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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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tonight, the race against time. the massive and deadly earthquake. our team on the scene in italy. the trapped, the children rescued. search teams talking to a woman through this tiny slice in the rubble. our chief foreign correspondent is there. at this hour, the tornado emergency in this country. classrooms today. and we're tracking a tropical system headed to the u.s. that could become a hurricane. also tonight, american university under siege at this hour. attackers rushing in. students barricading themselves inside. martha raddatz standing by. donald trump turning up the heat on hillary clinton. b but the trump team has asked, doesn't donald trump donate to the clinton foundation himself?
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now, the dna sets him free. and the big discovery tonight. the earth-like planet nearby. good evening. and we begin tonight with the horrific scene still unfolding at this hour in italy. where rescuers are frantically trying to get to those trapped under the rubble after a devastating earthquake. hundreds are still missing. these rescuers picking a baby from under the wreckage. and tom, at least 159 dead, hundreds more injured. people stunned in the streets today. the 6.2 magnitude quake unleashing more than 200 aftershocks already. felt all the way to rome, 100 miles away. our team has made it to the scene. the desperate rescue operation is still unfolding tonight. our chief foreign correspondent terry moran leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, rescuers
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survivors. rescue teams have been working all day with dogs in this town, just a few minutes ago, one of the dogs seems to have alerted on this rubble. they put a listening device in there, hoping against hope. dozens already rescued from under the huge piles of stone and wood. this man speaking to an 80-year-old woman pinned beneath a collapsed building. "can you breathe," he asks her? telling her to stay calm and, "we are waiting come." and help did arrive. she was eventually saved and brought to a hospital to recover. and this afternoon, more signs of life in the rubble. rescuers pull a little boy and then a little girl out of the wreckage. both survivors. overwhelmed residents banding together with rescue workers to help anyone still trapped, moving debris like an assembly line, stone by stone. this team working tirelessly in near silence to hear anyone who
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officials say scores have been found, but the death toll is steadily rising. at least 159 now declared dead. those are the hardest moments. it's been just over 17 hours since the quake. they're still pulling bodies out of the rubble. the 6.2 magnitude quake rocked central italy just after 3:30 this morning. cctv capturing the shaking at this hardware store near the epicenter. >> the electricity had gone. nobody could see anything. phones. we were able to make our way into the garden. >> reporter: many people spending the night in terror outside. the quake so strong, it was felt nearly 100 miles away in rome. but it was when the sun rose that people saw the full breadth of destruction. the mayor of amatrice saying his town isn't here anymore. the before and after pictures of main street, a grim testament to the destruction. what was once a picturesque stop for thousands of vacationers in
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we walked through the ruined streets, through the devastation, and the aftershocks. now, with nowhere to go, some residents taking refuge in a tiny field, a officials bring in in backhoes and bulldozers to get to anyone else trapped before time runs out. this man's relative is still stuck under a building. "they made us leave, just like that," he says. >> and terry moran joins us now from the quake zone theren hundreds of people missing tonight? >> reporter: there are, david. in particular, here in this village, the hotel roma flattened, just a little ways from here. 70 people were believed in that hotel, only five bodies have been pulled from the rubble. and that's one of the problems. nobody knows how many people were in this town. the population is normally 2,500. but a big festival scheduled this weekend, there may have been 10,000 people here. david?
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are also monitoring what authorities are calling a tornado emergency in the middle of this country. multiple twisters reported around the indianapolis area late today. a tornado watch across the state, in effect at this hour. and this image tonight, children taking cover in a hallway outside indianapolis. meteorologist rob marciano tracking the severe storms hitting tonight, all part of this system. but first, abc's alex perez with the first tornado pictures >> that's a tornado. >> reporter: tonight, tornado emergencies in and around indianapolis. >> seek shelter, lowest level of your house immediately. this is a confirmed tornado. >> reporter: multiple twisters touching down. >> right there. >> reporter: the national weather service calling it a particularly dangerous situation, as school children hunker down in hallways. the people inside this now destroyed starbucks, hiding in the bathroom. miraculously surviving with no injuries. homes ripped apart.
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tens of thousands without power. that same system now pounding the heartland for more than 24 hours. near omaha, winds gusting to 96 miles an hour, snapping trees and crushing cars. >> it's a mess. it's going to be a little while getting this out of here. >> reporter: more than eight inches of rain in parts of iowa, flooding roads. and david, still a very active situation with these storms. vice presidential candidate, indiana's governor, mike pebs now leaving the campaign trail and assess the damage. david? >> alex, thank you. ly elet's get right to rob marciano. the same system is bringing severe weather tonight. >> reporter: three tornadoes on the ground right now. there you see it on the radar. also one thwarts ft. wayne, and defiance. zell mo several more rounds of this. and what doesn't bring severe weather, flooding potential with these storms. heading into chicago by tomorrow morning, and again in up there indiana. so, folks will have to be on guard tonight.
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particular, the model showing it headed towards florida. >> reporter: we are concerned about this tropical wave. gaston is not going to be an issue. hurricane hunters have been in this thing, measuring 50 miles an hour. we're confident this coming to florida on sunday, but we're not confident on how strong it's going to be. >> all right, we'll stay on this. rob, thank you. we turn to other news tonight, and to the american university in attack tonight. student, barricaded in classrooms, ocean mroexplosions fire erupting. and the state department now warning americans in the city to stay away from the area, as this continues to unfold, abc's chief global affairs correspondent, martha raddatz now with late reporting. >> reporter: militants stormed the american university in kabul. witnesses hearing a loud explosion and gunfire.
