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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 25, 2016 2:37am-4:01am EDT

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that a crime had occurred. simone biles receives a hero's welcome in texas. >> the four time gold medalist had friends, family and a band waiting for her as she landed in houston. the city's mayor also on hand. he declared wednesday simone biles day. >> and katie ledecky used her arms and legs to win gold in rio and used her arm to toss out the first pitch at the washington nationals >> and after handing off her gold medals to washington bryce harper, she fired a strike to home plate. she said she was a little nervous and she had a chance to practice. we have a "world news now" exclusive. >> look who is joining us. >> congrats. >> katie, quite a pitch. now i know. >> some guns on her. >> and simone, i mean, you really took it home. okay. silent treatment.
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you know, after winning all those medals. >> ladies, i know it was a very long trip to get here. we're so incredibly happy to have you. and we're sure you have a lot to say, so tell us a little bit about your experience today and just how excited you are to finally be here. i know you were telling us you couldn't wait to meet kendis and i. how do you feel now that you're here? >> all right. i think that worked. yeah. >> now we know. okay. okay. now we know. >> new doctors sharing in the outrage felt over the life saving device being out of reach for many who need it. >> later we're rolling up the sleeves and digging in. the question is is that food you're eating all it claims to be. >> first a look at today's high temperatures and more of our exclusive with simone biles and
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in health news, a new study pointing to a link between obesity and cancer. there's already research linking being overweight with five types of cancer. now this new study published medicine adds at least cancers to excess fat. . it turns out the victims of the pulse nightclub will not be billed for the medical a care they got at the hospitals. the hospitals will write off. nine of the pulse patients died shortly after arriving at the medical centers. their families will not be
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association called for the price of epipens to be reigned. >> this as anger at the drug maker continues to grow. we've learned the epipen's price isn't the only one that's been hiked. details now from abc's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: the maker of epipen running this ad 46 times during the olympics, raising awareness while raising hiking the cost of epipens from $100 in 2009 to more than $600 today. and the epipen isn't the only one. the drug maker hiking other medications. 24 products seeing a more than 20 % spike. seven products rising more than 100%. the drug maker ceo's total compensation spiked from 2 $.5
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early this year she was asked if she thought drug prices should be regulated to make them more affordable. >> i hope not, because i don't think the answer is price controls. there are certainly outliers that are grabbing great headlines, but it's not the answer. >> reporter: top senate member giving a deadline. two weeks to respond to the pricing probe. a spokesperson for the maker of epipen saying they've personally contacted all the members of congress and look forward to meeting with them. a lot going on there. the head of our medical unit spoke to an allergy specialist who said it's going to take $3 million and another 18 months to get past fda approval for another option. they say it will be another two years to be on market. many congressional people calling for changes and hearings.
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? ? that's weird al's eat it for you. appropriate for the next segment. it deals with food. in this case, real food and fake
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tell the difference? we spoke to the author of a new book to find out. what if i told you the lobber the roll you're eating isn't lobber the, or the tuna isn't tuna. an author exposes the issue in real food, fake food. >> when i travel, i try to eat the local qi seefood. i would come home and try to have similar >> he said food regulations in the uts, especially for restaurants are more lax than those in many other countries. that means companies get away with using cheaper, sometimes deceptive ingredients. according to one study an estimated 80 to 85% of olive oil is diluted with other oils. and the red snapper was a substitute. once you cut up a white fish,
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>> a lot of consumers might say i want to eat naturally raised meat. it's hard to do. natural has no definition. grass fed beef, grass fed on a label doesn't mean it's what i would call grass fed beef. >> reporter: he says the key is knowing what to look for. sometimes it's as simple as buying foods whole. >> for anything, buy beans, you get coffee. buy ground coffee, you can't tell. >> reporter: another tip, look at the ingredient list. the food and drug administration is lax about other labels but strict about those. you might be wondering how you can tell the difference between the real or fake food. sometimes it can be harder than you think. larry is here to give us tips on some of the more common things. olive oil is a big one. tell us why.
