph. but the woman suing says brown is -- part of a much bigger problem. scott brown and his wife stepped outside their home saying they accusations. >> i started getting her pop -- calls from reporters. >>during an reporter: appearance last year on fox news channel, cohost reporter: -- the cohosts claim that brown told her in a suggestive manner that she would be fun to go to a club with. later she says brown snuck up behind her while she was purchasing lunch. >> i have no knowledge of what she is referring to. i never touched her around her
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why would i do that? i have no knowledge of that. if there's anything in the lunch line, -- reporter:reporter: she is suing fox news channel on several executives for nearly $50 million for creating a "sex fueled playboy mansion like cold." brown's wife says he's never been accused of sexual harassment before. >> to be charged like th should be illegal. what is happening here is nothing less than a witchhunt. reporter: in her lawsuit, the woman claims she asked fox news indicative to stop inviting brown on her show, but they continued. brown said this afternoon he was making appearance today. in new hampshire, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: tom brady reemerging after
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reporters this afternoon about his scissor injury. mike lynch is in the newsroom with some of what number 12 had to say. mike: good afternoon. went tom brady was asked where he had been the past two days, he said he had to take care of something. he admitted he accidentally cut his right thumb with a pair of scissors last thursday. brady said he was dressed in uniform, ready to go against theirs -- the bears, and he was trying to get something out of his she went scissors slips. bill belichick told him he was not playing that night. play. i've always felt like the team is counting on me to be out there and do everything i can to make sure i'm out there playing. i wanted to go, but i think coach made a good decision. mike: back at 6:00, more from tom brady. jc: put the scissors down. he has to have people doing that
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behind us. fiona, not really a concern anymore. harvey: gaston is the one that is most significant and probably will become a hurricane. right behind us, the tropical wave is the thing to watch. that is the one that is going to be heading toward the bahamas, or florida. that is the one we are most concerned about. jc: it's perfect. harvey: it is very beautiful out there. hardly a cloud. if you look as we go ahead through time, the clock is moving, but nothing else is changing, because the skies stay clear. another sunny day to enjoy tomorrow. what a beautiful evening to be outside, as the temperatures are
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60's. it will be in the 50's in the suburbs. another night, comfortable. not quite as low as last night, but we are on a winning streak. some changes lately, we'll talk about that and more details about the topics coming up. ben: spectacular, thank you. tonight, a mother searching for answers after her daughter was tragically killed. the 27-year-old fell out of a party bus over the weekend. she and another woman were run over. dorchester. reporter:reporter: the family is clarifying a few things. we are learning it was a lingerie party on board the bus. the surviving victim is from south boston and a best friend of the deceased. margarita garcia had limited contact with passengers on the party bus, but her daughter fell from the window sunday and died. a passenger did send her her
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during the ride. this is tracy's smiling face from the last time she was seen alive. >> i want to know what happened. what really happened with my baby. paniagua was just shy of her 27th birthday. reporter: passengers told the family paniagua was leaning on the window when it dropped out dropping her onto the busy road. >> sense she was trying to open the window? >> now. reporter: the families information, contrary to the bus company statement that said, one of the passengers mentioned repeatedly that she kept trying to open the specific window for air. paniagua worked as a security guard and the family says she would know the danger and know better. >> she was a pretty trained person. she had training in her security background.
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why she would mistakenly unlock an emergency window? >> no. reporter: compounding the grief, the family has not been able to see the body, and get any additional information from the bus company. they have not heard from them at all. police would like to hear from any passengers who have not spoken of as of yet. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. jc: a one-time pastor in new hampshire facing charges tonight accused of sexually assaulting a child. ste the 37-year-old is the former pastor at the dialogue church on pine street. according to court documents, he was leading the congregation at the time of the allegations. the alleged victim is under 16-years-old. he is out on bail. ben: new at 5:00. a man caught on camera wearing a zorro mask during a new hampshire house break-in is under arrest. police have identified the suspect as 61-year-old joseph hearn. he was arrested in brockton. the break-in happened earlier
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home, when hearn allegedly broke inside and stole a purse. a former employee of worcester polytechnic institute ordered to stay behind bars. 23-year-old heather lyons accused of telling her therapist she wanted to shoot up and bomb the campus. police say she had printed out bomb making instructions but had not purchased the materials necessary. she also expressed anger at a boss and admitted to fabricating sexual assault allegations against him in 2015. she'll be jc: a vigil is planned on the anniversary of a new hampshire woman's murder. denise robert was gunned down nearly a year ago as she walked through manchester's north end. an arrest has not been made in her killing. a candlelight walk and vigil in her memory will take place september 1. ben: a u.s. soldier killed in a roadside bomb attack in afghanistan. another american service member was wounded in today's attack. it was yesterday that officials said 100 u.s. troops had been sent to this area to help defend it. this is the second time this
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commitment 2016 tonight. the attacks intensifying on the campaign trail. donald trump now calling for a special prosecutor to investigate newly released hillary clinton emails. a conservative watchdog group released the documents, which appear to show a closer relationship between the state department and the clinton foundation. but on jimmy kimmel last night , clinton was not concerned. >>e against me. [laughter] if he would stick with reality, i would not have a worry in the world. ben: clinton has no public appearances today. she is attending a fundraiser at justin timberlake's house. donald trump will be speaking at a rally in texas tonight. jc: needham is planning a big welcome home for olympic gymnast aly raisman. a rally for aly planned for saturday morning at 11:00 in front of town hall. there will be a discussion about aly's experience competing in rio. in rio, she earned a gold medal
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ben: let's check first alert traffic. jc: you are looking at the zakim. bunker hill bridge, little slow. we go southbound on 93, a little jammed up. a half hour drive mass after route three. northbound, also a half-hour. 128 south's jammed, no surprise. on the pike going from 93 newton . slow on the southbound side of 495. northbound traveling just fine. ben: president cap -- promising to help louisiana. jc: the president on the ground today. his other message as some including donald trump criticize the visit. ben: a new zika travel warning as more cases of the virus pop up in florida. we'll have the latest concerns. jc: and, a woman, the victim of a sexual attack in boston's south end. the warning from police tonight.