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in classrooms. one of them, a photographer for the associated press, sending out this harrowing message. "this may be my last tweets." >> he kicked our door by his feet, two times. everybody were panicked. >> reporter: he jumped from a second-story window to escape. afghan security forces searching the campus for the terrorists in the unfolding attack. it's unknown if any americans people to stay away. at least a dozen injured, taken to a local hospital. some people are believed to still be stuck inside the cam campus. with today's attack what was once considered a symbol of hope for afghanistan's future is now clearly in the crosshairs. david? >> martha raddatz tonight. now, to the race for president. and donald trump's new campaign team has now been in place for a week and it would seem trump is
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clinton and the clinton foundation, but new headlines about trump donating to the clinton foundation, too. and we stay focused here on those key battlegrounds. a new poll tonight, showing the race very tight in north carolina. clinton and trump in a dead heat. and trump this evening making very overt pleas to hispanic and african-american voters to give him a second look. but will it work? abc's jonathan karl with what he's now saying. >> reporter: it seems, for now at least, trump. relentlessly on message, focused squarely on taking down hillary clinton. >> her actions are criminal. they are purposeful and they're totally calculated. she knew what she was doing. >> reporter: for the candidate who once promised to outlaw teleprompters, they are now ever-present. and as he aims at hillary clinton, trump is also trying to soften his image. >> i think we're doing really great with minority voters. >> are you doing anything specifically to reach out to
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appeal to african-americans and hispanic voters is new. trump is making a controversial pitch, implying all virtually minorities live in crime-ridden and improvished neighborhoods. >> to the african-american voter -- great people -- to the hispanic voter, i'll be able to make sure that when you walk down the street in your inner city or whatever you are, ye not going to be shot. your child isn't going to be shot. >> reporter: it's not trump's only change. during the primaries, he outlined the hardest of hard lines on immigration, promising to deport all 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> you're going to have a deportation force. we're rounding them up in a very humane way, in a very nice way. >> reporter: now he's talking about dropping that proposal. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people.
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don't seem to mind. so you're okay with him changing his position on that? >> i want him to change his position. that's the best way. don't be sub botubborn, his way the highway. we can't afford that anymore, you have to work with it. >> and jon karl live with us in mississippi. we heard the supporters you just talked to there, if trump softens on immigration, it seems fine by them. >> reporter: no question that the suspect porters are with him no matter what, but david, o supporter, ann coulter, said, i think this is a mistake, it sounds like it's coming from consultants. david? >> jon karl with us live again tonight. and meantime this evening, as donald trump turns up the heat on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation, her surrogates out in force. former president bill clinton jumping in tonight. and how the trump team answered when asked, didn't donald trump donate to the clinton foundation himself? here's david wright. >> reporter: tonight, under
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celebrity friends. justin timberlake and jessica biel hosted a star-studded fundraiser -- $33,000 a ticket. sports legend magic johnson and cher are raising money, too. cher even took some pot shots at donald trump. >> i've been watching him speak, you know, with the teleprompters. and it's like, do you remember "fun with dick and jane"? it's like and jane." >> reporter: but as clinton smiles with stars, her team is in full damage control mode, pushing back against tough scrutiny of the clinton foundation. the associated press reports that as secretary of state, more than half the meetings she had with people outside government were with big donors to the foundation. donald trump calls it -- >> a vast pay for play scheme. >> reporter: but trump himself has donated. asked why, his campaign manager
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>> donald trump himself gave at least $100,000 to the clinton foundation. was he giving that money pay to play? >> no, the clinton foundation does a lot of good work. and i also want to say that for the record, they do. >> so he wasn't paying to play? >> no, he was not paying to play. >> reporter: tonight, bill clinton is defending his foundation's work. >> we're trying to do good things. if there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. i have nothing to say about it. i'm very proud. >> reporter: clinton's supporters say trump is i >> donald trump has zero credibility talking about any of these issues until this man releases his taxes. >> reporter: today, trump's son eric says, don't hold your breath. >> you would have a bunch of people that know nothing about taxes trying to look through and trying to come up with assumptions on things they know nothing about. it would be foolish to do. >> and david wright is with us live in brooklyn tonight. david, clinton's campaign is now defending those meetings she had
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was secretary of state? >> reporter: that's right, david. the list includes some notable philanthropists and even some nobel peace prize winners. david? >> david wright on the campaign trail. david, thank you. the pentagon tonight identifying the american soldier killed in afghanistan. we reported on last night here. staff sergeant matthew thompson, a green beret from irvine, california, died in a roadside bomb attack. he was advising afghan forces on patrol in helmand province. there are 9,800 troops deployed in afghanistan. back here at home now and to philadelphia, and to a striking moment making national headlines. a man who spent 25 years in prison, tried twice. dna now setting him free. and abc's linsey davis with the interview tonight. >> reporter: this is what freedom looks like for a man who spent more than half of his life behind bars. >> we did it! you know what i mean? today is our day. today is our day.
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1993. a crime he's always said he didn't commit. >> god is good. >> yeah, he is. >> god is good. god is good. >> reporter: after the innocence project took on wright's case, the dna of a career criminal was found inside the victim.
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