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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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emily: breaking overnight a fire in lawrence. the information coming in from firefighters hard at work. >> also breaking a teenager, the victim of the latest shooting in the city of boston, the confusion at the scene overnight. >> and one bright moment among the devastation in italy, the that's on the eye for this thursday morning. randy: also on the eye, a starbucks location here literally flattened by a tornado, fortunately no one was hurt but the rumors of that system will cause some changes to our weather here in new england. good morning, and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon.
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>> it will have weakened, but yesterday between indiana and ohio, 42 reports of tornadoes. we're watching that, for tomorrow, as that pushes, in but out ahead of it, today will be a nice day. starting out with patchy clouds over boston, and a warm start this morning. 68 degrees, and the wind is picking up the humidity so that dewpoint temperature, it is going to be climbing here over the next 24 hours. getting into and oppressive rain so you are going to see the humidity build and it drops sharply over the weekend. so good news there for the weekend plans. 64 out the door in worcester. 67 beverly. some low 70s on cape cod, so a warm start, apache cloud cover. this is the one that triggered the storms. a um can of showers on friday, maybe a thunderstorm pushing through, especially during the mid afternoon hours, so today is
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near 80. we're in the 80s this afternoon, making a run towards 90. the southwesterly wind will keep the sea breeze away so look at boston. south of boston, down to bridgewater, but south coast, cape islands, that went off the water for you, right olessa: thank you, cindy, delays starting to build as you travel down to the bridge and make your way into boston. southbound side heading to the bottom of the screen, and the same here on the lever connector. let's get to the maps and check out the rest of your ride. no major issues. 95, volume here in canton if you are traveling on 128 into the braintree split, and then once you get there, the expressway, 15 to 20, braintree into boston. pike 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and if you are heading north, 93 south looks good out of methuen down to the whether he ever
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schedule. >> we are following breaking news in lawrence. a huge fire. emily: todd kazakiewich is live on that scene for us with new details. todd? reporter: good morning. four buildings caught fire on summer street. it is now contained but as you can see here, this is a very active scene. we want to show you video from earlier. this is just around 2:00 this morning, where the fire was at its peak, and the blaze broke according to the fire chief, and spread to three others, in close proximity, the 25 people who live in those three surrounding buildings all escaped. they are now homeless. they are, they are being attended to by the red cross. the state police and investigates from the fire marshall's office are now on the scene working to determine this cause. and you can see that investigation happening right here right now. obviously this is a major scene here on summer street, and again
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building is continuing right now. we'll keep you posted. todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> also breaking overnight, a teenage girl seriously hurt after she was shot in the city of boston. >> details are just coming in at this hour. let's get you right out to the eyeopener. sera congi is live at police headquarters with what we know right now. sera: the victim is a 15-year-old girl, and according to boston ems, she suffered life threatening injuries. take a the scene. this happened on page street at blue hill avenue. the call for a shooting came in at 1:00. when first responders arrived they found the shooting victim, and she was taken to the hospital. police placed cones along the street. initially there was some confusion because of reports of a second victim. that victim turned out to be a dog. we're told that dog was also shot in one of the legs, it
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any information about the circumstances of the shooting. but again we know a 15-year-old girl shot with serious injuries. live this morning at dpd headquarters, newscenter 5. randy: antoinette antonio has what we have learned in the overnight hours in new bedford. death here in new bedford. this is a look at the scene from middle and clancery street. two other teenagers are injured but are expected to survive. one neighbor described the victim as a good kid, who hadn't been in any trouble. others who live here say this kind of violence is becoming all too common. >> it's not like it's a big surprise any more.
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antoinette: the victim in this case has not been identified. and at this point, it's not clear what started the violence. we'll be sure to update you on the investigation as we get new developments. live in new bedford this morning, antoinette antonio, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: a woman is in critical condition after a shooting in the city of lawrence, and police are looking for the suspect in this case. sources say the woman was shot in the head while car on hancock street. it happened around 6:00 last evening. police scoured the neighborhood for hours. >> breaking news this morning, the death toll has nearly doubled overnight from a devastating earthquake in central italy. rescuers are still digging for survivors. late yesterday a ten-year-old girl was pulled from the rubble. her home is in ruins this morning as are many others, and erika joins us with the overnight development. erika.