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oil being labeled extra virgin that doesn't meet the standard. it's hard to tell just looking at the bottle. i recommend if you can buying at a store that actually lets you smell and taste the oil which some gourmet stores do. when you taste it and smell it, you can tell the difference. once you try good oil, you'll know what it tastes like. much different from your standard run of the mill. >> and what do you look for on the bottle? >> i would look for a pressed o not a use by date. the use by date is irrelevant. you want it to have been pressed or harvested within six to nine months. only good olive oil will have that on the label. >> parmesan cheese is another one. >> most people can't tell the difference. real parmesan cheese from italy is pure with no drugs. one of the most natural cheeses
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premium product. and the way you can tell is the rind itself has the words parmesan embossed in it always. if you don't see that on the rind, you know it's not from italy. >> and you can taste the difference. this is even a good domestic. >> this is one of the best domestic ones you could buy. >> and then sushi. >> that's a big problem. >> i love see is the better. this sushi you get a better look. this is crab. most sushi places it's a block of that reconstituted crab stuff. >> it's harder to fake a cut of salmon? >> this is a wild pacific salmon. look at the color difference. this is supermarket salmon. how bright and vibrant that is. >> i think i'll have to taste it to make sure it's the real thing.
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like eel. not everybody does. if you do, that's the kind of like that's not faked. it's a less expensive product and recognizable. sometimes when you go with the cheaper fish you're better off because they're not as widely counterfeited. >> you get what you ordered. and how does the tuna work. how do you fake it? >> there's a lot of substitutes. there's cheaper things is used. sometimes you only see a sliver of fish and you can't tell what it is. >> the more of the product you can see, the better, generally speaking? >> right. >> the author of real food fake food. so many examples in the book. thank you for being here and showing us eye opening stuff. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up the planetary discovery that has people excited. one big reason is it's right in earth's neighborhood.
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finally this half hour, does the universe feel a little more crowded to you? >> it does? it should. we have discovered a new planet. >> welcome. it's right around the just. we'll get the details. >> reporter: in the dazzling beauty of the skies telescopes are focussed on the pinprick of light coming from the closest star. they made a stunning discovery. they found an alien world orbiting around it. no one has seen the planet
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star. it's a huge discovery. >> this is the nearest planet that potentially can have life and can have -- can be in a sense, similar to our own planet. >> reporter: it's hard to grasp distance in space and where the planet is. let's start with the moon. that's 239,000 miles from us. further out there's pluto. that's 4.6 billion miles away. beyond the next nearest star is 24 trillion miles away. in space terms it's our neighbor. that's where a planet was discovered. the reason scientists are so excite second down this alien world is the closest there is outside our own solar system. >> this really changes, i think, our perception of how many habitable planets there in the
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>> reporter: reaching the planet with the spacecraft we have now would take tens of thousands of years. bbc news. >> when they say habitable, they mean water would exist, which in theory means life can exist. >> 4.2 light years isn't that far away. >> you ride your bike that far every day. >> i just want me to do it again? >> sure. >> it's really fascinating. the european team has been working years on this. maybe they'll figure out a way for us to get there.
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this morning on "world news now," daybreak over the devastation in italy. >> as the sun comes up the search forth quake survivors intensifies. the death toll rising as new images surface moments. thousands are without power in the midwest. we'll have more details in a moment. >> shots fired inside a restaurant. the way or the pulls out a pistol and pulls the trigger several times. we'll tell you why he says he did it. and could they go all the way? the soccer squad showcasing their teamwork skills. it's their reaction that really wins. we'll show you that later on on this thursday, august 25th.
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"world news now." good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. topping the news at this hour the death toll from the earthquake in italy is rising overnight. >> the latest numbers are getting in. at least 247 people are dead. we have new video showing the moment the 6.2 quake struck. traffic cameras at a toll booth capturing the violent shaking that devastated three towns. >> it left many without a home temporary shelters at a sports facility. hundreds slept outside in tents. rescuers continue searching for survivors buried under the rubble. abc has more from the scene. >> reporter: rclawing through te rubble to find survivors. rescue teams have been working all day with dogs.
3:02 am
dozens rescued from under the huge piles of stone and wood. this man speaking to an 80-year-old woman pinned beneath a collapsed building. can you breathe, he asks her c telling her to stay calm and we are waiting for help to come. and help did arrive. she was eventually saved and brought to a hospital to recover. and more signs of life in the rubble. rescuers pull a little boy and then a little girl out of the wreckage. both overwhelmed residents banding together with rescue workers to help anyone trapped moving debris stone by stone. this team working tirelessly in near silence to hear anyone who might be calling for help. officials say scores have been found, but the death toll is steadily rising. at least 159 now declared dead. those are the hardest moments.