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the crash in the works on inside the ted williams tunnel. the new information just
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ben: back in with breaking news. a plane forced to land on the quabbin reservoir. the pilot reported engine problems. jc: you can see some people around outside. we have a crew headed to the scene. we will bring a new information as that comes in. ben: tragedy in chicago. three children among four people killed in a morning fire on the city's south side.
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infant. how the 3-alarm apartment fire started is still under investigation. 200 firefighters battled the flames. jc: president obama visiting louisiana today, more than a week after parts of the state were hit with damaging floods. ed harding is here with a message from the resident. reporter: the president inventorying the criticism of the timing of his visit. he focused on the victims today, saying that the nation is heartbroken over the loss of life in louisiana. from the receding flood water, to everything is destroyed, president obama getting a glimpse of the devastation in louisiana. >> i hope he sees some of these people have lost everything. every piece of furniture on my house is on the curb. my walls are on the curb. my carpet. everything. reporter: the president talking with owners of some of the 60,000 homes that were damaged, the worst natural disaster in the u.s. since superstorm sandy. the fast-rising water blamed for
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2600 people still living in shelters. president obama: what i want the people of louisiana to know is that you're not alone on this, even after the tv cameras leave. the whole country is going to continue to support you and help you until we get folks back in their homes and lives are rebuilt. reporter: while praise for the federal aid already coming in, a sharp contrast to fema's response to katrina. president obama also facing criticism. donald trump, who visited baton saying the president should have cut his vacation short to make this trip sooner. >louisiana's governor disagree with that, saying an earlier visit would have taken away resources from the recovery and cleanup efforts, focusing on security. ben: thank you. we're back with harvey in the tropics. they are certainly firing up. harvey: yes, they are.
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just the low pressure area that is a tropical wave, because of where it is and where it is likely to track. that is of greatest concern. ben: the southeast coast? harvey: it could be the hamas, florida, the southeast u.s. all of those could be in the track. let's show you these. here's the big view. what sticks out is gaston. it is the strongest feature in the tropics right now. likely to become a hurricane before too long. this is the disturbance that the track is somewhat more concerning. we'll take it one of the -- when it is time. this one, it heads towards the bahamas, or south florida in the next five days. we'll see how it all goes. also, it may not develop too much, but there is a chance that the conditions can become somewhat more favorable for development.
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closest ion. gaston obviously for shipping interest in the open waters, yes, it looks like it will be a significant hurricane. it also looks like it will still be well to the southeast of mita, even five days around -- of bermuda. there is definitely action in the tropics and we will follow it closely. one other thing i wanted to mention, that is not all ingrnt waters. that part is favorable for the storm. for our weather, could it be better than this? i don't know. 80 degrees in boston. very, very dry air, low dew points, relative low humidity. notice the wind is southwest. that is a tipoff that tomorrow is going to be warmer than today. it will not be asked dry as
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tomorrow yet. right now, we are in the 70's and low 80's. 74 at worcester. that is because it is 1000 feet up. net -- nantucket surrounded by warm waters. it is a beautiful evening. it is still pleasant and refreshing around the region. it is going to become a little bit more humid day by day. we are going to get to maybe thursday afternoon into friday, when it will become more humid for a time. that should change over the weekend and it will become more comfortable again. and i, reasonable night. not as cool as last night, but pleasant by august standards. tomorrow, 85-90, very common for the high temperature range. if you degrees cooler for the islands. there are the clear skies, really years guys a good distance to the west. high-pressure in control.