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heartbreak. searchers are holding out hope that they will find more survivors like that little girl but the death toll is expected to go up. we know at least 247 people were killed, and another 264 are in the hospital with more missing. and they are using dogs, audio equipment as crews continue the painstaking work of moving rounds of rubble. three towns were just leveled by the strong. most of those killed were in amatrice. this is a medieval town with one of the highest earthquake risks in western europe. tents are set up serving for shelter for those displaced, and many have lost everything. officials are still in the phase where they hope to find more survivors, after a nearby earthquake in 2009 a person was pulled out alive after 72 hours.
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through indiana. you can see the homes destroyed here. remarkable that no one was seriously injured. >> amazing, considering at least eight funnel clouds were reported in the indianapolis area, and it was quite an outbreak but police say that people did take these storms seriously and took cover. this right here is just one of those twisters, and one apartment complex alone, eight buildings had the roofs ripped right off of them, and dozens of cars were damaged by falling pushed right out of the buildings there, and indiana governor mike pence left the campaign trail after the storms hit, and he will tour the damaged area today, no serious injuries, just amazing between indiana and ohio. 42 reports of tornadoes yesterday. not all confirmed but amazing. that front is coming our way tomorrow. >> all right, thanks. emily. emily: commitment 2016, donald trump is headed to new
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after heated words. trump was in mississippi where he returned to a new focus of his campaign that republicans should try harder to win the votes of black americans. he accused democrat hillary clinton of taking black voters for granted. >> hillary clinton is a bigot who sees people of color only as votes, not as human beings, worthy of a better future. >> campaigning withmp nigel farage, the british politician who led the brexit campaign to a victory. hillary clinton said it is donald trump who has courted white supremacists and is taking the hate movement mainstream. a heads up for people in boston, if you see helicopters buzzing overhead don't be alarmed, the low flying choppers are part of training exercises in the greater boston area. police are not giving specifics except to say that it's a joint exercise between the department of defense and local law
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randy: right now the owner of this helicopter is counting himself very lucky after crashing right into a reservoir. it is not middle of the ashland state park. and david diana says he knew that he was in trouble. he was trying to make it back to the airport. and that did not happen. and instead the black mosquito ultralight helicopter, a small one, it crashed right into the water. diana clicked off his harness and bailed out, and boaters the gas tank remained intact. this is a reservoir but it is not the town's water supply. and in your health this morning, avoiding unnecessary chemotherapy, the breakthrough affecting breast cancer patients. and the new grades revealing what's going on in boston restaurants. >> and a rookie makes a mistake and it could cost him. the injury concerns this morning.
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lawrence firefighters on summer street, three apartment buildings are involved and we will be tracking updates, also a teenage girl shot in boston overnight. this happened on page street in dorchester. we'll bring you any new
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>> ok. very nice. hard to believe heading back to school next week for a lot of us. >> yeah. >> but it's a great opportunity to shoot wakeup calls for us, right, and get your class together or team together, and record that call, and you can do it right on your phone and then upload it to us. >> right. >> and that would be a good call. >> right. >> it's so hard to believe. september 1 is a week from today. cindy: it is unbelievable but that's the peak of the hurricane season so like clockwork, traffic very active, winds are 75 miles per hour. this wave has been hanging around here the past few days,
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organized system. look what happens today, it weakens and strengthens towards the weekend, but it looks like it will stay out in the atlantic and not really bother anyone. you can see the thunderstorms bringing rain but this, whether or not it strengthens, look where it's headed, towards the southeast bahamas and eventually florida, so once it gets towards florida from there it could go north or west, and could be a player in our weather. lots to watch in the tropics. skies are clear overhead, the sun is up now and it will be a warm day, and this month of august has been a hot one. temperatures running well above average, in fact right now this is the warmest august on record for the boston area, a degree above 1988, which currentlily