3:03 am
they're still pulling poitds out of the rubble. the quake rocked central italy. capturing the shaking at this hardware store near the epicenter. >> the electricity had gone. we made our way down the stairs. >> reporter: many people spending the night in terror outside. the quake was felt nearly 100 miles away in roeme. the view from above of the devastation. the mayor of one town saying his town isn't here anymore. the before and after pictures of main street, a grim testament to the destruction. it was once a picturesque stop, now reduced to rubble. we walked through the ruined streets, through the devastation, and the aftershocks. now with nowhere to go, some residents taking refuge in a
3:04 am
to anyone trapped. this man's relative is stick stu -- still stuck under the building. they made us leave he says and they're under the rubble. 70 people were believed in a hotel. only five bodies have pulled from the rubble. nobody knows how many people were in the town. the population is normally about 2500, but a big may be have been as many as 10,000 people here. thank you. we'll continue monitoring the progress there in italy. here at home central indiana is dealing with heavy damage from tornadoes. this is one of the twisters that touched down yesterday afternoon in the kokomo area. huge pieces of debris swirling in the air. it left extensive damage
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no one was hurt. howard county was hit the hardest. power knocked out for thousands. mike pence cancelled campaign events to return to his state where he'll tour damage. and a deadly attack on the american university of afghanistan in kabul. witnesses say students barricaded themselves in classrooms as gunmen detonated explosives and fired guns. were killed and 30 students rescued. the search continues for other victims or attackers. >> syrian rebels claimed a major victory over isis. the rebels say they've retaken a key town from isis. the vice president is visiting turkey and had a warning for kurdish forces fighting in syria. >> they must move back across the river.
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support. if they do not keep that commitment, period. >> the main reason for biden's trip to turkey is to soothe relations since the failed coup last month. the turkish president claims it on a political rival who lives in pennsylvania. hillary clinton is delivering a speech in nevada today aimed at linking donald trump to conservative extrts receiving end of one of trump's sharpest attacks yet. >> reporter: donald trump deep in republican territory, rallying the crowd in mississippi. . >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings worthy of a better future.
3:07 am
minority voters. >> she's going to do nothing for african americans. she's going to do nothing for the hispanics. she's only going to take care of herself, her husband, her consultants, her donors. >> reporter: hillary clinton is in california fundraising and responding on cnn. >> donald trump has shown us who he is. and we should believe him. he's taking a hate movement mainstream. it's in his campaign. >> reporter: clinton foundation despite donating to the charity himself. clinton's team saying more than half the meetings she took as secretary of state were clinton foundation donors. >> my work was not influenced pi any outside forces. i made policy decisions based on what i thought was right. >> reporter: and now bill
3:08 am
>> if there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. >> reporter: clinton is up in the polls. trump says not so fast. last week retweeted he was mr. brexit. a probrexit leader was at his rally possibly suggesting that trump can make a come from behind victory. we'll see what happens. all right. an investigation is now underway in delaware after a woman fell to her death while on a zip lon adventure. top adventure when she fell 40 feet yesterday afternoon. she was treated at the scene before being rushed to the hospital where she was pronounced dead. the rides at the park will be closed today. zblrchts no public comments from leslie jones after she's victimized in another vicious case of hacking. wednesday someone posted some racest and sexist images on her personal website. they included explicit pictures
3:09 am
she shut down her twitter account briefly last month of a string of racist and sexist attacks. she returned to post about the olympics which led to on air work in rio. and hope solo will be on the sidelines. u.s. soccer suspended her for six months. it's in response to her comments after the u.s. women's team lost to sweden in the olympics semi final. solo called the sweeds ach defensive style of play. u.s. soccer called her comments unacceptable. sew loi said she was saddened by the decisions. the coaches always want players to use their heads. maybe no more than a soccer coach would want from their players. >> this video probably has a soccer coach very happy. that's su's liam callahan in the middle of his teammates. the goal is 25 headers and then into the garbage can.
3:10 am
wow. >> and then they celebrate like they won the world cup. >> understandably so, i would say. >> pretty good. >> video has more than 4500 views. 4800 shares on the su men's soccer team's website. callahan is also set to appear on gma listen. >> listen in on this moment right there. >> that's a lot of headers. >> and it takes pretty cool. if i'm like u mass, who apparently they're playing today -- >> boom. >> watch out for those diving headers. >> exactly. pretty good there. coming up, a wild shootout caught on camera. >> video of two gunmen shoot at each oh with a woman stuck in the cross fire.