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starting to press closer to us. by thursday evening, far northern western areas could have a spotty thunderstorms. the rest of southern new england may have a storm on friday. probably not a wide outspread of storms. then we are back to dry weather and a little bit cooler, into the upcoming week. jc: no one can complain. thank you. stanford university, changing its alcohol policy. the new rule comes months after undergrads are now banned from drinking hard liquor on campus. beer and wine are still allowed. the move follows the conviction of former stanford swimmer brock turner for a sexual assault after a party. he was sentenced to 6 months in jail earlier this summer. the lenient punishment sparked national outrage. ben: we are learning more tonight about the case being built against dylann roof. the 22-year-old set to go on trial in the shooting rampage inside a south carolina church.
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self-radicalized. adding that roof believes violence is needed to achieve white supremacy. roof is accused of killing 9 people inside a historically black church in charleston last summer. he faces the death penalty when he goes on trial later this year. lawmakers calling into question a significant price hike on epipens. jc: ahead in your health, the surge costing taxpayers a lot of money and the response from the manufacturer. hundreds of animals in westport were found in troubling circumstances. the revelation just made, next at 5:30. jc: and at 6:00, we continue to follow breaking news a small plane, making an emergency landing on a sandbar at the quabbin. no injuries reported. we will have no details -- more details on this incredible
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kelly ayotte: thanks, buddy. .. i'm up against a political machine that plays dirty -- throwing millions in false, negative ads... i'm out here knocking down every lie... because new hampshire deserves better. that's why i'm batting for good-paying jobs, to protect social security and medicare... ...and help families pay for college... i approved this message because no matter what they're throwing at me...
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narrator: let's put this ng voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible for the content of
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ben: new information tonight shows the number of traffic related deaths in the u.s. is up. in the first 6 months of this year, traffic deaths were up 9% compared to the same time period last year. the national safety council estimates more than 19,000 people have died. they believe improvements to the economy have resulted in more people traveling. that leads, unfortunately, to more accidents. jc: in your health now, the cdc issuing a travel warning for pregnant women visiting the bahamas. the agency urging them te , including nassau. meanwhile, florida's governor confirmed today 5 new non-travel related cases of the virus. one of those cases is in the tampa bay area, which has not been declared a zone of active local transmission. the other four are traced to miami's wynwood neighborhood. last week, five cases of zika were linked to mosquitoes in miami beach. ben: kids and sugar. america's top heart experts have a new recommendation for how much sugar your kids should be eating. but even if you keep them away from candy and cookies, they
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kenneth moton has the story. reporter: that after-school snack may have just gotten a lot less sweet. the american heart association this week, setting a new recommended daily limit for kids' consumption of what are known as added sugars. those that do not occur naturally in a food. that limit -- 25 grams. that's six teaspoons of added sugar a day. sure, it might sound like a lot. but added sugar can be hidden? . honey. so while some offenders are clear like soda and sport drinks, or cookies and cakes, others like ketchup, or a drinkable yogurt can sneak in many grams of sugar that you and your kid might not be aware of. so what can you do to limit this sugar rush? make it easy for your kid to reach for fresh snacks raw vegetables for some crunch, and fruit for a bit of naturally occuring sweetness. and help is on the way with new nutrition label formats that require companies to list the amount of added sugar on the
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least one decision for your kids easier. with this medical minute, i'm abc's kenneth moten. ben: tonight, congress has questions after the cost of epipens recently skyrocketed. the price for the food allergy tool just increased about 400% the cost as much as $600. the head of the judiciary committee cites that many children who need the pens are enrolled in government health care programs covered by medicaid. taxpayers are picking up the tab for the medication. the manufacturer of epipens says product improvements have driven up the cost. jc: a woman raped in boston. ben: her attacker still on the loose. the warning coming out of the south end tonight. jc: tackling racism. the new steps being taken at latin school now that the headmaster has resigned. ben: and thisben: bridge that connects new hampshire to maine is still not functioning.
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>> wednesday morning on newscenter 5's eyeopener. you are getting the kids healthy for school. >> but what about mom and dad? the warnings for the whole family. >> and the feel of summer returns. join us wednesday morning
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>> from boston's ms. leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. heather: a woman raped in the city south end. ed: the city commissioners addressing reporters now. >> -- who lives in the city of
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this case, the victim who suffered, for being so brave in coming forward. due to her bravery, and her making a positive identification, we were able to lock this individual up this afternoon at 3:30 in mass ave. it was great work. officers worked around the clock. this for a similar offense, in december of this year. and through the work of monitoring gps bracelets, we were looking for the individual for the last 16 hours and we are happy we have him in custody because he was a dangerous individual who


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