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the temperatures in the upper 60's in town, and we have lower 70s on the cape. and 64 as you are heading out in worcester. wind is going to be busy out of the southwest. you can see that throughout the day, and that southwesterly wind is going to keep the sea breeze away but also grabbing stickier air sitting here to the south and west and feeding it in, and that humidity is pulling out ahead of a frontal boundary, this is the front that triggered the tornadoes yesterday in indiana and ohio. the storms have and as this front presses through we could see showers and thunderstorms, so today is a dry day for you, and going for a high of 88 in boston, could touch 90 in lawrence, and cooler temperatures on the south coast and the cape as that wind comes in, but throughout the day, just some passing clouds, and storms firing up across eastern new york state later, and otherwise, it should be dry heading into tonight, but kind of a tough night for sleeping if you don't have the air-conditioning. most areas stay at or above 70 degrees for lows. you wake up tomorrow, and it's
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and as we get towards lunchtime, notice a couple of showers and thunderstorms popping up already. those will get closer into the boston acquire by 2:00 in the afternoon, and drops south. so if you have evening plans, i think that the storms are winding down on the cape. and we clear things out overnight setting us up for a nice weekend. saturday and sunday, lower humidity, with more showers and thunderstorms threatening on monday. let's get you back out to the roads right now. don't forget the sunglasses. >> no, sun glare is what you will encounter we're in decent shape, and except for the volume, those delays in place across the span of the bridge and the lever connector heading south side into boston. and over to the maps we go, we're watching one accident early this morning on route 3 south over by concord road. if you are heading out. and one lane is closed, and 93 still looks good, the volume picks up as you head south, and make your way into boston, as you just saw live, pike, only 15 minutes, 495 to 128, and volume on 24 north out of avon and also
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from braintree into boston. emily: you will know if your baseball restaurant is making the grade. the city council approved a plan yesterday to issue letter grades to all of the city's restaurants based on health inspections, and the first ones come out in the next couple of weeks, here's how it works, restaurants start with 100 points, and they lose 10 for any serious violations involving food and how it is handled, significant violations that don't involve food but could still put customers at risk, in that cost them seven points and any small issues, so if you do the math here you get a final score. 94 points or higher a restaurant gets an a, 83 to 93, that earns them a b as you see there, and 80 or lower is a c. so starting in a year, restaurants will have to post their grades in the front windows or will face fines. >> in your health this morning a new study could help to save thousands of breast cancer patients from unnecessary chemotherapy. the researchers look at gene activity in tumors and they
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breast cancer have little risk of cancer returning, or the spreading based on the genes. they would gain little by chemo, and the study was published yesterday in the new england journal of medicine, good interceptions go bad for great britain. the kind gesture making bag angle claims confusing after returning from rio, that's ahead in eyepoppers. >> and randy, new at 6:30, when a coat of paint can keep your home on the for buyers and sellers that might surprise you, and only on 5, video center inside the party bus involving a traffic accident in east boston. what people inside that bus are now saying. and a newspaper box explodes in salem, why police are treating this as a hate crime. and several apartment buildings involved in a large fire on summer street in lawrence, we know two firefighters have minor injuries, and updates ahead in
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emily: 6:22 on your thursday morning. sunshine, 68 degrees in boston but the southwesterly wind will
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90 degrees out through metro west, if you are looking to cool off today, head to the beaches, the breeze will keep the temperatures down a bit. a minor risk for rip currents, especially on the north shore beaches with a two to four foot surf. risk for thunderstorms coming through on your friday, as the temperatures reach that 90-degree mark, and then we are cooling thing off for the weekend, and that transition will bring in a few showers tomorrow, and will bring down the ragweed. >> and a bit of benintendi after this stumble in the game. he admits he made a mistake here. it looks like he rolls his ankle but it's the knee that was injured. he's going to have an mri at some point today. sox lost this one to the rays 4-3. emily: 6:23, time for the eyepoppers, the first one is the find. olessa: you are looking at what could be the largest pearl in the world, discovered in the philippines inside of a clam.