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this frightening scene at an atlanta gas station. two men involved in a shootout.
3:15 am
perju passenger seat. she was hit once in the shoulder. she's going to be okay. in texas gunfire erupting at a steak house. this is in san antonio during an argument between a way or the and an unhappy customer. after being put in a head lock, the way or the pulled out a pistol and fired three rounds into the ceiling. no one was injured. another judge under fire for the sentencing in a sexual for the removal of massachusetts judge thomas estes. a sentence seen by many as too lenie lenient. the case was months after a judge in california was criticized for a similar sentence. one million people signed a
3:16 am
his first day of freedom in 25 years the greatest day of his life. it's understandable. >> he spent that time in prison for a rape and murder he didn't commit. now he's free. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: this is what freedom looks like for a man who spent more than half oiz life behind bars. >> we did it. today is our day. >> reporter: tony wright was convicted of the rape and murder of someone in 19 a >> god is good. god is good. god is good. >> reporter: after the innocence project look on his case, the dna of a career criminal was found inside the victim. that was three and a half years ago, but wright was still behind bars. they insisted on a retile. the jury cleared him in just an
3:17 am
it will ruin you. >> reporter: for now, he's enjoying the taste of freedom. linsey davis , abc news, philadelphia. >> and his father says he's going to take his son to that area before he goes back to philadelphia. >> in all the time he's been in prison, he's become a grandfather. he says he can't wait to spend time with many of his grand kids. his sons said he looked forward to spending time with his dad. he called it >> he said i can't wait to be a grandfather and a dad and a grandfather and a dad. clearly putting stress on his kids and their kids. coming up, surprising new developments in the murder case chronicled by the serial pod cast. >> first, the young royals, william and kate reaching out and breaking down barriers in their own country while getting ready for a trip to this side of
3:18 am
3:19 am
cc1 test messa ? >> go for the big finish. britain's prince william and duchess kate are weeks away from another big trip to this side of the atlantic. >> they've been lending to their support to those roughering from mental health issues. >> a royal seal aapproval for
3:20 am
they shine a spotlight on suicide. visiting a drop in center for young people. the prince showing his soccer skills. the queen of recycling wearing that blue and white dress again from one of her favorite designers. she gets cooking trips. >> it's hammering the message home that this is an issue they really care about and want to promote. >> reporter: their primary focus telling kids and parents it's okay to ask suicide. reminding people as young parents they wouldn't be afraid to seek help if george and charlotte needed it. the future king and queen following in diana's footsteps not afraid to tackle challenging issues. and the other big news? kensington palace announcing they'll be wowing the crowd in canada next month. where they did their first royal
3:21 am
>> reporter: they haven't officially announced the children will be joining them, but i think we can expect to see them touching down in september with their parents. it will be a fantastic trip for them. >> taking a more high profile role stepping in for the queen in canada. >> reporter: they have an action packed month ahead of them. they'll be in corn wall for a couple of days before kicking off the royal tour of course they have a busy agenda once they're here on this side of the atlantic. they'll be visiting the yukon territo territory. >> i want to go. >> it's a beautiful part of the country. >> is that not how it works? i can't say see you there? >> they might need a nanny. >> i'll hang out with little
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it's time for the mix. we're going to try to get through this. we're still laughing at one of the stories. we all saw the identical outfits the olympians wore. great britain took things a step further by giving everybody matching luggage. nice idea un t baggage claim. here's the wind surfer saying mine is the red one. and alex gregory, a rower says anyone seen my red bag? >> they all returned to england on the same flight. >> team great britain's twitter account, same same. great to be back. >> and they arrived several days ago. apparently they're still trying
3:26 am
>> i love that. no one knows what to do about that. imagine if you bought a weir and you're looking at it and the born on date says born on 45 million years ago. there's this guy who is trying to create a beer that -- where the yeast was from 45 million years ago. he's a molecular biologist. he's the guy on the right. he and he's brewing it, and he's going to release it later on this year. >> i don't think i want to drink something that's that old. >> i'm not sure how it would taste. >> i don't know. it doesn't sound appealing to me. >> aged to perfection? >> maybe we're missing out. >> and we will. speaking of missing out. you ever open the can of tennis balls with that smell?