6:24 am
is more than two feet long and still needs verification from gemologists but it surpasses the current record holder, weighing 14 pounds. we could make jewelry for everyone in this building. so cool. and great britain taking home a boat load of medals from the olympics in 900 identical bags. they were issued team luggage, and that was a problem. several olympians tweeted about the mess, but they seemed to have a good time with it. i would think it's harder to find your bag than needless to say. >> it does seem that way. reporter: well, and you get a new wardrobe out of it. randy: if you lost the bag, we know -- a boy found walking down a highway in new hampshire in the middle of a night and what he told police that he was trying to do. and sailors, surprising a navy veteran from world war ii, what brightened their day, we're following breaking news, a
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shot in boston. it happened in dorchester. we're bringing you new information on new england's eyeopener. >> blockbuster, polaroids, failed to adapt to emerging technology, technology like the smart-phone and innovative competitors like netflix took them down. bank you can name dozens more suffering similar fates. we envision a sector that could soon be added to the list, the taxi industry. it does not take a fortune teller to see the end of traditional delivery services. uber and lyft are in widespread use, and they are a bargain compared to the cost of regular cabs, and extremely consumer friendly. easily hailed from your smart-phone. massachusetts just signed into law provisions that will help to level the playing field by
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these ride hailing services establishing requirements for driver background checks and inspections and insurance are smart, and even endorsed by these new services. the new law also clears the way for uber and lyft to make pickups at logan, pending approval from mass port who hopefully won't impede progress. included in the legislation, a 20-cent per ride surcharge, a nickel of which will go towards a fund earmarked for job training and innovation for taxi and delivery companies. while the amount isma troubling fee and a matter of principle. the state is requiring companies to pay to help their competitors become innovative. money that will be coming out of user's pockets. frankly that's an expense and operating practice the taxi industry should have adopted years ago. state regulations to protect consumer safety is solid public policy. but we hope that lawmakers will resist underwriting in competitive industries at the expense of consumers. the public shouldn't be required
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not adapt and only seek to invest and innovate when it may be too late. for all those pokers,
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everything nature's promise is so wholesome. and it doesn't take the whole paycheck. stop & shop's exclusive nature's promise. eat well for less. my stop & shop. randy: a teenage girl shot in boston. reporter: the confusion at the scene. emily: the death toll in italy
6:30 am
signs of hope. reporter: video of an explosion in salem, concerns that this could be a hate crime. randy: a veteran gets the surprise of a lifetime. the story behind this display, on the eye. firefighters on the scene at this hour of a human fire, in the city of lawrence. we know that several apartment buildings are involved in this kazakiewich is there for the eye this morning, and he will be bringing us an update in just a minute or so. good morning and thank you for joining us, i'm randy price. emily: i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa this morning. so kind of a nice start to the day. sunrise looks good. cindy: we are in great shape, more humidity today. going up as the day wears on but it's looking beautiful this morning. lots of sunshine. the temperature warm already.
6:31 am
to bring the dewpoint temperature higher by the hour today, and we're in the oppressive range by tomorrow morning. so turning a lot more humid. you can see the temperatures are warm, low 70s in the cape, and beverly 67. 64 out in the worcester area, so a warm start, and passing clouds overnight, you can see they are exiting on the cape, and we're going to see a good amount of sunshine today but we are watching this front off to the west, and this triggered multiple tornadoes yesterday across indiana, ohio, and as tomorrow, we will likely see the scattered showers and the thunderstorms, but today is a dry day, and temperatures come up quickly, and by 10:00, we're nearing the 80-degree mark, we're going to spend the afternoon in the mid and upper 80s, the southwesterly wind keeping the sea breeze away, could touch 90, up in new hampshire, and upper 80s and mid to upper 80s through a lot of worcester county, and south of town, brockton, bridgewater, in the mid 80s today, as well, but right along the south coast,
6:32 am
water so it's humid but not as hot as everywhere else. we'll have the storms coming up. but right now out to the roads, olessa, you are watching trouble north of the city? olessa: yes, one crash, and first a live look at 93, southbound side starting to pick up the delays but the rest of the ride is quiet, let's get to the maps, and that crash is on route 3 southbound right over by concord road, and you do have a backup back to 495, and that's the only incident working at this time. the rest just volume 93 south, lever connector and the pike, now 15 to 20. 495 to 128, still issue-free south of town, and 24 building volume out of avon, and your ride on the expressway, and about 25 minutes braintree into boston, trains and buses doing ok. >> we're following breaking news right now, the eye, a huge fire burning overnight in the city of lawrence. >> the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich is live on the scene with what we know right now. todd. todd: emily and randy good
6:33 am
the fire contained but i want to draw your attention to some of the damage from the fire. what you are looking at is melted siding. that is from one of the buildings surrounding where the fire started. obviously the building where it started has now been destroyed. if you look to the let's here right now i am sorry, to the right, you can see the mayor of lawrence emerging with the fire chief. the chief has been briefing the marbury. there is mayor rivera, the mayor telling us what he told us earlier today is t started around 2:00 this morning in an abandoned building and spread to three other buildings in close proximity. the approximately 25 people who live at those buildings all escaped and are displaced. here's what the fire chief told usually today. >> the fire building, is a loss, and the explosion on what we call the delta side, is only a four n alleyway.
6:34 am
frame to the left. >> again, 25 people who live in the three surrounding buildings now displaced, and investigates from the state fire marshall's office are on the scene working to determine the cause, and as we come back live here again, you are looking at the mayor of lawrence, mayor rivera, speaking with the fire chief getting an update on the status of this investigation, and that's something that we're going to keep an eye on as we get new details about what started this fire in an abandoned live in lawrence, todd kazakiewich,. emily: we're following other stories right now on the eye. >> breaking in boston, a teenage girl has life threatening injuries after being shot in dorchester. it happened on page street. a dog was also shot at that scene. in italy, dramatic video as a ten-year-old girl is pulled from the rubble alive after that massive earthquake.
6:35 am
randy: right now police are searching for vandals behind this explosion in salem, massachusetts, the targeted newspaper box for a gay friendly publication, and police are investigating this as a hate crime, and they are asking for the public's help in finding the suspects. a group of seven, you see them here, they are leaving the explosive in the box for the rainbow times, and the editor of that paper says that it's not the first time that the since growing up three months ago they were united in and filled with trash and now this explosion, but the message from the paper is clear. >> we are going to stay here, this gives us more incentive to go ahead but the conclusion that this city, what this is all about. >> the mayor, who was on the cover of this month's edition released a statement calling the attack cowardly.
6:36 am
from a passenger on the party bus involved in a deadly accident in east boston. this morning that passenger is telling a different story than the company. this is our first look at the party early on sunday morning on that bus before it took a tragic turn. tristan leech says tracy paniagua and another woman were leaning on the window. the victims were tossed out onto route 1a where paniagua was killed. >> the windowho it should not have. >> if somebody had pulled the whether he ever up and it is on a hinge, somebody would fall out of it. >> the bus company is convinced that someone lifted the latches. the second victim is expected to recover. and a seven-year-old boy is safe after he was found wandering down the highway. the boy says he was not lost. he was on his way to wal-mart to buy matchbox cars. est found on 101 around 4:00 in
6:37 am
reason to believe that they did anything wrong. one big mistake when it comes to sprucing up a room. >> pain killers to avoid, and hope solo suspended from the soccer team. the comment causing outrage after the olympics. >> and in lawrence, a raging fire in an abandoned building damaging three apartment buildings. two firefighters were hurt but
6:38 am
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reporter: a live look at the expressway heading to the top of the screen, delays starting to build, about a 25-minute ride from braintree into boston, and we're watching one crash concord road. some sun glare. >> you have got it, sunshine mixed with a few clouds, but we are dry, turning more humid, a warm start, 68 degrees in boston, and the southwesterly wind going to bring the temperatures to near 90 today, away from the south coast ask the cape. more humid today, and still humid tomorrow. but we'll be watching for some showers and thunderstorms behind them, and less humid for your weekend. randy. randy: if you are thinking of selling your home or your condo,
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new survey finds that you better pick carefully. first color to skip, dark brown. i once said this once. homes with rooms painted that color sold for nearly 500 less than expected. and the one to watch, terra cotta, even a muted shade of it, could make a difference. the surf found it knocked 800 off of the price and finally, gray is hot, but watch out. lighter versions can be a b dark gray, dining rooms, can cost you more than $1,000. >> 6:41, updates on breaking news in news to go, the large fire burning in lawrence right now, and the investigation
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>> the eye orthopedic team ready with breaking news in lawrence andto earthquake in italy. emily: and antoinette is following the killing of a teenager in new bedford. we will get to all those stories for you, first we want to check in with cindy and a look at the forecast. it will be calm today. cindy: it is, but we continue to watch the tropics. emily: i said this looks like my toddler's drawing. but these are all clumped together. cindy: what this is the tropical
6:45 am
the hurricane center giving this a 50% chance in the next couple days, it gets organized into something, but regardless it is going to bring rain and wind towards florida, and that is our tropical wave that we are watching. and also we're watching gaston, a hurricane now. winds at 75 miles per hour, going to encounter a more hostile environment the next couple days, so it should weaken back into a tropical storm, and restrengthen over the weekend as it gets closer to bermuda by east of there, so g atlantic, and in the meantime we have sunshine over boston this morning. and it is a warm start to the day, and 68 degrees, and the southwesterly winds, it is bringing in more humidity, so you are going to notice the humidity climbing today and turns oppressive tomorrow, and notice how the humidity drops this weekend. what's going to bring about that change is this frontal boundary, some showers and thunderstorms will be with it scattered about, so we had clouds earlier on, and those are off-shore now, and
6:46 am
as you are stepping out, we have mid 60s on the north shore, the south shore, lower 70s already on the cape. going to be a warm day, 85 to 90 on average, away from the south coaster, and boston today, should head towards about 88 degrees, and you can see as we get towards this afternoon, one or two thunderstorms may get going across eastern parts of new york state, and overnight, can't completely rule out a stray shower but i think that most of us are dry, and so we get into the day tomorrow, here comes the front, lunchtime, a couple ofrm popping in the worcester area, and they are closer into boston early afternoon, 2:00, 3:00, and then deeper into the afternoon and evening, they are dropping to the south shore, and the coast and the cape. they should be clearing out. i would not be concerned about the storm threat there, and we're drying it out behind that, 90 tomorrow but mid 80s, less humid on your saturday. out to the roads. olessa, how are we looking? olessa: not too bad. a lot of volume.