3:27 am
coming up next monday, tennis company thought everybody should love it. you can have a bottle of fuzzy balls. correct, ladies and gentlemen. >> that's just the name of the fragrance. >> yes. >> okay. >> i heard you were -- the guys were saying they love >> love the smell of tennis balls. >> i don't know where you wear it. >> not sure where to spray their fuzzy balls. >> i'm going to move on. you know your awkward high school photo? >> no. i'm never awkward. >> this young lady wanted to recreate her kindergarten photo. it's gone viral. man, those fuzzy balls.
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this morning on "world news now" tornado outbreak in the midwest. massive tornadoes spotted across ohio and indiana. tossing around homes and turning debris into missiles. cleanup efforts underway. we'll have the latest. >> donald trump is trying to broaden his base reaching out further toin racism. clinton is responding to nagging allegations surrounding her foundation as well. we'll have all the updates coming up. and the world's largest aircraft apparently a little too big. >> the craft took a nose dive during a trial run. the crash is now playing out in what seems to be slow motion. and later in the skinny, prince, the late superstar and hometown hero remembered by so many around the world this year.
3:31 am
decades for. it's thursday, august 25th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's start with breaking news, the midwest, northwest ohio in particular has been hit hard by a new round of severe weather. you can see this tornado near toledo. power lines were snapped and whipped around. several mobile homes were damaged and a tornado warning briefly halted a kiss concert in toledo. >> the storm is part a weather pattern that brought twisters to kokomo, indiana. alex perez continues our coverage. >> reporter: tornado emergencies in and around indianapolis. >> seek shelter, lowest level of your house immediately. this is a confirmed tornado. >> reporter: multiple twisters touching down.
3:32 am
>> reporter: the national weather service calling it a particularly dangerous situation. as school children hunker down in hallways. the people inside this now destroyed starbucks hiding in the bathroom. surviving with no injuries. homes ripped apart. roofs gone. tens of thousands without power. that same system now pounding the heartland for more than 24 hours. near omaha winds gusting near 90 miles per hour, snapping trees and crushing cars. >> it's a mass. it will be a while getting this out of here. >> reporter: more than 8 inches of rain in parts of iowa. and mike pence returning to the hoosier state to assess the damage. alex perez, abc news, chicago. from the tornadoes to a hurricane. the storm named gaston has become a hurricane. it's not expected to be a threat
3:33 am
eye on another weather system that could impact south florida this weekend. to italy the search for survivors has intensified. the death toll is at 247. the mayor of the hardest hit town says the town isn't here anymore. crews are using bulldozers and their hands to try to find victims. the 6.2 quake wiped out entire neighborhoods. survivors explained. they described a frightening san and chaos. >> the electricity had gone. it was a terrible sensation of the ground beneath your feet moving and having no clue what to do. >> hundreds of survivors spent the night at a sports facility being used as a shelter. many slept outside in tents. the quake could be felt as far as 100 miles away. >> syrian rebels have retaken a key town from isis.
3:34 am
into syria. the offensive marks the first time turkey has become so deeply involved in the battle against isis in syria. the pentagon has identified an american soldier killed by a roadside bomb earlier this week in afghanistan. it's staff sergeant matthew thompson. he was on foot patrol and was killed by a bomb blast. six afghan soldiers and another american member was also injured. trump reached out to black and hispanic voters in mississippi. he called hillary clinton a bigot, accusing her of seeing people of color only as votes. in a fox news interview he suggested he was ready to let some illegal immigrants stay. >> if you have someone that's been in the country for 20 years, has a job. do we tell them to get out number one, or do we work with them and let them stay in some
3:35 am
>> trump is not calling this amnesty. he says illegal immigrants would have to pay back taxes. as for clinton, she's on the defensive over allegations that she gave preferential treatment to big donors to the clinton foundation. she said her work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. she pointed out the clinton foundation is a charity, saying neither she for bill clinton drew a salary. >> reporter: under attack, hillary clinton's getting a little help from her celebrity friends. justin timberlake hosted a star studded fundraiser. $33,000 a ticket. sports legend magic johnson and cher are raising money. cher even took some pot shots at donald trump. >> i've been watching him speak with the teleprompters. do you remember fun with dick and jane?