6:47 am
you can see the delays by the gas tank, but over to the maps, one crash this morning on route 3 southbound over by concord road so if you are heading through that stretch, one lane is closed and delays back to 495. 93, a stop and go ride as you go out of concord street and travel southbound down towards the lever connector. pike, now a 20 to 25-minute ride, 495 to 128, and if you head south expressway also still stop and go, and almost 30 minutes braintree into boston, trains and buses doing ok. stories right now. randy: first to the city of lawrence where todd kazakiewich is on the scene of a fire. todd: randy, emily, good morning. we're on the scene of a four alarm fire and just got an update from the mayor. he tells us six buildings affected by this fire. of that six, two are complete losses. as we take a look at the video from earlier today you can see just how intense the flames
6:48 am
mayor told us just a few minutes ago that they believe that building was being occupied by homeless people. the fire then spread to three other buildings in close proximity. the approximately 25 people who live in those three surrounding buildings, all escaped, and are now displaced. at this point, the state police, investigates assigned to the fire marshall's office are on the scene now trying to determine the cause, and but again just to recap the new details we got from the mayor of lawrence, just a few mnt affected, and two are total losses and again they believe that the abandoned building where the fire started was being occupied by homeless people. todd kazakiewich, newscenter 5. emily: a shooting in dorchester, leaves a teenage girl with life threatening injuries. this happened around 1:00 a.m., 1:00 this morning on page street. a 15-year-old girl shot, taken to the hospital by boston ems.
6:49 am
also a dog at the scene was shot. one of the legs could be seen bandaged up and carried into a boston police cruiser, and no information yet, officially about the circumstances of the shooting, we will keep you posted, but what welsh so far, is a 15-year-old girl shot with life threatening injuries. sera congi, newscenter 5. reporter: another teenager, the victim of a violent attack, this morning, police are still stabbed to death a 15-year-old here in new bedford. this was the scene yesterday here near middle and chancery streets. two other teenagers were also injured but they are expected to survive. this by the way was the city's second homicide this summer. the victim hasn't been identified and it's not clear what started the violence. but one neighbor did describe the teenager as they good kid here in this neighborhood.
6:50 am
antoinette antonio, newscenter 5. emily: the death toll from the earthquake in central italy has nearly doubled. we know 247 people were killed. meantime a miraculous rescue, this ten-year-old girl pulled from the rubble ok. and crews are using dogs and audio equipment in the painstaking work of moving mounds of debris as they do continue their desperate search for signs of life after that quake. officials afraid many more victims may be found but say that they are hopeful that more after a nearby earthquake in 2009 a person was found alive after 72 hours, and the three towns were destroyed in the quake, which has been followed by 460 aftershocks. emily. emily: thanks. a dozen people are hurt after a series of tornadoes strikes indiana. as many as eight twisters touched down north of indianapolis yesterday. tens of thousands blocked power. thankfully there are no reports of any serious injuries, but
6:51 am
substantial. randy: a woman is in critical condition. a suspect is on the loose after a shooting in lawrence. the sources tell newscenter 5 that the woman was shot in the head while sitting in a car on hancock street. this happened around 6:00 last evening. police scoured the neighborhood, for showers, looking for evidence. emily: ten people are dead in kabul, afghanistan. a government spokesperson says that seven students were killed as well as two police officers and a secy attack. it started after a suicide bomber targeted the university entrance. police killed two other attackers putting a stop to the violence. randy: nine minutes before 7:00, the owner of the helicopter says he's lucky to be alive after crashing into a reservoir in the middle of ashland state park. david diana says that he knew that he was in trouble. he was trying to make it back to the airport before he crashed. diana clicked off his harness and bailed out, the boaters helped to get him to shore
6:52 am