3:36 am
and jane. >> reporter: but as clinton smiles with the stars, her team is in full damage control mode. pushing back against tough scrutiny of the clinton foundation. the associated press reports that as secretary of state, more than half the meetings she had with people outside of government were big donors to the foundation. donald trump calls it -- >> a vast pay for play scheme. >> reporter: but trump himself has donated. >> donald trump himself gave $100,000 at least to the clinton foundation. was it pay to play? >> the clinton foundation does a lot of good work. i want to say that for the record. >> he wasn't paying to play? >> no. he wasn't. >> reporter: bill clinton is defending his foundation's work. >> we try to do good things. if there's something wrong with creating jobs and saving lives, i don't know what it is. i have nothing to say about it. i'm really proud.
3:37 am
criticize. >> donald trump has zero credibility talking about his issues until he releases his taxes. >> reporter: trump's son says don't hold your breath. >> you would have a budge of people knowing nothing about taxes trying to come up with assumptions on things they know nothing about. it would be foolish to do. >> reporter: the campaign points out the list of foundation donors who met with the secretary of state includes names not scandalous. some of them, also a nobel peace prize winner and actor ben affleck. over at jfk airport, two flights were struck by birds hours apart. the small bird hit the side of a jet blue around 8:30 a.m. about two hours later, a
3:38 am
several birds. a pilot says a big flock of birds went into the two right engines of the planes. two runways were closed. no injuries reported. a federal judge iced a lawsuit against starbucks. a california man accused them of putting too much ice in drinks. the suit claimed the extra ice misled people about the size of a drink. the judge says a reasonable person knows the size of a drink knows an icein >> what's your 13-year-old doing today? >> playing pokemon go, probably. a young teen in south carolina is starting his freshman year in college. he is eli broadski. he's one of the newest members of the class of 2020 of charleston university. he moved to the u.s. last year from siberia. his mom says he loves pizza and cartoons and is double majoring in computer science and math.
3:39 am
to choose. there are so many. but i definitely want to choose something that will change the world. that will praise god with my abilities. >> he's already planning to life beyond college. he wants to pursue a masters degree once he graduates at 17. >> he's not the youngest student in the school's history. a 10-year-old boy once attended in the 90s. >> apparently next year they plan to admit a newborn with that sort of streak. >> eli is a slacker. he also writes his own songs and plays the piano. his parents said he started reading at two and a half. >> coming up. the late superstar prince known for locking himself away and turning out the hits, his fans will soon be able to experience some of the magic firsthand. also ahead the cold case that's captivated millions.
3:40 am
>> first, a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by american advisor's group.
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looking for balance in your digestive system? try align probiotic. for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness, hold on to your tiara kind of day. live 24/7. with 24/7 digestive support. try align, the #1 ge recommended probiotic. ever so slowly, the world's largest aircraft crashed during its second test flight. the airliner is just over 300 feet long and filled with helium. you can see it there. witnesses say it appeared to snag a wire which sent the giant ship into slow motion nose dive. >> the video looks like it's in slow motion, but that's really
3:44 am
>> and there's something of a new twist in the murder case profiled by the popular serial pod cast. >> the new statements from unidentified witnesses are calling the suspect's alibi into question. >> reporter: a new twist in the murder case made famous by the pod cast, serial. attempts to discredit a star alibi witness in the case of this man. he was convicted for the 199 killing of his high school ex-girlfriend, a crime he insists he didn't commit. in june after reviewing new evidence, a baltimore judge ordering a new trial. >> the conviction is erased. >> reporter: asia mcclain testified saying when lee was being killed, siad was with her in the library. >> i was sitting in the library
3:45 am
>> reporter: but according to documents filed, mcclain's account is being called a flat out lie. two of her former classmates say she believed so much in the innocence she would make up a lie to prove he couldn't have done it. >> their statement is so rich in detail and has been corroborated. >> reporter: mcclain's lawyer saying the classmate's allegations are bizarre and wholly untrue. mcclain herself taking to twitter. what can i say? i say i'm not. siad's lawyer said the statements have no bearing on the granting of a new trial. prosecutors are appealing the ruling. all the while, siad remains in prison. >> both mccain and her attorney have spoken out. the attorney said given the case is before a court, we question the untrue allegations. that was according to baltimore sun.