done. the gas tank remained intact. and u.s. soccer star hope solo is kicked off the team for something that she said during the olympics. solo will serve a six-month suspension for calling the swedish team cowards at rio earlier this month. this happened after sweden eliminated the united states, the president of the u.s. soccer calls the comments unacceptable. reporter: a botched play cost the red sox in saint pete. tied up with the rays two outn that throw no good. and the ball then gets dropped at home. the umpire called the runner out but sandy leon couldn't hang onto it and the rays win 4-3, and there is some concern for promising rookie andrew benintendi earlier in the game. he admits he made a mistake here, and it looks like he rolls his ankle but really it's the knee that's injured, so he's going to have an mri at some point today. randy: olympic swimming
6:53 am
ledecky was born in washington. >> two massachusetts olympians are back home this morning. judo stars kayla harrison and travis stevens arrived yesterday to the cheers of athletes from the wakefield center where they trained. harrison brought home a gold from rio and stevens took silver. harrison plans to retire from to mixed martial arts. randy: an exciting discovery in space. researchers have found an earth-like planet orbiting the sun's closest star. the planet has the same mass as earth and could possibly sustain life. the discovery could lead to finding more planets in the universe -- universe that can
6:54 am
respect for a world war ii veteran in california. sailors in training marched through the home of 98-year-old ernest thompson to salute him. thompson survived the attack on pearl harbor and would frequently visit a ship commissioned during his time as a sailor, but because of health reasons he cannot travel any more so today they came to him. he hasn't been able to walk or stand for a while but rode up to salute the sailors. really special. rand you? olessa: a bit of a problem here. we've been quiet all morning but here's what we're watching. this is alleged above -- adlebo. the accident taking out the right lane. give yourself extra travel time. there is a backup from sky5, and you can see the delays stretching way back so budget in that time, and let's get over to the maps, north of town we're watching a crash on route 3. this is southbound over by concord road with the delays
6:55 am
pond, slow down to the lever connector, and if you travel the pike, sun glare and a 25-minute ride from 495 to 128. 95 looks ok. 24 slow out of avon and your ride on the expressway 25 minutes, braintree into boston. trains and buses running on schedule. cindy. cindy: what's new right? the month of august right now in the record books as the warmest on record. we're about a degree above the hottest 1988, so we shall see. we have 88 degrees yesterday for our high temperature and we're going to be the same today. typical high is 79, and we could hit 90 tomorrow, so warm temperatures will continue right through the weekend. we have got the sunshine out there this morning. already in the upper 60's in town, and lower 70s on the cape. a bit cooler out through worcester county and orange and sitting at 59 degrees, and we have a southwesterly wind today, and sun will be mixed with clouds and that wind will be
6:56 am
uncomfortable oppressive air is working in, and this humidity is pooling out ahead of a frontal boundary. there will be scattered showers and thunderstorms but today there will be a dry day, going to 88 in boston and 90 in lawrence. the wind comes in off the water, by later, out across western new england, there might be one or two isolated showers and thunderstorms. if those hold together there could be a couple of overnight but most of us stay dry at or above 70 for most of us tonight so a little uncomfortable for sleeping if you don't have the air-conditioning, and there you go, 90 degrees coming up tomorrow, and showers and storms could get going as early as lunchtime, noon here north and west of boston, and then closer into the city by 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon, and watch the storms drop south by 4:00 or 5:00, and then exit the cape as the sun goes down, so the friday evening plans are looking ok. and once that front clears, low
6:57 am
weekend of august. reporter: i'm sorry, boo! >> i know. we'll take that part. >> ok. all right. if you are heading out, have the wcvb app with you and we'll see
6:58 am
6:59 am
narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party . she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still supporting trump? disclaimer: independence usa pac is responsible
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. at least 35 twisters tear through the heartland. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> winds hit 165 miles an hour, flattening homes and buildings. as more storms move in. miraculous rescue. [ cheers ] >> as crew work overnight in italy sempbling for survives on the ground and in the air. the death toll climbing as more than 200 aftershocks rock the country. stakeout shooting. the waiter furious about a customer pulls out a gun, fires it on the job. hope solo suspended. the soccer superstar in trouble


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