3:46 am
that these class mates previously weren't able to identify whether they were in that class or identify the teacher. so she's also sort of questioning the timing. they've always had friendly interactions up until now when suddenly they're making accusations. there's a big back and forth going on about this. >> it sounds like it's a case that will continue to go on for quite some time. in the meantime, he's still in jail. >> and for fans of the serial pod cast, the second season of serial, addressed the beau >> it might end soon. >> yes. another reason to love the rock. "the skinny" is next.
3:47 am
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? we start with a serious story in the skinny. the hacking of actress leslie jones' personal information. her personal information and nude photos were posted on the site. >> she shut down her twitter account after a string of racist and sexist attacks. people are speaking out about the attack. paul feeg, the director in ghost busters saying on twitter what's happening to leslie is an
3:49 am
haters. trolls. comedians, whoever you are, you're sad. >> a musician echoing saying the acts are sickening. it's racist and sexist and disgusting. these are hate crimes. >> and lena dunham saying turn the anger into love and into strategies to protect all the heroins who don't deserve this bs. moving onto some huge news for prince fans. his estate in the minneapolis suburbs is now opening to the public. >> the musician died at his paisley park after an accidental painkiller overdose in april. his sister says making it accessible to fans was being prince was working on. >> the fence outside was a memorial after his death. starting on october 6th, fans can tour his home, studio and sound stage and check out thousands of items from his
3:50 am
online ticket sales begin tomorrow. the company that owns elvis's graceland will manage the tours. >> helen mirren is known for speaking her mind. >> there's a video that's gone viral this week that shows her facing off with an interviewer in 1975. >> i'd like you to explain what you mean in great detail. >> well, your physical attributes. >> no. i meant your -- >> come on. spit it out. >> i meant your, your figure. >> my figure? all the people on the stage and all the people in the audience overcome such boring questions, really. >> boring questions? >> pretty boring in the end, yeah. >> what's that? >> she says it was the first time that she'd ever been on a
3:51 am
called him a sexist old far. for his part, he was knighted 16 years ago for his services to broadcasting. i'm guessing he prepped a little more for the next time he interviewed her. >> yeah. i think he prepped quite a bit. he was just looking at the wrong parts of his prep work. >> she is tough. finally the rock. he's the alpha male in any room he walks into. a new video he posted on adorable thing you've ever seen. ? >> the rock says he's been singing that song to his daughter, jasmine since she was just a week old. he finished that instagram post with the hash tag slap dad's head because it's a big toy. >> she seems to enjoy it. >> that looks like fun. >> no.
3:52 am
>> she had such a good time. >> don't touch my head. ? ing clearing up skin isibly in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you forever. stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! see what i'm sayin acne won't last. but for now, let's be clear. clearasil works fast. this back to school, limited time offer
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sorry dishwasher. finish? jet-dry?. for drier, shinier dishes. introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. for massage and intimacy.
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? ? ? >> who did? oh. they met in college. did you know that? >> good trivia. >> little known facts in our ear. >> talking about steely dan who met in college.
3:56 am
a big day in the chicago suburb of illinois. it's the first day of a new school year. >> some fourth graders are in for quite a year because of the creative student teacher. ? >> reporter: at jane stenson school, it's the first day of school. fourth grade student teacher, dwayne reed. ? ? i'm from chicago ? ? i love eating pizza ? >> reporter: this new teacher decided to welcome his students in his own way. ? welcome to the fourth grade ? >> i wanted to spice up the old fashioned newsletter. i thought i'm kind of good add
3:57 am
i know how to put together lyrics. let's put together a song to get the kids excited. >> reporter: go teacher and go students with a lesson already from mr. reed. david muir, abc news, new york. >> video now has 275,000 views on youtube. >> understandably. so that video, the principle -- >> there it is. was that a music video? >> what is that? >> it's to avoid the jerry curl juice from soaking up the walls. >> back when he had hair. >> your face looks exactly the same. you have not aimed a single day. >> i had just sprayed my jerry
3:58 am
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making news in america this morning -- widespread damage after a tornado outbreak. homes and buildings leveled overnight. people inside a collapsed starbucks surviving after getting in the bathroom. plus a hurricane named late last night. rescuers in italy are digging through piles of rubble after a trying to rescue any survivors beneath. survivors are now being piled from the debris. donald trump ramping up the rhetoric against hillary clinton calling her a bigot overnight. and watch as bullet fly as a restaurant, customers forced to duck for cover. police say it's actually a waiter firing that gun. we'll tell you what started it


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